1 X Black Metal Walnut Wood Hall Tree Coat Hat Rack

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  • Black & Walnut Metal Hall Tree Coat & Hat Rack.
  • Dimensions: 72.8″H.
  • Simple assembly required.


$48.01 $41.75

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Stay elegantly organized with this convenient metal and wooden coat rack. This rack features a total of nine large and small arms and comes in a beautiful black metal finish with walnut wooden knobs.

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  1. Xiaoming Zhang

    artistic looking – just as the picture. very easy to assemble and i had fun assembling it. very good buy and worthy of the price.

  2. Riss

    Solid coat and scarf rack. It came in about 20 pieces ranging from the uprights to the end-caps but was easy to assemble. It’s very stable on carpeting and easily holds multiple heavy winter coats without a problem. The finish is a nice matte and I would absolutely recommend this to others. Mine has been re-purposed for decorative uses and still holds up great!

  3. Lexie McCausland

    Absolutely excellent! After moving into a new room with paint that command hooks can’t stick too, I needed a new way to hold all my purses. After searching through local stores and online, this product was by far the best price for the best reviews. I’m soo glad I didn’t let other bad reviews deter me, and the one with the rack leaning completely to the side, I believe that was improperly put together. ***It arrived well packaged and completely undamaged, except for a small unpainted spot about the size of a dime on one of the rods. Hardly worth mentioning. Arrived with all the pieces​.Putting it together took roughly 20 minutes by myself, from opening the package to taking it back to my room completely assembled. All that is provided is an image showing what order the pieces go in from bottom to top.For the price, it is of very high quality, all metal, and wood. No cheapy plastic. The base is very heavy and it is very sturdy. It is the cheapest of it’s kind on Amazon for the best reviews. I have in on carpet in my room, fully loaded with all my purses, and it stands straight and strong! I even smacked it a few times to make sure it wouldn’t tip over.It’s so unique and cute, the rack shipped out on the same day I placed the order, and arrived on time! Great product, I highly recommend it!*** The only thing that isn’t mentioned in the instructions is when you put the large wooden rod onto the metal bar on the base, you then place the first of the twisty branch rods on top. When this is done you need to flip it over and use the Allen wrench provided and actually screw the metal rod into that first branch. This is not specified in the instructions, and though it may seem like common sense, I will fully admit it took me a minute or two to figure it out. When not done, the whole rack leans over to one side, as depicted in a picture on a major bad review. *******January 2017 update***********This rack is still going strong with just as many purses as I started with. Haven’t had any issues with it at love, I love this thing!

  4. Kayla

    Love this coat rack! We use the top part for our hats/sweaters and the lower part for our son’s beanies. It’s not only efficient, it’s stylish too!

  5. Glenda Mills

    I bought this because my husband has so many visors and hats I thought it would be great for a gift for him. I decided when I got it to take the advice of another reviewer and use it for our Christmas Stockings since we had too many to hang on the mantle. I absolutely love it! Not sure if it will hold them all once they are filled but it still looks super.

  6. CESDewar

    This somewhat striking contemporary design for a hall tree caught my attention as there’s not much room behind my front door for a hall stand and I was looking for something a bit more interesting than the run-of-the-mill wood coat stand. It assembled very quickly and obviously and I am pleased at the stability provided by the weighty stand. It does exactly what I want and I was happy that it was so quick and easy to assemble. An all-wood design might be aesthetically a bit more attractive, but that would probably add substantially to the cost and might not be as sturdy anyway

  7. MCclellan

    Product is sturdy enough to hang my families (there are 4 of us) winter items on. It looks nice and was very easy to assemble. I like how there are multiple levels to hang items on. This also helps my two children hang their own items and also gather them when they need them. Perfect for my family!

  8. Mary F.

    If problem with wobbly assembly, my suggestions:(1) Start assembly from the base.(2) Person #1 pushes long screw (parts B&L&D) through the bottom of the heavy metal base and metal cover (parts J&I).(3) Add long wooden part on top of cover (parts K&H) through the long screw.(4) Person #1 holds firm the screw at the bottom of the metal base.(5) Person #2 twists bottom half of long metal stand through the screw, now at the top of the long wooden part.(6) There are varied reviews regarding ease and difficulty of assembly. I’m wondering if the long wooden part (Part K) is not uniformly cut. Mine was the correct length. However, the inner hole was so wide that it provided no stability. Very difficult to twist the lower metal stem through the wooden part into the base. The bottom screw under the base kept moving. It took an hour to assemble by myself. Finally pushed the base firmly against the straight edge of a kitchen chair, so the bottom screw would not move. Awkwardly pushed and twisted the lower metal stand into the screw, on top of the wooden part. That being said, very pleased with the look, strength and stability of the stand.


