Cotton Craft Ultra Soft 6 Piece Towel Set Burgundy, Luxurious 100% Ringspun Cotton, Heavy Weight & Absorbent, Rayon Trim – 2 Oversized Large Bath Towels 30×54, 2 Hand Towels 16×28, 2 Wash Cloths 12×12

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  • Set Contains – 2 Ultra Soft Oversized Bath towels 30×54, 2 Hand towels 16×28, 2 Wash cloths 12×12 – Burgundy
  • 100% Pure ringspun cotton highlighted with a luxurious Rayon band. Thick absorbent pile that is soft to touch.
  • Brilliant intense vibrant colors, highly functional and durable, easy care machine wash. These bath sheets will last you a long time.
  • The high quality heavy weight towel set will surround you with softness, absorbency, and comfort.
  • Recommended to wash before use. These towels will get fluffier and softer with each wash. Easy care machine wash. Do not use bleach.


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Our 100% pure ringspun cotton heavy weight towel sets are woven on state of the art super luxury towel looms. These towels are highly absorbent and will last a long time. Ideal for everyday use, these are highly versatile. We recommend to launder before first use. Easy to care for, just throw them in your washing machine. They will grow softer and fluffier with each wash.

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  1. BethTop Contributor: Baking

    I purchased these to replace some old, balding towels and they’re a good, basic towel set.I wasn’t sure they were going to be much of anything since they come extremely compressed, but they turned out quite fluffy after several times through the washer and dryer. They’re not super soft but they’re not scratchy either and are a good size.These are not bleach safe as other other brands, so make sure to keep the bleach away or use color safe bleach. I now have one pale blue face cloth to prove this. :)Overall, these are a good value and a solid basic set suitable for college students or first apartments (or people like me who just want a basic towel).

  2. Kevin E

    Fairly pleased with this towel set. Definitely soft, but doesn’t seem to be as absorbent as most of the other towels that I have used. EDIT: Have been using the towels now for a couple months. After a few washes, for whatever the reason the towels seem to be more absorbent. They are still quite soft. I originally gave this a 4 start, but would upgrade to 4.5 star based on their value now. Their color is still holding up well and hasn’t faded. If they last like this for another 6 months I would upgrade to a five star!

  3. G.W.

    Descent towels for this price, color is not what the picture shows.Update: Washed 3x per instructions and after using them, it does leave lint/ fuzzy stuff on you. Maybe after a couple of more washes and uses it will stop. So changing 4 Stars to 2 Stars until lint/fuzzy stops sticking on me.

  4. Brenda

    Arrived quickly but towels look a bit different – have a darker line in them as a detail and I was looking for a plain grey towel – the picture makes them look like a nice plain darker grey so that was disappointing. They haven’t been washed as they were supposed to be a gift but they arrived very flat and didn’t feel luxurious, soft or nice – They feel like a low quality Walmart towel. Other reviewers said they got nicer with washing. Normally I wouldn’t order towels from an online because you can’t feel them prior to buying – regretting buying these as they really aren’t nice enough quality to give as a gift. Guess you get what you pay for. 🙁 Still deciding if I should return them.

  5. boudicea

    One of the bath towels has long threads coming out from the terry cloth. This started happening the third wash or so. Towels are laundered separately, so the towels aren’t catching on buttons or hooks, and if that were the case, everything would be unraveling. Other than that, they are soft and absorbent.

  6. Judy G.

    We need different color towels to keep mine, my husband’s and my mother-in-law’s towels separate. I bought these burgundy ones for me. They are ample size and match our decor perfectly. They are soft and absorbent. Wash them with other reds and browns because the dye in the towels bleeds some. Like most deeply colored fabric the fading stops after a few washes. In short, I like these towels.

  7. Angel Dog

    Not as plush I as had hoped, but went through the wash with no problems.No strings! That alone is worth mentioning as a reason to buy.Just a tiny bit less plush that I was looking for, but the color was right on the money.

  8. Richard

    Colors true, not very thick, suitable as decorative towels, but would not hold up for everyday use and weekly washings., being 63 years old with all that experience I can tell that by just looking at them, Hand-towels are over-sized and wash cloths are also over-sized, which is a good thing. JULI

  9. Sergey

    Awful towels! I will attach photos where you can see how little pieces of this towel cover my bathroom. It’s awful! I threw them out! We couldn’t even use them as a rag. It’s definitely the worst towel ever.

  10. Rhonda

    This towel set is far better than I ever expected! I bought 3 sets of the chocolate for our guest bathroom, but plan to purchase more for our master bath. They came out of packaging feeling thick and soft. They fluffed up very nicely after washing and drying them according to the enclosed directions. I recommend them for anyone looking for a nice towel set at a great value.

