CamelBak Podium 24oz Water Bottle

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  • A grown-up bottle for serious cyclists, the 24 fl. oz. Camelbak Podium redefines the bike bottle with a high flow rate and self-sealing cap
  • Self-sealing Jet Valve cap delivers high water flow; drink with ease without spills and splatters
  • Secure lockout on cap ensures leak-free transport and shaking and mixing of powdered drinks
  • Made from a proprietary blend of BPA-free and BPS-free Polypropylene with hydro guard, the Podium lets you taste your drink, not your bottle
  • CamelBak Got Your Bak Guarantee: If we build it, we’ll Bak it with our lifetime guarantee


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CamelBak Podium 24 oz revolutionized the sport bottle by offering an innovative design that simplifies high performance hydration. The patented spill-proof Jet Valve allows the user to hydrate immediately without having to open or close a drinking interface and the bottle’s streamlined ergonomic design offers excellent squeezability without compromising bottle grip. The large aperture of the drinking nozzle generates an exceptional water flow rate and is easy to remove for thorough cleaning. The Podium also has a lockout dial with easy to read graphics for leak-proof transport.

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  1. Hardcore Harley

    All the Camelbak products are great and the 24 oz Podium Water Bottle is no exception. I have two of these for extended rides. I only gave it 4 stars because the Camelbak 21 oz Podium Chill Bottles are amazing with their thermal insulation. One 21 oz Podium Chill Bottle can get me through a training ride in extreme heat and humidity and the last few sips are still cold. After an 18 year hiatus from cycling I was shocked to have a bottle I didn’t need to rip the cap open with my teeth while on the roll. Technology is a sweet, sweet thing.

  2. Blue 911

    The smoke color one looks awesome on a matte black bike.

  3. Rebecca

    We have 3 of these bottles. 1 now for over a year. The locking feature on this bottle is excellent and avoids spills in my kids backpack and at school. I just don’t like that there is now visible grime at the base of the plastic mouth piece that I can’t clean out. I tried taking off the spout (I don’t think is supposed to come off but I pried it off) and I still can’t get to the part where the grime is trapped. Looking at the design I don’t believe the water travels over this now grimy area but it looks disgusting. I wish they would sell replacement caps.

  4. Nyx K

    I bought three, one for me and the other two for my twins. My twins are disabled twins with mild CP and holding a cup of ice water isnt always simple for them with shaky hands. A lot of glasses have ended up on the carpet due to simple small accidents and I had been searching for water bottles with this style of valve for the longest just wasnt sure of its particular name. I happened across this brand in a local store but there was only one left so I decided to hop online to search for it and found these, which were an even better price on Amazon. I didn’t care about color or style, i just wanted quality and they are perfect for my situation.I am completely happy with it. No more worries of accidental drops of water, and my boys love to drink ice water all day long, so no more short trips to fill up small glasses. I also love to pack water around with my myself on walks or in the car and the bottle size will easily fit in my car cup holder. It is easy to drink from, and everything about it feels like good quality. The valve is a nice solid feeling rubber along with the rest of the bottle. It is smooth and solid yet a bit flexible if you like to squeeze the water out into your mouth as well

  5. S. White

    Currently love this water bottle. Haven’t been usually it long though, so there could be long term negative features. Either way, you can flip it upside down when it’s not even in “locked” mode and it won’t leak.Great pressure so you can also squeeze it and use it as a water gun:^)Holds a nice amount of water, and sucking on the bottle easily gets water out (I don’t recommend squeezing the water into your mouth because of the pressure and you might choke yourself lol).Overall, easy to drink from, no signs of any leaking yet, affordable, looks nice. No complaints 🙂

  6. Unogreatdad

    Of the complains I have read, the most common is “does not keep water cold”. Of course not. These bottles are not insulated. Read! Having said that, even the insulated bottles, regardless of brand, do a poor job at keeping drinks cold, largely due to convection from outside air blowing around the bottle while riding your bike. I’m an avid cyclist. I know what I’m talking about.Plastic taste? Not with mine. Thats why I’ve been buying these bottles for years. I replace them after about two years of hard use only because they get scratched up over time. No biggie. After all, they are just plastic.My beefs are the pricing and delivery. Fifteen bucks? Really? At that price, I’ll just support my local sticks and bricks bike shop. Ultimately I put these on my wish list to see if the price would come down. It did. I paid ten bucks each. But even after ordering when the price came down, It took nearly a month to get them. Absurd.

