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  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY – Whether you want to save time and money or just prefer home cooking over fast food, Prep Naturals Glass Food Storage Containers Set is perfect for you. Durable and easy to use, these glass containers encourage you to cook at home and eat healthier food
  • MEAL PREP OR STORE LEFTOVERS – Featuring multiple shapes and sizes, the glass bowls with lids can be used for food storage and transport, meal prep, restaurant and deli takeaway, portion control, picnics and camping
  • MICROWAVE, OVEN AND FREEZER SAFE – Warming, freezing or cooking your food in the oven is a breeze with this thermo-resistant set of glass food containers! Built to withstand temperatures up to 840F, Prep Naturals Oven Safe Glass Containers with Lids are both durable and easy to use!
  • LARGEST SET ON AMAZON – If you’re looking for a glass meal prep containers set able to meet your everyday needs, Prep Naturals Glass Containers Set which has 3 different shapes and 13 sizes with Airtight Lids is hard to beat.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We stand behind our glass food storage containers and will always focus on your satisfaction. In the unlikely case that you won’t love your glass storage containers with snap lids, just send them back for a full refund!


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  1. Alex

    The quality is great. Arrived professionally packed. I was impressed with quality, given the affordable cost!!

  2. paulthebrown

    Get the job done with no hassle. Work like they should and look great too

  3. Cowgirl2mk

    I’ve always purchased Pyrex containers before, but other than the Pyrex stamp on the bottom, I can’t see any difference between the two brands. What they don’t tell you in the description is that there are 13 different sizes. So, for each shape, if you store them without the lids, they all stack inside one another, so you only have to make space for 3. No need to worry about towers of glass containers that might topple and break! I love being able to use the containers in the oven, serve out of them, then just wait for them to cool, snap on the lid, and pop it into the refrigerator. No fuss, no muss. The set was packaged very securely – very little chance of unintentional damage during shipment.

  4. Crazy shopper

    Bought these because they looked amazing, I got them and wow! They are the perfect sizes, they are durable, I Love them and you will not be disappointed.

  5. tkgrma

    I Love the thickness of the glass. I was worried about that. I had bought a set of bowls once, were very fragile 😞 😊 so glad these are high quality. Very happy to own this set!

  6. S. Brock

    Love these container. The glass is heavy and the tops sealed well. I have no worries of leaky lunches any more.

  7. Amazon Customer

    This is awful do not purchase. We had these less than a month and all of the inside of the pieces have chipped and we have found glass shards in every piece of food that we have put in these. Since it happened 1 month after expiration date we cannot return so they will go in the trash since I dont want my young children to eat glass in their food

  8. Robert Beauregard

    I just received my set and performed a waterproof test of the lids. I’m happy with the result. See video.I’m also happy with the thickness of the glass, and how well they nest in each other.

  9. Rexius

    I am very happy with these glass containers. I wasn’t sure about the sizes being varied, but from the smallest to the largest, all the sizes are working out for me. The way they nest is a great space saver! I can only stack the last glass containers I got 3 high before they become unstable and have filled my cupboard space. With these, they all fit in the space of the three largest and two sets stack on top of one another as long as the lids are off to the side. Even the lids stack for smallest on the bottom to largest if you line the gaskets of just right. I could see these dishes being better to store on their sides in my Ikea drawer cabinets with the drawer dividers some day –when we finally clear out room in a few years once the kid safe dishes era we are in is over ;)I LOVE that the lids are dishwasher safe and I’m not left with a few dishes to pile up for hand washing. The lids to the other glass containers I have need to be hand washed, and I’m honestly ready to get rid of them and get more of these so I don’t have to analyze which will end up ruined or not if I, or my kids, accidentally put everything in there someday.My only suggestion for an improvement on these would be to have glass containers of the same/consistent size that are tapered to the bottom so once I settle on my favorite size, I can stock up on those and they would still nest. However, these are wonderful and don’t take up nearly as much space as the other ones I’ve tried. Love them!

  10. Nancy&Dana

    These are fantastic! I was happy to finally find a large set of glass storage containers that was not very expensive. I have two smaller sets but this one is definitely my favorite. The containers nest inside each other to save space when not being used. I love that these can go in the microwave, the freezer, the dishwasher, the oven…you name it! Just the convenience factor of not having to transfer food back and forth is enough to sell me. I do however love that I am not worried about what these are made. Something about using glass just makes me feel better about the products we use around our children!

