Dirt Devil Tattoo Crimson Bouquet Bagged Canister Vacuum, SD30040BB – Corded

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  • Extension Wand
  • 11-Inch Nozzle
  • 10 Amps
  • Automatic Cord Rewind. Included Accessories: Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool
  • 20 Foot Cord


$82.79 $71.99

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The fantasy tattoo canister is tattooed with fun designs. new to the dirt devil line up, the fantasy tattoo canister may not share the same look; but it still provides a lightweight, yet powerful clean in an easy to use machine. perfect for dorm rooms and first apartments, these stylish vacuums have all the tools necessary to get the job done right.

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  1. Lesley A. Kemp

    This is just the very best vacuum I’ve ever purchased. It’s lightweight and operates with ease. Easy to pick up and move to other locations with a handle on the top of the vacuum. I love that it has different levels of suction. I did however order a brush attachment because it comes with an attachment which is smooth and great for carpet. The brush attachment helps with hardwood floors. I’m a happy, happy lady with this vacuum.

  2. Guy A Aiello

    Great all around portable vacuum. Good quality, nice features and sucks pretty good. Removed and tossed out the accessory holder. I like the metal tube wand but must be careful not to scratch surfaces when vacuuming edges with the attachments removed.

  3. J Bennett

    I have been buying Dirt Devil for years but never again. I have two dogs and this vacuum gets clogged every time I use it. The hose has a curved plastic area that is almost impossible to get to, and that’s always where it clogs. I spend more time digging clogs out of the hose than vacuuming. Definite design flaw!

  4. Edwin K. Roberts

    My house cleaner used it yesterday and I have experimented with it before. This vac. is very easy to pull around, and it does have a lot of suction. It has no rotating brush but has a fixed on on the leading edge of the wand pick up. I like the way the cord self rewinds! The crevice tip works well on the tracks of sliding doors. A pun: It really “sucks” but in a good way!

  5. Anna G

    Just used it for the first time and I love it! The metal telescoping pipe is way better than having all those extra extension pieces. The long cord was another reason why I purchased this vac and I was not disappointed. A bonus for me was the varying motor speed. I didn’t know this was a feature, but it is great. I used the notch above minimum and it effortlessly picked up anything in its path.6/6/17 – Finally purchased a second one for the upstairs. The unit seems to get quite warm when the motor speed is bumped up and I am vacuuming more than 1000sf. The attachments are a bit odd. We still haven’t figured out how to attach the crevice brush. Not a deal breaker. I have a hand held vac that does the job.

  6. Donna B.

    Great little vacuum. Love how it really sucks up grit in our cabin and is small and lightweight so to allow us to carry it into the rafters for further cleaning of the dust and cobwebs!

  7. Ernie

    This is a great little vacuum! My Sanyo Transformax stopped working, couldn’t be fixed. This Dirt Devil is almost as quiet as the Sanyo, which was very quiet for a vacuum.I would by this vacuum again. But I’m sorry I didn’t do a little more research; the Ovente 1600B seems identical to the DD, and is $20 cheaper.

  8. SLentz

    Not sure how to get Amazon to let me post a review – they keep rejecting me. The cord is 16′ not 20′!!! The cord length was the only reason I selected this model compared to cheaper competitors. Also, the bag size is ridiculously small – I would guess less than a quart.

  9. Mike E

    I’ve owned many vacuums in my day and I love the Tattoo by Dirt Devil. It’s the perfect size and suction is amazing. I’ve owned two of them and just bought a third for my daughter. My only complaint is that the carry handle has cracked on the two I owned, which makes it awkward to carry. Still worthy of 5 stars!

  10. annette

    Initially this vacuum seemed okay – lightweight fairly good suction – but over time it stopped working as well & now after 6 months has barely any suction. I think one of the problems is with the design. There is only a small opening in the middle of the carpet brush to pick up dirt & lint, etc. now I know what to look for when buying a new vacuum!

  11. Lexysgramma

    I had a small Dirt Devil canister many years ago. When I needed another, I chose dependability and reliability again. My old canister is still working well but I now have two homes with bare floors and needed another one. Great little vacuum for a very affordable price.

