Lunch Box, Wildkin Lunch Box, Insulated, Moisture Resistant, and Easy to Clean with Helpful Extras for Quick and Simple Organization, Ages 3+, Perfect for Kids or On-The-Go Parents – Whale Blue

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  • DO YOUR PART FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AT A GREAT PRICE – Say “goodbye” to those brown paper bag days and “hello” to a more environmentally friendly approach to lunch time. Reduce waste and save money with our reusable lunch box!
  • BOLD PATTERNS – Wildkin’s lunch box line is not only one of the best options on the market, but each pattern offers a fun and bold look that make it fun to carry around. Pick your favorite color or let your little one select a pattern with their favorite theme
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Premium fabric makes this lunch box durable, sturdy and easy to clean. Insulation helps retain hot and cold temperatures throughout the day to improve food quality, freshness and taste
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY DESIGN – Each compact, lightweight lunch box can hold a good-sized container with plenty of room for snacks, utensils and juice boxes. Features include a zippered front pocket for hiding a surprise dessert or fun note, inner elastic tabs to secure water bottles or ice packs, and a handy inner mesh pouch perfect for napkins and utensils
  • SPACIOUS DESIGN – Measures 9.75x7x3.25 inches. You’ll find it super spacious and will have no problem fitting your lunch inside. Go ahead, pack that extra treat!
  • COORDINATES WITH OTHER WILDKIN GEAR – Make a theme out of it! Each lunch box was designed to coordinate with other Wildkin gear. From backpacks, to duffel bags, to sleeping bags, your child will love having their favorite designs with them on-the-go
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION – PVC, BPA and Phthalate-free makes this an eco-friendly option with an unmatched quality and a reliable replacement warranty for service you can trust
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3-15 years

Seller Warranty Description

One-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects – normal wear-and-tear, and misuse excluded. Rigorously tested to ensure that all parts are lead-safe, bpa-free, phthalate-free, and conform to all rules and regulations set forth by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

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Packed with personality, Wildkin’s insulated lunch line is designed to help you and the environment by offering a fun and reusable option for lunch and snack time. Our lunch boxes measure 9.75 x 7 x 3.25 inches and are recommended for all ages. Apart from the roomy main compartment, this lunch box features a zippered front pocket that is perfect for hiding a surprise treat or securing sweet notes. The inner elastic tab features Velcro to help secure a water bottle or juice box, and an interior mesh pocket for storing napkins, utensils or an ice pack. Sized just right for kids and adults, the Wildkin Lunch Box is perfect for the on-the-go parent or child. For this kind of quality and superior design, you honestly cannot beat the price. This lunch box will last a long time, but you’ll find that with all of Wildkin’s fun color and pattern options you’ll be ordering whenever you’re in the mood for a new look. Each lunch box is rigorously tested to ensure that all parts are PVC, BPA and Phthalate-free, and conform to all rules and regulations set forth by the Consumer Products. Easy to clean with just mild soap and a damp washcloth. Remember, do not store or close your lunch box until 100% dry.

One of the leading American provider of children’s lifestyle products and accessories. From backpacks to lunch bags to duffel bags, Wildkin lets kids take their fun on the run, producing high-quality and creative accessories that are both innovative and functional. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Wildkin has manufactured and distributed children’s products since 1994.

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  1. No Doubt DJs

    Good lunch box for a professional environment. It has enough room for a normal sized lunch. If you eat big or carry big containers, this will not work for you. For some reason a lot of these vendors are not showing the inside of the lunch box. So, I hope my pictures help.There is a mesh pouch on the inside lid. It could be used for flat ice packs or non-fragile snacks (like chips). There is also an elastic strap that is held closed by velcro. I believe this is to hold a soda can in place (nobody likes a shaken soda). There is also a pouch on the outside of the lid for thin items. It is not hard sided so you have some flexibility if you like to stuff it. Lastly the handle is strong. You could probably carry a brick in there if you wanted.

  2. Bob Figone

    Good size and durable for the price!

  3. Tolarisium

    Dont throw this in the dryer. I washed in the washing machine and it still looks like new. Throwing this in the dryer will destroy it. Not sure about dishwashers. Other than that, still works for me. Been using it everyday for work and still works well for me. It does stain a bit in the inside if oily foods get on it and its hard to get it out.

