Bedsure Mattress Pad Twin XL/Twin Extra Long Size Hypoallergenic – Antibacterial, Breathable – Ultra Soft Quilted Mattress Protector, Fitted Sheet Mattress Cover White

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  • Microfiber
  • MATTRESS PAD BENEFITS: Bedsure Mattress Pad provides enhanced protection from wear and tear to extend the longevity of your mattress – Hypoallergenic & antibacterial mattress pads ensure yourself sleeping better and reduce the risk of allergic reaction for your children and parents – Shield your mattress as a barrier from dust mites and other allergens (molds, dead skin cells, etc.) to protect and make your mattress a healthier place to sleep.
  • BREATHABLE & SOFT FABRIC: Adopt innovative engineering process to provide efficient airflow and create a more comfortable sleep environment by filling the soft & breathable fabric – Adding an extra layer of cushiony polyester with a real touch of luxury for your sleep to help improve your sleep quality all night long – Unique compositions of non waterproof soft mattress pad reduce the unwanted noise and movement to disturb your sleep at night.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Deep pocket design in mattress pad 39″ x 80″ twin XL size effortlessly grips any mattress up to 18″ and gives a smooth appearance once you applied – Fully-elasticized fitted sheet style easily pulls in the border to ensure a great fit and stretch – Constructed with beautiful quilted polygon and stream pattern style to prevent shifting during your sweet dream – Applying three-zone body comfort design to achieve the ultimate restful and cozy sleep experience.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL SELECTION: Utilizes 100% microfiber polyester fabric for years to come and support mattress pads stretchability and durability better than other materials like Egyptian cotton – Mattress protector is NOT tend to bunch with time like cotton which has little elasticity or loft return – Retain shape longer than cotton and spring back well after washing – Quick drying and wrinkle resistant features to help save your time and your electric bill.
  • WHAT YOU CAN GET: Mattress pads are available in Twin 39″ x 75″, Twin XL /Twin Extra Long 39″ x 80″, Full 54″ x 75″, Queen 60″ x 80″, King 78″ x 80″ and California King 72″ x 84″ – Veritable BEDSURE Trademarked Products – In Business since 1979 – BEDSURE guarantees to provide 1-Month return and replacement service & life-time free customer service – We want our customers to be 100% happy and satisfied – You can always come to us for any product issue and product care at our Amazon store.


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Since 1979, Bedsure has taken pride in indulgent simplicity with inspired details and has offered premium bedding solutions to bring more sophistication and warmth for millions of people all over the world. And even more importantly, we set our mission to not only deliver the softest, coziest, and most comfortable on the market, but to also build your dream home “more than comfort”!
BEDSURE Mattress Pads applies three-zone body comfort design to achieve the ultimate restful and personal dreamy sleep experience. Bedsure mattress pad adopts innovative quilted polygon and stream pattern to provide efficient airflow to individualize a more comfortable sleep environment. Add an extra layer of comfort and soft fabric to help improve your sleep quality and reduce the unwanted noise & movement from your partner to disturb your sweet dream. Shield a protective cover on your mattress as a barrier to protect you against from dust mites and other allergens with enhanced safety. Convenient usage ensures to preserve, remove and wash easier than the mattress itself. Hypoallergenic and antibacteria mattress protector safeguard your whole family to reduce the risk of allergic reaction and ensure your mattress a healthier place to sleep.
Protector deep pocket design grips your mattress effortlessly and presents a smooth appearance
Beautiful quilted polygon and stream pattern style to prevent shifting during your sweet dream
Fully-elasticized fitted sheet design pulls in the border of mattress easily to ensure a great fit and stretch
Mattress pads utilize 100% Microfiber Polyester to support better stretchability and durability than other material like Egyptian cotton for enduring comfort.

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  1. JLbeauTop Contributor: Pets

    I bought this mattress cover/pad for our guest room bed as the mattress there is a little on the firmer side. For the price I feel like you are getting what you pay for. It’s a good mattress cover (I would say cover rather than pad just because it’s not as thick as a mattress pad in my opinion) it serves its purpose and adds a little extra comfort to the firm mattress. The cover fits over the 10″ mattress with no problems. There is more than enough material left over to cover much thicker mattresses, but material tucks under neatly if you have a thinner mattress. The only downside in my opinion is that the top layer feels kind of plasticky almost diaper material. It makes a slight crinkly sound when laying down on it and turning, nothing too distracting. I would think over time this slightly plasticky top layer will soften up a bit. All in all, I’m happy with the purchase as it does make the mattress feel less firm and a little more plush and the price is really good.**update** I mentioned the texture & feel of the top layer to be slighly plasticky (diaper-ish material) however after just a few weeks there is no crinkly sound at all and we’ve had a few family members over who slept on the guest bed in the past month and they all commented on how comfortable the bed was! So if I could change my review to 4.5 I would, still very happy with the purchase!

