BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker, Black, DCM600B

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  • Duralife Glass Carafe- The sturdy 5-cup (25 oz. / 740 ml ) carafe has measurement markings for accurate filling and an easy-grip handle for comfortable pouring
  • Removable Filter Basket – Cleanup is easy with the dishwasher-safe filter basket, which is compatible with basket-style paper filters
  • Keep Hot Carafe Plate – The nonstick carafe plate keeps coffee warm for an hour after brewing is complete
  • Water Window – The easy-view water window with measurement markings lets you brew the perfect amount. Dimensions : 7.3 W x 10.1 H inches
  • Lighted On/Off Switch – Just one simple button to start and stop the coffee maker. Volts: 120V/60Hz

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Product Description

Delicious coffee has never been easier! With the switch of a button, coffee starts brewing into the reinforced glass Duralife carafe and stays ready-to-drink thanks to the “keep hot” carafe plate. The removable filter basket makes for simple cleanup.

Manufacturer Contact Information

For any technical issues contact manufacture customer service @ 800-231-9786

Capacity: 5 Cups

Carafe Plate: Nonstick

Color: Black

Cord Storage: Yes

Dimensions: 9.75 x 7.25 x 10.75 in.

Dishwasher Safe Carafe: Yes

Material: Plastic

Number of Cups: 5

Warranty: 2 Year Limited

Water-level Indicator: Yes
With a compact design and handy cord storage, this coffeemaker is a great value for small spaces such as apartments, condos and around the office. With one-touch operation and a nonstick ‘Keep Hot’ plate, you can have hot coffee anytime without a hassle.
Duralife Glass Carafe
Coffee and Water Carafe Markings
Removable Filter Basket
Keep Hot Carafe Plate
The easy-view water window with measurement markings lets you brew the perfect amount.
Just one simple button to start and stop the coffee maker.
Water is heated to the perfect temperature for ideal flavor results.
The convenient cord wrap within the unit makes for easy storage.
Perfect for your apartment, dorm or home.

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  1. W.P.

    As Joe Friday would say, “just the facts.” This is a small, basic coffee pot. Makes 5 cups (6 ounce-size). No need to be a rocket scientist to use this. Just put in filter, coffee, and water. Flip the switch. Easy peasy. I put an eight-ounce measuring cup beside it in the one photo to better show the size and tipped the filter basket up in the last photo. This coffee maker is inexpensive, too. I love that it is so simple & easy to use!

  2. Danielle in Philadelphia suburbs

    Coffee not as flavorful as my old Mr. Coffee 4 cup pot. I believe that is because of the design of the removable filter holder. The water flows too quickly through the grinds and the result is a weaker brew. Otherwise, it is a nice clean design and would work fine if you want to use it to brew tea…..that is my other use of this small size. I have attached photos of the filter holders side by side, in order to show the design differences between this Black & Decker pot (left) and my old Mr. Coffee pot (right). You can see the added spring loaded center piece that slows the water so it wets the coffee grounds longer, which, in my opinion, makes the coffee stronger, using the same amount of ground beans.

  3. Joebob Furious

    In a world where everything seems to be a complex computer controlled wonder, bluetooth this, facebook that, timer whatsits, and e/i-whatevers, this machine stands out. Why? Because its a $17 coffee maker, it does nothing special other than make coffee. Guess what, it makes coffee.Seriously, the most complex thing about its interface it the switch lights up when its on. It couldn’t get any simpler, your favorite coffee grinds plus water, wait 5 minutes, and blammo coffee, and it costs less than $20. I would call this thing the greatest piece of technology ever, but that’s unnecessary and ridiculous, for its a coffee maker, and all it does is make coffee.To be fair, the plastic feels cheap, but I’m not taking this thing with me to the moon. I just expect it to make coffee and not try to kill me, which it does.Do you need coffee from the comfort of wherever you are? Don’t want to spend $40 for bells and whistles you’re never going to use? You can’t go wrong with this gem, for it is a coffee maker, and it makes coffee.

  4. Jillian Roberts

    This coffee maker has been one of the greatest purchases of my Amazon history. If you are looking for a simple coffee maker that doesn’t require much space than this is the one for you and for the price it’s hard to beat. As I said in the title perfect for small spaces or the college student that needs a coffee maker but can’t afford a crazy expensive onePros: -Small and compact. However for the size the coffee maker makes a good amount of coffee. I use it only for myself, and it makes plenty for one person.-Easy to use, a monkey could do it. And it has a removable lining so to dump the coffee filters out or to clean.-Makes coffee very fast, less than 5 minutes because I usually only make 2-3 cups for myself.- price is unbeatableCons: -Does not have a clock on it or any pre-set timerVery hard to come up with the cons for this review because it is so simple and easy to use. Recommmend to anyone that wants a simple coffee maker.Also in regards to coffee filters I thought I would have to get smaller ones however the regular 6-8 cups paper ones work perfectly and do not effect or change the outcome of your delicious coffee. Hope this review was helpful to you!

