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  • MEAL PREP CONTAINERS 1 Compartment with SmartestLock locking lids guarantee leakproof food storage without spills.
  • PREP MEALS AT HOME, THEN EAT ON THE GO – make a lunch box with home-cooked food for the whole family and bring it to work, school or gym. You can cook your food right in the containers then save and reheat the leftovers.
  • 5 x 30oz GLASS FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS – Biggest Set and Best Value you can find on Amazon. Perfect for meal prepping and precise portion control. Stay healthy and save time by cooking and freezing your meals for later. DIMENSIONS: 6.5” x 4.75” x 2”
  • HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE TO PLASTIC – Our Containers Are Made From Borosilicate Glass, Which Makes Them Much Stronger Than Other Cheaper Containers. Borosilicate is The Strongest Glass Available, Oven Safe and Won’t Break as Easily as Cheaper Alternatives Offered by Other Sellers on Amazon.
  • MICROWAVE, OVEN AND FREEZER-SAFE glass (NOT the lids). No warping at temperatures up to 840°F. FDA & LFGP Approved, BPA FREE & Dishwasher Safe (Lids Top Rack Only). Full warranty. Best Meal Prepping Experience of Your Life or Your Money Back!


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  1. Michelle N Berry

    UPDATED REVIEW on July 18, 2018My original review is below for your reference.Like I said in my original review, I don’t usually write reviews, however, I was so impressed by the company’s resolution that I felt strongly enough to update.The company reached out to me after seeing my negative review and sent me an entire new set of containers with lids that were perfect. The containers are perfect in every way and were on my doorstep within 2 days. I’m super happy! Thank you, HomeNative!ORIGINAL REVIEW:I don’t usually write reviews but I feel compelled to write this! The good first: The actual glass containers are perfect! Exactly what I was looking for and expected = work lunch containers.The bad: Upon opening the box, 2 of the lids had locking sides that had already broken off. The third broke off the first time I snapped it shut and the remaining 2 broke the first week upon opening the container. I threw away all the packing material thinking they might be fine even though they were missing only one locking side. Now, they all leak so I can’t bring them to work which was my entire intent! I don’t want the hassle of returning them because I don’t have packing material and I don’t want the returned containers to arrive shattered. Now I’m back to square one with finding glass containers for work lunches!I tried to write a review the first week but the Amazon website prevented me from doing so stating that this item was receiving unusual review activity. I felt so strongly about it that I kept trying. Frustrating!

  2. PaulSr

    These glass containers come with plastic leak-proof lids and they are the best for storing leftovers in or prepping salads for the week ahead. I’ve been slowly replacing all of my plastic ware, and using glass as it’s so much better to reheat in. It does say not to microwave with the lid on, but as long as I’ve used it on medium heat with it a jar from the base it’s done ok. I’ve also put the lid on the top shelf in my dishwasher and used low heat to dry and they’ve come out fine. Just don’t use the plastic lid in the oven.

  3. Corina

    These glass containers are awesome! They snap shut really good with no leakage. Made with great quality. We use them all the time on our outings and have been very happy with the level of quality. The glass compartment is a perfect size and the lid is hard plastic with strong latches to shut. There’s an inner gage along the bottom of the lid and it seems to be thick and strong so it hold liquid well without leaks. Perfect for my family, we are out of the house a lot during summer time and prepping snacks is a must with 4 kids

  4. Christopher King

    I’ve decided to switch from plastic containers to glass containers. These single compartment containers are great! The flaps on the lid fit much tighter than other sets I own.Pros:*Containers stack into each other for easier storage*Air vent at the top allows me to put the lid on while my left overs are still a little warm.*Containers were packed in a long narrow box so each container stacks on top of another. There were foam pieces on all sides and above and below. All 5 containers arrived without any chips or cracks.*The four lid clips are much more snug than other glass containers I have. They do not wear out after multiple uses.*The glass containers have a little lip around the top edge. This helps create a full seal with the gasket inside the lip.*So convenient to use! Oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe*Glass containers won’t stain from spaghetti sauce like plastic containers do.I’m happy to have these single compartment glass containers as part of my container collection. I enjoy writing quality reviews. If you’ve found this review helpful, and you’d like to give me some encouragement, please click “yes” below. Thanks!