    I like a combination of old and new, modern and antique, in furniture. I really like this modern coat/hat rack. It takes up little space next to the gold-colored umbrella stand at my apartment door. There are 9 branches of differing lengths, the longest at the top. I use one of the branches for a seasonal jacket or coat. The other branches I use for baseball hats. Of course, you can get 9 individual baseball hats on the 9 branches. But if you don’t mind stacking them on top of each other a bit, and I don’t, you can easily get 18 or 20 caps on the branches.My Dad was a millwright (fixing machines in factories), and so he knows how to take things apart and put them back together better than most. (For a period of time he made extra money for the family repairing antique clocks.) I’m not very good at assembly, and so I had him put this together for me. He was a bit frustrated at first. At one point he said under his breath, “They ought to give you $50 to put this thing together.” He did get it together though. His main complaint was that a few instructions would have been helpful, but there were only diagrams (illustrations). I mention this to recommend you have the help of someone who is good at putting things together, if you’re not. You will probably get it together without help, though it might take a while longer.

  10. Laurie L. Duckworth

    Most comments mentioned using this rack for purses and hats, so I wasn’t certain it would work for my intended use of totally loaded up with coats! But it was so unique, I had to give it a try. Well, I’m delighted to say that it is as beautiful in real life as it is in the pictures AND it can handle being fully loaded with coats! It’s easy to assemble and very good quality at a very good price.

  11. Catherine H.

    Bought one. Loved it. My husband loved it. Bought a second one!This is very sturdily made. Not sure how many pieces come in the package, but it was easy to put together. It looks more expensive than it costs.We use one in the foyer for hats (son works in a hat store). the other is in a bedroom for guests to hang whatever they want to on it. Scarves; coats; purses,….

  12. Amazona

    I have 3 kids and sweaters and jackets are hung all over the house, sometimes on the floor. I had always wanted to buy one, but was worried that I don’t have the space for it and my 1-year-old might just knock it down on himself. I saw this and read the comments so I gave it a try. It was delivered sooner than promised, I was excited. I absolutely love it! Super cheap but looks expensive, looks nice too. It holds a ton of jackets and hats but occupies a small space, I found a perfect spot for it next to our front door! It is also super heavy that it is difficult to knock it down and sturdy that it can hold my husband’s heavy coats. There is some assembly required but someone who has never held a screw driver before could do it. I will buy another one for my mom! Two thumbs up! Thanks for a great product!

  13. DrouRae

    Been on the look out for the perfect coat rack for some time now. I went back and forth on this one because it didn’t fit the style of the one I had in my head that I was looking for but finally just decided I needed to purchase one in the mean time. This came quickly and required assembly. It was so easy to put together, my toddlers helped me!I’m REALLY glad I purchased this one now and haven’t even bothered looking for that one in my head since! It fits perfect into the compact space I needed it to, it looks great and the best part is how low the “hooks” go down. PERFECT for toddlers and adults to have easy access to sweaters and jackets! I honestly could not be happier with this purchase and hope it is around for a long time so that when/if something happens with this one I will be able to replace it with another. If I had the storage space I would just buy another to keep in the box for a later date.. that’s how much I like this!

  14. jam1980

    I’ve bought two of these racks. The first one did last me a few years but the second one only lasted a few months. Ever since I put it together, the rack was wobbly no matter what I did. At first I thought maybe I had put all of my purses on one side, but after making sure the weight was evenly distributed, it would still tilt to the right and fall. I travel a lot for work and this year has been busy so after not being able to use it, I was finally able to pull it apart to see what was wrong with it a couple of weeks ago. I thought maybe I had put it together wrong (though it’s really easy to assemble). Well, turns out there was a defective part…the furniture screw. It broke and of course this is why the rack was never sturdy. I reached out to customer service (e-Home Service) to see if they had any suggestions or could reach out to the manufacturer to see if I could purchase a screw. Well…they wanted me to pay $25 for the screw, including shipping. So let’s see…the rack was $41 and they expected me to pay $25 to replace a furniture screw that was defective. I’ve gone to Home Depot, Lowes, and local hardware stores and no one carries a screw this long. So I will need to throw the rack away. What a waste of money and resources. I will definitely never purchase anything from e-Home Service again.