  11. Eleni

    When I wash the towels there was a ton of lint and pieces of towel, like they didn’t fall apart, but there was lint from it everywhere. I’m not sure how they’re going to wash it again, I would probably not buy these again. For the price that they were pretty good deal as long as they don’t fall apart

  12. Jasmine Mathews

    The towels DO shed until you’ve washed them at least three times. It says that in the packaging. The directions are very clear. Little to no shedding after the 3rd wash. Quality towels, would recommend.

  13. Dani M

    I bought two sets of these as guest towels and although I haven’t used them yet, they were very plush, full and soft after the first wash, moreso than the towels in my own bathroom.

  14. Lonnie

    I bought these towels as a gift to use because they are nice towels. So far they are hanging in the do not use section of the bathroom. The towels are very soft and seem to be a quality product.

  15. Amazon Customer

    I purchased two sets. Lucky I read the instructions. It said to wash two or three times before use AND there would be some lint at first. Well I had to wash them separately Good thing ! After the first load of the dark color there was a lot of lint in the WASHER TUB, when I dried them the lint trap was three inches deep in lint. I have never seen anything like it. I have washed both sets four times, and the lint trap is still loaded. As long as you have them you will have to wash them separately.not worth the effort.

  16. AJ

    Very disappointed in the quality of these towels. Certainly, the item wasn’t described properly when I bought them. They were described as plush. The washing instructions said to wash 2 or 3 times before use and they will fill out or bulk up. Again, not the case. Would have returned them if I didn’t wash so many times. When I need to purchase towels again from Amazon, Cotton Crafts won’t be on my list.

  17. Steven Jones

    Washed them 4 times and dried 4 times as instructed to get all the lint etc off. So much damn lint. Our bathroom is all white and within one use with 2 towels we have a black film all over. Not cool. Also, they move water around but never dry you off completely. You hair is always wet. Will not re-order and will make these guest towels.Going back to Ralph Lauren towels. You get what you pay for and I learned.

  18. DansOLo

    Love the teal color. Matches my bathroom rug.

  19. Amazon Customer

    Do not buy these towels. They shed everywhere. I bought these for my new apartment in hopes to have nice bath towels for company. These ones do not stop shedding. I’ve run them through the wash three times and yet hundreds of tiny black lint pieces appear everywhere: on my skin, in my hair, on other clothes from the same wash cycle. It’s very frustrating and I’m finally giving up and am returning them. This is my first Amazon review but I had to speak my mind.

  20. Austin M.

    For the price of these, they are fantastic. They look great and I mixed with black ones as well. After 6 months the colors are still great. Only issue is that they still are leaving fuzz after this many months (some say that’s a good thing?). The black is much more “fuzzy” than the gray ones. Either way I really recommend this product in all colors.

  21. Misty Brown

    I love these towels. They are cozy and a the perfect color. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star rating is because we had to wash them a couple of times on their own so they didn’t bleed blue anymore.

  22. Eric T. Long

    these towels look great, but outside of that, they’re the authentic “terrible towel”. They never stop shedding, and they’re not the least bit absorbent. I’ve washed the towels upwards a dozen times, and they continue to shed like crazy. They leave your body covered in lint, as well as they bathroom floor. Totally disappointed with this purchase.

  23. Amazon Customer

    It has been 7 months now since I purchased these towels and I have washed them at least 8 times. They still are unusable and completely cover me in lint if I try to use them after a shower. I am nearing the point where I have spent more money washing them than the money I spent buying them and they still have not been used. Not sure what to do with them at this point.

  24. Robyn

    Has black trim on it… FYI but still nice towels. Not solid teal.

  25. Roberta Desalle

    Cotton Craft is a very good value, especially for the price Two of each towel size, plus washcloths, in a single color, makes for an attractive set. The towels are soft, and they launder well.

  26. Cecelia Beeler

    Bled on white towels.

  27. SueQ

    Christmas present. Washed 8 times. Still shedding lint. Terry cloth snags easily and leaves blue debris on body and floor. Not expensive but better quality found at Dollar Stores. This is probably the only negative review I have ever left. I am tolerant and patient and usually make do with what I have. I can’t clean the floor with these because of the never ending lint balls. Sorry but this is a no go.

  28. Customer

    Bought these for my sister and her new husband as a Christmas gift. They are awesome! This really is an unbeatable price for how many towels you get. They were very soft and seemed to be extremely absorbent (although it’s hard to say without actually using them). I was very pleased with how thick and well-made they seemed to be. Very satisfied.