  5. Whowouldn’t

    Between deciding on this Black+Decker and an expensive Pod or other machine, (I don’t like the pods because of the waste and the taste isn’t there) I bought this. This is probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. We use it everyday, several times a day for coffee AND tea! It’s quick, durable, makes great coffee, heats my water up for tea (I wrap the tea bags around the handle [just above the bottom so it doesn’t burn] to have perfect steeped tea by the time it’s done circulating the water). It makes enough coffee for a little over 2 large and 3/4 little mugs, fills the popular brand of coffee/travel containers all the way full.*Great price and quality*Simple to use*Easy to clean*Great size for small kitchen*Makes enough for one person or a couple and easily customizable if you only want one mug*Fairly quiet*Highly recommendThis doesn’t have an auto turnoff, so you have to manually turn it off. It’s actually really quiet; you have to remember to turn it off or it’ll stay on all day and probably ruin it. But it does keep everything hot if you want to go back for seconds.

  6. Valentina

    Honestly, when I saw it, I said “omg, this is a tiny ☕ machine”. But, on that note, it does make coffee quickly. As far as the amount of cups it makes, if you drink ☕ anything like my husband, then the 5 cups are more like 2 to 3 mugs. Which is what he approximately drinks per day.A regular paper filter fits in the tray. No need to buy a ” special size “. Basically, for $13, shipping and taxes included, you can’t go wrong. I do recommend, if that amount of ☕ per day is enough for you ☺👍

  7. Drama Mama

    This coffee maker is what most of us refer to as a “travel size” (like the smaller ones often provided in motels) and yes it is quite a bit smaller than a standard pot. So if you are looking for a pot to provide coffee for the whole family, or guests – this isn’t the one for you.HOWEVER – if you just need a pot for one or two people to have a cup or 2 in the morning, it’s perfect. It has a small footprint, and I can get at least 4 ‘standard mug” cups out of this. It makes about 36 ozs per pot if you fill it to the top. Each pot takes just 5 minutes to brew. Even though this is a smaller pot, STANDARD FILTERS DO FIT – But, if you get the chrome/black model, you should get a metal mesh reusable filter like I did. If you are single or just want a few cups in the morning like me – this is the best pot you will find.

  8. Dublin

    Great coffee maker if youre someone who doesnt drink endless supplies of coffee all day. It’s very simple and basic. I dont need all the extra crap that usually come with a coffee maker becasue Im not a huge coffee drinker. It’s good for about 3 cups give or take depending on the size of the cup. It would be a good college gift or go in a cubicle at work because it is small and doesnt take up much space. I love it. I had another one of these I got from walmart years ago and it never broke. I just wanted to replace it because my old one was white, stained and old. Dont get me wrong it does look like a cheap plastic piece of crap when you get it, lol, but it def works. If you need something small and basic just to take care of yourself and someone else then it’s perfect. If you dont want to spend an extra ten dollars to get one with a clock on it, it’s DEF worth 15 dollars

  9. An amazon purchaser for many years

    I bought this coffee maker for a summer trip. I needed something smaller to save space and my friends do not drink coffee. Within the first week of making coffee, the machine stopped getting water to the filter. Upon further inspection, the “arm” that the water needs to flow through comes apart very easily. Hot water was spurting out all over the place and leaking back down to the reservoir, making the water hotter and hotter until the thing just started steaming. After it cooled down, I noticed that the part can be “snapped” back together. It looks to me that the locking mechanism is not strong enough, it’s just two pieces of plastic that come apart after repeatedly being heated. A great design for a coffeemaker that is obviously going to have hot water. Way to go Black & Decker Research and Development. If you’ve got one, try to clip the the pieces together tightly. We’ll see how many days it holds.UPDATE: the part I snapped back fell completely apart so this is going to be returned. 0 stars.

  10. DLH

    I needed a cheap coffeemaker to replace the broken one in my work office, and the Black & Decker DCM600B 5-Cup Coffeemaker fit the bill. Priced at around $15, it is very inexpensive. Unfortunately, the build quality and lack of features shows why it is so cheap. With that being said, the Black & Decker DCM600B makes a good cup of coffee, and that is all that matters to me. It has one job, and it does it well. About the only frill it has is that the heating plate is non-stick coated. If you just want a cheap coffeemaker without any frills such as timers or even a “pause-pour” so that you can remove the carafe mid-brew, then the Black & Decker DCM600B is a decent choice.

  11. Kindle Customer

    I purchased and used this coffee pot daily for two months, after reading positive reviews. The on button then cracked into pieces and fell out. It also started sparking and generated a metallic smelling smoke until I pulled the electric cord out of the socket. I had to throw the entire coffee pot away. Clearly, after reading a number of these reviews this is a frequent problem with this coffeepot, and I hope people who left good reviews then experienced a product breakdown are going back and editing their reviews. I’m going back to Cuisinart. You get what you pay for.

