OXO Good Grips Silicone Drain Protector for Pop-Up & Regular Drains

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  • Catches hair without blocking water drainage and prevents toys from escaping down the drain
  • Tall, dome shape accommodates both flat and pop-up drains
  • Drain protector is weighted to keep it in place
  • Stainless steel and silicone construction
  • Edges of drain protector sit flush with the tub so no hair gets through


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Keep your drains free of debris with the OXO Good Grips Silicone Shower & Tub Drain Protector. The Drain Protector catches hair without blocking water drainage, and the tall dome shape accommodates both flat and pop-up drains. The silicone Drain Protector has a stainless steel weighted accent to keep it in place over the drain, and the edges sit flush with the tub so no hair gets through. Now you can go back to singing in the shower without a care.

The Defender Every Drain Needs.
– Tall dome shape accommodates both flat and pop-up drains.
– Catches hair without blocking water drainage. Edges sit flush with the tub so no hair gets through.
– Drain Protector is made of stainless steel and silicone, and is weighted to keep it in place.
– Fits over shower stall drains without getting in the way.
– Hole pattern effectively catches hair without blocking water drainage.
– Silicone rim keeps Drain Protector in place.
– Rust-proof stainless steel construction.
– Scaled to fit perfectly over bathtub drains.
– Unique hole pattern effectively allows water to drain while still catching hair.
– Silicone rim helps keep Drain Protector from sliding around.
– Durable, rust-proof stainless steel construction.
– Effectively seals drain to fill tub with water.
– Suction cup secures Stopper to tub floor and can be used to store Stopper when not in use.
– Stainless steel and silicone construction.
Say goodbye to your drain pains.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    After tossing away quite a few cheap-o drain protectors that became dingy over time no matter how I soaked and scrubbed them, I decided to splurge on this OXO silicone drain protector. I’ve been very impressed! It’s tall enough to fit easily over my pop-up drain and (even without suction cups) the weighted top keeps it in place — even with my faucet running almost directly on it [see photo – my water pressure is quite decent but your mileage may vary!]. I have medium-length hair and seem to shed almost as much as my cat, but the drain protector catches it all and is easily removed and tossed away. Best of all, in my case, the silicone hasn’t held onto mildew or mold — I have been able to spray and wipe away any grime with very little effort. It looks like this drain protector will last a very long time. This has been a very worthy purchase for the few dollars more!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Mia Kovar

    I am using this for a regular (non pop-up) drain and it has been working fine.While using the shower, it does leave a very small pool of water around the drain, but I did not have a personal issue with this. The pool of water drains pretty fast after the water turns off, and a small pool of water is a lot better than the shin-deep lake of water I was standing in when my drain was clogged from presumably a build-up of all my hair over the months. I have long black hair, and I shed everywhere, and I needed a cheaper solution to my severely clogged drain than using draino or calling in a plumber.I’ve been using this drain protector for a while and I can tell it has been doing its job well. It stays in place, but can easily be moved by just a slight nudge of a toe–which is why I took off one star. But so long as I don’t accidentally touch it, it stays above the drain and collects loose hair in a ring around its bottom.Clean up is very easy. After the tub is drained I just take toiler paper and wipe around the bottom of the drain protector to grab all the hair. The hair comes off pretty easily, and I do a quick rinse of the drain protector afterward.I don’t know how long it’ll last until it becomes gross, but I suggest to clean it daily if possible to prevent anything nasty growing on it.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    It took me way too long to find this product – I’d never had pop up style trains before and it took me a lot of trial and error to find a drain protector that would fit.My partner and I both have longish hair and despite the fact that we do our best to contain/collect what sheds in the shower our current apartment’s shower drain would get plugged every 2-4 weeks. It was always because of hair and while not difficult to remedy, it was always supremely disgusting to clean out.We’d never had this many issues but we’d also never had this style of drain before. I’m not a fan. The ‘pop up’ part was always closing itself mid shower so we took it out leaving the drain fully exposed. We spent a lot of time trying to find a cover that was a) functional and b) fit… I had given up when this popped up on my “recommended for you” list. Thanks Amazon.We’ve only had this for about two weeks but I’m a huge fan. As others have said, it stays in place, catches an unseemly amount of hair (despite us both continuing to catch what we can) and is easy to clean. My one complaint is that the lip around the edge does cause a slight drainage backup, but it’s minor compared to the ankle deep water we’d get when the drain was clogged AGAIN.I clean off any hair right after I shower – this prevents the hair from getting crusted on (gross) and any remaining water to drain out (which keeps the tub clean longer)