  5. slpfreyTop Contributor: Pets

    I am so pleased with these glass containers! A few years ago I bought a similar, yet smaller, pampered chef container for over $10. This is such a great deal for 5. They are made very similarly to pampered chef, with the waterproof seal, thick tempered glass, sturdy lid with four sides to seal. I like that these lids have a little air flap, which is helpful when trying to set the seal. I did fill one with water, seal it, and shake to see if it would leak. It didn’t leak! I did notice these containers were hard to seal at first. I really had to put some muscle into it! But after a few uses, it’s becoming easier. Really happy, and wish I’d ordered them sooner. Pics for comparison.

  6. Woodsiders

    Major things about this food container:1. The container is deep enough to fit in a k-cup inside, so you won’t have much problem fitting in a full chicken thigh or drumsticks in there (unlike most containers I found)2. The glass container is smaller than I expected it to be base on the pictures posted (see photos for reference), but it can sure fit a nice full meal (but too small for what i intended to use it for).3. The containers stack up nicely and they’re pretty stable so no problem storing them.4. The rubber is removable for easy cleaning. Just do note that the rubber is only glued or something, so exercise caution when washing.5. One major thing I don’t like tho is that the plastic lock doesn’t feel sturdy.I guess overall, the glass part is amazing but the plastic covers are not as much… though, considering the price, with proper care and careful use, this is a good buy 😉

  7. Lina

    These glass containers are WONDERFUL. I got them to use them with the PrepNaturals bag and they are a perfect compliment OR stand alone product. They are a great size, with the lid on they are about 3″ tall and 5.5″ x 7.5″ across. I can fit 3 of them stacked on top of each other in my bag. It is the perfect size for me to pack my lunch and the top with the vent hole is perfect for heating it up when I’m ready for lunch. The glass is very thick and durable and I expect these to last me for a very long time.

  8. G

    Great product. This has made my life so much better, no more spilled soups and food on my way to work. They lock tight with zero leaking. Super slick interior to make it easy to clean. The only downside is that when stored they don’t save space when stacked, but not a big deal. Easily stacks in refrigerator. They may be a little difficult to get the lids on tight if you have difficulties with your fingers. Lids seem very sturdy and will probably last a while. The folding part of the plastic tabs seem pretty thick and the seal that seats onto the glass part is pretty good. I would expect these to last a while. I bought a couple of these and for the price will probably buy more.

  9. Some-Lady-Who-Reviews

    I love these containers! Perfect for meal prepping! I like how the tops have vents! I’ve been using these for a few months now and no complaints! Probably going to order some more. They’re good quality!

  10. szero4

    This glass tupperware is really nice. We’ve been using Rubbermaid ones forever and over the years they just break down and have to be replaced a lot. I’m hoping to prevent that with these glass ones. The glass is super thick and I like the two compartments on it to keep food separate. The lid snaps on pretty easy and seals well. My biggest problem with these lids is the vent on top I’m not sure its purpose since the description (and seller) said not to microwave the lids. I feel like they need to change the product packaging then because the description on the package itself says the lids ARE microwave safe. The actual glass containers are microwavable and you can even put them in the oven to bake in or the freezer. Everything is top rack dishwasher safe though so that’s a plus.

  11. Lex A.S.

    I really like these. Previously I used plastic microwavable containers for lunch at work and eventually (especially with a pasta dish with tomato sauce) they would become really gross.These containers are, of course, glass, which is healthier than using plastic. The lids, however, are plastic with a removable rubber lining (which is great for washing so you don’t get gross mold/mildew. The fasteners move nicely without seeming like they could break off, and then the flap up top, which reveals the hole for steam to escape, is really nice too.My only concern with this, which is why I removed a star, is that after heading, it seems like the plastic lid loses its shape and bends a little bit. I imagine the steam from warming the food pushes it up a bit, and softens it, so it’s just not flat. It has yet to render the product useless or ineffective at all, so that’s really my only complaint thus far.All in all, I highly recommend this if you are like me and insist on a hot lunch while at work!

