Hoover WindTunnel MAX Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner UH30600

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  • WindTunnel 3 Technology – creates three channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deep down embedded dirt
  • Clean-Drop Bags – one simple touch releases the full bag directly into the trash, so you never have to touch the dirty bag
  • Brushroll On/Off Pedal – control for use on bare floors and automatically turns off when in the upright storage/tool use position. 30 Inch cord lets you vacuum a large room without re-plugging
  • 30 Foot Cord – vacuum a large room without re-plugging. Cleans hard-to-reach areas and HEPA media filter – traps 99.97% of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.3 microns
  • Includes a Telescoping Extension Wand to extend the reach of the stretch hose, 12-Inch Crevice Tool to clean cracks and crevices with precision, Upholstery/Dusting Brush to clean furniture and a Air-Powered Hand Tool to for stairs


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The new Hoover Windtunnel Max bagged upright is amped up with the features that matter most to you. Windtunnel MAX Technology offers 3 channels of suction that remove dirt with less scatter. You can clean quickly and efficiently with up to 17 feet of above the floor cleaning reach, seven floor settings for every floor type, and a 15 inch wide nozzle that devours anything in its cleaning path. For people with allergies, a bagged option offers excellent filtration. The nature of the bag itself keeps dirt contained. Requiring minimal maintenance, each Hoover Windtunnel Max Bagged Upright comes with two bags made with HEPA media that utilize the Clean Drop bag system, which allows you to dispose of a full bag without ever touching it.

This bagged upright vacuum takes cleaning to the MAX! It offers 3 channels of suction that remove dirt with less scatter. Clean quickly and efficiently with tools that work on stairs and furniture as well as floors, a setting for every floor type, and a 15-inch wide nozzle for a wider cleaning path. And as a bagged upright vacuum cleaner, it offers the excellent filtration needed by allergy sufferers. Plus, when you dispose of a full bag, our design lets you do it without ever touching it.
The 30 foot power cord allows you to vacuum large rooms without re-plugging.
Clean stairs, window sills, curtain and other hard to reach areas with the long hose reach.
The 7 Floor Setting Adjustable Nozzle allows you to clean every floor regardless of the surface. The brushroll automatically shuts off when above-floor cleaning tools are in use and in upright position.

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  1. Michael D.

