Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

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  • Includes a reusable commercial cloth bag with paper option
  • Built-in blower allows you more versatility with cleaning and maintaining your home
  • Compact form allows you to clean tight spaces and detail small areas like the inside of a vehicle
  • Long 33′ SJT cable length for large area vacuuming. Hush 15 Inch Bagless Upright
  • Hose stretches for extended reach
  • Motor Amps:7.4 Amps

Safety Warning

WARNING: Cancer and Birth Defect/Reproductive Harm — www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/product

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Make your cleaning experience easier and more comfortable with the Hoover CH30000 PortaPower commercial lightweight canister vacuum cleaner! This reliable commercial vacuum can clean tight places and large spaces with its fabulous features. As a canister vacuum the CH30000 can be used for detailing as well as to extend long distances with its 33′ long power cord. You can vacuum stairways, down halls, and around sharp corners with ease. At 8.3 lbs. the CH30000 canister vacuum weighs less than the average 6th grader’s backpack, which is 18.4 lbs.! With its lightweight design, using the CH30000 can be a breeze and reduce fatigue. Not only does the CH30000 vacuum cleaner have a built-in blower, but it also can be used to clean up hard-to-reach places such as up draperies, upholsteries, and even in your own vehicles. The CH30000 can use both a reusable commercial cloth bag and a paper dust bag, allowing you to switch and alternate between cleaning jobs. For example, a cloth bag would most likely be used with sharper objects and paper bag for dust clean-up.

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  1. JAM

    DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT !!!!!!!!! I purchased this vacuum about 5 years ago and liked it so much I ordered another recently. Hoover must have changed the design on the lever that holds the main vacuum hose to the unit and the same lever is supposed to keep the bag door from opening. The new vacuum that I just received has a lever that does not perform the two functions. it either keeps the hose in place or it keeps the bag door closed. The failure of this lever to perform both functions means you need to keep a third hand available (if you have a third hand) in order to keep the vacuum together while you’re vacuuming. Really bad design change. Never had this problem with the same vacuum purchased 5 years ago. Thinking this was an anomaly, I contacted Amazon and they graciously send me a replacement vacuum. I received it today and it has the same problem. The issue is not an anomaly. It seems to have been a very bad design change by Hoover. I contacted Hoover customer service and have yet to hear from them on how they plan to address this issue, or if I need to purchase another supplier’s vacuum. I’ll update this review once I hear from Hoover. In the meantime, stay away from this vacuum cleaner.UPDATE – Hoover did not respond to my email, so I called them and spoke to someone who simply gave me a contact for a local Hoover Warranty claims repair location. Before lugging the brand new vacuum to the repair center, I called them to describe my problem (with two brand new vacuum cleaners). I’m glad I called. The repair center stated that if I brought the new portapower vacuum to them, there is NOTHING THEY COULD DO TO FIX THE PROBLEM if that is the way the product is manufactured now by Hoover. Wow, who would have expected Hoover to assume their customers would tolerate such an inferior product.

  2. Dala Chin

    I really wanted to love this vacuum. It is beautifully designed, at least if you like a rugged, commercial aesthetic. Pieces click to together in a satisfying way, and the chrome gleams against the gray and orange color scheme. I really enjoyed putting it together. I enjoyed the fact that it is not as loud as my previous Hoover, and the children and cats did not flee the room in terror when I turned it on.However, when it came to using it on our hardwood floors, it did not perform. I felt like I was chasing the dirt around, rather than sucking it up. I had to put my hand over the nozzle to make sure that it really was functioning, and yes, if you place your hand right over the tube, you can feel suction. A moderate amount of suction. I found that if I swept really well ahead of time, it might pick up some of the stray leftover dirt. But forget about anything stuck in the cracks between the floorboards. If I didn’t sweep really well, I was on my knees, picking up bits of tissue and stray threads that the vacuum had failed to suck up. With some experimentation, it became clear that the suction was not strong enough to spread over the floor cleaning tools with any effectiveness, and the best result was achieved with the crevice tool or the bare nozzle. Sweeping a 1 inch tube back and forth over the entire surface area of our small home would make vacuuming a long and dull task.Just so you know, if you are purchasing bags to use with this machine, you also need to purchase an adapter, another $10 or so. The adapter is just a funnel with a little rubber band type thing that you roll onto the neck of the bag. When you replace the bag, you are faced with the gaping maw of funnel as you fumble with the rubber band thingy. This wouldn’t be a dealbreaker if the machine actually worked, but I was sort of unhappy that I would be faced with staring at/breathing the stuff I just vacuumed off the floor.The vacuum that I’m replacing is nothing fancy, just a 10 year old upright hoover, an unglamorous plasticky and clunky machine whose suction has seen better days. This new Hoover has weaker suction than the 10 year old Hoover. It’s going back where it came from. I don’t really understand how this product has such good reviews– it doesn’t seem like it would be very much help if you have any real dirt to clean. I don’t feel like I have especially high expectations for a vacuum, but if this is the story with vacuums at this price range, I might have to double my budget and splurge on an entry level Miele. In fact, I just did.

