Balichun Mattress Pad Cover Queen Size Pillowtop 300TC Down Alternative Mattress Topper with 8-21-Inch Deep Pocket

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  • ✔ COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: The luxury mattress topper is like a cloud with unbeatable comfort and gentle support; can reduce mold and mildew  with its breathable material
  • ✔ ACCOMPANIED BY SILENCE: Soft and silent protection that doesn’t disrupt your valuable sleep, makes you sleep well all night
  • ✔ HYPOALLERGENIC AND ANTIMICROBIAL: 300TC 100% cotton top with square jacquard, 49 oz Storm Goose Down Alternative filling, 83GSM standing polyester pongee reverse, 130GSM single-track elastic fabric pocket; Extends the life your mattress
  • ✔ EASY TO KEEP IT CLEAN: Machine washable, which adds the convenience of washing and drying easy
  • ✔ TOLERANCE AS A VIRTUE: 18 Inches Deep Pocket, All size fit up to 8″-21″, Queen 60″X80″ FULLY GUARANTEED: Customer satisfaction is our top priority, money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied as long as the products are also brand new and can be sold again, no questions asked!


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  1. Westieheaven

    This wonderful mattress pad has finally made my bed comfortable. I have a Tempurpedic mattress that was supposed to have the cooling gel but actually is very very hot. The nice loft on the mattress pad has made it a pleasant temperature and soft as a cloud. Wish I had bought it sooner!

  2. percy8989

    Mattress pad was not as thick as anticipated. My mattress pad did not have a label on it as to what it is made of or how to launder it? Was going to return it and then decided to try it on top of our older feather bed and it does make it softer- more comfortable. When used alone on top of our mattress there was not as much softness as I was would have liked there to be. This mattress pad for the price is still way better than going to your local linen or mattress stores to buy.Note: Customer Service from this company did e-mail me a copy of the label and what it is made of and how to launder the mattress pad.This company does care about their customers and their reviews and does try to meet their expectations.Would buy products again from this supplier.

  3. c

    This is so comfortable, I absolutely love my bed now. It’s almost like having a pillow top. The pockets are a great feature because the filling stays evenly distributed. My pressure points are almost gone on my bed and it’s like being hugged by a cloud. The elastic fitted part is very long and wraps securely around my mattress. I am totally satisfied with this purchase.

  4. Jake

    Soft and comfortable. I have been looking for a CaliKing mattress cover for my water bed for sometime now. Gave this a try and have not been disappointed. It is about an inch thick. Pros: Good fit, good construction, the backing is not paper mesh like most products, soft, and comfy. Con: It is a little squeaky, this may be do to the vinyl mattress underneath it, I will listen to see if the sounds go away after use and break in.

  5. Tara Carrasco

    I was a bit let down at the fact that this “2 inch” pillow top really isn’t that thick. It did make our bed a bit more soft, but not nearly the feel we wanted. We were trying to make out firm mattress a bit softer but I felt like all it did was feel fluffy if I put my hand weight on it, not my body weight. We also bought the Red Nomad 2-inch Thick Gel Infused Visco Elastic Queen Memory Foam Mattress Pad at the same time but it came 2 days later. Once we got the two together, it’s been nothing but heaven!! So when it says “Mattress Pad Cover Pillowtop”, just know that you’re not going to get much result without the two combined.

  6. C Easlick

    I should’ve read the ratings on this first. After getting it, I saw it was very thin, maybe only half an inch thick. It was sealed with little air in it and I threw it in the dryer to fluff it up. It did some good, but still not even two inches thick. I had ordered it for thickness to help back and side pains while I sleep. It does help me some, but I left the egg shell cushion under it that I previously had. I really didn’t like the misleading advertising and pictures! I expected it to be four inches thick!