  2. LGC

    I purchased two of these mattress covers for a king adjustable bed. I followed the enclosed instructions to wash before use and they came out perfect. They are well made, the elastic around the corners is strong and the corners themselves fit the mattress perfectly and hold well.The lining has a gel feel to them, we sleep cool on them; they seem to add an extra padding to the mattress top and we sleep very comfortably on them. I do not hesitate in recommending these mattress pads.

  3. Raven

    I was QUITE pleased when I opened this and looked it over! Then getting it on the bed and sleeping on it was great! It actually did improve the comfort level of my bed. I had a really lousy pad previously and this one is soft enough to feel the difference. Seems to be of quality materials and the construction is tight and precise! Nice item…ultra fast shipment on Prime. Very pleased. Will look for more by this company.

  4. Dorothy U

    Good purchase for our new RV, holds to mattress well, even when mattress is lifted up at hinge to get items stored underneath. Nice bit of extra padding, doesn’t reflect heat, which is great now it’s July in Oklahoma

  5. JJW

    I am only giving this 4 stars because I was looking for a mattress topper to provide comfort – thought it was going to have more “fill”. It was pretty thin for what I was expecting based on the reviews. It serves a duel purpose, it also has a protective barrier for your mattress. When you move around you can hear/feel it. It sounds & feels like a mattress protector, like you are sleeping on plastic. No big deal, but I did not buy this for the mattress protection, I bought it to add some more comfort to my mattress. If you are looking for mattress protection combined with a little bit of comfort this would be perfect for you.

  6. KMidcap

    This turned an old mattress into something comfortable again!! I actually had just purchased a new mattress online and this came first so I put it on our old mattress and I swear I had the best nights sleep I had in a long time!! I got both the queen for my sons bed and the king for our bed. It adds just enough for comfort and not too much where it feels squishy. Fit the mattress well. Overall great purchase!

  7. Jenschlom

    I ordernon Amazon all the time and only write reviews when I feel a product is either AMAZING or completely FALSE advertisement! In the case, unfortunately the latter is true! The product description and positive reviews are so inaccurate!! This mattress pad is SUPER thin, maybe about 1/4” of fluff (if that’s what you want to call it) and it has a plastic sound, like the waterproof mattress you buy for a babies crib! AWFUL..going back ASAP!!

  8. Love Firefly

    I absolutely LOVE It. I have a double pillow top mattress and this us just wonderful. The pad itself actually extends all the way to the ends and over for a nice change. It is actually cooler than my old one. Yet if I a cold I still have that warmth that it gives where I need it. May get another one for a spare.

  9. Pred

    This product is very well made. It was packaged nicely and felt nice and full when I pulled it out of the package. It fit my deep mattress great, with a little wiggle room. I would buy this again. The price is right and quality is great

  10. Lisa Marsha’

    Back story: I lost my home in the October 2016 flooding in South Carolina. Friends, family and co workers stepped in and helped me refurbish my new home. A co worker gave me a gently used mattress with a gently used mattress pad. I was happy to have both! A year later I felt it was time to replace the gifted pad. I saw this one on Amazon and read the reviews. The price was right so I bought it. Just opened and put on my mattress, It fits like it was made for my mattress! I can’t wait to sleep in it tonight knowing it will offer protection and comfort. Consider me extremely pleased.

  11. Teo Rains

    This thing is great. Super cushy and comfortable (like an inch of fluff) but still breathable and safe for toddlers… who sometimes enjoy shoving their faces into the mattress to scream during a tantrum or meltdown. It fits a shallow (4in) mattress without being loose and it also fits an 8in mattress without being too snug to put on easily. Great elasticity. I am super happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone. But especially for moms of toddlers who have mattress-hugging crying fits.Just make sure you read the care instructions carefully. Follow them and you’ll be a happy camper.

  12. KN

    Cheap, and thin, with no loft at all. If it wasnt vacuum sealed for delivery, and such a hassle, I would have sent it back. The surface material is crinkly like paper. It does not feel like fabric. I tossed it out rather than put it on our bed. Hugely disappointed and can’t understand the positive reviews.