  12. RDA

    This is actually my third Black & Decker coffee maker. I had my first one for 4 years and it died when I moved (I think it may have been dropped) and I got my second one 2 years ago and it works great. This new one replaces the free one I inherited with my office. It’s the perfect size for 1 or 2 people. I love that it gives you one set of measurements for the water and one for the coffee. I actually have saved all the pots from my coffee maker for cooking later and find the Black and Decker spout to be perfect for pouring. I had a kitchenaid once and the spout was not very good as it aged it spilled liquid everywhere. My old pot is still used to make and pour pancake batter though. I love it.I know some people who have had these that don’t like the type of coffee pot because it isn’t thermal insulated. I think it’s personal preference. I think this is a good buy for the price.This is the first time I have shipped a coffee maker and it arrived in good working order. The one thing I’m a little sad for is the ones I’ve bought from the store had a basket for the coffee grounds. This one doesn’t. However this one is cheaper you can buy a basket for the money I saved.I received no discount for my review and the opinions are my own.

  13. Kristi Helms

    I needed something small (that wouldn’t be noticed by admin, in case I’m not supposed to have one in my classroom). This one works great. It works best when you A) remember to put coffee in and B) remember to pour the water into the reservoir; but that’s 100% user error from a very stressed teacher. I also like it because if it were bigger, I would drink coffee non-stop and they’d have to scrape me off the ceiling. This one is just right.

  14. Linda

    I bought this primarily as a separate hot tea/specialty coffee brewing station to accompany my main office coffee maker and it is perfect.Pros: Great price ! I also actually like that there is no auto-shutoff and no annoying alarms beeping when brew completed, those things can easily turn into “Cons”, especially on a second station though only if you already have good habits to turn off/unplug units after use. I like the small size for hot tea and that there will be less leftover waste on specialty coffee blends too. This unit brews fast!The only downside for me is there is no pause n serve feature built on the basket & carafe, but it brews 5 cups so quickly that I can wait.

  15. Davy

    Nice looking little pot but serious flaws.1. The flat bottom basket requires about 60 percent more ground coffee than a proper cone type. I converted this thing to a cone type using this HIC Coffee Filter Cone, Black, Number 2-Size Filter, Brews 2 to 6-Cups cone. This required some work but it worked pretty well for a while.2. The cheesy, flimsy on/off switch broke into several not repairable pieces after a few weeks use and parts are not available.3. The price has increased from $14.99 to $23.16 as of Nov 9, 2017 for this pile.A nice buy if you don’t mind using lots of coffee and don’t care if it lasts only two months.

  16. Marcia

    I just started using this a couple of weeks ago. It’s a nice little coffee maker. Unfortunately I dropped the carafe and it smashed into smithereans! I was going to order a new carafe but that would cost almost as much as the coffee maker itself. Then I had an idea – why not put my mug where the carafe would go? The carafe held exactly enough for my 25 ounce coffee mug. So I used that and it works great! Actually I like it even better than using the carafe. It’s a very simple little coffee maker – just an on/off switch. I generally only drink one mug of coffee in the morning so it’s a perfect size for me. It brews the coffee fairly quickly too.

  17. Daniel Overstreet

    This coffee maker is dangerous!!! My boyfriend and I ordered this coffee maker about 7-8 months ago. At first, it worked just fine. We cleaned it regularly and and it was great – until a month ago. It started to not make all of the coffee, and the appliance itself would get really hot. My boyfriend went down one morning to use it when it electrocuted him and the on/off button EXPLODED off of the coffee maker onto our kitchen floor because it was burning hot. My boyfriend was fine, other than his finger being black and smelling weird from being electrocuted, but this thing is dangerous and I wouldn’t buy it again. I’m leaving this review because although we are fine, I don’t want this to happen to anyone else and don’t want someone who’s already bought this to get hurt. If we weren’t home and accidentally left it on, would it have burned down our entire house? This appliance that we haven’t even had for a year? Either way, stay safe, make sure to buy safe appliances, and maybe look into a different coffee maker if you need one. I know I won’t be buying this thing again. <3

  18. Thomas G. Hanlin

    On the whole, this is a charming little coffeemaker. It’s easy to fill with no spills, and all you need to do is flip the one switch to get it going. The switch lights up while it’s brewing and while the heating pad is running (flip the switch to turn it off). Adding a permanent filter has really made this a choice no-maintenance machine.One quibble! If you didn’t read the description carefully, you thought you were getting a five-cup coffeemaker, because that is what it says. Ah, yes. EXCEPT for the fact that the cups aren’t cups, they’re some weird imaginary measure, which seems like willful deceit. The coffeemaker actually has a capacity of 25 oz, which is just over three (3) cups. Not five.

  19. Wizekracker

    Simplicity is sometimes the best.Fill with water, add desired amount of coffee, and click on. Just remember to turn it off!This model came with the graduates only on the left side of the carafe and I’m a lefty so I hold the pot with my left hand when filling. I have the same model in white, but after they remodeled the kitchen in my apartment, the white among the dark tones was messing with my head. But that one has markings on both sides. Easy fix, took the handle off the new one and moved it over to the carafe of the old white one. Problem solved, satisfied coffee junkie.