  7. Bri Whalen

    IN LOVE! Every time my husband and I stayed at a hotel, their beds were so comfy and I would get such great sleep and I knew it had to me their bed topper because it was so soft like sleeping on a cloud! (Obviously I don’t know that for sure but I assume lol) so I searched and searched and this topper had the best reviews. After reading a LOT of them.. someone mentioned about them sleeping in hotel beds and how amazing it was and that this topper felt just like it. That is where I was SOLD! They were 100% right. I am getting such better sleep and not waking up so often in the middle of the night anymore. HIGHLY recommend!

  8. T. Campbell

    This mattress cover is so soft. It adds little pillows all over your bed. This can make you a bit warm if you suffer from hot flashes. It is a great size and there is plenty of room to tuck it around a pillow top mattress.

  9. W.S, Craig

    I depend on the product reviews to make an informed decision… sadly I have to assume some people who contribute with negativity are NOT informed. The low-star remarks about this product can’t be correct IF they followed instructions. The filled pockets are ample after the suggested wash and the picture isn’t deceptive at all, it’s exactly the product I received. I’ve been sleeping on this for awhile now and it’s just as comfy as day one. I couldn’t be more pleased and HIGHLY recommend it. Also, I like a cool bed and this pad doesn’t add 1 degree to my perceived sleeping temperature. I’m ordering another as a spare, that’s how much I like it!

  10. Epillon

    So I came in highly skeptical since my mattress is already a pillow top and wasn’t sure this was going to make a difference. Well, it most certainly did for the better.Product: came vacuum sealed so you need to fluff it back up. I put mine in the dryer for 15 mins in fluff mode and it came out wonderfully soft. The side skirts are very large and fit nicely even with my regular fit silk sheets over the pad. They make a nice soft feeling and definitely made my nights sleep better for the past 2 days. I typically wake up with back pains so I’ll sleep in my recliner. After getting this, I’ve been sleeping in my bed again and waking up without any back pain! That alone makes the purchase well worth it to me!Overall: nicely manufactured product, does exactly what I was hoping it would do. Not too much, not too little padding, just enough for that balance of firm and soft.NOTE: I saw a lot of complaints saying the padding is flat and hard…since it arrives completely vacuum sealed you must fluff it back up to truly enjoy its benefits. It’s like trying to sleep on an air mattress without any air in it unless you fluff this up.Judgment: excellent value for the price, overall good quality, doesn’t feel like the stitching will come apart in a week and the padding is well put together. It’s helped alleviate my back pain so far so that’s a definite plus from me.1 week update: my back pain returned quickly after the 2nd day. The padding seems to rely on air pockets within the pads so after a few days of sleep the padding feels absolutely flat. I have to take it off, put it in the dryer for 30 mins to fluff it back up then repeat in 2 more days. The quality is still very good, holds up well, no problems with the product other than my own overly hyped expectations.

  11. Amazon Customer

    This is definitely a mattress pad, not a fluffy mattress topper (the name says both). The picture is deceiving. I wanted something thick like the picture shows, but since it wasn’t close I promptly returned it without even sleeping on it. For a regular mattress pad this would be nice but not if you’re looking to add a cloud-like layer to your bed.

  12. Vinnie

    My wife and I both have the adjustable bed that comes with memory foam. After sleeping on memory foam (mf) for over a year I was ready to switch back to regular spring mattress as I found it too hot. Before throwing out a good and expensive mattress, thought I give these covers a try. After sleeping on them for two months, I was amazed on how much it improved my mattress. Not only did it cool it down allowing airflow, but also it added a lot of comfort. It’s the same type of comfort you find in fine hotels. My wife and I both love it. It greatly improved my sleeping.

  13. kayla k.

    The Positive reviews of this mattress pad are likely fake. Buy one at a retail store so you can feel the quality before you buy. This pad is worthless. It’s beyond me why anybody would give it more than 1 star. I was tricked into buy the pad because of the positive reviews.

  14. Scottwestcoast

    This mattress pad is well made and very comfortable. The quilted padding is comfortable although some people may be turned off because your sheets mold to it and the outline shows through. My previous mattress pad was disappointing because the elastic skirt was cheap polymer, not fabric. This mattress pad is all fabric and looks like it will last for years.