  12. Ivan C.

    I was going to buy Pyrex, but then I found out they switched from using borosilicate glass to tempered soda-lime glass in their USA products. That soda-lime glass is not as tolerant of fast temperature changes, and although it is rare, it can occasionally EXPLODE if you place a hot container on a cool surface. But these here are true borosilicate glass containers and I expect them to be safer when I go from oven to freezer to microwave. The lids are a very solid tight fit, which is great for me if I use the container to take lunch to work in my backpack (it’s the perfect size for that!). However, the lids are SO tight that unless you have two hands of normal adult strength, you might have some trouble snapping them into place. Therefore I would not recommend these for elderly or disabled persons.

  13. J.A.

    I am trying to switch from plastic to glass for my food storage, which is why I got these. I feel like my food is fresher, and being in glass makes it easier and safer to reheat if I’m using the microwave. Others have said that the lids are a little tight, but I find that comforting – I don’t want air in there! Easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. I’ve been using them every day since I got them, both for meal prep and for leftovers.

  14. Rexius

    These glass boxes are really nice. The glass is thick and feels substantial that if it accidentally fell, it wouldn’t break the first time (hello kids).The lids snap on super tight. Like I have a hard time snapping the sides closed they they are so securely on there. I think they are probably sealed really well!I have been slowly looking for glass solutions to replace my ziploc style plastic boxes for storing leftovers and these glass containers give me peace of mind in that regard. I am a bit disappointed they don’t nest for when they are not in use. I also wish the lids were diswasher safe. Otherwise I am very happy with this product. The price is great as well! Similar to budget friendly Ikea prices (without having to leave the house, or get lost in the super store, and/or end up bringing home ten other things you dont really need 😉 )

  15. A. Ski

    I have just begun my meal prep journey. I chose glass as I want to ensure I can use the containers for an extended period of time. I also did not want to deal with staining as the plastic containers I have used for leftovers in the past seem to suffer. Had I known about these containers earlier, I could have saved my money on the plastic. Although it can be difficult to close the lids sometimes, I like the security of the seal, no leaks. There also seem to be no odors once the lids are closed. I feel secure that the containers will not leak no matter what abuse occurs to my lunchbox in the company refrigerator. The size is just right for portion control. I have not tried freezing in them yet but I do not expect any change in performance. I have placed the glass in the dishwasher with great results. I do not want to risk the lids in the dishwasher though. Be careful stacking them with the lids on as they slide, there is no top edge to keep them in place when stacked. I really should have bought these sooner!

  16. Deborah A. Jacobsen

    These are spectacular!!! They are airtight so the week’s food I do for lunches and such stay fresh for the whole week. They are strong and very durable. The four part latching system insures your food is completely sealed. The seal ring is removable for easy cleaning. The nice pop-top vent allows food to cool if packed in hot . Once cool, close pop-top and stick in the fridge. Husband is rough on things including his lunch box and so far these are holding up so nice!! Many others I have tried have been broken in a matter of days. I love these !!!

  17. Amazon Customer

    Finally a glass container with the vent hole that doesn’t break off!!! Price is also well worth it. The quality is much better than other brands I have tried so I am feeling pretty happy about my purchase overall.Only bummer is that the lids are almost impossible to snap closed, I usually have to place a towel over the sides of the lid and close it that way… otherwise it hurts my hands from trying to press too hard. Being rather petite, I can see how this would pose a problem for those similar to my petite frame or perhaps an older person who is not strong enough to snap these lids on correctly. I feel like the single woman trying to open the stubborn pickle jar sometimes, just trying over and over to close these suckers. Despite needing hulk-like strength to close these, I do like them enough to give a 4 star rating. Very strong glass and so far nothing has been warped from the dishwasher or microwave. Much better than other brands so worth the struggle.. just use the towel trick!