    Let me start by saying I am (was) a die-hard fan of Hoover. After previous disappointment with Kenmore, Kirby, and Shark, I was impressed with my Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Edition (U6485-900). It was so flawless that I swore off all other brands. These days, Consumer Reports recommends a Kenmore (#1) over this WindTunnel Max (#4), but there are a lot of comments on their site and Amazon about how Consumer Reports got it wrong and how this vacuum is terrible. I dismissed those and bought this vacuum anyway. Now I, too, am very disappointed with Hoover.Let’s start with the ATTACHMENTS. The EXTENSION WAND is a friction-telescopic design based on the Kenmore model that I hated (for that reason). The friction design is flawed to begin with. It’s just not robust enough—if you’re extending it, you’ll invariably pull the wand out of the hose, and if you’re vacuuming with it, you’ll push it back into itself. It’s not even that long, and the friction joint loses suction. (The WindTunnel AE has two static extension wands housed on the side of the vacuum, and they were great.) The CREVICE TOOL hides inside the extension wand during storage, which is supposed to save space, but it really doesn’t matter. The tool is too narrow to do any real good (1/2” square vs. the 2” x 1/2” tool on the WindTunnel AE), and it has an odd shape on the tip which misses dirt by baseboards. A narrower tip does increase suction, but the one thing this vacuum has going for it is suction. So the narrow tip is generally moot. The BRUSH TOOL is pretty standard. I never use it. But this WindTunnel Max vacuum no longer has a hard plastic FURNITURE TOOL, which is more useful than the brush tool on the WindTunnel AE. And lastly, the AIR-POWERED TOOL (“turbo tool”) just doesn’t work at all, and is ineffective when it does work. I used it for about 30 seconds before it jammed up and stopped rolling. I unplugged the vacuum and pushed the brush with my thumbs to unjam it, and ended up cutting my thumbs when it suddenly unjammed. I’m literally sore at Hoover.The HOSE is too long for the vacuum, and it flops around the back of the vacuum a little while you’re vacuuming. The long hose is supposed to reach more “above-floor” areas, which is prominently advertised on the website and box. (I want to say that the box said something like “up to 20 feet,” but you’re lucky to get two feet away from the vacuum.) The problem is that the hose feeds around a hook on the back of the cleaner and is forced to always jut out the left of the bottom of the back panel, so you have to angle the vacuum with its hot air venting at you from the vacuum’s left side to reach anything 2-4 feet away. And you can’t thread the hose out of that hook; the hose end is too wide to feed though. If you want to use attachments on the vacuum’s right, forget about it. I can’t even use the extension wand to get baseboards while standing fully upright—the hose simply isn’t long enough, and I have to waddle along, crouching. Compare this with the WindTunnel AE, which has the hose port in the middle of the back panel, pointing back, and an optional long hose (~15 feet when stretched out, ~7 feet when compressed) that you can swap in.The vacuum has a HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT KNOB with six settings, but the manual says to only ever use the first two (off and shortest-comb). I got new carpet a year and a half ago, and on the highest setting, I can move the vacuum without issue. (It’s regular carpet, not shag or anything.) The other settings glue the vacuum to the floor. The vacuum also has a BRUSH ROLL SHUTOFF PEDAL so you can turn off the roller on the fly. But I can’t figure out a scenario when that would be useful. Like, if every-other room in your home is hardwood flooring, and you simply must vacuum them all at once without turning the vacuum off? Maybe if you have an area rug on hardwood floor? But even then you’d suck up the entire rug regardless. The HANDLE RELEASE PEDAL is tucked away under the vacuum and hard to get to. That pedal is used almost every time you use the vacuum, so I don’t know why it’s in a cave while they put the brush roll switch on top of the base. Of course the WindTunnel AE has the release pedal easily accessible, like someone who’s actually used a vacuum cleaner would design it.Even the OWNERS MANUAL that came with the vacuum is terrible. There are graphics covering text, missing labels on diagrams, and features omitted from the manual, such as the hook for the power cord at the top of the vacuum. The manual says both to always keep the unit at the bottom of the stairwell while vacuuming stairs and to hold the vacuum over each stair individually. The manual also covers two models, with varying features, but it doesn’t ever say which model is which, or which feature applies to which model. The included manual’s pictures are even horribly aliased like they were done on Paintbrush from Windows 95. The online manual looks better, but if they’re not going to bother with the manual, why include one? When you buy a product, your money pays for the whole product, right down to the packaging. And I feel that Hoover took my money and gave me a cheap Chinese knock-off product and manual instead.And lastly, I have to mention the COLOR. Other Hoovers are blue, green, or red. I’m not crazy about this color. Red would be fine; brown would be fine. This color… why? It’s like some bigwig looked at the toilet paper after his sixth chipotle and said, “This! This color. Get engineering on the phone and see how cheap it would be to make them all this color!”PROS to this vacuum are that its suction is really high (at least so far). Although choosing a vacuum on suction alone (which is what Consumer Reports was going for) is like buying a car based solely on horsepower—a lot more goes into using it and owning it, and there’s not really a discernible difference between comparable models. This WindTunnel Max also has an easy bag drop feature, so you don’t have to touch the bag when changing it. This seems pretty neat, but I haven’t used it yet. This vacuum is a little bit lighter (17 lb) than the WindTunnel AE (21 lb), but it’s not noticeable to me. It’s better at picking up pet hair than the WindTunnel Anniversary Edition, allegedly, but I don’t have dogs or cats. (I have birds who scatter their Nutriberries.)THE BOTTOM LINE: if you’re considering this model, instead get either the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Anniversary WindTunnel Self Propelled Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum U6485900 (if you can find one) or the Kenmore 31140 Pet & Allergy Friendly Upright Vacuum in Blue/Silver (which I plan to replace this WindTunnel Max with within a year). I’d rate this model two stars, but Hoover should know better, so I’m taking a star off for that.

  2. Rick P

    We had an older (at least 15 years) Hoover WindTunnel, and that was a good performer, it was really heavy and I was looking for something a bit lighter and more modern. Then, I saw that Consumer Reports rated this one pretty well, so I took a chance, and it’s pretty nice.This vacuum cleaner has plenty of power, but there are a couple of things that kept it from getting all 5 stars:1- The noise this thing makes.is pretty annoying. It’s quieter than our older unit, but this one makes a high-pitched whine. Think of a 737 idling at the terminal. Not that loud, but I’ll be wearing earplugs when using this.2- The light on this thing is more of a novelty than a useful addition. It’s mounted above the cleaning portion of the cleaner on the handle. When you use the vacuum cleaner, the light doesn’t point at the floor, but at your wall. I guess the engineers wanted to allow you to admire photos and memorabilia mounted on your walls, as you work.3- Accessories. The accessories include a collapsing wand that collapses when it’s in use., so I needed to keep pulling it out. Fortunately, the accessories from my older unit still fit, so I’m good with it.

  3. The Class Hamster

    We have a lot of experience using more expensive vacuums, and cheap bagless models. We liked our old Electrolux upright, but judged a replacement as too expensive for us. A bagless model was cheap and cleaned surprisingly well, yet constant emptying and keeping the filters clean is not worth the trouble and mess. This Hoover Windtunnel is much better, and we will just bite the bullet and buy the original bags for it. There are some disappointments, such as the loud whine. I sometimes wear hearing protection. The rear wheels are plastic and this contributes to a noticeable cheaper feel for this vacuum. My wife dislikes that the cord enters at the bottom of the machine instead of further up at the top of the handle. But the bottom line is, we would recommend this vacuum, and would buy it again.

  4. Prime Consumer

    I purchased this vacuum as it was recommended for plush carpets which I just installed. I was not able to push my reliable Dyson DC14 vacuum over the new carpet (too much suction)–tried taking off seal on the Dyson as suggested on a website, better but still did not work.I believe it was a Consumer Report article that recommended this Hoover. Well the results were the same as for my old Dyson, hard to push. For those looking for this vacuum for their plush carpet, I would not recommend it. Can’t judge it on other carpets or on bare floor.Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, I was able to return it. My new game plan, take remnant carpet to local vacuum store and test it out.