  3. Laura D. Mahoney

    You will desperately fall in love with the convenience and compact design of this vacuum. And if you have actual commercial needs and expecting commercial grade suction you will be swiftly disappointed. I am a professional office cleaner in New England. I was thrilled with how easy it was to move this vacuum around but it won’t vacuum any of the rock salt, no hair, misses most dirt. It’s a glorified duster at best. Missed cob webs on walls too though. The cord clip kept falling off too. (I only used the bRand New machine for one cleaning day: 8hours). Not sure why it’s an amazon pick.

  4. Timothy C. Griess

    I own a cleaning service which uses these vacuums. We have used them for over 25 years and I have purchased several hundred of them. I have given these as gifts to all my family members. The Hoover Porta-power use to be one of the best small vacuums on the market. Then the company decided it better to make them overseas with inferior motors and parts. Cheap, cheap, and more cheapness. Now these vacuum have many quality problems with a only a fraction of a life span compared to the same vacuum made a even a few years ago. If Hoover would produce a quality vacuum with a quality motor in it, I would be glad to pay an additional $100 per vacuum. Its too bad the company has chosen the route of extreme mediocrity. Wake up Hoover and start making products that work again. Signed a disgusted customer. March 2013. PS. If there are any competitors out their who make great vacuums, the market needs a small and simple vacuum like this model that actually works. Please, somebody step up and build a quality vacuum for those who need to use them for a living. Thanks.

  5. William

    The Model 1049 Hoover shown in the photos finally gave out after 30+ years of service. The US made consumer grade canister of the early ’80s is now a “commercial grade” made in China. ~sigh~. Judging entirely by the weight I believe it has the same ratio of plastic to metal parts inside and has every bit as much suction. So I overall I am very pleased to find this replacement.All parts interchange between the two. The new extensions are steel instead of plastic which makes them lighter. The cord is longer and heavier and no longer wraps neatly around the handle so they provide a loop with snaps to manage it. The suction hose extends to the same length as the old one but retracts to about 2 ft. – very handy for a hand carried vac, even if it doesn’t last 30 years like the old one.I would not consider this vac for carpet. We have always used an upright with a powered brush for that. But this is a perfect small carry-around for corners and ceilings and windows as well as small clean ups. And the only one I have found with a cleanable / reusable filter bag.The seller – Next Day MRO: very prompt.

  6. WMarc

    While this is a fairly recent purchase, I feel I’ve used it enough to share my opinion. I am very happy with this vacuum, here’s why:• The cord is long enough that when plugged into a centrally located outlet I can vacuum my whole condo (1,200 sq. ft) with out having to unplug/replug in.• The edger works far better than any upright I’ve ever used and the head swivels easily enough to get under furniture- I can vacuum completely under my sofa without having to move it, scaring my cat out of his hiding place.• IT SUCKS! Works wonderfully well on both the carpet and ceramic tile floors. And, it vacuums up without problem scattered litter on a plush bathroom rug without sucking up the rug, unlike uprights I’ve had which then jammed, sometimes breaking the belt as well as just scattering the litter.• A cloth, reusable bag large enough to do several complete vacuums without having to empty it. When I do empty it, I vacuum it out with my shop vac and it’s as good as new.• Its small size- in a condo where closet space is at a premium its small footprint is appreciated.So why just four stars? Design flaws which I think merit at least a one star demerit:• The handle just isn’t ergonomically designed causing hand fatigue. My girlfriend claims my hands are excessively large (although my urologist would probably respectfully disagree), so if my hands get tired, imagine poor Donald J., although I suspect he’s never touched a vacuum in his life.• Wrapping the cord around the handle it’s iffy if it will stay in place. Extending the top of the handle would solve this.• No pad on the shoulder strap.Bottom line, for the price, this vacuum performs exceptionally well.