  7. J. Dubovsky

    This version is slightly more compact (shorter) than the old 24 oz Podium bottles, which this replaced, due to less wasted space in the narrowing of the “neck.” After a couple months of lots of road biking with it, I can say that bottle cage retention seems just as good as the old design (at least in my Serfas bottle cages). The new nozzle design is easier to clean than the old and the curved “wings” on the twist-able nozzle are better-marked with icons indicating open and closed. All together, a handful of nice and simple upgrades from the old design. Still the best water bottle out there: the top and nozzle never ever leaks, is incredibly easy to use, and it cleans well to last a long time.

  8. Adam Kautz

    Innovative design automatically locks liquids in when bottle is not being squeezed, however it should include some sort of flip cap when needed to keep dirt out of the nipple.It has ring on top. When the ring is turned to the locked position it prevents water from coming out and when turned to the unlocked position you have to squeeze it to get the water to come out. But it is easy to squeeze, the water comes out quick, and it recaptures air immediately so you can squeeze it again and again. The bottle is soft enough that even after a long, hard squeeze the bottle does NOT lock into a deformed position as many bottle I have used, but quickly returns to its proper shape.

  9. Alison Kubota

    I love these bottles. The one minor gripe about them is that the nozzle tip can sometimes gunk up especially if you use some performance drink mixes, and small amounts of it get into the little space in the nozzle that you can’t get to unless you yank the nozzle tip out, then pry out the inner “liner” plastic part. But then again, other bottles don’t let you get into and clean those inner crevases where stuff gunks up and starts to mold. With the podium bottles, you can clearly see gunk and any molding that is taking place.

  10. South Texan

    If you can get these for a few bucks each as an add on, go for it. NOT the polar insulated ones, but I don’t care for those. Does have the self sealing jet valve, which I do like. Don’t have a groove for the cage to grab onto, but does taper inwards so fits well and stays in place as good as any of them do – can you say Chip-Seal? Can you say bye-bye bottle every once in a while?The only -maybe- better ones are the event freebees that you don’t care if you loose, but they always seem to ooze Gatorade and these don’t, so it’s a trade off.

  11. some_dude

    This is my first bike bottle, so I do not have any benchmark to compare it with. I have taken this bottle filled with ice cubes in a temp of 32 C in a bike, in about a 2-3 hour rides and the water just felt normal/little warm at the end of it. I think it does a good job of keeping the temp for a considerable amount of time. Additionally there is none of that plastic taste. The squeeze mechanism is pretty solid and has a good amount of water flow. The lock is solid and there is no leaks at all.2 small issues that I noticed although this is more of a personal preference,1. The lock mechanism is pretty sturdy. As a result to unlock the bottle you may need two hands, so you have to stop to do so. That, or maybe build the muscles in your finger to slide unlock it while also grasping the bottle at the same time….2. The nipple has a pretty deep hole in it. If you are doing gravel or just riding off-trail, you might see deposits in there. The way the water flow works, you may not be able to flush it out by just discharging some water.Overall this a pretty nice bottle!

  12. Solon Rosenblatt

    Camelback is now owned by Vista Outdoor. As part of the 2018 NRA boycott resulting from the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, we have called on retailers to stop selling all Vista Outdoor products specifically over the company’s support of the National Rifle Association and manufacturing of assault weapons. The second amendment does NOT guarantee the purchase of assault rifles!