  5. Chris S.

    My bag-less Windtunnel Hoover vacuum died. I ordered this one for two reasons, it is very cheap & it has bags. I mean it’s cheap in comparison to other vacuums. It’s plastic pretty much everywhere but not flimsy. It is definitely mass produced but that doesn’t make it bad.Straight up bag-less vacuums just are a bigger hassle to clean, you end up cleaning them out more often. “What about buying bags, that’s even more inconvenient”, maybe in year 2000 it was but this day, just ordered it online…like on Amazon. Also this bagged version of my vacuum has more suction power than the damn bag-less one. I been using it for almost 9 months and I have never been dissatisfied. It’s not a light vacuum, it doesn’t have fancy sensors, it’s not the quietest. All of these features will bring the price tag up by about $400 and more. Knowing specific vacuums out there that do have all of these advantages would I still buy this affordable Hoover Vacuum? YES.

  6. Tim A

    My last couple of vacuum cleaners have been bagless units, but they make an ungodly mess when emptying them, and the filters are endlessly clogged.For the most part, I like this unit. It has good suction, and good on-board tools. The bag is very easy to empty and replace with almost no mess.The one feature I don’t care for is the way the handle lowers. Most vacuums I’ve used in the past have a release point where the handle goes to about 45 degrees for normal use, and then a secondary release that allows you to lower the handle almost flat to get under furniture and such. This handle has only one release point, combining the worst of both worlds:- When released, the handle will drop down to about a 15 degree angle, allowing you to get under some, but not all furniture.- Since there is no middle-point, it is difficult to momentarily tilt the vacuum back to get the brush heads off the floor, such as at the edge of a rug that you don’t want to suck up. You are forced to lay the handle almost flat to achieve this.Overall though, it seems a good unit for the price.

  7. shana93

    People, this is $100. It’s not a high-end, $400+ vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t claim to be. You can’t compare the two kind….they are in different leagues. SO, keeping that in mind, this is one of the better ones FOR THIS PRICE RANGE. In my opinion, we are a standard family, living in a standard house… about 1/2 carpet and 1/2 ‘other’ (wood & tile). I have had several vacuums — both bagless & bagged. I like this one the best so far.PROS*Heavy. This makes a difference in how much dirt you suck up. Heavier=Better in terms of cleaning power*long cord*easy, useable tools. Things click into place and I find that easier than other vacuums where tools just push in without the ‘click.’*head-light. A bonus not all of this price-range have.*buttons easy to use and not awkward*easy to go from carpet to hard surface flooring (actually MUCH easier than other ones I’ve had)CONS*Heavy–if you have to lug this around. It’s 20lbs.*Plastic. Plastic breaks and melts over time. But this is $100 so you aren’t going to get wood and metal in this price range.I waffled on investing in a really good vacuum. I did a ton of research on high-end vacuums. I spoke to different vacuum sellers on what they recommended. They said to either go ‘disposable’ and spend $100 every 2 years; OR go big and keep it for 15+ years. Don’t bother with mid-range vacuums. I decided to go disposable and I’m happy with this purchase.You get what you pay for. And for what I paid, I think I made out very well.

  8. D. Downs

    I would have given it four starts easily except: There is a little spring-loaded plastic lever that holds the vacuum hose into the base, which you may easily release to use the hose with the hand attachments. This plastic piece has a pair of dog ears that hold it in place but the manufacturing or design is flawed in that the dog ears are not big enough and the lever flies out across the room after a few months use. I tried a rubber band but there’s no way to get around the receptacle so I ended up putting scotch tape on the dog ears to increase their size and it holds long enough for a house-cleaning. I went to the Hoover web site for replacement parts and could not find the piece for purchase. The vacuum works great other than that… cleans up after a large goldie and you know that’s a lot of hair that makes bag less impractical. I’d be very happy with the product if the $0.59 piece of plastic did it’s job.

