Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton, 27″ x 54″ ,Set of 4,White

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  • 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton
  • Imported Made(Manufactured) in Denizli,Turkey
  • Set of 4 Bath Towels
  • Soft, Luxurious, Durable, Elegant, Absorbent, and Stylish
  • Dimensions: 27 x 54 Inches, 700+ GSM (grams per square meter)
  • Machine Washable and Dryable


$41.00 $36.00

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Our standard terry towel collection is made with high quality, 100% genuine Turkish cotton. They are soft to the touch and become even softer after the first wash. These towels are also highly absorbent, durably made and long lasting. With a double stitch edge and natural dobby weave, these towels are an elegant addition to any bathroom. Set includes 4 standard size Bath Towels, measuring 27″ x 54″

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  1. MiamiTechnoLawyer

    I ordered these towels and an Amazon house brand Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 625 gram weight towel set at the same time. I was very pleased with both products. This towel is slightly softer, and a little heavier/thicker than the 625 gram Pinzon. While both towels are the same length the Pinzon is 4 inches wider. The Pinzon is made in Pakistan and the this towel is made in Turkey a country known for terrycloth robes and towels. Is this this heaviest, softest, nicest towel I have ever seen. No. If you visit a high end department store, you can find a thicker, softer towel, by a designer name that is better but it will cost you well over twenty dollars a towel, twice the price of these. These towels are a superb value at $10.00 each. This towel be as good or better as any towel you will find in the $15.00 to $20.00 range at Target, Lands End, and the like. I am at a loss to explain the handful of one and two star reviews for this product. If I had to give category grades I would say Softness A, Weight A, Size B+/A-, Value A+. I would order this product again without hesitation.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Ordered 12 Luxury Hotel & Spa bath towels as well as matching (same brand) 24 face towels, 6 hand towels, and 2 bath mats (44 total towels) on Thursday evening and they arrived on Saturday right before Christmas. They didn’t have any off smells upon arrival and were soft. I split the laundry into 3 loads using 2 cups of white vinegar (generic brand) for each load and didn’t use dryer sheets. They came out even softer out of the dryer; equivalent to a nice hotel or spa quality.Here’s some pics. I included an iron in one so you can put into context how thick the towels are. Also, as you can see, there were very minimal loose strands that had to be snipped after cleaning all the towels. Lastly, there was a small palm-sized amount of lint in the dryer’s lint screen after every load, which was expected.I’m very happy with the purchase. The quality, price, and timeliness of delivery deserves 5 stars.

  3. Arman

    Mine came defective as you can see in the picture, refund requested.Feels like a sand paper. Highly not recommended.Way far from any expectations for the offered price and nothing close to the term “Luxury”.Still can not believe how Amazon sells this product! If this is a genuine Turkish cotton, Amazon should hire some experienced buyers.

  4. Brian

    These are very nice and heavy towels. They dry excellent and are very soft. I purchased eight of them and washed them all together. In the future if / when I purchase more I will be sure to lessen the load. These towels had an excessive amount of lint and fuzz coming out of the dry cycle. Since then they seem to wash nicely. Everybody in my household fights over the new towels!Update a year later! (12/23/2015)These towels still remain intact and absorb water and dry nicely! I ordered another eight towels, and our year old towels are definitely not as “fluffy” as the new ones, but that is to be expected and are still fantastic towels. Highly recommend these towels for getting as close as you can to a “hotel quality” towel. Love them!

  5. Steve

    It was really rough. I don’t know how everyone else can think these are so soft. In fact, I’m only writing this review because days after I initiated a return, the seller spammed me asking to write a review. What did they expect? Note to Amazon: Stop letting your sellers do this. I think that’s how bad products like these get disproportionately high review scores.

  6. JB

    These are not thick and soft luxury towels. Received today and returning today, thin and not worth the money, I can’t imagine these are truly 900 gsm as advertised. Be careful when ordering towels and sheets, ‘Egyptian quality’ is not the same as Egyptian Cotton and it’s easy to miss in the advertising.

  7. Anthony brancato

    Not sure what all the other reviews were talking about, maybe they changed the product recently.I opened the package and frays and strings were all over the place.The quality is VERY low. The towel is VERY thin and cheap. Definitely not luxurious or plush. These are something you would find at a public pool.Returning immediately.