  15. Matthew

    The pad is great so far. When I opened it it was vaccine packed so it immediately expanded when I opened it. Very plush and comfy. Unfortunately it isn’t enough to fix the issue I was trying to fix. I bought a mattress that is too firm for my daughter. She is used to memory foam. I knew it was a long shot but I do love this pad. It is thick and nice. I’d like to have it on every mattress I own. Unfortunately it had a couple of small brown stains like something fell on before packing then was vaccume sealed which stained it. I’m gonna use it anyway. It will be covered. I just need to buy a more plush mattress to go with it now. I took one star off for the stain not the quality of the pad because it’s great. Don’t expect it to be a memory foam or bed like topper and change the complete feel of your mattress. It just ads an extra layer of comfort. I cannot speak for durability and cleaning yet.

  16. William Harper

    I received my mattress pad cover on yesterday and when I put in over my mattress and later that night when to bed; it was as though I was in heaven. I had the best night sleep that I had ever had in years. I slept so hard that I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night with back aches or leg cramp. This mattress is like a miracle; It is the best thing to ever hit the market. I woke up refresh, energetic and full of life and that has not happen in a very, very long time. Thank you for this product, you have changed my life.

  17. Erin

    This is not a topper at all, just a decent mattress pad. If I’d paid full price I’d give it one star and definitely send it back, but with the Prime Day sale for a king size, it was an OK deal. Maybe the other 5-star reviewers have never used a mattress pad before? That’s the only thing I can think of that would explain why they are so impressed with this. There’s nothing wrong with it, it fits well and seems like it will hold up to washing and normal use, but it’s nothing miraculous.

  18. Mikael Olson

    Very nice, seems really well made and high quality, and adds a lot of extra comfort to my mattress. The softness is uniform throughout the pad, no bunching anywhere. So far I love it!

  19. Linda Stanfill

    This was a Christmas present for my daughter this year. She had bought a new mattress but wanted it a little softer. It arrived packed very well. I hoped it would be soft but had no way of knowing buying it online. She has put it on her bed and loves it. She is hard to please when it comes to a mattress. This mattresses pad is perfect and soft. It fit the bed true to size. She is very happy with it. It seems to be made very well.

  20. Nicole T.

    When I opened the package I was very excited. It was thick and plush (a lot of cushion!) When we tried to use it, it was too small. I was so disappointed. My mattress is not oversized or or pillow top so I didn’t understand. Maybe a full was in a queen size bag. Oh well. I returned it. The company does provide excellent customer service.

  21. Deb Reese

    This is the second mattress topper and pad I have bought in 6 weeks. I still haven’t gotten it right!! I am frustrated and going to have to take a loan out at the bank if I can’t find something to sink my arthritis bones into at night. Just bought a new mattress designed for side sleepers. It’s too firm. Bought an expensive gel pad, nice, cool, no smell, not soft enough. Bought this pad, it’s like every other bed pad you can buy at Walmart, Kmart, etc.

  22. Pinklefairy

    Shopped around a LOT for a replacement mattress pad for the fiance. His was quite ratty and many, many years old. We got this and it’s amazing. It turned his super old teenage years mattress into a fluffy pillow top. He sweats a lot during sleep and this doesn’t make it worse! I’m actually super jealous when I visit, it’s so soft now.If you’re having a hard time choosing a mattress pad, honestly buy this one. I wish I could express how sincere I am! I shopped around so much and am extremely picky. The pictures people have posted do it justice. It adds a very nice cushion between the mattress and top. If you have a poor quality mattress this *will* improve it.A+

  23. Cary

    I almost didn’t order this mattress pad cover because of the obvious bogus reviews here (most referencing this pad making you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud – good grief!). BUT I am glad I trusted my instincts that going with 100% cotton would solve the problem I was looking to solve – too much heat from my new temperpedic foam mattress (yeah yeah, don’t buy the hype that the new ones don’t have heat issues!). This is a mattress pad, a covering to protect the mattress. It is not going to make your mattress softer – get a mattress topper if that is your goal. But if like me you were simply looking to protect your mattress AND eliminate heat from it I would highly recommend this one, It sleeps cool and crisp and makes my bed feel just a little more luxurious. We are now going to order a second one for another bed in our home.