  15. J R Compton

    It is NOT easy to assemble. Parts are not self identified. There’s only a vague indication of which parts go where. It was a nightmare. I wanted my money back. But I also wanted the cool looking coat hanger I saw in its product pics. So I left it in its several piles till I felt like dealing with it again — several weeks. Then it worked fine. Everything in its obvious own place. My girlfriend doesn’t like its looks, but I still do, though I had to move it from in front of an already too busy wall.A little late in the year now (June 1 2018) for hanging heavy coats, but I’ve got a hat about where one is in the product pic accompanying this review. And it works fine with heavy towels, sweaters and odd bits. I like it just fine.

  16. Smurf

    I use this as a clothes rack in my bedroom instead of a coat hanger….it works well. The wooden end pieces at the end of each ‘stem’ are smooth so some of my clothes had a tendency to slide off the rack. To solve that, I replaced some of those wooden end pieces with stove bolts. The head of the bolt keeps the clothes from slipping off and works great for belts and belt loops for hanging up pants also.Nicely build and sturdy too.

  17. TN Fann

    LOVE IT! Unique coat and hat rack design that is more like art than utility purpose piece. It was easy for one person to assemble with two hands and a screwdriver. There is enough weight in the base to easily put a few coats, bags and hats without fear of tipping over. The walnut finish wood finial tips are a nice smooth rich finish. Should be easy to keep dusted. I would recommend this to others who are looking for functional in a unique design.

  18. Pamela Fancil

    Made a perfect Halloween tree

  19. Arizonahaze

    This is my second hat rack. That is how many hats I own for summer.

  20. Candia Michela

    This is terrific. I use it for my purses in my bedroom. Easy to assemble, very sturdy with heavy base, and takes up little room!

  21. Lorinda

    I bought this for space saving in my kitchen along with long nice “s” hooks I put my pots and pans on it they can go top to bottom with no problem tipping over! It’s perfect! This is a heavy free standing coat/hat/pan rack! I love it’s contemporary style and it was easy to put together.

  22. Amazon Reviewer

    I bought this as a costume/hat rack for my photo booth business. I really like the design. The one I bought is very sturdy and well constructed. It came in parts which I had to assemble together. It was not that difficult. I only needed the included allen key (hex key or wrench) and my powered phillips screwdriver. Although each part was labeled, it was still a bit confusing to put together since the parts looked so similar. The body itself is made of metal with a nice finish while the knobs on each “stem” is made of wood. I like this design because I can put many accessories/hats/coats all along its entire length. The bottom base is weighted so it held up well without tipping over. It is very well constructed.All in all I am very happy with this purchase and I would recommend this hat/coat rack if you like this design.

  23. C. Hayward

    I ordered this coat rack because the first one I ordered was not available. It’s very similar, but not at all as good. It was hard to assemble, was missing pieces, and is very unstable. My terry cloth bathrobe is too much for it – it falls over. I would return it, but I recycled the box, and it seem too much trouble. Would NOT recommend it to a friend.

  24. SoCal Mom

    Very flimsy. Arrived with box damaged and metal scratched and dinged. I was fine with that and going to still attempt to use it but it’s very, very flimsy. The little branches come unscrewed with any items taken on and off of them. The base constantly loosened from the tree portion. It will absolutely tip over if you put an item on one of the top three branches and nothing else on the bottom branches. I had to return.However, it’s very cool looking. If you were only going to use it for jewelry or possibly light items like scarfs or hats, I think this would be fine. Didn’t work for my purposes and the cheap quality was also a drawback.

  25. Lisa At The Beach

    I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! My husband was getting into a bad habit of taking off his work pants, hiking shorts, shirts and instead of hanging them up properly he would use the knobs on the dresser to hang them on. It was so annoying. That’s when I got the idea of buying a clothes hanger for the bedroom. Most hangers were built to hang a suit jacket and trouser on. That’s when I thought about looking for a coat rack…and BAM! I found the “black metal walnut hall tree coat hat rack” and instantly knew it was the answer to my problem. Cost is inexpensive for the quality you get. Well built though the customer has to put it together. I burned a few brain cells trying to figure it out but 20 minutes later it was erected. YAY! If I could figure it out…anyone can. I’ve got a nice looking bedroom again too!

