BLACK+DECKER HSVJ520JMBF27 Cordless 20V Max Lithium 2-N-1 Stick Vacuum – Eggplant

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  • 2-IN-1 stick + hand design provides two vacuums in one for vacuuming floors and small messes
  • Auto suction adjustment for your different types of flooring means you don’t have to bend down to change any settings while you vacuum
  • Vacuum your house without the hassle of a cord
  • Swivel steering lets you maneuver around furniture and other obstacles with ease
  • The powered beater bar agitates dust and debris in carpets for a deep-down clean and is easily removable for quick maintenance
  • On-board extension tool helps you clean hard-to-reach areas
  • SMARTECHTM sensing technology alerts you how much battery remains and when it’s time to clean the filter


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The BLACK+DECKER cordless lithium ion 2-IN-1 stick + hand vacuum acts like two vacuums in one – vacuum floors and stairs, and use the hand vacuum to get up small messes too. With swivel steering, get around furniture and other obstacles with ease. The powered beater bar agitates dust and debris in carpets for a deep-down clean and is easily removable for quick maintenance. SMARTECHTM sensing technology alerts you how much battery remains and when it’s time to clean the filter. And, you can vacuum your whole house on one charge,** without a cord getting in your way. Includes: Jack plug charger, extendable crevice tool, brush attachment, pleated Pre-Filter, washable filter. *One-pass over bare floor picking up 1 cup of CheeriosTM ,**Based on 2,500 sq. ft. home, Cheerios is a registered trademark of General Mills, Inc. and is not affiliated with Black & Decker (US) Inc.

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  1. Cameo2

    I wish I would have purchased this instead of the Electrolux Ergorapido. It is powerful, easy to use, stands upright on its own,the filter is easy to clean and retains a charge for much longer time than the Electrolux. I have hardwood and ceramic tile. So far, absolutely 5 stars

  2. sfmomof2

    this stick vacuum is amazing! if you’ve been thinking about getting one… buy this one. i’ve had it for 3 months now and it is a life saver between cleanings. we recently moved to a house that has all hard wood floors, and i can get our 4 bedroom 2 bath house crumb free on one charge! i have two small kids, 5 and 3, so we use this almost daily in the kitchen to pick up cheerios, crumbs from the table or counter, etc. it has helped me keep my sanity, for sure. it is surprisingly powerful as a stick vacuum and picks up leaves, perler beads (my kids are obsessed with those lately – and they always seem to end up on the floor), and it also nearly flattens out so you can get deep under couches, furniture, etc. every time we use it, my husband comments on what a great purchase (and value) this product was.

  3. goldglover

    This is a break through,anybody who spends hundreds more for that goofy Dyson is getting taken. This one lasts about 15 minutes more on a charge is better to maneuver and is easier to empty. Simply the best o the market for a no cord.

  4. AMays

    I researched extensively trying to find an affordable vacuum that would do well to pick up dog hair on wood floors (plus any other normal dirt). For the price, I think I chose well. We have 2 dogs and small child, plus its winter right now. Suction is sufficient. It can get most of the dog hair and dirt, but there always seem to leave some residual. Large debris is hit or miss [example: salt that makes its way in from the porch]. The battery life is decent, I can go 3-4 days between charging for spot cleaning, but 2 full charges are required to completely vacuum my 1,200 sqft hardwood/hard surface floor house. I have found that since I vacuum up something daily and vacuum the whole house weekly, I need to regularly (every 2 weeks) dissemble the head/roller portion to clean it thoroughly. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. I didn’t find anything else during my research that didn’t have similar issues.

  5. Roger Dan Edwards

    Does a better job than I expected. It also holds a charge better than I expected.I paid more for this cordless vacuum than other cordless vacuums available — but the extra cost was money well spent..