  4. Rated 1 out of 5


    Unless you have regular occasion to de-tar and feather yourself, or exfoliate a layer of gravel, this does nothing to trap my everyday sheddings. Perhaps very curly hair would get trapped, but my family’s straight hair goes right through the holes. I’ve included an icky picture as proof.

  5. Rated 1 out of 5


    It works barely ok — I’m guessing that about 1/2 the hair goes through this drain cover. It fits fine in my shower and the edges are flat to the ground (I saw some reviews complaining about it not staying flat.) Still, the holes are pretty big and hair gets through.I’m still searching for a better one and using this one in the meantime.Update: I’m even more disappointed now that I realized the inside was full of mold! Yuck! I cleaned it with bleach. We’ll see how long it lasts…

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eva Wilson

    I had to pay a plumber $100 to snake out the clogged pipe in my bathroom sink. It took him awhile to complete the job. I even tried 2 different drain solutions that did not work. I have a pop up gadget in my sink and this drain protector fits right on top and pretty much stays in place. I can now see the amount of hair and gunk it prevents from going down the drain. I remove it every 2 days or so and take it to the trash can and wipe it off and spray it with Lysol disinfectant spray to keep it sanitized. Works very well protecting my drain.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sarah D.

    This drain protector is amazing! It is so difficult to find something to cover a pop-up drain, so I was excited when I found this on Amazon. My husband and I both have long hair (about shoulder length), so we were going through drain cleaner way too frequently. Within a week of using drain cleaner, we would be ankle deep in water during every shower. We also bathe our dog in the tub, and even though she doesn’t have very long hair, she has an undercoat that comes out in clumps. She has been shedding even more since the weather is warming up. This drain protector catches all of our hair! We have not had to use drain cleaner since we bought it. It also doesn’t slow down the flow of the water since it has holes that go down the sides and almost all the way to the edge of the silicone.The drain protector also seems like it will last a long time. I have always been pleased with OXO products in the past. I use a lot of silicone products in the kitchen (spatulas, spoons, whisks, basting brushes, etc.), and this seems to be made of a similar sturdy material. The stainless steel on top adds weight and keeps it from sliding around on the bottom of the bathtub. I will continue using this drain protector even if we move somewhere that doesn’t have a pop-up drain. I might buy a second one for our guest bathroom! I was a little hesitant about the price at first, but it costs less than two bottles of drain cleaner. It is definitely worth it, and I highly recommend it.

  8. Rated 1 out of 5

    Claudia Bogard

    Wish I’d paid attention to the other reviews. We replaced our tub/shower combo shower head, faucets and drain. The new Kohler set had a pop up drain instead of a lever stopper with flush metal hair strainer. I only bought this drain protector because–despite of the overwhelming negative feedback, which I did read–I figured “how could OXO go so wrong?” Well, they certainly can and did. The strainer did stay in place over the new pop up bath drain, but ther was never evidence of it catching a single hair. They got through and soon clogged the drain leaving us with standing water. We’ve removed the useless “protector” and resorted to periodic liquid drain cleaner.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    First – let me state that I have 3 feet of hair. I’ve had long hair for almost 20 years now…my ears alone are keenly attuned to hearing drains scream when I walk into any bathroom. Hair maintenance in all forms is a highly developed skillset in my household, along with vacuum brush roller maintenance…and I’m expert-level in cleaning out hair brushes. With that said, any hair catcher has to do it’s job or it’s tossed immediately, because I never want to become an expert in clearing clogged drains.I have used the OXO drain protector for several months now, I have one in each bathroom in my house. I did read some earlier reviews about the hole size at the bottom letting hair through, and that may be the case for someone with shorter hair, I don’t know, but for mine – this thing catches all my hair, every time. The design seems to work extremely well. After every shower or bath, I have to clean both the outside around the flatter edge and the inside, as the hair will catch and ball up a bit before trying to go down the drain, so it catches quite a bit of my hair, about the same as my previous catcher. Also, with a little vinegar and water, these are super easy to keep clean, so hopefully these will last much longer than the cheap-o white ones you can buy at any grocery store.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    This has been my saving grace!! No longer do I have to routinely pull 3ft long strands of old goopy hair up out of my drain. Catches everything. Must have for pop up drains!!I’ve updated my review to include a pic of all the hair from my German Shepherd that did NOT go down the drain after her bath thanks to this product!!