  7. Sandi

    ..before purchasing this vacuum, I read the reviews. They did not do this little vacuum justice. I just unpacked this little guy and cleaned the whole house in 2 hours (4 bedrooms)!, from chairs, lamp shades, table tops, floors, stairs and throw rugs.Carpeted stairs – this zoomed though the chore, and admit it they are a chore!!Dusting – had to hold at a slight angle because it has so much suction.Floors – the device was the right size for breezing though the bathroom floors, which I hate to do!Blinds – zipped though them no issues.Rugs – great on throw rugs and small area carpets. I have one of those dirt catcher rugs by the back door, it is a pain to clean, not any more.Every once in awhile you’ll say this is the best money I’ve ever spent, this qualifies!! I loved it so much I bought my best friend one. Now I know she’s going to think I’m crazy until she uses it!! : )The only downside is I tried to trip over the cord a couple of times, until I figured out to throw it over my back. The vacuum does get heavy after awhile, definitely use the hip strap(bought the separate carry bag). The other positive – the cord is long, I plugged it into a central location upstairs/downstairs and didn’t need to move it to clean the entire 2nd/1st floor. Now that was nice!! I can’t wait to try it on the car interior. : ) Really, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this vacuum.Should mention I own a canister and an upright Aerus vacuum (the original Electrolux (now Aerus), not the current Electrolux brand). They clean well but if you own them you know they are heavy and it takes some effort to drag them out for cleaning. This will be a joy to grab, and it does just as good a job cleaning. Yes, I take cleaning seriously!! : )

  8. x

    I have had one for 30 years. Because of its light weight, it is convenient for my arthritic 90 lb wife. Although we have had other sweepers this little sweeper is our favorite as It is so nice to use. We particularly like the reusable bag of “mystery fabric” bag just shake the dirt out and put it back in place. If the bag develops a tear, you can repair it with any wood glue like Elmer’s glue or Tite bond.I purchased a second one two weeks ago comparing the two,: -the new one seems to suck stronger -the new metal wands are a major improvement- the new hose is better for use with its shoulder strap -the old one’s cord is nicer as it winds around the handle and stays there with a clip on the plug. both sets of wands connect into one for 14 foot high window frames etc. with no need of a ladder.

  9. Alexander Breg

    Bought it because of a positive experience with what seemed like an equivalent model bought 25 years ago. This model is much worse. I have used it three times on light duty jobs and it is already clogged. I tried to use it to clean out my car and it picked up the pebbles from the floor and the suction is so weak it, it spit the pebbles back out on to the seat when the position of the hose changed slightly. Also, the old version of this had a nice long hose so you could put the canister on the ground and reach into a car or into cushion. This vacuum’s hose does not extend anything like the picture suggests. The hose has a lot of tension so if you extend it more than a few inches, the canister slides along and bumps into things. To prevent this snaking action you have to wear the vacuum. Poor suction and poor usability make me regret this purchase quickly after buying it.

  10. Teresa Foss

    This particular product, from this company, at least, must be an imitation. This is the second of this style that I’ve owned, the first one being stolen. I currently clean houses professionally for a living and had my first one of these for two years before it was taken. I LOVED it!! It had the professional suction that I needed to do great detailing work, with a long, industrial cord that allowed me to do distance cleaning from the outlet, and the attachments were a snap to exchange. Never had a problem with any of it.And I was hard on it!! After it was stolen, just had to get me another. Was thrilled to be able to get it for such a great price here on Amazon. Three days on the job (equivalent to vacuuming one’s home for three days), however, and the cord at the base of the vacuum already became exposed. Additionally, although the cord is nice and long like my other one, it’s inferiority shows through by how tangled it gets, and stays. A real hassle. Another thing that keeps me from falling in love with this vacuum like my first one is that there’s a little hinge that keeps the flap to the bag closed (and where the hose attaches) that is incredibly cheap, causing me to have to constantly close it during each job. At times the flap has even opened extensively, making it seem like it was going to break off when trying to close. My other one was much more solid. The last disappointing feature about this vacuum compared to my original one, is with regards to the attachments. First off, the two long metal hose extensions do not come apart easily. If I need to shorten the hose to do certain detailing, I have to just use the accordion part of hose itself. And, additionally, two of the attachment end pieces are very lose when I attach them, punctuating just how inferior of a quality this vacuum really is to the original. As far as the motor goes, it still does seem to have strong suction and I haven’t had any issues with overheating or suction waning. So, if you’re just wanting this for light home use, it might do the job for you. But if you’re needing it for more professional work, spend the extra and get the original. Wherever that may be?!