  11. Silver fox

    I really like these containers. There are more different sizes than you can imagine and they really do a great job of sealing the contents. So far I have only used them for left overs that I store in the fridge but I have no doubt they would work well in either the freezer or the microwave. Be care ful. I dropped a stack of 4 on the tile floor when I was washing them and 3 of them did break. They are made of glass after all! Putting that aside since it was my own clumsiness that caused the breakage I am very pleased with my purchase and in fact bought a second set for my daughter.

  12. C. Madison

    The various sizes are perfect. I was worried because there wasn’t a super huge container. It I have found I don’t need that size. I was always putting my leftovers in an oversized container and taking up so much space. The glass is thick and heavy and the kids snap on really tight and easily.

  13. D.Pit

    These glass containers are easy to store, clean and pack. They are high quality and can last getting washed in the dishwasher. Sometimes the lids are hard to snap on but if you move them around, they will eventually snap on. They do not leak once they are fully snapped on. I wish the rubber pieces were connected to the lid because they will sometimes pop out of the lid and you have to re shove them into the groove. Overall, I like these containers especially for microwaving food.

  14. Jessica Dennis

    An amazing set! 26 piece!! Enough to replace all my gross plastic containers. I love this set. I love that it has lock on lids, so I don’t have to worry about tops popping off, or leaks. Glass is amazing because it can go from freezer, to fridge, to microwave, to oven, and to dishwasher!! It will last through the years and my plastic containers can’t say the same. Never going back to plastic.

  15. Naams

    These sets are just perfect! They come in different sizes and shapes and the covers seal very well. They’re excellent for prepping and storing food as well as packing lunches. The glass doesn’t feel cheap at all, they are heavy and durable! Glad I got these, give your kitchen a treat and grab one!

  16. KarynD

    Disappointed in the quality of the lids. <40 days and the flaps on the lids have cracked and broken off. Leaving me with just bottom glass pieces. Of course the return window is is closed. I would avoid purchasing this item as the warranty window isn’t long enough. Lids should not be breaking as well but with a VERY limited return window – doesn’t leave much for a consumer to get the quality issue addressed.

  17. Jude Bakeer

    I’ve had these containers for approximately 60 days now and use them for prepped food storage and portable lunches. So far, three of the containers have chipped around the lip, which is highly dangerous (glass shards in food). I am -very- careful with glass dishes for fear of this happening, and figured the other reviews may have just been from a bad batch. It looks like this is the result of poor manufacturing.***If you plan on carrying multiple containers in a single bag, I urge you to purchase a different product.Pros/redeeming qualities:-Nesting storage, so it saves space in my cabinets-Glass containers do not warp in the dishwasher or impact the environment negatively-Different shapes/sizes allow for different food storage-Good price for number of containersCons:-GLASS CHIPS – BEWARE!!!-Lids are not dishwasher or microwave safe (as with all plastic lids)-Lid seal absorbs coloration from spices and foods (turmeric, tomato, etc)

  18. Cooney

    The lip edges on the glass containers are not durable. Chipped and cracked even with minimal force to close the drawers where these were stored. The glass is not like pyrex glass, cheaper and when chipped leaves a lot of slivers and fine pieces of glass. Lids do not nest very well, so storing those along side the containers takes up quite a bit of room.

  19. Kyla

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! You get almost every size that you can think of and that you would need. The glass feels thick like it will last and not just something that would shatter from a drop of a couple of inches. Recently we have thrown out all of our plastic ware and converted over to glass and I feel these have been well worth the money. My mother saw these and really like them so I’ve already bought another set and she can’t wait to receive them. These were a great purchase

  20. rehcaet

    HORRIBLE! The lids don’t fit well at all. Several lids have already cracked and the tabs have broken off! After only a couple uses! What good are the dishes with no lids? I have had other storage containers — none of them broke apart like these. DON’T BUY THEM! I wish I could get my money back. Extremely poor quality!

  21. Looking 4 Stuff

    I’ve used them for 2 weeks now. I love glass containers, they’re so much easier to clean and wash as opposed to plastic. I hate plastic. These are not Pyrex and they feel more fragile than Pyrex but so far so good. I need them for work and the smallest 5 sizes fit perfectly in my cooler.My favorite part is I love chia pudding and my book bag is a laptop bag. The pockets are big so whatever container I have to put my Gaia pudding in has to go sideways. I put one of these containers side ways in my book bag with my lap top and it’s absolutely 100% LEAKPROOF! This is something Pyrex has no competition with because they leak.

