Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner with SBD285-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool + SBB400-3 Parquet Twister XL Floor Brush – Tech Blue

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  • The Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor has a 20-Year Average Life-Span – Extremely Lightweight and Powerful – Uses Miele’s Powerful 1200 Watt Motor
  • Variable Speed Control – 6 Different Speeds allowing Perfect Suction for Drape, Rugs, Bare Floors and More!
  • Comes with the Miele SBD285-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool Perfect for Bare Floors and Area Rugs
  • Comes with the Miele SBB400-3 Parquet Twister XL Floor Brush – Designed to go flat under baseboards, low under furniture, tight up against kick jams and around chair legs. With a 90 degree twisting rotation there not many places this floor brush can’t go! The SBB400-3 XL Floor Brush offers a wider head than the standard SBB300-3 Parquet Twister which allows for 20% faster cleaning!
  • Extremely Maneuverable – Crush-Proof Ergonomic Hose – Stainless-Steel Telescopic Wands – Comes With Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush + Upholstery Tool


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The Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor is lightweight and can be carried up and down the stairs with ease. The durable design of the Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor ensures quiet operation. Not only is the Miele Hard Floor lightweight and quiet, it is also extremely powerful thanks Miele’s Vortex Motor. The combination of the Miele Airclean GN Dust Bag, Super Air Clean Filter and Sealed System Construction (SSC) ensures that only super clean air is coming out of the machine and nothing else. The Miele Hard Floor vacuum comes complete with Intergrated Tools including a crevice tool, an upholstery tool and a dusting brush. No guess work here, the Miele Hard Floor lets you know when to change your bag! The Miele Hard Floor has an Electronic Suction Control Dial with 6 Suction Settings- Settings include Drapes, Furniture, Throw-Rugs, Quiet Setting, Large area rugs and Wall to Wall Carpet/Bare Floors. The Miele Hard Floor hose handle is lightweight and ergonomic. The Miele Hard Floor comes with Telescoping Stainless Steel Wands – Adjusts to your height with the touch of a button. The Rug and Floor tool is ideal for all smooth flooring and very low pile carpeting. The metal glide sole is gentle to even the most sensitive flooring. Carpets and rugs can be gently and thoroughly vacuumed. The Hard Floor also includes the SBB400-3 XL Parquet Twister Floor Brush – providing 180 degree rotation for the agile, yet gentle care of smooth surfaces. The SBB400-3 XL Floor Brush offers a wider head than the standard SBB300-3 Parquet Twister which allows for 20% faster cleaning!

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  1. Flizzzipper

    I have a small home with all hardwood floors and needed a good suction vacuum. Miele canister vacs came highly recommended so I set my sights on their low end models, ultimately deciding between the Compact C1, and this model, the Complete C2. Although more expensive, I decided on the C2 because it came with the Parquet XL floor attachment and it houses all the accessories in the unit. The Compact C1 has to have them clipped onto the hose.After using the unit I am impressed. It works better on my rugs than I anticipated when using the regular vacuum attachment. I was concerned I would have to dig out my old upright with a roller brush to clean them but I don’t think that will be the case. I much prefer the Parquet XL attachment when sweeping the floors. It is lighter and more maneuverable…it just feels better to use. I do feel like the XL attachment is maybe too big for my needs so I may end up ordering the regular Parquet attachment down the road.

  2. Whimsy

    We’ve had this for a few months now.Great vacuum. Light, relatively quiet. The bags seem to hold quite a bit.Only four stars because it doesn’t really work well on carpet with the provided attachments.I know it says “hard floor” in the title, but Miele makes a great attachment for this, the Miele STB 205-3 Turbo Plus Power Nozzle Attachment, that makes this a prety great vacuum for carpet (at least low-pile carpet). I wish I could have bought a version with the Turbo Plus attachment instead of the rug tool attachment included by default with this vacuum. We never use the rug tool because for bare floors, the Parquet Floor Brush works great, and for rugs and carpets, the Turbo Plus is a must.

  3. NMS

    This is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned. As someone fairly obsessed with vacuuming and vacuums, this is high praise. It is light and easy to use, but boy is it powerful. There is not a dog hair or piece of lint this baby misses. Vacuuming time is a tenth of what it used to be. I highly recommended this product if you are vacuuming a house that has mostly hardwood and tile flooring.

  4. SmartShopper

    Love how lightweight this is and it’s maneuverability. Really easy to handle with very little strength needed to pull/push it around. The tool storage in the unit is great and convenient—you never have to go looking for the part you need—it’s always right there. It does a great job on the hardwood floors.However, on some of the small area rugs I find that it is necessary to go over spots several times to pick up even small debris. These are very flat, no pile carpets which should not present much of a problem considering how great this works on the bare floors, but it just doesn’t always get the job done on the first or second pass.Overall I’m happy with my purchase as the vacuum replaced an older much heavier stand up unit that I was tired of lugging around.