  9. Don Shipp

    This vacuum cleaner arrived today. This is an initial impression. It’s very good.Assembly wasn’t hard at all. Tools required are a #2 Phillips head screwdriver and the user manual. If all else fails, follow instructions.This machine replaced a 25-year-old Oreck on which the handle literally broke a few days ago and, of course, the part to fix it is no longer manufactured. I use the heavy appliances around the house because The Bride isn’t physically able to handle the weight of a vacuum cleaner. This machine is a bit heavy but the weight isn’t a problem for me when using it. The suction powered brush tends to pull it forward so heavy pushing isn’t necessary. Pulling back isn’t hard either since it rolls easily. The foot pads to stop the roller and release the handle work the way they’re supposed to. The push-push power switch on the handle likewise is easy to use. Bending over to change the ride height isn’t the bother some make it out to be.I used the Oreck on the carpets about a week ago before it broke. This machine pulled a LOT of dirt and debris out of them. I wonder if it will suck the dawn back below the eastern horizon. Yeah, it pulls that well.The hose is supple and has a release button that lets you pull it off the power head for hand accessory use. The hand held furniture attachment has a suction powered brush that spins well unless I push down on it, which makes it stop rotating. Letting up on the attachment lets it rotate again. The dusting brush and the furniture attachment push easily onto the end of the hose and are easy to pull of of it. Somebody mentioned in another review that the hose and attachments didn’t want to stay in place when stowed but I don’t see a problem.Some more observations: This machine was well rated by Consumer Reports, losing points mainly because of noise. True, it makes a lot of racket, so using hearing protection, such as ear plugs, is highly suggested. The exhaust air comes out the left side of the bag housing and is quite warm because it also cools the motor. That motor pulls 12 amps, which explains the suction and the heat generated. This is why it’s a good idea to make sure the bag and HEPA filters are kept changed. The motor needs plenty of air flow if it’s to last, so don’t cheap out on bags and filters. They cost less than a new vacuum.A couple of days after I put this item on my general wish list, Amazon dropped the price by $30 so I got this machine and a pack of bags for a little over $100. It’s hard to beat that.Overall it looks like a good purchase. We’ll see how things are a few months from now but it’s great so far..

  10. Grazy

    I have had this vacuum for a year now and it was great for cleaning carpets and bare floors. The attachment were useful for cleaning hard to reach places and vents, etc. also does a decent job picking up pet hair. could not beat the price especially on sale. All that being said, the vacuum’s lever to move the height up and down to accommodate Carpet versus bare floors is poor quality. It worked great at first and then it got extremely hard to push and I realized that the lever mechanism was broken. the same issue occurred with an older version of this vacuum j purchased. it is still covered under the 2 year warranty but now I have to go take it to hoover service center to determine whether they will cover it. Not happy with the quality of this vacuum. consumer reports rate this pretty highly due to value for what you purchase; however, I’m sure they aren’t testing for long term durability, which is what I want in a vacuum.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Great suction. Works great on bare floors. Very noisy, and the attachments don’t stay on the machine. The small upholstery tool with rotating brushes does a fantastic job removing dog hair on furniture. The friction system which extends the floor tool doesn’t stay put. For carpet (we have a few large area rugs) I’d give it an “meh.” Have to raise the brushes as high as they will go or the machine will suck up the rug and you have to pull it out of the machine. The little red/green bag is full flag quit working soon after I bought it. The foot switch which turns the brushes off/on is convenient. The orifice in the crevasse tool is tiny. Puts a load on the motor just to such air through it. The exhaust comes out on the floor on the left side of the machine, so you sometimes find yourself blowing away what you want to pick up. Long time Hoover fan, and for bare floors it does an excellent job, but I’ve had better Hoover products.

  12. lori

    Really really like this vacuum! I researched and read up on other reviews before purchasing and thought I’m just gonna have to try it myself.I own a cleaning business and I go through vacuums like crazy and I found that it made more since to purchase the lower priced vacuums and replace them as needed. This one was priced perfect. I had been getting another Hoover vacuum at a little lower price and was happy with it (hoover Pilot) but this one seemed to be a step up from that one. The one thing I worried about was the fact that in the upright position the bar does not spin. I would use that on stairs in the upright position. So this vacuum has the stair attachment that is suction driven…I wondered if it would really work. If it worked then problem solved. I was truly amazed at how well that attachment worked on stairs and furniture. The hose is long enough that I was able to get all the way the top of my stairway, but it was cutting it close. I have used the vacuum for just a week now at various houses and it has done great! It has different heights for different carpets. I cleaned a house that has a golden retriever shedding on Red carpet. My old vacuum never really got all the fur up. This one Got it all! The only thing that I never use on upright vacuums is the Hard floor cleaning. I have a special Hose/wand attachment that I hook to the vacuum; but the way that this is built it sits low to the floor and even has like a wing that sticks out to go under kitchen cabinets (and furniture) so think hard wood floor cleaning would be good. The suction on this thing is crazy strong and It has everything on it that all the $300 + vacuums that I have bought in the past and cleans just as well. I think the only difference is its just the economy built vacuum.I like that it is a bagged vacuum, never have been a fan of the bag less (yuck). Another thing…the vacuum is a bit on the heavy side but I feel like they clean better when they are heavy. I have no problem with the sound, its a vacuum they make noise but its not too loud as far as my standards go. Would definitely recommend.

  13. CookGirl-MO

    I bought this vacuum for a vacation rental property I own which is almost ALL carpet. I wanted something with a bag since renters are not going to follow the required cleaning proceedures of a bagless vac. It does a decent job of cleaning. I like the long hose for getting up into the cobwebs at the ceiling. All of the accessories can easily be store on board the vacuum, which makes it harder to misplace them. The small rolling head attachment works well for getting under and behind furniture. The crevice attachment store inside one of the tubes. This is a clever way to do this, but unless you know it’s there, you would think it doesn’t have the crevice tool.What I don’t like is the cord is actually TOO long. It gets in the way when vacuuming and there is no way to uncoil only a part of it. When you first use the vacuum, it is very tough to push/pull and the rollers are very stiff. You have to use it several times to sort of “break it in”. Also, you have to pay close attention when recoiling the power cord. Unless you do it just right, you cannot snap the plug onto the coiled cord on the unit. The vacuum is also quite heavy, making it a challenge to go carry it and down stairs.For reference, the vacuum I use for my primary residence is a SHARK, which I love. But, there are basic maitenance proceedures you need to follow with a bagless which would not work in a vacation rental property.All-in-all, this is a decent enough vacuum at a reasonable price.