  22. Spelllesswonder29

    I really like these containers. They are good quality and the price wasn’t too bad. My favorite part is that the rubber ring on the lid comes out! Now I’m not all paranoid about food getting caught up in there. The packaging says the lids aren’t dishwasher safe but I tried it anyway (top rack) and they seemed fine, but attempt at your own risk. My only complaint is that sometimes you have to get the lid JUST RIGHT to get them to snapped shut. Even a millimeter off and they can be quite difficult to close.

  23. Jeff

    We were excited to stop using plastic containers and bought these. They worked great and sealed tight. After about a month we only have about half left. They break very easily. One broke when setting it in the sink!

  24. Linda Cornell

    Quality product. Enjoying most of the containers. The two smallest ones are only 1/2+ cups each, so I have no use for them. The largest container has a lid that did not snap on the fourth side. After heating it in the dishwasher, and fighting with it, it finally snapped on. I am leaving it on for a while hoping it will work in the future.

  25. Rukhsana Hasib

    Very poor design. Outrageously disappointing. The lids don’t fit properly. I have already thrown away the box, hand washed the containers, & find it difficult to request refund, re-pack, and send back. I want my money back.

  26. shopper1A

    The containers look like they will hold large quantities in the photos. However, upon receipt, they are mostly small containers; 1 cup or less. The are okay, but I would have preferred a few more large sized containers.

  27. Tachigirl

    I really like these, the clear glass makes it so easy to see what you have in the fridge. My only issue is to be careful when stacking these as the edges will get chipped easily, sanding with emery cloth will smooth the chipped spot though. Still wish they were more chip resistant, otherwise a fine product.

  28. Troy

    Iids dont line up nor fit well

  29. teriney

    I have ordered several glass containers recently and am very pleased with these. I love the variety of size. Make for a perfect collection of food storage containers. The lids are very secure. The containers can stack inside one another making them great for those who don’t have a lot of space. Definitely an excellent value.

  30. Thomas Gilbert

    the glass containers are not great quality. As soon as we opened the package, we noticed that there were tiny shards of glass almost like a dust on the inside of all the containers from minimal movements during shipping. I should not have to worry about my glass tupperware getting tiny pieces of glass chips lodged in food or whatever in storing in the containers. Unfortunately we waited too long to return so will have to throw this product out

  31. ttrampp

    These are great! Whether for food prep, or cooking, or freezing. A nice variety of sizes. These are also good for quick snack storage, like cut fresh veggies. Prep and store, then cook and serve, then store…all in the same dish. The lid is fantastic with a nice, locking seal. Easy open and close. Thick glass.

  32. T. Pardini

    Just received these today and I am so excited. They look great and stack together so well. I will be happy to see how they hold up after using (especially the lids, as they always seem to be the downfall of any bowls with lids), but I am hopeful this set will perform well. They seem to be well constructed.

  33. Patrick

    Great containers and lids. Everything fits well. Make sure you do not microwave or dish-wash the lids. The excessive heat causes them to warp and not fit as well. The containers themselves are 10/10 and make life (especially cleaning) easier.

  34. Susan

    Thought I would love but they chip easily even when neatly stacked in drawer. As of May only three remain.

  35. annettesmsu

    I have always used plastic rubbermaid storage containers for my food storage, took a chance and bought these and i am so happy I did. They are way better and keep my food much fresher than the plastic ones. The locking lids are easy to use and keep everything spill proof.

  36. Rekced Designs

    Love love LOVE this set. They are great for taking leftovers. All the different sizes are great! The lids are very secure. Make sure to read the instructions before using so that you don’t ruin them. They clean easily and they are compact and neat in the cupboard.One of the containers was chipped on the rim. I emailed the seller and asked about getting a replacement, because I don’t want to return the entire set. They replied within 24 hours, which was nice. They said they couldn’t replace it because they aren’t sold individually. So my options were to return the entire set and get my money back, or they would give me a $10 credit and I don’t have to return anything. I really appreciated them being so quick and providing excellent customer service.I will for sure go back to them for future storage container needs.

