2 Lb. Depot Shower Curtain Rings Hooks – Premium Stainless Steel – Set of 12 Decorative Shower Curtain Hooks (Brushed Nickel)

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  • ★ SHOWER CURTAIN RINGS HOOKS ★ 2LB Depot premium stainless steel shower curtain rings hooks are rustproof, corrosion-free with a brushed nickel finish that adds elegance to any bathroom.
  • ★ BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH ★ Brushed nickel plating for a look that fits any style — from modern, classic to traditional.
  • ★ DOUBLE SHOWER HOOKS ★ Hangs both shower curtain and liner on any 3/4″ to 1 1/8″ diameter, straight or curved shower curtain rods.
  • ★ EASY FIT, EASY GLIDE ★ Our shower rings hooks unique 5-roller balls are designed to reduce snagging and allow for effortless gliding on shower rod.
  • ★ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ★ We think you’ll love this shower curtain ring hook set, but if not, 2LB Depot backs these shower hooks with a money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, simply send them back for a no-questions asked, hassle-free refund.


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2 Lb. Depot Shower Curtain Rings
Our premium quality 2 Lb. Depot classic easy glide shower curtain hooks / shower rings are built to last. These rust-resistant set of 12 Brushed Nickel shower hooks are built with 5 rolling balls that allow the rings to glide easily along most straight or curved shower rods. Available in black, brushed nickel, polished nickel, oil rubbed bronze, chrome and gold finishes. No matter the finish you choose, these unique shower curtain accessories will make a great addition to your bath or bathroom.
Shower Curtain Rings Hooks Product Features:
12 Shower Curtain Hooks Rings Per Set
Premium 304 18/8 Stainless Steel, Rust-Free / Corrosion-Free
Brushed Nickel Finish
Locking Design Holds Shower Curtain and/or Shower Liner
Friction Free, Gliding Action
Easy Installation
Polished for beauty
Stainless steel to last a lifetime
Elegant in any bathroom
Rust and corrosion free
Won’t snap or crack
Easy-glide, friction free
Quieter than plastic rings
3 ” tall
Pack of 12
2 Lb. Depot’s high quality rustproof stainless steel shower curtain hooks look beautiful in any bathroom.
Simply un-hook the hinged shower curtain ring, slide the curtain and liner through and re-hook. You’re done!
These shower curtain rings look beautiful in any bathroom — whether your style is modern, rustic or traditional.


Stainless Steel

Gold Finish

Premium Quality

Use in Bathroom

Use for Drapes or Curtain Hooks

Use for Kitchen Hooks

Set of 12
Shower Curtain Hooks Shower Curtain Rings Black Shower Hooks Black Shower Rings
Shower Curtain Hooks Shower Curtain Rings Shower Hooks Brushed Nickel Rings Satin Nickel
Shower Curtain Hooks Shower Curtain Rings Shower Hooks Brushed Nickel Rings Satin Nickel
Shower Curtain Hooks Shower Curtain Rings Shower Hooks Brushed Nickel Rings Satin Nickel
These are the highest quality, and won’t rust or corrode like lesser quality shower curtain hooks. Keep your bathroom looking great for years to come. Quality never goes out of style!
The ingenious roller ball design keeps your shower curtain rolling smoothly and quietly with just the gentlest of tugs.
The polished finish of these shower curtain hooks will catch the light perfectly for a shine that adds a sparkle to your bathroom.
The key to a great looking bathroom is coordination — these will match your fixtures perfectly and look great!

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  1. Molly Mahan

    These are visually quite nice but the main reason I bought these was because they were advertised as rust-free and I was tired of having to replace rusty hooks every month. Unfortunately, I’ve been using these for about a month and they are all rusted up. Am surprised based on the reviews; perhaps I just got a lemon…

  2. C. Strain

    This is the only shower hook that I have found that really works. I have an 11/4 to 1/2″ shower rod and the lope type shower hooks do not fit. Tried many (including several hook shaped ones, the rollers did not work and they were difficult to open. All the other types I tried came off the rod or open up because they don’t fit.These new ones are easy to mount on the rod and easy to hang the curtain.They open smoothly (beads roll). No problems with this type hanger.Every thing is just as shown in the add including the sizes.This is the first shower hook that I recommend using.

  3. Amazon Customer

    AWESOME SHOWER CURTAIN RINGS!!!! I bought these to coordinate with my new nicket finish shower curtain tension rod and new Ambesonne Whale/Anchor/sea life shower curtain. SO easy to use, SO pretty, SO much better then the cheap plastic rings i’ve used for years! The brushed nickel finish on these are very classy and add a certain elegance to the shower. Customer service was wonderful and I have received many compliments on my new bathroom! A MUST for anyone with arthritis issues or anyone who is tired of having to futz with holding the liner and curtain together while installing the equipment! HIGHLY recommend!! 🙂

  4. lou

    Life. Changing. as far as the 2 hook set up. However, I’ve had them installed for a month or so and I’m starting to see tiny spots of rust. it breaks my heart.