  8. MZ

    I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas and I decided to use it on some nice luxury bath towels (since I wouldn’t normally purchase them myself).I decided on these because they had a lot of positive reviews. They were delivered right to my door step from Amazon and I was immediately impressed when I opened the package.After opening, I washed these in cold water on the gentle cycle with Simply Tide, and dried on low heat with a couple of downy dryer sheets (no excessive lint like other reviewers have posted). I folded and put away in my linen closet and the quality is immediately visible compared to my old towels. Three of these towels vs 3 hands towels AND 3 bath towels.

  9. B. Kellner

    These are so soft & feel luxurious to me. They are absorbent, too. I just love them. I want more when I feel like I can spend the money. I don’t like spending $10 for 1 towel, but these are totally worth it. At some point, I want the wash cloths & hand towels, too.Follow Up: Ordered some more. Didn’t get the same design towels. They look the same, except these that I got today have a ribbed design on the ends. I hope they are at least the same quality. I actually ordered these right after I wrote the review above & got a phone case instead. I called, & they sent these out the next day. As long as the quality is the same, I guess it doesn’t matter too much to me about the slight design difference. 🙁

  10. Nancy B.

    If you like a lot of piling then this is the towel for you, it clearly states for you to wash before use, I did every 15 minutes I had to clear out the pilings from the lint trap, I just finished my 7th wash and still plenty of pilings, could probably make a pillow with all the pilings.

  11. Claire

    Don’t ignore the bad reviews — these towels are a BIG disappointment and definitely not worth the price. I opened the package so I guess I can’t return them but I am returning the others I ordered that are still wrapped. They don’t absorb anything — it is like trying to dry off with a plastic bag, it is just pushing the water around. I had to get another towel to actually get dry. They look okay but do NOT live up to the positive reviews and were already snagging after the initial wash. Stay away from these.

  12. demi_plie

    Bought them because they stated they were made in Turkey. The package I received states Made in Pakistan. I will keep them because I always need extra wash cloths.

  13. FelineFriendly

    I bought a set of Chakir Turkish Linens Turkish Cotton Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel Set 3 years ago and was disappointed with them because they were not absorbent and they turned pinkish after washing them with only baby detergent. Plus, they held a strong mildew smell even after using borax and laundry softener. I purchased Utopia Towels 8 piece set hoping to find a color fast towel that was more absorbent, yet longer lasting. These towels are much darker than they appear in the picture. They are much more absorbent that my Turkish towels. They haven’t changed colors even after washing repeatedly for over 2 years now. They don’t hold weird smells and they are fairly soft, but not as soft as the Turkish towels. They feel more like the very starched/bleached towels you get at a hotel.

  14. busy shopper

    After lots of searching I decided to buy 4 towels and 4 hand towels and 8 washcloths for the guest bath. I was ALARMED to see in RED lettering on each attached label “fire warning – do not use near flame” etc…… apparently there is something very flammable in this material. It says to NOT put in a hot dryer – who does not wash towels in warm/hot water and dry in a hot dryer? I am surprised that it is ok to sell this material in the USA. They seem pretty and soft and the original strong unpleasant odor disappeared after I washed them with 3rd rinse with downy – but clearly something lingers. I would NOT use these with kids OR use for everyday. I will not be buying more but instead will look for alternate.

  15. K. H.

    I will preface this by saying I am extremely picky about my towels. I purchased the set of 4 in plum. Color WAS nice, until it started fading after a few washes. They also shrunk about an inch after the first wash and lost their shape – they’re already small to begin with. Onwards I go to find a new set of towels I actually like!

  16. Mike

    I’ve had a dozen of these for seven months now. They hold a lot of water and I use them to steam my face before shaving, and after shaving, and in the shower. So far they’ve held their color (only slightly lighter now but that’s normal), there are no threads hanging off of any any of them and they’re still soft. They were a good, fair deal and I’m happy with them. They’re nothing like those little scraps of fabric you find at Walmart that disintegrate after you wash them.

  17. Sean P. Malloy

    I’ve had so many cheap towels come and go through my life and my bathroom. I’ve always been searching for that magic combination of comfort, durability, and drying power that the towels used to have back at home when I was a kid. Why is it that when I’m an adult, all of my stuff is never quite as nice as it was when mom and dad were taking care of everything?Then I found these towels. They cost a little more than something you’d buy in a department store or something, but it’s definitely worth it. I actually had these in my cart on Amazon for quite a while before one day I decided to take the plunge. I was worried about spending this much on towels only to have them show up and not be all that different from the other towels I’ve got.I am so glad I got them. The difference between these towels and the towels before is gigantic. I love these towels. The reassuring feeling you get after a long day, then taking a shower, and wrapping yourself in these soft voluminous towels is like no other. I love these towels!

