Gourmia GK320 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle – Dual Voltage – Fast Water Boiling – Food Grade Silicone – Small, Collapsible, Portable – Boil Dry Protection – .5 Qt – 100v/120v and 220v/240v – White

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  • DUAL VOLTAGE: Take along for readily accessible hot water on any continent! Features dual voltage for compatibility wherever your adventures lead you.
  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: Cleverly designed to expand so you can fill and boil up to .5L of perfectly piping hot water, and then neatly collapse for compact, convenient storage!
  • LIGHT & DURABLE: Lightweight yet strong food-grade silicone safely resists high temperatures and maintains structure stability even while very hot.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Equipped with boil dry protection, and sturdy lid lock to ensure completely safe, scorch-free usage. Integrated spout filter ensures only pure water pouring, and the concealed heating element eliminates those rusty metal coils.
  • TUV CERTIFIED: Gourmia takes the quality of its products seriously. This product is TUV certified and BPA free, so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.


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It’s a bird…It’s a plane… It’s a… kettle?!

That’s right.
Well kind of.
While it doesn’t exactly have super powers,
this Gourmia GK320 Travel Kettle can fly anywhere and everywhere your adventures lead you!
Dual voltage means that it’s compatible all across the globe!
Cleverly designed to expand, so you can fill and boil up to .5L of perfectly piping hot water,
and then neatly collapse for compact, convenient storage!
It’s constructed of food grade silicone-
so it’s light as a feather, while safely resists high temperatures
to maintain structure strength and durability.
We’ve loaded this GK320 up with safety features like boil dry protection, lid-lock, and auto shut-off to ensure completely safe, scorch-free usage.
So toss it in your backpack, and hit the road!


mission is to make everyday cooking easy, healthy, and delicious. Our products deliver a higher standard of innovation, performance, and value. Our founders are experts in the modern world of small appliances and are passionate about providing our customers with dependable, efficient tools that will make life in the kitchen fun and easy.

Simply extend, fill, hit the button, and presto! You’ve got hot water in minutes. Perfect for your favorite beverages or delicious meals. Morning, noon, or night, there is no bad time to use the the Folding Travel Kettle from Gourmia!
Simply extend, fill, hit the button, and presto! You’ve got hot water in minutes. Perfect for your favorite beverages or delicious meals. Morning, noon, or night, there is no bad time to use the the Folding Travel Kettle from Gourmia!
Simply extend, fill, hit the button, and presto! You’ve got hot water in minutes. Perfect for your favorite beverages or delicious meals. Morning, noon, or night, there is no bad time to use the the Folding Travel Kettle from Gourmia!
Simply extend, fill, hit the button, and presto! You’ve got hot water in minutes. Perfect for your favorite beverages or delicious meals. Morning, noon, or night, there is no bad time to use the the Folding Travel Kettle from Gourmia!
Whether you’re home, camping, on vacation–or anywhere, always enjoy a fresh cup with the Silicone Travel Kettle. Simply extend, fill, hit the button, and presto! You’ve got hot water in minutes.

When you travel, do you miss your morning cup of tea the most? Well, worry no more with the Silicone Travel Kettle! Our fully portable water boiling system features an easy one-button control, translucent pitcher, and cool silicone design for your folding convenience. A super fast stainless steel heating element boils water in as little as five minutes. You’ll also enjoy top notch safety with overheat and boil dry protection. With our specially designed 1-2 cup capacity, you’ll save time, energy, and tons of luggage space for all your sipping adventures!

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  1. John Kim

    It is so tiny. It has a switch and when it is boiled it turns off automatically. Prima.

  2. Jake Mizzell

    Great kettle! It boils quickly and I’ve had no problems after a month of use. The collapsibility is nice for storing in a desk. Switching voltage is super easy. I have no complaints so far. I went through 2 kettles before this one mostly due to my own stupidity about the voltage. I out of the USA where they have 240v and I didn’t think about it before I bought the old ones. This kettle is just as good as the other ones if not better.

  3. wearethefuture

    I bought this for the small size and auto shutoff features as I tend to leave the kettle on the stove too long and forget it. I also need something I can get off the counter when not using as I share space with others. Once I figured how to fold down by watching a video of similar product online that showed how to fold the front down first by the middle seam and then the back with my fingers, that alleviated one concern. It is small enough to store unfolded. I washed out by boiling water a few times without using, I discovered the size of this holds four cups of water (946 ml). It has auto shutoff when boiled, but then will turn back on to reboil, so it is good for leaving on awhile to keep the water hot. It says on product description it will auto shutoff when no more water. I have not tested that yet. It is perfect to make two cups of coffee and some soup or ramen. Then I unplug and store on top of someone else’s coffee appliance. It has flexibility to use anywhere indoors.

