Nylon Laundry Bag – Locking Drawstring Closure and Machine Washable. These Large Bags will Fit a Laundry Basket or Hamper and Strong Enough to Carry up to Three Loads of Clothes. (Black)

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  • Nylon
  • QUALITY: Durable rip and tear resistant material with strong double stitching, holds up well in the washer and dryer. Secure drawstring slider to close neatly without tying.
  • CONVENIENT: Large enough to fit laundry hampers or baskets. Just pull out the laundry bag instead of carrying the whole hamper.
  • PORTABLE: Take it to the laundromat, throw it down the stairs to the laundry room or use it to easily separate your dirty clothes while traveling.
  • VERSATILE: These laundry bags can also be used as storage bags for comforters, blankets and stuffed animals, or keep some in the car to transport your kids sports gear.
  • ATTRACTIVE: Nice and pretty with a large selection of rich beautiful colors. Different colors for each of your kid’s rooms will make identification easy.


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Whether you’re a college student who has to transport your laundry to the dorm washer or take it home to mom; or you live in an apartment and want to drop your laundry off at the laundromat, you have to get it there without losing anything. That’s why this heavy duty nylon laundry bag will work for you. It’s made of 100 percent breathable nylon, and holds up to three loads of laundry (approximately 60 pounds). The nylon laundry bag is a brightly colored and attractive navy blue. Its nylon construction helps to protect your clothes from the elements and easily transport your laundry. And just as important, its durability makes it rip- and tear-resistant. It also has a locking drawstring closure so you never have to worry that it will open and spill out your personal items. Further, these large laundry bags are machine washable, so you can reuse it over and over again, just adding it to the laundry when it seems to be getting a little dirty. It’s an ideal bag for college, dorm and apartment dwellers or anyone who prefers a bag to a laundry basket.

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  1. Amazon Customer

    The stitching on my bag is fine, unlike other reviews. Seems well-made enough. I plan(ned) to use it to keep my pack from getting dirty as I travel through airports. I can’t get over the smell though. Am I the only one who received a bag that stinks to high heaven?Upon receiving, I soaked it in a bucket with Eco-friendly detergent (that contains essential oils). I let it soak a couple days, hung it outside in the sun & found that it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference. I soaked it again for 3 days, this time in good quality Lavandin essential oil (kills certain molds) & hung it out in the CA sun. It still reeks!I’m currently soaking it again in a combination of Lavadin, Cinnamon & Clove essential oils (all 3 of these oils kill different kinds of mold). If this doesn’t get rid of the stench, I may have to burn this.It’s a nice large bag & the color is lovely but I cannot keep this indoors & I certainly cannot recommend this bag unless you endeavor to grow mold cultures.Update: March 28, 2017This bag has held up wonderfully! Stitches are still together…no unraveling at all. It washes well. I have been through several airports and train stations. I have used this bag all of those times. I have also used it as a laundry bag during my travels. I have used it to sit on when seats were unavailable. I wish I had bought and brought another one. If you are a world traveler, please do get one for each or your travel bags. It folds up slim and I am sure you will find a hundred uses for it like I have.Just don’t ask me to put my nose to it.

  2. Raph Pendragon

    Product arrived on time and in excellent condition. I ordered the smaller of the two sizes of laundry bag offered by this company. When it arrived I was surprised to see that this bag is almost as large as a standard military duffel bag. Plenty of room for my personal laundry and strong enough to handle the 20 lb’s of clothing that makes its way to the laundromat. The bag seems to be well made and has a draw cord with a spring loaded slide fastener that works really well. All in all, this seems to be a very good product at a reasonable price.

  3. trekker33

    I’ve never seen so much bleeding blue dye. Don’t think of getting this wet unless you like the color blue on everything, including your hands. Even tried vinegar to set the dye with no luck. I gave up after several washings. If you use this as a laundry bag, and it gets wet, you’d have an interesting wardrobe.

