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  • ★ UNLIKE OTHER FOOD CONTAINER SETS THAT MELT, WARP OR LEAK, our freezer and microwave-safe deli container set has a sturdy, solid construction and snug lids to make sure, your food stays in the plastic storage containers. NO NASTY SURPRISE SPILLS in your meal prep lunch box, on car seats, your clothes or anywhere else. You, your car, your belongings and your food arrive where they’re supposed to, as they’re supposed to—whether just from the fridge to the counter or from home to work.
  • ★ BPA-FREE, FREEZABLE, MICROWAVE SAFE, & STAIN RESISTANT MEANS your food storage container set will last long & save money! No plastic melting into your soup, warping from the microwave, or cracking in the freezer. Our sturdy containers withstand from -14F – 230F (-10C – 110C). And that pasta or green curry sauce? Delicious, but not pretty when colors absorb into the plastic container & won’t wash out. WHILE OTHER CONTAINERS STAIN, our storage containers keep looking good, use after use.
  • ★ WITH THIS REUSABLE OR DISPOSABLE 50-PIECE PACK, you can use them over and over again. Get more bang for your buck! You’ll also have more than enough to send food home with guests & not worry if the kids leave one at school. Or…don’t feel like doing dishes? With a 50-piece set, you can afford to toss a few without feeling guilty. Treat them as disposable containers with lids! They’re also sturdy enough FOR STORING NON-FOOD ITEMS LIKE office supplies, hardware, or whatever you may have.
  • ★ OUR CLEAR RECTANGULAR 25-OZ. CONTAINERS ARE THE PERFECT SIZE, PERFECTLY STACKABLE & FOOD IS EASILY IDENTIFIED – just right for main courses, salads, or a refreshing fruit snack, YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE GRABBING WHEN YOU REACH INTO THE FRIDGE! They make great to go containers. And since they’re all the same size, YOU GET GREAT PORTION CONTROL, the kids won’t fight over who got more, and you can save space by stacking your food prep neatly away in your cabinet.
  • ★ OUR CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE – Prep Naturals believes in making life easier, better and more enjoyable in all that we do. We strive to bring you the essentials to help you look, feel and perform at your best. It’s about time for plastic containers for food storage that are designed with you in mind. Ones that keep your life organized, visible and tidy! IN THE UNLIKELY CASE THAT YOU DON’T LOVE your food containers with lids, just send them back for a full refund


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  1. Chrys

    Flimsy compared to an actual Tupperware brand but holds up amazingly well anyway! With how many there was in a pack I was expecting super cheap material with badly-matched lids (sort of like what you find at the dollar store)… but this really doesn’t seem to be the case. I would definitely buy again in the future if the need arose. Really good quality for price.

  2. DanielleTop Contributor: Gardening & Horticulture

    they feel a little thin and cheap. lids are a pain to get off. first use in my freezer and I’ve already had one break as it slipped out of the freezer the bottom broke into tiny parts,and that was only hand washed, couldn’t imagine putting them in the dish washer! the claim they that they don’t stain, well mine did, and I washed it as soon as I was done with the food, and its still stained no matter how many times I’ve washed them in soap and water.for the price I figured they would’ve lasted a few freezing’s or packing snacks before tossing them, they are a good size for freezing and for using with left overs that don’t take up too much space.otherwise they are just ok and I’d recommend looking for something stronger if you plan to use them more than once.

  3. Jaime and Chad

    Can’t have enough containers for leftovers and gatherings! Recently purchased the 50 pack of food storage containers to hold food in smaller portions for a party that we were having. They washed nicely in the dishwasher, they stack nicely in the fridge and freezer and overall I’m very happy with this purchase! You get a lot of containers for a very fair prices and now I don’t have to worry about running out of storage options for leftovers.

  4. Baron Opal

    These were handy and durable through a couple of washings and heatings in the microwave so far. They didn’t stain from my tomato chili, and haven’t warped, or lost their lid seal. Only 2 cycles in, though, so we’ll see how they hold up longer term. Stack really small (very handy), and the lids stack too (super handy). And at this price, even if I have to replace them after 10 or so uses, not that big of a deal.

  5. MommyDearest

    Love these little boxes, got them yesterday and sent my hubby off to work with them today. I love the way thethe lids and containers stack well in the cabinet and in the fridge. I probably would not put these in the microwave or dish washer; but they work great for veggies fruit and meats. They didn’t leak when I put water in them but they are not super sturdy so I wouldn’t say pack soup in one that’s gonna be bumped around in a lunch box all day. I really bought them though to do meal prep for mine and my husband’s lunches and I think these will be perfect for that. I will test one in the microwave soon and update.