  4. Andrew J. Rózsa

    I was looking specifically for a compact kettle. I travel quite a bit, don’t stay at hotels because mine are mostly one-day trips, and I like to drink tea while I am working. Got myself one of these new fancy infuser-type tea steepers, lemon crystals, honey, teas… only thing I needed is hot water. This little kettle caught my eye. In principle, it was perfect. I was worried about the possibility of taste being imparted to the water, even though I know food grade silicone is mostly inert. I have used the Gourmia’s Collapsible Electric Tea Kettle nightly for two weeks now. Tested it with several different kinds of tea, some fairly subtle in intensity and I cannot tell that the water was heated in anything other than a regular kettle. The heating is fairly rapid, handling is without issues (no drips, the outside is warm but not hot), and this gadget collapses to an easily portable size. If your hands are not very strong and have issues with collapsing it, you should squeeze the kettle around its girth (middle) with one hand, while pushing down from the top with the other hand. It’s a cinch. Now the kettle goes in my tea kit with honey, infuser, lemon, and several tea tins. I am a happy camper… well, traveler. I recommend it.

  5. SLA

    I really didn’t expect it to be as good as it’s description – but it was, and in so many ways. Lightweight, compresses small enough to pack when travelling, folds out to hold just enough water to make my large mug of morning coffee, and it comes to a boil quickly – no time to grump ‘hurry up I need my coffee’. I’ve only got this little treasure recently, so I have no idea how durable it will be, but the price is right to get another one. I recommend this little kettle to any one that travels and only has so much luggage space – who knows it might even leave enough room to also pack a little bag of your own brand of coffee, or teabags, or hot chocolate, or hot apple cider, or cup of soup…or?.

  6. Sharon Lee

    I absolutely love this. I bought it to take to work. However, I can’t seem to part with it at home. I may end up getting another one for work. It is the best companion for my pour over coffee maker. The water gets hot faster than the microwave and shuts down when it gets real hot and then comes back on when it gets cool.

  7. Swift Loris

    I have no complaints, only compliments, about this little gem. Beautifully designed and superbly functional. Perfect for coffee (instant or cone-brewed), tea, instant soup, oatmeal. (I don’t need to collapse it or to switch voltages, so I have no comments on those features.)

  8. SashaHawaii

    I thought I was going to be disappointed when buying this, I have horrible luck online. This thing is small, I could shove it in a cargo pocket or tote bag when collapsed. Perfect for traveling, as to why I bought it. It appears to be very sturdy, I just started using it. The cap stays closed unless you push the lid button and it pops open, no possibility of burning yourself, easy to fill. The base is extremely sturdy and not too heavy, weighs about the same as an empty glass coffee pot if not lighter. Collapsing it is easy but takes practice, have to pay attention to the creases and evenly push it down. Nothing that would be frustrating. I dont think its BPA free, and I haven’t noticed a taste from it. The smell on the outside is like a sippy cup, or a newly store bought plastic cup, I hate that smell. But I won’t be cuddling up to it at night so its no problem. I love the conversion on the bottom, I can keep this at home or take overseas with me. Good job Gourmia!

  9. aileen s.

    Very impressive little electric kettle. I bought it for a long road trip so I can make tea from hotel, and for camping in my travel trailer. It fits the bill perfectly!

  10. IDA T. LYNCH

    Best thing to come along, now my husband don’t have to use the 12 cup pot for one cup of tea at 2:30am.Thank you.

  11. Rachel Hinote

    This kettle is perfect for travel! I am a hot tea drinker and find that it is difficult to get the coffee taste out of the hotel coffee pot water. This is easy to use and pack. I will be buying more for Christmas gifts!

  12. Rick Watson

    My wife is traveling out of the country this week and is BEYOND excited to get/use this great traveling tea maker.

  13. Patsy Carlson

    I am very pleased with this electric tea kettle. When we travel we like to make our own coffee and this will work perfectly. Due to its compact size it is easy to pack.

