Eyelet Ruffled Bedskirt – Ruffled Bedding with Gathered Styling –14” Drop, Full, White

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  • White ruffle bed skirt sewn with Schiffli Eyelet embroidered trim for smooth, colorfast draping.
  • Mitered corners and a sturdy platform hold bed valance in place so it won’t shift or sag over time.
  • Delightful ruffled design features gathered ruffles around 3 sides of bed for a classic, beautiful look.
  • Long bed skirt has 14″ drop length to completely hide box spring, bed frame and bed legs.
  • Fabric is pre-shrunk, colorfast, and wrinkle-resistant for optimal longevity.


$28.74 $24.99

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Fresh Ideas Bedding brings you elegant ruffled bedding at an affordable price! Fresh Ideas Eyelet Ruffled Bed Skirts are made from a 100% polyester microfiber for beautifully smooth draping. Each eyelet bed skirt features a traditional white platform and a 14-inch drop around the bottom of the bedframe to create a “finished-bed” look and completely cover your box spring, bedframe and legs. These beautiful ruffle skirts are pre-shrunk and colorfast for longevity and shape retention. Fresh Ideas eyelet ruffled bed skirts and shams are designed to coordinate with other bedding products such as comforters, duvet covers, flat sheets, fitted sheets, and pillowcases. This timeless bed skirt is available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes to fit any bed in your home and comes in white or bone ivory to match your décor. To preserve the shape and longevity of your bed skirt, wash on cold and tumble dry on low. Complementary matching pillow shams are also available.

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  1. jfknapp3

    After searching through MANY bedskirts on here with horrible reviews and also looking in stores, I settled on this one. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much because it seems a decent bedskirt is hard to find, no matter how much you pay for it. This arrived today and as I took it out of the package, I was pleasantly surprised! The quality is much better than expected. The piece that fits over the bed is actually a decent piece of material, not that thin papery stuff that tears so easily on other bedskirts. The package calls it a “platform” and it’s 100% polyester according to the package. The bedskirt itself is 50/50 cotton/polyester. It feels nice. I washed on cold, gentle cycle and dried on low and it came out great. I put it on my daughter’s bed and it looks very nice. I’m not sure how it will hold up, but I’m hoping that it will last. I ordered full size and it fits perfectly on her full size bed and the 14″ drop is just at the floor.

  2. Isabelle

    I was a bit worried after reading some comments about how it changed, got damaged..etc after washing. However, in my case the bed skirt stayed beautiful and intact after washing and drying with proper settings (delicates). It did not shrink or wrinkle either. It is well made and as pictured. The pattern is clean and elegant. I love it.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this for my guest bedroom, so, for the price, I wasn’t expecting a high-end product….but I did expect it to last longer than 2 weeks. While changing the bedding after the first use, I noticed that about 18″ of the ruffle was completely detached from the base …..cannot be repaired as the edge of the ruffle is so frayed that it cannot be reattached to the base without significant change in the length of the ruffle. A complete waste of money.

  4. Kindle Customer

    Bought this for queen bed in guest room. I go round and round with bed ruffles, but was delighted in the quality and appearance considering the price. I missed the fact that the corners were not split to allow for rails connecting a footboard, but the generous amount of material allowed me to cut and seam the splits I needed to make it work. It looks great, and no one would guess it didn’t come that way. I’ve paid more for bed skirts that weren’t this pretty. Not just the eyelet, but tiny embroidered design throughout make this a much more expensive and attractive addition to my guest bedroom. Thanks!

  5. Rosie

    Great bedskirt. Got the matching shams and they look really cute together. Reminds me of what I had when I was a little girl. Very nice and well made. I included a pic, but keep in mind I did not iron it so I’m kind of just letting the wrinkles fall naturally

  6. Costume Whimsy

    Perfect. As described. Good quality. Better price. Same bedskirt price was $60+ at other places. Material that sits under mattress is some kind of synthetic but it really doesn’t matter because no one sees it. Purchased off-white. The gathered bedskirt works well with quilts that tend to be flat (compared with comforters). Good contrast in texture. Really happy with it.

