AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle – 1-Liter

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  • Electric water kettle with 1.0-liter capacity and 1500 watts of power for fast results (120V ~60Hz)
  • Cordless design allows for easy filling and serving; power base with 30-inch power cord for flexible placement, plus cord wrap for compact storage
  • Concealed heating element; BPA-free food-contact materials; removable filter for easy cleaning
  • Automatic shutoff with boil-dry protection for safety and peace of mind; water window for precise filling and checking levels at a glance
  • Backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty


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  1. Amazon Customer

    This seemed like a great deal and I like the small size, which is good for a quick cup of tea or pourover at the office. After four months of regular use (about 2-3 times a day) it is starting to become unreliable. Getting it to turn on requires removing and re-seating the kettle a few times, and it sometimes turns off before the full cycle is finished.

  2. Austin Yang

    This kettle seems sturdy and boiled the full capacity of 1 liter of water for me in 5 minutes (to a roaring boil). Thought it would be faster but was satisfied with the speed compared to two other products the “Hamilton Beach 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 40894” which boiled the same 1 liter literally 3 seconds faster but interesting this is that the Hamilton didn’t come to a roaring boil just got hot enough and turned off as most all electric kettles do.Second, i compared to is “Ovente KG83 Series 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle, Black” which took me 10 full minutes to boil 1.5 liters of water which is ridiculous so I didn’t even try with just 1 liter.

  3. Monica D

    Just received today (Thursday, 9/28/17) after ordering on September 25🙂. Cycled water through x 2 as per instruction after set up with no problems. A liter of water boiled fast in less than 3 minutes🙂. Only complaint and the reason why I rated 4 stars is that the kettle gets extremely hot 🔥. It would have been much better if it was double walled stainless steel construction. Thinking about sending it right back and getting a more expensive double walled kettle.

  4. mchannah

    This kettle is great overall. We had a KitchenAid Pro Kettle die on us and we wanted something cheaper to replace it. For the price, this kettle is an excellent value. It takes approximately 4-5 minutes to boil a full kettle of water from room temperature.Pros: Quick boiling (4-5) minutesGreat valueEasy to useSturdy designEasy to CleanCons: The body is not insulated so it gets very hot. Make sure to only grab the kettle by the handle.The lid does not open all the way when pressing the release button. I have to push the lid open further to be able to fill it under a faucet.No temperature adjustment

  5. beautiful cloud

    I received the product as scheduled. After using it once, it stopped working. I had to return it. What a waste of time!

  6. Alejandro

    used to be my favorite thing. now the ring around the central stainless base (if you look closely you see it’s not one piece) has rust spots on it. The opening with the lid makes it incredibly difficult to fit your hand in with some steel wool to scrub the stains off. i already tried for about 2 mins. i dont know if i have the patience. it’s really uncomfortable and awkward to stick your hand inside to scrub properly. “stainless” … smh. i add photo later since many people show shiny photo.

  7. Judicious

    Water boiled in this definitely has a metallic taste. I’m returning it and ordering a better quality glass kettle.

  8. Saltman

    Failed after the 5th. use. But did not pop up,result was all the water boiling out and the steam staining our cherry cabinets. Stay faar away from this product.

  9. Romeyd

    I purchased this for use in a facility where a family member is recuperating. Figured it would save me trips to the coffee shop and pay for itself – rapidly. So far – I’d rate it better than expected. The water boils super fast and when I say HOT – I mean hot. The unit will auto shut off upon reaching the boil and it’s easily seen and heard. Unit is pretty noisy when boiling but that’s a minor issue because it’s really quick. I’ve made tea coffee cocoa and they’re all great steeping fully and without that white foam that appears when water temps are less than ideal.the appearance is clean and simple reminiscent of an old fashioned retro coffee percolator without the perk top. Handle is comfortable and capacity yields plenty. It’s brand new so we will see how it lasts but for the price I’d say once again amazon basics has “delivered the goods”. Loving it!

  10. Lily

    A really easy to use kettle that boils quickly and shuts itself off when the water boils. It has saved me the problem of worrying about whether I remembered to turn the stove off in the mornings when I leave for work. My only caveat would be that it’s tempting to fill this to the top even though the “1.0 L” mark is about 3 inches from the lid – and if you do fill it to the top, you will inevitably spill as (1) the water will boil out of the spout, and (2) it’s impossible to pour from the spout without some leakage when it’s too full.

  11. Ess Bee

    Gets burning hot on the outside – I’ve had plenty of electric kettles and none had this issue. I returned it immediately.