  26. Tina

    Please give this a try. The customer photos are what sold me on buying the product. At first, I thought the stand was missing pieces but my boyfriend built it with no trouble (took maybe 5-10mins). We feel that for the price, it is sturdy enough to hold backpacks with books in them, coats, purses etc without leaning or falling over. We really like the product and it’s “artsy” look.

  27. Ruth

    I love it i kind of didnt want to add the hats because it just meshed well with the room just on its own but my fiancé’s hats needed a place besides drawers and on the floor. But looks great and easy to assemble!

  28. RS & Family

    I ordered this to use as a stocking holder. Worked out great! It has a nice heavy base so it won’t topple over when the stockings are filled with goodies. I’ll probably add lights to make it more festive. Very pleased!

  29. JMA

    This coat tree is great! Works good, never falls over, looks amazing. It is super stylish and looks even better than advertised. I work at a really fancy, new building and work with high level clients and this tree fits right in with the sleek vibe and good quality material of the rest of the office. I looked at other options at many stores both in person and online and they were all either wayyyy more expensive for a similar level of quality/ look or they were the same price but 10X cheaper looking and ugly.

  30. Asthend

    Yes. You want this. The answer to “is it-” is “yes” and the answer to “should I-” is “now”. I was revamping the layout of my apartment, and needed a sturdy but modern-looking coat rack for the winter. It curves elegantly at just the right places and the bobbles point in just the right angles. It’s extremely easy to assemble, weighted just right so it won’t tip over, and will last you years. A quiet classic that adds a subtle touch of class to any room it’s in.

  31. Rambler

    I have several Derby hats that have big brims, large flowers and/or feathers, odd shaped, and do not fit in a standard hat box. I was looking for a hat rack where I could store/display my hats. I came upon this and the price, along with reviews, seemed like it would work. My daughter put it together for me. She didn’t complain so I’m guessing it was fairly easy. Its very sturdy and it looks nice. I wish the pegs were longer though. I was able to get 10 hats on it so it serves its purpose. Granted, some of the hats are attached by a string, or tag, but they are on there and look nice. It is well worth the money.

  32. pasadena201

    I have it in the corner of my office. Held my giant purse, a tote bag, a coat and hat…and it didn’t fall over! Totally solid product and only took me about 15 minutes to put together. Might buy an extra one for home.

  33. L Watson

    Very attractive! Goes great with my tree motif in the room. The base is very sturdy and if put together correct you will not have any issues with it wobbling.I listened to the reviews to help me with assembly and would like to add another bit of info:The wood ends should not be tightened past the feeling snug – they will strip the threads and be loose there after.

  34. Galliwasp

    Overall, this does exactly what it needs to and also looks nice. So, yay. Only complaint would be that the base is kind of flimsy.Also, as many reviews have noted there’s an important step not covered in the assembly instructions – after inserting the first metal “branch” into the wooden cylinder on the base, you need to turn the thing on its side and screw in the long nail at the bottom (using the little bent rod included with the product) until it’s tight. Otherwise, it will be wobbly and lopsided.I will say, though, that even when it was wobbly it could still hold quite a lot of weight and do its job adequately.

  35. renee

    I didn’t want a “standard” coat and hat rack and was looking for something with a little pizazz. This one fits in perfectly with a stained glass mural vineyard scene and the oiled bronze “vineyard”-themed chandeliers in my foyer and dining room. I’m not very coordinated in putting things together but even I put this together with ease. All parts were included in the package and the 1-page assembly sketch was very easy to follow.

  36. Mister Crister

    I am going to have to buy another hatrack after a year, this just isn’t working. You can set all your hats on it and it looks nice, but the second you bump it several things fall off. The reason is that the pegs are too horizontal and too short, you can barely hang the hat around the rim precariously and it will fall off easily. Not a good solution if you plan on using your hats often since taking one off always results in one or more other falling off. The base is stable enough, the fault is in the pegs which are not well designed

  37. Leticia Holberg

    I bought this for my game room. My son’s superhero costumes are hanging on it. I love the lower level branches for him to reach easily. Simple to put together. Sturdy.

  38. Sara M

    I had this stand for about a year now and I haven’t really had any problems with it. When I first got it my brother assembled it for me and he didn’t have any issues trying to put it together. When I had carpet in my room I had to be a little bit more careful with balancing out the weight because if not it would tip over but now that I have tile I haven’t had an issue. It is intended for coats but it has worked great for holding all my purses!