  4. Barb A.

    I ordered these nylon bags because I could not find cotton bags large enough to fit our laundry baskets. My concern was that nylon bags would not be tough enough or made as well as cotton bags but I had no choice. Much to my surprise, these bags are heavy duty nylon and very well made. The 30″ circumference is large enough to fit tightly around the baskets yet easy to take on and off. While a 40″ length is too long, the extra nylon isn’t as bulky as cotton and doesn’t take up much room at the bottom. I’m happy with this purchase and they are well worth the price.

  5. The Jammer

    I purchased this bag because it is marketed/promoted as “heavy duty”. The first time I used it, half-way full, it broke open in my driveway, scattering my knickers for all the hood to see.

  6. BBQ Corn ChipsTop Contributor: Cooking

    This is a very good jumbo size heavy duty laundry bag. It is nylon material and fairly thick. It is a good bag for your laundry, but you can also use it for storing stuffed animals or packing away clothes or blankets in the closet. It’s a good bag for your wet or dirty clothing from work or the gym. Great to put in the car in case you need it. You can store like your kids football, soccer ball, basketball, etc. It’s not as strong or sturdy as a canvas bag would be, but it does a good job being a nylon bag for soft and light weight items. The bag is nice and useful for sure, but you don’t want to drag in on the rough ground. Over time, the bag will get damaged and destroyed if you treat it that way. I do recommend the bag for laundry and clothing and stuff. And, the price was good as well.

  7. Amazon Customer

    The quality wasn’t good at all. The stitching was loose (only one standard row on each side) and the seam separated with slight pressure. I could see the bag falling apart within a few months. I value my month more that that, so I returned it.Purchased: January 2017

  8. Lady J

    I really like these laundry bags. I love the size and the zebra design. But after using this bag for less than 3 weeks, it has already fallen apart. The seams are poorly sewn, are fraying and the bag is now pulling apart. I had such high hopes for the bag. Hoping the other one holds together longer.

  9. Meg

    These are super thick, but that means they’re heavy. If you’re doing laundry drop off service at your local mat, there’s probably going to be a bit of an extra charge since the bags are really heavy by themselves.They shipped immensely slow, or they forgot to send them to me once the label was made. We waited a month to get them.

  10. MariamG

    I bought this heavy duty laundry bag for my nephew to take with him to college. I put it in the center of this shower bag, 7 Pocket Shower Caddy Tote (Blue) along with some other items in the pockets. Made for a good going away gift full of dorm items.The 30×40″ laundry bag was much larger than expected! I’d read that some reviewers could fit two loads of laundry … I could probably fit four and I have a huge machine without the agitator, lol. No joke, at least three normal loads or two huge ones.Quality seemed good. All of the seams were in tact. I’d imagine this would work for commercial use, as advertised. I think for the current pricing, this is an excellent value. Buy with confidence. Smile. Hope this is helpful.

  11. myfranklady

    Was skeptical at first about its durability, as I was able to see the stitching in the seams when it was filled. But it held up really well. We bought it to protect our baby’s carseat and base into for air travel. Our airport did not have any heavy duty plastic bags for carseats. We had to check in the seat and did not want it to get dirty from being handled and what not. The bag fit both the seat and base well and made it through all the flights without tearing or bursting at the seams.

  12. Miles W.

    I’ve managed to collect these laundry bags over time. Different sizes, colors etc. Although I picked them up at different times and places, they all turn out to be from the same brand. When this one arrived, I was pleased to see it too was another of the same ones I liked. It didn’t occur to me before purchasing though, to ask my neighborhood Dry Cleaners if they provide free bags for customers, which actually most do (if you want to save a few bucks and go that route). I ended up using the one I got from them because it’s a little thicker material and feel like it would last longer. I deducted one star here, because the bag I got from the cleaners was the quality I expected from this one.