  6. Suzi

    I purchased these to use in my freezer. I ended up using them for all kinds of things. 50 sounds like alot but they were so usefull I had to buy more. The tops stay on in the freezer, but can be removed fairly easily. In the sewing and desk area you can see what’s in them.

  7. Jackie

    These have sure made my life easier! They are great for leftovers and lunches. I have washed mine in the dishwasher several times and they hold up well. I only have one lid with a crack and this is after multiple microwave visits and dishwashing baths with the heat dryer on. I use the same 10 or so and plan to just replace as they become unusable.My friend had these and I liked how her fridge looked so organized so I bought some. Glad I did and I will purchase again and for gifts. There are friend and family that don’t know how better their kitchen life would be with these!

  8. Rivers

    Perfect size for meal prep. They fit well in lunch boxes, and they stack perfectly. Has a really good seal on the lid also.

  9. Amazon Customer

    We are always on the go and I use these for prep. We make extra dinner and instead of putting it away in a big bowl I sort it out in portions. I will freeze it or put it in the fridge for lunch. I will also use it for snacks on the run for the busy nights when we are all going separate directions. Make your own luchables or keto meals. These can go in the microwave and wash up nicely.

  10. C. Carrillo

    I knew we had ordered way too much food for a party, so I got these containers to pass out to guests to bring food home. People really appreciated it and were actually saying they were “nice containers”. I just wanted something that would do the job but the people seemed to appreciate the quality of them as well as the immediate function.

  11. Paul

    These are smaller than they look, about 1/5 the size of a standard shoe box but seal tightly and plastic is not brittle straight from the freezer. I pulled one out of the freezer and ripped it open to test. No cracks and sealed back up fine. great for food or just storing stuff.

  12. Amazon Customer

    These containers do not stain, not even with red sauce. The only downside to them is if you drop them while frozen they tend to splinter.

  13. Roberta W.

    this is a very good price for these high quality containers. I have kids and grandkids here a lot! These are perfect for sending food home with them. I would recommend. I love that they are see through and they do snap tight with the lid. We have run through the dishwasher also.

  14. Robert T.

    I have most of them in the freeze, bought these because I went pull a package of hamburg out and sunk into the shelf before it froze. now I have to take the shelf out and defrost the package of meat with shelf.

  15. Jessica Johnson

    I like these, they are cheap enough that when boyfriend leaves them in car and they turn moldy I have no concern about throwing them away. Not completely leak proof, but a great option if you find yourself not wanting to clean moldy tupperware.

  16. Vincent G.

    Great value. They are smaller than imagined but they work and for so many you can’t complain really. Great if you need to food prep stackable items. Not so much if you’re doing small meals or sandwiches. They won’t fit.

  17. Ted Jan

    Some pretty nice storage containers. The lids stick on pretty tight. Love the fact that they are completely transparent including the lids. Holds a decent amount of food. I primarily use them for snacks and meal prep storage.

  18. CSG

    Work great! The lids kind of warp a little after hand washing, but still clip onto the containers. Would buy again. At this price I don’t feel bad throwing them out if they get too gross.

  19. Amazon Customer

    I like the size, quantity and transparency of containers. But, it’s not easy to take off the lid of container that is placed in freezer. I already broke one lid of 50 lids when I tried to open it after taking out of freezer. Now I am more careful with the storage containers that are in the freezer.

  20. M. Jorgensen

    Containers were what I expected. They are good for storing food but not something I’d feel bad about for throwing it away

  21. Christopher Beaudet

    Huge value for the money and quantity. Durability in freezer has been hit or miss, so I am careful when opening containers out of the freezer.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Not the absolute best quality, the tops crack easily if you aren’t careful taking them off but for the price they’re not bad. Would reorder.

  23. Gilroy girl

    It’s a great product and the perfect size for my meal prepping. The only thing that needs improvement is that when it tips over it leaks. Not good. But overall I love this product. It’s fits nicely in my lunch bag and I still have room for other stuff. Like my water container and other food.

  24. Frank

    Very nice product. Has the look and feel of a take out container. Great product for this price.

  25. N. Subia

    These are a great size for snacks, I also plan to use a couple for storage in my classroom

  26. MichelleG

    Great when you need to prep a lot of meals at one time. Stack great in fridge and for storage.

  27. Phatpacker

    Awesome sauce. Literally. Like, I put some sauce in it and it was awesome.