  7. California lady

    This is a wonderful bed skirt. Fresh, feminine, and fits my bed perfectly. Not true like some people say about it being flimsy. Not at all! It has a nice cottony fabric and is quite substantial enough. And I only found a couple of dangling threads to clip off. I think some people just like to be negative rather than look at the true value of something. I looked far and wide for the perfect bed skirt to go with my Laura Ashley bedspread, and this was it.

  8. Sonia Pasillas

    I love the way this looks. It was so hard to make it stay put on the box spring so I stitched up the corners to attach it to the box spring. After I did this I noticed it had a stay in it. Too late to have to remove and return after all that work. It looks awesome with my new quilt. I love that it’s really light.

  9. jabrnbsn

    This dust ruffle was just what I wanted! Nice, soft cotton fabric…nothing cheap about it, except the price. I rinsed it and dried it on gentle and ironed it to get it perfect. It has that synthetic stuff next to the box springs so make sure the iron doesn’t get on that part or it would melt.

  10. JEC

    When I ordered this, it was listed as twin/full which I note has since been changed to full. When I was ready to use it, I noticed that it was marked as a full. It was too late to be returned. The positive is that it was an inexpensive item (even for two). The quality is comparable to the price……….very poor. Learned a lesson not to buy from this company.

  11. Robinabobina

    It’s a good store quality dust ruffle for the price. I recommend ironing it prior to putting it on the bed. It does a reasonable job hiding dust bunnies, under bed storage, and sneaky cats. My husband still has not noticed it, so it’s not visually intrusive either. Good deal. 👍

  12. kim navedo

    It fit my bed perfectly!

  13. alaskan

    This does not look like it cost less than 13 bucks! It’s very pretty and fresh looking. I sew and would favorably compare this eyelet to the eyelet fabric at Joann’s. It’s nice! I haven’t installed in on the bed at my cabin yet but I am very impressed with it out of the box. Would be great in a girl’s bedroom and nice enough quality to for an adult’s bed too.

  14. ArizonaGirl2

    I guess I should have read the description a little better. The part that holds the skirt was a paper material and when I accidentally hit it ironing out the wrinkles I burnt holes through it. Good will gets this tomorrow

  15. Paradise

    I like it as it does not hand on the floor. but it does look cheaply made. I haven’t washed it yet. I am a little concerned as we have a little dog who likes to hide under the bed, so I know eventually this will go through a standard, not gently wash. I will let you know how it holds up. Guess you could sew it onto an old sheet. It’s the middle part that I am concerned about. I think the ruffle itself will be fine.

  16. Maria G.

    Not sure what went wrong here, but there was red markings all over the white bedskirt. Clearly I can’t use it since it’s white and the marking are so obvious. Did not look like it was in new condition.

  17. Amazon Customer

    The picture posted looks as if it is a high thread count quality, but it is NOT at all. The real item is not near the quality I expected as it looks in the picture. The real item is thin and somewhat sheer, an obviously lower thread count than depicted. The actual quality is a $6.99 value, not $20.00.

  18. Amazon Customer

    This bedskirt while very pretty is made of cheap materials. The part of the skirt that lays on the box is the problem. The first time in the dryer and it began to melt and fuse, drawing up in that area. If you try to pull the skirt to even it up after the mattress is laid down, that layer tears! Just awful! I am so disappointed!

  19. Elizabeth L You

    I received this in an unopened package but there was a 4-inch long yellow stain that I couldn’t wash out with detergent. Product needs to be reviewed more carefully when being packaged.

  20. Lalila

    For close to $20 this is the best thing you can do for your bedroom. Well, I have a tiny bedroom with a queen bed and it really just makes everything look lovely. Even if the room gets messy it still has a sweet homey feel because of it. It was really easy to put on and the ivory color is just what it should be. Not yellowy or anything. You won’t regret buying this if you’re trying to pretty up a room for cheap!

