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The Description:

♣Material: High quality ABS and advanced motor
♣Input Voltage: USB 5v
♣Power: 5w
♣Battery: 2000mAh Lithium Battery

The Features:

♣ Quick Charge & Long lasting: The superior Lithium battery takes 4-5h to fully charge, and can last super long cleaning time about 60-70mins. The ultra-long life of our handheld vacuum which can charge over 1000 times.
♣Lightweight & portable Cordless Design: This Handheld Vacuum is only 0.49lb and has ergonomical design which makes it easy carry to anywhere you go.
The portable cordless design can give your more convenience when you are cleaning dust buster, pet hair of your car and house.
♣All-round Cleaning, Without Dead Band: The mini size of cordless Vacuum can reach anywhere which help clean the debris and dust inside your keyboard, your car, your pet house.
You also can not be worried about kids snacking and pet hair, because our cordless Vacuum can meet your needs to clean them. It is convenient to clean all the surfaces.

The Package:

♣1 x Handheld Vacuum
♣1 x Brush straw
♣1 x Flat straw
♣1 x USB Cable

The Tips:

♣Our product has Brush straw and Flat straw. For the efficient using, the different situation can be used the different nozzles.
♣The handheld Vacuum is dismantable which helps clean conveniently. The air vents of two sides help for heat radiation.

The Notes:


For the ultra-long life of the product, do not soak in water and use the cleaning liquid at the same time.


For safety reason and avoid damage, better not remove or refit by yourself.


For the better using and avoid affecting motor life, please not absorb damp articles.


♣ If you are unhappy with any product, please do not hesitate to contact with any product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reviews (19)


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  1. Amazon Customer

    I love lego, and this thing cleans my legos really well with that little brush.A duster is too soft and always hooked to something.and this thing with the brush is power enough to get all the dust in between gapsand it collect quite a lot.plus super easy to clean!

  2. Will

    flash delivery. Mini and light facility, easy to using.

  3. Rossana

    Very good one, small and light, very satisfied

  4. The Rational Consumer

    My dog sheds like crazy and I am constantly finding hair all over the couch or car or my clothes!! This little vacuum is great at getting all those little hairs up. Its also really nice for cleaning your keyboard without needing to take everything apart. Great suction power.

  5. K Struthers

    Great little vacuum. I like to keep a clean car and it’s nice not to drag out a big vacuum or Shop-Vac or pay money to go to a car wash place for small messes.. Also works very well for electronic devices.

  6. Moraima

    The compact size not only makes them easy to carry around, but also easy to store on a shelf or corner of a closet, pantry, laundry room, garage or inside a kitchen cabinet, where I happen to keep mine.

  7. Yiu lui

    This Handheld vacuum is a battery powered ,suction was not the best but good enough to suck up the dust and little stuff on your table ,not bad ,but dont expect it would clean up your carpet.

  8. SunnyJ

    This thing is little bitty, really cool though. It fits into tiny spots and is wonderful on keyboards.

  9. Joyce Gore

    Didn’t believe that this small vacuum could be so powerful. But it is. Works great. Picks up so much more then I thought it would. Highly recommend. Great price

  10. Sarah

    This vacuum was smaller than expected but it works just as described. It comes with two attachments, two filters, and a USB charge cord. It also comes with instructions but I didn’t need them, it was very easy to put together and I was using it within five minutes of getting it out of the box.I like being able to vacuum out my laptop’s keyboard, but mostly, I love being able to vacuum all the nooks and crannies in my truck.

  11. michelle

    So I bought this because it was an “amazon choice” product. I planned on giving it to my boyfriend for Christmas to keep in his truck but now I need to buy another one for myself. I used it for my desk and all around my computer. Perfect!! Also… maybe weird but I used it in my kitchen cabinets/pantry to clean up before mom visits for the holiday.

  12. Salena Monroe

    It doesn’t take long to charge & although small it packs a lot of power. I use this around the house & for my car. Picks up a lot of small pieces that other handheld vacuums don’t

  13. Jinsanity

    This product really exceeds my expectation! The power last long with no cord which is easy to use. Recommend it.

  14. phillip

    although it is small and portable, but has big power to vacuum.

  15. Ronghua Cheng

    this is what i looking for, very easy to use and just perfect size.

  16. jason

    It’s pretty good for cleaning the keyboard.

  17. Denise

    Perfect for small crumbs.

  18. cindy

    What a cool vacuum! Easy to hold and handle, perfect for cleaning window seals as well in between car seats and console. Love this.

  19. Jrchance

    Small and compact-makes if easy to clean those hard to reach places!