  5. Amazon Customer

    This vacuum is really awesome!!! Easy to use, I love how I can store attachments with in the canister. The attachments attach and come off very easily. the suction is extremely strong. Bags are expensive, but worth it. The only thing is for me, is I have been used to an upright, which I will never use again! But, getting use to a canister vacuum it can be a little cumbersome. Love how I can get under all furniture with ease. So glad I purchased this.

  6. AE

    Great vacuum for hard floors and low pile rugs! Lightweight and easy to pull around! Quiet motor and awesome suction power! Only con is if you are expecting to vacuum a lot of high pile carpet I would recommend the vacuum with an electric roller floor attachment. The attachments included with this model are mainly for hard floor use.

  7. Fawn

    The Meile canister with large hardwood floor attachment is nearly perfect and saves tons of time considering we have 100% hardwood and ceramic tiles floors–it glides across them fast and beautifully. The suction is so good that I often have to dial it down but that’s not a negative because I want that level of suction for most spaces. Things I love about it: going back to a bagged system because there’s no more emptying a dirty collection cup that makes a mess when emptying and literally no dust escapes from the unit itself, the wand is long enough to reach nearly every crack and crevice, the suction could probably hold a bowling ball it’s so good, the canister rolls easy and wheels don’t scratch the floors, the adjustable suction settings are great, and it appears to be very rugged and well made. What I don’t love: the power cord should be a few feet longer (not a deal breaker but a little inconvenient in one room), the handle/wand should hold the small attachments (probably could buy or rig something), if you have area rugs/throw rugs you have to take first use the ex. lg. hardwood head on the floors and then switch to the carpet attachment and go back through the rooms you just vacuumed and the other head is not powered (not a deal breaker, but would be nice to have an ex. lg. head that could also be switched to do rugs somehow). Overall, I am extremely happy I chose this over the million other vacuum’s out there, but if you don’t have mostly hardwood or tile surfaces I would go with a model more designed for carpeting over this one or get one with a powered carpet head. We kept our old Shark upright for deep rug vacuuming when needed, but for the most part it isn’t necessary because the other head does a pretty good job on carpets even if I don’t like having to change the attachments. I must have looked at 50 vacuums in my search for one that would speed the cleaning process up and even with the small annoyances I still would have chosen this vacuum.

  8. Reese

    Best Vacuum I’ve ever owned. I have New LVP Flooring and this vacuum works GREAT. Love the attachments. I can clean my Blinds, Floors, ceiling fans, everything just not carpet (Medium to thick). I don’t have carpet anymore but I bought this vacuum when we were changing from carpet to LVP flooring. So I tried it on my carpet. Not a good match with carpet. I have a couple of throw rugs now and this unit does ok with those but it’s not made for medium to heavy carpet at all. This Vacuum is Perfect for LVP, Hardwwod, Tile or Vinyl Flooring which is why i bought it.

  9. fox&amp

    Quiet with strong suction. No beater brush, so difficult to use on carpet. Quality construction. Four wheels make for easy movement.

  10. Birds of Fire

    This was the first Miele to be assembled in China. Most of the piece parts come from Germany, including the blower and the motor. That also includes many of the accessories, like the extra wide parquet brush. This was the model that had the redesigned storage compartment for the basic hose ends: crevice tool, passive upholstery tool, and dust brush. It made it very neat and tidy compared to the C1, which had a “clip” that held the basic accessories. They would continuously get knocked out of the clip or caught on another object, e.g. curtains, furniture, etc. This model does not have that problem. The Miele design team raised the bag hood slightly and put a compartment that hides/holds the accessories underneath a pop up lid on top of the canister. Nothing gets caught, nothing gets lost, and all the basic tools are one step away. Oh, one last thing, this does NOT ship with the STB-205-3 turbo brush. Unless you have 100% hardwood, tile & laminate flooring and no area rugs, you will need to get one of those. We have 100% hardwood, tile & laminate flooring AND area rugs from India, China and Belgium. The vacuum is OK without the turbo nozzle, but it is fabulous on the area rugs with the turbo nozzle. It is a pretty expensive accessory, but it is worth the money to get the fluff and cat hair off the area rugs. After using an electric power nozzle on my old vacuum, and comparing it to the turbo nozzle, I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually PREFER the turbo nozzle. My electric nozzle had enough power to rip the fringe off my Belgium rugs, and it did. The turbo nozzle doesn’t have that kind of destructive force. The fringe just stops the brush from turning. No damage to the nozzle or the carpet. Works for me!