  5. Kate

    The Premium Quality Double-Hook Rolerball Shower Curtain Rings (set of 12) in Brushed nickel finish-rust-free/corrosion free received mixed reviews, but I tried them anyway. I loved the idea of double hooks so I wouldn’t have to struggle to open the curtain rings and remove the liner and/or curtain for washing. The rings are easy to place on the rod, and they glide smoothly along the rod. My shower curtain and liner took only minutes to hang. I paid more than I usually choose to pay for the rings and the rod, but their quality makes them well worth the price. By the way, I am over 70 and have tried all kinds of shower curtain rings in my lifetime. These are the best so far!

  6. Jane Smith

    We have gone through several sets of shower curtain rings (metal, chrome/rollers, plastic,) and these are by far the best we’ve ever used because they are so easy to put on the rod and because it’s exceptionally easy to mount both the shower curtain and a separate liner. The typical hassle of removing the liner for laundering is avoided because the shower curtain and the liner are hung on separate hooks, instead of all on the same mounts. Since removal and installation is so smooth, it doesn’t generate so much wear on the curtain/liner, plus it’s fast. The hooks also slide nicely on the rod. Chrome hooks we’ve used in the past have rusted, but these are stainless steel, so we are expecting them to last. Obviously, can’t comment on longevity yet, however we love these so far and would recommend them.

  7. Jutta Q.

    Great quality and nice looking hooks. Easy to use, sturdy hooks. I like these hooks because of having A liner hanging capability as well as a outer shower curtain hanging capability. This is very convenient in order to wash or change either one of the curtains/liners.

  8. Kindle Customer

    Wonderful! Excellent! High quality shower rings! I shopped local retailers for months but wasn’t satisfied with their quality or their prices. Here, I am happy to report, I found strong, easy to use, high quality shower rings at an excellent price. I would definitely buy this item from 2lb Depot again and can highly recommend!

  9. Danielle

    These hooks are amazing! I love that they are double sided. That is a feature I have not seen before. The rollers make closing and opening hassle free. I had decorative hooks without the rollers and they would always get caught in the middle of the shower rod. I know it sounds like such a trivial thing, but it was a tiny annoyance. These glide so smoothly and are beautiful. I would definitely recommend.

  10. topcat

    This is perfect for window shower stall doors. My shower stall has window doors from the floor up. Not bath tub so I needed hooks that would work for above the shower door frame. They would be better if the ends kind of curled up more so the curtain and liner wouldn’t come off every time I try to close the liner inside the shower.

  11. SJS Dallas

    hard to determine how these will work our over time but the double hook providing separate attachment for each hole on liner as well as outer curtain is nice, easy to install, curtain stays straight and rollers let curtain open and close with little effort.

  12. 1st time Grandma

    Absolutely a great little product. Why didn’t I know about these before? Rolls like a dream across the shower bar. Small hook facing each way so the shower curtain and liner can be put on or off separately. No more messing with the plastic hooks and snapping/unsnapping. Have had no issues at all with the to pieces staying securely on the hooks.

  13. c.klee.run

    The hooks are aesthetically pleasing, easy to put up, and seem to be well constructed. I like that there is a little bit of space between my curtain liner and cloth curtain. I feel it lays a little better over the edge of the tub and is closer to the wall further up than when my liner and curtain were on the same hook. I haven’t had them very long so I don’t know how rust-proof they are. The description states that they are stainless steel, so hopefully there won’t be any rust creeping in a few months down the line. I’ll update if that happens; but for now I’m happy with my purchase.

  14. catfish252

    Seem to be very high quality Stainless Steel, well made roller balls move smoothly and are very quiet. Having the two separate hooks for the liner and the curtain makes it a breeze to hang your new curtains. Don’t have to worry about lining up the two holes to insert it in the fabric. The hook for the rod is very sturdy and bends around the rod enough to prevent it from coming off even when the curtain is bunched up at one end. I highly recommend these hooks and would purchase them again.

  15. Adam

    Be careful what size grommet curtain you purchase. The balls on this are big and have a hard time fitting in a tight hole.

  16. KB

    I love these bc they have separate hooks for the liner and curtain. However, sometimes the liner or curtain will come off the hook, since they don’t really curl over to hold the curtain in place.

  17. Barbara

    My curtain finally moves smoothly! At times a hook or two may pop off the rod. To solve this problem I suggest that you rotate the direction of the hooks. Problem solved!!

  18. Nicki Fury

    These are great! I’m going to purchase again for my other bathroom! Glides nicely and looks stylish as well. Recommend for sure!

  19. P Good

    Nice looking, but not as functional as I thought. The rollers don’t roll, but rather slide (drag) across my shower rod. They do move with less effort, but was hoping they would roll more and not cause as much dulling of my new shower rod. I can make them roll by pulling down on the curtain while moving it to increase friction, so they can roll. Maybe if you have a heavier shower curtain?

