Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set – 7 PC Set – 10 FREE Chalkboard Labels & Marker – BEST VALUE Kitchen & Pantry Containers – BPA Free – Clear Durable Plastic with Black Lids

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  • ✮ BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK – We provide a higher TOTAL STORING CAPACITY unlike most others on Amazon. Includes 1 Large Container (9.7 cups /2.3 liters), 2 Medium-Large Containers (7.2 cups./1.7 liters), 1 Medium Container (4.2 cups /1.0 liter), 1 Small Container (3.4 cups /0.8 liter), 2 Mini Container (2.1 cups /0.5 liter). These air tight containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for all your storage needs.
  • ✮ SUPERIOR BUNDLE – Your Complete Bundle comes with 7 BPA-FREE Premium Food-Storage Canisters, a Chalkboard Marker & 10 BONUS Reusable Chalkboard Labels allowing You to organize your pantry like never before. This set comes in a beautiful box which makes it an IDEAL GIFT for any family. Nobody else in the market provides more Value to YOU than us.
  • ✮ VERSATILE CONTAINERS – MANY GREAT USES: These air-tight food-safe Keepers are not only IDEAL for storing dry foods such as flour, sugar, rice, grain, cereals, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee and tea and but they are also PERFECT for holding liquids such as water, juice, soup, and more. No need to worry about liquids spilling out, just push down the handle and let the airtight technology do it’s magic
  • ✮ SPACE SAVING DESIGN – These Durable Square Containers have been especially designed to MINIMIZE SPACE, they are STACKABLE and will easily fit into your refrigerator, freezer or cupboard which enables you to get the kitchen organized and frees up space in the pantry. These clear Containers are also easy to clean, extremely USER FRIENDLY and ready to use.
  • ✮ AIRTIGHT MECHANISM – The Lid-Lock Mechanism ensures maximum freshness and prolonged food storage. Once the ring on the lid is pushed down, the silicone seal inside the lid will expand to seal the jar, creating 100% airtightness. Pop the ring back up and it serves as a handle to lift the lid as well.


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When your Premium Food Storage Container Set arrives at your door, rip the cute Amazon brown box open the first chance you get. Take out the Containers and admire at their elegant design. You have in your hands the most complete Food Storage Container Set on Amazon

What separates the Premium Food Storage Container Set from the competition. It’s simple really.

It starts with

  • It Comes with 7 Premium Clear Storage Containers with a Higher Total Storing Capacity than most other sets
  • 10 FREE Reusable Chalkboard Labels
  • FREE Chalkboard Maker
  • Includes 1 Large Container (9.7 cups /2.3 liters), 2 Medium-Large Containers (7.2 cups./1.7 liters), 1 Medium Container (4.2 cups /1.0 liter), 1 Small Container (3.4 cups /0.8 liter), 2 Mini Container (2.1 cups /0.5 liter).
  • Special Lid-Lock Mechanism ensures that no air or water enters in
  • Made of high-quality Durable BPA-free plastic
  • Space Saving Design – Stackable Square Shaped Containers Free up space in the Pantry.
  • Liquid Friendly

Better than MONEY BACK Guarantee

It’s because of this, that we are able to make a Guarantee unlike any other you have seen for a Food Container. We call it our better than MONEY BACK Guarantee and here it is…Try our Food Containers. If during that time you do not love them or do not feel that they were worth every penny of your investment today, we will give your full payment back no questions asked and you can keep the Food Containers as well.

Reviews (40)


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  1. Pepper

    I was looking alllll over the place for excellent storage containers. I found them !! These are non-BPA, completely air tight, leak proof, very sturdy and stackable containers. They come totally wrapped in bubble plastic within their own box. Included are nice black adhesive labels with a white marker to write upon. It is so nice to look at everything conveniently labeled and neatly stored. I originally ordered two sets and just ordered two more. I can mix and match the container sizes as needed.I do lots of crafts and can never find exactly what I am looking for in a given moment – guess what I will organize next ? And I have plans for other organizational projects that will simplify our lives. Camping, dog treats, baby’s needs, etc. Look no further for a great product to organize your world 🙂

  2. Andrea Mitchell

    I love love love these containers! They are very sturdy, they seal well, there’s a variety of sizes, and adding those labels and the chalk marker was just icing on the cake. They looks so sharp! When I was opening the box my husband, who doesn’t notice or care about stuff like this, walked by and said “Those are some nice containers”. I’m trying to come up with more things I can put in containers to justify buying a whole bunch more of them. These are the only food storage containers I will buy from now on.