  12. Bukovski

    This little thing does the job equally same or better than errr say a $300 miele vacuum cleaner. Get one even if you don’t need it as a backup if you need an excuse to buy one. 😉

  13. *Jenn*

    I absolutely love this Dirt Devil! I run a cleaning services so choosing the right vacum is always a tough one. This is very light weight which is awesome, I can hold it in one hand and vacum at the same time without exhausting my arm. The suction is strong and not to mention you can actually adjust the suction strength (bonus) I have to say the floor piece is actually quite flimsy compared to the others but aside from that this is definitely one of the best vacums ive purchased.

  14. Color My World

    This little machine is adorable! It is very portable and has good suction for cleaning hardwood or tile floors (carpet, not so much) and for general dusting. It’s short on attachments, but I have successfully recycled several left over from other vacs. For the money spent, I am quite pleased.

  15. Rodent_M

    This is a great vacuum! Small with a lot of suction. Light enough to carry for cleaning the car, closets, or what have you. not too god on carpets but I don’t have much carpet in the house. The only thing I really don’t like is the miniature crevice tool.

  16. Debbie

    I love this light weight vac. Haven’t found a job it couldn’t handle. And great on my wood floors, great suction power.

  17. Debbie Bratkovic

    I love this little Vacuum. It’s perfect in size for one person no matter where they live. It’s light weight and above all it’s a Dirt Devil. I’m a big fan of the brand. I have another Dirt Devil vacuum I’ve had for almost 20 years and it’s still going strong

  18. Leanorsis

    I love this little vacuum. I have a small condo with all hard floors and it does the job. I like that it uses a bag – I’m just over emptying those dirty canisters. Don’t want to touch or see it. It breaks down easily for easy storage in my small hall closet. Not sure how it would work on rugs, but great on hard floors.

  19. Isabelle Tissier

    Amazing little vacuum for the price! Perfect on hardwood, engineered wood floors and on very low pile carpet. Fabulous suction, easy to store, all around great investment.

  20. Elie R.

    good value for the money – floor attachment is not good for carpeting – good for wood, tile or laminate floors

  21. Don

    Excellent little vacuum. Strong suction. Retracting power cord. Its small so you have to change tge bag a bit more but thats quite easy

  22. Dianne Gerhauser

    I wanted a small, bagged vacuum with cord recoil for my kitchen and living room. This is perfect! It has a lot of suction and scoots around effortlessly. I love the folding handle.

  23. Melissa Aho

    Love this thing, first of all it is so cool looking, but it actually motors right around the house. Works best on tile and wood but it also does a good job on carpet, although it does not have a power head so it can’t suck things out of carpets. I love it!!

  24. ALJ

    I am using this as a glorified dust buster. It dos the job but would not use it for a main vac.

  25. Deborah A.

    Love this sweeper. Light, great suction. Good buy

  26. The handsome cook

    My wife owned a similar Dirt Devil for 15 years and so she wanted to stick with DD when ours finally broke down. This vacuum as been awesome so far. It works especially well on hardwood/tile floors and area rugs. We also own a Oreck upright carpet vacuum with a power head to deep clean wall to wall carpet as this little DD does not have a power head..We’ve owned this Dirt Devil for about 6 months and hopefully it’ll last as long as the last DD we owned. We prefer vacuums with bags as the bagless vacuums that we’ve owned in the past seem to leak dust all over the place when you attempt to empty them, and there’s no such problem when removing this bag and tossing it in the trash can.

  27. Neoma G. Zimitravich

    this is the second one I bought , I love this vacuum and wanted to get another one before they are no longer available.

  28. Elaine Koenig

    It is light weight and picks up dog hair well.I had a bagless but like the bag – might be cleaner

  29. Joy Leftow #10232#

    My girlfriend loves this vacuum and asked me to order it for her. She claims it is as good as more expensive brands; it just costs less money. I think it’s an attractive design and color and I asked about the belt. She said her cousin has and the belt has never broken and she has it 6 months. I’ve had vacuums for a short time and the belt breaks as soon as a penny on the floor hits it so I like to go with the more expensive brands plus I own cats and I need my vacuum to work on hair. I can see the benefits of this though with the design and the long handle. In any case, the price on this is inexpensive, the design is pretty and my friend loves it.

