Jetz-Scrubz Scrubber Sponge, J22/3, Round, Set of 3, Made in the USA

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  • Wear and tear resistant
  • Will not stain or discolor
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and disinfecting
  • One JetzScrubz can last several months or even longer
  • Won’t scratch chrome, copper, stainless steel, anodized surfaces, non-stick cookware, glass, crystal and porcelain

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They use them in the royal palace – but that’s only one good reason to try Jetz Scrubz. There are a few others. For starters, here is a list of the things they won’t scratch – chrome, copper, stainless steel, anodized surfaces, non-stick coated cookware, glass, crystal, porcelain, china and ceramic. Here’s another reason – they’ll clean up a big mess and afterward can be thrown right in the dishwasher for cleaning. Try it and you’ll agree, this is a scrubber fit for royalty.

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  1. Dr. S.

    First, I really don’t like writing negative reviews. Doing so makes me wonder about the validity of my own opinions. When, as in this instance, 86% of the reviewers have given this product 5 stars, those who rate the product 1 star seem to be way off. Second, I can honestly only depend on my own experience, which in this case is far more negative (actually, “surprised” and “disappointed” may be better descriptions of my reaction) than positive–so, let me begin with the positive aspects of my impression of this product. It does what it claims it will do, namely, it is scratch-less and it cleans pots and pans really effectively. It also seems “safe.” I found it to be “gentle on everything–pots, pans and even your hands.” I did not test whether this sponge will survive in a dishwasher. I also am simply in no position to evaluate the claim that this scrubber sponge is eco-friendly, although that claim is bunched together with claims that it “outlasts all others,” and that one uses less [fewer] and buys less [fewer]. Those claims are patently inaccurate in my experience. Likewise, from my experience, the declaration that “one Jetz-Scrubz can last several months or even longer” is ludicrous. Other claims posted on the product’s packaging seem, based on my experience alone, contrary to the actual performance of the product: “strong, lasts long,” and “wear and tear resistent [resistant].”After no more than a couple of uses, the sponges that I had began to emit very fine dark gray particles–something like the residue that comes out of a water filter when it is flushed before being used (if that image helps?). But, the real problem is that the sponge comes apart. It is round. One side is a soft sponge and the other is a raised diamond-patterened scrubber that is both roughly textured and yet not abrasive in a way that could damage pots and pans or irritate the skin of the hands. Well, these circular sponges, with their two sides, simply come apart after three or so (certainly no more than four) uses. The result is that the sponge is split in half like a sliced hamburger bun, or a Moon Pie with no filling. Then, the resultant pieces of the scrubbers are essentially impossible to use with any effectiveness–even so, if they were, that’s not the way they were designed or intended to be used. It’s certainly not what the consumer paid for.When these Jetz-Scrubz Scrubber Sponges work, they are a charm. But they are, in my experience and opinion either not substantially constructed, or they have been defectively constructed. Whatever the problem is, $15 for three sponges–no matter how well they work–that are together useable fifteen times at most before they disintegrate, is an unreasonable (I would personally say, ridiculous) price. On the other hand, if these sponge scrubbers did what the claims on the package declare, then, I would happily pay $15 for a set of three of them. When they are intact and working, these Jetz-Scrubz Scrubber Sponges are a first-rate kitchen tool. Apparently they have been in production since at least 2002, so something is amiss. They could not have remained on the market for fifteen years while performing in the manner that I have experienced them to perform. I hope for the sake of the makers that these three sponges that I had were an anomaly, part of a bad production run. But, I am sorry (I really liked these when they worked) to say that I won’t gamble $15 on trying these sponges again.

  2. MyVoice

    Yes, I realize how pathetic it is to post a review about a kitchen sponge, but I just wanted to alert others that there IS a sponge out there that actually holds soap, cleans thoroughly without scratching, and lasts FOREVER without mildewing or shrinking to the size of a postage stamp. I’ve even given these out as presents … and although each recipient’s initial reaction has been lukewarm, everyone has come back later and thanked me profusely. I’ll never use another type of kitchen sponge again!

  3. M. Kinney

    These sponges are great! I just love them. They hold up for a VERY LONG TIME! Though it is not necessary to keep them from smelling, I toss them into the dishwasher every time I run it to keep them clean. Our first ones lasted for two years! The only reason I had to get new ones is because someone had sliced them while cleaning our cutting knives (we keep them razor sharp). The scrubber side is not as effective as the 3Ms, but I have found it to be somewhat of an advantage because they don’t scratch or dull our cookware or any of the surfaces we use them on. If we need something more abrasive we just pull out the 3M scrubbers and it isn’t very often that we have to do that. Don’t hesitate to try them!