  6. Cindy Lees

    I bought this after another (name brand) stopped charging. While this is higher priced than some it is more than worth every penny spent. It picks up fantastic. I even used it in my car. It has that long reach tool and the best suckion I have ever seen even with a few vacuum. MY only complaint is that it has a strange charge plug in. it is at top front of unit and seems strange. I can live with it. And the charge lasts for days/weeks with non use. I you have messy pets, or crumps or just spot cleaning so easy. I haven’t really used the corded vac since purchasing because I LOVE this machine. The funny thing is I was attracted to the plum color. Little did I know I would get such a fantastic versitile machine. BTW my co-worker also got one and loves it too. She also has struggled with the big, bulky, or inadequate machines and it is perfect for her quick pick ups and pet issues. I highly recommend this if you vacuum a lot. BTW just remember it does not hold a lot so you have to dump a lot. Lastly I will say do not look for the filter on Amazon. They do not carry the right one. I did find the correct item on Target online and Bed Bath and Beyond online. So DO NOT order the suggested filters.

  7. tekritr

    My wife and I just love this small, lightweight cordless touch-up vacuum. We bought one at a steep discount that someone had returned, and I strongly expect that he or she were expecting diesel pickup truck performance from a Nissan Leaf. The biggest feature of this appliance is that when you need to vacuum up dirt, lint, crumbs, or assorted dust bunnies, you grab it, do it and put it back on the charger. Not having a cord eliminates a huge psychological barrier to using it. It gets all kinds of surfaces, hard floors, area rugs, deep pile carpets, entry mats, dusty shelves, etc. etc. visibly clean. We own a 2,000 square foot townhome with about equal rug and hard surface areas, and we can do a complete vacuuming that takes roughly 30 minutes, on one charge. My wife owns a commercial cleaning business, and she tells me industry studies show you can cover about 30% more area in a given time with a cordless vacuum. I suspect this benefit is even greater when you’re doing mid-week touchup vacuuming where mobility is everything.It took about 4 charge/discharge cycles before this thing began to demonstrate its rated battery life. It will run for over an hour if you keep blower speeds to 1 or 2 and use the brush roll as little as possible. In real life, the battery will last almost half an hour with the brush roll left on most of the time and the adaptive feature (it measures mass flow) regulating fan speeds. The brush roll is actually respectably powerful (translate: power-hungry) and it does a fine job getting both hard floors and carpets looking clean and groomed.The suction unit can be detached from the powerhead yielding an incredibly light and reasonably powerful canister vacuum. While it is not a true “quick draw” attachment system (that would have required B&D to implement a much longer hose and along with it, air flow resistance this little appliance can’t tolerate) it is still a very versatile cleaning system with a nicely complete toolset. Its direct dirt path enables it to pick up items like toothpicks and paper clips without clogging, something many full-power plug-in vacuums can’t do.Everything disassembles without tools, including the powered brush roll. The dirt cup wiper/dirt compactor works with reasonable efficiency and I’ve never had to go grubbing inside the bottom dump dirt cup to get out matted lint and hair. When the filter starts to get clogged, an indicator triggered by mass flow comes on and so far, sucking dust from the filter with a shop vac is restoring the filter’s efficiency. (I don’t like having to wait several hours for filters to dry if I can avoid it). The final exit filter has stayed clean so far, but it can be rinsed (or I suspect, very carefully blown clean with compressed air).The only three improvements I can think of (an advanced technology brushless motor, a much longer hose supporting in instant quick-draw attachment configuration and the use of external, exchangeable Li-ion battery packs) would drive the weight, complexity, and price to unacceptable levels. The plastic frame of the powerhead and handle can flex quite a bit, but it’s proven to be robust even with fairly rough daily use. Fully assembled, it’s a joy to use on stairs. It’s small and maneuverable enough that most of our vacuuming can be done with the very low profile powerhead. And unlike all but the most expensive cordless vacuums, this one provides really good (not quite full HEPA) allergen rated air filtration. Using less restrictive (translate: dusty) air filters is a very compromised way to get more performance where every watt-hour counts. Also, I like the ergonomics of a D-handle upright better than a powerhead with a long tube attached to it.We deep clean our carpets every week or two with a corded, 12 amp bagged upright vacuum cleaner, and it’s almost startling to see how much embedded dust, broken nap and lint a full-powered corded upright can brush, beat and suck out of a superficially clean deep pile carpet. But our little cordless wonder keeps things awfully neat between times and if we had almost all bare floors, it would probably be the only vacuum cleaner we’d need. I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t expect to tow a trailer with a Nissan Leaf 🙂