  18. bmorgan

    Got this when it was on a lightning deal. For the price I paid in the deal, these aren’t bad at all. I would not have paid the original price for them though.The glass is solid, but compared to Pyrex it comes second. I have bought a pack of Pyrex containers similar to this with the glass and air tight seals. The Pyrex quality is much better, BUT these aren’t bad at all for basic storage and transportation. Perfect for storing your lunch to later microwave.For storage the containers don’t stack very well. They cannot nest within one another very well. With the lid on the container the stack can be unstable if stacked high as they do not stack perfectly on top of each other because of the flat lid design.I had microwaved the container with the lid on and the heat vent open thinking that’s what it was for but later realized the lids cannot be microwaved. The lid warped a little bit which is understandable but makes me question as to whether or not it can handle a dishwasher’s heat. I’m not really sure what to use the air vent option for other then to let some air in when stored.If you are using these for basic food storage to microwave for lunch, these are good for you.

  19. BJ

    I like these meal prep containers, they are small enough to have portion control but still big enough to have a full meal in. I can make a weeks worth of lunches and put them in the freezer, take one with me everyday to work and pop them in the microwave in the same container. This helps me save on buying pre-packaged lunches from the store and my food is healthier where it is not filled with preservatives to keep fresh. The lids have stayed on nice and secure, a little hard to flip the latches sometimes but still good lids.I like that they are made of glass and are bpa free, easy to clean with no stains stuck in them like plastic does. Now the glass is easy to clean but the lids are a little harder, I let them soak for a bit to help get any food particles or liquid that may have gotten stuck in the plastic lid grooves because they are hard to wash out. this is a nice set.

  20. Beth

    I started loving the glass dishes with the air tight snap on lids. I never had a problem until I purchased these. You literally have to smack the closures with your hand hard to close. They are all like this! Never will buy this brand again!

  21. JamieH

    I really wanted to love these, but I can’t say that I do.The Pros: They are a decent quality, and actually a lot bigger than I expected. I can definitely fit all of my lunch in them, and the seal seems pretty tight so far.The Cons: The seal is so tight that its actually kind of difficult to close them, it takes a bit of muscle. The biggest thing I don’t like about these is that they DON’T NESTLE together. Yes, they stack, but as some other reviewers stated, only a tiny part of the bottom will fit inside the top of another. So these are definitely NOT space savers in the Tupperware drawer.Bottom line, they work, but I wouldn’t buy these again and I will probably continue looking for a better set that will meet more of my needs.

  22. Lorrie McCullers

    We recently got rid of all of our plastic food containers to try to avoid BPA and other harmful chemicals that may leach into our food when warmed in the microwave. These glass containers are exactly what I was looking for to replace them!The size is just right for leftovers. You can easily pop them into your lunch bag to take with you to work The lid snaps on very tight (I mean, REALLY tight — you should open and close the latches a few times when you get them to loosen them up) so you don’t have to worry about the lid popping off and spilling food everywhere. They stack nicely in the cabinet and in the refrigerator.I have used them multiple times in the microwave and have washed them in the dishwasher. They still look great and work like a charm. I would definitely buy these again.

  23. Amazon Customer

    I now have three sets of these which are in constant use. Initially I purchased two sets for freezing individual portions of homemade vegetable beef soup. The containers were so perfect I ordered an additional set for general kitchen use and refrigerator storage. The glass is great quality and I’m pleased to have eliminated the need to microwave food in plastic containers. They wash perfectly in the dishwasher. I put the lids on the top rack and run the cycle with no added heat for drying. The lids are tight and can be a bit of a challenge to get on but I feel confident food is well sealed. I loosen the lids when heating food in the microwave and am pleased at how well they keep food contained – no microwave messes. Easy to use and easy to clean. Perfect!


