1byhome Barbecue Grill Brush Bristles 18″ Best BBQ Grill Brush Stainless Steel Woven Wire 3 in 1, Durable and Effective, Barbecue Tool

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  • With a unique design, the grill scraper can clean stubborn stains deeply and efficiently.
  • The grill brush has three brushes in one, each with its own equivalent stroke, equivalent
  • RECOMMENDED FOR ALL GRILL TYPES – Safe for Porcelain, Ceramic, Infrared, Weber, Char-Broil, etc.
  • 1 YEAR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. All brushes wear out eventually


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  1. lakrawczyk

    Was so impressed with one I got on prime day I ordered second as gift for avid griller. These things are tough! Built to take the pressure of scrubbing and last forever. Heavy duty. Husband fell in love first use at how good it works and little time and effort it takes clean off baked on mess. Also good price. Looks like it was designed by someone frustrated from dealing with less stury versions and determined to not have any of those problems again.

  2. Christopher J. Marshall

    This is a very high quality grill brush. The metal used for construction is very thick and sturdy. Nothing flimsy about this one. The bristles seems firmly attached. This is a great thing as they’re less likely to end up in your food. The handle is made from high quality plastic and is long enough to keep your hands away from the heat if you, like me, prefer to let the grill heat up before scrubbing the crud off. All in all, very nice piece that I would recommend to anyone.

  3. kathie

    Very nice grill brush, does the job with ease. It knocks off all the crud and burnt bastings with just a few swipes. I read how you have to be careful with wire brushes on the grill as the wire can come loose and could lodge in your food as it cooks. This brush is well made and I don’t see how the wire could work its way loose. Just the same, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on your grill brush to make sure it is intact.

  4. Amazon Customer

    The scraper on this brush was so flimsy that it bent within the first 15 seconds of use. Look elsewhere it you’re interested in a good grill brush. This is not it.

  5. tchen

    It’s a bbq grilled brush, gets the job well done. like the 10″ long handle, its useful when the grilled is still hot. the scrapper on the tip is a plus! I like it because there are some stubborn pieces that doesn’t want to go. convenient triple brush, lets your cleans 3x the surface at once. it is a descent brush, quality stands up to the brand names.

  6. KJLF

    My husband loves this to clean our Traeger grill. He says it is very heavy duty and easy to use. Cleans the grill right up right after cooking while the grill is still hot, just some soapy water and scrub away for a few minutes and the grill is ready for use for the next time!

  7. KERRY F.

    I have gone through a lot of grill brushes, this does not trap the grease, it does however cleans it away. I no longer have to clean my grill and the brush.

  8. Sandy

    This brush is awesome! Much better than the one I had before, with only bristles on the bottom, not sides like this one. I like the metal ring to hang it to dry afterwards. Price was good too.

  9. Michael McKeeTop Contributor: Photography

    This is solid and cleans my BBQ easily and well. I can lean into the brush and it doesn’t bend. I recommend heating the grill up first and not cleaning cold as it takes a lot more work.

  10. J Selby

    This is bar none… the BEST BBQ brush I have ever purchased. Easy to handle, cleans like a pro did it. I can’t believe how well it cleans even tough stuck on bbq sauce! Do your self a favor and get one of these now.

  11. Happy Mango_BOS

    Pretty heavy and great quality. The brush is quite rigid and make cleaning more easier than before. Also come with a small blade at back to chop off the sticky remaining. Want to get a photo during cleaning but forgot. Overall very satisfied purchase!!!!

  12. Darlene P

    Gave this as a birthday gift to my brother. It looks and is even better when you get it in person. Wonderful quality and looks premium.

  13. Ichenn

    I just got a chance for BBQ and this thing saves our life! It is like messy everywhere but with thing you just push and pull and got the things done. Like it. Crazy powerful.

  14. jay scherder

    This is a well-constructed brush. It is sturdy and useful. However, it rusts very quickly.

  15. pacifico

    very well-made, sturdy, bristles are densely packed.compared to wooden handle ones, this performed better. More bristles=better, faster cleaning

  16. B. Kamer

    This is a great grill brush which I believe can be put into the dishwasher, and it’s like new again!

  17. Steve B.

    Holding up very well after 6+ months use. I use it about 4 times per week.

  18. FK

    the metal from the bristols rub off onto the grill and go into your food

  19. D8210

    This brush is probably the biggest I have owned for my barbecue but it gets the job done well.

  20. Rice

    It does a great job of keeping my stainless steel grates clean. This is the best one he has every had. Goes through the dishwasher perfect.

  21. Ian Currie

    Fantastic product. Finally a cleaner that doesn’t wear out in a month!

  22. Jason Schmidt

    Very nice quality. Works great to get the grill all cleaned up!

  23. Amily Silver

    Brought it for work. Did the job properly. Still looking for a bigger size for commercial grill. But overall is satisfied.

  24. Public Name

    Has been a good brush. And, we use it a couple times a week.

  25. Barry Smith

    As long as the grill is hot, as it should be, nothing beats this brush for cleaning. Just what I wanted.