  30. Bub and Rah

    I love this vacuum. It is small and cute, just like me! I am a very short gal and have fibromyalgia with dexterity issues so large so heavy vacuums do not work for me. This canister vacuum takes so much pain out of cleaning because the only weight you are pushing/pulling is the light weight hose part and the rest just follows behind you. With pets and kids I detest cleaning out a bagless vac with all the hair and nastiness you need to wash and dry before putting back together so I love that I can just toss the gross stuff away when it’s full. I vacuum almost daily and a bag lasts a week or two so at under $2 a bag it is definitely worth it for the time and stress it saves me. Unlike bagless vacuums that have 27 filters, chambers and do-hickies that get clogged and kill the suction power, a bagged vacuum has one hose going straight in to the bag so if you lose suction you either need to clean the hose out or change the bag – so simple!Added bonus- My kids (6&8) can easily vacuum their own room with this, even underneath their beds!!!

  31. Mixer

    this is a gift for mom …I only tried in 30 min. but feeling it very good vacuum

  32. Amazon Customer

    I gave it as a gift and it works very well.

  33. Judith Burns

    Very powerful.

  34. Lynne M.

    I was so happy to finally have a Dirt Devil small canister vacuum again. Worked great for 5 weeks. When the clog light appeared I changed the bag and checked the hoses. It never turned back on. I am extremely disappointed.

  35. Jackie S. Adams

    Just love this new Dirt Devil. I only use it for hard floors. I use it instead of a broom and the suction and ease of movement is great. I also use it to vacumn floor boards, curtains and etc. I’m very happy with it.

  36. Simply Divine

    Seems to work well. Like the features and design. Easy to use. Thank you.

  37. Ines Proctor

    Great product for money

  38. Amazon Customer

    I had an Oreck canister for years that was just terrible. Very little power and ineffective. This little vacuum is WAY less expensive and does a super great job!

  39. Carine T.

    Pretty, powerful, but terribly flawed in terms of designWhoever designed this vacuum cleaner had clearly never used one before. I don’t know how they came up with the idea of putting the handle in the back and the extension clip at the bottom of the pipe… but everytime I clean the house I want to write them to say: I’m all for innovation, but next time you think you want to revolutionize appliances, start by checking why something has been done this way for decades, sometimes it’s because that’s how it works best, so try to change something that doesn’t instead!

  40. Christina K.

    I’ve owned this exact vacuum for over 5 years. It’s easy to store, to grab and go and works great. Just bought a second one for my daughter’s apartment.

  41. Matthew S

    Very good, light and easy to use.

  42. Amazon Customer

    Just not happy with the way the amount suction power. Over all I need something more durable I will look what else is on the market.

  43. Anna

    I buy this vacuum second time. my baby broke first one. I like this stile. it works great and easy to use.very good price for this high quality

  44. Jack Jenkins

    Wish it had a little bit bag. But the bags are inexpensive. Love it overall.

  45. Katrin Weidle

    Love it. The cord has a perfect size. A tiny bit more suction and it would be perfect. Haven’t found a better one in that price range. Even use it for the car.

  46. Tamaralee J. Cox

    Would have given it 4stars except the retractable cord feature broke after 3 or 4 uses. Can’t return it after the return date expired.

  47. B.R.

    This is a great little vacuum! I never want to be without it, so I bought 2. Keep the extra of the far wing of the house. Does a great job on dog and cat hair.

  48. Bonnie

    This is an awesome vacuum cleaner but you should be aware they do not sell replacement parts for the dusting brush or the crevice tool, so don’t lose them or wear them out!

  49. Amazon Customer

    This is an excellent vacuum for hardwood/tile floors and especially great at picking up pet hair.

  50. Aracely

    Muy buena 👍🏻