  11. Layla

    I used one of these at an old job, and bought this one for my own house and cleaning on my own time. I love it! I wish it sucked harder, but in reality it does great for the size and especially price. Not a deal breaker for me at all, as it gets the job done. I’m just spoiled by my work’s $500 canisters that could suck your face off.

  12. Dawn Jacobs

    I have used these vacuums for over 10 years. The new gray ones that they are shipping are WORTHLESS…….. The hoses won’t stay in them, they are lasting about a month and I am having to take them in for repairs. The new CH30000 vacuums are AWFUL!!

  13. Michele_Indy

    I love this vacuum. I’ve had a cleaning business for 26 years and this has always been my go to vacuum for hard floors, steps, and upholstery. I also use it to detail cars (my own and for work too). I would give it a five star review if the hose hadn’t broken after only using it 5 times. I super glued it and I keep a spare from my old vacuum in the car when I go to work just in case it breaks again.

  14. TG

    The feature that I most wanted with this vacuum, was the ability to use a disposable bag. Amazon bundled the vacuum with a package of 15 disposable bags. Great! Problem 1) They arrived days apart. Problem 2) The product manual makes no mention of the use of disposable bags, or how to use them. 3) The bags themselves are JUST paper sacks with no rubber dam to seal it or hold it in place. I inserted it into the cloth bag, not knowing what else to do. The dirt and hair completely bypassed the paper bag and collected in the cloth bag. Not surprising. I sat down to do further research and then I discover that there is an adaptor that is necessary for use with the disposable bags. Amazon – you sell it, but it is priced higher. Wish I could have gotten it as part of my bundle.

  15. Strgte54

    After opening up the box this vacuum does not seem to be to the quality of other Hoover vacuums I have had. The disposable bags are just a bag and one has to purchase an adapter for them to work … this is not even stipulated in the booklet with vacuum or with the package of bags. The “reusable” bag does not seem to be made of a material to keep dust and dirt in … it is made in such a way that it has holes in it. I am definitely not pleased with this product.

  16. Paris

    Just like the Hoover I had back in the 1980’s. I was concerned the power would not be there but it 100% is. The only drawback is the expandable hose from the unit. If it were just 12″ longer. As it is, it’s just too short, it falls over too easily. Should you buy it, yes. The suction is incredible. I will check Hoover for a longer expandable hose, I’m sure they have one. The cord is very long and great for taking out to vacuum you car. The attachments are fantastic and are able to reach really hard to reach places. I am so very happy with it. Because it’s so powerful what was a 20 minute job is now a 5 minute job. I can’t be happier.

  17. Amazon Customer

    The attachments that you use to sweep along a floor don’t lie flat, and so you have to work hard to pick up dirt. Suction is not that strong, so that amplifies the problem. It’s lightweight enough to carry around, so in theory it should be good for vacuuming my carpeted stairs. It’s fairly easy to make it fit under a bed to vacuum dust. If only it did a better job suctioning the dust! I have cats and would like to use it to vacuum up litter that scatters, but it isn’t great for that. All in all, wish I hadn’t bought it. I’ve had it for about two months and find myself passing it by in favor of a broom and dustpan, or my unwieldy upright Shark vacuum.

  18. jacqueline

    About 40 years ago I bought this vaccum cleaner in a Garage Sale. It was the best vaccum cleanner even though it was a used one. It was light weight and easy to clean every corner and under the furnitures. It had a fantastic suction and cleanned the hard floor as well as carpet and area rugs so nicely. It had a fabric bag and I could empty it and reuse it. It came with so many little gadgets to clean inside/out of every furniture and around the house. I loved it. After 10 years it suddenly stopped working and I was deprately looking for another similar vaccum cleaner.Until now I found it on Amazon. It is exactly the same. It has great engine with good suction power. It is light and I can take it up and down the stairs in my 3 stories home. I totally recommend this Hoover lightweith vaccum cleaner.