  29. Amazon Customer

    Really like the texture of these towels, however durability is not what we would have expected. Purchased for accent towels more than daily use, and the ribbing is unraveling after one year. Other towels we are using – like Amazon’s Pinzon brand – are lasting much longer with more frequent washing and use. If Pinzon would would have offered black, we would have stuck with the winner and purchased them.

  30. Tyler O.

    I followed the instructions and despite 3 washes they continue to shed an insane amount of lint and they also have faded considerably despite using an anti-fading detergent that works fine on everything else I wash. Total garbage do not waste your time.

  31. N. Wadel

    I like these but the one problem is when you wash and dry it leaves so much lint! Lint lint lint, drives me nuts. They are soft and thick.

  32. Carol Miller

    Brilliant color but after 5 washing & drying lint will not stop. Need to clean dryer vent twice for each washing!LINT LINT LINT ..

  33. Swedgin

    For the price, this isn’t a bad sad. But these towels are super thin, so if you are particular about having a nice towel this probably isn’t what you are after

  34. Jodi

    I am so happy with these towels they are nice and soft but also absorbs very well. I love the color and they wash really well. I washed my towels twice before using just to make sure I didn’t get towel lint all over me after I showered and they were perfect. I will purchase these again. Great towels at a really great price.

  35. kay

    I just started to use this towel and washed them 2x , the whole color is changed like i put a bleach on themvery bad qualityi’m very dissapointed and couldn’t return them cuz it’s been over 6mth

  36. M. Rosen

    I got linen and the color is way off from the photos posted online… more like a sick yellow actually. Additionally, after one wash, these towels clogged the dryer’s lint filter in just one wash – seriously, filled it like no other towels I’ve ever seen. WAY, WAY LOW QUALITY, do not order these towels under any circumstance. Cotton Craft, I’ll remember that name and NEVER, EVER, EVER again.

  37. Malinda Misko

    The quality was okay for the price, would have kept but only recieved 2 bath towels and paid for a set. Because it was a third party seller fullfilled by Amazon I could not get the additional towels. Now have to return them which is an inconvience since I live in a rural area. The Amazon customer rep set up the refund and the auth/return slip so that was nice, all I have to do is return the two I recieved.

  38. Max Siegel

    Love this set! I wasn’t expecting much from them, I thought they’d be thin and scratchy for the price. They arrived thin & scratchy, but once I washed and dried them, they fluffed right up! They absorb well, hold their color and are just great towels.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Got these towels last summer (summer 2017) for my college bound boys to use. I followed the directions for washing that came with the towels. Believe it or not, there is still alot of lint when using these towels as well as in the dryer. (It is currently June 2018.) They are soft.

  40. Heather Hodges

    Good quality for price these were just for show towels

  41. DogLover

    Nice thick towels. Launder well, color fast.

  42. Delores Harrison

    Love these towels – thick and beautiful teal color!

  43. Susan Hardesty

    Deep rich black color but shed every time you wash them what a mess 😣

  44. Amazon Customer

    Pretty much LINT Everywhere the towels touch, if you want to be dry but covered in lint or you won’t be using the towels by all means purchase these. Washed alone 3 separate times and dried but still the lint on the skin

  45. Angel Nelson

    SO SOFT. Wash them a few times because they will leave the teal fluffies all over your skin otherwise. Will definitely be ordering more to have on hand!

  46. G. Hoover

    Very nice for the price!

  47. Doodlebug1955

    Beautiful color, superb softness. Yes they will shed the first time or two washing, but still I am happy with them!

  48. Brandon P

    good starter set to have everything match. very soft and not expensive

  49. keith

    Overall, I love these towels. Compared to the ones I often see at Walmart, these are much softer and quite a bit bigger. The more you wash them, the softer they feel. The color is also as advertised. The color you see in the picture is the color I definitely received; no variations at all.The down side is that these towels lent horribly those first several washing/drying cycles. Expect to be cleaning a lot of lent trays. However, I only had to wash my towels once separately before use. It was enough to get that first layer of lent free and then I could use them regularly without being coated in towel fuzz.One other word of caution I’ll add about these towels is that while they appear to be made of and feel of good quality, I did experience some loose strands in the fabric that had to be trimmed after washing.Otherwise, best towels for the price.

  50. Shadow

    Still soft after many many washes … Yet still throwing fibers and lint … Initially I washed these towels 6 times and cleaned the lint trap out every 10 minutes (highly recommend) in the first 4 wash and drys since the dryer lint filter filled soo much. Yet wash after wash and with all the fibers that come off they are still soft. Do not recommend washing with other light colored materials due to fibers sticking to everything