Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Handheld Vacuum Corded, NES210

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  • 3-In-1 design with onboard crevice tool allows you to customize your vacuum for your needs. At only 4 pounds, you can take the Eureka blaze anywhere
  • Eureka’s Signature swivel steering improves maneuverability and cleaning efficiency when compared to standard stick vacuums
  • Eureka’s capture nozzle picks up larger debris with ease unlike other stick vacuums that push larger particles around. Perfect for hard floors, area rugs, and low pile carpets
  • Powerful 2 amp motor picks up particles like dust and pollen, while the washable filtration system captures the debris and improves air quality
  • 18′ Power cord and X-Large dust cup ensure you get the job done faster – no more outlet hopping or frequent trips to the trash can with the Eureka blaze
  • Much safer and more environmentally safe package. Passed frustration-free packaging (FFP) Certification


$34.49 $29.99

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Breeze through your home with the new Eureka Blaze. The uniquely engineered capture nozzle sucks up everything in its path. The 3-in-1 design and swivel steering make it easy to use and highly maneuverable.

3-in-1 Versatility
Capture Nozzle
Swivel Steering
Cord Length
Stick Vacuum
Hand Vacuum
Crevice Tool
Stair Vacuum

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  1. Kimberly

    Does great on hardwood floors. The wheels are rubber so no scratching. Love the swivel so super easy to maneuver. Very lightweight. Lays flat to get under a bed. Sucks up cat litter, including the pellets from the Breeze litter system. Sucks up golden retriever hair with no problem. Love that there’s no brush to pick said golden retriever hair out of constantly. Filter is washable.The only con I have come up with so far is the location of the power button. I understand why it’s where it is but I keep hitting it on furniture and turning it off. Minor details.

  2. Jonathan Geddis

    Great little vacuum! Needed a small little vacuum to clean my studio apartment and this did the job! Once you turn it on you will be surprised about the suction this little guy has! Cord was plenty long enough and the accessories worked perfectly. The quality of the vacuum body is better than the attachments, but for the price you can’t beat it!

  3. Bermuda sun

    Powerful little vac, perfect for a quick cleanup on hard floors. Rubber wheels don’t scuff, and the head has a rubber bumper so it does not mark the baseboard. Easily picks up cereal or dogfood , does not push it around. Amazing for the price.Update. Had this for three weeks. Performance is excellent.

  4. Richard T

    Very lightweight and convenient. Wonderful crevice tool so I can get to the tracks on my sliding doors without having to crawl on my hands and knees. Very powerful suction. Visible dusk up so you can see when you have to empty it and an easy rinse filter. Great product excellent value

  5. Jenn

    This little vac is absolutely fantastic so far. Im so glad I purchased this and can’t believe I was using a Swiffer for so long on my wood floors instead of this little sweeper. I love it and it’s so easy to maneuver around. It picks up pet hair, debris, and dust very quickly and easily. I have three dogs, so there is ALOT! The attachments are great to have. My only complaint would be that it’s a bit difficult to get the container that collects all the dirt and other vacuumed stuff off and on. It has a filter inside that fits a bit awkwardly, and then the container itself snaps onto the rest of the vacuum, but it’s a very precise fit, and if you don’t have it centered exactly right then it either gets jammed and you’re wrestling to get it back off so you can try again or it doesn’t snap on at all and instead goes crashing to the floor. Other than that, I love this thing and hope it holds up. I have some chronic illness that makes it difficult to keep up with cleaning but this makes everything so much easier!

  6. Gregg Fairchild

    My 8-year old Jocelyn insisted I write this review because she loves it! She is having fun cleaning up after the holidays with this and says it is a great deal for the price! The long tip lets her stand in one spot and reach far (less work for her to complete her chores!)