  14. Glenn

    Wow! Absolutely amazing vacuum! I couldn’t stop cleaning today, I loved it so much! haha. I love that the spinning brush roller can be disabled with the simple press of a foot button for suction only. That feature is used so the brush doesn’t scatter the dirt around on bare floors, or pull on high pile carpets. The suction power is outstanding. It contains the dust and dirt within the bag extremely well. Besides the corner, wand, and upholstery attachments, it also has a tool that acts as a “mini vacuum.” It is used for stairs or tight areas and is so convenient and made vacuuming so much easier in those areas where furniture would have to be moved otherwise. This “mini vacuum” also has a brush roller that spins automatically. The lengthy cord is also a time saver, allowing one to cover more area without having to re-plug. It comes with two hepa filtered bags that are so easy to install and remove. Some reviewers mentioned that it’s a bit on the heavy side and doesn’t roll across the floor easily. I didn’t find that to be the case at all, or at least nothing that a little height adjustment could not solve. Adjusting the height is extremely easy as well. Some also complained that it is a bit noisy. It did not seem to be any noisier than other vacuums I have used. I simply love this vacuum, and the price can not be beat. I would recommend it to anyone. 🙂

  15. Mitzi

    I had another hoover for 16 years until it was run over a screw by accident….and it broke. I replaced my old one with this Windtunnel and I’m happy with it. I like the fact that you can set it for hard wood floors, so the brush stops spinning and it doesn’t damage the wood. That was my main reason for this purchase and the fact that still does a good job on carpet areas. Easy to. switch from one setting to another. I saw some complaints about the switch breaking. In my opinion, you just have to be careful with products nowadays because they are made of plastic. However, I find it to be sturdy. Happy with purchase so far.

  16. Pamela

    I better not jinx it when I say this has fantastic suction power because it does I love that it has light on the base to shine and let you see where vacuuming. ******* Update****** 8/12/2017. The release pedal has broken. It just broke when I went to vacuum one day,., so this makes it very very very difficult to vacuum since it won’t stand up

  17. John P Scheid

    For a house with hardwood floors, this Hoover had been highly rated. I agree. The feature to turn the brush on and off is very handy. It reduces flying particles, kicked up by the brush. The wings on the front edges of the unit help get around or behind furniture legs etc. The hose is long, making it more convenient to use the hose attachments. The foot peddle that releases the handle and filter portion from the locked upright storing position is somewhat awkward. I prefer the friction hold alternative of our other brand unit. This Hoover was a good choice and suits our needs well.

  18. Lori

    Purchased in January 2016; not working properly by June 2016. Previous vacuum was a 13 year old Hoover Windtunnel which would have needed the motor rebuilt. The repair shop advised it would be more expensive to repair than replace. Should have had the motor rebuilt.On this new Hoover, the brushroll stopped turning accompanied by a burning smell. Clearly the belt. The belt did have a slight tear in it so we replaced with a Hoover brand belt. Still no rotation and the belt, where it stopped against the motor shaft was very hot. The suction with the hose is strong, but not much through the brushroll.In comparing the old with the new, the new Hoover exterior is plastic, to my eyes and touch, a flimsier plastic. It is a VERY noisy vacuum requiring sound canceling headphones while using. The collapsing extension wand does indeed collapse, while using it. And what is one to do with the edge cleaning attachment which sits inside the extension wand when one is using the extension wand? The wand is much shorter than that provided with the older model, so unless you like stooping while edge cleaning. . . I retained the wands from the older unit which fit.On the plus side, The machine is easy to assemble and the brush attachment is perfect for furniture and stairs.Someone from Hoover – if you read this and would like assistance in designing a vacuum for and by people who actually use it, reach out. It is sad that the quality of Hoover has declined. This was the last Hoover vacuum I will ever purchase.And with that, I’m off to start what will likely be a long and unpleasant effort to get this machine repaired or replaced. sigh

  19. Monica Kounter

    We’ve had the vacuum for a couple of months.PROS: The vacuum itself seems pretty good. Does hardwood floors and carpets passably well. Not outstanding, but not terrible either. Long hose is nice too.CONS: And this is a big one… we have dogs and carpeted steps. This has an attachment for doing steps… small roller brush thing. It’s complete crap. Gets all clogged up and cleaning it made things worse. When we first got it, it worked really well. Then as it accumulated dust and hair it got worse and worse. I finally had to take it apart to remove all the hair. Even after getting all the dust and hair out, oiling the moving parts and putting everything back together (it’s not hard to do), that roller barely moves.