  8. Chris Evans

    Bought 8 months ago and the brush has already frozen up so not impressed, hopefully they will honor the 2 year warranty. UPDATE! I emailed Black and Decker to share my disappointment in their product. Without hesitation they asked for some basic information and informed me I’d receive a replacement in a few days. It came yesterday. This is the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. No arguments, no making me feel like the dirt did it, just sent me a new one. When I asked what I should do with the first one, send it back I thought, their comment was, please recycle. Wow, Black and Decker you are an outstanding company and you just got yourself a raging fan. Well done!

  9. Glenn S.

    Really like this vacuum! I left off one star because the dust bin is very tiny but other than that this vacuum encourages one to clean up. Very light and maneuverable. The stick part does have rotating brushes that can be turned on or off. The vacuum has a high and low setting. The vacuum pops off the stick and now you can vacuum anywhere. The absolute best part for me is, because I live in a condo, I use this all the time to vacuum the car. No more popping quarters into those gas station vacuum cleaners.

  10. TONI

    Seems to work okay so far. Battery charges quickly and suction seems okay. Not sure why its so pricey compared to other cordless vacs. Guess I was hoping for more.

  11. Amazon Customer

    This is a great product, but with a couple of issues. I really bought this over competing products because it was 2-in-1. It turns out that is not too important in my case because I have 2 other B+D hand vacs, so I just don’t use the hand vac feature of this one. And that is an important issue, because some of the other stick vacs had longer run times and some with higher voltages. So there is issue #1 — the run time is very short. 10 to 15 minutes is the best mine will do. That’s not terrible, but not great either. For me, it means a 4-hour charge at least every week. OTOH, it does have good suction and the roller-brush does a good job on short carpets. It is difficult to push across longer carpet, even with the roller turned on. We typically use this vacuum to pick up grass and other debris that our dog brings in — mostly on the kitchen tile floor.Issue #2 is that the batteries are not user replaceable. That’s a big deal, because after several years when the batteries start to fail, most owners will be faced with pitching the vacuum and buying a new one. (That may not be all bad since the technology is changing so fast!) It *may* be possible to take it to a service center and have the batteries replaced, but I have no information as to whether they will do that. How difficult would it have been to incorporate the B+D 20 volt max (tool) battery pack? Several manufacturers do use replaceable battery packs. I also wonder about the capacity of the cells that are used in the vac, but that information is not available from B+D (I asked!)

  12. Janell

    I have waited for over a month to review this product. Mainly wanted to see how well it stood up to what I had to throw at it. I LOVE IT. I use it to sweep my kitchen, almost daily. I have 2 large Labrador retrievers who have their own doggie door in and out. They bring a lot of debris into the house, not to mention dog hair. Mud, pieces of sticks, a dead animal here and there. (They keep us on our toes) anyway, this little vac sucks up the grit that I can feel on my feet, little tidbits of dirt and popcorn kernels. The popcorn is what got my attention. I have a dyson Ball, and when I use it on my hard floors, it sprays the debris all over my kitchen. And if I turn the beater blade off- the suction isn’t enough to get the grit I feel on my feet. This little vac sucks the debris and even with the beater on, actually sucks up the popcorn kernels. It won’t suck up a bread tie, seems it gets stuck in the beater blade. And larger things like gum wrappers you have to get with your hand. But I bought this for the grit on my floor, the specks of mud, dirt and pieces of chewed up sticks that are too small to grasp and throw away. The battery lasts plenty long enough to do my 20×15 kitchen with time to move chairs and trash can out of the way. I use it every day almost. And every day it sucks up things I didn’t know where there. Even DOG HAIR. it’s easy to empty, easy to use. Even my daughter is willing to sweep the kitchen now. Oh what a hassle it used to be to sweep my kitchen before this thing. Brooms would just float the dog hair around and the dust and grit never went away. But this has solved my problems. I love it. And would not hesitate to buy it again. I only wish I had bought it sooner. The suction is powerful and the footprint in my laundryrrom is small. Take up same amount of space as my broom and dust pan used to. LOVE IT!!

