AmazonBasics 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4

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  • 16-piece round dinnerware set; service for 4
  • AB-grade porcelain; BPA-free; lightweight yet durable
  • Elegant white finish to complement existing kitchen décor
  • Safe in your microwave, oven, and freezer as well as dishwasher-safe
  • Includes 4 each: 10.5-inch dinner plate, 7.5-inch dessert plate, 5.5 x 2.75-inch bowl, and 4-inch-tall mug


$30.67 $26.67

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  1. Patrick Rich

    Surprising quality for a very good price. Generally sturdy, but be careful with the rim of the bowls. That is probably the most likely point of breakage in an otherwise sturdy set. And it isn’t a problem unless you become careless as I was and chip one by banging two together.Update Nov. 12: We’ve lost 3 of the four bowls and a cup to edge chipping. The bowls especially taper to a very thin rim and it doesn’t take much of an impact to cause damage. I like the set otherwise, but be VERY careful. As a result I am downgrading my rating to a 3.

  2. Jordyn in Az.

    These are factory seconds at best. They are warped. But I bought them for every day use. Not for special china hutch ware. I wouldn’t buy them again, but I’m not horribly dissapointed either. The price wasn’t bad and it is porcelain. But if you want perfect, these aren’t even close.

  3. Jordan

    Received these in the mail yesterday. I opened them up today and inspected them. The plates and saucers are indeed warped. They’re uneven and don’t sit flush with each other.These are a good starter set I guess. I expected more from Amazon. I try and buy Amazon brand if I can. Typically they have pretty good products that, price wise, equal competition.I’ve uploaded photos for others to view.Edit: I thought about this review and decided I should edit it. I’ve used the dish set several times since I received it. These work flawlessly. The defects do not hinder my ability to use them. The plates work regardless of their ability to sit flush on top of each other. I’m 25, what do I care if my plates are perfect? I make 45K a year and drink fifth’s of whiskey that cost roughly $11. These plates are perfect for me. I’m not entertaining my bosses at my apartment and I’m not bringing my girlfriends parents back to my place to judge my dinnerware.I went ahead and upgraded these 1 star. This set is perfect for college students and those just out of college. It’s even perfect for those of you that are moving in with your better half for the first time. They look nice, cost little, and you’re not going to be terribly upset if he/she takes them if the relationship fails. The same goes for roommates. I think Amazon could do a lot better on these if they marketed this set as made for people in their 20’s.

  4. David White

    This is a set of 16 pieces, all of which are usable and practically sized, including the coffee/tea/beverage cups. While this is absolutely not high quality it is more than expected for $30 or so. The dishes are on the heavier side, not very lightweight brittle. I doubt they are break resistant. While they appear bone white, which they are, I’m not sure they are pure white (almost.) Some dishes will feature some small imperfections, like a small dot here and there, nothing too terrible. Stacking them is where you’ll notice that the large plates are absolutely not perfect and you’ll see that the ends are not perfect by rotating the plates and you’ll notice areas they go slightly up and down. Again, nothing really noticeable or terrible unless you stack them.If you’ve got a dorm room, don’t care too much about having anything more than a minimalist set of reasonable quality dishes that you won’t get embarrassed about for serving casual meals, this makes for a decent set. Hopefully they are safe (supposedly Amazon says they are) and they are made in China.If you’re wondering about branding, on the bottom of each item there is a conspicuous amazon basics logo.

  5. Jana

    It is NOT a melamine/porcelain “BPA-free” hybrid unbreakable dish set. It is PORCELAIN. It is BREAKABLE. The description and where it shows up in search results for “Melamine” or “BPA-free” are both totally misleading. BPA and Melamine are both types of plastics. Further, according to MAYO CLINIC, BPA is “BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastics are often used in containers that store food and beverages, such as water bottles. They may also be used in other consumer goods. Epoxy resins are used to coat the inside of metal products, such as food cans, bottle tops and water supply lines.” Accordingly, BPA is NOT a material used in or on a porcelain dish product, and should not be included in the description of the product. Most frustratingly, this item should NOT show up as an “Amazon Choice” product in search results for melamine dishes. I needed these for RV’ing full time, and if I wanted to take porcelain dishes, I would have taken my own current set of porcelain dishes and not have sought to purchase cost-effective melamine dishware from Amazon. I felt duped for ordering these based on the “BPA-free” description.

  6. mlatta2011

    Overall nice design. Some mild warping on a few plates upon arrival. A few of the coffee mugs have some strange black dots on them that don’t wash off.

  7. Nancy

    I like that the bigger flat plates are the same size as the ones that they were replacing. Larger ones are not necessary especially if they will prevent you from shutting the doors to the cabinet. I did not like that AmazonBasics is printed on the back in bolder, larger print.than my fine china which has a label that is more discreetly written. One plate had a flaw in the glaze, but I decided just to keep it and not report it. I ordered two separate 16 piece sets so it would not weigh as much for me or for the delivery person. I was dismayed to see the delivery person struggling with the very large package upon arrival because they put both boxes in one very large one. Otherwise, I am content with the set.