  24. Garrett Rea

    We bought a firm mattress that turned out to be just a little bit too firm. This pad totally transformed the bed, making it as nice as a pillow top mattress.It is vacuum packed when you receive it, and seems very flat when you open it. Be sure to wash it and dry it before use that makes the pad fluff up. This may be the problem among the few that are complaining about it being flat?

  25. enigmall

    I’ve been using this mattress cover for almost a week. It came as a small package and once you take it out from the bag it becomes fluffy and soft. The material feels nice. As it’s getting cooler this thick mattress pad provides some extra warmth. I know it’s not real feather and that’s what I want, because real down sometimes makes me sneeze. The only con is that it doesn’t come with a storage bag so in the summer when I’m not using it I’ll need to find a bag to store it.

  26. YuGiWo

    I was on the fence about getting one of these pillow top mattress toppers… I am definitely glad that I settled on this one! I was not sure which to get since there were so many choices; however, looking at the pictures of the stitching on the filling I decided to give this one a try… and what a pleasant surprise it was!I had aches and pains in my lower back and my mattress was killing my back at this point. I was in pain on a daily basis and needed to find a solution or just start looking into a new mattress. This was a very nice alternative to purchasing an expensive new mattress. I has literally given life to my firm mattress and I no longer wake up every morning in extreme pain and discomfort.This pillow top mattress topper arrive vacuum sealed. When I popped it open, I was extremely pleased that it looked exactly like the pictures. I let it sit out for some time so that It may refluff and then came time to slip it on the mattress. The best part about this topper is that it fits like a sheet on the bed so it will not shift around at all. Then you put on your bed sheet as normal right on top on it.Now of course the best part… when you first lay on it… it feels like a soft cloud. I have not experienced comfort like this in a very long time. It feels so luxurious!!! Honestly it is so comfortable that I don’t want top even get of bed! I am extremely happy that I settled on this topper!All this being said… If you are on the fence about purchasing a topper for your mattress, DO NOT HESITATE ANY LONGER! You will be extremely pleased with the luxurious quality of this mattress topper! I tell all my friends and family about this topper all the time since it was such a gem of a find! I would definitely love to own another!

  27. Jon

    If you are looking to get away from your firm mattress, this pillow top is not thick enough to make any difference alone. We have a Tuft & Needle that we decided is too firm. This topper feels good but will barely be noticeable if you’re trying to go from firm to soft. We’ve since added another zipper-top topper AND put a comforter inside that topper. Only now are we starting to reduce the firmness.


    stunningly perfect. I have all the beds done over with the gray version ( better IMO) and picked up a couple extra for air mattress during camping. This is perfect to use with the LUCID memory foam pads under and this will UPGRADE any mattress, set. Whne used for camping this is a must, turns that “plasticky” feeling into a real bed feel, use an old fitted sheet under, then the pad, and then the next fitted sheet and make up bed as usual, for camping, or pokey sofa beds. PERFECT MUST BUY.

  29. Amazon Customer

    Thin, too expensive

  30. Vu Duy Thanh

    Very good quality. I was wondering how to protect the mattress if I unintentional drop some food on it. The sheet won’t never enough to cover it, especially drinks. And in facts i did drop the chili sauce today but luckily I ordered this product 2 weeks ago to protect it. Thanks Balichun, without you, i may have to buy a new mattress

  31. trishsnumber1

    Absolutely love this deep pocket quilted mattress pad pillow top cover. I bought a gel foam pad and wanted something that was breathable but also would keep it in place, This works perfectly and tucks in nicely with my deep pocket sheets. Highly Recommend.

  32. Luke’s Momma

    Since the grey version was half the price of the white we bought it, more in our budget. Truly delighted with the thickness and comfort of the top, plus the sides are not flimsy as is the case with many bed pads. Our last one tore everywhere along the sides. For my back I need a very firm mattress, my husband likes things softer, so this is happy compromise. Also, the dark grey does not show through the sheets so for us grey works just as well as white.