  28. J. Hughes

    Good size, will work great for putting up (freezing) produce at harvest season.


    Bought for my granddaughter’s new apartment; she loves it.

  30. Joseph

    These are great exactly what I thought they where going to be .

  31. Aimee

    Great container. I use them every day.

  32. MaryP

    These were perfect sized and the lids snapped on tight. You get a LOT of them at a great price!

  33. Amazon Customer

    We use these for our food prep as well as use them for our dog’s prepared meals. They have a great seal and are the prefect size. You couldn’t ask for a better price for good quality containers. I’ve bought these twice already only because we needed more!

  34. Mark A

    The size is just right for our smaller refrigerator. Also like the fact they are clear so you can see what’s in the container. Unfortunately one container has already cracked after only one week of use. Hope this is not normal for the rest of the containers.

  35. M. Haney

    Great product for a great price. Very secure, cleans well, doesn’t hold smells, and holds up in dishwasher. Great size and shape for lunch boxes. I had originally planned on purchasing a different set but am so happy that I went with these. The amount you get for the price is awesome! I highly recommend.

  36. Jeniffer

    For the price they’re really good smaller than what I thought but they work great the lid seals pretty tightly i wouldnt use for liquids tho tried it with soup and had some leakage.

  37. geene

    I thought they would be bigger, but the size is correct and just as described, they are nice and doesn’t feel cheap, especially for the price. I haven’t used them yet, but so far so good.

  38. inez garcia .

    Did not like

  39. Feera

    I was surprised with the price, considering how many of these containers you receive. I can happily say that they are of quality and met my expectations for sure!

  40. Hannes Nose

    Durable product. Will purchase again

  41. Diana J

    Sturdy enough with tight-fitting lids. They stack and store neatly. I’ve purchased this item twice now and have been pleased with each order.

  42. M. Stone

    Nice quality at a great price!

  43. Kirsten

    These worked great for our holiday party to send all the leftovers home with people!

  44. Skyler davis

    They are cool, a bit smaller than I expected but it’s all good!

  45. phylco

    really liked the size, stackablity but it’s hard to open when closed properly and I had two lids tear.

  46. Amazon Customer

    Container fits the bill for me. I like how they stack in storage & in the refrigerator with food in them. Small enough to pack for snacks.

  47. jacob

    I bought way to many. But they are working great and are very durable.

  48. Melanie Haines

    Very good really great Price

  49. Donna

    Better quality then expected. Cant go wrong….great price for alot of pieces.

  50. Miguel M and Lucy M

    Love this product. It really is a portion control. Im looking forward to using theis product to pack a weeks meal to lose weight. Im also looking to storing some of my kids toys

  51. Bmccaa

    Very durable and sturdy, Great for meal prepping and on the go

  52. Jennifer V

    I have used some of these for bringing lunch to work and others for organizing nails and screws in the garage. They work great for both!! I love that there were so many!

  53. Michelle Ketner

    These are perfect size for lunch boxes. We always take leftovers for lunch and at the cost if one goes missing I won’t end up having a heart attack. Lol

  54. lovepeacejazzy

    Exactly what I was looking for at a great cost.

  55. Srivijaya Srinivasa

    I ordered these to provide to-go containers for party guests and everyone loved it.

  56. Greta Claxton Jeffers

    Thought it was thicker

  57. trix

    I use these to meal prep my dogs raw meals. Easy to clean. They aren’t as sturdy as normal tupperware, but I needed a lot and these are a great deal.

  58. En la Calle


  59. leslie

    Great find! I bought these because I have been doing a lot of food prepping. They work great for my lunches and my kids lunches. They wash well in the dishwasher as well.

  60. regina cochran

    Great value and great quality for the price paid

  61. Ashley W.

    Thinking about getting rid of all tupperware and just using these!

  62. Danielle

    Large amount and wash well in the dishwasher.

  63. Junior Academy

    These containers are perfect for our use. We like them very much and would recommend!

  64. Zetsuko Rodriguez Sanay

    Me gustaron el tamaño perfecto para una porción de lunch, el precio muy bueno muy recomendables gracias!

  65. Tessa

    When I opened these I thought they were very well packaged until I took the plastic off to find 10 of them were broken.

  66. Amazon Customer

    Love them, and can be used for multiple things.

  67. Amazon Customer

    These are great for meal prep. And they don’t loose shape in the dishwasher. Perfect!!!

  68. Giovanni Contreras

    There small but nice and great quality

  69. Trisha Dollhausen

    Perfect for work lunch!

  70. Jaimie

    Smaller than I expected but functional