  13. Barbie

    Got this yesterday. Its my 13″ mattress perfectly (due to stretchy side – would fit larger I’m sure). It feels wonderful! Just the right amount of thickness to protect the mattress. I have not washed it yet so I’m not able to comment on that fact. Really glad I bought this pad.

  14. QuiltergirlTop Contributor: Quilting

    So glad that I bought this. Very few things fit my bed well because I not only have a pillow top mattress, but a 4″ memory foam pad on top. This fit it like it was made for my bed. I didn’t have to stretch and stretch it to get it to go down over the corners and under the edge. It feels so soft. I love the way it fits and the way it looks.

  15. Karen

    Bought this for a college dorm bed & had it shipped directly to the school. When we opened it to put on the bed I was extremely disappointed!! It is super thin (NOT plush or overfilled)…actually thinner than a standard mattress pad. Worse yet, the fabric feels like the paper gowns you wear at the doctors office! If I had opened it at home it would have been returned!! Unfortunately, my daughter will have to suffer with it until I can ship her a better replacement. Waste of money.

  16. KHJackson

    We’ve waited to write a review to give this a good test. We’ve had this mattress pad for about 6 months and it has held up wonderfully. We were originally looking for something thicker but couldn’t get anything to ship to us (we are living overseas and some things don’t ship). This was the next option and it is wonderful. We washed it upon arrival and it didn’t get deformed from the washer or dryer. We were skeptical that the thin padding wouldn’t be enough comfort for us but we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of comfort it offers us. It is soft and breathable and makes our mattress much more comfortable to sleep on. We’ve washed it a few more times and it still holds it’s shape. We recommend this product and are considering purchasing another for our guest bed!

  17. Ana T.

    I thought this would be more padded, its not. Adds a nice thin layer of extra padding but not worth it in my opinion.

  18. BEB

    I read the reviews. I ordered it. It never came out of the plastic sleeve. I have returned it. This is a poor excuse for a mattress pad. It is slick and thin. I am sure it will sleep hot.

  19. Jeff Miller

    Top of mattress cover is made out of a material that is like paper.

  20. RG

    This mattress pad by Bedsure is simply amazing. I bought a Twin XL and it fit my Twin XL mattress like a glove. Honestly, when I purchased the mattress pad, I was not expecting a super luxurious and soft item. I assumed that since the price was so affordable the product would not be that great. But I was proven wrong. After putting on my new mattress pad, my bed has become so much nicer to sleep in, and I no longer wake up sore in the morning. Everyone who has a mattress that they are not satisfied with HAS to buy this product. It is also very affordable considering how much utility it provides.

  21. Evanz30

    First of all, the 60% off in the photo…. is just part of the photo. There’s no discount and the product is not even worth what I paid. The product is so thin, it feels like I put a polyester t-shirt on my bed. There’s barely any filling, at all. There’s definitely nothing over stuffed about it. The box it came in was thinner than my memory foam topper.It looks nice and has a deep enough pocket to fit my mattress with memory foam. Hence the second star but it’s a total waste of money. Those 5 stars ratings are not to be trusted or believed.

  22. MiSt

    Is holding up well under my weight (adult male 170lbs) where the original mattress I got from Sears quickly developed a sag. Is very easy to install as it arrives in a clever vacuum-sealed roll that is much less cumbersome than when fully expanded. Just lay on top of the bed frame and carefully break the plastic seal – the mattress unrolls and regains its full size very quickly. You’d never know it was previously rolled up into a tube.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Have had this for little over a year…washed a few times….had to wash again last night (son threw up on my bed) and now there are holes in the sides that would hug the bed. Dried on lowest setting. Did enjoy the comfort for the first year.

  24. teacher4life

    Split at seams after one wash

  25. SoJo Mama

    My pillow top king matress measures 17-18 inches deep but typically I have to buy sheets, etc., with 21-22 inch pockets to get them to actually stay on the matress. The side material of this matress pad is very stretchy and easily went all the way under the matress and (so far) has not come untucked. It protects the matress well (yes, my kids already peed on it and nothing reached the matress), and it has a nice fluff that I didn’t expect. Very pleased, especially for the price.

  26. Helen Houle

    Not impressed noisy not that fluffy I returned it the same day. I went and bought a better one. Beware they try to charge you to return it UPS label!