  13. Joe H

    This one gets into every nook and cranny. We love it.

  14. Christy Lynn Hill

    I love this vacuum! The battery life is great. I initially wanted a Roomba because we have two dogs. After research I decided that because of our home, it was better to have a vacuum that was manually used. My only complaint is that our dog hair gets caught in the bottom brushes (not the filter) so it does leaves some hair on the ground every once in awhile). I use it every other day though and cleanthe filter each time and it picks up very well. It’s so much better and quicker than sweeping. If your house is mainly hardwoods… this vacuum is great!

  15. Edroy Francis

    I never usually write reviews, but I just had too! I love love love this vacuum! I am always skeptical of cordless vacuums, but I’m so happy I choose this one! Do yourself a favor and purchase this vacuum!!

  16. jacog17

    Could not re-install the cannister after a few months and missed the time when I could return for a refund. When it worked, the suction and length of time on a battery charge were good.

  17. HannahI

    It’s nice overall, but it doesn’t have as much power as a plug in vaccum. It doesn’t leave cleaning lines in the carpet like my other traditional vaccum, which bums me out because I like seeing my vacuuming progress, haha. I do like the cordless feature, so even though there’s not as much suction, I’ll probably vaccum more often now. The battery has been great; no issues with losing charge so far. I have two floors of carpet so the suction is disappointing for me personally, hence the three stars, but if you have hardwoods and just a few rugs to vaccum, this will be perfect!

  18. conejita236

    I love the size of this thing. The container is obviously smaller than most of the ones you can plug in but it is bigger than most of the ones that are more mobile. I like that it has the little thing that you can push down on and remove some of the stuff off the filter. It comes in hand since i have a LOT of dog hair. I’m also allergic to dust and dander so this makes it so much easier to empty to the trash without making a huge mess or having to smell so much of the stuff. I love that it is small enough to get into tight places and I can remove it carry it around. I used it in my car and it worked great too. The only thing con is that one of the tools, made for getting into corners doesn’t like to stay attached it falls off a lot. I’m not sure if I’m not attaching it correctly or not, pretty sure I am though.

  19. Heather Hart

    I want to love this vacuum! I researched reviews, tried them all in several different stores… I was so excited to get this. I got it to keep up with the dog hair on the hairdo surface flooring in my living room. Not an excessive amount of hair, but enough to need to vacuum twice a day to keep up with it (I dont even like seeing one hair on the floor). This vacuum does a fabulous job for what i need it for. It takes a while to charge but if you plug it in every time, you’ll never have an issue. It does great sucking up the hair and other debris. The battery, on high power, lasts about 15 minutes. That doesn’t sound too long but it’s perfect for a quick sweep of the whole upstairs floor. I have found one flaw. Just one. But it’s a big flaw! There are tiny wheels, tiny! Like hotwheels car tiny. They get clogged quickly, dont spin and scratch the floors! It is something that is impossible to prevent, and impossible to clean. If this wasn’t an issue, this product would have 5 stars!