  20. Kindle Customer

    Was relatively happy with this vacuum, except belt for brush roller never seemed to turn the brushes properly, had to have floor level selector up to 4 to get brushes to even move on our burbur carpeting. At that point you’re really not doing a lot of good trying to get dirt out of the carpet. Inside of a month small parts started breaking off, disappointing but not a deal breaker. Now 4 months after purchase, brushes will not turn unless not touching carpet, small random pieces falling out from the bottom of the vacuum and the button retaining the house in place has broken off necessitating the use of Duck Tape to even be able to use the vacuum. Tried calling Hoover customer service only to spend half an hour on hold, finally gave up. Attempted contact via email, took a week or so to hear anything back. I wanted to be able to clean my house, so I went out and bought a Dyson (very nice machine!). Will very likely never invest in another Hoover vacuum again.

  21. Lisa Eclaire

    This vacuum works well. Attachments are good. If you are using the hose and accidently release it from standing position the dirt will fly out where the hose connects to the unit. I’m not sure I like that system set up. Vac and hose are powerful. If it’s loosing suction could be time to change the bag. The bag indicator isn’t always accurate. I loved our old Eurika but it died after 5-6 years and they don’t make the same model anymore. This is an adequate replacement. It’s a little loud but overall performance is good.

  22. Rebecca Injerd

    We’ve had the vacuum for just over a year and a half. We (barely) vacuum weekly and the plastic on the bottom that holds the wheels broke. Even before it ever broke I found myself DETESTING the vacuuming ritual. It’s an awfully noisy thing and doesn’t vacuum the edge of the room well. This vacuum just isn’t user friendly when it comes to using the hose vs. using the vacuum upright. I can’t wait to get a replacement. I think that this vacuum should have lasted longer than 80 or so uses. Honestly.

  23. Sarah Flosky

    This is a powerful vacuum and good at cleaning cat hair/dander. However, the design of the hose, electric cord and one of the hand-tools on the back as well as the placement of the other hand-tools is difficult to manage. When you release the hose to attach the hand-tools and then want to put the hose away without snaking it back the way it came out, it’s impossible to do. So you arrange the hose to wrap underneath where the electric cord is wrapped, and the hose constantly comes off its “hook” and gets in the way of the cord, which then interferes with the wheels as the vacuum moves. I thought the design of where all the tools, the hose and the cord were placed was clever, but it turns out to be very difficult to manage.

  24. diane

    I am discourage about the contact phone regarding the Hoover product. There was one piece missing. I dialed about 5 times and held the phone >10 minutes each time. There is no answer. .The machine works fine so far but the service really stinks.

  25. StephA

    Okay so this vacuum was a replacement for the exact same model that I’ve had for quite a few years. Unfortunately my original vacuum met with a tragic demise through no fault of the machine. I would generally highly recommend this model, however, the front cover on one I just received from Amazon does not fit properly. Three’s a large gap on one side. I’m wondering if it is a “second;” an item that did not pass inspection at the manufacturing site. I haven’t returned it yet but I’m 99% sure that I will do so.Update: Against my better judgement I didn’t return the vacuum. The suction has never been good and I just realized it’s because the height adjustment doesn’t work. I believe Amazon did a bait and switch; selling a “reconditioned” unit as new.

  26. mollysmom

    Been using Hoover vacs for over 30 years and decided it was time to treat myself to a new one…especially after seeing how affordable this one was. I have a dog and I use the attachments a lot and was really tired of the lack of sucking power in my old machines. Very pleased with this new one! Lots of power when using the hose and tools, nice long power cord, well thought out and good looking. Works well on my carpets and bare floors. Too soon to tell if it will go the distance like my old machines, but for the price, I should have upgraded sooner!

  27. RA

    Powerful vacuum cleaner. For area rugs you must raise the level control, otherwise the vacuum will just suck them up from the floor. Rotating upholstery brush does a good job on pet hair, etc. A bit heavy but very effective. I bought it partly because its bagged. Pulling a bag out and throwing it away is definitely the no mess, no fuss way to go.

  28. Sadie4184

    With a three year old, a dog and a cat – and living in a very swampy/muddy area, I was in need of a vacuum that had versatility and ability to pick up a variety of things. I am very impressed. I used this vacuum in half of my house as soon as I received it. It picked up more dog and cat hair in that 1/2 house job than my other vacuum ever did in a whole house run. The Windtunnel MAX also worked great on my linoleum floor – didn’t blow dirt around like my old machine. I could actually see dog hair being pulled from under the cabinet six inches from where I was vacuuming! The crevice tool is very precise – great for getting all of the hard to reach spots, and the suction powered brush is amazing for getting dog fur off of the couch. Sounds corny but I actually liked vacuuming with this because my house actually felt a ton cleaner when I was done. I’m really pleased with it.Update – after three years of heavy use it’s still going pretty strong. The clip on the rear hose broke but not a big deal. My biggest complaint is that dog hair gets stuck in the front case (right behind the brushes in the top) and it’s really hard to get out because that part doesn’t come apart. I end up using tweezers to pull the hair clumps out. Other problem is that it’s lost some of its suction on linoleum but I suspect that’s largely due to a bit of dog hair stuck in that cover that I can’t get to.