  12. M

    Totally solid kettle for the price. I got it to use temporarily on a very long work trip and it was fine, but for home use, I prefer my more expensive, but more practical Bodum kettle. The key differences:- The AmazonBasics kettle’s minimum fill line is too much water for one cup- As a result of requiring more water, it boils slower- Overall capacity is small- Power cord is short- Kettle is noisy when heating, but the click when it’s ready is too quietThat said, using this kettle is much faster than a stovetop kettle and better than a microwave by far.

  13. S

    After researching the more expensive electric kettles and seeing all-around mixed reviews, I decided to go with this cheap model. The build quality is poor, but I figured that if it lasted a year, it’d be worth it. Unfortunately, after a scant 16 days of use (2-3x per day), the automatic shutoff stopped working, and as there is no whistle, beep, or alarm to notify you when it has reached a rolling boil, it now needs to be babysat so it doesn’t warp and melt the cheap plastic base. Overall, I’m not impressed. Had I used it once a day, presumably it would have failed right outside the return window and I’d be out $19.25. Instead, it’s going back to amazon and I’ll be trying my luck with one of the high-end electric kettles.

  14. anonymous

    We really like this kettle. It was a replacement for our Sunbeam Hot Shot which we thought we could never live without. But the reviews were not good on that product anymore so we purchased this. We like this pot a lot! It takes up only a small space on the counter and heats the water up very fast. The 2 foot cord wraps in a coil and his hidden in the bottom so you pull out only the length you need — no long cords on the counter-top anymore. It is lightweight and pours easily with no spilling or dripping. It also looks very handsome and appears to be more expensive than it is. This is a very good buy.

  15. Darin French

    Great kettle and oh so cheap!!! This kettle is easy to use, very cheap, and very good. I have been using it for about 2 months and it still works like the first time. Has clear indicators for the amount of water you are filling. Gets boiling hot in about 1 minute. The automatic off switch is perfect for mornings so you can do other things while the water boils. Make sure you empty all the remaining water out of the kettle and leave the lid open to let all the steam exit to avoid corrosion or anything. Love this little thing.

  16. Caleb Spindler

    Fantastic kettle! I didn’t have high hopes for this kettle, but it was only $16, so I thought I’d give it a try. Yes, as others have noted, it is quite loud. However, it heats up extremely quickly! It is 1500 Watts, compared to most others that are 1000 to 1200 Watts. In fact, it took 4 minutes, on the dot, to boil 1000ml. The other issue I have is that the button to start is a little funky. Oddly, the kettle has to be in a certain position on the base for the lever to stay down. All that to say, though, I would recommend this kettle.

  17. Leon R.

    We’ve had this for a few weeks and it works great. It holds enough water for my hubby and I to both have a cup. It heats up in just a few minutes (maybe 3) and I love the automatic shut off! It is a bit loud when it’s working, but that’s how I realize when it’s done heating up my water. So far, so good!

  18. Marko DiPollo

    Pros:* Price* Footprint* Boils very fast* Water level window, so you boil just enoughCons:* Needs 2-3 boils first, one with vinegar before using, otherwise water has metallic taste.* Lid isn’t spring loaded, doesn’t return to closed position on its own.* No “ready” buzzer.

  19. Sek2012

    Cute little kettle of good quality steel. Warms water pretty quickly. Cons: It warms up the surface as well, not double walled, can be a hazard if within reach of a kid. It makes loud noise while boiling water but only stays for a minute or so, so not that big of a problem for me. Overall nice, cheap steel kettle that works!

  20. Adam R

    Such a good value! Perfect size for our needs. Really really fast at 1500W! And safe, as it automatically turns off (don’t ask why we needed to replace our old stovetop kettle!)If I HAD to gripe:* My thumb sometimes goes over the handle and touches the hot chassis by the lid.* The water level indicator is awkward to look at if you hold it with your left hand as you fill it.* The lid doesn’t open very far, makes it weird to clean.* It kind of rocks around on the base.* It’s a lot louder than our old gas range kettle.Even so, five stars, and at such a good price! I would be happy to give this as a gift or buy it again if I needed to.

  21. Ahvienda Kotura

    I gave this to my roommate as a gift because she would frequently boil water in a small pot (and then forget about it). I bought this in an effort to avoid burning the house down. She LOVES it and has been using it 2-3 times a day ever since. I’m very impressed by the quality and ease of use and could not be more pleased.

  22. Roberto Jimenez

    My wife loves it, I microwave my water but she doesn’t like lol . So I got this for her and she loves it. I was surprised at how quick it boils water for tea and coffee. I definitely recommend or purchase it as a gift for someone else.

  23. CorradoWest

    After several weeks of testing I am giving this electric kettle 4 stars. This works well for two of us but for a larger family I would recommend a larger size. Heats water fast, like 3.5 minutes fast. I bought it after using one at a vacation rental. Much safer than boiling water on a stove as it will automatically shut off once the water hits the boiling point. The only reason I gave it less than 5 stars is because of the short electric cord that limited where on my counter top I could put it.