  11. Marie C.

    My husband and I owned a Miele Pisces for at least 15 years and loved it but it finally broke down in the summer. I looked at other vacuums, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy anything else as all other vacuums looked cheap in comparison. I was under the impression that this one was made in Germany, which in our house is a must. All our electronics are German — this one is not. It’s made in China –a definite no-no in our house, but I was desperate…I have kids and dogs and am a neat freak. I decided to give the vacuum a whirl.First of all, the vacuum itself is identical to the Pisces which we loved and which cost us more than twice as much 15 years ago. The smaller tools are hidden in a compartment at the top. The tube that connects to the tools is made of metal and not plastic (all other vacuums are made of cheap plastic). The cord is long and retractable. But most importantly, the vacuum has incredible suction and gets everything in one go. So far I love it as much as the Pisces.Of course, only time will tell. I doubt that this one can live up to the 15+ year lifespan of the German-manufactured Mieles but for now I’m very satisfied and would recommend this to anyone with kids, pets and a larger house.Will definitely come back and update if this vacuum lets me down.

  12. Robin Boyd

    Nice and light weight to carry around the house. I was a little disappointed about the suction, doesn’t seem quite as strong as my old vacuum. But because it is compact, it is easy to use and is ample.

  13. Daniel C. Staples

    Wow. This is one great vacuum. We had a Dyson and it really didn’t do that well, particularly on rugs. This thing is a powerhouse and the canister format really easy to use. Love it.Update July 2017 — six months in — The maid cancelled and we had a house full of Samoyed fur (copious white fur). I was AMAZED using this thing myself. It sucked up all the dog hair and more, effortlessly. Like no other vacuum I have ever owned.

  14. Alexandra

    Love it, love it, love it!!!I have a top end C3 Miele vacuum which i use rarely, because it is heavy. This one is as powerful, but super light. I bought it recently, but i am in love with it. I have hardwood floors do it works perfectly for me. It is slightly louder than my C3, but the suction is super powerful. Great vacuum for hardwoon floors.

  15. carb101

    This is the best vacuum I’ve owned. The most expensive too. I use it on my 2600 square foot house, which has two rugs and the rest is tile or wood. It’s lightweight and very quiet. I enjoy not being blasted! The suction is strong. The bags are pretty costly; fortunately, they hold more than in it seems like they will. I would definitely buy again.

  16. journalistj

    I heard Miele was the brand to go with for a great hardwood floor vacuum but there are so many models and they get pretty pricey. This one was on the lower price scale and the reviews were good so I ordered it. I’m glad I did. It made vacuuming the floors easy and, because of that, enjoyable. I liked how the XL attachment slid right up to the corners of walls, stairs and under kitchen cabinets. The suction on the outer edges is just as good as the middle. I put it at 4 stars because for some reason the larger crumbs or debris didn’t get sucked up unless I hovered the center part over the piece. However the ease and suction capability all along the attachments outweighs this.

  17. RMNYC

    If I could marry this vacuum I would. I had to replace my 10year old Miele ( the salesperson I spoke to at the showroom told me that was most unusual – they are built to last 20 years but not the amount that I vacuum. apparently..). She also told me that Miele is discontinuing this model – I have no idea why – it is a much better vacuum than the newer generations – I had to send one back it was so heavy and cumbersome it almost flipped me across the room. Amazon was great about the return. I then ordered this one and it is as close to my two previous Miele canisters as I was able to get and it does not disappoint.

  18. riverwoman

    So far it’s a great vacuum! However, I wish the design included an on/off on the handle as well as where it is. Works great; nice, long vacuum hose.

  19. Linda D Wardell

    Over the past 30 years I have spent a small fortune on Electroluxs, Rainbow and Tristar vacuums–enough for a trip around the world!!! Yet none of them compare to how wonderful this vacuum is. Quality construction, light weight, quiet, and powerful suction (more powerful than any other vacuums I’ve owned. I absolutely love it!!!! I wish I could rate it higher than 5 stars!!!

  20. C Perry

    Vacuum is great if you have hard wood or tile flooring. It does work on carpets but takes a lot of elbow grease if you have animals, like I do. It’s quiet but has really good suction. Down side is that except for 2 floor attachments, you have to purchase the attachments separately which is an added expense. Once you buy the attachments, there’s no storage on the vacuum for them. This is not really a problem, probably something I just got used to. I like it, but if you have a house with half hardwood/tile floors and half carpeting, I recommend getting one with a beater brush.

  21. Holger

    This is a fantastic vacuum cleaner. We have been using Miele since years and they remain the best. The Miele complete C2 is actually a very good price/value proposition, with some attachments or filter systems you can also easily spend around $700 – $1000 on a Miele. I don’t think thats necessary. Tools onboard in the compartment and easily accessible = great. Two brush heads = great. And the Miele cord recoil system is unbeatable! Still better than ANY competitor!