  14. Valerie B.

    Update: I’ve been using this for four months now and it’s so great I wanted to update my already positive review. I now use this as my everyday teapot. It is awesome. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. After I pour the water in my cup I just fill it back up and leave it on for my next cup. If the water goes below a certain temperature it will just keep heating itself back up until I use it. I drink tea all day so the pot stays on from the time I wake up until I go to bed. I bought it as a gift for another tea drinker and I’m buying another one for myself just in case they stop making it. It was a life saver when I went to Disney. I’m cranky in the morning until I have my tea and with this I could just make the tea in my hotel room without having to get dressed and walk all the way to the cafeteria. Don’t think twice about buying it. You won’t be disappointed.I can’t say enough about this. It is officially my favorite gadget. Boiling hot water in 3 minutes. I drink tea all day and it was so convenient to have this at the hotel. I took it on my last 3 trips. The only negative I have is the cord length. I wish it was longer or detachable. Also, the light on the power switch shuts off when the water is done heating which makes it easy to forget to shut off the pot. Other than that you will love this.

  15. Just Me

    I’ve been reluctant to use hotel kettles after reading a suggestion on a travel site to use them for washing socks, underwear, and other small items in, plus they often look quite unappetizing. This is reasonably light and folds up pretty small. Dual voltage is great to have as well. We are just at the end of a 24 day European trip where we’ve traveled from Amsterdam to Dubrovnik and many places in between. We travel with just one carry on sized backpack each and this is a welcome addition to the load. We’ve used it every morning on the trip and it will be part of our gear for all future trips.

  16. Elizabeth

    I peeled through dozens of different listings for electric kettles, and I’m so glad I chose this one. So far, so good! I’ve used this 5-10 times in the first few days of having it, and it works great, doesn’t whistle, and it doesn’t take forever (just a few minutes). I boiled water three times and dumped out before first use. No weird taste at all. Folds up nicely when you get the hang of it; I hadn’t used any collapsible items before this so it took me a few minutes to figure it out. I use a short extension cord because the plug I use is below my desk at work, and this way I can keep it on my desktop and don’t have to unplug to pour. Highly recommend. Great for a single serving. Hope this helps you in your purchase decision!

  17. The_Scribe

    Nice item.Functional – boils water fairly swiftly, and is reasonably portable.Downside? There is one – whereas the auto off does work and stops the boiling process (somehow), the switch does not turn off.Which means having to remember to unplug immediately it after it boils – otherwise, presumably after sensor tells it that the water temperature has lowered, it starts boiling again.No idea as to longevity as I use it sporadically on trips.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Compared to my other non-foldable dual voltage travel kettle, I like the small size and being collapsable is very handy. It is easy to pack in a small suitcase. Water boils quickly in the U.S. and Canada (110v) and I haven’t tried using it elsewhere yet. I like the flat U.S./Canada two legged plug too compared to some of the kettles I bought in the UK or Asia with bulky 3-legged ones for 220-240v countries. There are a couple of things I didn’t like as much. The fact that the on/off switch is on the bottom of the kettle makes cleaning the kettle less convenient especially when the instruction manual clearly states that one should not get that switch wet. Also, once the water is boiled you cannot reboil it until quite some time later. That took me some time to get used to when I am used to my other travel kettle which reboils the content right away. That second issue is easily resolved though if you just add some cold water into what’s inside to lower the temperature. All-in-all, I would buy it again, and I do like this one better than my other dual-voltage one which did not fold with a long cylindrical shape which was more difficult to pack in a carry-on.

  19. J. Darcy

    Good product – it heats water quickly, gets the water up to boiling temp, and folds down small for packing. It has 220 switch on bottom, but I haven’t used it yet at 220 so I can’t comment on that aspect. I like the pot because it does the job, but I have 2 complaints. When you flip the switch to begin heating, the switch lights up, that’s good. When the water comes to a boil, the light goes off but the unit is still on – this is bad. Although the light is off, the unit is still on and will continue reheating water until you turn the switch to the off position. But since the light goes off after the initial heating, you don’t know the unit is still on. I like to leave the unit plugged in because the plugs in hotel rooms are not always that easy to get to. So you really have to be careful and remind yourself to TURN THE SWITCH OFF or else it will keep reboiling the water until all the water boils away. This could be a safety hazard once the water boils away. But if you want to leave it in auto-reheat mode, let’s say you want another cup of hot water a little later, you have to wait for the auto-reheat mode to cycle on (~30 minutes). You can’t force it to reheat after 15 minutes. This auto-reheat “feature” seems like a bad idea to me. So it’s just always better to turn the switch off no matter what.There are also some confusing instructions that came with it. It said to fill the pot up to the minimum water line and don’t go over the maximum water line. But there are no lines on the pot. I’m guessing they mean the two creases where the pot folds. And there is no mention in the instructions of the auto-reheat “feature”.