  24. Jessica Donat

    My favorite and most used kitchen appliance.Heats quickly, has an auto shutoff once it reaches temp, and doesn’t take up my entire countertop. I really like that I can take the pot off its base andaround the kitchen without having to drag a cord with me or needing a hot glove. I daily heat multiple pots of water for pourover or frech press coffee, miso soup, oatmeal, rice noodles, tea, starting a pot for boiling, hot cleaning water, etc, etc, etc. It has worked like a champ so far. My last electric kettle (built in the 1980, bought from the thriftshop in 2010) lasted for 8+ years, yes it still works, so hopefully this will last just as long.

  25. RDA

    Broke in a week. Seems that the electrical wiring burned itself out

  26. onetwothree

    Easy to use. Do not wash with soap and water after opening. I almost did but stopped with the water running because I didn’t think I should get the electronic base wet. Thank goodness I stopped to read the instructions. All you need to do is boil water in the kettle twice, replacing the water the second time. Then it’s clean! The water heats up super fast. Easy to use. The base doesn’t get the counter hot. Really beats boiling the water in my old teakettle and sweating with the stove’s heat. I love this kettle. The inside bottom is cool too. It’s a very clear mirror.

  27. Amazon Customer

    Owned 1 mo. Love this kettle! My husband and I make tea throughout the day, and this is enough for two large cups without being overly large (so it is energy efficient). No problems with auto shutoff turning back on as some reviews said. No plastic smell or taste to water from the little plastic pieces on the lid. No rust, and we leave water sitting in it between boils and top off when we want a cup. It isn’t fancy… it’s what it says: “basic”. But it looks nice and does what it needs to: boils water (fast).Only drawback… if we drink our first cup too fast and need to refill it quickly, the lid is too hot to touch…and you must touch the lid… it only opens 3/4 of the way with the spring release button, so you have to pull the lid back to fill without spilling. But we chose a smaller model for energy efficiency, so that’s on us. We pop the top and the lid cools off after a minute.

  28. Brook

    I bought it coz its easy to clean. but there is plastic parts inside especially the lid. not sure its BPA Free. coz you know that is where all the steam gets and there is a good chance of the plastic residues in the water as steam is hotter than the water. They failed to put steel in the right spot. you get what you pay for. I am keeping it though coz mine is a temporary use.

  29. Amazon Customer

    Pleasantly surprised with how well this works!I was nervous about buying an electric kettle for such a low price when other products seemed to be in a higher price range. I tried this just because it was Amazons choice and it didn’t dissapoint. It’s quick & quiet although pretty basic with only one button. Once it’s done, it auto shuts off so that the water stops boiling. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for an electric kettle!

  30. Alla

    The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the cord is like 18″ long. I need to use it at the office and all my plugs are deep under the desk so I had to get an extension cord. Other that that the kettle is perfect for the money. And boils super fast. Shuts off when boiled just as it is supposed to do. I only used it a few times so far so I don’t know if it will die on me after extensive use. Hopefully not.

  31. Amazon Customer

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS KETTLE! It is compact, cord stores away, inside is completely enclosed so protected against rust, heats in minutes, shuts inself off – and the kettle comes off the heating base to easily fill and pour. Also the PRICE – it was the least expensive and I received an additional discount as a Prime Member and this was my first AmazonBasics purchase. I will go to AmazonBasics FIRST next time I need an appliance. Thanks!

  32. H

    Leaks from the first usage, returned this in 10 mts of arrival

  33. angel

    I really like it butt…. if you have someone in the house that forgets to put down the lid it will not stop heating and could start a fire my roommate put a burn in the counter top trying to deal with it after not putting down the lid and leaving it alone. still use it love it but if some one in the house has memory problems might not be a good fit

  34. Ana

    This kettle is small and efficient. If you fill to the max line (1 L), it boils in just a couple minutes. Perfect size for two.

  35. The Hawk

    The quality of this product is way above its price point. The downside is that I used to have time after I ground my coffee to prepare my cat’s food. Now I don’t this heats water incredibly fast.

  36. patty rieckenberg

    We use this several times a day. We make Areopress coffees so heat up a little water at a time and don’t need one of those big water heaters on our cupboard. It’s easy to clean up if it gets mineral build up in it. We have kind of hard well water and the cold in the kitchen faucet isn’t softened. Last week I let a little vinegar set in it and it cleaned up like new. The outside finish stays looking great also. We bring it on trips sometimes, it’s so practical.