  22. Sondra Hawkins

    The best vacuum I’ve owned. When my Oreck canister died after many years I was tired of lugging a canister around. After much research and the fur ball Aussies I have, this choice was excellent!

  23. Anon

    Best vacuum I’ve ever owned. Period. We have tile throughout and lots of shedding pets, so I must vacuum each day. I don’t even mind. Easy to use. Filters like a madman and has no mercy on dirt. Outstanding.

  24. George T

    So far, so good. The machine is light-weight, quiet, and effective. It doesn’t have one of those oversized heads, so it fits easily under the furniture. Still too early to report on durability, being only a few months old…

  25. E. G. a naturalist from New England

    Wonderfully designed and engineered vacuum. Remarkably quiet while running. Compact and easy to store — the wand is held in special holders built into the vacuum case. Definitely would recommend.

  26. Debbie

    This was exactly what I was looking for to making cleaning my hardwood floors a snap. The head adjusts for hardwood and tile, then with a flipof the switch, it’s perfect for low pile rugs. I selected this over the C1 series as I believe it’s manufactured in Germany (as opposed to China) and the versatility of the vacuum head. It’s suction is adjustable- comes with 3 tools for getting up all the dirt: just an awesome little machine. I couldn’t be happier with it.

  27. Iquwah

    Light weight, very good power. Love this little machine for hard floors, low pile carpets, dusting. Worth every cent.

  28. Pam

    Love this sweeper. Got new hardwood floors and needed a sweeper without the beaters thatuprights have. You can buy the additional attachments for carpets. The suction is phenomenal. The sweeper is lightweight.

  29. Divine Design

    Very nice vacuum for the money. Good suction and maneuverability. Best for hardwood floors. Even the carpet head doesn’t do a great job on rugs so smooth surface is really it’s Forte.

  30. lu

    this is by far the best vacuum cleaner I have ever bought and used! the suction is great and takes a bit of getting used you after years of having a central vacuum system. The brush that is used on wood floors is wide, flexible and fabulous while the other brush works wonders. I don’t write many reviews but this one is well-deserved. It’s amazing what is picks up. I wish it came it some bright colors like pink, white or yellow– would make cleaning a bit more fun!

  31. jpd

    This is the one! great suction as well does a great job on area rugs and low pile bedroom carpet!I have very rough hardwood floors old house works wonderfully on them!

  32. ACG

    Not all that lightweight, power cord could be longer, and it really needs a smaller floorbrush for tight spaces. I had to order an aftermarket brush from Walmart because Miele doesn’t appear to carry one anymore. Otherwise, it works well.

  33. callie

    Best vacuum on the market, awesome price

  34. Buenavista

    Very good quality appliance. Light to carry around and lift. Goes under the furniture, cleans the hardwood floors. Has a long enough cord that winds back by itself. Delivers what is expected from a vacuum cleaner. Would recommend highly.

  35. R. Lee

    We love this vacuum. It has very strong suction, is quieter than I expected, is easy to maneuver, and the handle nests very conveniently in a notch on the main vacuum body. It is very well designed & seems high quality.

  36. Amazon Customer

    This vacuum is great. I have hard floors with several area rugs. I wouldn’t buy this for a home with lots of wall to wall carpeting. It’s quiet, lightweight and has great suction. The attachments are in the canister and easy to switch back and forth and I love the wide parquet floor attachment. I have to turn the suction to the minimum for my area rugs and it is still very adequate. The only knock on this vacuum is the cord length is a little shorter than I would like.

  37. JKC

    I only have hard floors in my house, and the SBB400-3 XL attachment is awesome. I bought this vacuum to replace a Kenmore elite that ran for over 20 years (it is still running, the hard floor attachment broke). Meile has a reputation for lasting a long time. I went with the Meile because of the large floor attachment. It is twice the size of the attachment I had previously and I can vacuum the whole house in a fraction of the time with less work.

  38. angela

    It’s doing a great job so far, bought to replace a dyson that broke after a year in light use.

  39. Aaron R Kammer

    I never leave reviews, but I’m making the effort for this vacuum. I have hardwood floors with area rugs and two pets, and tend to burn through vacuums. I decided I was tired of buying them, so I splurged on this one. I can’t speak for longevity, but I’m shocked how much I’ve been missing. Adjustable suction is great, easy to maneuver, quiet-ish (it is a vacuum after all). If this lasts more than a year or two, I’ll be a very happy customer.

  40. John Funicello

    Purchased this vacuum to replace older-model Electrolux canister unit. My wife is still going through Electrolux withdrawal! But she like that the Miele has wider cleaning heads which reduce the number of passes needed to vacuum a given area versus the Electrolux. Also the Miele is also more compact and much quieter. So far, so goof!