  20. jon

    Good with caveat. Good price, hot tasty fast brewed coffee, doesn’t take space, stays hot on plate, but lasted only two months. Make sure you clean it like instructions say, but I don’t think the vinegar would of helped. Good warranty service except they wanted me to male the cord back, but after inquiry let me email a pic. Waiting for replacement. Amazon would probably replace directly faster but I didn’t want to soak amazon for a loss of profit.Update. Half a year later and need another replacement which the warranty covers. Takes about two weeks to get it and when warranty is over will be stuck with asking Amazon directly for refund.

  21. mapmaker

    For what it is, this little coffee maker is very good. It is small, takes up little space, works quickly, and is perfect for me, as I am the only one drinking coffee in our house. I grind my own beans and have good control over the flavor. The design is simple, the parts can go in the dishwasher, and it is inexpensive. (I’ve tried many different coffee makers and think this works as well as any. It’s uncomplicated). A couple of quirks that do not bother me: 1. No automatic shut-off. You have to remember to turn it off. 2. A very small amount of water remains in the reservoir, and I prefer to dump that bit out after using so that it dries properly. 3. I accidentally broke the glass carafe and could not find a replacement. I had to buy a new coffee maker, but at least it was a reasonable price.

  22. MW

    What a great value for this thing!Brews a lovely pot of coffee.Easy to set up. Easy to clean. Easy to brew.Why are you waiting? Get on it and buy this thing! Totally worth it!By the way, the pot has a super refined spout so won’t spill when you are pouring! I LOVE IT!

  23. Amazon Customer

    I wanted to get rid of my Keurig (landfill disaster with K-cups). I just could not find a good replacement for a real K-cup so I thought I’d get a little 5 cup coffee maker. We live in the Seattle area and I am the only coffee junkie in this family. (How is that possible?!) I read the directions and ran 3 pots of water through to clean it out. VERY clean packaging and very clean inside the coffee maker, too. Fired her up this morning (it’s a she-coffee maker) and she worked perfect. For $15 bucks on Prime….can’t beat it. Got the suggested 4-cup permanent basket suggested and it worked perfectly in this 5 cup unit.

  24. Walt J 336

    Nothing fancy but it makes an acceptable cup of coffee. But not two cups, unless you’re sharing. It’s not the best pot you can buy. But if you’re looking for a small pot, for the money it’s close.Pros:Economical. The reason I bought it.Simple to use.Cons:Hot plate is too hot. Leaving the carafe on it ruins the second cup.It drips when you remove the carafe. Keep something handy to sit on the hotplate.No automatic shutoff.The carafe lid is easy to knock off. Makes me wonder about durability.

  25. shezzy153

    I use it once a week (Sundays) when I am home without access to free office coffee, and it worked well for the first few uses. After that, it started leaking a bit, and over the last few months (so about 20 or so more uses), it has become leaky to the point of being unusable. I understand it’s inexpensive but the fact that it didn’t even last me a year of very light use is disappointing. Can’t recommend.

  26. Gerald R. Taft

    I have owned this Black and Decker 5 cup coffeemaker for a year and a half and while it works o.k. It is impossible for me to clean the top hatch. A very poorly designed, flimsy, contraption holds the water sprayer over the coffee grounds and prevents cleaning. The inside of the water hatch has a nasty grey film covering it and I can only wipe parts of it away with a sponge. At 75 years of age I need something easier to clean and maintain. Otherwise this outfit produces an average cuppa, good price, easy to fill and use. I will look for a replacement that is easier to clean when this one goes south.

  27. JanetLA

    If you only drink 2-3 mugs of coffee every morning and you never use the multitude of functions or set the clock on your current coffee maker, than this is your machine. You might find this hard to believe, but it only has one button–on/off. Red light is bright so you won’t forget to turn it off. Makes very little noise, no excessive steam, no annoying beep when it’s done brewing, no drips, no horrible plastic smell. Takes about 5 mins to brew all 5 cups. Coffee tastes great. Strong and hot. I have no cons, except that the coffee is so good you might wish you had a bigger pot.

  28. My review

    These things are so great that I’ve got a back-up stash of a couple, in case they are ever discontinued.The coffeemaker is so simple that there is no clock or timer and it does not connect to the internet.All you do is put in the water and coffee and throw the switch.It’s perfect for making 2-3 mugs at a time without the hassle of loading those stupid k-cups for every cup you want to brew.Plus, since you have complete control over the amount of grounds you put in, you can control the strength of the brew.

  29. Janet L Dunsmore

    I’ll be replacing this with another Mr Coffee soon. Filter basket is really too small for the 4 cup filters. Might try making a cup without using the paper filters, just the filter basket that came with the unit. On the plus side, I’ve had no grounds in the coffee using the paper filters. A small amount of brewed coffee remains in the brewing cup every time, and must be emptied every time the unit is used. I like the carafe better than the Mr Coffee and filling the water is easier, but wish the paper filters fit properly so that I didn’t have to be so very careful filling the filter.