  37. Joan Gajewski

    The lid split on the seam after using it only once. Very disappointing. Other companies email me asking how I like the product but this company has not so I don’t even know how to contact them. I don’t think it’s even an option to get replacement parts even though it should have lasted longer. I thought the square lid didn’t fit but I later realized I had another container that same size from another company so be sure to check other containers if you have that problem. The rubber seal on the lid is a different color for my different manufacturers. I thought the glass would break as I hear a loud scraping sound when I get a container from the stack but they haven’t yet so they are very durable. They fit stacked together very tightly so handle with care. Overall I do like this product. I just hope the other containers/lids last longer.

  38. Tony Chilese

    The glass containers are nice and good looking. The only major downside of these containers is that they are extremely difficult to close. The lid has to be in the perfect spot and you have to be really putting your weight to get the lids to close. It is really not ideal when you are trying to get out in the morning as fast possible. So for the price, I’d recommend something else.Another complaint people mentioned is that the rubber seal is easily pulled off while washing. I don’t see this as a problem. I usually take off the rubber seal before I put it in the dishwasher and then place it back on the lid once it is dried. However, please note that this is also another extra step you have to do with these containers.

  39. Judy C

    I have only used these a couple times and the seals keep sticking to the glass when taking off the lid. One seal just ripped apart when trying to peel off the glass. Also the square lids have to be just right and even then don’t fully seal. I hand wash these and have not put them in the dishwasher. I would not recommend these storage containers.

  40. PJ

    Wow what a value. I’ve always been suspicious of using plastic storage containers. I just don’t think it’s healthy. When I saw this set I ordered it without question. The glass bowls stack perfectly and take up a fraction of the space of this other things. They also take up less space in my fridge. This set is just the solution I wanted. I highly recommend!

  41. Fedrick Not Fred

    One of the lids broke the first time I used it. Some of the other lids didn’t fit at all. Please save your money and time and avoid this product at all cost even if it is an ‘Amazon Deal of the Day’.

  42. Tanya Chin

    I am very disappointed replacements lids aren’t available for purchase. I bought this set and after using the largest rectangle dish only a few times, the lid has seperated at the seam of one of the snap sides. This appears to be a manufacturing issue, and is environmentally irresponsible.

  43. Paulak495

    Too many small containers. The glass and the lids are great. The sizes are bad. I would rather have less quantity and bigger sizes. I might send them back and get a different package. Half of them are only the size of around 1 cup.

  44. Matt and Jen

    Work great! Love the seal! The only issue is that sometimes on the round ones one of the tabs won’t stay down so the seal doesn’t get all the way tight. Doesn’t always happen, but occasionally it does. Otherwise they are great and we use them all the time.

  45. Gwen

    Totally the best glass containers I have found. Great seals around the tops. Heavy duty glass, so not worried about breaking. Have purchased a bunch lately and love them more and more, as they get used. Great size and value.

  46. ritab

    I wanted so bad to get rid of the plastic containers and ordered these glass ones! I was thrilled but for trying to get the lids closed on all sides! I have arthritis and these are not easy to close!

  47. Peter

    Some of the lids don’t fit properly but they still click close. I love that these are made of glass…I’m trying to get rid of plastic containers in my home. I wish they had the option to get certain sizes or same size containers for meal prepping. Overall I like them and will order another set.

  48. Robert

    They are ok. Be careful to dry the lids and containers separately. The rubber ring in the lids has a tendency to stick to the glass when the lid is removed. Also, it takes a bit of work to get the lid seated properly on the container, it doesn’t just slide into place and you don’t get any real feedback as to whether or not it is seated until you try to close the tabs on the side of the lid. Used them in the oven and the held up well.

  49. Brad Sinclair

    I love these containers. I used them to replace the tupperware I used to use. I use them daily to store my leftovers and to freeze food. The lids have latches to keep them on. They are microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe. I love this pack for the variety of sizes and they stack well inside each other.

  50. Brian&Rachael

    I have two faulty lids! The largest rectangle lid doesn’t snap on unless I reallllly muscle it (it’s just not the right size for the container I think)… AND…. this other one snapped (photo included!). I love the look and style, but the lids have been rather frustrating.EDIT: AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! They saw my review and the note I left them and I received replacements today free of charge. They really stand behind their product. I am very impressed.