  13. Shesteiny

    This is my go-to water bottle. If fits in the side pocket of my backpack, on my bicycle, and in my car cup holder (it does not fit ALL car cup holders. I have one that is bigger and one that is smaller). I find that cleaning the mouth piece is a pretty big hassle so I just buy a new bottle every year and in the mean time, I run sudsy water through it when washing and I don’t use my bottle at all when I’m sick. I’m forever a fan!

  14. Bruce Wayne

    Love these bottles, about 24 oz, durable, reliable and i like that are are a bit opaque so i can see the water level while filling. Use these for bike rides and wouldn’t even choose a different brand. These ones are even much easier to squeeze so getting water while biking is a breeze and everything can be remove and cleaned easily, even the nipple. Highly recommend!

  15. John Z

    These bottles are GREAT. I just ordered 2 as I left my old ones on the back of my car and drove off. They slide into my bottle holders and stay there just perfectly and don’t rattle around like standard bottles. The lid is the thing here that makes this bottle. They don’t drip or leak even when they bottle is not in the “locked” position. Great, great, bottles.

  16. SereneFlaws

    I had to throw this away after about a month because the inside of the mouth piece gets gross. There’s no way to get in there to clean it but water still gets in there so I believe mold started to form, so I had to throw it away.

  17. DangFineGuy

    Works well for a non-insulated water bottle. I use this one for a bedside no-spill water container and like it a lot for that purpose. for cycling, general outdoor use, and for commuting, I prefer the insulated version.

  18. J. DavisTop Contributor: Photography

    I purchased two for my bike rides. These are smaller than expected, but that’s a plus given my intended use. I like the seal design and lock. These are great, but not quite perfect. The cap seems sturdy, but I’m not confident in how much abuse the bottle itself can absorb. For the price, I’m probably going to order a backup set.

  19. RGG

    Nice and light. One of the few bottles I have ever purchased that won’t leak into my gym bag if I leave it there or even leak into my shirt as I try to drink. Good seal and opens and closes easily.It does not do much to keep drinks cool, however for long rides I prioritized volume carrying capacity over temperature, and these hold more than the insulated bottles.

  20. Deborah

    Each member of my family has at least one of these bottles. We really love them, except we haven’t figured out a way to keep the mouthpiece clean, so after several months of use, it gets moldy and has to be thrown out. It costs as much to replace the mouthpiece as to buy a whole new bottle, so that’s obnoxious.

  21. browning

    I use one for myself with the bike, in/ out of the car, and around the house when working on projects. Great bottle and love that it won’t spill.My #1 use for the bottle is with my chocolate Lab. I work him every day and he will drink straight from the bottle. Bottle fits in the cargo pocket of my pants comfortable and the bottle ensures it won’t spill all over me and makes it easy to keep my boy hydrated.

  22. Eric H.

    Podium bottles are by far the best bottles for your cycling adventures. I now have six. Two of the regular non-insulated Podium, two of the 21oz insulated Chill bottles, and 2 of the large insulated Big Chill. They all serve different purposes. One of each for plain water, one of each for hydration drink mix.

  23. Russell M. Aaron

    My favorite water bottle got an overhaul with the sleek, black look. I LOVE what CamelBak has done to the industry, and think their products are absolutely worth the cost. I use this regularly on bike rides, or packing for extra water on hikes. Durable, doesn’t have a weird plasticy taste, and does not spill 😀 A win in my book!

  24. Checkmate

    Came with a useless plastic piece for hanging on a sales display rack. Plastic says remove before use. But it is impossible to remove because they build the cap over it and the cap doesn’t come off. I tried cutting it off and couldn’t get the plastic underneath the cap so now its a sharp blade making it dangerous to use. I tried asking the question and no one responded.