  33. Ricardee Pearson

    This pillow top is so comfortable that you literally do not move all night. Which is a problem when you have a husband that snores. He will roll over flat on his back and stay like that for 8 hours. This feels amazing. Please buy, please set multiple alarms.

  34. BMF91

    Very impressive mattress topper. This item is truly a pillow top (see pic for thickness). The thread count didn’t really matter for us as the item will be topped off with a fitted bed sheet anyways. However, the thread count on this item is truly as advertised. Its soft and fluffy. At the time of purchase, I expected a better than Target (but less than Bed Bath Beyond Product) but I was taken away by its quality. I think this would qualify for one of those products that I would easily pay over $100 at Macys Home or any high end department store. The comfort level definitely rivals one of those 5 star vegas hotel beds.I have this item fitted over a memory foam mattress for extra comfort as I have back issues and would like to have a pillowed cushion effect to ease my nerve endings. I’ve been on this thing for two nights now and I’m definitely very satisfied with my purchase. At $59 bucks, the value is definitely there. If you ever get to read this review, I hope my review can be a deciding factor towards your purchase.

  35. Eleanor

    As a $179 mattress pad I would have to say way too thin. However, as a $39 matress pad better than expected quality. I purchased my first memory foam matress last month and I’m missing the feel of my old pillow top mattress. I also want to protect an expensive mattress. This does the job. It gives my bed a nice pillowy feel. I researched many department stores and prices ranged from $49 to $69 for the same full size product. So, it’s also a good deal.

  36. MeganPatricia

    I wish I hadn’t bought this mattress topper. Once I got it out of the packaging and tried it on my bed it was impossible to get back in a package and return. Hopefully my review can help someone else avoid my mistake. I don’t feel like it makes any noticeable difference in the loftiness or softness of my bed. It even seems to be less comfortable because the fill is not breathable so it’s kind of damp feeling to sleep on (hard to explain that one but I guess moisture is trapped by it?) Theres gotta be something else out there that truly feels like a pillow-top to a mattress. Guess I would have had to spend more but at least it wouldn’t have been a waste.

  37. Afshin

    I haven’t actually used it yet but the reason for the 2 star is the misleading picture. It shows the pad as much more thick and plush that it actually is. In reality this is as thick (or maybe even less thick) than a comforter, so it’d be as if you use a second comforter as a pad, the only thing is because of its attached pocket, it’s not gonna move. If it was not because of the picture, I would’ve bought a nice brand, which would also be cheaper from TJ Maxx or Costco.

  38. Dkkirkkand

    This pad is sooo nice. It makes our bed just perfectly soft. We have a new king bed in our RV and was looking for something to help keep the sheets on a little better because the mattress is a little less thick than normal beds This does the trick and made a good sleeping matress feel fantastic. I have even recommended it to family. I read the reviews and they were right. Will continue to recommend to others.

  39. mike miller

    I spent a long time looking for the perfect mattress pad cover and I found it with this cover. It is much nicer and plusher than these pictures depict. Lots of extra room to cover even the thickest of mattresses. Ours is 17″ deep and I had at least 5 inches to spare.

  40. Micah

    Very impressed with this mattress pad. We have a split king with 14” memory foam mattress. Our mattress is a little firmer than I like, but perfect for hubby. I bought this cover in Twin XL for my side of the bed and his side still has the flat cover on it. I’ve posted some side by side pictures so you can see the difference. The cover stays put and fits onto my deep mattress very well. I’m sleeping SO good. I also bought one for our queen bed in one of our spare bedrooms. Hoping our housesitter loves it as much as I do!

  41. Eli

    I can’t believe how wonderful this fitted sheet is!! I may buy another one in the future. Really wish it came in more colors… I want a Black one!!

  42. Diane S

    Was sleeping on a friend’s hard mattress for a visit and it was killing my back—until I put this little gem on top. Very nice amount of padding and totally did the trick.