  37. Jenn B

    This is the first electric kettle I’ve owned; I’ve really enjoyed them when I’ve been in Europe and finally decided to pull the trigger. I spent a lot of time reading reviews making my choice, reading reviews, and this one seemed the best bang for the buck. I’ve had it about a week and so far so good. It boils quickly. I typically boil around .5L, the “minimum”, which takes 2 minutes to come to a full boil that activates the auto-shut off. It starts to bubble at 1.5 minutes. The auto shut-off works like a charm. The on/off lever lights up when the kettle in on and clicks off when the water reaches full boil. The light is large enough to be sign but not large enough to be obnoxious (some of these seem to moonlight as Barbie’s Dream Disco). The handle does not get hot to the touch. There’s also a small black disc on the lid that you can use to close it (if you’re peeking at it before it auto shuts off ) that also does not get hot to the touch. I got this kettle partly because it was smaller, just 1L versus a more typical 1.7L, thinking it would take up less room on my counter. However, I actually think the larger capacity kettles are just taller, not necessarily wider. A friend got me one for a gift (after I had already ordered this one) and even though it’s 1.7 L, it looks to be about the same size. The kettle isn’t large, just not significantly smaller than one with almost twice the capacity. The bottom has a place to wrap excess cord which works well enough. The only real downside to this kettle is that the lid does not open all the way, which makes it difficult to put in water from the faucet and to see how much you’re putting in bc you have to hold the kettle at an awkward angle to fill.

  38. Jenn Lee

    I bought this to bring with me traveling so I can have tea wherever I’m staying and it works great! It boils water very fast and the base doesn’t get too hot. The metal kettle, however, does get pretty hot so be careful not to touch it! I usually rinse it under the faucet and it cools back down quickly so I can pack it back up.

  39. Practical Parent

    Easy to use, easy to clean and heats water quickly. I also love that the kettle is separate from heating plate the plugs into the wall, making it easy to fill the kettle or pour it away from the outlet (the last one I owned, had a plug that went directly from kettle to outlet so it had to be unplugged every time I filled the kettle which was really annoying).

  40. gdj

    This kettle has been in use for the last ten months – and being in a British, tea-addicted household, it sees heavy use!There weren’t many choices for a 1-ltr metal kettle – especially not at this price. A good buy.

  41. Sandra Carlson

    This little kettle is perfect for my needs. It heats quickly and I only need to fill it to the first level. I previously had a larger kettle but only filled it part way and it seemed to take forever to get to a boil. It also pitted very badly on the interior and I couldn’t wash that away. On top of that it cost almost twice as much as this one. I have been using a Tea Forte selection of herbal teas that are delicious and have no caffeine. This is important to me because I like to drink tea in the evening and they don’t interfere with sleep. The tea is available from Amazon.

  42. JumpDivine

    This is my first electric kettle and I had put off purchasing this for so long. I do not regret it. It’s extremely fast in heating up water, and no longer do I have to boil hot water in a pot for tea anymore. Simple and awesome and works well for just one person.

  43. musicandrea

    I bought this for the small size and the fact that it is not plastic. It’s fantastic, and I love that you can lift it right off the base! Cord storage is awesome to keep my counters less cluttered. But keep in mind that, like all kettles, this kettle starts to make boiling noises before the water cones to a complete boil. Check the window to make sure it’s boiling.

  44. Sergi

    Rust on the bottom.

  45. mattcav

    This kettle has fantastic build quality and feels very heavy and solid in your hand. Heats a good quantity of water up in a very short amount of time, making it my go-to for prepping water for tea or for coffee with my french press. The auto-shutoff feature is reliable and convenient.

  46. Nicholle Gulcur

    I don’t have air conditioner and every time I want to make coffee or tea I have to use my gas stove and my house gets even hotter… this electric kettle has been a life saver. Not only does it boil water way faster than the stove top but it doesn’t make my house unbearably hot every time I want coffee or tea. So glad I bought this. Perfect size for my small counter, too.

  47. Squishy

    This kettle works great to make a few cups of tea.The heating is fairly quick and the cleanup is a breeze with the detachable base.I haven’t kept it long enough to rely on the automatic shut-off feature.The plastic water gauge works well for me, and for the price it can’t be beat.

  48. Frances

    Boils a full liter in under 3 minutes. Very clean sophisticated look and it does not take up much space on the counter. So far so great. If anything changes in the wear of the item I will update it here.

  49. STI

    We make a lot of tea around the house, especially when the in laws are over. My wife is always worried she left the gas stove on (but never does). Picked this up for her and we use it all the time. Quick to boil and shuts off on its own. Perfect!

  50. bunny

    I use this for my French Press and to make hot teas. I can not recommend this enough! Already planning on ordering a second one for my office.This electric kettle makes my .5L hot in under a minute so I am not rushing in the morning. I quickly fill it and turn it on while I grind my coffee and it is ready before I need it.