    After using old plastic deli containers for years these glass bowls are excellent. The only slight downside is that the snap on lids require a bit of effort to close snap shut but I refuse to downgrade a full star for this. I frequently take the bowls straight to the oven or microwave with no ill effects. (of course the lids can’t go in the oven). The lids are fine in the dishwasher but I never use the heated dry in on my dishwasher so I can’t say what the heating element would do to the lids. When not in use the bowls have a slight “nest” so that I can stack in the cabinet. When in use the lids are flat and I can easily stack two or three in the fridge.

  25. Nadwene Pierre

    I wanted to start meal prepping but I didn’t want to use plastic bowls because after a while the and grease or stains stick to the container.These glass ones are great because I know that my container will stay clean, the plastic tops are awesome because they come with latches on all four sides of the lid and there’s a latch on top on the lid that you can open to let steam escape. They also stack very well in the fridge and they’re the perfect size for my lunches.I gave the durability 4 stars because it is glass, so if you drop it, you’re pretty much stuck… It does come with 10 containers though.

  26. Kaitlan

    Great value. With the lids, I would suggest not putting them in the dishwasher (I tried one and it now has a puffed up/concave top, but still fits and works as expected) and unlocking the side tabs when microwaving. The little steam vents are great but sometimes don’t let out enough steam while microwaving, which can also cause the top of the lid to puff up. By the way, the “puffing up” I’m describing doesn’t mean you can’t use the lid, it just means you can’t really stack anything on top of the lid without it sliding off. With the microwave thing, it returns to normal (flat) after a while; however the dishwasher one did not.

  27. ambs

    Do not put your lids in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, there is nothing printed on the lids that says “not dishwasher safe” and my family did not know. The lids no longer fit or snap onto the glass containers and I would not recommend this product.

  28. Brandy T.

    Switching to glass containers is the best decision ever. I think these have been a great way to learn what I like and dislike in using this type of meal storage containers.I love the ventilation port in the top, but I also REALLY love that I can go from refrigerator straight to the oven with these containers. They have a good weight so they’re nice and sturdy. They have also gone in the dishwasher a couple of times and survived.The only downside is the rubber in the lid does not stay in very well. Otherwise, these containers have been perfect!The step by step meal plan is an added bonus.

  29. Siarhei

    Why did we choose this set?My wife likes to cook different dishes baking them in the oven. We have three children and each has its own preferences and tastes. And so when she cooked in one big dish there were problems because one likes chicken, second likes fish, and the third likes vegetables. Therefore, the preparation went in two or three stages and the dish could not be eaten in a few days. Now she prepares for each individual portion taking into account all personal wishes. Containers of a very suitable size for the stove and cooked portions for children are enough for two or three times. It is very convenient. Now do not wait until the cooked food is cooled and put into plastic containers for storage in the refrigerator. Just close the container when it is cold and in the refrigerator. Then you just got it put in a microwave and again there are no problems. Well and a nice bonus containers can be washed in the dishwasher. Wife says why we did not buy them before it’s so convenient! I am pleased with this purchase because my wife likes to cook and feed us and I see that she is pleased with the convenience of working with these containers.

  30. Kelly

    I purchased these instead of a competitor brand and have not been disappointed. I use glass a lot more than plastic storage so I have quite the variety of sizes. This size is the perfect size for kids, left overs, gifts! I used a couple for gifts as I didn’t need that many of the same size. They all washed well in my dishwasher and the glass used is very sturdy as my toddler accidentally dropped one. Lids actually snap on easier than a competitor brand that I use a lot.

  31. s_cruz

    These are very nice containers, they are durable and not as heavy as you would think. My wife carries two with her to work and has no complaints about being two heavy. The lids seal great locking in the freshness, and as with glass they are easy to clean without worrying about any chemicals that may be getting broken down into your food. The only complaint I have is the size is not that big but I also try and fit lunch and dinner into one so thats the user’s fault not the container. I would recommend.