  43. Vanessa

    Evenly distributed. Made our oatmeal hammock mattress more bearable till we were able to replace it. If it was placed onto a decent mattress. I believe it would make all the difference. Since ours already sucked to begin with. It just made it easier to sleep through the night and less painful in the morning. It helped to where some nights I was actually able to sleep the entire night. Which is nearly impossible in our mattress.

  44. Shihong Li

    I brought the king size pad, it is Very comfortable materials, thick enough and soft, the pad is about 2/3 inch thick. True size, fits my king size bed perfectly. The quilted style is very good looking, I don’t even have to put an additional bedding decorations. Love it.

  45. Amazon Customer

    It is good enough (I had it to cover memory foam topper). The size is slightly less then Queen size – I estimate it appr. as 79×59 because it is 1 inch less than my mattress.The the skirt is too loose for my mattress plus 2.5 inches topper (may be will be better for thicker mattresses).It does not slip off on top of memory foam topper and under fitted sheet as I use it.

  46. N2230

    This mattress pad cover is actually as luxurious as the photo shows. The quality and comfort is a great improvement on all of the other pads I have used in the past. The company, BaliChun, is highly professional and customer service oriented. This is the second product I have purchased from them and will continue to use them in the future.

  47. Jennifer V.

    It doesn’t look very thick or plush coming out of the packaging, but my old, too-firm mattress is SO much more comfortable with the mattress pad. I can really feel a difference.I have occasional back pain, and if I go to bed with pain, I know I will wake up much worse, agonizing to just sit up and get out of bed. Unless I take a heavy dose of naproxen.Well.Last night was my first time sleeping on the mattress pad. I happened to be in a LOT of pain, and couldn’t take naproxen. I was prepared to wake up this morning in agony, but I actually feel better! I was able to get up quite easily.I have slept on pillow top mattresses before, and I don’t think the mattress pad is quite that thick, but I can definitely feel a difference just lying on it. I sleep better than I would otherwise, and it greatly lessened my back pain.

  48. Ron West

    Was expecting more cushion. For the price.

  49. tlh designs

    This is so nice. We are finally enjoying our bed. We added the LUCID 3″ Lavender infused memory foam mattress topper and it’s like having a new mattress for a portion of the cost. Very happy

  50. Regular Guy

    If you are looking for a pillow top mattress pad, choose another product. It comes force-packed into a small box and even after a good wash and fluff hasn’t come close to looking like the photo in the ad. It’s well made but you can buy a higher quality and less expensive item at a retailer like TJ Maxx.

  51. Amazon Customer

    I was so excited about this cover since the reviews maintained it had a cloud like softness to it, and I was impressed with how fluffy it was. Once I washed it tho i noticed small bits of fuzz were covering the top side of it. Not a huge deal, it came out of the dryer even fluffier than when it arrived but I wonder how it will hold up after a few washes?

  52. Carl Vidal

    The pad fits our california king just fine. However it does slightly shift below you with slight movement which is annoying. MY sleep has improved, and the aches in my back are less frequent. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now.I’d give 5 stars except for the shift.

  53. M. Reischman

    This pad is literally the best matress pad I have ever used. It stay fluffy, giving the mattress a softer top. The elastic skirt envelopes the mattress good enough that the pad stays in place. When I’ve used other pads, they move under my weight. Every couple of days, I need to straighten the pad under the sheets. Not with this pad.I was so impressed with this pad that I purchased a 2nd pad for my son. I didn’t want him to search for a quality pad like I had to. I went through standard pads that weren’t soft, gel pads, etc. Now that I’ve discovered this pad, I won’t use any other!

  54. Kindle Customer

    I have been using this for a couple of weeks now. I was hesitant at first. I hated to spend that kind of money to find out I wouldn’t like it. Surprise! It is so worth the price. I love this mattress cover. I sleep better than I have in a long time. It is fluffy and comfortable. I sleep all night long and wake up refreshed. I would recommend this mattress cover to anyone.