  18. Katlyn Giannetto

    These towels hold up quite well. I’ve been using them for about 3 years now and they do not have any “structural” issues. They are not torn or frayed at all. They are somewhere between soft and firm (without using fabric softener), but a few washes after purchasing them, they began to discolor. Although these towels were originally a dark gray, over time, pink patches have appeared. I am not sure if this is a reflection of the water at my apartment or the towels themselves, but I thought that I would point it out. No, I did not bleach them. I have never used bleach for anything and my apartment has its own washer and dryer that was brand new when we moved in. In addition, neither my husband nor myself has ever dyed our hair (so that couldn’t have discolored the towels). I would still highly recommend these towels, though, for personal towels. If you have finicky guests, however, you might consider getting different towels for your guest towels.

  19. John

    OK, I get why everyone is upset about the lint thing. For the first 6-8 weeks, these things left lint like a joke. I would wipe the steam off the mirror when I got out of the shower, and it would leave a solid layer of lint. Then, after I shaved, I would have so much lint on my face that I looked like Santa Clause! When we ran them through the drier, there was more lint than the trap could hold, and I was a little worried about a fire.But we have been buying these thick, absorbent, luxury hotel towels for years, and this just seems to be a package deal.I’m not sure why, but the thick, absorbent, and reasonably priced ones always seem to start out this way. If it bothers you that much and you’re not an environmentalist, you could just wash them about 20 times before using them…

  20. A. Jones

    Amazing towels! These are the softest and most fluffy towels I have ever used! One thing I noticed is when you go to pick which option you want to add to your cart, there are TWO different sets of 4 bath towels. One set is $42.99 (which is the one I purchased) and one set is $34.99, which may be cheaper feeling or thinner. (I don’t know because i didn’t purchase the cheaper set). I’ve included photos of mine next to my standard towels. I’m extremely happy with my purchase. Just make sure you pay attention to what you’re ordering, because I’m assuming there is a difference between the 2 sets.

  21. Nick

    Great Turkish cotton White bath towels that are very soft/absorbent and hold very well in washer(hot bleach) and dryer with other Whites… Size and weight are perfect for daily use as bath towels as they are heavy duty and easy to wash. Price is fair(about $10/bath towel) for this good quality towels. Costco/store towels might be cheaper but not as good a quality as these… Used them daily for a couple of weeks now with daily wash in regular cycle in washer(hot bleach) and dryer(hot medium setting) with other Whites and they are still as good as new…

  22. Lindsay

    I wish I had taken the time to read more of the reviews and given more consideration to those who felt that these towels were not the best. Since receiving the pack of 4 last week, I washed them three times and ran them through the dryer only to have them continue to pill and leave lint on my body after showering. They aren’t the least bit absorbent either, which simply frustrates me. Truth is, you pay for what you get and unfortunately this product failed to deliver a reliable quality.

  23. KKC

    Dries great. Soft. Thick. I got two of a different brand for my husband for Father’s Day. Not quite what he wanted. He says these are really absorbent. ALL towels will give off lint the first few times you wash them. That is the nature of a towel and how the loops are made. After two washes, they give off no more lint than any of our other towels. Color stayed true

  24. LA_Sinatra

    Beautiful Towels. I purchased them in the aqua blue, which to me looks somewhat Teal in color and that was what I wanted. Look just as beautiful in person as they do in the photo. I was surprised they were thicker, fluffier and softer than I even hoped or expected they would be. Very pleased with the purchase, wouldn’t hesitate to buy again. I washed them an they still were every bit as great.

  25. Steven P Miller

    These are great, no nonsense towels. I bought them to replace some over-priced ones from Restoration Hardware that are too thick and have begun to smell weird. These towels were so affordable and are a perfect weight and size. Admittedly, I was not looking for the perfect towel. Just one that looks nice, feels soft, absorbent and not awkwardly large or thick, but substantive enough dry me off and dry appropriately while being affordable. These towels are just what I was looking for and I plan on purchasing more.

  26. A. Golden

    These are really nice… Don’t understand the bad reviews. Not rough at all, extremely soft and dries quickly. My previous towels got the nasty mildew smell after a few uses because they didn’t dry well and retained water. That doesn’t happen with these.Only con is they take a few swipes to get the water off (doesn’t pull it off as quickly as some other towels), but overall I’m very happy with them and at $35 for 4 that’s a great price.