  20. Virginie G.

    Update May 11th 2018I was finally able to reach Black&Decker Customer Service by email. After sending my invoice and explaining the situation, they told me they will replace the broken vacuum for free. A new one has been shipped. I am very grateful for it.May 8th 2018Great product until the brush stops spinning for no reason just after 1 year and 2 months of light use. 2 year-warranty ? black&decker is saying to contact the seller, but Amazon can’t do anything after 30 days… Black&Decker “contact us” form is not working… and they have very few service center… Not very sure about what I can do except throwing it away and buying another brand…

  21. Emily K.

    I loved this vacuum at the start. It was exactly what I needed for quick daily clean-ups without having to bring my large corded vacuum downstairs. Now that I’ve used it for a few weeks the battery doesn’t seem to be staying charged as long, so I’m wondering if this vacuum will last. Time will tell, but I do like the ability to take the smaller part and do the stairs and tight areas. I had hopes of doing my car, but again… not sure a fully charged battery will last the entire clean-up of the car.

  22. cindy f

    The vac is fine, it’s the filters! You suggested the wrong filters, so I had to return those. They are actually pictured with the vac! Go figure. I ordered another filter, it didn’t fit! Where do you get filters for this things, and why would you sell something you can’t get filters for???

  23. ashley

    Like it but I don’t love it. It works pretty well but it does not hold very much. I made the mistake of sucking up cat litter and it is trapped all in the plastic. Emptying this is a bit odd as well. You have to take it all apart and pull out the filter and empty that too. It can make a big mess. I had hoped to use this for every day cleaning but it has become so much of a pain I just end up bringing out the big vac.

  24. Ericka Flores

    I don’t think is rocket science to charge a vacuum cleaner… plug into the power, connect to the vacuum and you’re ready. Well I follow instructions, left my vacuum cleaner for endless hours while the lights kept blinking and blinking and blinking and it never worked. Either it’s the charger, or the vacuum cleaner itself isn’t working, but I don’t have the patience to figure it out, when is the second time I have this problem with the exact same product. I returned the same product, got a new one expecting that it was just bad luck, but apparently it’s just a defective product and of course my bad luck. So maybe is just me that I need an intensive course on how to charge and wait for days until your vacuum cleaner decides to work or the brand doesn’t have any quality inspections over their products.

  25. YarJam

    I really like the versatility of this vaccum. Be very careful when taking the brush off to clean it. I lost the blue gasket on one side. We called Black & Decker to get the part but you can’t get just that part. You have to buy the full head assembly which they had on back order. So they are sending a complete replacement of the vacuum and didn’t require the old one to be sent back in. That is very good customer service.

  26. Robert Curcio

    Picks up wonderfully. Battery does not last beyond about 20 min. It does take a few hours to charges. I can highly recommend it for carpets and tile floors, suction is great.

  27. Penelope

    Updated. I posted an earlier negative review because the brush component stopped working, and I was ready to return the vacuum and find another, but after researching other cordless vacuums yet again, I realized this was the best reviewed for the money I was willing to spend and for the features I wanted and was determined to make it work. I removed the rolled and reinstalled it, and it is now working again. I also realized that it may be very easy to hit the brush on and and off button inadvertently when changing speeds and not realize it. I’ve only had this vacuum a month so I don’t know how it will hold up but I hope it lasts quite a while because I love it for vacuuming after my 3 cats every morning for a quick clean up of hair and litter from my laminate floors.

  28. happy.

    I have had a Shark that lasted for about 10 years. It finally died and needed to be replaced.I tried the ANKER 2 in 1 unit and sent it back. It had a smaller head than this one and not as good suction.I love my new unit. The hand vac picks up dog hair and has an extension so I do not have to bend over while using it.The suction on both units is outstanding.I tried to vacuum our plush carpet and it did not do so well. I cannot manage a heavy vac so my husband will keep on vacuuming our carpet.The dust container is a bit small but I do not mind emptying it each time so it stays clean.It is light weight and has good swivel action. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.The ONLY thing they forgot in the design was to add a clip so the brush head can ride onboard.

  29. Dale Morsette

    We LOVE this product. It is effective, flexible and easy to use and empty. I actually go out of my way to find areas to use it. My office nearly daily (primarily because I’m there, and it is also), elsewhere in the house, the car and anywhere else I can find. The ability to remove the basic vacuum from the rest of the standup unit, and use it as a handheld mini-vac is wonderful. One of the best purchases of the year.