  21. Tammy

    This pretty white eyelet bedskirt fits my daughter’s full size bed perfectly, and is exactly what we wanted.It really blows my mind when people order the wrong item, and then give it a bad review. It is obvious in the photograph that this bed skirt does not have split corners. If you have a footboard on your bed, you will need a bed skirt with split corners, or you will need some minor sewing skills to do it yourself.It is beautiful, and appears to be well made. It also has a 3 year warranty, so I’m not sure how you can go wrong.

  22. lily

    This is exactly what I was looking for and at a most affordable price. The eyelet material looks fresh and crisp and gives the bed the look of spring in the country. The fabric that lies under the mattress looks a bit thin so I’m unsure how it will look after several washings but for now, I’m very pleased.

  23. Emma Woodhouse

    This is just Okay. I wish the corners were split, because it needs to go over wooden corners on the old rope bed. The material is okay, but a little thin. Still, it works and it’s pretty enough.

  24. Barbara

    Very pretty indeed, but the off-white color is still too light for the bed quilt — not really a fault of the product. I am getting used to it. It could be an inch longer, too — but the box spring might be a little thicker than others. Really, the product deserves five stars.

  25. Jessica

    Good quality. I wish this bed skirt had slits at the corners as our beds have footboard so it doesn’t fit well at the corners. I will have to add slits to them to get them to fit right. Other than that, really sweet looking with their shabby chic decor.

  26. Barbara Dodge-Ha

    Good quality for the money. First bedskirt arrived with large cut in the side. Return and replace was immediate.

  27. Nina

    Bought this for my mom. She loves how pretty the eyelet ruffles are. She says the quality is great too.

  28. Candice L. Peterson

    I love this bedskirt but has a hard time putting it on by myself. It firs over the bottom mattress and doesn’t slip. I matches all of my different bed coverings so I never have to change it.

  29. GraceSlick17

    Fits perfect and looks great. It finishes off the look of the bed when it’s made up. It really is just what I was looking for. It washes up quite nice and is offered at a good price for the product.


    Love the fabric. It looks really good I didnt like that I had to cut the corners. Thats why Im giving it 4 stars.

  31. P. Smith

    I was hesitant buying bedding without actually seeing it and feeling it. However this bed skirt is perfect.

  32. Scotty

    Beautiful bedskirt. Very well made. I tumbled dried it in the dryer on no heat just before putting it on my bed and the wrinkles were gone. It is a very nice looking addition.

  33. EJ

    After a year and many washings, there are some threads coming off of this. However very pretty, dainty and does the job. UPDATE: the material that is underneath the bed started to rip away. I tried to sew it but the material rips so easily because it is so brittle.

  34. ErHo

    Arrived dirty, which was odd since it was all in its package ok, most of the spots cleaned off with spot cleaning and now after some ironing it looks good, just be prepared.

  35. Stevil

    Inexpensive, looks good, easy to install, hides my ugly box spring, stays in place, and keeps dust from building up under the bed.

  36. Azeem

    Fits easily, looks nice, and isn’t transparent. It’s an easy match to most comforter sets. I would have preferred something a little more lacey though, but all of the lace bedskirts I could find were transparent.

  37. Amazon Customer


  38. Linda S.

    This bed ruffle was a great price and is absolutely lovely. My old mattress no longer shows, and my bedroom is perked up considerably as a result!

  39. Wingedglo

    This eyelet bedskirt fits perfectly on my daybed !!! It is beautiful !!!

  40. Chip

    We purchased this skirt for our guest room because we put our old mattress on a simple frame I built that was not attractive. The skirt fit great and hangs to the floor, the frame is 14-inches tall. We like this style of bedding and love the way it looks in our guest room. The skirt arrived pretty quick and is in great condition. The material and construction quality is very good too.

  41. ItsAMeKristigi

    This bed skirt is lovely. The quality is wonderful and the little eyelet lace detail is very unique. I bought it for my parents’ new bed and it looks wonderful under their mattress. Makes their whole room look great.

  42. Atomic Dawg

    My wife loved this. It looks great on our bed and fits perfect. I like the little hole / embroidery pattern on the bottom. Make sure to measure your bed height so you get the right length. I would buy this again for sure.

  43. lilylily

    Pretty but doesn’t reach to the ground with a normal size metal bed frame.