  27. Sallybobally

    When I first opened the mattress cover, I thought it was exactly what I wanted. I was replacing my mattress cover because the previous one I had kept slipping of my mattress causing the fitted sheet to become loose as well. Unfortunately, I think I may have bought the same one twice. It will not stay on mattress and it frustrates me til no end. I personally would not recommend simply because it makes my sheets go everywhere except where they are supposed to be.

  28. Jennifer A.

    Just soft enough for comfort but not so thick that your sheets don’t fit correctly! We have a thick king size mattress and this has deep pockets so it stays on our mattress exactly how it should. Love it. I ordered my son one as well in size full and he loves it!

  29. seaturtles38

    Very nice mattress pad. I highly recommend. It has a great stretch to it so it stays in place. I have a double pillowtop mattress and had a hard time finding one. This fit the bill and is super soft.Update: I bought a second one! Our first one has held up very well. So I did pictures and a video this time. The video it looks papery but it’s actually really soft. So don’t let that scare you. The stretch is awesome. Never had it move. I’ve washed it several times and it’s held up great!

  30. Sam

    The top layer of this mattress pad makes noise ( i am sure it is due to the water repellent characteristics it is going for). Perhaps it would be less noticeable if it was turned over and was upside down. Fit well on my 15-inch mattress. There is a little bit of padding in this but I don’t think you are going to notice a difference against your mattress.

  31. S. Yonts

    I have only had this product for one week, but so far I really like it. It fit on my queen size mattress perfectly. It is nicely padded and comfortable to sleep on. I would recommend this product.

  32. RJP

    This is an okay mattress pad. It washed up nicely on delicate and dried on low heat. I was hesitant to get a thicker one, but now I wish I had. It bunches up where I’ve slept and I have to fix it every morning.

  33. SemperFi 77-98

    sleeps cool and fits great. What more can you ask for. Durability is the question, time will tell

  34. Annie dusty

    I like how soft it is! I’ve had many mattress pads in my life, and this one is the softest. Love it! I bought king size, and it is ample for my very thick pillow-top mattress. I am happy with this purchase.

  35. Kris Teacher

    This mattress pad adds just a tiny bit of extra softness to our very hard mattress. I haven’t washed it yet, so I’m not sure how that works, but the instructions say it is machine washable. For the money, it’s a great added protection for a mattress with a bit of added comfort.

  36. LacyJade

    Very comfy and easy to wash. Holds up well in the washing machine.

  37. Ellen S

    One of the problems we’ve had with other pads is that they don’t quite fit and leave extra wrinkles and eventually break down. This one has only just been put on, but it fits perfectly and the padding on top is quite comfortable. Seems to stay in place well.

  38. CLARKE E.

    Well made and it stays in place. Great for a high profile mattress.

  39. James F Hogan

    I bought this mattress because the advertisement stated that it had coils in it and I thought they would give me more support. As it turns out the mattress is just mushy and I have a lot of lower back pain as a result. I end up sleeping in a recliner chair.

  40. Tracy

    Fits snuggly on the mattress and stays in place! The only negative I see is that it doesn’t state that it is waterproof. I would not purchase this if you are looking to protect a mattress from any kind of accidents as I am unsure that you would have that kind of protection.

  41. Donna

    Very very soft comfortable fits nice well worth the price. Paid more for others over the years , but this was a Great Buy “

  42. Mallorie

    I was a little apprehensive about the quality because of the price. It has been quite durable and has held up nicely after multiple cleanings. Would definitely purchase again

  43. Sodaraptor

    Good padding, although not super thick. I put this on top of an “egg-crate” style mattress topper I already had and this helps with the added comfort. Good product if you’re looking to feel some minor differences in the softness of your mattress without spending too much money.

  44. Nadia J. LaMastra

    Can’t believe I have finally found a nice mattress cover/pad that fits my queen size mattress with pillow top. All of the previous pads/covers have slid and shifted during sleeping. This one is perfect; keeping in place and keeping the fitted sheet in place. Also it is soft and comfortable! Easy to wash and dry. Does not shrink!

  45. Amazon Customer

    It arrived in good condition in a sealed plastic bag. I washed it before I placed it on the bed. It was put on very low heat in the dryer as well as cold water wash. While there was no problem with it tearing or falling apart during that process, it just isn’t really fluffy. It didn’t appear to be thick when it first arrived but it’s not pricey so I gave it a try. I would say if you have a new mattress and are just looking for a covering, it would be fine. If you are seeking something to give you greater comfort on your mattress, this is not a solution.

  46. Sandy Kerr

    I just received my mattress pad and i’m In love with it! So soft, and the cloud-like design is just heavenly. Fit perfectly over my think pillow top mattress. Will be buying another one for the guest bedroom.