  39. Yamazon

    The main rod was apparently once broken but had been welded. Can’t believe it could pass their quality control.You may be lucky to not get a broken one, but probability of getting a bad part must be much higher than other companies.A good news here is the return was easy. They lost 4 stars due to quality but get one star back for that; thus 2 stars. Instead of taking another chance to get a new one I asked for the refund (of course) and it was smooth. If you really like this design and want to give it a shot, go ahead but do yourself a favor by looking at every part before you start your assembly.

  40. Jesse

    Super disappointed.. I was really looking forward to this coat rack and the metal rod that holds the coat rack to the base was snapped (see picture), making it impossible to assemble the product. Will not be buying from here again.

  41. Terrie S.

    Love it! Slim design, which is perfect. We have a small house, which doesn’t allow us to have a whole lot of ‘extra’ things to have sitting around. With 4 people, no room for a wall mounted coat rack, and no coat closet, I needed something! This works out perfect! The base is pretty heavy. We haven’t had a problem w/ it tipping.. obviously, you wouldn’t want to have all coats on one side, or it would tip. (common sense)I would definitely recommend this to anyone! Stylish and not a space taker upper!! 🙂

  42. Steph Smith

    I love this thing. I placed it in my bedroom by the door, to hang my everyday handbags, light jackets and miscellaneous accessories that usually end up on my floor. It’s surprisingly sturdy and takes up minimal space. It looks modern and clean, and it displays my favorite clothes and accessories in a tidy, organized manner.My decor is contemporary, and mostly black/white/lime green, so I just painted the brown wood knob things that go on the ends of each branch, and the cylinder base, it was quick and easy. (If anyone wants to do the same, I used black acrylic paint, and it took one coat, no primer, dried within 10 min and looks great). The entire assembly took 15 minutes, and it was very easy and straightforward. It had a industrial smell of wood and plastic at first, but it subsided significantly, if not completely, within a day or so. Overall a great value, would definitely recommend to anyone in the market for a coat rack!

  43. Erin Tate

    I got this peace for all my hats, I had a clutter of hats just sitting everywhere and needed something to put my hats on. and this is just perfect. Sturdy , strong and really nice. Easy to put together. I’m happy with my new hat rack.

  44. David Cox

    I really like this coat rack. I didn’t want a “classic” rack by my front door, and this definitely fits the bill. Super easy to put together. Arrived with all parts. Heavy base. I’ve read some reviews about balance with heavy coats, but since I wear mostly zip up hoodies I can’t attest to that. Works perfect for me though. It would have been nice if the base had a wood covering instead of plastic, but that would probably make it more expensive!

  45. Shaun

    Parents, be careful as this has a tendency to fall over easily.I wouldn’t recommend it if you small kids that like to throw their jackets on it. It may just fall right on top of them.The problem is that the base is not wide or heavy enough to support the length and the added weight of cloths.DANEGERUOUS PRODUCT FOR FAMILIES WITH LITTLE CHILDREN!!!!!!

  46. Kimbas Mom

    So happy with this purchase. I needed a coat hanger, but hate the way they all look…until I saw this one! It is just perfect for my home. It takes up a lot less room than traditional coat hangers. It gives my home the “personality” I like… not just “functional,” but “stylish.” I’ve had it for quite awhile and it’s held up well for our busy family of four and guests.

  47. April Gaspar

    Beautiful coat tree, and makes a perfect stocking stand! Main post of tree had a small scratch on the metal showing through the finish, but this is easily fixed. Took me about 10 minutes to assemble, no tools needed. The wooden knobs were a darker finish than expected, which was a pleasant surprise (a dark walnut color). Received in only 2 days thanks to Prime!

  48. Amazon Customer

    This stands up nicely if you assemble the base correctly. After screwing in the bottom half of the rack, you will need to push the metal rod from the base all the way in, and then use the fastener to screw it the rest of the way in from the bottom. It was very difficult to do that on my own so I would suggest getting some help from a friend with this.