  8. John

    Nice simple dinnerware. This set has held up very well over the last 4 months even with the occasional drop into the sink. I have even tossed a plate in the oven on low to re-heat food. They clean easily and look nice. The mugs hold an 8oz cup of coffee comfortably, not all the way to the rim. For the price these are a great purchase.The only draw back is they can be a little noisy. Yes, all plates like this are noisy but they are just a little more so when compared to a Fiesta wear plate. Fiesta feels more substantial and denser if you know what I mean. But still great dishes!

  9. Christopher B.

    I searched everywhere to replace my earthenware pfaltzgraff dishes with white porcelain plates and settled on this set. I have been using them for about a month now and not one chip despite going in the dishwasher once or twice a week. I heat up food in the microwave and the plate does not get scalding hot. Yeah, they don’t lay flat when stacked, but that doesn’t bother me since no one looks in my cupboard. They are lightweight (compared to he pfaltzgraff), but have enough weight to them to feel sturdy. I highly recommend these. I was looking for plates that were white, would not chip easily, and would not heat up in the microwave. This set fulfilled all three requirements.

  10. reviewer22

    Wow, I’m a believer. We have broken so many dishes and our last set went from 8 to 3… blame it on the iron farmhouse sink. So we were not inclined to go investment grade with new dishes. I didn’t expect much but wow, these are just as nice as the bullseye big box ones I looked at for twice the price. Worth it and I hope Amazon keeps stocking these since we tend to break plates! I noticed only slight variations like firing spots or slight wave (only upon inspection within inches of your face) but really it wasn’t any different than PB sets I’ve owned in the past for four or five times the price.

  11. BL

    This is a very nice set of dishes. Are they perfect? No – there are a few very tiny bumps in the ceramic. Would I buy them again? Absolutely. We ordered them for casual everyday use. They look fresh and modern. They came efficiently packed with no shipping cracks or chips. Will I cry if one breaks? No – because they were very inexpensive and will be easy to replace if Amazon continues to carry. I like the color – they’re white without being ultra brite. They’ll match any and all placemats and tablecloths of any color or style. Only hint I’ll give as I’ve had some of these Amazon basics before – don’t overcrowd the dishwasher if you’re using the “heavy” cycle – if they’re all touching the rims can chip. Amazon – please make more than just the plates available as standalone purchases – would love to be able to order 4 extra bowls or mugs as they get used more than a few times a day outside of meal time!

  12. Anonymous

    We were concerned when the box arrived damaged but the products were intact. One mug was curiously discolored, it looked like lipstick on the rim. I was pleasantly surprised that when I called to inquire about a replacement the agent did not make us re-box the set to return it. Instead, she had a new set sent out immediately without a hassle. Very impressive.Time will tell how the dishes hold up but I’m cautiously optimistic!

  13. Amazon Customer

    Love these dishes. I had been using just a few dishes for years as I am a single girl living alone. Once I got a dishwasher, it was time to get some more dishes! I love these. I did see that some reviews claim they are “warped”, but I have not had that issue. I guess my only complaint would be that they say AmazonBasics on the bottom, which may reveal my tendency to get things on the cheap, but it doesn’t bother me too much! Who really looks at the bottom of a plate besides the person doing the dishes?

  14. klj

    Overall, I’m very happy with this dinnerware. In terms of value for the money, they’re completely worth it. There are a few issues though. As others have noted, the rims of the plates are warped. This is especially noticeable when the plates are stacked. If I had glass front or open cabinets it would probably drive me nuts after a while. They’re pretty thin and when I bumped a couple bowls together while unpacking, it chipped the edge of one of the bowls. I don’t expect them to be real durable. Even with these flaws, I’d purchase them again. They’re cheap enough that you can just buy another set if they get chipped or broken..

  15. R. Corff

    These look perfect for the rental condo in which they were placed. They also come packaged wonderfully, using cardboard instead of the the styrafoam peanuts, so that was a real “plus”. I was able to reuse the packing to take the other (old) dishes with me and to repurpose them for another use. These are elegant and smooth, and light enough to be just right.

  16. Janet Cann

    I bought these for my Granddaughter and she absolutely loved them. She took out a plate and said “look Dad how big the plates are”. She was so excited and happy. I thought they were very nice for the money. When I ordered them I thought with them being so reasonable that they would not be very nice, but thought well, for her first dishes they should be ok. They are not just ok, but they are GREAT !!! She just got her first apartment and needed everything so I got her the dishes and also the silverware and we were all very pleased with my gifts to her.

  17. C White

    These are some nice dishes. I received them timely and in perfect condition (none broken or chipped). They work great in the microwave and clean-up easily. Not high quality but definitely better than average. Great for everyday use.

  18. Robin Sentell

    They have a nice weight and they look good. Unfortunately, they chip and break extremely easily. A salad plate broke simply by loading it in the dishwasher too tight. And I’m constantly finding chips on the top of the dishes. I have not had dishes that chipped this easily since I was a child. I am disappointed.

