Ceramic Space Heater, Small Portable Electric PTC Heater with Auto-Oscillation,2s Quick Heating,Hot&Natural Wind,Tip-Over&Overheating Protection for Home Office Desk, 600 Watts

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  • 【2S Fast Evenly Heat】: The heater utilizes PTC ceramic heating element,600watts energy-saving setting,mini space heater warms you up in shortly 2 seconds while creating a comfortable personal zone.
  • 【Multiple Safety Protection】: The portable heater equipped with tip-over safety switch and overheat protection.Automatically shut off if the space heater tips over or overheated inside the heater,offering you a safe and long-term experience.
  • 【45 Degree Auto Oscillation & Super Low Noise】: This electric heater with wide range heating designed. The heater can oscillate with 45°angle by pressing the rotating button on the top, deliver warm air for you and beloved ones.Super low noise makes your ears comfortable. The quiet sound won’t bother you at the work center, giving you a comfortable sleeping environment at night.
  • 【Hot & Natural Wind Modes】: This heater is four seasons available. Easily touch the ON/OFF switch on the top to turn on the heater, it emits hot wind with red indicator on. Touch the switch again, it turns to natural wind with blue light. Meet you need to cooling and warmth.
  • 【Portable Heater with Handle】: This space heater is small size with only(4.5*4.5*8.35inch),super portable to carry and store.There is a handle at the rear of the heater for you to freely move it anywhere in house. It is suitable for using in home, office and dorm, library, outdoors or anywhere accesses to a 110V wall outlet.


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Mini ceramic space heater to warm and heat the air around you, creating a comfortable personal zone. Say no to chilling winter !


Exquisite Appearance:

The combination of round and racetrack shape, a perfect combination of art and industrial production technology. The delicate appearance of the product is accompanied by a light indication, giving you a different sensory and visual experience.

Powerful Performance:

Just touching it,the top button will control heater shaking,which is simple and convenient. With one-touch swing function, the heating range will be larger and more uniform.

Unique Design:

The heater with classic vertical bar texture, plus its convenient buckle design, can be carried to anywhere to warm up you.Detachable grille screen for easy cleaning.

Available in all seasons:

Aside from low and high heat settings, our fan setting also allows you to enjoy fresh air in all seasons. Simply press the REGULAR WIND button to adjust to your comfort all seasons!


Color: Black
Weight: 1.87bl
Product Size: 8.27 x 4.33 x 3.94 in
Rated voltage: 120V
Rated power: 600W
Rated frequency: 60HZ
Wind type: Natural / hot
Heater Element: PTC Ceramic Heater


1.DO NOT cover the heater in case of overheating.
2.DO NOT touch the metal grid(air vent) while the heater is working to avoid scalding.
3.DO NOT block the air inlet, and keep it at least 10cm away from the wall or something else.

Package Included:

1 x Personal Ceramic Heater
1 x User Instruction

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  1. Tricia

    My bathroom is small so i don’t have room for a big heater, and since it’s winter… it’s freezing in the bathroom. It heats up fast and can heat up a small bathroom. It’s also good if you work in a cold office. I love it.

  2. Bri

    So I needed a little heater for our dining room (where I home school), I didn’t realize how cold our house is. Anyway, this thing is small which is what I wanted yay!, but it also swivels left and right. And I can tap it with my foot and shut it off if it gets too hot for me. If you need a little heater this one is great.There’s a power switch on the back as well.

  3. Rachael Walker

    Perfect size for my work test. One touch for hot two for cold! All year round sound machine/Heater/fan. A bit over priced but happy with my purchase

  4. schwartzy

    This little heater is small, but not small on heat. Tiny in size, maybe the size of a milk jug? But can really warm up an area. Bought this for my husband to bring to work. He works in a warehouse and although he is in an office, it still gets cold. This worked perfect!