  3. Brenda K Buck

    I was looking for something to replace my 10 plus year old trusty canister set that were no longer air tight. Hard to give them up but these were just the thing! The largest does NOT hold an entire bag of flour, only downfall, but other than that are fantastic. I love the tight seal and how they look.

  4. Amazon Customer

    These were the exact containers I was looking for and the quality is great. As some reviews mentioned, water does get into the lid when you wash it, so just make sure you really drain it out and let it air dry well. They don’t recommend washing the lid but I didn’t feel comfortable just wiping it down since it was coming in contact with food, but that’s just me! Also, the customer service is wonderful. I originally ordered two sets but one had a cracked container. I contacted customer service (there is a note inside the box for easy reference) and they responded promptly and happily replaced the cracked container with a new set (also with fast delivery, which was very much appreciated). Overall, I highly recommend this set!

  5. pmo3

    This company is making very high quality kitchen items. I got their cereal boxes and now these storage boxes. I will highly recommend this product.

  6. Fluffeebunneh

    Great price and product. Came well wrapped, however one was cracked. Contacted store and sent a replacement super fast. Awesome customer service! Now some of my grains and flours are nice and neat! Will reorder soon for my other flours. Also, love the wide mouth—super easy to scoop stuff out. Take note: Handwash ONLY or else the plastic will warp with dryer heat.

  7. Amazon Customer

    This storage containers surpassed my expectations. Ordering the 12 piece set now. The latch closures holds tight. No rubber bands in the lids.

  8. Serena

    Some complained these are too small for anything but I think they are perfect. I have a lot of packages of different grains, nuts, and pasta that come in a bag that doesn’t reseal and this will work great

  9. Kiara

    The main thing that I used this for is my salt and sugar . It’s practical and does the job the seal works like it’s suppose to . I bought this a few months ago then contacted the seller to see how I can get the lids replaced. No fault of the brand . They contacted me right back asked me for pictures of the lids that didn’t work and sent me not only the lids but a whole new package with everything included . Thank you so much for following up and helping me as a customer . They went above and beyond to help me . All I wanted to know is how to purchase the lids and they exceeded that!

  10. Christine Gasparino

    I love these, the sealing mechanism on the top really works, and keeps the seal, which is such a hard thing to find. I also love how the tops of them nest to save space in the cupboard. The sets come with little chalkboard labels and a chalk pen, which is not only convenient for labeling but gives them a stylish look that you can leave out on the counter and be proud of.

  11. A. Lee

    Updated Review 9-10-2018: I received a nice follow up email from Chef’s Path after they saw my review. Great customer service for sure and no issues found on the replacement unit so updating my rating and review here.Previous Review: One of the lids received defective – very disappointed. See video.

  12. Kendra

    These are great containers. They seal nice and tight and come in a good assortment of sizes. Their customer service is fantastic as is their response time. Would definitely buy again.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Love these. The added chalkboard stickers are a nice addition. The containers are sturdy and lids are easy to open while being airtight.Just wish they sold more of the smaller size and different widths/shapes.

  14. Amazon Customer

    I was very excited when I received this. They looked great and seemed sturdy, however within a few weeks most of them have gotten cracks in the handles/latch and on has shattered into multiple pieces. They have not been dropped and are not opened that often (maybe once or twice a week). I’ve only had them 2 months, but yet they now look like I tossed the lids across the room.

  15. Kimberly Dockter

    So far we are excited about this product! We have 6 kids so love products that are simple to user & durable. This product fits the bill! We also like the sleek design, our pantry looks great.

  16. Suzanne Hackett

    Extremely well-made, seals super reliably and is altogether charming and well-thought. I’m going to keep buying these for additional storage in my cabinets. Love the chalkboard stickers and the thoughtful marker pen.