  4. Dan Burke

    Great little lunchbox!1. Small, yet holds everything I want to eat. It’s not a 16-compartment monstrosity with a concierge and pool. It’s a small, unassuming lunchbox! Perfect for a motorcycle commuter using a backpack.2. The great red color stands out in the work fridge, so I always know which lunch is mine.3. Price is good!4. Quality seems pretty good so far!

  5. C. I. Manorina

    Very nice lunch bag. Holds what I feel like packing for lunch. I usually have a plastic container for my sandwich and a deflated bag of chips or a few Cuties (oranges?) Don’t really see myself packing a drink seeing how I tote around a 40oz bottle of water or will buy a drink at work.It has a good deal of quality for the price and it feels sturdy enough to last me a while.I’m pleased with this purchase.

  6. Deborah S.

    2016/2017 school year I purchased 2 of your backpacks with the attached lunch boxes for my twin sons. The backpacks are still going strong and after heavy use the lunch boxes started showing heavy ware, so I purchase 3 new lunch boxes through Amazon as replacements and 1 additional back up. I gave them to my sons for christmas and I am very disappointed that after 6 and 8 weeks 2 of the 3 have failed. The White/Grey Camo zipper stitching came unraveled at the bottom causing the zippers to come off. The Red zipper tab came off of one zipper and the 2nd zipper is to hard to zip for my son. The Blue/White Camo is holding up. I am very pleased with the overall quality, but extremely disappointed with the defective zipper issues rendering 2 out of 3 lunch box useless.

  7. Firoozeh T

    My eight grader son loves this lunch box. It fits in his backpack very nicely while it holds a lot of stuff. Today for example it holds a small thermos food flask, a round mid-size glass container, a juice box and a metal fork. The quality of the outside fabric is very good and gave the lunch box a very nice look. It has a good lining inside which is washable.

  8. Amazon Customer

    The product description is completely accurate. I really like that it is pvc, pthalate and bpa free. The photo color is accurate. I ike the shape- sides into backpack easily. The price is quite reasonable for a good lunch box like this. I bought this one a year and a half ago, and the construction was sturdy- no tears, ripping, or fraying. The zippers lasted too. The reason I bought a new one was because my child’s lunchbox came home with spills and messes, and try as I might to keep it clean, mildew eventually crept into the seams. I ordered the same one again- fast and easy to know what I want. The only thing I would suggest to make it better would be to have some kind of environmentally friendly, removable plastic liner. I also purchased a Wildkin backpack in the past, and have consistently been happy with this brand.

  9. David Tepper

    I have gone through countless lunch boxes, all slowly deteriorating over time. Typically, they begin breaking apart at the seams, a zipper will fall off, or the material will tear. This lunch box has held up remarkably well, still looking as it did when it was brand new nearly a year later. It’s the perfect size for a medium size lunch; holding a sandwich, yogurt, snack pack, fruit, and small bag of chips nicely. If you need more than that, I would recommend stepping up to a larger size. I also like the simplicity of its design, having only the main lined area, a front pocket, and handle on top, no unnecessary shoulder straps or hidden compartments. Sadly, I will admit, I did a tremendous amount of research before settling on this lunch box and highly recommend it to anyone looking to satisfy my same needs; size, simplicity, durability, and price.

  10. Anj

    I purchased the other model(train,plane,truck) 2 years back and it was perfect for my son, but he lost it at the school. So I knew this will be perfect for his current lunch box. After ordering this I saw the lightning deal on Bentgo Fresh lunch box and I bought it, but later I found the dimensions of this bag and the Bentgo are almost same, I thought it won’t fit or will be too tight, I got the lunch box today and it fits perfectly in this lunch bag.

  11. Emery

    Wanted something insulated that could fit a sandwich small drink and a side or two without being too bulky to fit inside a school backpack and this fit the bill perfectly.Pro tip: if you have the option go check out the in person soft sides lunch box options in target. Much better selection for cheaper price

  12. A. Levy

    5 months of use and one of the zippers lost it’s handle!

  13. Mom of 4 boys

    This is a good, well-made lunchbox, but it is a little small. It will fit a disposable water bottle, but some reusable drink bottles are too big. A drink bottle plus sandwich case are tight fit

  14. Terry A. Jolly

    Monday was my twins 1st day of school, and I absolutely love these lunch boxes, just the right size to fit all those lunches and their snacks and that extra spc to put snacks is very convenient. I would recommend to my friends.