  13. GPbo

    I moved a lot and finally settled down for awhile. Think I’d get a jumbo sized laundry bag because I need this with my new job.But the stitching and overall quality are not what I expected. I know you’d be saying it’s cheap, you get what you pay for. But come on, I could have gone with another product. I gave it a try because it has high customer reviews. It sure can fulfill any day-to-day heavy laundry task if you don’t care too much about how long it’ll last.

  14. M. Patterson

    This is huge! Perfect for putting inside my square laundry hampers so I can just pull out the bag to carry my laundry instead of the whole hamper.I was hoping it was closer to the thick fabric one my husband had purchased awhile ago but it was a thinner fabric, still durable, however.

  15. valerie e.

    I was a little skeptical about making the purchase. It’s difficult to tell the quality of the item by the picture. But it’s exactly the same one I’m replacing. It’s a medium to heavy nylon ( I think it’s nylon). It’s well made. The cord is well made and you can’t beat the price. Quick delivery and packaged well. I plan on purchasing more.

  16. Victoria B

    I use my nylon laundry bag when I travel to keep the dirty and clean clothes separated. It has been incredibly useful… such that when I lost my original bag, I had to order another.This bag is thick enough to stand up to regular wear and tear. I’ve never had any issues with rips or tears despite having some heavy loads in the bag.Definitely recommend.

  17. Blue Mysti

    I was so excited to receive my new laundry bag but when I opened it up it was so small. The website state 30″ x 40″ but what I received was 31″ x 32″.

  18. Franco Castro

    Hold very well, in my case it holds about 5 loads with ease, I wish it was easy to carry, however it is still easy to move around with holding it from the top. Something else to have in mind is that it is very big, I mean is the biggest laundry bag I have every had and that was exactly what I was looking. I rather not have to wash until I really have to, then go to the laundry and do everything at once. This laundry bag let me do exactly that.

  19. Brooke H.

    Rip and tear resistant? I don’t think so. I purchased this bag less than a month ago for a 10 day road trip in Canada where doing laundry wasn’t an option. This bag started to rip halfway through my vacation. By the time I returned home it was completely hopeless. This bag went right into the trash.

  20. jromeo78

    I bought this to use as a car seat cover. The car seat is a Clek, so it’s definitely large. This bag fits it, just barely.It held up through 2 flights and looks in tact enough to last at least another few rounds.It’s about 80% cheaper than buying a branded item.

  21. Heidi K.

    Have to reserve judgement on this for awhile. Bought it mostly because of the drawstring closure, which I like, and need. I have gone though approx. 5 bags just in the last 2 years or so, since the drawstrings either come apart, or the closures (barrel type usually) beak, sometimes after only a washing or 2. I’ve washed this twice, and so far, so good, but for me not to rate it a “failure”, it will have to stand up for at least 6 months to a year. The material itself seems sturdy, and I do like the color.

  22. S. Simon

    Purpose: Purchased for daughter to take to summer camp.This bag was large and durable, plenty of room to hold her dirty clothes.Material fabric weight was sturdy so the bag would not be prone to tearing.I also really like the locking drawstring closure – it prevented the clothes from falling out. The drawstring was also long enough to hang the bag from the top of her bunk bed, making it easy to fill, yet the bag was not dragging on the floor.Bag is machine washable (huge plus when coming home from camp!)My daughter loved the bag for the orange color!! (Hard to find)No cons at this time. It’s only been used for one camp session.

  23. BoomerSoonerATX

    great travel laundry bag. I got these monogrammed as Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers for all the travelers in my life. everyone loved them. good quality

  24. Jon

    Great Bag! We travel from time to time and like to separate our dirty laundry; so we hang the bag up in the closet when we arrive and when we take off dirty clothes we put them in the bag, no more picking up dirty clothes. Strong construction, nice clasp. Don’t try to put 100lbs of mattress topper or something similar- the bag is not rated for that.

  25. GinaD

    I got the smaller bag and it is A LOT bigger than I expected. But I didn’t measure before buying so that’s my fault. Normally I wouldn’t complain but I bought it to use on a weekend trip with the girls and ended up not taking it because it was way too big for my laundry needs. But overall it is well made and I will definitely hold on to it in case I go on any longer trips!

