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Clean up your garbage with confidence using Hefty’s best tall kitchen bag ever (a great fit in all Simplehuman Size J cans). Hefty Ultra Strong bags feature Triple Action Technology that allows bags to stretch so they resist tears, punctures and leaks (bags are slightly shorter when empty) and the break-resistant grip drawstring prevents bags from falling into can. Patented Arm & Hammer odor neutralizer fights nasty odors to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Every package includes one Box Top to help you earn cash for your school. Package contains 80 white, 13-gallon, tall kitchen drawstring trash bags with Lavender Sweet Vanilla scent.

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  1. SincerelyFromVA

    Yep, trash bags are degrading in quality folks, you are not imagining it! Many large brands are going to lower plastic alternatives labeled as “tear resistant”. That term seems to translate to thinner bags that have been pre-weakened and at times even have very small holes already present due to the stretching/abbration process they use on the plastic during production. I care about the environment, however I doubt the reduction in plastic actually helps much (if you have to double bag = defeats the purpose). I suspect the switch is motivated by the bottom line however. I am dealing with dirty diapers, food messes and other atrocities. I need bags that do not tear!What is also frustrating is that I had an Amazon ‘Subscribe and Save’ set up for the previous version of this product (Hefty Odor Block Trash Bags, Lavender scent, 90 count, here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CMKCKO0/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&th=1). Unfortunately, Amazon automatically switched my order over to this 80 count tear resistant version, ARG! These two products are NOT THE SAME! Needless to say, I have canceled my subscription, and switched to an off brand that makes plastic bags the old-fashioned way.

  2. Mainstream Consumer

    Sadly enough, I have canceled my Subscribe and Save subscription for the Hefty Ultra Strong Bags. I noticed that they were not the same product that I have been ordering for years now. The plastic is so thin that when I went to put them in my trash can my finger went right through them. I had to double bag to make sure if it happens again there won’t be any leakage into the trash can. Other than them tearing easily we have not had any leaking problems whatsoever. Hefty was always my ” go to” bag of choice. I hope there is a good replacement out there!

  3. Amazon Customer

    I prefer a trash bag without heavy perfumes or fragrances, so I jumped at the opportunity to subscribe to these at a seemingly good price. Upon opening the box it was apparent that these are not fragrance-free as advertised. They have a sickly sweet fake vanilla smell. The box said “scent free” but they were definitely perfumed! Unsubscribed immediately.

  4. J. R. Jersey Shore

    Edge does NOT hold on to container, constantly falling in. Bought these on an Amazon sale and thought the scent sounded nice, but not worth the pain of constantly reattaching bag. You ever have a pair of socks that wouldn’t stay up? This is the equivalent in garbage bags. Wouldn’t buy this brand again

  5. Melenie Whitehead

    I have bought this exact brand from Walmart several times and I have never had any issues with them tearing until now… every single one of these bags that I’ve used, has either ripped opened towards the middle or bottom, in addition to the bag tearing where the drawstring is located 😤

  6. Keith B.

    These are great kitchen bags. They’re quite strong and grab the edge of the can well. The pull straps can be wrapped back around the throat of the bag giving it a good seal to keep odors in. We’ve used several of the scents such as apple and citrus but always return to the Lavender & Sweet Vanilla variety because that scent is the most potent, not overpowering but strong enough to mask most odors. The Lavender & Sweet Vanilla also seems to last much longer than the other scents. Best trash bag I’ve found and the large quantity club pack is a bargain.

  7. Samie May

    We had been using Glad and we made the switch to Hefty. These are doing the same job as our previous brand. I’m knocking one star off my review because the scent is a bit misleading- it says that it is lavender vanilla, but all you smell is vanilla. I’m not fond of vanilla and wouldn’t have chosen this scent if I knew there really wasn’t a lavender scent to balance it out. But I can live with it until we use these up.These are just as strong and stretch as our Glads, so you can buy with confidence.

  8. AmOs

    Amazon recommended these as the “newer version” of the Hefty Ultimate Flex with the Gripper/”Snap and Secure” top that I had previously ordered. These are definitely not a newer version of that same product. These do not have the elastic-like top to hold the bag in place. Additionally, they are not puncture-resistant enough–we use them for our regular kitchen trash and they have leaked many times on the way from the kitchen to the garage and sitting on the garage floor. These bags are okay, but we will not be ordering them again.

  9. John A.

    This scent actually made my garbage smell worse then when I used any other garbage bag. I compared Winco, Costco, and Hefty Arm & Hammer Fresh Burst, and fresh bust was offensive to me. We have Children and diapers to dispose of, and it seems that non scented J-Bag compatible bags were better for us. I give this one star, kindly.I threw the remaining bags out, all 70 or so of them.