  7. Night Dove

    In spite of this very reasonable price this is not a crappy stick vacuum like you would buy from dirt devil. This is a very serious light duty vacuum.This is the ONLY light duty vacuum cleaner you should ever buy if you have pets.It is lightweight picks up as much as many large vacuums. The powered brush roll is fantastic. The dust cup is red clear heavy duty semi flexible polycarbonate not cheap hard plexiglass.Meaning it will not shatter from age or a minor drop.The cord is maddening because it has no place on the handle to secure it so you have to hold it. The handle needs to have a spot of school glue in the threads during assembly or the screw will back out. My first quick up, the yellow model, lasted 10 years of daily use.Clean the dust cup every time, make sure the brush is cleaned of hair every time. Wash out the filter with warm soapy water and a sprinkle of baking soda to kill any odors, once a month and be sure it is dry before putting it back in and you are good to go. This one is really improved over the old clear quickups as it has a solid heavy black cover over the brushroll so you don’t have to look at the ugly scratched plexiglass on it. t is also more balanced so it does not rattle when it runs.This is absolutely NOT a wet vacuum. As with all inline turbine motors running it across wet areas will burn out the motor. This is the traditional heavy duty Eureka inline turbine. Making sure it is dumped every time decreases the chances of it over heating and going out before it’s time.Cleaning the brushroll also makes sure that your life time belt is not over taxed or the roller motor made to burn out. Rule of law in lower priced cleaners Eureka for vacuums, you pay a small amount more up front but it lasts 100 percent longer. And for anything wet like carpet deep cleaners buy only Bissel. NEVER buy ANYTHING cordless.

  8. C. L.

    Works much better than Dirt Devil. Hapless and filter is of great quality unlike others that seem to/ rip or tear a hole. Getsunderneath coffee tables easily

  9. Susan Irving

    I LOVE this stick vacuum. Great suction and pick up power…..BUT, I have been unable to find an additional filter to purchase. My original filter is dirty, I’ve cleaned it and am waiting for it to dry, but this puts the vacuum out of commission until I find an additional filter OR this one dries, which looks like is going to take at least 24 hours. I’ve emailed Eureka to try to resolve this issue. Looking forward to being able to use my 3 in 1 again….

  10. Amazon Customer

    I love this vacuum! Our house is entirely tile with a few area rugs and I hate sweeping. Bought this with minimal expectations and was very pleasantly surprised. I chose this over other comparable items because the cord was 3 feet longer than the others. On day one I broke a candle, and do my total surprise and delight, this picked up all of the pieces of glass, including larger/heavier shards, with no problem. I am very impressed by the power and capability of such a light and inexpensive unit. I also Love the clear debris collection cup so I don’t have to guess how full it is while cleaning. One minor annoyance is that the head of the vac seems to pivot a lot unnecessarily- it turns when I don’t intend for it to. Very possible I missed something in assembly, and overall a minor nuisance compared to the performance of the machine. Highly recommend and will be buying again when this one gives out.

  11. Todd J Nickel

    Awhile back, I replaced my carpeted floor with laminate floor and no longer needed a major league vacuum. I now only have a 4 x 6 rug by the door. This little guy works perfect.

  12. Stacey

    The vacuum is very powerful and that is almost a negative for my home. Almost.Pros: Very affordable, not too short like most cheap vacuums, feels very sturdy, the cord is really long so I can do the whole kitchen, long hallway and part of the two bedrooms without having to unplug, picks up everything with very little effort.Cons: I have two large area rugs (8×11) in the 2 bedrooms, 8 small throw rugs in other areas (such as bathroom, hallway, kitchen, etc) and tile floors throughout the rest of the apartment. The vacuum works great on the large rugs and on the tile floors, but when I run it over small rugs it just sucks the rug up making it impossible to use on them. I have to stand on one corner of the rug and push the vacuum forward, then try and lift it up and go back and push it forward again. Back and forth would make the rug come right up off the floor. If you will be using this for large rugs and floors then this vacuum will be PERFECT for your home.Overall I am satisfied with the vacuum for what I paid. I fixed the small rug issue by saving the attachment from my last vacuum (a Dirt Devil stick vacuum) and just using that on the smaller rugs.I never thought I would have such strong opinions about a vacuum, but here we are.