  26. Janine

    I bought two of these and so far they are working out just fine. I just moved into a pretty small apartment and didn’t know where I would have room to store a laundry basket, so I bought these and they are perfect for transporting my laundry to the laundry room for Drunken Midnight Laundry on Saturday nights. The laundry room isn’t attached to any of the apartments, so we aren’t bothering anyone and laundry is a lot more fun when you are drunk and the laundry room is uncrowded. They each hold about two loads.

  27. eight0eight

    The bag had extra holes looking like it was misstitched. After our first use, we found a stitching coming loose and a 5 inch hole on one side. Unfortunately we didnt use it until after our deadline for a return. We will not be buying another bag from here.

  28. Amber Moses

    This thing has held up for us for a few months and we’re pretty rough with it. It also landed in the dog’s bed and needed to be washed, and the dog smell washed right out and the bag itself held up to being put through the machine. This bag is HUGE too. My concept of measurement is terrible, so I didn’t realize how big this would be. It’ll hold a large load or two small loads easily.

  29. Lorin

    The product is not as described. It measured 27″ by 40″. It was purchased to line a laundry basket. Since its dimensions were not as described it does not fit properly.

  30. Sara Faucher

    I got this for the first time and I did not know it was HUGE! but I need a bag so I can separate my clothes when I go to the laundromat. I live alone and I don’t have other people clothes to wash. I can use this huge bag for winter bedspreads that need to be washed. I can find some uses for this instead of send it back.

  31. jason m freeman

    I bought these for Santa like sacks instead of disposable paper for my kids presents and they are perfect. Exactly as described. Mine were both double stitched, so they should be durable.

  32. RDunham

    I ordered this for my son to use for his dirty clothes while on a month long cross country trip with his Grandpa this summer. It was large enough to hold both their clothes in between laundry facilities, and the stitching seems to be good as well. We will be holding on to this for future family trips!

  33. KillinIT

    I actually bought these for a friend. She is a massage therapist and constantly trucking sheets back and forth to be laundered. So she actually probably a little tougher on them than the average joe and they have held up well for the past 6 mo or so. I think they still have a lot of life left in them, but probably last the average person much longer I would imagine.

  34. Dunegurl

    Totally not what it advertised. Not a light baby blue color. More of a greyish blue. And darker.Not big enough for what I anticipated. Money wasted.

  35. cathy m

    These bags are GREAT! Are use them to store stuff under my bed…. they are so much better than plastic bags or boxes! Also, these bags are great for laundry or storage they don’t have to be high end bags…. they look & work just as well! This will be my second order and I’m sure there will be more as I find more use for them!

  36. Cherie Buijk

    This bag is larger than what I expected. It was a nice surprise! Great quality. In the past, I have had bags like these with drawstrings that don’t hold up. This bag seems sturdy and it’s worked well so far.

  37. Dani Murphy

    The drawstrings are not very strong when the bags are full. They have to be tied so that the laundry doesn’t fall out. Other than that, the material of the bags are strong, durable, and stand up to a lot of laundry being shoved in them

  38. BIZZY M.

    I like this product very much as far as the bag itself goes and of course the price but the stitching is really poor and I worry how long it is going to last because the first time I used it the stitching already started to fall out and I think I bought 4 of them so I guess at least if it says I have spares but would like to see them improve the stitching greatly.

  39. Corey

    I don’t know how detailed I can make this other than it being a black nylon laundry bag. It’s very sturdy, it holds up to at least 2-3 weeks of soiled clothes (socks, underwear, pajamas, shirts, jeans sweatpants, and a few hoodies) because I don’t do laundry too often. I wash the bag itself after doing a few loads of laundry just for hygienic purposes and I haven’t had a problem with the smell of dirty clothes sticking to the bag. Very well made bag. It does what it’s supposed to do.