  4. Tidbart

    These are the best. I previously used store bought sponges to wash the dishes, never again. This has replaced at least a dozen regular sponges. I am still using the first Scrubber and it has been over a year! Granted, I am single and don’t use it as much as a normal family would. No stink, no falling apart, dries quickly. What more could you ask for. Oh, and made in the USA!

  5. Jeanne Gahagan

    Best sponges EVER!! Perfect size, flexible and tough. These last a very long time and they are the best kitchen sponges I’ve ever used. I’ve given several to my girlfriends (I know, strange gift right?) and every one of them has told me how great these are. You can’t go wrong if you order these. So glad I found them.

  6. J. King

    love these things and they are super super super durable. I microwave them to kill bacteria too. I like the rectangle ones better for a 4″ swipe to clean counters, square pans, etc. Both work great on dishes and non-stick stuff. I wash my own dishes twice a day and can’t wear one out. They go in the bathrooms when I just want a new one. I got hooked years ago. They are expensive but easily worth the extra $$ especially for dish washing in your sink. BTW, they get better with age.

  7. Lulu

    I love, love, LOVE these sponges. (Does that sound silly?) They are so long lasting, and never seem to get grubby-looking. I have the rectangular ones which I designate for our countertops, and the round ones for washing dishes. The black colour makes them look so much cooler than your basic yellow, green, and blue ones at the supermarket. I hope these are never discontinued.

  8. Harry the Hat

    Same review for these as for the rectangular. No question that they are better than the standard sink sponge. They don’t develop an odor, they are easy to clean and they do a good job. Only downside is that they don’t hold as much water as a regular sponge. This means less likely to pick up a spill on the counter but more likely not to dribble as you move around. Highly recommend. I have not had one wear out and that is a good thing. No little bits of sponge coming off to deal with.

  9. WinegardnerFamily

    These are all I use ever since my friend introduced me to them. They take a long time to stink, and then after you throw them in the wash, they come out not stinking and stay that way! I bought my first set of 3 about a year ago, and just bought a second set to replace them. If you are thinking about buying these- stop! Buy them! You will not regret it.

  10. Monsieur Connoisseur

    Totally worth the price! These are the best scrubbers I’ve ever used. Careful with washing sharp objects, or it will rip easily. As long as that is taken into consideration, these are worth the investment. I’ve used the same one for a few months, and it’s still going strong without any lingering scents. That was the most important thing to me.

  11. Kaiopect8

    These are great!To begin with, these are great in the kitchen sink — they are very good at scraping dishes, cutlery, pans, pots, with or without soa, and, because they are plastic, they do not damage surfaces. They last a long time!But, after they’ve been used for a while, you can shift them to a different use — like shower/tub.And after that, you can use them outside!A great household companion, worth cycling through and re-ordering!

  12. John S.

    Didn’t intend to buy these when I bought a new stainless cookware set however am so glad I did! Best sponge ever, you’ll never buy the traditional supermarket ones again. Conform to all shapes, won’t scratch, clean very well and so far have held up extremely well to the point of like new after 3 weeks of continued use (we have no dishwasher!). Highly recommended.

  13. Stephen Muenster

    Great little dish scrubbers. Can’t say they scrub any better or worse than any other sponge, but what they excel at is not getting a bunch of cheesy greasy crumbly food pieces stuck inside. Easy to clean out, occasionally stick in dish washer to sanitize and you are good to go. Pack of three lasted me about a year and I just ordered some more.

  14. Polish Princess

    These scrubber sponges are just what the doctor ordered for my beautiful, new stainless steel pots and pans! I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to properly clean and keep the sheen on their cookware. They don’t scratch the surface and are easy to use. If soaking doesn’t lift cooked-on foods, I also apply a small amount of Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop cleaner before using the scrubber sponge. Works wonderfully!

  15. Lonni M

    these are the best sponges and light scouring pads I’ve ever used. the “scouring” side won’t get everything off a frying pan, but it really isn’t meant to be like a brillo pad. so it works for what it is. the sponge side is great too. love the circular shape. it’s seriously the best sponge I’ve ever used.

  16. doxie

    Has something about this product changed in the manufacturing? I’ve been buying it for years – now the sponge starts smelling bad after a limited time of use. This has never happened before. Microwaving it makes no difference. Loved it before. Now – no. If made in China – sometimes liberties are taken with the formulas. Could this be the problem?

  17. mm

    Great product, goes into the dishwasher…no more smelly sponge. This product has been in my kitchen for 12 years–I replace every 6 months. The sponge completely dries when I hug up in the basket on the side of my sink.

  18. Laurence Bonneau

    At first I was very happy with the sponges and used it to clean my stainless steel pots with the Bars Keepers cleaning powder.Then earlier I attempted to clean the pan as usual, and my 2 months old sponge that gets used once or twice a week totally disintegrated in the pan, with the scratch pad separating from the sponge and leaving black pieces of sponge everywhere. So obviously extremely disappointed.

