JML Microfiber Bath Towels, Bath Towel 2 Pack(30″ x 60″), Oversized, Soft, Super Absorbent and Fast Drying, Antibacterial, No Fading Multipurpose Use for Sports, Travel, Fitness, Yoga – Grey

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  • 100% Microfiber
  • Imported
  • COMFORTABLE & SOFT – Made of High Quality Microfiber, Lightweight and Soft than Ordinary towel. Ideal for Bath, Outdoor Camping, Swimming, Sports, Yoga and Travel holiday
  • ABSORBENT & FAST DRYING – JML Microfiber towels can absorb 7 times their weight in water makes quick drying large surface and easy,This towel can be washed and reused hundred of times.
  • MULTI USE TOWEL – Perfect as bath towel when you swimming or bath, you also use it as Fitness Towel or yoga Towel when you at gym or at home
  • EASY CARE – Hand or Machine Wash is ok, Tumble Dry Midium Heat. All of fiber towels will lost softness due to long time use or cleaning, suggest to add a little fabric softener while washing
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We Provide 30-Days Return and Replace Service, Only for our Customers Can Get 100% Satisfaction


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Luxury Designed Towel
Indulge yourself. Elevate your everyday bath ritual with luxurious details. Wrap yourself up in luxury after a relaxing soak with our collection of luxury bath towels. Made from the finest materials with enviable thread counts, designer bath towels will transform any bathroom instantly. Whether you are seeking bath sheets or guest towels, you’ll find the perfect towel to complement any bathroom.
Where Does It Come From
Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with this microfiber towel from JML. Made from wonderfully soft microfiber, this towel boasts a high quality 400gsm. Soft to the touch and highly absorbent. The luxurious bath towel is oversized, long-lasting, incredibly absorbent, and feels very soft against your skin. Bring a touch of spa to your bathroom with this stylish and super soft oversized luxury bath towel collection.

microfiber bath towel

microfiber towel

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  1. Outta Control

    I have used microfiber bath towels at home for many years. Buying online, you never know what you are going to get. The very first set came from China. The were a bit thin but they provided many years of service. Unlike cotton bath towels, the color never faded and the towels never got thin. They dried very quickly just by hanging them up.The next set I bought came from South Korea. They were horrible. They were thicker but they were not soft at all. They would actually stick to any rough skin areas. They went in the trash. Too rough to dry the car or dust furniture.I bought these after a lot of research going store to store. I really liked the Turkish Cotton towels. They were so soft but at $30-$75 for a bath towel, they were not within my budget. These microfiber towels were delivered very fast. When I opened the package, I was so surprised. These towels are very soft and quite thick for microfiber.I am so happy with this purchase. I only ordered 4 towels just to see if I would like them. Time to order more!

  2. Hope4MS

    My son needed new towels in either gray or black. I bought another brand for him in black, but they left a great amount of lint in the dryer and on him even after they’d been washed twice. That’s why I decided to take a chance on these in gray. They are, in his words, “awesome!”. The quality of the material is wonderful.Pros:They are longer than regular terry bath towels. An average size person in girth can easily wrap one around their body without any fear of embarrassment. (Mostly men, unless you are a small short woman.)They are a true dark gray and don’t shrink or fade. Absolutely lint-free! They dry super fast.They absorb water well and dry someone quicker than terry towels.They are extreme space savers! They fold flatter than regular towels.No chemical odor upon arrival.They have a small tag for hanging.Cons:The tag for hanging is very small. It’s more like a small (about the size of a dime) clothing tag sewn into the fabric.They aren’t as wide as most regular bath towels. (Not a problem for my son, but thought I’d let you know.)I’m thrilled to have found these and have ordered my son more. I highly recommend these!

  3. Mrs Dan

    Received these so fast it was great! I love these towels. I’ve tried every towel available & these are so absorbent it’s unbelievable. I have a microfiber hair wrap that works really well, but, I didn’t realize there were microfiber towels. So glad I looked on Amazon & found these. I looked for washing instructions & not finding any I just washed them in cold water & they came out perfect. Actually I’m glad there wasn’t a tag on these since cutting them off sometimes doesn’t go so well. Also, absolutely no shedding. I can’t say enough about these towels. I plan on buying some for my kids. Thank you for a awesome product.