  32. Nancy&Dana

    These are fantastic! I am so glad I ordered them. I absolutely love the versatility of these glass containers. They make meal prep a breeze. You do not have to transfer your food to another container which means it takes less time and makes less dishes. This busy mom loves both of those things!! I put it in the freezer, in the oven, or microwave. I love being able to see my food in them in the freezer or fridge, it keeps the space clean and organized. I am going to need to order another set because I love them so much! I have not had any trouble with the lids, they all fit perfectly! The only negative with glass containers like these is you cannot stack them inside each other so they do take up more room when they are in the pantry.

  33. Dave

    Just swinging by to add my two cents to this product.Got my first shipment a week or two ago. After using them a couple times I immediately bought a second shipment. For LUNCH – I’d say these are just about the perfect container in size, material and quality. I’m a big fan of glass over plastic, and overall just really fit the bill perfectly for me (after 2 or 3 not so great other products).I do want to respond to a couple of the comments around the lids being hard to seal completely. Yes, this is true to a point. But for a product that advertises itself as leakproof, I’m not sure how you deliver on that promise without tightly sealing lids. It’s a one or the other thing. Generally I find the lids do require a bit extra pressure to seal. If I’m having trouble getting it to stay sealed, I just have to “lean in” a bit more and they snap right shut.So for me – it’s a feature not a bug.

  34. MeliMama

    I love these and will be buying more. The lids are great! The little flip thing used for venting is fantastic. And comes in handy when microwaving my meals. They are a perfect size too for meals.Recommend hand washing not using the dishwashers with the lids. I’ve had bad luck with other brands and the lids in the past. But I am planning on buying another set of these. Great product at a great price!

  35. Brenda Bell Chute

    These are perfect for taking my lunch to work. The lid locks down on all 4 sides independently, even with getting tossed around a bit they do not accidentally come loose or leak. I love that they can go from the fridge to microwave. The glass is thick and heavy, very sturdy. The lids have a vent so you can microwave with the lid on your food and it doesn’t become soggy from the steam. I do wash the lids by hand as I worry they would warp in the dishwasher , but have had no issues with them staining. Great product, very pleased.

  36. mamavazquez

    These containers are wonderful! I am a single professional with a very busy life. These containers are great for meal prep. I prepare multiple meals on the weekend and have them ready to go during the week. I love that they are both safe to put in the oven and also to put in your dishwasher! So much easier than plastic containers that turn the color of your food! I also love the little vent at the top which is nice when you are putting food in the fridge while it is still hot. Highly recommend this product!

  37. Kate B

    Have had these for 4 months and still love them! No cracking or breaking, easy to wash, and very versitile! Have microwaved, frozen and baked all sorts of stuff in these and have had no issues what so ever. No leaks, no chips, they look brand new. Love the size! And that they are mostly glass and don’t stain or smell. Hoping to buy more when we move and have more space, but for now, this set has all my needs covered.UPDATE:10/19/18 – Bough another set! Love these and they are my preferred kitchen containers. SO DURABLE! Great for meal prep 🙂

  38. Kyla

    I bought these and the 2 compartments containers and I’ve been pleased with both. They have a nice weight to them and they don’t feel thin and cheap. I like the venting thing on top for when they are in the microwave I just hope that if this even ends up it’s side in the lunch box that the little flap doesn’t leak. But for now they are perfect and I will be ordering the other styles over the next few months

  39. Kevin H.

    I use these to bring lunch to work every day now, and using them has been much more enjoyable than the plastic containers I’ve used in the past. They are heavy but very sturdy and solid, and the glass containers make it easier to clean than plastic if you ever put oily food in it.Pros:Easy to clean5-pack is just enough to meal prep over the weekend and have enough meals for the work weekGlass feels nicer than comparable plastic containers, and the construction feels solidLarge enough to hold a utensilCons:Lids can be difficult to snap on at times, but it has never been enough to significantly bother meLids are not freezer-safe, so it sort of defeats the purpose of the glass being freezer safe

  40. Parz

    i LOVE these containers. I feel as though today you really don’t know what you can trust when it comes to plastic and chemicals leaking into food when microwaving. So for me- glass containers are the way to go. Not only can you heat up food securly in these, but they’re also safe for the oven (without the lid). They are very heavy and sturdy. Great product at a great price!