  47. Amazon Customer

    It’s on the guest bed – I like it because it has a moisture barrier – just hope it works. Someone spilled their coffee or tea and caused a large spot on the mattress, right through the old pad.

  48. bxgrl

    My mattress is over 18 years old and so it’s not one of those double thick designs that look like you’d need a ladder to get up on. This mattress pad is soft, comfortable and easy to put on the mattress.

  49. D. Marie

    I am not sure if it’s the polyester that this pad is made out of, but I’m finding it to be somewhat loose fitting on my mattress. Also finding it retains heat or something when you sleep – I’m on the hunt for something else.

  50. Andrea

    I bought it for a loveseat twin hide-a-bed. I was afraid it might be too big because of how thin the mattress was, but it is working great. It’s not quite as thick as some reviews suggested, but it makes the hide-a-bed much more comfortable.

  51. DesignerNails

    My Dad needed a new mattress pad for his new mattress so I ordered this one for him. Wow I’m so happy I did because it’s great. Fluffy and fits his 10” mattress easily with no slipping.

  52. Amazon Customer

    My mattress is 15 years old, I flip it annually and turn it to keep the cushioning even. This mattress cover added a bit more comfort to it. It is extremely durable and easy to clean and fitted perfectly on my king size mattress, I would recommend this for personal use or for a gift. Completely satisfied.

  53. Alberto

    Niceeeeee, I love it. It feels nice, soft and very refreshing. i bought a queen size a few weeks ago and loved it. I just bought the California king a few days ago and Its just as good. It really helps without having to buy a new mattress. Love it.

  54. Amazon Customer

    We recently purchased a king-size memory foam mattress for our travel trailer and I want to ensure that it doesn’t get ruined when we camp. The fabric reminds me of the exterior of a sleeping bag. It’s water resistant and soft. Would definitely recommend!

  55. Amazon Customer

    Breathable fabric. Good quality. Comfortable to sleep on. I bought this to protect my sleep number bed mattress. Works perfectly.

  56. Kasgardens

    I was having trouble trying to find a twin size mattress pad. So I looked on Amazon and found this one and was not disappointed.

  57. M. J.

    Quality is fine, reading other reviews I was confident in this purchase and anxiously awaited its arrival. This adds zero comfort value, its basically a thick quilted sheet. So far i could not be more disappointed, if things change so will this review.

  58. Ruth

    This is the 4th one I have purchased for different beds. My daughter loves hers on her bed at home and the one she sleeps on at college. Made my guest bed so much more comfortable.

  59. Amazon Customer

    Nicest mattress pad I have ever had. Really good quality and fits well. Makes the bed much more comfortable. Would highly recommend.

  60. madeline cruz

    OMG this is perfect ! We bought a very firm mattress, and it was way too firm, but the Bedsure mattress pad works wonderfully, no more sore elbows, would highly recommend.

  61. JKJ

    This fit my long twin very well, materials good, no noise when moving on it, and comfortable. I consider it a very good value.

  62. valkane

    Took my daughter to college and she ordered this mattress pad. It can’t in a very small box and vacuum sealed. Really nice quality and seems to stay in place.

  63. Junoma

    I have a 4 inch topper on the already 8 inch deep mattress and this works and fits like a charm. No slippage or come off. Highly recommend. It has enough padding on the top to act as a topper in and of itself.

  64. Debbie

    I havent used this yet but washed great. Opened the vacuumed packaging and Wow, what a sturdy, comfy looking pad. Very pleased so far.

  65. Nancy Hanel

    This mattress pad is of great quality. I couldn’t believe the low price for such a great mattress pad. The design is great too. Thank you.

  66. Shoshana Savion

    Arrived well packaged and on time, the product is high quality and has deep enough pockets for my huge mattress and doesn’t move around. Just cushie enough… Great Product!

  67. Debr1127

    Very nice! Love how they fit and tuck around the mattress. I know that nobody ever sees the design of mattress pads but this is lovely! Soft and pretty

  68. Janlyn

    Nice cover. Works well on my plump mattress. Take YOUR measurements​ to make sure it works for you.

  69. Wordstock

    Everyone needs a mattress pad. This works for my kid’s bed. It fits good and washes well. The padding is nice. If I have to ever replace it, this is one I will buy again.

  70. Rocquelle Devine

    I just opened and used it today. Great size. I added a thick memory foam pad on top of my mattress and this still fit perfectly.