  30. my2cents

    Purchased about three months ago, and we are very satisfied so far. The vac works perfectly on tile floors and is so simple to use. No more wrestling with a cord means the job gets done much faster. The head is small, so it fits in tight corners and swivels easily around cabinets and toilets. It holds a charge for a long time, and the pull-off hand vac is convenient and works great.

  31. Kevin Maloney

    This vacuum seems to have very little power, it doesn’t pick up well on hard floor at either speed. Its very annoying to clean it out, and the charge seems to last less than 20 minutes.

  32. NancyJ

    I really, really love this. It’s lightweight and SO easy to use. I’ve now bought seven of them. One for my house, three for our beach house, one for my brother and two for our two kids. I actually have two for our house, but it’s an earlier version (blue) that’s not as strong as the “eggplant” one (so I’ve bought 8 total). My friends are buying them now, too. I always hated pulling out the heavy vacuum and yanking the cord around, so the vacuuming was done less frequently than it needed. But now I vacuum much more often because it’s so easy. The battery lasts around 45 minutes, which may not seem long, but who wants to vacuum that long, anyway? Love it!! Keep it plugged in when not using!

  33. Drey57

    The third time I actually used it I noticed that the brush wasn’t spinning. I use it daily to vacuum out my car. I very disappointed I have had a dirt devil vac like this and it lasted years!

  34. Ramona Chun

    So far I like it a lot, only had it a few months. Works great on both floor and carpet, and is relatively quiet compared to the shark we use at the office. Even picks up kitty litter. Easy to empty and clean filter. Still have my Black and Decker stick vacuum from 18 years ago and it also still works great, only can’t get filters for it any more. Hopefully this last as long and they keep making filters for it.

  35. Fair Pickel

    Exactly what I was looking for. Cordless, great suction and makes quick clean-ups so easy. My daughter bought one too! My grandsons love using it!

  36. sys

    this cordless vacuum cleaning is so far so good, it is very thoughtful machine, not much noisier than Hoover cordless cleaner and lighter than many cordless vacuum. Battery life is long enough to vacuum our 1000 squire apt.(about an hour) I recommend this vacuum. I will buy another one later.

  37. DantheMan

    Excellent stick vac! This one replaced our Electrolux Ergorapido because the battery was not holding a charge and you cannot replace the battery. We have owned this B&D vacuum now for several weeks and like it better than the Electrolux- it does a better job of cleaning hardwood floors and rugs. We have two large cats and their hair is everywhere. It has better suction than the Electrolux model. The dirt filter is better too and easier to clean. Much better value than Electrolux and half the price!

  38. kbb

    Like the convenience of cordless. The rotating brush is powerful, but the suction less so. Battery life is quite short when running the brush roller 20 min. or less.For me its worth the price I paid, 140. I wouldn’t be that happy with it if i paid the original price, around 185.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Where we live is very dusty and daily sweeping or vacuuming is recommended. I only have vinyl and tile flooring with a few rugs. I noticed that the vacuum seams to only work well on the rugs when pushing it forward. Pulling the vacuum toward me makes the cleaner sort of skip instead of rolling smoothly. The cup is very small so I empty after each use. My house is 1750 square feet and I can vacuum the whole house easily on one charge. My biggest complaint is that on the Amazon site it says “frequently bought together” and shows the vacuum cleaner and a set of replacement filters. Those are NOT the correct filters!

  40. joey goforth

    batteries good; suction is good…but pieces keep falling off of it. The swivel head is floppy and the detachable vacuum portion keeps detaching by itself. B&D was never the Cadillac of small appliances, but they used to build products that were well engineered and reasonably solid. This is not.

  41. Jimbo Craig

    We really like the convenience and quality of this little stick vac! Great purchase and we looked at a lot of different brands and models before buying this………….it’s a smart choice!!!