  15. Donna S.

    I purchased bento boxes for the kids but it didn’t fit in their current lunchboxes so I grabbed these and they’re fantastic. I love that they’re insulated and they also had the outside zippered pocket, too.

  16. Maria

    I got this for my son in first grade to replace his animal skip hop lunch box. Worked well for about a year and a half, but the zipper fell off towards the end of this second school year and the inside liner is starting to crack. The original skip hop lunch box has now been used for about 4-5 years as it was passed down to his little sister is not having the same problems with the interior lining cracking. We also have a second skip hop animal lunch box for my 3rd child which is also holding up beautifully. All of my children take lunch to school daily. 3 stars for almost 2 years, but I will choose a different brand to replace. I expect things to last longer even with daily use.

  17. TheMrs.

    My kindergartener uses this for his lunch pail. The zipper sticks and makes it difficult for a 5 year old to open, I like the size and the liner of this bag- but only give it three stars because it’s difficult for my little one (and even me for that matter!) to open.

  18. R. Etzler

    Looks great but badly sewn. This would have been a great lunchbox, love the tough material, love the color choices, but the zipper won’t round a corner without fighting with it. It is also a little slimmer than some lunchboxes, but that is fine for me.

  19. Terra Sumstine

    I purchased 3 of these for my children and over the last 6 months various items have spilled/leaked inside. Though the inside (white) part is easy to wipe clean, you can’t really wash it, so unfortunately one of them now smells like sour milk. Also, liquid leaked though to the outer fabric and there is no way to remove that stain. I do like the total capacity and slim design of these though since they are easy to fit into a backpack. I will likely have to throw them out at the end of the school year though, due to the smell.

  20. fsb

    This is a poor quality product. After just one week of use, the zipper came apart, which is disappointing to say the least. I would not buy this product again.

  21. M.C.

    Purchased the plain blue for our 10 year old son. He likes it and it seems to be pretty durable. I love all the different colors this comes in. Hopefully it will hold up for several years.

  22. northwest coast

    Purchased for kindergartener whose favorite color is red. It is flat (doesn’t expand) and fits perfectly into his (also red) backpack. Holds enough for a little kid’s lunch, too small for middle school kid, in my opinion, but then I have boys who love to eat!

  23. Erica

    I’m happy with my purchase of this product for my school-ager who was not interested in any trademark designed lunch boxes. It works well for the most part, but it is definitely not water proof. One day the thermos I put in the lunch box leaked and by the time my kid got home, the contents had leaked through, leaving the entire outside of the box (and parts of his backpack) wet.

  24. Heba

    Perfect, perfect, perfectEverything is perfect in this bag, shape, siza, material and easy to clean. I bought this bag almost 2 years ago and it works perfectly

  25. AP

    Very happy with the purchase. My son loves it. It also has an elastic Velcro inside to keep a bottle/container so it doesn’t move around. And it has a mesh pocket on the inside to hold things. I use it for napkins and utensils.

  26. Robert Lee

    It does the job of keep my son’s lunch together in one spot and it is his favorite color but I was disappointed that the lining on the inside is coming undone and the handle on the outside is already fraying. It’s only been a week but to be honest, I noticed the inside coming apart in two days and the handle probably the third day. I was originally going to buy one for my daughter because of the color choices but I think I’ll look for other brands that are more durable.

  27. Jason M. Squires

    Lunchbox has spot for thermos or water/drink bottle. It is easily accessible and extremely easy to clean (our children aged 11 & 7 clean them themselves). There are pockets on the inside to easily store smaller items and notes as well as adequate room for the meal itself. Very pleased with this lunchbox and is an absolute steal for the price.

  28. Sue

    2 years later and still using it. It is the perfect size for a school lunch.

  29. birdman

    Perfect lunch box for my middle-school boy. It seems to be bigger on the inside. I have no problem fitting whatever the bottomless pit needs for lunch without having to forcefully cram it in the backpack.

  30. Mom of 2

    I love these lunch boxes. I’ve purchased 3. Easy to wash either by hand in the kitchen sink or in the washing machine (I use a lingerie bag), and they air dry pretty quickly (a few hours/overnight). Perfect size for elementary school lunch. Very durable, both kids have had theirs 1.5 years through school and camps, and still going strong.