  10. Sheeba C.

    Bags are smaller than the ones from the last order. The old ones fit my waste basket with no problems; the new ones have to be stretched so much, the drawstring breaks. The bag itself easily punctures. Unsure as to why they changed, but I will not order these again. Poor quality from Hefty. Very disappointed.

  11. J. Reynolds

    The actual bag is similar to other brands but if you are buying scented trash bags, Hefty is your brand. I bought Glad bags, scented vanilla/lavender…your! I think my garbage smelled better than the bag! Hefty bags with similar scent advertised is exactly what I wanted. They smell fresh and that is the reason I bought them, so very pleased.

  12. Kayla

    Bags work well with holding trash, but there scent is terrible combined with dirty diapers. I know diapers are always going to stink, but the scent of the bags somehow make it worse! We take out the trash daily and had much better luck with stink containment with the Glad Fabreez scented bags. My husband complains about the stink of the bags constantly.

  13. Andreas Aristidou

    These trash bags are the real deal! I’ve been using them for about two years now since I move in to my new place. I’ve barely ever had any one of them tear up, and the times that it did it was because of large, sharp objects that would’ve torn up any other trash bag in my opinion. Just make sure you’re getting the right size for your trash can. If so, get those!


    So they are not the worst bags I have bought.They are slightly better than most “bargain brand” and some store brand bags (some store brand bags are amazing depending on the store)I definitely prefer “Glad” brand force flex bags. They are more expensive. This item, the Hefty Ultra Strong trash bag with Arm and Hammer, was a good price and I think had an online coupon. I also love Arm and Hammer products, like their laundry detergent or toothpaste and underarm deodorant etc.Compared to my favorite brand, these bags are much flimsier. They don’t stretch as much as is needed in a sturdy trash bag and they do rip easily. If the bag is heavy, and I pick it up by the bag and not by the plastic string ties, my fingers go right through the bag and make holes at the top that keep growing.I can’t wait until I use up this huge box of trash bags and hopefully buy something better. I was trying to find an affordable and acceptably sturdy replacement to the expensive glad bags. I don’t think these hefty bags live up to their name. I don’t think they can compete with Glad ForceFlex.Yes, they are better than say something like dollar store or CVS weak, unreinforced trash bags, but that is a pretty low bar. So, if you don’t accumulate heavy or sharp trash, this might be a good option for you. But if you really ask a lot of your trash bags in terms of weight and sharp pokey trash, then this trash bag probably is not a good option.I don’t know about your garbage habits, but I like to put a few extra items in the bag after I pull it out of the bin, like a baggy of kitty litter or what have you, or the small bag from the bin in the bathroom…. This bag can’t really handle extra demands like that.

  15. Benjamin T.

    Not a bad product although if you’re looking for something super strong don’t go by advertising titles such as Ultra strong go by descriptions by contractor bags that are thicker than these however these bags are more than sufficient for everyday and every day plus use

  16. Doe Z

    My trash smells great! I have tried a ton of scents and this one is very feminine but super nice. It is pretty strong, like if you use it for the bathroom trash and have the door closed, you’ll be welcomed to your bathroom by a light lavender vanilla scent when you come in. Strong bag and ties, great value!

  17. Danny

    Typically use these for household garbage. However, more recently during a move, we ran out of boxes with the moving company coming in the morning. We were able to use these in a pinch for everything you could imagine, from clothes to electronics. Of course, these were placed in large 6′ moving boxes, then transported into the new location, but they held up the entire time. Was very surprised. Great quality.

  18. Amazon Customer

    We have this setup for our Hefty Dash Button. Only reason I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars is that the bag BARELY fits on our trashcan and we have to really stretch it a bit to fit the edge of the bag on there. The same size Glad bags fit no problem.

  19. Zach

    Our household is a long time fan of Hefty. My wife and I used Glad a few boxes ago as they were cheaper per bag at the time. After one bag, we regretted saving a few pennies per bag! These Hefty bags hold up much better than the competition.

  20. mystery book lover

    Very good quality! We love these, we pack them full, we hardly ever get a leak! Im sure the ones we do get are our fault, as we push the boundaries of how much these can hold lol. They also have a nice scent.

  21. Jennifer Sproha

    The ‘scent’ gives me a headache, but worst of all they compare the sizing to simple human trash bag size that I use. These are much wider making it difficult to keep the bag around the rim and they are not nearly as deep as simple human bags. VERY disappointed.

  22. C. Nony

    The Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags are great for holding garbage, clothes for donation even Christmas wreaths! They don’t normally leak, and sometimes I smell foul things even though they are scented.

  23. LEF

    We love the bags especially with the lemon scent. They are sturdy for even a nine year old to take out the garbage. They can handle various trash especially glass. Our township doesn’t recycle glass so now that goes in the garbage too.