  19. V Legore

    This vacuum is just the thing for maintaining my multilevel townhouse. I purchased the carry-case for the accessories too. Slide the strap over my shoulder & I can easily vacuum the whole place in no time. It is lightweight, easily carried up stairs with my hands free to guide the lightweight wand-like head. The always-attached extra long power cord enables me to do nearly the whole place without relocating the plug. Though it doesn’t have the power-head that makes large area carpet cleaning easier with other vacuums,it still gets up crumbs and tracked in dirt just fine…and the ease of use ensures I will do it more often anyhow!

  20. Inesa Kayuta

    I’m an owner of a small cleaning service. We needed a small mobile lightweight vacuum that our workers could bring to work traveling by public transport. We chose CH30000 Porta Power and it generally met our expectations. It is compact, has an enough suction power, a few nozzles for different surfaces, a lightweight metal tube that is easy to assemble and which could be placed in a backpack. The bag for collecting dust is small, 1 quart, but very capacious, it is enough to vacuum for two 2-3 bedroom apartments a day, and this bag is easy to clean or wash. It’s very economical. A 30-foot power cord is very convenient.Disadvantages:1. Low efficiency for cleaning carpets with long nap. For this we carry with us a more powerful vacuum cleaner. But if we go to order not by car, then we have to use this one. It work for vacuuming if you make an effort. Also it is low efficiency for cleaning bare floors. We stopped using the carpet/bare floor nozzle from the first days. It is cumbersome. Generally speaking – it works, but not perfect, because the design of the nozzles is not too successful.2. The attachment of the vacuum cleaner belt to its handle is awful. For a commercial product, this is unacceptable. The belt broke off in the first few days and the vacuum fell to my feet. I just tied it to the handle and now I’m waiting for the belt to come off again and the vacuum cleaner will kill a bone on my leg. Then I’ll file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and become a billionaire)))3. The power cord of this vacuum is simply wound on the handle of the vacuum and fixed with a small strap. This is a very inconvenient and poor attachment that destroys the idea of ​​mobility.4. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the vacuum cleaner blows out with such force that it disperses all the dust in the room. That is, you vacuum in front of you and behind you a vacuum cleaner raises dust clouds into the air.Resume: This vacuum cleaner is intended for commercial use, that is, it must be thought through to the smallest detail and as ergonomic as possible. But the creators of this vacuum cleaner failed this task. However, in general, it works for us and we can forgive a lot for its light weight.

  21. 2+3=5

    I have fallen in love with this vacuum. I never knew about this type of vacuum until the cleaning service at the office utilized this. I thought to myself, there must be a reason a professional service has this as their vacuum. It is simple to use. Very powerful. Light in weight. Portable with good attachments. I have even witnessed my husband pull this out to vacuum. Now just hoping the boys will too! Has a cloth bag, I empty it outside because to empty it thoroughly, dust circulates in the air with emptying. I have not laundered my bag, yet. I did buy the disposable bag set up, but have not tried it yet, as I am highly satisfied with cloth reusable bag.

  22. Ken78

    Great vacuum for dusting and cleaning wood/vinyl floors. My mom had one of these that was orange and I had been looking for one but went for a different brand at a local vac shop. That one worked ok but finally died so I got this one and haven’t been let down. It has great suction and metal wands versus the plastic ones I had. I also like the locking attachments that actually keep them on when you are reaching for something. I do wish there was a way to store the pieces though, but that’s a small gripe for this vac.

  23. T Har

    I absolutely LOVE THIS VACUUM. If you have a lot of flooring to vacuum to get done, try one of these commercial vacs….this is the 1st time I bought something like this. I have always had the upright models, or cordless, 1 Dyson. This is powerful, light enough to carry around and get the job done fast. The small bag inside fits a lot of stuff… I feel like I’m not having to empty after each room. I have 3 pets, so making sure it is strong enough to pick up animal hair is important to me, and this one gets the job done.