  19. Ann E.

    Best sponge/scrubbers out there! I originally found these at a kitchen speciality shop . I fell in love with them.Luckily I searched the internet and found them here. They hold up well and I use for everyday dishwashing. Theynever smell, even after a month or so.. Highly recommend

  20. Nbkln

    I’ve had these for a couple months now and still using the first sponge of the 3-pack. It really does stay fresh and what’s more… I get more suds out of my dish soap than a typical cellulose sponge that mildews rather quickly. I’ll never use another sponge again.

  21. Supergirl

    I LOVE these sponges. They last forever, they don’t smell, they hold up fantastically. They’re the best sponge I’ve ever used. One will seriously last me 3 or more months. Now I’m not tremendously hard on them, that’s just for run-of-the-mill dishes and kitchen cleaning, but that’s still impressive! Give ’em a try, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

  22. 1111gailb

    These are the best scrubbers! They don’t smell and they last a very long time. I have shared them with my daughters and now they are hooked. ALso, they are made in America!

  23. GG

    Does the job, haven’t had them long enough to know how long one lasts.

  24. DDM

    These sponges were recommended to me by sister. She was right. They are great. No smell. No mold or mildew. Last a very long time. Love them.

  25. arealgoodman

    Love these sponges. They are the only ones that we use. They cost more, but last much longer than your average sponge. They hold up well and don’t retain odor.

  26. Chan

    These sponges are the only ones I use now. replace them every 4-6 months. doesn’t smell like most sponges do. Most importantly, they don’t scratch my stainless steel pots!! they are also dishwasher safe. (I never need to wash them in the dishwasher unless I clean something cheesy with them)

  27. AJohnson

    These are fantastic! I received my first one as a gift from a coworker, and it lasted over a year. You can throw them in the dishwasher when they get nasty, and they don’t fall apart. It’s silly to get so excited over a sponge, but I can’t get over how sturdy, strong, but gentle these things are.

  28. Niles Larson

    Great sponges. Work fantastic, last a long time

  29. Lynne Nielsen

    I LOVE these sponges! They are durable, long lasting and they NEVER get stinky!! a little more money than your average sponge, but this is no average sponge…so it is worth it!!

  30. DM67

    I have had good luck with this brand of scrubber. Tried the square ones, just ordered these as replacements. I toss them in the dishwasher from time to time. Pads seem to last about a month before small particles of the scrubber begin disintegrating.

  31. Azurefire

    This product is one of the best buys I have made all year. It is excellent for cleaning my glass cook top range.

  32. Runman

    These sponges work great and clean most any surface. Last a very long time, clean it by placing it in your dishwasher.

  33. Kenneth Jones

    Best scrubber sponge on the market. holds soap well and flip it over for some good scrubbing action. Excellent product

  34. Amazon Customer

    good product. good service.

  35. Laura Timoney

    Great for washing dishes, pots and pans!

  36. Old Geezer

    Complete Garbage. Disintegrated after 3rd use, Completely fell apart. Unfortunately, I purchased a package of three, Don’t buy!

  37. John Stricklin

    love them

  38. Lisa M Hatlestad

    These are the best ever. They each last forever, can be thrown in the dishwasher to sanitize. I never want to do without them.

  39. Mookie

    These are great sponges. No stink and dry quickly

  40. Amazon Customer

    The best for cleaning stainless steel pots and pains. Pair this with Bar Keepers Friend and you’ll always have shiny products.

  41. Tina M.

    They last forever and dont stink!

  42. robb sommerfeld

    These scrubbers holds up way better than the Scub Daddy and for less cost. Glad I found this product. Have been using for months and the Scrub Daddy is falling apart while this scrubber is still intack.

  43. Ammar Hallaj

    These are the best scrubbers ever. They last a long time. I’m never going back to those green or yellow sponges ever again.

  44. Ron Wright

    Does the job on my stainless steel pots when using Bar Keepers Friend cleanser with it, no scratches. Very flexible and easy to use. Gave some to a friend and he likes it too.

  45. LA

    Bought for the looks. They work great too.

  46. Mrs. H

    great for cleaning tight spaces

  47. Marge C.

    Easy to clean

  48. aJayM

    Works surprisingly well. Its larger pores and grooves makes it very effective in cleaning food particles from pans.It does not completely replace 3M pads for really tough baked-on cleaning, but I now primarily use this pad.

  49. KQ

    Wow! I have fallen in love with a sponge! This beats any sponge I have ever used for washing dishes & pots & pans. I put it in the dishwasher to clean it.

  50. Amazon Customer

    Last along time