[20 Pack] 3 Compartment Meal Prep Containers BPA Free Portion Control Bento Boxes (39 Oz.)

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  • ▲ FAST AND EASY SOLUTION FOR: Meal prep, portion control, diet, fitness and nutrition, and much more! This 20-pack of complete(20 sets, tops and containers) bento boxes are leak resistant, convenient, and made of the highest quality BPA-free plastics. Prepare meals for your busy week and use these affordable, stackable containers for a reusable smart lunch box for all your food preparation needs!
  • ▲ MICROWAVE AND DISHWASHER SAFE AND BPA FREE: Certified and tested in a lab as being food safe materials! Our meal prep containers are constructed of the best materials possible!
  • ▲ TAKE YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE EVERYWHERE: Sturdy and conveniently sized, you can take your food storage containers in your for pre-portioned meals to ensure that your health is a priority, wherever you are. A necessary staple for your 6-pack bag, 21 day fix, clean body cleansing and bodybuilding show preparation.
  • ▲ SAVE TIME, MONEY, AND SPACE: Reusable and strong enough to be dishwasher safe, affordable enough to dispose of during your busy day. These meal prep containers are also stackable! With these conveniently sized (9.75″ x 7.75″ x 2″) portion control containers, you will save space in your fridge and clear worries from your mind. Nothing’s easier than MiscHome’s 39 oz meal prep bento box!
  • ▲ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Misc Home sells the best quality products at the best price and we guarantee it.


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Stay Organized During Your Fitness Journey

Plan your meals ahead of time for your health and meal prep with confidence. Stop buying unhealthy foods at expensive prices and start packing smart lunch boxes and portion control containers!

Perfect for preparing many meals at once, portion control, and managing your macronutrients

Entertain Professionally.

Send your guests home with attractive take home bento boxes. They will think of you when they use it for meal prepping again and again!

Best Value!

Our 20 pack pricing beats the price per unit cost of Freshware, Meal Prep Haven, Fitpacker, Lift, Pakkon, and all other distributors of comparable meal prep containers. Compare and save with MiscHome!

Trust Our Quality.

MiscHome’s #1 Meal prep containers are made of 100% BPA free food safe materials. Our products are tested by SGS, a world leader in product safety testing, and are certified by the FDA as food safe.

Pack Smart, Save Space

These conveniently sized (9.75″ x 7.75″ x 2″) food storage containers are stackable, making them the ultimate space savers. Prepare meals ahead of time and store them in the freezer, or fridge and heat them in the microwave (without lid) for easy, healthy meals anytime. Wash them in the dishwasher (top rack recommended)

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  1. A-dubs

    Great containers. Exactly what I was looking for! Love that they are stackable! Makes them fitting in my fridge and freezer a lot easier!

  2. Cat_i

    These arrived quickly and in very simple packaging. The label didn’t indicate BPA free so I double checked the Amazon listing to be sure they were. These are good size meal trays, perfect for a lunch or dinner. These three compartment trays are the largest of the three sizes I’ve purchased. I can fit a regular sized sandwich (or two small sandwich rolls) on the larger side and some carrots and sliced apples in the two smaller sections. They are deep enough that you could put food with sauce or gravy or whatever in there as well. I’ll be using them to pack my lunches to work as well as my daughters lunches to the babysitter’s house this summer. They stack nicely with grooves in lids that match up with the underside of the tray. Not only is this a space saver in the fridge but they are much easier to bring to the babysitter. I make food for the week on Sunday evening and I can pack a few days at a time in a bag without worrying about the flat trays slipping and sliding around in the bag or toppling over. They say airtight but I wanted to see how they do with liquids. Water runs from one compartment to the other fairly quickly when turned on its side. However the lid kept it inside the container pretty well. If it slides over sideways I should easily be able to straighten it up before it leaks and makes a mess. You do need to make sure the lid is attached correctly in order for it not to leak though. You can quickly snap it on and go or spend an extra two seconds and run your finger along the edges to make sure the bottom is snug inside the top. I love that these are reusable but cheap enough not to cry when I lose one or throw it away after I find something growing inside. These also look a little cooler than a brown bag, IMO. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion

  3. love28

    They hold a good amount of food however the lids do not stay closed it’s like the clamps are messed up so you need to be careful or else it will spill all over your nice lunch bag. Ugh that almost happened to me but I was lucky to save new bag by adjusting how I laid container down but they should close better so the quality is poor.

  4. lyrehcann

    dont bother buying.most lids do not snap securely.the lids that do, EASILY pop off.we use masking tape on the edges to somewhat secure our food.we broke 3 lids alone just while packing our lunches. very easily crack.Might as well use them as disposables. I’m sure we will order a different set of higher quality by the end of next month.