  24. Daniel L Comstock

    I’ve been putting up with minorly-irritating problems with my somewhat similar vac from another manufacturer for the last 25 years or so. The old one (joyfully!) just went in the trash. The Portapower won’t win any beauty contests, but it’s such an infinitely better product I can’t say enough good things about it.First of all, let me explain that I have almost all bare floors — linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom, and wood everywhere else. This style of vac is the best choice for my house. It works quite well on the small portion of kitchen carpet I’ve placed over the linoleum, but its real strength is on bare floors, upholstery, etc. This might work fine in a house with more carpets, but think a beater-bar type floor tool would be better for large expanses of carpet, which this vac doesn’t have.Here are the reasons I like the Portapower vac so much:1. Inexpensive. Forget Dyson, et al. Why pay for huge advertising campaigns and snob appeal? Totally functional in appearance.2. Lightweight and easily portable. Weighs about half of what my old vac did, and is comfortable to use with the shoulder strap. I can finally do my stairways without risking life and limb. The only thing that would improve the function would be if it were battery-powered, but I’m sure the suction couldn’t be as powerful if it were. The cord (which is bright orange and VERY visible for safety — a touch that I also appreciate) isn’t overly long, but it should be adequate for most uses.3. Powerful. Must have at least twice the suction that my old vac did. This does cause a little bit of trouble with my old, limp throw rugs, but I’ll get over it. Either that I’ll get new *stiff* throw rugs.4. Well-designed. Tools lock to wand, wand locks to hose. My old vac had tools and wand that held together by friction, and I was constantly having to put them back together. NO MORE! Hooray! The combination of the better-designed tools and greater suction means I’m pulling cat hair out of my furniture that’s been all but woven into the fabric for 20 years and more.5. Paper dust bags are optional. A converter kit to use paper bags is available, but not required. I haven’t decided if I’m going to going to get one or not — luckily the kit is not expensive.THANK YOU, HOOVER! I’m looking forward to a long, clean relationship!

  25. Daisy K.

    i cannot get this vacuum to pick up stray cat litter off a tile floor. i cannot get it to do the most simple things. if you buy this, plan on spending every other ten minutes of vacuuming in de-clogging the tubes, and emptying the bag to keep the minimal level of suction going. i wanted something light weight and convenient, but forget it. either i’m doing something drastically wrong or it’s garbage and i should have gone with a new dyson or miele.question: why can’t this country make a decent vacuum cleaner and a decent toaster oven? is it really so much to ask?

  26. Jerry Collins

    Don’t waste your money. We bought for an RV. It can litterally go right over dirt and not pick it up. It is more of a shovel just pushing dirt around. Owned one prior that died after years of great use. Another product bites the dust. Well moves it around anyway. 🙂

  27. MsMac

    I love this little vac. It replaces same vac that I had for at least 18 years or more. This is exactly the same as the one I had except for the hose that connects to the vac itself. There has been a great change in that item and I do not like the new design. In certain instances it would work out well but for the most part the old design is best. I still have old hose and it is as good a new. Now I have a choice, that is good. If this vac lasts like my old one did it would be marvelous.

  28. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this item 10/4/2016. it caught on fire 7/10/17. The lightweight gray canister didn’t even last 1 year. The cord split at the top and then shorted causing it to catch on fire. It was poorly made. Thank God no one got burned or killed. I believe it has a two warranty I guess I will see. Thumbs down.

  29. Lisa Thompson

    I purchased this for the convenience of navigating my steps. For that purpose, I give this five stars. However, the suction/p owner is not the best. I am surprised at Hoover. Therefore, I deducted one star. This machine straps across the body effortlessly and is lightweight. The cord is also generous. I can do the entire downstairs and two flights of stairs without unplugging.

  30. Trish

    The reviews on this lightweight Hoover CH3000 were very good. So I decided to buy one for our toy hauler. Do not have allot of storage room so this handy smaller but GETS THE JOB DONE vacuum cleaner is just what I needed.AND, I can hook it up into an outside plug on the trailer & vacuum out our truck & keep it looking nice too!!!!

  31. Raelyn

    I really don’t like the changes Hoover has made with this shoulder vac but it has served its purpose in my residential cleaning business. It is light weight so most employee prefer it.This model no longer has the handle on the back of vac to hold the cord. It has a strap that constantly falls off when I am not looking.The parts seems smaller and lighter than the ones that were available 10 years ago.It does have enough power to vac floors. Basically all we use it for. If I need something more powere, I use Hoover’s back pack vac.My shoulder seems to hurt after just using it for a little while. Employes complain as well. It would help if there was a pad on the strap for your shoulder.

  32. Christopher Wright

    Very effective vacuum for hardwood, laminate, carpet stairs, and furniture. It’s really easy to move from one area to the next without being hung up or constantly worrying about the cord getting in the way. You carry the vacuum and the cord stays behind you the whole time. I really like the attachments that are included but what’s better is how they lock into place. It’s not like most vacuums that just slide one end into the other. These attachments actually lock into place and will not come free when you are using them. The bag is reusable which is also a nice bonus. Overall I’m very satisfied with this purchase.