  29. SRP

    Does a great job for a low cost vacuum. This is the second one I’ve purchased, this time as a gift for my daughter. She had a much more expensive bagless vacuum and this one really outdid hers for dog hair on the carpet. Plus I’ve never been fond of the cleanup on the bagless ones. The bags are only like a buck apiece and much easier to swap than cleaning out the compartment on the bagless ones (at least on the ones I’ve tried).

  30. quiver13

    I replaced this vacuum because it was bathed in 6 inches of water during Hurricane Harvey. My appliance repairman assured me that my dryer and washer were ruined after the flood and their motors sits higher than my vacuum. I continued to use this vacuum for one year. It never gave me a moment’s trouble. I replaced it because it has to have some rust inside and consequent risk of fire after flooding. But I have to give it 5 stars for durability.

  31. Mommabear

    Did my research through consumer reports, and this one rated near the top of the bagged category for half the price of the other vaccines in the category. I switched from a backless Bissell pet vaccine that I loved for 6 years, but I really love not having to see all the yucky debris in the air when I empty it! And it operates just as good if not better than our old vacuum. Overall a great buy. Very happy with my purchase.

  32. Amazon Customer

    I got this to replace my 15 yo WindTunnel bagless. It is lighter and quieter than the old one, and seems equally powerful; it has no problem handling my cat hair covered floors. I love the extra long hose and highly ecommend it if you have stairs to vacuum. I also like the free angle of the handle so I don’t have to press the release again to get down low. There are some flaws: the brush brake was a little confusing to turn off, it’s so light the vacuum head will kind of “jump” sometimes, and the extension wand and hose release are awkward. Be aware there will be a gap between the bag cover and main body, but that seals up when it’s turned on. I like it a lot, but it does feel cheaper and less robust than the old one, so we’ll see if it lasts as long.

  33. Jack

    We have had this a little more than 6 months. It works great. Of course, with any other vacuum, you need to occasionally clean the hair and other stuff that gets into the rotating cleaning heads on both the hand and main attachments. I’ve have no issues with it clogging like others. The gauge showing whether the bag is full or not isn’t really useful. My experience is that when it shows 1/3 red, the bag is full and needs to be replaced. I can see how people who wait until the gauge is all red would experience clogging. I think Hoover needs to fix this but any experienced user of a vacuum would recognize the lack of suction and sound of a vacuum with a near-full bag.Overall, great product for a great price.

  34. Kelly French

    This vacuum is horribly loud and has a high pitched sound. I vacuumed only one room with it, and I had a massive headache and ringing ears for over two hours afterward. I’m very disappointed. I love Hoovers and have 2 Hoover Widepath Tempos that are also loud, but no where near as loud as this one. I spoke to the Hoover manufacturer and they told me to return it to Amazon after listening to it over the telephone. It did not suck up the dirt as well as the Tempo, also. Buy a blue Hoover Tempo if you are looking for a really good vacuum.

  35. A. Humphrey

    Bought this when our previous Hoover died. Was recommended by Consumer Reports.Wife does not like it – she prefers a unit with a HEPA bag.& she complains that it leaves marks on the tile floors.I find it needs dumping after two uses and the dumping and cleaning process is messy and takes quite a bit of time to get out all the clogs.I really like the self-winding cord however!

  36. Stretch

    I chose this vacuum because it was a “Best Buy” with Consumer Reports. I was disappointed. The vacuum is very noisy. I will say that it works very well for carpeting. However, when we use it on hardwood floor you step on a pedal to disengage the brush roller so it doesn’t continue to spin. It does disengage to a certain degree, but the roller continued to spin on a slower speed, thus the drive belt continued to spin and it squeals. It sounded like a loose fan belt on a car if you know or have heard that sound, you will know what I’m talking about. That continual slippage of the belt left pieces of rubber on the outside of the vac. Hoover replaced the brush roller and belt assembly free of charge, but it didn’t solve the problem. I don’t fault Hoover at all. They were very cooperative in getting the problem solved, or to make sure I’m satisfied. I wasn’t satisfied with this model, and Hoover agreed to replace the model with another vacuum of my choice at no extra charge, and the model I chose was more expensive, and they replaced it.

  37. BDC

    In the past, I have not ordered or used any vacuum cleaner that is “pricey.” I also still love the “bagged” cleaners. My last one worked for 5+ years and I expect this one to work that long as well. My friends use those “pricey” ones and they all seem to fail within 3 years.

  38. lauren

    I mean that in a good way! This vacuum has great suction on floors AND through the hose. I love the little stair- cleaning attachment with mini brushroll. And it’s great at getting at the edges of the carpet.