  20. madsigntist

    Great product. Compact, light weight, fast boil. Perfect for RV with inverter when you don’t electric hook-up.

  21. Phil R.

    I use this exclusively for making coffee when I travel. I am a touring musician and make my own coffee on the road daily. This kettle is exactly what I was looking for. It collapses to take up minimal room in my suitcase. I only wish the handle also folded down, as it is the only part of the kettle that protrudes, but that is a minor complaint. My only other complaint is that once the water boils, the automatic shutoff feature does not allow you to reboil water without emptying the kettle completely and refilling, so for making coffee, which requires the water temp to be just a few degrees under boiling, you really have to be ready to pour the water once it stops boiliing. If you let it sit for too long after it shuts off and the water cools down too much, you cannot reboil without dumping the water and refilling with cold water again. This seems like a strange feature, and one for which there does not seem to be a workaround. I also wish it had a detachable power cord, but alas, the cord is hard wired to the kettle. Aside from that it works great for the price.

  22. Thomas Brimmer

    This just became a permanent resident of my “GO!” bag. Multi-voltage works anywhere in the world where I have a plug adaptor. To my surprise, it has a thermostat that keeps it hot without boiling continuously. Enough water for a couple big mugs of coffee or tea.

  23. Koop

    Great travel kettle. I don’t think collapsing the kettle is so difficult as long as you follow a sequence of sorts. I reach in, angle the handle and lower its side, and then the front half easily follows; works every time. Average heat up times for 16 oz of cold water is anywhere between 3:45 and 4:15, which is good enough for me. I didn’t want to buy a high powered device, with something like 1200 Watts and then pop breakers in cheaply engineered hotel rooms. I haven’t owned it long enough to be able to assess quality, but first impressions are very good.

  24. kejonas101

    Perfect for traveling. Like others I don’t like coffe and when staying at timeshares hotels having to use the coffee make for tea for hot water or the microwave just either seems gross or makes a bad cup of tea. This kettle is light weight, easy to travel with and has enough water for two 8oz mugs or my single 16 oz cup. The only thing it doesn’t do is automatically shut off which is honestly such a minor thing that it makes no difference. Honestly easier than boiling water in a pan or frankly any other means of heating water for a single cup of tea.

  25. fenstersponge

    I used this in Nepal. Home run. The problem with Nepal is many hotels do not provide water pots. And you are up early but restaurants and coffee shops open late. This fit nicely in my carry-on. No problems with security at any airport. Takes a few minutes to boil and it is very quiet, which makes the auto shutoff feature invaluable. Several times I forgot about the pot and walked over only to realize it had finished and shut off. I did not have any problems with plastic taste some have reported. The plug is 2-prong and polarized, although some have reported it to be three pronged. For me 2 was better because my adapter fit perfectly. Don’t forget to switch the voltage. I forgot the first time and it boiled in 30 seconds! But it did not kill it. Worked fine after I switched it. My traveling companions were very envious so I ended up sharing it.

  26. beechridge

    I was skeptical of this at first but now wish I had gotten it a lot sooner. It’s perfect for the travel trailer and a great size for one person. I have a solar powered trailer and this doesn’t put a strain on my 1500watt inverter. It boils water quickly and is easy to clean. It has exceeded my expectations. It’s not at all squishy or unstable.

  27. Valeri G.

    This kettle was a game-changer on a recent week long trip. I have food allergies and can’t just grab the most convenient food. But being able to cook oatmeal, coffee, pasta, etc was so helpful. The kettle doesn’t always collapse easily, but I’ve figured out how to manipulate it. I was able to boil a full pot of water in 4 minutes, and that makes a 16oz travel mug of coffee.While on my trip I used cheap (gross) bottled water and noticed a chalky residue in the kettle after a few days. I just wiped the residue out but it would return the next time I boiled water. Now that I’m home I will clean it with a bottle brush and boil several kettles of water from my reverse osmosis to see if there is any difference.