  25. B. Campbell

    I bought two of these because my old water bottles would leak my sports drinks all over the frame/drivetrain, in one case necessitating a trip to the bike shop because my components got gunked up.These bottles just plain don’t leak under normal use circumstances. The only time I had an issue was when I flipped my bike upside down with a couple of full bottles that had open valves… then they dripped a bit, but closing the valve solved the problem.

  26. breezy

    I already own two of these bottles in a larger size. I like podium bottles for biking and hiking because of the control the top/lid provides. My wife thought I was foolish for buying more bottles (my first podiums) until she dropped her bottle and it spilled everywhere.

  27. HonestlySpeakingDez

    This bottle is easy to adjust, can lock with a twist, stays cold and fits perfectly in my bike cage. Not much more you can ask for, this case is great and the brand is equally awesome. We have 4 of these and they have served us well. No leaks, not problems.

  28. Lisa

    bought this for my boys for football practices/games! Works awesome, as it does not spill (make sure you screw the lid on right, it’s a little tricky sometimes) and he can squirt it through his helmet so there is no need for him to keep taking it off! Works just like the Gatorade bottles that most sports team use. I love it, plus it is a bright green color so you can spot it on the field after practice if they leave it behind!

  29. Robert

    They’re a bitch to clean but super nice not to have to open a close the top for a drink.

  30. Big Bri

    I read the reviews about insulation and I guess the product never claims this so perhaps this is my fault. It DOES say it doesn’t taste like plastic, and that’s not true. The water from this taste just like the water bottles I used when I was 10. Blech.

  31. laughingrice

    Great bottle, very easy to drink from with a good flow. Good volume and much smaller than my insulated one, so fits better on the bike, at the cost of not being insulated. Has a rotation lock mechanism instead of the up / down classic one

  32. Scott

    I really like the sealing mechanism on this bottle as it makes virtually spill proof whether it is locked or not. The wide mouth allows for fast fluid flow making it a very nice bottle for cycling and the locking mechanism allows you to use this bottle to mix ingredients via shaking without risk of leaking.Overall it is simply a great bottle especially for the price!

  33. Sean

    I have 3 other insulated camelback bottles and I prefer them over this one, but it does the job just fine. This one is slightly shorter, so that could be good for a tight space (on a full suspension mountain bike with a cage potentially).

  34. John

    I would love to give this product more stars. It looks great. Mine leaks around the threaded cap no matter how much I tighten it. So, in my opinion it’s just an attractive piece of unusable garbage. Also not 24oz. Buyer beware.

  35. DC Amazon

    Very good squirt bottle. I also purchased a Smoke version before ordering the Jet Black. I like the Smoke version better because you can see through the bottle to determine how much fluid remains in the bottle during your ride. The Jet Black bottle is solid black. While you can estimate how much water remains in the bottle during a ride based on weight, it makes it harder to ration your water during a long ride.

  36. giemsaTop Contributor: Cycling

    Functionally, these are sturdy, do not leak, and have no annoying aftertaste. I find they don’t leak even with the lock opened. Aesthetically, the smoke color goes well with my black bike for a clean look. They do require a bit of squeezing to get the water out.

  37. Kitty Bartlet

    Best water bottle design for busy kids. We liked the bottle so much we bought 2 more. The spout is easy to access and incredibly functional. Perfect for biking, hiking, or just chilling in the great outdoors.

  38. Apollinaire

    Love this bottle that stays chilly longer than most while being quite light. I haven’t beaten it up yet, but it appears to be solid. Easy to drink from, and easy to snatch up during a ride.

  39. John F

    Great bottle. Simple easy to use and no drips. Better than having to use your teeth to pull the top up to get water. It also has a great flow rate that is adjustable by how hard you squeeze. I like the first one so much, that I ordered a second. Great for the Gym, biking, or sitting by the desk.

  40. Schira

    I wouldn’t have bought it if I was sure it is not an insulated bottle. I have a couple of insulated ones (including the one pictured)and seeing the image for the red, I took it for granted. Ok for the price paid.