  13. MamaMia

    This is our 4th one in 12 months and will be our last. It’s stupid cosmetic stuff that keeps happening ie handles snapping off! For some reason WM quit carrying them – probably had too many complaints lol!!I’m giving it a 4 but leaning more towards a 3. If you only need to use it occasionally, it will be a decent broom stick. It just can’t handle everyday use. The cord length SUCKS!

  14. sam

    It’s ok for hardwood. It isn’t good for carpet. I got it because I have a small area of carpet and didn’t want to get a large vacuum for it. I can still use it for around the litter box, but don’t expect a lot from this little guy. With the amount of suction, they could have put little carpet rollers or something to help with carpet cleaning. The stand up part is just a hole with plastic in the shape of a vacuum bottom.

  15. money2burn

    Don’t waste your money, not enough suction to pick up anything. Very disappointed and I missed the return by date. I guess I’ll put in the next garage sale.

  16. Elizabeth K.

    It’s a rather cheap vacuum; a stick vacuum. It does what it needs to do. The suction isn’t the greatest, but I use it to pick up cat litter and clean the area rug in my basement so I’m not really worried about it being totally spotless. Don’t use this for actual carpet. I like the idea of it being a plug-in hand vacuum. That’s really the reason I bought it. It is versatile which is nice.

  17. My Redeemer Lives

    I have hard wood floors. I also have 6 kids and a St. Bernard. . . This vaccum is awesome. Granted we do have to dump the little container 2 or 3 times but so so so much better than trying to sweep. Especially with the ridiculous amounts of dog hair that accumulates that likes to then fly out of the dust pan on your way to the trash. This thing has made my life 100 times better lol

  18. Shanti

    I am so glad I bought this vacuum. We have 4 shedding dogs and hardwood floors. It picks up all the hair and dirt and is so light!! I’m physically disabled and find it a dream to use. No more struggling for me. No more happy balls piling everywhere.It also sucks up the litter from the cat box that they toss out.This isn’t for carpet. It’s awesome for bare floors though.

  19. Michelle W

    I should return this but I already got rid of the box. This works great on hardwood floors, its small and compact and cute but it does not work at all on carpet, not even my front door carpet which is more like an indoor outdoor carpet – so the fibers are very short. I am pretty sure it picked up nothing off my carpet – not even hair or lint. Very dissapointing for carpet cleaning. 3 stars because it does work great on hard wood floors, but they should never market this as working on carpet because it just doesnt. I wish I had kept the box because now I am out $30 and have a product that does not work the way I wanted it to.

  20. Summer Matsubara

    I bought this vacuum based on the high reviews and four star rating it has. I’ve been very confused how it has gotten such good reviews ever since I assembled it. This is the absolute worst vacuum I have ever had. I was looking forward to a light easy vacuum, which it is. Lightweight and fairly easy to assemble but that is where the good features stop. I have to stop several times when vacuuming to readjust the Swivel because it gets stuck and if it is not perfectly lined up will not suck anything up! It ends up being much more work than simply just sweeping off my floor. Don’t waste your money, I am going to spend a little bit more for a better unit. It also does not have a sweeper but instead a small central hole for suction. I cannot figure out how to take the handheld portion off either. Bummer


    Poorly constructed. Handle breaks off. AVOID!!