  17. dana gruner

    One came cracked and broken. Otherwise they are great quality and the stickers for labeling are awesome

  18. Sandra

    I love these! So I bought them just because nothing else looked good to me. However I was more than pleasantly surprised. They actually come with their own little sticker sheet and chalk marker which was super cute. Not to mention they are easily stackable! They seem to be pretty air tight and have a locking mechanism. Definitely would recommend this company!

  19. Kat183

    They’re a great size and seal tightly, but when I went to open it after opening and closing the top only a couple of times, it broke off in my hand! (See image). I think it was probably a defect in this specific one, as the rest of mine all seem fine, but still not cool.

  20. Angela

    These are great and I highly recommend them to people who like easy access. It is great to be able to just glance and see what is in the cupboard without having to move boxes to see. Easy to open and close. Love them.

  21. JL

    My order came with a faulty gasket which made it difficult for the lid to close all the way. I emailed the manufacturer and within the same day they replied that a new order will be shipped. Awesome customer service! I will definitely order their products again.

  22. Rachel Eckert

    I love the different sizes that come with the set, it’s a really great value for your money! The lids stay on very securely but they’re still easy to get off/on. I really love the way I’ve been able to use these to better organize my pantry. The labels are great too.

  23. alisha saavedra

    These are good for storage. 2 of my lids don’t seem to seal as tight as the others but they are still good. These look nice in my pantry.

  24. trang

    The quality of this set is higher than I expected. I love the convenience of those storage containers, they even make my kitchen look nicer, and more organized, the sealing lids are so easy to use, marker and labels included is such a great addition. I’ll definitely buy more containers from Chef’s Path when needed. Highly recommended!!

  25. Sharg

    I am so happy about receiving this product. Thanks to prime I received very fast. I Find it perfect for a small apartment/home (maybe two people) and it’s so easy to use. I love the sizes very usable. Also I love the free glass marker and sticker labels ! Just what I need to reorganize my pantry!

  26. Jeff Fish

    Great storage containers, nice easy lids, and makes my pantry look nice!

  27. kjamali

    The containers are great! Easy to open/close and seem air tight (I just got them so I’m not sure if they truly are air tight). The marker the set comes with is very thick and it’s hard to write on the labels. If the marker was a thinner point I would give this product 5 stars.

  28. VH7284

    So far so good. Package came as expected. Lids are airtight. Chalkboard labels with pen is nice touch. Only slightly annoying thing is that it says you shouldn’t wash the lids, only wipe them off because water could get trapped inside. Will see how it goes.

  29. Danielle R.

    This product came in very secure packaging and the containers were wrapped very well with bubble wrap. The only reason I gave it four stars is because I thought they were going to be larger. I think the stick on labels are super cute and the marker that it comes with is high-quality. Overall a good value

  30. Amy Ellington

    I love, love, love them! Close nicely & visually appealing. Great product at a great price!

  31. Sunil Gopinath

    These are very good. The lids fit correctly but be careful if you are washing them. You need to let them dry out thoroughly as water gets into the lids in places which is hard to dry.

  32. Amazon Customer

    nice canisters

  33. Mel & TJ

    I love these. I just wish I could order more but they’re sold out.

  34. R. Rodger

    Wonderful product. Great price!,

  35. Sarah Mettert

    I bought 2 sets o these containers to organize my pantry. I love them! They are completely airtight and they’re easy to open and close. I like how you can label them with the liquid chalk…just put the label on first because the chalk is easy to smear. Great buy!

  36. PaJai Xiong

    The labels and containers are super easy to use. I’ve purchased other airtight containers similar but at a higher price. These are super affordable and the labels included are super convenient.

  37. Dameon Cunningham

    Great little containers for storage. Now my loose items all match and compliment my kitchen.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Mine came broken, otherwise seem great. Tight seal, sturdy build.Addendum:The seller reached out to me and sent me another set free of charge. Glad to have them!

  39. Brandon Komatsu

    Air tight! Cool chalkboard stickers with liquid chalk. If you want to change don’t worry! You can erase and re-write.6 different container sizes. The only thing is I wish they were bigger but…. all the pros outweigh this one set back.

  40. Bell

    I just ordered my second set of these. They are absolutely fantastic!! Just wish they offered some bigger containers for the customers who buy bulk.