  42. Amazon Customer

    I thought this was going to be a very good vacuum. Turns out it’s a piece of junk. The cover that holds the filter continuously falls off, it gets clogged up and has to be cleaned way too much, the battery life is horrible. I have two levels and can’t even finish the bottom one before charging, much less get to the top level. The button you mash to release the handheld vacuum part is broken now and you practically have to jerk it and force it off to use it. What’s more disappointing than all of that is two months in, and already i can’t return it? Department stores have a longer return policy than that!

  43. Amazon Customer

    I have a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky. Both girls shed an awful lot. I thought this vacuum was going to be the answer to my prayers but it wasn’t. The container which holds the dirt is so small so I’m continuously emptying it. The vacuum takes a while to charge. I’d say more than 2 hours. And when it’s done charging, the vacuum goes from super strong to weak in approximately 10 minutes. It says this vacuum is good for pet hair but what kind of pet? Like 10lb dog? Not good enough for my household.

  44. Adam

    We were looking for a versatile vacuum for our apartment. We were amazed by how much this little unit picked up, and continues to pick up, even after we used a much more powerful standard vacuum. It’s easy to clean, brushes come out, and the battery is sufficient to do several rooms quickly. If I had one complaint it’s that I’m constantly emptying the basket, but that’s just because it works so well!

  45. Carol D.

    great little machine – easy to use as a secondary vacuum. Light weight, maneuverable, quality materials. I keep it at the bedroom end of the house for quick pick-ups. Easy to store while charging. Cleans well.

  46. Amazon Customer

    I bought this in Feb 2018 and by July it completely broke on me. The handle just snapped as shown in the photos. Since it is not covered by warranty and it is very difficult to get a hold of Black and Decker’s customer service, I just tried to repair it with glue but to no avail. Aside from that, this takes 6 hours to fully charge and will drain within 23 minutes at max setting. The suction is mediocre so you have to pass through an area multiple times which adds to consumption thereby further decreasing area you cover considering its battery life.

  47. Bernd Meier

    My wife loves this thing , it’s light and easy to use . Battery lasts plenty long for our use .

  48. patricia nemier

    So, I’ve had this for almost a year now and I love it. Easy to manuver and stays charged. I love the removable dust buster. I need to find replacement filters. Buy this. You won’t regret it.

  49. Allen Thompson

    cordless and light weight to carry all around. detached hand vac is a life saver. so easy to clean beater bar!!!!!! all comes apart perfectly! only flaw is the battery lasts only long enough to clean the whole house once before it dies

  50. Deborah Arel

    Excellent product. Meets all expectations. Will recommend to friends.

  51. GrammieGreat47

    Much better than the 8 or 12 volts most stick vacs run on. This Black and Decker has a 20 volt battery and does a great job of quick brush ups, and spot cleaning. You can hear the power it has and if one level isn’t doing the job, it kicks up to a reserve level. Should I ever need another stick vac, I would buy another Black and Decker.

  52. Amazon Customer

    Very good power, better than I expected. Really good at picking up pet hair from the rung. Love the portability. Cleaning it isn’t much fun, but the time saved in vaccuming can be put to cleaning the brush and collector. Definitely a winner in my opinion.

  53. Ann

    Haven’t had this for super long yet, but so far I love it! The hand vac is easy to detach and the crevice tool (or whatever it’s called) is already attached and just extends out when you want – I can’t tell you how much better that is than my last stick vac where I had to attach the plastic piece every time! Works pretty well on hard floors and thin rugs, even with pet hair. I wish it had the one-touch empty feature, but it’s still not too bad to empty the canister (I just hate doing it!).I don’t love the way to charge it though, the charger just plugs into the wall with a cord hanging loose, which gets plugged in to the front of the vacuum. My last one had a little base you would stick it on the charge, which seemed a little more practical. This looks a little weird to me, especially since the charger is white while the vacuum is purple and gray. Not a deal breaker though.