  5. Amazon Customer

    These are good for meal prep. They kind of lock into each other when they stack to make them more stable. However I have had 3 crack so far. These are handwash only which is a tad inconvenient. For the price they’re pretty good, but I do wish they were more durable.

  6. gmarie

    LOVED these despite the fact that they leak as they really helped me with portion control but a month in and they’re all cracking and breaking and I have ONLY hand washed them. I was hoping other reviews were wrong and I really did baby these but I’m very disappointed in them… ended up being throw away containers and a waste of money

  7. Ms. Leflure

    Free up 6-12 hours a week & Save your $ that you spend on take out/fast food for that Vacation!Absolutely the best containers out there!Order 2 compartment for lunch & the 1 compartment for breakfast, salad or yes dessert!Took me 1 1/2 hours to make a weeks dinners from start to freezer! Eat one pull one out of the freezer! The time you save from everday cooking to cleaning to procrastinating what to have for dinner ultimately spending $$$ Your new found vacation money!! Trust me you’ll be amazed! Great Packaging, OnTime Delivery, Great Product! Top rack dishwasher safe… so easy to clean by hand washing!! Pictures are attached and I took a few items around the house to show compartment size! FYI there are a 1,000 plus uses for these! Think outside the box! Lol

  8. liz

    Really comes exactly like you would expect it to come. It feels like good portion control also, i was able to fit everything i wanted for meal prep for 2 adults for a week. They do not seem to leak, although my meals were light on fluids, they do stay in each compartment regardless of being tipped around. The only issue I had, which was a bummer, is that they break easily. I broke 2 trying to put the lid on, the lids just cracked. So they are not very durable. I would not send them with kids as I think you really have to be cautious and that was my main concern that they would break in a bag. Otherwise the lid goes on very tight, granted they are still new, and feel secure in that way.

  9. Mandy

    these containers are cheap and break easily… not worth the money

  10. Kayla Nordbye

    I use these for meal prepping my husbands lunches. They’re awesome. They stack easily so they don’t take up a lot of space in my cabinet, and I’ve run them through the dishwasher before and they hold up pretty well. He usually ends up throwing them away after he uses them, which is not like the worst thing in the world seeing as they’re a dollar a piece. Most importantly, it keeps him from using my nice Tupperware which then ends up in the abyss of his work fridge never to return….

  11. Anahi

    I thought these were microwave safe.. after a couple times in the microwave the plastic seemed to be melting. It even changed the taste of my food to a more plastic taste. Otherwise than that its okay for storing food just not for the microwave.

  12. nichole

    Incredibly convenient and just the right size for both portion and storage. My husband and I use the 20 pack for 10 lunches and dinners per person. However, in the second week (after 2 uses, and presumably 2 microwaves and 2 dishwashers) one of the containers developed a hole. not sure if it was from the microwave or the dishwasher, but we are bummed that these don’t seem to fit our lifestyle.

  13. Jeffrey Couch

    They could seal liquids a little better, but honestly for the price, you’re getting a great value. Just don’t expect anything leakproof. I have microwaved them and run them through the dishwasher and they still look clear and not cloudy, and have not become misshapen. The portion size compartments are really responsible for me personally, and I typically eat large meals.

  14. Rita W

    I started food prepping again with my brother and husband and these are great!! I like them because it doesn’t let all the juices run together of food you don’t want mixedung together. Like I don’t want beat juice going into my pasta or whatever. They can go in the dishwasher and microwave and they stack nicely

  15. Amber F.

    Top notch quality and exactly as marketed. I’m blown away with how durable these containers are; not in the least flimsy. The lids and bottoms stack nicely and nest inside one another so you can stack full containers nice and nest. I am purchasing a second set just because it’s such a good deal.

  16. BC

    Great product and customer service. These containers turned out to be just right when I’m fixing dinners for my handicapped brother. No problem freezing or microwaving. Customer service with MiscHome was awesome when a few lids arrived broken. I highly recommend MiscHome Company and wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.

  17. Amazon Customer

    With the high ratings I thought these would be live up to the hype. Unfortunately, my containers lids don’t fit well at all. I won’t even bother carrying food that retains liquid, and I use tape to keep the kids secure. Once opened and used it’s too late to return, I made my bed and I’ll sleep in, I am very disappointed in the quality of these containers, and when I start to run low, I will gladly buy from someone else.

  18. jen holt

    Awful productLids DO NOT fit.They don’t click shut and come loose at a tap.I have to use multiple rubber bands to keep them shut and even then they leak.

  19. Heather Mc

    Pretty good item. Seem pretty sturdy and I am not having the issues that I read in other reviews with the lids getting stuck and breaking. I have only used a few of them once so I will know better after they have been reused a few more times.

