Extra Large & Assorted sizes Glass Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids 10 Pc [5 containers with lids] Microwave/Oven/Freezer & Dishwasher Safe. BPA/PVC Free. Reusable Square container set

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  • LARGEST 10 PC GLASS CONTAINER SET on Amazon. BPA Free, Non-Toxic And FDA Approved. Includes 3 Glass Food Storage Containers In Extra-Large 74 oz (2200 ml), Large 40 oz (1200 ml) Medium 27 oz (800 ml) and small 18.2 oz (540 ml) sizes.
  • AIRTIGHT AND WATERTIGHT Silicone Sealed BPA-Free Plastic Lids (Plastic Lids are Not Microwave Or Oven Safe).
  • VERSATILE USE – Reusable Refrigerator-, Freezer-, Microwave- And Dishwasher-Safe (Top Shelf of Dishwasher Recommended), Oven Safe Up To 932 Degrees Fahrenheit Without The Lid (Do Not Put Plastic Lids In Oven or microwave).
  • SQUARE GLASS FOOD CONTAINERS – Keep Leftovers Fresh, Goes Straight From The Refrigerator To The Microwave Or Oven To The Table. Food Can Be Cooked Directly In The Containers Using Microwave or Oven.
  • FIVE UNIQUE SIZES – Food Storage Set Includes Extra Large ,2 Large, Medium and Small Capacity Containers. 2200 Ml (9.30 Cups). 2 X 1200 Ml (5 Cups) , 800 Ml (3.4 Cups), 540 ml (2.3 Cups)


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Razab 10 Piece Glass Food Storage Containers w/Airtight Lids (5 Container Set) – Microwave/Oven/Freezer & Dishwasher Safe – PVC Free – Extra- *Food can be directly stored to the containers after cooking.


*Set Includes 5 BPA-Free glass containers and 5 airtight locking lids with steam release valve.
*Microwave and oven safe.

Remove lids before placing in microwave or Oven.

Lids and containers are Dishwasher safe.
*Safely store and keeps food , fruits and vegetables fresh.
*Made of environmentally friendly, Non-Toxic, FDA Approved and BPA free premium material.
*Easily stack-able for storage in Refrigerator and freezer.
*Food can be directly stored to the containers after cooking.

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  1. Amazon Customer

    I’m a personal chef with multiple clients that I cook for. All of my clients use other glass containers with snap-on lids but I recently bought these for one of my clients and they seem to be better quality than any of the others that I’ve used. The glass is the same as others you can buy but the lids are what makes them awesome. They are super thick and they snap on way easier than other lids. I’ve only used them a few times so far but they seem to be leak-proof and I’m excited to see how they hold up.

  2. BillS

    I love the design, especially the lids. These things will never leak. Also like the range in sizes. Many combo packs have too many small containers, but I really like this pack. The one down side is that you can’t quite stack the containers safely. The next to largest size fits too snugly inside the largest container and I’m worried it will chip. However, adding a lid below the container seems to do the trick.

  3. diana

    good quality – dw safe

  4. Kenneth R.

    The kids are awesome and stay that way even after multiple washings

  5. Jonathan R. Pedley

    Easy to clean, well-fitting lids, do what they are meant to – what’s not to like?

  6. Yolanda G.

    Great sizes, durable, fair price. Lids snapped easy and air tight. Fast delivery. I’d be buying more of these in the future.

  7. wingnut

    Love this product

  8. ny11727

    Received product in a timely manner. Beautifully packaged in nice looking box (great gift idea). Containers made of thigh high borosilicate and appears sturdy. 2200 ML container is probably the biggest Square container with locking lids available on Amazon. Two 1200 ml containers made this set exceptionally useful with two other medium and small containers. I would highly recommend this product.


    Love this set, my food has been kept fresh and I love that they’re lightweight.

  10. Vida S.

    I like everything about it

  11. Jules Albertini

    This is great amount (I don’t need 10 or 18 pieces) and the sizes are perfect for storing larger and smaller portions, along with everything in between. Just to really test it out, I filled it with piping hot alfredo sauce, snapped the lid on, then flipped it upside down over my head and shook it like crazy. Not a drop came out.

  12. R***a M.

    I am very happy with my purchase. Very good quality and affordable price. Looking forward to purchase more.

  13. Amazon Customer

    These containers are a good size for storing leftovers. Most are way too small!

  14. Monique McLean

    We are getting away form atoring anythng in plastic. It is not health and for the body. The qualityp of the glass is thick and it is very convenient to be able to easily see what is in the containers now. The lids seal tightly and are only sed to seal our food-will never be used in the micro wave. Glass tops would have been most ideal but we are very pleased.

  15. Marvel Reese

    The snap down lids work easily The pyrex glass base are great