  30. joey

    this unit makes exactly 2-14 oz mugs of perfect coffee. i am not intense about my coffee. admittedly there are much better tasting coffee perhaps with a grinder and a different brewing method. i buy a medium blend private label from a club store. . its a little slow and i have to put a glass under it if its not done brewing to take a cup. Plain unit no clock no gadgets simply a brewer my 4th or 5th cheap pot in 10 years. Saul Goodman

  31. Mich

    I love this coffeemaker. Nice and small. Easy to clean. Always had a regular sized coffee pots but always had left over coffee and it ended up being wasted. This is perfect for making only a couple of cups. Is simple in design, no fancy gadgets, just has an on and off button. It does not have a set /time delay button so if you want your coffee brewing while you are waking up, this is not for you. But it does brew quickly, 1-2 minutes. The off is not automatic and has to be turned off manually, recommend within the half hour.

  32. Robert D. Paulus

    This is a slightly larger version of the simplistic coffee makers you will recognize from hotel rooms. Will make 28 ounces, enough for two big mugs. A wonder of engineering because instead of adding “bells and whistles”, this concept does the opposite. No automatic shut off, no stop lever so you can pour while it is still perking, no beeper when the coffee is done perking, very simple to clean, and uses the 1-4 cup paper filters. How nice to see a product that is back to the basics. Hooray for B & D creating this innovative product, and at a minimal price.

  33. Suzie J

    I haven’t even had this coffee maker for 6 months and the little red button that you turn the machine off and on with has broken and popped out. It’s basically trash now as there is no way to fix it that I can see. It was just OK to begin with. The way the basket is situated in there it collects water underneath, even after it’s done brewing a pot of coffee. I got less than 5 uses out of this thing before it broke. Don’t waste your money.

  34. J Kennedy

    I would rate this zero stars if I could. Worst coffeemaker ever. Makes a huge mess each time it is used. Doesn’t dispense all the coffee. If you pour water for 4 cups, it will only drip 3, when you remove the carafe (long after it has stopped brewing) it will then dispense the other cup, all over the heating plate and your countertop. Also, if you pour too fast coffee will spill out of the carafe. I’d return it but I don’t want to clean it up.

  35. Kindle Customer

    Great coffee maker for one or two mugs of coffee. Like that it does not have a timer, clock, or any other gadgets. Just pour in the water, add filter & coffee, and turn on. Turn off when done with no hassle. Like that you can use the paper filters as some of the coffee grinds always get washed down the drain with the permanent filters and paper filters cheaper than a plumber to snake out your lines.

  36. Amazon Customer

    I’ve got a microwave that also tells me the weather. I’ve got a blender that takes my temperature. My mattress has it’s own alarm clock. If you’re anything like me you can’t be bothered in the morning fumbling around for the correct settings on your electric toothbrush that also makes toast. That sort of thing is reserved for AFTER I’ve had my cup of coffee. The world is not enough in focus to deal with it’s complications. What type of Rube Goldbergian future do we now inhabit anyway? Heh, modern conveniences amirite folks?! I’ll tell you what’s convenient, being able to plug something in and divine it’s basic operating functions without studying an owner’s manual all day. I wanted coffee. 10 minutes later I had coffee.Now onto the machine itself. It has 2 settings; ON and OFF. Use ON for when you want coffee. I suggest keeping it in OFF mode for when you do not want coffee. It’s small, out of the way, reliable.It’s like the tiny kid that’s full of heart in those feel-good middle school sports movies. You’re coach Ed O’Neill. You say, “You’ve got one job to do. You know what it is. Don’t worry about anything else. Don’t look at your mom in the stands. Just. Make. Me. Coffee.” And by God does it deliver.

  37. Meister Werks

    Made great coffee for 4 months. Then the power button broke. It still worked for a few more weeks, then the button sparked and stopped working for good. Amazon will not take returns after 30 days, so now I have to deal with Black+Decker. Not even worth my time.

  38. A. Mendez

    For the money this is obviously a great little coffee maker, you get a glass carafe, I mean what could go wrong?!?? Well what could go wrong is the power button (the fourth time I ever pressed it) flew off into outer space busting into 4 parts, UNFIXABLE!!!! Of course I happen to be the queen of soldering, so I put a toggle switch on it so I could continue using it, but believe me no one should have to do that EVER, and it works fine again, but cmon BLACK AND DECKER WTF?!?!?

  39. J. Williams

    simple product without drip stop so you cannot pour a cup while brewing. Within a month, the electrical switch broke into two pieces when I got up to turn it on. I did not like the design “flaw” that forced one to wait for a cup until all water had flowed into pot but that was a simple inconvenience. Today, the switch simply crumbled into 2 or 3 pieces. I was astounded. Now to the rubbish bin.