  4. Castiel

    We got these to wipe down our newly redone bathrooms. We’ve goy hard water and we want to take some of the pain out of cleaning. So we decided to get microfiber towels. Most of the microfiber towels are small ones, but finding these was a great thing. The gray ones work well with our new decor and because of the nice stitching we love we can hang the in the bathroom and look like they belong there! Very happy, so just waiting for my next delivery of my next purchase for more to use in our hall remodeled bathroom!! Couldn’t be happer with them.

  5. Tami R.

    These towels are amazing and wondering how I have not switched to them earlier. I am going full time RVing and wanted something more compact that would dry faster. I got two of the turquoise for my husband and I and two gray ones for my dogs. Needless to say, ​I LOVE THEM. They are super soft, dry you off incredibly well and dry super fast. They are awesome. Plus is they take up 1/2 the space, both in a load of laundry and in the cabinet. I would highly recommend these. I probably will never go back to a regular towel again. 🙂

  6. Katy

    My only other experience with microfiber cloths were very negative… Slimy, catching every snag of dry skin on my hand, just pushing the water around and not absorbing anything. I was skeptical when my husband bought these for our teenage son. He needed a towel that would dry quickly and not get smelly. Surprisingly these towels were perfect. Feels nice on the hand, absorbant but dries quickly. And they’re large enough for a shy hulking teen to protect his modesty on his way from the bathroom to his bedroom!

  7. Jim

    It was new towel time again, I wanted some fluffy luxurious towels and took a chance with these. They dry better than any towel I ever had, they seem to dry faster and keep you just as warm…..and great space saver if you travel 🙂

  8. WadeL

    I bought the 2 pack towel in gray. This product is pretty good. It might feel weird at first switching from a traditional cotton towel. This product absorbs water better and dries better; Perhaps it will avoid the mildew smell that many towels during the summer would get.The towels are also thick and soft.

  9. Laura Hollien

    I bought these towels thinking they would be very large like the Ikea nath mat towels and they are a bit larger but not by much. Also, the texture is weird – they feel like something you would use to dry your car. My mom liked them though so I gave them to her. I prefer a fluffier texture towel. The company shipped then VERY fast though. I want to say I got them in 1 or 2 days so that’s awesome. The 5 stars is for that great service and also emailing to see if I liked the product. And, my mom likes them so that’s just a personal taste issue.

  10. katiedee

    I absolutely adore these towels. I had bought them for my boyfriend and I, and hadn’t used microfiber towels before. Now that I’ve tried these, I’m never going back! They dry your body well and don’t stay damp once hung up. Plus, the fabric is really soft to the touch and the color was a beautiful purple (I bought dark blue but loved how purple they turned out to be). Definitely recommend!

  11. LBKewee

    I was skeptical about the effectiveness of these towels. They exceeded my expectations by a long shot! I can’t believe how well they absorb moisture from my body and hair.. The hanging loop tore after the first use but I just drape them on a towel rack to dry off.

  12. FL305Guy

    Do you like to get dry after you take a bath or a shower?! These towels are for you. They’re lightweight. They do the trick. These towels are also perfect if you shower at the gym. They travel well roll up small compared to regular bath towels.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Amazing towels idk how I ever lived without! So soft and dry amazing. My favorite part (which is why I purchased) is that they dry so fast compared to my other cotton towels that would stay wet all night and still be damp by the the time I needed to use it again. Ugh! But these are magical and I’m telling all my friends about them 🤗

  14. Chau Pham

    These towels are amazing. They really dry you quickly and they dry off themselves quickly so there is no mildew smell. Just some advice, you need to dab and blot yourself when drying off because these towels dry you so quickly, you can’t just slide them all over your body like your old towels. It’s different, but good

  15. Jason

    I love these towels. I travel frequently and needed some travel towels. I purchased these and couldn’t be happier. They are extremely large and absorb water very well. Because they are Micro fiber they dry after only an hour or so after hanging them up which is great because I don’t have to worry about packing a damp towel in my bags.

  16. Amazon Customer

    These towels were perfect for my trip to Costa Rica. The towels were so soft and dried quickly, an important factor when your in the Rain Forest.I mentioned purchasing some to my friends, which they followed suit; and they were so grateful to have them. I may need to buy a couple more…

  17. m max

    This is my second purchase of the same towels in different colors. I have been using them for a few months as my gym towel and I really appreciate that they do not get funky at all, are a great size, and feel soft.

  18. JLN

    I got this towel for my spouse. It is exactly what he wanted. He is a big man who needs a large towel. I originally got it for him to take to the gym but he is using it at home. He says it is the best towel he’s ever had. It is very absorbent, he dries quickly. There have been no problems washing it. The only negative is that it is a little slow to dry after absorbing so much water.