  31. Just soapin

    Great color! Perfect size to fit a nice size lunch in and that will also fit in a back pack. Has a pocket inside to hold an ice pack.Small front zip pocket I guess you could use for silverware or napkin, that pocket isn’t really useful but it’s there I guess for small flat things.

  32. anonymous1

    Love this, it’s the perfect size. Had a container that I couldn’t find a lunch bag to fit unless it was a huge cooler bad and I didn’t need that. Didn’t understand why the patterned bags were more expensive though. No Biggie, just a lunch bag.

  33. Hank2000

    It’s very basic. My son loves anything orange so he likes it. Seems like a standard lunch box. Color is vibrant and it’s orange.

  34. Jenn

    If I would of reviewed this after I bought it I would say it was okay. I actually have two of these for two kids different ages. I am currently looking for a new lunchbox for them. I use reusable containers and am very limited on what I can put in this. Especially to put an ice pack with it and drink. Maybe if you had a sandwich in a Ziploc, fruit in a Ziploc, and veggies in a Ziploc with a small juice or very small bottle water it would all fit. I get everything squeezed in, but It would be nice if there was a little extra room in case I wanted to include a snack.

  35. Rebecca Govier

    Awesome lunchbox.Pros:Sturdyhigh quality madethick insulationstrong zipper but easy to openhuge insideHonestly i can’t find a single thing to complain about this lunchbox. My 4 year old son loved it and it holds up to him and he’s rough with it.

  36. EnigmaticParadox

    I am very pleased with the lunch box. I purchased this just the purpose of carrying my lunch and a few other odds and ends. It has a mesh pocket on the top where I leave medicine and a zipper on the outside that I use for any number of small misc items. It would get 5 stars if it had a strap! 🙂 All in all a great product and I haven’t had any problems, ripping, tearing, or any other product malfunction since I purchased this. Its been about 2 months now and I’ve used it daily. [ordered it on may 21 2012] I’m very pleased with this product.

  37. Reuben Barbosa

    This is perfect for a kids lunch- my 5th grader uses this daily and has no issues. He takes a small water bottle, sandwich, fruit and a couple other snacks. It all fits fine- we use a slim ice pack and he loves it. The color is exactly as shown- we needed a color he could spot right away and the emerald green was really nice

  38. Kindle Customer

    I love it. It’s decently big and has a mesh holder inside for wet wipes, napkins ice pavks whatever. It doesn’t come with its own icepack though. It also has a Velcro strap inside to hold a drink and that come in handy to keep bottles from smashing sandwiches

  39. Patrick

    Great quality. The zip is a little tough to open and close but appears long lasting. The height is something I miss from my last lunchbox. Once I’ve put in a tupperware container you can’t really fit much else. The material is quite stiff so you can put items like an apple or yogurt and let the material expand.

  40. Thompson H.

    Just wish it was one inch wider and a half inch taller. I find I have to pack it full to have enough food for a 10-hour work day.

  41. LovesDogs

    This lunch box fits both a LunchBots Quad container and a thermos or a quad container and a mason jar with additional snacks. Great size and I love that it isn’t covered in cartoon characters.

  42. Holly C.

    Does what it needs to but I don’t imagine it lasting longer than a year. Maybe we’ll get two out of it, but I’m not confident.The pottery barn ones are better quality and are worth the price difference.

  43. goboilers05

    Good size for sandwich or plastic leftovers container, plus a piece of fruit and a drink. Stiff sides so it holds its shape. Easy to clean.

  44. Zack NicolTop Contributor: Photography

    It is the shape of a box and it holds my lunch. What more could you ask for in a lunch box?

  45. scmom

    I think it will make it through the entire school year! Bought this for my middle school son who crams it in his backpack every day. Not large enough for a huge stainless steel water bottle but fits a normal plastic water bottle just fine. Room for a sandwich, plastic container for fruit and granola bar. Cleans up nicely too, even after being left in the backpack all weekend with orange peelings in a plastic bag. Smelly when opened but cleaned up nicely with a cleaning cloth.

  46. J. HurleyTop Contributor: Cycling

    Fits a 3-compartment bento box perfectly, with just a little bit of room for silverware or something about the length and width of a tube of toothpaste. Allows for an ice block (the reusable kinds you find in stores or on Amazon) as well. Quality is great and price is spot-on.