  40. cooked1999

    I absolutely loved this coffee pot that I purchased May 26, 2017 even though it does not turn off automatically. In early October the red lighted switch developed a crack in the center of the button and I had to be very careful when turning it on or off as to not cause further damage. Today when I carefully pressed the button it broke into 4 pieces and I cannot repair it. I am contacting Amazon as I am a very loyal customer to see if there is a resolution that will not have me paying full price for a replacement. My heart it broken because I loved the 5 cup feature over the 4 cup of most brands.

  41. Yogiwoman

    This seems to be a cheap knock off. Either that or Black and Decker has drastically reduced the quality of their products. I have another black and decker 5 cup coffeemaker and it is much sturdier, made of better plastic, and the main thing is that the holes that drip water into the coffee grounds on this one only drip into the very center of the grounds, whereas the other one I have drips over the whole basket of grounds. I hate the hassle of returning things but this has to go back.

  42. R.N.M.

    If you’re looking for a practical coffee maker for 2/4 persons. this is the one.its perfect size & only one thats 5 cups.I have tried many.. the Bun, Mr. Coffee, Bella,…& i ended up using this one only& i also learned something important. the key to good coffee is the coffee itself not the machine.- the size is perfect, its compact.- the carafe pours just right, no spills at all until the very last drop, very easy to clean.- the basket for the filter is flat from the bottom so the filter can lay comfortably without having all the coffee all over the place like in the Bella machine (its triangle shape)For the plastic taste that people are complaining from. once I got it. i ran 2 cycles of water & one cycle of coffee & discarded it. & since then the taste is getting better each time I brew coffee & u also have to run a cycle with water & vinegar each month. to get rid of all the residue from the water.So bottom line, all machines brew coffee, no need to go super fancy on the machine. just get the right coffee grinds

  43. J’Laine

    We use this small coffee pot daily and have not had any problems with leaking or anything. Though it says 5 cups, it would be small cups, It makes two large mugs of coffee which is just what we wanted. It’s the perfect small pot also to fit onto an upper cabinet shelf in our small motor home when we travel. It’s easy to use, no bells and whistles to break, or technical features to go wrong. Simple, fast, perfect! I would choose it again..

  44. Bob S.

    I’ve been through a couple of these and it seems the newer ones don’t perform as well as the old. I’m shopping for another coffeemaker now because this one (bought in Nov for $19) has a leak that’s getting worse with time. When the coffee is done the unit continues to leak for several minutes. My guess is the high ratings are for the older models or there’s something fishy going on. No way this is a 4 star coffee maker.

  45. elades

    I opened the package and thought to myself, good looking unit. Two days later the carafe shattered when it hit the edge of the sink. My fault, and I had saved my old carafe, so no trouble. Today, the on/off button cracked and the coffeemaker is not functional. Three months’ use is all I got out of it. Black + Decker, you waste a ton of consumer goodwill by refusing to spend a couple more pennies on a thicker button. I’m going back to Wally’s to get their generic 5-cup coffeemaker, half the price, that lasted me over two years and has more features than this thing. I just feel silly that I didn’t take all these bad reviews to heart.

  46. Tech Guy

    Inexpensive coffee maker for the office. Makes about 2 standard size coffee mugs worth of coffee ( using my ‘Waffle House’ mug as my standard)Thinking I should pair this with an Ez-Bake childs oven!

  47. Rebecca

    If you’re looking for the perfect personal or 1-person coffee maker, then this is for you. It’s so compact that it hardly takes up any room on my counter. I also love the fact that I can get a nice 2 “cups” from it, enough to fit my preferred oversize coffee mug. I will say that the initial size of this coffee pot made me a little hesitant. It seemed so tiny that I was almost certain that I had received a child’s toy by mistake! But, despite the smaller than average appearance of it, it does its one job well: brewing coffee. So, if you’re like me and just want a basic, “I don’t want to make instant coffee or do it on the stove” kinda coffee pot, then this is a great choice.

  48. Mireille

    Does just one thing and does it well Makes coffee. Just one problem, and it’s probably my fault. It got plugged up with mineral deposit (I assume). So I just bought this new one and now I’ll clean it out with vinegar to prevent that happening again. I put a splash of white vinegar into a full pot of water and ran it thru.How often should I do this? I plan on once a month.How much vinegar is needed? Does anyone know?

  49. Executive Babysitter

    Two positives about this coffee maker: 1) it does make coffee 2) the carafe has a great spout to pour with so that it doesn’t drip or pour over the edge.The negatives: 1) it brews really slowly 2) there is no automatic off feature! 3) the drip basket and the carafe meet and form a funnel nicely; HOWEVER, there is no spring closure (!!), so when you remove the carafe it drips from the basket onto the coffee maker and then again when you take the basket out to wash it it drips from the opening all the way to the sink.Look for another option!