  24. Stephen Bishop

    These used to have a ‘Gripper’ – a stretchy bit in the drawstring that kept the bag secured at the top of the trash can. That’s why I committed to this brand and put them as an Amazon subscription. But when the latest box arrived, there was no more Gripper. They were just ordinary bags.

  25. Bradley Gilley

    Really not sure why these are called “Ultra Strong”. Even after a normal can of trash, the draw strings rip very easily. Don’t even try to put a heavier than normal load of trash in the can, because I can promise the draw strings will not hold up. Unless I got a faulty box of trash bags?

  26. Steven

    Completely disappointed with this box. Yes I’m sure they are tear resistant but the seams in this entire box is bad! The bags rip right down the side and all the garage falls right out.Nothing worse than that.

  27. Central

    The smell of these trash bags is intense! The scent permeated my downstairs before I even slit open the amazon packaging box. It was so potent and unpleasant I returned the box unopened.

  28. Zoomacum1

    I love these bags! They are very strong! My family fills them quite full before they are taken out and they are strong enough that we’ve never had them tear. I’ve used them for years. My favorite!

  29. susan johnson

    I bought these because price was good and needed heavy duty bags . I have to say not impressed with quality , I have had many bags rip open so back to other name brand

  30. Rebecca Sue

    Seriously, who doesn’t like Hefty?! Smells great, lines the garbage can wonderfully, and the best part; I didn’t have to leave the house…..

  31. Nick

    Bags are weak. The bags themselves tear easily, and the drawstring is weak, to the point that while carrying they stretch out and break. Sticking to Kirkland from now on, much better quality.

  32. Keith Hickman

    Recently added these to my Subscribe & Save, first time I needed to replace bags used these and found that the bags were unsealed along the side and not useable. Tried several bags and found similar issues being unsealed and opened along the sides. Not happy. Contacting Hefty directly.

  33. Lisa

    A great price for these bags. I like the scent and they are pretty strong, but I have been having issues with the drawstring breaking. I will be trying the Glad bags next time.

  34. J. Whitaker

    What can I say? They are good for garbage, and if I ever want to kill myself or a paraplegic robber I could use it to good effect.

  35. Damien

    These bags are not as strong as their Glad counterparts. Using the same amount of stuff in the wastebasket and the same actual wastebasket I have used with Glad bags for a year, these rip and tear all the time and the Glad ones did not. I was also using whatever the Glad “ultra strong” ones are.

  36. The Texas Review

    Great Value and Price! Cheaper than the dollar store and you get more for the bang! Super Strong, can handle anything you need to dispose of.

  37. ark

    The best yet! Other garbage bags would come off of the edges or leak, this one does not and does not leave my trash can smelling gross!

  38. Melanie

    I love these! I was skeptical when I bought them, but they really are strong and they grip the lid of the trash can so the bag doesn’t fall in when I toss in something heavy. It looks like my days of cleaning the bottom of the trash can are over!!

  39. Stop Jack

    I love how strong these are. I’ve definitely overfilled the garbage can before and I did not have to worry about rips or tears

  40. Christine

    These bags are great but the scent is SO STRONG. My husband and I both hated it. They’re quality bags but the scent is way too overpowering. We can’t wait to finish this box.

  41. Amazon Customer

    For the price, best deal. These are my favorite bags. They have a soft lavender scent and definitely don’t rip.

  42. Maggie

    strong and heavy. no leaks!!


    these are very strong bags and can take a lot w/o breaking. they fit our trash can nicely. the value is great too! a lot cheaper then the grocery store.

  44. BigBadBookworm

    Good sized box of trash bags for a good price. I love having household goods delivered to my door (less to shop for). These are scented and very strong. I haven’t had one rip yet and I’ve been using them to throw out all kinds of thing, including boxes

  45. Cuishii

    A trash bag that smells good. A nice surprise since I completely forgot I bought the scented version.

  46. trishia lee

    Can’t get these in the store for this price, quality is great and I love the scent.


    These are the best smelling, strongest garbage bags around. Excellent delivery time.

  48. Amazing Grace

    I love these trash bags. I use them for my rental properties because usually renters have all kinds of disgusting smelling trash and this counteracts the smells perfectly. SO when they open the bins this is what they smell!!

  49. MomOf3

    These are the only scented bags that don’t make me gag! They rarely tear when getting them out – the brand that rhymes with MAD always seems to tear. I love these trash bags. They are dependable.

  50. Ryan Guerin

    I don’t was skeptical after seeing some of the reviews for this product, but glad I still went ahead & bought it! I’m ised to Costco’s brand but these work just as well and smell delish, esp for a garbage bag lol. They smell EXACTLY like the dryer sheets/fabric freshener. Bags the can just fine, same as the Costco ones I’ve used for years. I would definitely buy again!