  27. rebekah

    These set of 4 towels are awesome , they are soft and if your bathroom is in blue these towels match . they absorb moisture after your bath or shower and do a great job drying you off they are worth the cost its also a great gift idea for like fathers day or a guys birthday my dad got one and loves his

  28. Ms S

    I really like these towels. I do not like overly soft floppy towels. They always seem to move water around opposed to removing water. These are soft but not too soft. They actually dry me off but are not rough on the skin. They are not thin but are so so fluffy they take up a lot of space and take forever to dry. I would order more. I have only washed maybe 4-5 times and they are holding up well. I have not had the issues that others have had. They are not leaving fuzz on my body or bathroom. They are not falling apart at the edges or anywhere else.

  29. Lori J. Christopher

    I waited until I had these towels several months to write this review. These towels have proven to be very good quality. Yes, they produce extra lint after drying, in the beginning, but that’s to be expected. They are very fluffy even still and very absorbent. They are quality made and have no defects nor are they showing any signs of wear. I love them and will definitely buy them again.

  30. Gary B

    The towels are fine and serve the purpose but the title “Luxury Hotel and Spa Towel” isn’t exactly proper for what I was expecting. I would expect to find better towels than these at a Luxury Hotel. Like I said, they serve the purpose, I just expected a better towel than what I received.

  31. Kat

    Our guest towels have become run down and it was time for a change. Normally this would have meant a trip to one of my local stores and just grabbing a set. This time I decided to try something different. I ordered these towels after searching through quite a few options on Amazon due to the price. I have had them for about a week, and I will say they are better than I expected for the price I paid for towel. The picture makes them look really fluffy, but as other reviewers noted, they are not overly fluffy. However, they are soft, which I rather like from my towels. They have each gone through 3 washes now and are holding up well so far, but I cannot say if that will continue or not. I will say that for the price they are a good product.

  32. Julie L DeNardis

    There were a lot of great reviews for these towels but I’m not terribly impressed. After three washes they still leave white fluff everywhere. When I take them out of the dryer there is SO MUCH lint I wonder how there is towel left. The towels seem to look the same regardless. They thinner than expected but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The issue is the fluff. Everywhere. The fluff gets let off on clothes I dry after the towel load even after I clean out the lint trap. Not sure how many times you have to wash them for this to stop.

  33. KC of Indy

    Just like the ones at the hotels. They are soft and fluffy. As other have complained, they do lose a lot of fuzz the first washings, but minimal after that. I thought we had a rabbit in the lint trap!!They seem to absorb well and so far minimal shrinking. You have to wash them in cold the first couple of times and dry on low or air dry.

  34. Amazon Customer

    Got white crap all over my clothes and body whenever I first dried off. Now it’s over everything.You’re not only spending money for the product, but to inflict pain on yourself for having to clean up after it.

  35. roberta mcleod

    great price ,fluffy ,absorbent ,quality good ,most of all my wife loves them .The price was better than Target and Kohls as some paid reviews said ,checked online and local stores across from our house no such similar items and the only ones close where 30-40% higher on sale.We are Amazon customers and buy almost 100 items in last six months .Be cautious of fake five stars and really bad reviews ,they are mostly paid for by other companies .We have had to send back items at Amazons expense because of this and Amazon has always taken care of this for us no questions asked .Thank you Amazon

  36. Kevin Nagy

    Warning!!!!! If you purchase these towels you may want to have a washer/dryer exclusively to launder these towels. They will shed on everything you wash for loads and loads and loads. Sure they are nice and fluffy but the aggrivation of lint on all of your clothes is enough to drive one insane.

  37. Jerry M. Honeycutt Jr.

    These will not go around my middle aged waist. I dont like the absorbency of them, they are too soft and do not stimulate skin like 100% cotton towels do. These may be nice if you are into super soft non-absorbent towels, I am not..I like to feel my skin invigorated when I dry off. These do not do that, the other smack in the tush is that it wont go around my waist..Bigger towels I guess…A diet is NOT in the future….EnjoyJerry

  38. Esoteric

    I originally purchased these towels together with a set of hand towels from the same manufacturer about a year ago from Amazon. After a year of usage, I am highly satisfied with the quality of the towels — enough to recommend them for my parents who needed new towels recently. Unlike towels that I have previously purchased from well-known department stores, these do not fray after months of usage and washing. If you use a small amount of bleach when washing these towels (together with a laundry detergent for whites), they will also maintain a fairly brilliant white color.I would say these towels are as good as (if not better) than towels you’d expect to find at a 5 star hotel. They are soft to the touch, they feel comfortable on the body, and they dry both skin and hair quite effectively. They are not overly plush, nor are they too thin.If I were to mention one minor caveat, it would be the size of these towels. Be advised that they do shrink when you first wash them (I would say about 10% shrinkage is typical). As far as bath towels go, larger is better, and while these towels are sufficiently large enough to get you get you dry after a bath or shower, it would have been better if they were a bit larger.Having said that, these towels are still a great value for the quality of product that you will receive. If you are a new homeowner, newly married couple or just in the market for new towels for your household, you can stop fretting the decision and go with these towels. After a year of usage, would purchase these towels again without hesitation.