  20. Gabi

    These containers are good for one time use and definitely not much after that. They are not dishwasher safe, as the top sort of takes a different shape. I like the size of the containers and hand washing them is a pain. I would not purchase this product again.

  21. Jason

    Pros:* Sturdy yet lightweight material, on par with disposable plastic plates* Trays and lids stack compactly, amounting to 7″ height altogether* Compartments are decently sized, with 1″ depth and able to hold a bit more with lids onCons:* Compartments are not completely separated, liquid spills right through if tilted* One lid arrived damaged

  22. Aubberssssss

    I love these. In an effort to take better care of myself, I have started meal prepping every Sunday. Not only do these help save me money, but they are also super convinient! They don’t spill and they heat up well in the microwave. They also wash well in the dishwasher so no complaints here,

  23. Herbert W.

    Love my meal prep bowls .. found its better to hand wash them verses the dish washer.. the heat in the dishwasher bends them slightly

  24. meowlissa

    The great thing about these containers are that when it seals each compartment seals individually so you can have hot rice in one and salad in another and the salad will not wilt from the steam. They lock close amazing and it has changed my meal prep game!

  25. Jackie McLean Bunch

    The only reason I have to rate this way is that noted that corners from middle of both containers and tops were cracked and or broken off. It was too late to return them as I didn’t notice until after I had taken plastic from around packing. Only 1 corner of 5 containers and 3 tops were effected and were directly in the middle. If it had arrived without broken off corner I would definitely rate higher.

  26. Ms. Understood

    These little containers might be good if you don’t plan to freeze any food. It will work for refrigeration only, as it doesn’t seal tightly enough. This problem is the reason I didn’t use them for long, but I also suspect they wouldn’t have held up long with going through the dishwasher as they had started to warp a bit after a couple of cycles.

  27. J. Zuniga

    Super easy to pack and hold a lot but the kids don’t shut properly. I packed three in advance and by day 2 there was mold and moisture and soggy stuff. My kids Amazon boxes don’t even do that. Super disappointed.

  28. Anna M.

    Not very flexible plastic, so they may end up breaking but I’ve used them for only a few days. These are convenient for meal prep for work lunches so I will likely buy more and hope that the next batch seems more fitted and secure. The lids may or may not have an issue with snapping closed without gaps. I’ll update once I’ve used them more.

  29. Amazon Customer

    I’ve recently begun meal prepping and these containers are perfect for the task.The containers are sturdy. The lids fit snugly and are easy to open and close.The individual compartments work well to help measure out healthy portions and keep the meal components separated so the meal doesn’t turn into a big mess while being stored or transported.I’ve reused some of the containers multiple times and they go through the dishwasher with no issues (top level).I’ll definitely buy again, but probably won’t need to anytime soon because I expect these to last for multiple uses.

  30. Jackie

    The lids on these containers do not fit . You have to use rubber bands in order for them to stay on. Don’t buy these, purchase better ones .

  31. JW tucson

    These work well for helping me portion control food! Only issue is when you put them in the freezer they get brittle. So be careful. Otehr than that they work great!

  32. Camp Guy

    These are pretty nice. Although they do not seal and will allow juices to seep out. I would not try to use them to take lunch to work. They also claim to be microwave safe, but after only a few uses I can already see burn marks in the plastic.

  33. Amazon Customer

    I was very disappointed with these. They were difficult to seal (the lid and the container were loose and kept opening) and the lids cracked easily. The price was relatively low so I’ve been throwing them away as they crack.

  34. Stan Warren

    The order arrived on time and I’ve already shared with family members. These containers are great for making prepared meals from leftovers and are ready on a moments notice when needed Great for anyone who’s sometimes in a hurry..

  35. John M

    These containers are pretty durable, even thicker than the single compartment containers I bought before, so I don’t see them chipping easily. They are also pretty big so you can fit a lot of food in these, just be sure that your lunch bag is large enough or you won’t be able to set them down flat. Just make sure to press all the way around for a good seal with the lid.

  36. paula d walker


  37. William F.

    So when I received these, the top two lids were cracked and damaged. I contacted MiscHome and told them about what happened and that I really wanted these to work out because of the number of good reviews their products have. They got back to me almost immediately and helped correct my situation right away. I will definitely be ordering from them again because of the customer service! As for the containers themselves, I love them. They hold the right amount of portioned food for dieting and stack very nearly in our fridge/freezer.

  38. Pixie

    Very rigid – break and crack easily

  39. Rural Juror

    Microwaveable and a reasonable portion size. Great for meal preps since you can throw it in the microwave without having to worry about melted plastic. So for so good. One of my lids did end up breaking but couldn’t figure out why so can’t really blame the quality of the product.

  40. Cookielady

    I bought a package of these many months ago and after awhile they are no longer useable like any plastic containers. So I just buy another 20 pack and we are good to go. Perfect for leftovers for work!