  5. Nalin

    I’m very happy with the ceramic heater.I think it’s probably the best value in small heaters.I got this heater to use when I am sitting at my desk using my computer. For this task, the heater is perfect because it is compact and generates enough heat to take the chill out of the air and i’m very like the safety precautions of this product, it has a motion sensor on the bottom so that when it tilts or overheat, the heater turns off.I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a small but powerful heater.

  6. Chrysauna Weaver

    I love that this heater warms up a room quickly, but takes up so little space. A unique feature of this heater is its removable filter, making it easy to clean. It also automatically turns off if moved or tilted to ensure safety. I also like that it comes with a 60 day warranty, just in case. There are two steps in turning it on. First, turn on with the bottom button, then press the on switch at the top of the unit. I think this heater will save us money as I can keep the furnace set lower temperature and only add heat the spaces we are occupying. Stay warm!

  7. OC

    This little desktop space heater packs a big punch! I have an “office” in an unfinished basement in Chicago. I am typically down there layered up in multiple layers including fuzzy socks for my feet as they are freezing. I turn on this space heater and within seconds I can feel a difference in my space! It has the heat feature, currently my favorite as winter approaches, but if I let it get too hot it also has a cool feature as well and it will oscillate if needed too. There is a little button on the bottom that must be continuously depressed to start the heater. Therefore, if your child picks it up to play with it chances are they will not be able to turn it on but if it is on your desktop or on the floor you won’t have a problem.

  8. Eric M

    For some reason space heaters just do not last in our house…whether its someone tripping over the cord or the Great Danes knocking them off the counter, heaters rarely make it to year two in the house. I purchased this one as it is smaller than most other store-bought heaters (Lasko, Vornado, etc) in the hopes that it won’t get knocked off the dresser. After opening the package and messing around with the heater for a bit, I was pleasantly surprised that it has a tip-over shut-off feature…so much so that I went around to the other two heaters we have and tipped them over…but to my dismay, they don’t have a tip-over function. The controls on this heater are SUPER easy to use. The one large main power switch on the rear must be flipped to on before the other controls will work. The top two buttons are “Rotate/Swivel” and “Temperature/Power”.If you push the Temp/Power button once, the red light above the blue ring will turn on and the device will start to throw out warm air very quick and before you know it the air is super hot (approximately 10 seconds). If you push the Temp/Power button again, the red light will turn to blue and will start to throw out cool-ish air. I will say that I would not think to use this as a fan during summer months because the air that the device puts out is not strong enough to cool a room down.If you push the Rotate/Swivel button, the device will rotate/sweep close to 50°. If you push the button again, it will stop at that moment. Both of the buttons on top of the device are “Touch-Screen” buttons.As far as longevity goes, I feel as though this heater will last a LONG time due to the ceramic heating element as well as the door in the rear of the device to clean out the carbon filter. I will update this review if/when something comes about with the heater!

  9. Anthony E Forney

    I like this overall. I have a Vornado that my wife uses in the bathroom to heat it up. However, it does not do that great of a job. I substituted this one in and it heats the bathroom about 5 times as fast. And this one cost quite a bit less.If there is any drawback it is that the oscillating part has the plug wire connected to it, and the wire goes back and for along with the fan. It should be redesigned so that the plug is separate. In this configuration you have to be careful here you place the plug. But I like this and would recommend it to those who want a great, compact heater.

  10. Vika

    Love this little heater. It heats up my whole room and my room is pretty big. It’s small and compact so easy to take if you need to transport it. It’s very quiet, and it starts blowing hot air almost immediately. Great for its size, fan speeds is nice. It’s just a very nice personal heater.

  11. Hangartnerfamily

    This heater puts out the heat!! It’s small but might for sure. I love that it oscillates!! I place it by my bed, turn it on about 10mins before I’m ready to get in and it has warmed up my room and my bed. It’s amazing 🙂 I also love the fact that it can be a fan to so in the summer I will be using it as a fan. Super Sleek very cool looking as well. I’m super happy with this purchase.