  39. S. Kozlowski

    These are NOT luxury towels and anyone who’s ever used a “luxury towel” will recognize that immediately. That said, these are decent towels for the money. As long as you don’t fall for the marketing drivel, you won’t be disappointed.

  40. Christina W

    Good amount of towels. Quality is nice. Comparable to Kohl’s and Younkers. They seem to look like they wear quickly after one wash but then I compared them to my other towels and they all look like that.Very soft before washing. They get very matted after the wash. They do the job and have held up so far. It’s been several months now.

  41. The_Wobys

    nice big size, i’m 6’2 and its plenty of towel for me. also very soft and absorbent. the vibrant color really makes a bold look for the bathroom. Only major nitpick is that this towel sheds lint like crazy!! my entire bathroom gets covered with a fine blue fuzzy threading even after multiple washes. The first couple times i washed them the lint catcher in the dryer was over flowed with the fuzz. its gotten to be a more reasonable level now, so i suspect that the worst has passed and now I just hope they continue to hold up over time (owned them for about 5 months) … i got these a little cheaper than their current list price of $48 ($12/towel) by browsing through the ‘buying options’ and at the time this aqua blue happened to be the least expensive color choice. for the cost i paid, about $10/towel this is a good value for a luxury towel.

  42. Imagine Otherworlds

    I love the color and I got lucky enough they match perfect with my new shower curtain. They’re thick enough but they do leave a lot of lint in the dryer. My only real complaint is that they don’t seem very absorbent so far. I know sometimes it takes a few washes so I’m still holding out hope. I’ve washed them 3-4 times now. They’re a great size and beautiful color.

  43. Mark Twain

    I am not a fan of huge, crazy thick towels, These are neither. I was a little worried they weren’t very absorbent after first wash and use. After the second wash they became a lot more absorbent, guess they got the new knocked off them. Can’t speak about longevity yet, but so far so good.

  44. JanJohnson

    These towels feel nice, dry me off well, but this last set two of the towels hems were sewn on the wrong side of the fabric and they are fading even faster than the originals. I wash in clear and free soap with no bleach or additives. So now, instead of a nice soft gray, they are grayish green color. But each towel is a slightly different shade of grayish green color.

  45. A

    Started to fray and the edges unfolded after just one wash. I returned them and bought martex bath towels instead, which are holding up better than these, however they fray slightly as well.

  46. Blkdynamite89

    Very soft, we love these towels. They are thick and heavy, great length. The color of the towels lasts through many washes without fading. The only complaint that I have is that they take maybe half a dozen or more washes before the little bits of towel stop falling off. It was annoying when you would get out of the shower and be covered in what felt like lint. This will not keep me from buying more. I would recommend this product.

  47. Sam & Catherine G

    These towels are great. They are soft, very absorbent, and just the right size. Plenty big to cover all your parts, but not so big that they swallow you up. I would recommend washing them once before use. When you first take them out of the package and dry yourself with them, they don’t absorb water as well. Something about being brand new I guess. But wash and dry them once, and absorb water well.

  48. Charles W.

    These are nice and fairly thick bath cloths and for a good price – But it is an exaggeration to call them “Luxury Hotel & Spa” quality. I have some Ralph Lauren bath cloths that are noticeably thicker and higher quality. For the price I paid, I am satisfied. But I do not think I will buy bath cloths or towels from Amazon or any other on line seller again unless it is a brand I am familiar with. It is impossible to judge from a written description or even a picture just how plush a bath cloth or towel is – And that is most of what you are paying for.

  49. bonedocTop Contributor: Woodworking

    Nice towels but definitely not luxury towels. Medium weight and they tolerate washing pretty well. I would recommend these for general use, especially if you have kids, and plan on making them garage towels in a year or two. Not a bad price for what you get but NOT heavy and super soft like a genuine luxury towel. The bamboo towels from Cuddledown are world’s better but of course much more expensive.

  50. C. Russell

    I hate that I spent a lot of money on these and they feel just average. I found a softer towel that is the store brand of the big box store, locally and much cheaper. I do like that they are big, but they’re not luxury for sure.Sorry for my later review.