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Explore the individual taste and distinct aroma of each single origin Arabica coffee, found in the legendary illy blend, each highlighting the singular style, culture and flavor of these distinctive geographic regions. Ethiopia: Delicate flavor, floral jasmine notes
A special coffee with a mild, delicate aroma and a unique perfume with distinctive floral notes of jasmine and a hint of citrus fruit. The illy iperEspresso capsule system lets you prepare extraordinary espresso and cappuccino at home with ease. iperEspresso capsules are compatible with the Francis Francis X1, X7, X7.1, X7.1 Sunrise, X8, X9, Y1, Y1.1, Y3, Y5, Y5 Duo, Y5 Milk, Cuisinart for illy, or Gaggia for illy Espresso machines.

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  1. MarieMat

    I have an Illy machine and was fed up with the Illy website’s minimum order, shipping costs etc. I was therefore very happy to find this product on Amazon at a reasonable price and free shipping! The tin arrived without the lid (but the seal top keeps the capsules fresh inside) but otherwise in exactly the same condition that Illy tins arrive from the Illy.com website. Don’t be put off if the seal top is “inflated” this is normal. I already had a tin with a lid so I will not miss the lid, however if you do not have a spare tin ( or spare lid, or a different container to keep your capsules in), once you have opened the seal top you will not have a way to keep the tin closed and therefore the capsules fresh. As for the quality of Illy decaf espresso coffee, it is the best decaf I have ever tasted. You could serve this to non-decaf drinkers and they would never know. I will be ordering these again and stop wasting my time over-ordering in the awkward to navigate Illy website.

  2. James A Hogen

    Between Illy and Nespresso we strongly prefer Illy. It’s one of the most popular coffee beans in Italy and the espresso shots are much richer (less watery).Ethiopian is one of my favorite coffees as it tends to be a little sweeter or fruitier and smoother than some other coffees. If you like the regular (red colored can) medium roast then definitely try this. Only downside is I’ve had a couple pods (out of hundreds) not work. Also the canister is charged with some kind of gas (I believe nitrogen) and so the lid doesn’t sit properly while shipping. We’ve so far only encountered one instance where the tin arrived popped open but the coffee was still ~95% fresh. Finally, keep this in the fridge once opened per manufacturer directions.

  3. JustJanet

    I fell in love with this coffee when I stayed at the Four Seasons in West Palm Beach 3 years ago! I immediately had to buy the Francis Francis Y2 machine and I have been drinking this coffee ever since! I travel extensively between the northern continent of Italy and Sicily and illy is the preferred coffee of the region.

  4. TommyGJ

    This item popped up as a suggestion when I was looking to purchase more pods for my Nespresso. I should have looked more closely at the description. Unfortunately I opened the seal on the can and don’t think I can return them.

  5. Ken Mile-Hi

    I prefer caffeinated coffee but occasionally (like late in the afternoon) I prefer decaf. This has very good flavor as good as regular espresso, although I have not done a side by side taste test.

  6. Grant A Anderson

    I love this product, and buy it often, however, this particular can of capsules barely flow coffee. It’s like there’s too much back pressure through the capsule. I’m worried that it will damage the pump in my coffee maker. I don’t know if I should continue trying to use them. They seem too expensive to throw away.

  7. Anna

    Illy espresso is the best coffee brand you can find in Italy(and I’m Italian) .

  8. Mr. Cheetodust

    I have had several coffee pod machines and tried several pods. The Illy system is my favorite and this is my favorite blend. If you like a strong creamy espresso with no bitterness this is your pod!

  9. arecht

    This seems to be Illy’s lightest roast in these capsules. I buy it as a friend at work has the Illy machine for it. Otherwise I prefer even lighter roasts that I buy from local roasters. For my friend the flavor of this is “too flowery”, I like exactly that. He has tried all other “colors” and usually buys the red, which is a medium roast of Arabica blend.