  19. Jennifer Diane

    Before I moved in with my last roommate, I got rid of my hand-me-down dish set. I recently moved into my own place and needed a dish set. After looking at full sets at places like Target that averaged around $70 and not being absolutely in love with anything, I took to Amazon. I’m planning to use this white set as a neutral base and add in interesting thrift and Etsy store finds to round out a nice, eclectic dish set. As other reviewers have mentioned the plates are warped. It’s not noticeable when looking at the individual plates, but when you stack them, there isn’t even space between them. Would I like that not to be the case? Yeah. But not enough to pay more when this set is perfectly serviceable for the time being. All of the pieces are a good size and shape. I’ve run them through the dishwasher a few times and haven’t had any problems with further warping or them not coming clean. For anyone who is looking for a decent, cheap set of dishes, I would recommend these.

  20. Carmen Gutierrez

    For the money I have bought these for, they are more than worth it. Despite to comments I’ve read on the reviews, they stack VERY NICELY on top of each other and are pure white. I love the modern and simple look. I would definitely buy these again. They are also very easy to clean.

  21. Roslyn

    Cracks easy.

  22. Shanda Billadeau

    For the price, great set! my children have dumped them into the sink and they have held up. We have only had them for a short while, but I am glad I invested in these. However, these don’t align. When they are stacked you can tell a plate or two isn’t perfect. That doesn’t bother us at all. They feed us just fine.

  23. Roy

    We looked at Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Pottery Barn. Amazon’s Dinnerware set is the best in price and in quality. . The dishware is heavy and does not get chipped in the dishwasher. I was looking at magazines and see that white dishware is in . When I looked at Pottery Barn’s white basic dishware and compared it to Amazon Basic’s I left the store knowing I made the right purchase ~!

  24. Pamela Gilmer

    I ordered a single set of these dishes to see the quality. After determining the dishes would be fine I attempted to order additional sets only to learn additional sets are not available and Amazon does not know if the dishes will ever be available again. I returned the original set.

  25. Cynthia

    A great basic set, nothing was broken but mine was missing 2 of the 4 small plates. I am not sure how to contact costumer service… but I will figure it out and update. Would be 5 stars if it weren’t for the missing plates. I love that the bowls are deep enough to eat soup/cereal. I was afraid they’d be very shallow.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Good price, but some quality issues. On some of the pieces, I found some discoloration (blueish spots) that cannot be removed and some rough edges on the cup rims. But these are dishwasher and microwave safe for a fair price. I’d buy again for every day personal use, but not for company during the holidays, etc.

  27. Lynnie

    This is a simple, lovely set. I wanted a white set and this exceeded my expectations. It was packed well no breakage. They are sturdy and not flimsy. This is a great basic set for a great price. I am thrilled.

  28. CArol E

    This set arrived quickly, well packed, not a single blemish or chip. As other commented, they are much lighter than my previous stoneware, and I can already see the advantages to that characteristic. The mug handles could have been larger/wider. there is only 1 inch of space for fingers, while my other, well used mugs have 1.5 inches of space. However, for the price of the set, and the number of times the mugs will be used, I can live with them for a long time.

  29. Jenn

    These plate don’t feel cheap. They are a bit heavy and feel and look like nice quality

  30. Benzimidazolone

    Purchased 4 sets for a vacation rental home…look great, simple but elegant

  31. pinkpriss

    Dishes are a good weight, and so far have not become discolored in any way from knife marks. As other reviews have stated, the plates are warped slightly when stacked, but not a huge deal at all.

  32. Neeks

    These are awesome, the only thing i dont like bc i think it looks cheap is that it says amazon home on the bottom of the set. regardless they are sturdy and strong material!

  33. SC

    I absolutely LOVE this set! This set is a nice white with a nice weight to it. With 4 young kids, I wanted something that looks nice when we have company over but also was sturdy and not so expensive that I can replace them easily if anything gets broken. The other day my 2 year old tossed the bowl in from below the height of the counter into the sink in to where there were already dishes from this set. Nothing broken! I’ve had these about a month. No issues in the dishwasher, arrived very timely, and you can’t beat the price either.

  34. Jessica Griffith

    When I first ordered, I got the wrong color so that was a little annoying but they brought the replacement immediately. There were also a few small chips but otherwise the product is nice and simple, what I wanted.

  35. SBM

    Nice, white porcelain plates. They’re very lightweight. There were some imperfections in the glaze, but I don’t think you could expect perfection at this price.

  36. TJ

    Love this plates. Very sturdy and don’t scratch too easy. One thing that I don’t like is that it says “Amazon Basics” on the bottom of all the plates. Not cool Amazon!

  37. OK RocknRoller

    I unpacked my new Basics dishes today for a run through dishwasher and they were absolutely flawless! No chips, no warping, no black spots, absolutely perfect! What agreat deal on some truly lovely basic dishes. These dishes far exceeded my expectations!

  38. Andrew Miller

    I’m 19 years old basically living on my own. I joined the United States Air Force July 2016. I’ve been at my first duty station now for a little over 7 months and I just got silverware, dished, pots, pans, etc. I have to say if you’re just looking for dishes, not anything fancy, these work just fine for what you’re going to use them for.

  39. Nick G

    Nice set, although one plate broke very easily (kinda cheap).

  40. Spencer

    Me and my gf love these and the price is unbeatable!