  55. Clarissa

    I recently got a memory foam bed and it was a little flat when laying on it. I found it was great for sleep but hard to fall asleep on because it was so unlike the beds I’ve been sleeping on my whole life. This topper is perfect because it added that fluff and regular bed texture I’ve been so used to! It fits around my Queen sized bed perfectly, doesn’t shift, and is silent.

  56. Brian N.

    I received this cover and tried it on our guest room bed and it fit well and gave the feeling of a pillow top mattress. It has more than enough material on the sides to grip on to deeper mattresses. Very comfortable. The package it comes in is vacuum packed to the max! After opening it really puffs up.

  57. Amazon Customer

    Fits good and doesn’t slip or move around. Good, solid materiel and construction. Oh, and it makes things more cumfy!! I would purchase this again and recommend it to all!!

  58. MylesD

    Seriously surprised what a difference n comfort this makes to an average mattress. Large enough to fit thick matress and very very fluffy but also substantial. Tried the one claiming to be used by Marriott, It ripped in a week. BUY THIS

  59. Dawn B.

    Wonderful pillow top! Gives the bed the extra plush that it needs. Highly recommend this pillow top if your searching for a fluffy top. I ordered a different one before & it was more of a mattress cover then a pillow top. This one is a good pillow top.

  60. Kaliza07

    Soon as my topper was delivered I put it on top my mattress to rest a moment and ended up falling asleep. It was just soooo comfortable…. Don’t understand why this topper has some negative reviews. Mine definitely wasn’t flat. Get yours soon for sweet dreams.

  61. DramaboysMom

    This product was so comfortable and fit the mattresses so well ( we combined our split king, finally) that we slept like we did in our full sized king. It is fluffy and still allowed the benefits of our sleep number. Highly recommended.

  62. Kathy Beckett

    Just received this queen size pillowtop mattress pad. Not sure if I am going to like the quality of this product as yet. Some of the necessary stitching on the elastic was not attached to the fabric. I won’t be sending this back as I need it to work for guests who are coming tomorrow. I must say I am rather disappointed.

  63. Victor BlZ

    I was thinking about buying myself a mattress cover for a long time and finally ended up with this one. It can fit my queen size mattress very well. It is very soft and thick and I can not even feel my mattress. I would say it improves my sleep a lot. Love this pad cover!

  64. Susan E. Newell

    This mattress cover is heavenly. It adds just a small amount of “proof” under the bottom sheet. Don’t settle for cheapies (I did for years)! A few extra bucks and you have a real improvement to your sleeping set-up.

  65. Lucy

    The quality of this mattress cover is much better than the last one I bought. It is much thicker and softer. My AirBnb customer love this cover. This one feels much more stable like the padding on the inside doesn’t move around. I really like this cover.

  66. Liberal

    We absolutely love this pad. I didn’t tell him I ordered it and when we went to bed that night he thought I had ordered a new mattress… Lol It is so comfortable and fits our king mattress perfectly. We definitely would buy this again. Best nights sleep ever.

  67. Not a big shopper

    we were looking for something a little more comfortable for our Temperpedic mattress. (the one they provide is cheaply made). This fits the bill. Love the pillows of softness. After a few months of use, those pillows are still soft and puffy. Fits nicely and doesn’t move around at night. Worth the price.

  68. Jeff Culp

    I was pleasantly shocked when I pulled it out of the box. The pad fix perfectly on our bed. The quality was exactly what I was wanting. The small squares so the padding stays in place. My husband wanted a firmer mattress but I couldn’t sleep on it. It was like a brick. This saved me!!

  69. tarheel

    1.sheets go on easily due to fine quality of the pad fabric which is soft and smooth2. tight straight stitches for the quilting.3. side panels are strong fabric which should wear well when tucked to fit.4. comfortable for sleeping5. launders well on gentle setting and low heat in dryer. stays plumpif you want a fluffier mattress pad, maybe you should be looking at mattress toppers. best mattress pad for the money i spent.

  70. evegaji

    I was really suprised by the thickness of this mattress cover! I have a 4 inch memory foam on top of my matress, and this covers both my mattress and memory foam topper. Great product, worth the money too!