  19. Alex Z

    These are very soft and wont lose color after you wash them

  20. DJS

    Get the extra large size of these towels. It’s better than the smaller sizes. I have both and I use my small size towels to put on my desk chair to sit on because it’s the most comfortable seat warmer I’ve ever had. The larger size towels I use to dry myself with.

  21. Anna Lemon

    M’kay I didn’t read through the description very well, so I didn’t realize that I was ordering microfiber towels. I typically don’t like microfiber because fluffy towels are the best. Honestly though I love them, they’re easy to store, easy to hang, and I can wash them with the rest of my stuff because they don’t pile or leave little fuzzies on everything. Will probably buys these again.

  22. downdawgy

    Nuce towel . Soft absorbent and large . Bought them because they dry fast . With all the humidity this year the cotton towels take forever to dry . These work, you have to blot a little more but they dry you . I would buy these again

  23. Thomas

    Perfect for living in the RV. Dries quickly and takes up much less room than traditional fluffy towels. Feels soft and absorbs very well.

  24. Candi

    We really like these towels. They are thinner than cotton towels but absorbs much better. We found you pat dry more than rub. We like these so much we bought another set. I have gotten other microfiber towels and I like these ones better.

  25. Cheryl M

    These towels dry well and are very light weight. Much easier to deal with than normal terry towels of the same dimensions.

  26. LKayS

    Great towels. Bought these for our twin one year old boys. infant towels weren’t giving them enough coverage. These are perfect.

  27. Voltaire

    What I was looking for. This is a thick microfiber bath towel and is quite soft and absorbent.

  28. SuperMatter

    Highly absorbent for such thin towels and they dry quickly. I love the fact that they take up so little room!!

  29. Coffee Lover

    These towels are the best microfiber towels I could’ve ordered off amazon. I have very long curly hair especially when it’s wet and I love using this when I need to just wrap it around my hair so I can do other things. It’s also great for when I put product in my hair for my curls so they look good. I usually put my hair products in and then put the one of the towels on my shoulders to keep it from getting hair products all over my back and it works!!!

  30. Sam G

    Great microfiber towel. It’s thin, so don’t expect something warm to wrap yourself in on chilly days out of the shower, but it DOES absorb water quickly and dries quickly as well.

  31. Maria A Victora

    used once and loved them.. will be getting more. Blanket like soft and dry extremely well. Don’t know how they will hold up with use, but so far I love them. Will be getting more.

  32. doing good

    very soft and absorbent. Have had no problems with fuzz or anything.

  33. Smp

    Most amazing towel I’ve ever purchased. Soft, dries you like nothing I’ve ever used before, stretchy and light so it doesn’t fall down when it’s wrapped around you, awesome for hair no giant heavy towel to balance, no fuzballs left on you, nice and thin so it doesn’t take up much space in your closet. You won’t regret it. I just ordered more for myself and a gift for a friend:) the only fault is the silly hanging loop didn’t last a Day, but what towels come with a hanging loop anyway?

  34. KRae

    These are great microfiber towels. I love the size, and how much water they absorb and dry quickly. the loop is pourly made but we dont use it. Even without use they fell off. That’s the reason I docked it a star. Since we dont use it we are happy with the purchase

  35. Kumar Saket

    Soft and light weight, takes less space in closet or bag, very absorbent material. A big yes if you are an avid traveler or even otherwise.

  36. starchaserxoxo

    Love the material, love the size, love the color. Perfect for what I wanted them for. And you can’t beat the price.

  37. Mary Bennett

    Large size, soft and dries really well. Just don’t wash colors together some of the darker ones bleed.

  38. Marisol Muro

    Towels are very soft and absorbant.I put my hair up in a turban and once I let my hair down I noticed that the towel had absorbed a good amount of water.I would definetly recommend these towels.

  39. Ron Y

    Very nice towels. Great size and thickness and very absorbent. Perfect for home or gym and just as good a quality if not better than more expensive towels I have.

  40. Luna Luisa Sanchez Reyes

    These towels are very soft and plushy. I bought microfiber towels for traveling from another vendor, and they work great but they’re kind of stiff. So I really like that this ones are softer. I like using these ones at home. But they can be compacted enough for traveling too. They also dry super fast and the flowered pattern is very beautiful. I really love these towels.