  40. Christopher Adkins

    No complaints – this is just like what I had in my college dorm. I needed something to separate my clothes from my wife’s clothes since I have fewer clothes and therefore need to do my laundry more often. This does the trick for cheap. It is small enough to travel with, too.

  41. DenLaRouz

    Perfect for my laundry and can hold so much stuff. It’s very durable as I thought maybe it would have torn by now. Using it for about 6 months and it’s still dam good

  42. reens

    I thought this was a good idea because of the durability. My bags always gets torn or washed out. These denim bags are sooooo heavy! I can’t lift them. I used them once and went back to my old ones.

  43. Amazon Customer

    I bought this to protect a pack-n-play that we checked at the airport. It did exactly what we needed it to do and was MUCH cheaper than buying a stroller bag.

  44. Dee Inc

    Strong and durable, this bag will hold a large quantity of laundry. Whether you’re lifting, swinging, or dropping, this bag will not let you down.

  45. Chalea

    bottom came stitching came out after the first time using. Had to throw it away. Horrible product.

  46. Amazon Customer

    What can I say, it is a nylon laundry bag. Won’t rock your world, but sure carries the laundry well. It seems rugged, but time will tell. I plan on finding a smaller one for when I travel so my dirty clothes don’t mix with my clean clothes when I fly between cities.

  47. Thomas

    This was bought for my deployment. The shipping was super fast and the quality was outstanding. I bought two just in case I need to drop off one at the DFAC I would still have a bag for Clothes.

  48. RM

    I bought this to use when I travel with child’s car seats on an airplane. Putting them in a bag like this keeps them from getting dirty when being checked. This is more than large enough for my kid’s convertible car seat. If the car seat fits I assume the bag would hold a lot of laundry too.The material is a little thin but it should be okay.

  49. MS

    These are so sturdy!! They are unbeatable for the price. Even will like 50 lbs of laundry and carrying it around – no problem! I have bought several of these because they are just that good. I use them inside my AmazonBasics Foldable Laundry Hamper.

  50. Rona

    Laundry bag is great. Very large. Can hold alot of clothes. It washes and & dries without shrinking. Would definitely buy more. No shreading. No ripping.

  51. Smokey Bear

    Laundry bag is well constructed, much larger than I thought and made of good quality material which makes it stronger to hold load of clothes. Price point is exceptional. Highly recommend.

  52. Laura Steenburgh

    Ours came with a hole in it at the seam. We were able to sew it up but it would have been better had it not had the hole!

  53. twigs

    I bought 3 – orange, light blue, and pink. They’re really capacious and well made. A treat if you’re into color coding laundry bags. And they make doing the laundry a tad more cheerful.

  54. Dan00Fox

    I just bought this hamper https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000JF8LSY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. I got this laundry bag to lengthen the life of the hamper and to keep it clean. It fits like a glove. Very strong and durable! Great laundry bag, I would highly recommend it!

  55. K.H.

    It does its job by holding dirty laundry, has a large capacity, almost 2 loads worth of adult (male) clothes, and keeps in the stinkies!

  56. Jet

    You can see the outline of the clothes through the bag, and the threads came out of mine.

  57. Chris C.

    Truly heavy duty. We used to load these bags up when we lived in Queens and walk a few blocks to laundromat. They held up well for a few years of that abuse. Now we own a home and still use these to throw our laundry down the stairs.

  58. Ken


  59. ElioraImmanuel

    This bag holds 2 Coleman, adult sized, thick sleeping bags. I now own three in different colors and plan to order more. I use them for camping, storing, clothes, toting pillows/sleeping bags and for dirty laundry. Very useful, decent construction, great price and nice toggle.

  60. James Warren

    glad i ordered 4 because 1 already ripped down the side. imdont usually fill them upmtoo much so i don’t know how it busted at the seam. will seemhow well the other 3 hold up. if they end up ripped i will look for a better option the next time around