  47. Riley

    It is well made, with good materials. I wish they would think more when designing these. Most are just a bit too narrow. Another 3/4 inch wider, and you could put two soda cans end-to end across the width, like my old worn out one. This one is more than wide enough for a small water bottle, too small for two pop cans.

  48. Paul D Murray

    I purchased two lunch boxes. A pink one with horses for my daughter and a solid red one for my son. We have only used them for a month of school and the red one is terrible. It must be defective. The zipper gets caught on the fabric and gives my son trouble even getting to his lunch. The fabric is now ripped at this point. The pink one, on the other hand, seems to work perfectly. So our success rate is 50%…not so great.

  49. colliche22

    We use this lunch box to hold the 1.2 cup rubbermaid containers (6 of them) for our dog when he goes to daycare or we go on a trip to portion out his food. The lunch box is great for our purposes.

  50. oregon mom

    why is it so hard to find a low key plain black lunch box? i don’t know but it is, but this one was perfect.

  51. Noelle

    Love that the fabric is think/durable and that the bag holds its shape. Wish it was a bit bigger or had a little give in the fabric for my rounded/more shallow tupperware… In the end, i still use it everyday even if it means I have it slightly unzipped to fit all my food.

  52. Erin

    This product holds up well over time, and is easy to clean. I use the Velcro drink holder to hold an ice pack with a hole in the middle. It works great, and I never worry about losing the ice pack!

  53. Nana-Banana

    Purchased for 9-year-old grandson. He really likes it and it seems to be holding up very well. I must say, I’ve purchased this brand before and always found it to be very good quality, and tuff (even for a young student). One of the best I’ve purchased… and I’ve purchased a few in my day.

  54. LAmomma

    Not terribly impressed. It’s your basic lunch box but does not expand and I don’t see it lasting through the school year. I’m used to Columbia lunch boxes but decided to try this one to save a few dollars and now wish I hadn’t.

  55. Josh

    This is the second Wildkin Lunch box i have purchased for my children. I purchased one for my daughter a couple years ago and she still uses it every day and it looks and works great. Just purchased another for my son after starting Kindergarten and he loves his as well! If i ever need another lunchbox this will be the one i get!

  56. Stonemsmom

    My 12 year old wanted a simple black lunchbox. This is exactly what I ordered. It is not oversize, but can fit a bento box style lunch easily, asnd has a pocket for cooling block.

  57. Brittany

    My son loves this lunch box! It’s the perfect size for us. Other reviews mentioned the condensation from the cooler packs leaking through the fabric, but we have not experienced that.

  58. dvzydeco

    Nice color but does not resist dirt on the outside, inside is easy to clean. The depth of the lunch box is about 2inches so all food containers must be narrow or flat.

  59. Matteo

    Quality lunch box and the whale blue is a nice color. Slim enough to fit in a messenger bag, without adding any bulk. Good choice for adults who bring lunch with them to work or for hiking/beach/other day trips.

  60. C. Jackson

    I bought two of these, one for each of my high school boys. They are plain enough that they are happy to use them, they are big enough to hold a decent lunch. They are not huge but fit a drink, sandwich and several sides with no problem. They seem very well made. I’m happy with my purchase.

  61. sammy

    I had a blue one but i wore it out and really wanted a black lunchbox. Its just the right size for a sandwich,soda,and chips. Plus it has a pocket in the inside and one that is accessible from the outside,(where i keep my keys) its insulated so my soda is still cold by lunchtime.

  62. Bryan

    Mine wasn’t a “Radiant Orchid” more like “Sun Bleached Dried Up Orchid” .. the product itself is nice

  63. Steven V.

    Great, durable lunchbag, with a large compartment and zipper front pocket. It’s also machine washable on light cycle. Just wash and leave out to air dry on the weekend. Recommended for elementary kids.

  64. Byron Goodman

    Great lunch box. Easy to clean. Just throw it in the clothes washer machine.

  65. Anderson Sanchez


  66. Patrick

    I like it but I don’t know about the long-term durability but for the money seems like a good choice

  67. Jess

    Inner mesh part that holds ice pack started molding within the 1st month of use. Difficult to wash.

  68. purplesoccer1

    I love this lunch box and use it for my self! It fits my Sunsella bento lunch box and a ice pack perfectly.

  69. winston small


  70. Grace

    Bad design. The handle is perpendicular to the sitting position of food plate. If you carry it by the handle, soups, etc easily pour off.