  26. JB

    Very resistant, easy to use

  27. Gigi

    Excellent grill brush. Nice metal bristles and it is well made. Highly recommend this brush for cleaning the grease off the grill.

  28. Fazio7

    Great brush no negative comments

  29. James H.

    This really works great. Good value

  30. grams

    Husband is very happy with the grill brush.

  31. Betsy

    This brush is amazing! My son uses on his grill.

  32. catterbill

    Quality is incredible. This should last a very long time.

  33. Chad McGee

    sturdy and effectiver

  34. Gerald S.

    I really liked this brush. Much better than the wood ones you buy at the local stores.

  35. Cathy P.

    Strong and cleans the grill very good.

  36. Patrick M T

    Good stuff! Jimmy likes.

  37. Joseph Wallace

    I bought this brush since my other one I had broke. I love how sturdy and strong it is. It cleans the grates great.

  38. Robert R. Wigginton

    Works well on the grill.

  39. Wiki

    it is very powerful for brushing. you can just use small strength to clean the barbecue grill.

  40. Mattie W.

    I have been using it for the past 2 weeks and it works so good! Highly recommended it.

  41. Marion Hoffman

    best ever

  42. Kaitlyn

    Works great

  43. Adric Q

    Heavy duty construction, strong bristles and scraper, excellent hand feel. VERY worth the money.

  44. Gracyn Billingsley

    AMAZING BRUSH!!! Perfect condition and no dents or scratches! Works very well

  45. Peter Straka

    Worked really well with my new grill!

  46. Bob Riley

    Very sturdy. Well constructed

  47. yu k y

    I have only used it once but what a job it did on my grill , It work’s great.

  48. Tiger

    It’s a big brush and of good quality.

  49. Robert Johnston

    This product works. Purchased one to try. I was so impressed I bought three more. Two for friends and one for a back up for myself.

  50. Joanna

    It does all the scratching for me and grime off the grates after I’m done cooking on the grill, also affordable price.

  51. Jason

    Although the package arrived a little bit late, the product itself is still very good. We used if to clean our BBQ grill, it works out fine.

  52. october

    Needed to clean the grill for this holiday party season. Its very sturdy and will last a long time.

  53. Amazon Customer

    Very high quality our grill looks brand new again.

  54. mark

    best grill brush on the market

  55. Vicky

    Super high quality brush. The handle is very tough and long that you won’t get yourself dirty. The brush head is very tough too which makes clean easier and faster. Highly recommend this product.

  56. Starman

    Very sturdy, does the job well and doesn’t cake up with junk.

  57. larry hartselle

    great quality and cleans grill very good.

  58. Thadcree

    Very easy to use.

  59. Amazon Customer

    HEAVY duty brush. We grill so much and wear brushes out. This one will last awhile!

  60. Felicia Bao

    Very powerful brush. I brought this brush for clean my stoves. My stoves use natural gas and I cook a lot, so the stands on them gets dirty really quick. I used to use wire mesh ball to clean the stand until the ball cut my finger one time. Now I get this product, I don’t need to worry about the stove cleaning any more. The handle of the grill brush is long and strong enough that you won’t break it with your full strength while you clean. The brush head is protected by firm plastic cover that won’t stab your finger when you storage it after the using. The size is prefect for me too. I like it also because it has some its own weight. This will save me some strength while cleaning. I’ll recommend this BBQ grill brush. Not only for grill, also work very well for stove stand.

  61. NotSure

    good brush. gets grill clean

  62. Patricia E. Betti

    Works really well, I can bear down on this sucker.

  63. Fabian Marulanda

    Works great!

  64. curtis meadows

    Finally Found a Great,durable brush !

  65. Amazon customer

    Fancy and cute. Works great for my grill in the backyard and I really like the handling and the style. Both sides could be used in different situations. Happy to see my grill become shinning again.

  66. sarah scott davis

    It’s much larger and heavier. For my hand, it’s too large. I would have liked it to be simpler and lighter.

  67. KE

    This is a pretty aggressive grill brush. It works very well with getting into the sides of the grilling plates. My only concern is that the metal parts that the brissles are attached to is not stainless and it’s showig some rust after only a couple of weeks use. You definitely will need to keep it inside.

  68. Scott S.

    I purchased this grill brush a couple of weeks ago and have used it several times already. The brush seems to be very high quality, durable and well-constructed with good materials. I am generally rough on grill brushes and I can say that there is nothing flimsy about this one. With its long high-quality plastic handle, it does a good job of keeping your hands away from a hot grill if you are heating up prior to cleaning. The three-brush head, with steel bristles firmly attached, does an excellent job of cleaning the grill. In my opinion, much better than previous grill brushes that I have owned. It is one that I would recommend to anyone and will be purchasing another one to give to my dad.

  69. Kimberly Byrom

    Look no further for a solid, well built, functional way to easily clean your grill. The scraper is very handy, and because the bristles are parallel to the handle, you can really get down into the grates. Very economical and easy to use.

  70. miles

    Seems strong and tough, Early in the season but so far am happy with product.