  50. BinYong

    Sturdy little coffee maker that gets the job done. Not by any means fancy– no clock or time setup, just an on/off switch. Does not come with a filter. Instead of using disposable paper ones, I have a reusable one from my old Black & Decker coffee maker that I replaced because the carafe broke and the hot plate chipped. The markings on the side to gauge how much water to add for a certain number of cups is easy to read, but I think it underestimates the amount. For 2 cups of coffee, I have to add water to the 2.5-cup line. One thing I do not like about the unit is the fact that I have to unplug it when I’m done brewing coffee or then the hot plate will continue to stay warm.

  51. Kim

    We wanted a small coffee maker to replace one we used for about 8 years. This product seemed good and it fit in the appliance garage on the counter. It made “OK” coffee. The on/off light stopped working during the first month. The other day it stopped working while brewing, then started up again about 20 minutes later. Upon examination, coffee was leaking through the base of the unit onto the counter. Time to go shopping again. I feel it should have lasted longer than 18 months.UPDATE: Spectrum Brands contacted me and sent me a replacement–received early April 2014. Great customer service. I will post again if another update is needed.


    Cute and simple “switch” coffeemaker! It makes 2 cups of coffee-not 5. So far-it’s working very well :). I guess it’s a crapshoot LOL…b/c hubby & I had an $80 coffeemaker and it went kaput after aprox. 1 & 1/2 -2 years. We’re hoping this one will last a year. I read a review here about this coffeemaker making coffee that tastes like plastic….our coffeemaker made good coffee. We use filtered water…and the brown unbleached paper filters.

  53. upallnite

    The worst I’ve ever bought at Amazon. About 2 wks ago, BD front decal came off and on/off switch button cracked in the middle until it finally sparked and had to toss it out unless Amazon wants a proof that it was defective. Last wk, had asked a replacement and Amazon sent me another defective unit with a water filler hinge broke so I returned that last Friday 1/5/18. So far, I’ve never heard from Amazon about my refund.

  54. Pamela Guevara

    I was in need of a new coffee maker but am sort of limited on counter space. Opted this this little unit and it was exactly what I needed for my morning cup of joe. It makes “5 cups” of coffee – which in the real world means it make 3 full mugs of coffee – in about 5 minutes, give or take. As 3 mugs is my limit for the day, the amount is perfect. If you are considering this machine there are three things you need to be aware of in case you have been spoiled by the bells and whistles found on pricier units – there is no “pause and pour” feature, you can’t program it to start as a certain time and there is no automatic shut-off after a set period of time. You flip it on, wait until it is done brewing before pouring your first cup and it stays on until you turn it off. Just like the 1970s. I have no problem with such a simple, basic machine, but if you want coffee already brewed when you wake up and can’t remember to turn the machine off before walking out the door, this might not be a good choice for you. But for me it is absolutely perfect. Small footprint, low price, good coffee. I don’t look for anything else in a coffee maker.

  55. Amazon Customer

    I’m a BSN student and was tired of spending a fortune on Kcups and killing the environment with them. This is a perfect alternative! It takes probably like 5 minutes to brews 5cup pot so I just turn it on before I get dressed in the morning. Make sure you turn it off after you brew it so you don’t forget since there’s no automatic shut off. Since I live off coffee this has saved me a fortune between k cups and Starbucks! Love it!UPDATE: I’ve used this pot 1-3 times a day since I bought it almost 2 years ago and its still going strong!

  56. Bradford Howard

    TOTAL PIECE OF JUNK! After a little over a month of uses the “CHEAP” on/off button cracked, fell out and rendered this coffee maker unusable. And of course it was past the return deadline. I like my coffee, but I am by no means a coffee snob. Bought this because I wanted an easy, non-complicated and inexpensive coffee maker. I know it was inexpensive, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this much of a disappointment.Black and Decker…Please stick to making power tools!

  57. Amazon Customer

    No frill, basic drip coffee maker. Doesn’t even have the shutoff if you pull the carafe out before its done.I love it. Think of it as a “pour over”, except you don’t have to stand there pouring the hot water in.Very easy to clean. Nice compact size. Does it make the best coffee…well no…but neither does any other drip in this price range.But its OK and functional…and FAST. Based on Price/Functionality – 5 stars.

  58. CharlotteJ

    This is a great coffee maker. It’s very small, so it’s perfect for me because I’m the only one in my house that drinks coffee. It usually makes enough on weekday mornings for me to have a cup with breakfast and fill my to-go mug to the brim, and on weekends it makes enough for me to have two or three leisurely cups while I linger over breakfast or brunch. It works perfectly, it’s easy to keep clean, it brews coffee quickly, and it’s small so it doesn’t take up much space on the counter. Highly recommended if you’re the only one in your house that drinks coffee! Or two of you drink a small amount together.

  59. Leesa B.

    From Day 1 of purchase, this coffee maker has leaked from the bottom all over the countertop. From the time it is turned on until after coffee is made and turned off, there is a continuous flowing of water. My biggest concern is that someone could possibly get electrocuted. I bought the unit in October, and it is only November, but unfortunately past the return date. I had bought a smaller 4 cup Mr. Coffee previously, which worked great, but only made enough coffee for one person (since the cups are measured in 5/6 oz, not 8 oz). Very disappointed in the B&D model, but I suppose you get what you pay for!