  22. Lisa B

    This is a great little vacuum cleaner. I use it primarily in the hard floor kitchen and on the carpeted stairs, but it’s great for a quick cleaning on all the floors. It’s light weight, easy to manipulate and has a lot of suction power for its little size with a 2.0 amp motor. The last vacuum I bought was an Oreck, which came with a little hand-held vac. That was over 10 years ago and my back just can’t take carrying around the handheld anymore. I still use the larger one for my main vacuum. This little one has really impressed me. It does a much better job on my stairs than my little Oreck, since it has a brush roll and a setting for carpets, it picks up so much more! And did I mention how light it is? It tucks neatly into the closet and even has a cord storage on the handle. The design is simple, but effective. One button to turn on & change from hard floors to carpets, one button to release cup, and one to remove the handle for the handheld option. The only downfall is the electric cord is just 15′, but all the other benefits make up for it, tenfold. In fact, its so awesome, I’ll be buying a second one for our camper.

  23. John J.

    This thing is life changing! I have a very small condo so you’d think keeping it tidy wouldn’t be an issue, but I have two cats (one longhair, one short) and in an urban area it’s very prone to city dust. I can use this on my hardwoods, kitchen and bathroom tile, and my area rugs, as well as my upholstered furniture which has crevices that gather stuff like you wouldn’t believe. I actually love the fact that it’s a hand vacuum with a handle – it takes up as much space as a broom and dustpan and sucks up dust, cat hair/litter, dirt, etc like magic! The button being where it is is an easy compromise to make, since the vacuum is very lightweight so you can just lift it up to press it. The cord is nice and long – again, small place, but it reaches practically the whole area of my apartment. Huge upgrade to swiffering! Very nice quality little vacuum.

  24. Jacklyn

    5 stars! I gave durability 3 stars because it could be easily broke if you’re rough with it but I mean it’s $30 so it’s not going to be made of steel. I absolutely love this. I have a toddler and have to sweep my kitchen 10 times a day so I wanted a Stick vacuum when i moved to my new home but I needed one for the carpet too. This is great for the price! The carpet option is in fact the only setting to use it on as other reviews stated but they doesn’t bother me as long as it does what it’s supposed to do I don’t care what setting it us on. Love it! Snaps right together and easy to move around.

  25. Chad F

    I’d advise that you spend a few extra bucks for this unit rather than going for the cheaper models like the Dirt Devils (which we also have). You’ll get a more powerful motor, more versatility with the swivel head, a slightly quieter operation, and the feel & build quality is just much better. Forget carpet…this is not meant for carpet and I’m always surprised by people who provide negative comments on a stick vac like this for carpets…it’s meant for floors…and it does a very good job at that. Very happy with this purchase and may even buy another one shortly to replace our cheaper Dirt Devil.

  26. MamaBean

    Only used it to vacuum my baby’s nursery. It has hardwood floor and a low pile area rug. The rubber strip on the bottom already broke off so it doesn’t really clean the rug that well anymore. It worked fairly well before that. I know it’s not meant for rugs, but I didn’t need something heavy duty. I’ll look for something else.

  27. Heritage Homesteaders

    I purchased this product because I was looking for an everyday, small stick vacuum with great suction power for mainly hard floors, but that could also handle the low pile area rug in my mudroom. That is not what I got. You have to go over items multiple times for the vacuum to pick them up and over the rug it is even worse. The only thing it picks up easily is hair and dust bunnies off the hardwood floors. It works ok as a “dustbuster”, but I still have to add the crevice tool for it to have any kind of suction (I use this combination around my fireplace).

  28. Diane Tenaglia

    Pros: assembly was easyCons: it just doesn’t work. I bought this to use on new hardwood floors. It doesn’t pick up 50% of what it goes over on my floors it just seems to move things around. If I could return it I would. I also think it would be better if the bottom part came off so it could have more localized suction in the form of a hand held.

  29. Jan

    This little vacuum works great! After moving and not having much carpet anymore my old vacuum would “spit” back peices of dirt back at my feet but with his vaccum picks up almost everything. THe only thing that is a little annoying is that I constantly have to make sure I have it angled right (45 degrees roughly) other wise it won’t pick up dirt but you can hear if it’s getting good suction or not. The versatility is great too so overall for about 30 dollars it’s not a bad vacuum. Worth it and it has replaced my broom for sure!