  44. Momandmore

    I looked at Wayfair and numerous sites trying to find a great price for frilly bed skirts without paying an arm and a leg for them. This ended up being what I chose because the price was great, but it was the design I liked most. They fit the two twin-beds that are tall (14+ high) terrifically and don’t move around.

  45. Anon

    Very nice bedskirt. Quality is good and it is exactly what I was looking for.

  46. Amazon Customer

    Very Nice, looks good,Thanks

  47. MLC

    So Delicate and simple. Just perfect !

  48. Amazon Customer

    couldn’t wait to get this in the mail. I ironed all the material and put it on the bed, using the screw pins I also bought so it would not move on the bed frame. It is a little short, about 1 1/2 inches from the floor for my bed, but that is because I have the legs up on a 2X4 to raise my bed up higher 🙂 It is well made and love it with the rest of my bedding.

  49. Sandy

    I needed a 14 inch bed skirt for our guest bed. The one I received from Amazon was exactly what I wanted. It fits well and looks great yet was reasonable. It arrived on time. All in all, I am very satisfied with this purchase.

  50. Emberverse Fan

    Good quality for the price. Fabric that goes across the boxspring and under the mattress much better quality than expected. Embroidery is pretty. Lines of embroidery feather up to the top of the bedskirt. Wash before using and it did NOT shrink. Fit my full mattress perfectly.

  51. Souki San

    Excellent product. Highly recommended.

  52. Stacy B.

    quality not great…I missed date of return…I would have returned item. Probably will donate to Good Will. Better off paying a bit more for better quality and look on bed.

  53. unhappy customer

    Quality control is missing here. There were many threads still hanging on the front and underneath the eyelet fabric. The worst of it, though is the use of some eyelet fabric that was damaged in the manufacturing.And this wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t need this item in the next week.

  54. katherine fuller

    Nice. Fits perfect

  55. Kindle Customer

    Purchased queen size for full bed. Fits perfectly. Not real full. Is white not off white.

  56. Roxanne I

    Nice. Not cheap looking at I like it a lot.


    Nice material. It does not have a split at the foot of bed corners to go around bedposts. Had to tuck it up at the end.

  58. Shagger913

    Bedskirt was same as desciption

  59. jan

    This is just what was needed to complete the bedding I had. Fits perfectly.

  60. Rachel Vargas

    The ruffle is very nice, but it is not attached well to the part that goes under your mattress, which is a different type of material – the first time I pulled the ruffle to make it straight, the whole thing ripped at the seam that attaches the ruffle to the material under the mattress – very disappointing.

  61. R Silva

    Good quality and received within 2 days

  62. Toni C.

    So cute, bought 2 of these in white.

  63. Olivia

    Waaah! I loved this bed skirt so much I almost regret getting a king size bed. This accent added the feminine touch my studio apartment was missing. It covered my under-the-bed clutter and matched perfectly with my white duvet cover. Highly recommend.

  64. Victoria

    Great product for the money I paid for this skirt. Very nicely made and fits well on my bed. Would buy this product again.

  65. Kindle Customer

    I was very pleased with this bed skirt. The fit is perfect and it is so soft.

  66. Amazon Customer

    fits perfect

  67. Laura Halley

    I missed the reviews that noted this product to not have slits at the corners to accommodate footboards on a bed, so it does not hang properly on our bed. The possible reason for me missing this detail is that every time I clicked on the link to the 14″ drop bedskirt, I was connected to the picture for the 18″ bedskirt by the same company that appears to have corner slits in the picture & I assumed the 14″ was the same–missed the detail in the smaller picture of the 14″ bedskirt. Also, I did need to do some trimming of the scalloped edges where material went past the scalloped embroidery. I wish I had researched more closely before ordering this bedskirt. The pattern is good and would look nice on a bed without a footboard… unfortunately, that is not the case for our bed.

  68. mary jane sampel

    just old fashion . simple .

  69. cah62

    I love the bed skirt. Bought matching shams.

  70. Joyce Clements

    This is nice but I did not realize until I got this one I needed one with split cornersbecause of the footboard.