  60. mark e sanchez

    This unit needs to be thoroughly washed multiple times before use. Even then it mat take some time for the smell of plastic to fade away.ps…11 14 17, the coffee maker still has a taste that I could never wash off. I never really used it except by boiling water in a pot and hand pouring it through the filter basket. I should have sent this back right away. This is the only junk product that I have purchased at Amazon over the years.

  61. John C. Awald

    We have had at least three of these pots over that last 25 years…they do stain with coffee (white plastic) but brew excellent coffee three or four cups at a time 7 days a week two times per day. Cheap enough to replace when they look dirty due to stained plastic parts. Downside – no timer so they will boil the pot dry.

  62. Sam and Annie

    Simple, straightforward, and reliable, at a great price. Special thanks for three things: First, the carafe pours without dribbling! (After you’ve been frustrated by others, you’ll really appreciate this.) Second, there’s a thermometer-like window on the side of the coffeemaker (you can see it in the product photo) that clearly shows the water level. Third, the carafe has something we’d never seen before: each level (2, 3, 4, and 5 cups) has two level-lines (nicely explained at the top of the carafe, with both words and symbols): one for coffee (that is, after brewing), and another for water (before brewing) — that one marked a little higher than the first one, to allow for water being absorbed in the coffee grounds. The marks are accurate! We recommend a reusable plastic filter (quite cheap), and you’ve got a no-brainer coffee-making setup.

  63. Dani M

    I have a 10 cup Black and Decker coffee maker at my other home and love it. My coffee tastes great and I actually prefer it over my Chemex. However, with this one, my coffee doesn’t taste as good and it’s the same ground coffee. It’s a nice size for what I need and for the price, it’s a good deal. I ended up buying a Keurig to have on hand when company comes for when I need more than five cups.

  64. S.A.

    Good coffee at a super price point! If you want a fancy looking pot; if you’re seeking to impress – this is not your coffee pot. Its tiny and lightweight.However, if you just want a tasty cup of easy-to-make, really hot coffee – this is the one for you.

  65. Matt Robinson

    I got a new one cup coffee maker for Christmas and was very displeased with the coffee – results – heat, everything. I had already thrown out my old drip maker and needed a new, cheap , drip coffee maker for day-to-day usage. I am loving this for usage, it’s a little smaller than I expected and very plastic, but you get what you pay for, and in this case its well worth the price/value. I use it daily and usually twice a day while its likely I wil ll upgrade if this one ever breaks – I will definitely just wait for it to break before getting a new one.

  66. Thoughtful Consumer

    Receiving this coffee maker, I was a bit disappointed. It was smaller than I expected. Nonetheless, for its affordable price, I still found it to be a good deal. Now, 2 months later (17 days after the return window has closed), the ONE button on this product broke. No biggie, it still works. Until today, I go to use it for maybe the 40th time, the button apparently BLOWS A FUSE. A small fire, explosion and pop sound emitted from it. Now, I am unable to either turn it off or on. Spend the extra money and get a Mr. Coffee. Mine lasted 10x longer (almost a year and a half).

  67. WRG

    have only used for a month and so far so good. perfect size for my smaller kitchen. only wish was for the auto cut off if wanting to get an early cup and the cut off after time (one hour would be good). seems to make a good cup of coffee (2 regular coffee mugs not 5 cups) again for the price a good product so far.

  68. AmazonCustomer

    This is a cheap coffee maker. By cheap, I mean it’s about the same as a discount motel room coffee maker. However, it functions as it should for the price. If you don’t make coffee daily and need one for occasional use, it’s perfect. If you drink coffee heavily, I recommend buying a higher end version.

  69. Gerald C.

    Don’t talk to me about “design problems” that you want to protect you from doing dumb stuff. Yep, if you fill with water without noting how much you’re putting in, it’ll overflow. And yep, if you leave it on, you’ll scorch the pot. Oh, come on. It’s a coffee maker under ten dollars. And it works. You add water and ground coffee, and you get hot coffee. What the industry calls “five cups” (using 5 ounces per “cup,” which is standard for coffee), you get enough for two large mugs. It makes quickly and keeps it hot. And I’ll give B&D credit for this – the carafe doesn’t inevitably drip when you pour. (The thinner the glass or metal at the tip of the spout, the less a carafe drips. I think this one, being small, has a thinner glass than 8-12 cup makers. Thus, less drip.) Versatile hopper. I can use the 4-5 cup filters or the 8-12 cup. Buy good coffee and run hot water through it, and you’ll get decent coffee. This machine will do that.

  70. Ahmed

    Horrible quality lasted only 2 months then it started to leak. I thought black and decker was a good brand but I guess not! I don’t even know if this product have any kind of warranty on it