  20. Carla Edwards

    I love these hooks, they are double sided so I hung the plastic shower curtain on the inside hook and on the outside of the hook I hung the fabric shower curtain, these are so convenient, saves money on having to buy two shower bars, and another set of hooks to hang the outer fabric shower curtain.

  21. R. Stewart

    These work well. I love being able to put the liner on one side of the hook and the main shower curtain on the other side of the hook. That way I can change one of them out without having to take both down first.

  22. Linda

    This type of double hook shower curtain hanger is so easy to use. The hook does not have to be clipped or snapped together . The liner is hooked on the side towards the tub and the decorative curtain hangs on the hook away from the tub. You don’t have to remove both liner and curtain in order to wash or clean one or the other. Nothing to UNclip. Easy off; easy on again. These metal hooks blend well w/ the bronze bathroom assessories we seem to prefer lately. I’m sure these hooks come in other metal finishes as well. Soooo easy to use and they look great!!!!

  23. Luckydawg

    I much prefer this type of hook as they make getting the curtain or liner off and on so much easier. These appear to be high quality, and the ball end is sized so they go in either a slot or a grommet easily. I did have one hook that was defective. I emailed the seller and they promptly send me a replacement. Very good customer service.

  24. Alyssa Drummond

    These are so handy! Only bummer was that one of the balls fell off as I was putting the hooks on the curtain rod, so right out of the package. It can be glued back on, so I’m not dedudcting a star, but it was a sad moment. Otherwise, I’ve been super happy with these! Definitely won’t go back to regular hooks!

  25. J. Brown

    With these shower hooks, you can take the curtain OR the liner off and back on without having to disturb the other one. The hooks slide nicely and they look nice as well. Very easy to use and a good price.

  26. B Finfrock

    I’ve waited 8 months to evaluate these. So far they work great. They still slide easy and show no corrosion. For myself personally, I wish the post where you hang the curtains were farther apart to separate the curtains more, They still work very well though.

  27. Love to Learn

    Love these hooks. They make it so easy to remove the liner for washing. No more popping the curtain off to get to the liner. I’m buying another set for the other bathroom.

  28. Anonymous82

    These are absolutely awesome. My husband and I are up in years and have arthritis. These make moving the curtain and liner so easy withno hangs ups on the rod at all.Thanks for a wonderful product!!!

  29. Daphne McCann

    They glide nicely over that seam that you get when you use a curved shower rod. I’m very happy with these. Note that there are 12 hooks. My curtain has 14 hook holes, so you may want to check that to make sure you get enough. I’ll change my review if I ever get rust.

  30. KMM

    I really like the easy way they roll, and they look great too! Go well withBINO ‘Versailles’ Shower Curtain Tension Rod, Brushed Nickel. After I put the first set up with my new shower curtain, I ordered another set for t he 2nd bathroom.

  31. Glory Doe

    These hooks allow the curtain to slip off. They are attractive and do the job otherwise

  32. Diane

    These are great. I love the double hooks, because I can change my shower liner so easily and I can change my shower curtain without taking everything down, for any season, or occasion!!

  33. Jim F.

    Very nice design to separate the the shower curtain from the shower curtain liner.As always I just wish for display and esthetic purposes the wire gage was a tad thicker. Oh well.

  34. ConstantConsumer

    Great product from a great seller! These are very nice, heavy duty hooks that work well with a curtain and lining. The rollers on the top keep them from scraping the bar. I couldn’t ask for a better product.

  35. Thomas

    Nice heavy shower hooks. Am able to fit both the shower curtain and liner on hooks with no issues. The balls at the top of the hooks allow my shower curtain and liner to move easily. I like that they are stainless steel and they should last for years.

  36. CJ

    These are a very high quality and fit right in my subway tiled and marble floored bathroom. I only like the hooks that allow one to remove the liner and curtain separately, that way I can just pull off one or the other to wash. So simple and hassle free. And the roller balls are so smooth and fall into place perfectly.

  37. Bette M. Whisler

    Very happy with the quality of this product. I really like the sensible design to be able to hand the shower curtain and liner on separate parts!!! Smart idea. I plan to order another set for my other bathroom.

  38. barefootbeach

    Effortless !!! rolls along perfectly over the seam in the shower rod , and they are Stainless Steal so they will never rust .SOLID STAINLESS STEAL, the magnet will no stick to them.

  39. ACarter

    Fit my curved Moen shower curtain bar perfectly. The dual hook function served well for hanging up a heavy cloth curtain I purchased and a weighted plastic liner. The rollers still glide across the bar without hesitation. I am happy with this purchase.

  40. Yadi

    The finish on these double purpose shower hooks matches great with the silver finish on my other bathroom hardware. They were very easy to put on the rod and both the shower curtain and liner glide smoothly. Hoping they’ll stand up to moisture and not rust.