  28. magpiechick

    This makes my life so much easier as I spend half my working month traveling and staying in hotels. It doesn’t matter how fancy your hotel is, someone before you may have used the coffee makers as soup warmers. The housekeepers sometimes overlook to clean or replace such items. So boiling water to make a tea or coffee, soup or whatever is now perfectly easy and quick.I would give 5 stars BUT my unit isn’t folding down enough. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t? There’s a 2 fold way to collapse the kettle. One fold makes it collapse a third down of height, two folds makes it collapse to two thirds of height. Perfect to pack in your case but mine won’t stsy low and small. Annoying. Ide be interested to know if others are having the same issue

  29. L

    does not pass silicone pinch test, so it’s not 100% silicone

  30. Amy Patterson

    I have traveled with bulky kettles for years – stuffing them with clothes and socks to try to maximize the space in my suitcase – because I am THAT committed to a good cup of tea in the morning. I just got back from my first trip with this kettle and I love it. Love it! I had my tea every morning, and my husband used it to boil water for a pourover cup of coffee each day, with no problems. We were satisfied and happily caffeinated.I never review products, which is an indicator of how much I love this gadget. If you drink tea and travel as much as I do, you should absolutely buy this kettle.

  31. SkinnyBamboo

    I am writing this as this is my second purchase. My sister saw my first purchase to help me with my river cruise travel. I use it to help me w/ taking my medications early in the morning and then I like having my tea before bed. What a wonderful and handy compact size to fit in my luggage

  32. John A. Cotten

    The kettle does not collapse as it should. Out of 50 attempts, I have been able to collapse it once. The rep on the phone was polite, but of little help. It seems like collapsing this pot should be a repeatable process. Otherwise, it does its job of boiling water.Once I figured out how to collapse the thing, I have used it numerous times. It works.

  33. dm

    Excellent. I use this in my travels. All too often, hotels don’t have in-room coffee pots. (Especially in NYC, where they want to charge you for EVERYTHING — including a cup of hot water). So, I bring this with me. It collapses, so it takes up little space in my carry on luggage. Once expanded,and plugged in it quickly boils water.

  34. Jaclyn M.

    I’ve been using this to make tea at work. Since the kitchen is quite a walk from my office, it’s easier than using the microwave to heat water. My only issue is that the first batch of water I heated had a very chemical taste from the silicone, even after having rinsed it out. So I’d recommend heating up several batches of water and dumping them, before you use it, to get out the chemical taste.

  35. Ribhu Kansal

    This was our first time using a travel kettle. The kettle leaked water (and couldn’t get it to fold). It felt a bit flimsy. Maybe we got a defective piece but we’re returning it and won’t be getting another one.

  36. Amazon Customer

    We live on a sailboat and this product is my favorite gadget! For starters, it collapse small if we are sailing and easily pops up for use. I am impressed with the quality of all the surfaces from the cord, the the hinge on the lid. The water is heated just right whether it is for coffee, tea, or soups. Get the white, it’s so clean and crisp! Perfect for hotels, dorm rooms, or travel abroad. I would recommend this to everyone!

  37. Meadow lark

    Cute and lightweight perfect for travel espresso maker, loose leaf tea, and smart reheat function, shutoff when empty. Really love perfect for small bathroom sink. I make sure that sink and faucet and counter gets wiped clean with baking soda before setting up relax down time and drink prep, filling kettle with water. Peace of mind and keeps spa feel to fix hot drink without going to kitchen and seeing to do projects🐈🐩🐐🐨🐸

  38. HBM

    I have very little counter space in my kitchen so I could not bear the thought of having another appliance taking up space. Unfortunately my Keurig machine which is supposed to dispense hot water requires constant work to make sure the water is coffee free, so I had to find a hot water kettle that would give me easy hot water when wanting tea, while not being a burden on my counter and storage space.This foldable water kettle is absolutely perfect for my needs, takes a couple of minutes to boil and I can easily store it away when done. Thank you Gourmia!

  39. Christopher Paish

    I want to like this kettle but wish I could return it. It works just fine and it is portable as advertised, but the awful plastic smell will not seem to go away. Because of the very high-star reviews I decided to give it more chances to see if the smell would go away, and every time I boil the water, the water turns into plastic-tasting-hot-water. Does anyone have a solution for this? I’d love to know so we can enjoy this kettle.

  40. Brady Sammons

    This kettle is plain awesome!!I travel quite a bit and I’m one of those hobbyists that loves to bring his own fresh coffee to grind and brew on my trips. Problem is almost always I have to resort to a microwave to heat water in a cup or use the standard in room coffee machine ( typical in hotels ) to produce hot water. That is a thing of the past, I took this kettle with me last week on a trip it was perfect.Small enough to pack, Pours well enough for pot over coffee, and wellligjt weight A++