  30. Victoria Robinson

    Literally just stopped “vacuuming” so I could post this- I could NOT BE MORE ANNOYED!! The largest glass of wine is currently being poured. I didn’t expect wonders from this thing- we have wood floors and stone throughout the entire house so I bought this SOLELY for the purpose of cleaning the 1 area rug, and the three small rugs in our kitchen and bath. Plus vacuuming the corners of the couch. The handheld vacuum may work, but WOW I have never met a more incompetent vacuum in my entire life. When the flat head is on, to vacuum my rugs, it literally has no suction. I suck better on the regular. Beyond annoyed.

  31. Amazon Customer

    The vacum was good while it worked, however i bought it in march 2018 and used only 3 times so far. And now it is not even turning on. Horrible experience. Now i am outside the return window. The worst thing is now I have to go and buy another one.

  32. Brittany687

    This met all my expectations and more! I have tile throughout my whole house and it’s the best thing ever. I have 1 big dog and 2 cats so the hair is crazy sometimes, but this thing has some powerful suction! Easy to clean and put together. Nice and compact so it is easy to hide away! Love the swivel head of the vacuum makes it easy to get those tight spaces.

  33. Mary C

    If I had seen this in a store, I wouldn’t have purchased it. It’s flimsy and not super powerful. It’s too much of a pain to return and it was cheap so I’m going to use it until it dies. (I assume a year from now?) I don’t have a big place and I’m using to collect dog hair and dust bunnies on hardwoods and tile. It’s size is helpful for storage but that’s kind of it. I would not recommend this for carpets. All in all, it’s “fine.”

  34. Amazon Customer

    I bought this vacuum after my last small vacuum (Bissel) broke into pieces…I love this vacuum. I use it to vacuum up dog hair off wood and ceramic tile. It sucks it up no problem. The swivel portion can be annoying to use at first if you’ve never used that type of vacuum, but you get used to it pretty quickly. You can also use it as a handheld vacuum to vacuum surfaces such as a couch. An added plus is the product is not all made of plastic, like most small vacuums. I’ve had issues with plastic vacuums breaking to pieces and this has not done that because it has metal in it.

  35. Amazon Afficianado

    I love the way it looks – the red and black are sharp! It seems to pick up pretty well. But it is noisy! Noisier than my full size vacuum. When I was looking at and reading description I thought that the stick to the handle would slide back into vacuum for storage! My bad! It does not! You would have to remove handle completely and then you have the issue of having to store them separately! So, I probably would not buy vacuum again. I didn’t return it because I live in fear of Amazon taking away my purchase rights due to too many returns! I couldn’t survive without Amazon!

  36. jnaea5

    Bought this when one of my children accidentally broke the one we had before. Works great for a little vacuum! I don’t have pets but I have 4 kids and I keep it next to our dining room table for easy clean up after meals. Sucks up cheerio and goldfish no problem. Also gets most of the little crumbs. Swivel works great with the floor attachment. Easy to pop on and off to use as a handheld. I have even used it on carpet and it’s not amazing but does the job for a quick clean up. I am very happy with this unit and would recommend, especially for under $30.

  37. nonny

    Cleans very well, both carpets and hard floors. Crevice tool is great. Being semi-invalid I enjoy that the machine is light weight and extremely easy to handle. It makes it possible for me to do my own housework. It was affordable for me being on a fixed income. I appreciate that fact, too. I’m very, very happy with my purchase.

  38. Tasha Cole

    Save your time, money, and back & knee health. It didn’t provide enough suction to actually clean my carpet, just pushed stuff around and blew dust into the air. Fully assembled, it just grinds dirt further into the carpet with its wheels. Suction is better using the handheld portion only, but not satisfactory. Despite being listed as “prime”, it took almost a week to arrive. Had to vacuum my entire living room on hands and knees with handheld portion in order for it to pick anything up.