  33. J Hath

    Purchase this to replace 2 older model Hoover PortaPower Lightweight vacuums (had a white one and a grey-tinged one). Same size and similarly lightweight but seems suction in this upgrade is a bit weaker. Longer cord is great, but would be nicer if it could wrap around the handle for easier storage/transport. Comes with more attachments that I will ever need. Would buy again for its lightweight and compact size but the retro-looking metrovac (Restoration Hardware used to sell them) has much stronger suction and is similarly sized.

  34. Humphrey

    I purchased this item to replace an older and dearly loved Portapower that died unexpectedly. I did not hesitate to purchase a replacement because the original was so good, but am very disappointed by the new version.What I loved about the portapower that I had originally had was its sturdy power cord (the new version twists, tangles and kinks), was sturdy and quiet (the new version is louder and has a cheap feeling). I deeply regret my purchase – and even more that I waited to long to return it!Hoover – bring back the quality version of this please!

  35. J. mueller

    It is very light weight and has great suction. Our new home is 80% hard floors and some high ceilings and I am not a very good sweeper. Came with alot of attachments. The hose stretches out great and is very flexible. OMG and the cord is the best, I have not gone too far on one level of our home that I had to move the plug!!

  36. Ryan Bristow

    When I was in college I worked for a residential cleaning company during the summer and winter breaks. The company had a fleet of these Portapower vacuums and I loved how great they worked. They were easy to carry around and had tremendous power for the compact size. I recently purchased my first home that has hardwood flooring throughout and I had to find this vacuum to keep it clean.I’ve owned the vacuum for about 18 months now and I have to say that it’s not like I remember. It still does a tremendous job cleaning hardwood floors but the quality seems inferior to what I remember a few years ago. I remember this unit standing up to an environment that treated it very poorly. It was constantly thrown in and out of cars, dropped on driveways, drug through whatever, and cleaned some unspeakable things. All of this without problem. The vacuum kept on running like it was supposed to.Fast forward a few years and things have changed. First, the cord tangles extremely too easily. I’m not talking about a little tangle where you can straighten it or hold it over a stairwell and it straightens itself out. This unit tangles and coils up permanently and doesn’t come undone. I assume it’s partly due to the cord being a thicker gauge industrial cord but it is very difficult to work with.My second complaint is the hose. We use our vacuum once a week for light cleaning in our home. We don’t take it outside to clean the cars or anything like that. We have no pets so there is little hair or dust that it sucks up. In short, our vacuum doesn’t take much abuse. The other day the hose just split in two. There is no way to tape the hose together so we were forced to purchase a new hose for another $20.00. I understand things wear out but this should not have happened after this short of a time with such light use. Very big disappointment.In conclusion, this is still one of the best vacuums on the market for cleaning hardwood and tile floors. However, the materials being used on the units today seem much cheaper than what was being used a few years back. Hopefully my new hose will last longer than the first. If another hose goes, then so does the unit.

  37. Tricia R. Love

    Gave it a 1 because its not lightweight and the bag is a fabric bag that needs to be vacuumed after each use. Also the disposable bags you can buy for it wont stay in place. Would send it back but too much trouble.

  38. Raptorman

    Absolutely the best small vacuum cleaner I’ve ever owned,. I only rate products that are great, and the ones that stink. There is one small flaw to the design of the machine. You must empty the bag, as it is not replaceable, meaning that you will be exposed to any germs in the dusty refuse within the bag. Accordingly, wear gloves and a mask when doing so. If they made the bags disposable and replaceable, this would be a five star product.

  39. James Rainwater

    Lightweight and suction is great. Not sure why a few others have commented on poor suction unless they are expecting molecular level vacuuming?? I use this vacuum for cleaning my kids’ school gym indoor bleachers…turns a 45 minute sweeping job into just 10 minutes and doubles the quality. Love the washable and reusable filter but ideally it could be bigger. Multiple nozzles are a plus and the 30’ cord is handy.

  40. Scotamazon

    Very powerful for size, its a very old design but sturdy and good build. Sucks up pet hair and everything I need it for. nice to have stainless steel tubes instead of those flexible plastic ones. The clip connector of hose to main unit is a little fiddly and doesn’t look substantial so will be keeping an eye on that but otherwise its been a good buy.