  39. Zeus

    We like this vacuum cleaner but it could have been better.Pros:– Floor – excellent suction– Hose – impressive, MUCH stronger than I imagined– on-board tools, very good, stable and secure, nothing falls off for us– Control to unlock the body from locked vertical to use mode is great, it is at the rear of the unit, between the wheels, and VERY easy to engage (lock/unlock with your foot).– Brush roller control, not bad at all – on the top of base, on the side, for engaging the brush roller or not.– Weight of cleaner, not too bad for most – I’m a 200 lb strong guy and find it somewhat light, my wife, slim and light, thinks it is also somewhat light and kind of compensates for the lack of self-propelling capabilities (I still want the self-propelling…. – next unit maybe).Cons:– For me, telescoping wand is not long enough, have to purchase an extension.=== Plus, the wand will collapse if you use too much force on it – the locking mechanism could be jazzed up to ensure it stays locked in the telescoped/extended mode.– Having self-propelling properties would have been nice also, even if it is somewhat light. The propelling would make the job a lot easier and faster – ‘without’ having to spend even more money on the vacuum cleaner. Yes – there are other brands out there with a self-propelling feature but you may either have to sacrifice on price and / or quality.– Loud, what? Oh yes, when you power it on, it is somewhat louder than what you may be used to.Soooo, overall, we’re (or least I am) giving it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.=== And, the air flowing from the cleaner, it flows out of both sides of the device – vertically up the body of the unit. Still undecided really if this is a pro or con…– Light, could be brighter

  40. larabee

    So far, so good. The turbo upholstery brush and the dial to turn off beater bar are essential features. We have an entry rug, but no carpet. Still need to clean fabric chairs, lampshades, and chair seats. Also, suction the dirt along the baseboards, and the painted walls. I had a wind tunnel before. I like the longer cord. I also need to attach my longer coiled hose, and locate additional wands. All vacuums are noisy. This one has good suction.

  41. Ima Consumer

    As of January 2015, I’ve had this vacuum cleaner for three years now and it is a great improvement over the old Eureka upright it replaced. For starters, it is noticeably lighter, quieter, and yet, much more powerful than the Eureka. It also vacuums a wider swath than the Eureka, as well.The HEPA bags are very effective at keeping the dust inside the machine, and are a breeze to change. No mess; no fuss. If anyone in your family has allergies, you will want to be sure to order the genuine cloth replacement vacuum bags, and not the cheaper inferior paper ones. I ordered my replacement bags directly from Hoover, because that was the only place I could find the identical part number for the bags (see the manual for the part number). They were much more expensive than the Eureka bags, but their results are vastly superior, and the extra cost is justified.I really like the hand brush that attaches to the vacuum. It is great for cleaning stairs and upholstery. The only reason why I gave four stars, instead of five, is that I think the specifications exaggerate the usuable length of the extension hose, but that is a very minor point (I’d give 4.5 stars if I could). Overall, this is a very good machine at a reasonable price.

  42. mt820

    Im not sure how I feel about this vacuum yet. I own a cleaning business and have 3 self propelled hoover windtunnels. I purchased this because of the longer hose, figured it would make my stair cleaning easier. Well it does stretch up the stairs but it loses suction. The attatchment’s placement is inconvenient as well. It is light and it picks up dirt great. Was also hoping it would be quieter than my others but it seems a bit louder. All in all it is a good vacuum just not as well built as my other hoovers.

  43. Philip Bar

    I shopped around and read reviews in consumer reports and it seemed most of the new vaccuum cleaners available are the “bagless” type. However I borrowed a bagless unit and quickly found out what happens when you try to empty them – a huge cloud of dust everywhere! I was replacing an older worn out Eureka Boss (which I also liked) and this one is lighter weight, but just as much suction if not better.

  44. today

    Very hard to push on carpet even when set on highest setting. I have owned several Windtunnels over the last 10-15 years and this one was not up to the usual quality. They are reasonably priced but don’t last more than a couple years but usually it is the on/off switch that shorts out. This one was so flimsy I don’t think the parts would have lasted long. It had a couple nice features – longer reach and cord, and full bag light on top instead of in front. I was disappointed it was so cheaply made and so hard to push it was unusable. I returned it.

  45. Phillip Censky

    We bought this based on Consumer Reports reviews about 8 months ago and have been disappointed. It works well on carpet, but it doesn’t do well on bare floors or rugs.We will likely be purchasing a new vacuum and keeping this one for basement use.

  46. Cory wubbels

    I thought this would be a good vacuum to use since my son has allergies and asthma but I’ve realized it’s actually worse than using a bagless vacuum. I normally don’t even have allergy symptoms but I sneeze like crazy while I’m using this and it just seems like so much dirt is getting in the air.

  47. K. Johnson

    I have had Hoover Windtunnel bagged uprights for many years. They are absolutely the best at picking up the dog hair my Jack Russell Terrier leaves on everything he comes in contact with. The only thing I would suggest for this particular Hoover is that the suction is extraordinaire – great for the floor, but the suction is so great on the little brush that it stops the brush from spinning. It also is too much suction for scatter rugs (which wasn’t the case on the Windtunnel Anniversary model that I had before this one). It sucks the rug up and does damage to the rubber lining on the bottom so I have to be careful. But for everything else, I can’t say enough – it does a great job of cleaning!

  48. SquareMouth

    Very easy to change the bag and there is no mess like the bagless types. Vacuum runs far better and longer with the bags. I will never buy a bagless vacuum again. They are terrible and very difficult to clean.

  49. Gerald H. Stidham

    Why did I wait? It came in one day. It was easy to assemble with great fit and finish. The suction through the tools is excellent and the tools extend the reach to walls. It is light and not very noisy. Works well on stairs. The price is excellent. So I am happy as I hoover.