  39. J SAN

    WARNING, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU OWN A PET THAT SHEDS A LOT OF HAIR.Pros- works for minor dirt and stuffBagless, open it and empty outNot heavy at allEasy to store and maneuver aroundLong cordWorks best on tiles and wood floorCons- not meant to pick up heavy or big stuff.Does pick up dog hair but you have to keep emptying it out, its not meant for households with too much dog hair. Mild yes… Hair from a german sheperd. No.Horsepower and suction not the best, not too great for carperts.

  40. Michele

    You get what you pay for! This thing barely sucks lint off the floor. I wish I would’ve spent more money and got a better product. Live and learn!

  41. KK

    This is a great vacuum! It’s lightweight so it’s easy to maneuver. There’s myself, my husband and two cats in my home and this vac does a great job cleaning the 1300 sq ft of berber carpeting throughout and the laminate wood floor in the kitchen. For the best performance I empty the dirt cup after vacuuming the living room or two smaller rooms. The dirt cup is easy to empty and best of all the filter is washable saving me $$$ in replacements!

  42. Powerfader

    Suction is great! Only word of caution is inspect your package diligently. If not, you could miss the little set screw to hold the handle together. Great value for the price. Sucked everything that I bought this for, i.e.; cat hair, litter, crumbs, dry cat food, etc… Best dollars I spent in a long time!

  43. DexterousDiva

    This little vacuum is powerful. I bought it because we only have one rug in our apartment and it would get so filthy and the other little push vacuum didn’t have a roller brush and horrible suction. I didn’t want to go very expensive just for one rug. This vacuum exceeded my expectations. I can actually use it on the hard floors as well. Great value.

  44. Deborah A. Skozek

    Although my family loves our cordless Dyson, I find it difficult to use because the motor makes it top heavy. I walk using a cane which is what prompted me to give this vacuum a try. I used it for the first time today and was thrilled with its performance and that I could safely use it without needing my cane or feeling off balance. The fact that the handle detaches to facilitate cleaning upholstery is another great feature. The suction power is remarkable and did a wonderful job on the wood floors, area rugs, and sofas and chairs. The filter is sturdy and easy to clean.

  45. Ashley

    I love this little guy. If you’ve ever purchased the red dirt devils that they sell at local retailers, this is absolutely worth the 10 extra dollars or whatever the difference is. The full swivel is awesome to get hard to reach places, and the fact that it won’t tear up your hard floors is really nice. I highly recommend for those that don’t need (or can’t store) a big bulky vacuum. It’s the smarter, older sister to what you’re used to buying!

  46. James E Smith

    This little sweeper surprised me. Great suction. Beaterbar works great too.

  47. Yosero

    It says it can be used on carpet, and it even has a carpet setting, but it is impossibly heavy and hard to push on carpet! Literally have to use all my body weight and two hands to push it. Terrible. Threw it out (i think its past the return date, although i would’ve loved to get my money back) and bought a different vacuum (dirt devil) that actually pushes easily and is even cheaper too!

  48. Lee Stickler

    Excellent lightweight design and functionality. Not too noisy. It’s easy to convert to all the different configurations. Works great on hardwood floors, around litterbox and on kitchen/bathroom tile. Don’t even think of using it on carpets though, except for the lowest industrial kind. Does not have a brush roller, so if your stairs are carpeted, you’re out of luck. The crevice tool is useful and it’s great that it lives right on the pole so you can grab it and store it easily and not lose it. It’s so light I can use the full stick vac upside down for ceiling corners and cobwebs. I still highly recommend this product.

  49. bev

    Love this! i’m disabled and struggle with even light vacuum cleaners. brooms just didn’t seem to pick up the stuff on floor in kitchen. this is so light and works great and even gets under cupboards. also picks up off flat pile rugs. and porch. and because it’s electric it never loses suction. can also clean patio door track while standing which is a blessing. got another for a gift.. highly recommend!

  50. Gabriella J

    This seriously didn’t suck up anything off my carpets. I returned it and got a better one.