  54. Amazon Customer

    I love this little vaccuum, it’s so easy to use, and the versatility of having a dustbuster style handheld piece within a larger vacuum is such a space saver. Unfortunately 8 weeks after purchasing, I had it standing on it’s little kickstand to charge, it fell over, and now the filter won’t click back in all the way and sometimes falls out while vacuuming! Super annoying! Maybe it’s worth it buying one that installs into a wall instead.

  55. Cho Flo

    I love this! I did so much research before purchasing a cordless vacuum. I have no problems so far. I’m praying it stands the test of time.

  56. Kris Singleton

    Do not buy this item. It stopped working 3 months after purchase and it was going to cost over 1/2 of the purchase price just to send to the service center for repair. There was a battery fault and I was on the phone with the service center for over an hour and they couldn’t fix it.

  57. Flo

    Good sucking power and last longer than my previous pet Bidel one. It is somewhat noisy and it is weird to have to through the high power to turn off (just hot twice)

  58. R. Horst

    This vacuum is awesome!!! Versatile, powerful, good battery life. Nice feature to disconnect canister to do things like stairs and inside cars. Nice to adjust power. Turn beater bar on and off.

  59. birder1

    Perfect for wood floors. Small andlightweight, perfect to keep inside closet ofmaster bedroom

  60. Amazon Customer

    The charging port only last 2 months. I can’t return or exchange because the “support has been closed” I am so disappointed. I really did start off loving this vacuum. But now I have this broken $200 hunk of junk that’ll most likely need to pay to get fixed after 2 months.

  61. Dominique F.

    Love this light weight but powerful vacuum!! It’s wonderful. I love the floor sensor so I don’t have to manually adjust the suction. The brush also turns off/on for when I’m changing surfaces. Super easy to clean and attachments make hard to reach areas a breeze. LOVE THIS VACUUM!!!

  62. Jane Bohls

    Love the vacuum, picks up pet hair like gangbusters. However I would like to buy replacement filter numbers (as listed in the manual) VSPF10xx and VPF20. I cannot seem to find them.

  63. Janet Scott

    Loved the ease of cleaning the filter. Easy to operate. Running at full power with the rotary brush engaged did a great job but drained the battery too quickly. Overall the battery didn’t hold a charge as long as anticipated. The battery totally failed to operate by the end of its first year.

  64. Beatriz

    Love it! Great suction, battery life is somewhat low, but it’s easy to charge and great for a smaller apartment with different types of flooring.

  65. CamVetteGirl

    Not impressed…It’s difficult to get the hand held part out to use and it is difficult to empty it. Also, the filter needs to be cleaned every time which is really inconvenient.It does suck well for a cordless though. And it’s better than Dyson.UPDATE: GARBAGE…JUST THREW IN THE TRASH.There isn’t one good feature on this vacuum. It’s difficult to empty, it doesn’t suck anymore when you use the large vacuum roller part (does suck better with the handheld part) and the way you plug it in when you charge it is a joke, It’s a tiny plugin on the handheld part that you have to maneuver to plug it in. BIG WASTE OF MONEY

  66. Thecoaster

    Lot’s of suction, good battery life, works well on bare floors and carpeting, rugs. Dirt container could be a bit larger, probably filling up because we use it so much!

  67. Contonio

    I cannot love this vacuum enough. We have all hardwood floors and tile in the kitchen, so this vacuum has become my every day vacuum. Very light and easy to maneuver!

  68. Christina Platt

    Love this, best vacuum I have ever bought. I have hard wood floors with carpet in one room. This goes through my 1800 sq ft house on one charge. Picks up pet hair great. Love the hand held for couch and small spaces. Kids love to help clean now. Ages 11-18 who would have rhought?

  69. BJ

    I’m very pleased with this little vacuum cleaner. It is light weight but does a great job cleaning up spills. The suction power seems to be right on. I would recommend this vacuum to friends and family.

  70. Tlynns23

    This works no better than a dust buster. So if your looking for a dust buster on wheels this is for you. Forget getting anything significant off of carpets. Just save your money and get something better.