  10. Meowx5

    I LOVE illy coffee I highly recommend Brazil or Iperespresso. Excellent flavors for a rich latte. My weekend favorite

  11. AFrisby

    I really like the regular Illy espresso and Ethiopian drip coffee so thought I’d like these also. Unfortunately not so much. I’ll stick with the original dark roast Illy for my espresso.

  12. Adrienne Stang

    My latest order will not let the water come through properly. It just drops slowly and shuts off without making the required amount.

  13. William J. Dunaj

    Not as good as Ethiopia but good strong espresso which others may prefer.

  14. Andrew S Duquette

    So delicious, this makes making espresso in the AM quick and easy.

  15. A. Amidei

    Super smooth, rich and delicious! This is my favorite of all the types from Illy.

  16. AnnQ

    Canister had no lid and the foil cover was bowed out like it was under pressure. Probably pushed off the lid, which was lost, at some point in the past. Practically popped when I pulled off the foil, there was a strong coffee smell indicating the capsules were capsules no longer fresh.

  17. chris S

    The coffee tastes somewhat stale which is a bummer becuase the last batch i ordered was great. The can had tape around it and it seemed as though the inner seal was broken. Its a hit or miss unfortunatly on buying from a distributor other than illy.

  18. Stephen Sedmak

    Brazil is my favorite Illy Iperespresso pod.

  19. KittyMeow

    Of the dark roasts, I prefer this one. It has a lovely flavor mixed with steamed coconut milk.

  20. Margie B.

    Love the chocolate taste. Can’t get enough.

  21. car guy

    This is good coffee, no doubt about it, capsules are convenient and necessary for my daughters espresso machine. These capsules are less expensive than going to a coffee shop for an espresso, but much pricier than just making some in a stovetop espresso pot with loose coffee.

  22. D. Stark

    Makes a great esspresso/cappuccino and best price on Amazon.

  23. VChan

    These capsules are not easily available at the regular places where illy machines are sold. The only places are Bed Bath and Beyond and Sur La Table. We usually purchase them from Sur La Table and it’s been always good. This time we decided to purchase it online and it almost seems like the coffee is fake. Of the 6 containers we bought, two were dented, the lid on one of the containers doesn’t fit and some of the capsules didn’t work and the coffee was weak. Will not buy from here again!

  24. Mike

    If you are not a coffee snob or if you are like me and simply do not have time or patience to tinker with various grinds, amounts, etc. this is more than satisfactory. With a Francis or Gaggia (prefer Francis myself) machine (dead simple and oh so much more reliable then semi or super auto), these do an excellent job of caffeine supply.

  25. John K

    love it. ordering it on a regular basis

  26. Jessica Teabo

    My favorite of all the flavors!

  27. Chris of Cal

    Since I have an espresso machine that is tailored to the Illy pods, I buy them. Illy espresso is, in my opinion, the best tasting espresso. I have tasted lots and lots of different beans over the years, domestic, Italian, you name it. Illy rises to the top every time!

  28. brian

    I like the black one better this one is really sour.

  29. DDT

    Good coffee.

  30. Bella

    Great pods for the francis francis machine

  31. Jeanie

    I enjoy iLLy coffee always. Yes, expensive. so helps to cut back on Coffee intake.

  32. J. Fraser

    One star off because of price. But, it’s Illy coffee so what did I expect? I have bough this product several times. Delivery, packaging, etc. all great.

  33. Kindle Customer

    This can was missing the lid and the vacuum seal was punctured. This would have rendered the coffee not usable. Unfortunately, because it is a food product , it had to be discarded.

  34. Joseph J. Guccione

    top notch coffee

  35. AZ

    Mild and sweet,

  36. Amazon Customer

    As expected. Good coffee

  37. Andre

    fine, but pods a little expensive

  38. Kimberly DelleCave

    As with all Illy coffee…amazing flavor!

  39. DS

    Love it.


    Very TASTY Decaf Coffee but a tat expensive…