  41. William E. Terrio

    These were perfect. They are the same size as others we were using nut at a lesser price. We will be ordering more in the future as need arises. We prepare upwards of 60-80 frozen meals per week for Home Delivery.

  42. Becky S.

    I wanted to use these a bit before writing a review, when they arrived I did have 1 container that was cracked in the corner and not able to be used. They are a bit tricky to open and close at first, but once you know what you are doing they are pretty good. I haven’t had any issues with them leaking so far and that makes me happy (ony once had some juice from the beets go into another compartment).All in all it makes meal prepping nice!

  43. Sharon O

    Love these containers. The compartments are large despite looking small to the eye, they hold a LOT of food. The lids snap on very tight and they stack very well without sliding. Love these for weekly lunch and dinner meal prepping. Will let you know how long they hold up over time. For now, A+.

  44. Andy

    These worked really well right when I got them. Over time, I started to find that they were hard to clean and cracks started occurring randomly. This wasn’t a huge deal as I was sometimes freezing them, putting hot food in them, and washing them over and over again. I figured they wouldn’t last forever.However, about 4 months after I got them (and had used them many times) some of the containers started to smell like paint or plastic. I threw them all away and am now buying glass. I only hesitated to do that initially because glass breaks a lot easier than glass…

  45. Glam Danni

    Flimsier than I expected. The lids won’t all seal properly either.One of the boxes broke on the first use! Cheap, but a complete false economy.Will be buying standard Rubbermaid boxes, as they last forever.

  46. Robert Grumbles

    We bought these for meal prep. They work well and have held up great after repeated use/washing in dishwasher. Overall, the size was good for a typical dinner/lunch. They did not melt/deteriorate in the dishwasher, and so that was a huge plus. Will buy again!!!

  47. Catrease

    While I do love this product, I actually do not like the cut outs in the container. I feel that they are not big enough, it limits your food…which come to think of it is the whole point.

  48. Colette B

    These are a good addition to our plans for making work lunches for ourselves at home and taking them into the office! They seem fairly sturdy, and while I don’t think they’ll last forever, they’re cheap enough so replacing the set in a few months won’t break the bank. My only disappointment is that the compartments aren’t entirely sealed into themselves and liquid can seep across, but that’s easy to work around.

  49. Faith R.

    These were pretty cheap. Some were broken before we got them and others broke while trying to put the lids on. We were not a fan of these.

  50. Daniel Nguyen

    Great for meal prep. They’re microwaveable and stackable so I can prepare and have my meals on the go.

  51. Gary Zoellner

    Excellent work portion control as well as meals made up in advance and refrigerated or Frozen. I believe the bottom is microwavable but the tops are not. Extremely fast shipping very much a quality product.

  52. Egg cited

    Good concept, I like the compartmentalization of it but the plastic is easily broken.

  53. sue

    I was really hoping when I ordered these, that they would be of good quality. They’re not. They are flimsy in quality. Three of the containers were broke when I opened the box with the pieces in the box. Of course the package was damaged in shipping which probably caused the containers to brake. I will not buy these again. The price was right for what I needed them for but not the quality.

  54. Kailyn Wood

    These are great! I feel like I have finally gotten a full meal when I use these. My sister has them too and I do not think she weighed herself but it is clear to me that she has lost weight and is happier. She said that with these she has stopped over eating and binging on snacks when she gets home. You have to meal prep though.

  55. George

    My wife loves these, as do I. We try portion control and these will comfortably hold moderate amounts of 3 different foods. Kids fit firm, and stack very well in counter.

  56. Tonya

    I am quite pleased with these! Portion sizes are generous. My one gripe is that the lids don’t seem to stay fastened well so I would be hesitant to meal prep anything that could potentially leak. Other than that, these are a really good product!

  57. joanie43

    I like the larger size since I want it for single serving dinner meals. So far they are working great. They came well packaged and on time. I would buy from this seller again.

  58. Joshua P.

    Packages feel good, nice size… The only thing is that the lid really isn’t too secure. Sometimes I would open my lunch box and the lid would be knocked off. Not a big deal but I wouldn’t try laying this container on its side

  59. lola banana

    Sorry but these were horrible! They do not seal shut. I prepared my meals for two weeks and put them in the freezer I had noticed prior they were not sealing well but after they were in the freezer it was worse they have a few very small lips that barely snap shut and do not stay. I had to put the container in a zip lock bag to keep the contents from getting all over and as I use them I am throwing them away!

  60. Amazon Customer

    Out of the 20 containers, 4 were broken on arrival. I have no idea how long the others will last as I am assuming they must be quite brittle. I did not ask for a refund as I could not find an option which did not include returning the other 16 as well and they are useful for my current meal prep. Would not buy this again.