  49. Super Awesome

    Super easy to put together! Great quality.It does look funny when you actually hang things, looks like a penis. But I guess that could be for multiple use 😜

  50. The BIM Designer

    This coat hanger is very well designed for the tight-fitting entry hall where one does not wish to put holes in the wall hanging coat hooks. It is a better quality steel than the Coaster Coat Rack <http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002KNM08?redirect=true&ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_127&gt; & looks better too (in my opinion). Having different height hooks helps with different height people too. Now I just have to figure out how to get those danged kids to hang up their coats.

  51. SM

    I’ve only had this product for a day so this review is purely based on the look of the product, delivery, and installation. The coat rack was shipped a few hours after I placed the order and I received it fairly quickly. The instructions are just pictures on a piece of paper. It shows each piece and the order to put it together in. I thought it was pretty straight forward and had no issues following the directions. I would recommend a helper for just the bottom portion to make sure the washers don’t fall out on you while screwing together the base to the first vertical piece. I really love the look of the finished product. It seems very sturdy and I’ve been able to hang a few light jackets and a work bag without it falling over or shifting.

  52. kenith Scott

    Bottomline, missing two pieces that cover the exposed screw and attach the end knob of the arm. Reached out to company. No response. Disappointing service.It is otherwise a nice looking hat, coat, and bag stand. It is a good height. Assembly was easy enough. I will agree with others who mentioned the supporting base metal rod seems flimsy. But for the time being the stand is stable.Those two missing pieces are just a let down. It isn’t worth sending back, I’ll just make do with two missing pegs on the rack.

  53. C. Tsiokos

    Not sure it’s a “work of art” but definitely unique. I’m using it only as a hat rack in my bedroom, so it’s not in a high-traffic/constant use area. I imagine coats and heavier items would be fine, it’s pretty stable for me. The base is very heavy so it would take a lot to tip it over.It was pretty easy to assemble, took me maybe 15 minutes and I’m not especially handy. I can see how people might have problems with the instructions though, as they’re completely visual-only with no written directions. That said, if you pay attention to the arrows and such you should be fine.I would have given this 5 stars, but deducted 1 for: a) some slight but noticeable scratches on the neck of the base, and b) the colors of the wood and metal pieces aren’t a perfect match.

  54. Kristina W.

    This is the biggest POS we’ve gotten from Amazon. It comes loose ALL the time and is wobbly. It falls over all the time and it’s hooks for coats/hats are all too short and at bad angles to hang stuff up. Horrible purchase. Wish I could get my money back.

  55. scott booher

    This hat rack looks very nice in our bedroom. We store all our different hats on it for easy access to them. only drawback is hats don’t like to stay on the pegs that stick straight out. They tend to fall off when retrieving a hat from the rack. I recommend the manufacturer make all the pegs point upward and make the short ones a little longer, otherwise a nice sturdy rack. The weighted base works well.

  56. R. Frasco

    A solid sturdy hat/coat rack. The base is weighted, the pole can be tightened securely to the base, it doesn’t wobble and the wooden tips are stained and polished, resembling buds on a tree. The way the pole is designed and the hangers are staggered allows small and large hats to be hung without getting in each others way. I’m very pleased with the product and I know you will be too.

  57. Trillium

    Had this for a couple months now. Really nice looking with a sturdy, heavy base. Easy to put together. Unfortunately the only branches that work are the ones that are at acute angles to the trunk. Items that are hung on the short, perpendicular branches fall off, making half the branches on the tree useless for hanging cloth things like coats, towels, and hats.

  58. Kenny Kim

    not your same old hat rack. Took me only a few minutes to put together. The only confusing part was which washer went where, but if you just go by the size of the available hole, it works out pretty naturally.It hasn’t fallen over yet but it seems fairly sturdy. My only gripe is that the black steel cover plate for the base is quite flimsy and isn’t well attached to the weighted base which could be a problem for long term aesthetics as it wears and tears but it’s good so far.

  59. chubbertchen

    I love this coat rack! It’s super cute and was easy to assemble. We love how narrow it is overall in comparison to the other standard looking coat racks, but it does not trade in any standing power for the smaller width. The other day we hosted our friends for dinner and this coat rack easily held over 15 thick and heavy winter jackets. On a standard day, I have two purses, two to three winter coats, and multiple scarves hanging on the rack.

  60. Elle

    I bought this because I love the look of it, and because it has hooks that go all the way down to where even my smaller kids can reach to hang up their own jackets. I also love the slim profile. Its not at all obtrusive and takes up a small amount of space, which is perfect for small entryways. The product is very well made and is nice and sturdy. Its perfect.