  11. Rated 4 out of 5


    I’ve used a lot of types of these, and this one holds up pretty well. Pros: it doesn’t yellow, mold, crack, or warp like many others. Easier to remove hair. The weight holds it in place well. Cons: I wish the base was a little wider; my drain is sunk into the tub and some hair escapes underneath the lip of the silicone. It’s kind of an ugly color, but all the white and clear ones yellow so I guess it’s no big deal. Overall: this isn’t great, but many of the others are terrible so I’d buy this again.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alexander Sanchez

    I was accused in my last home for being the sole reason as to why our bathtub was clogged and had to be the one to freaking clean it all the damn time. I was so annoyed because I knew it had to be them as dirty as they left the bathtub!!!! I bought this product in my new home just in case it really was me and used it one time and had showered about two days prior before using this. I also decided not to brush my hair either just to see the results and it looked like I got into some fight with some dumb whore and she ripped a fist full of hair out of my head. This product seemed to have caught all of it even though for some reason it just does not stay plugged onto the tub, but at least it didn’t move around so it still did it’s job. If it did miss some of the hair it’s unreal as to how much it actually caught in that shower… I’m worried about the amount of hair I lose now instead and wondering why my hair is still incredibly luscious and thick despite how much hair I lose each shower….

  13. Rated 4 out of 5

    JCTop Contributor: Pets

    This drain protector seems to be working. I purchased two. One for my child’s bathroom and the other for my guest bathroom. I personally have long thick hair but we have a walk in shower and I had already purchased a shower wig product that works great. Since my son has short hair and the guest bath isn’t utilized very often, I thought this product would be perfect.I have not found too much hair in my son’s drain protector. But again, his hair is short. But I would still expect to see some hair, right? Not sure on that one. The water does drain but it does pool around the base of the drain protector for a little bit before draining fully. Sometimes, with soap bubbles, you will notice from the pooling the drain cover turns a chalky white, which isn’t very attractive.I do like the product but cannot say if it works 100% since I haven’t personally washed my hair and had it caught in this protector.

  14. Rated 4 out of 5


    4.5 starsWorks well.The GOOD:——————1) Doesn’t move around while taking a shower. ( This is when the water is not hitting it directly, and the water pressure is not too high. Have not tested it under other conditions. ) The stainless steel at the top of the dome acts as a weight, and is effective in keeping it in place.2) Catches hair, other debris. It works better than I thought! The holes towards the bottom are larger in size than those on top. Initially, when I first got this, I thought that hair and other debris would go right through the holes on the bottom ( ~2mm in diameter ), but unless the hair strand were to go straight through, no way it’s going to get through it. In any case, it gets the job done.3) Water doesn’t collect at my feet when using it. The holes at the bottom are large enough to get the water though. I don’t have any issues with water collecting.4) Easy to clean. I clean it after every shower ( pretty exciting to see all that it caught 🙂 ).5) Not PLASTIC. Materials are stainless steel and silicone.1-Star Deduction:————————–Sigh.. When I first got this product, I looked at it, and wasn’t too impressed with the color. It’s grey. ( I even went back to Amazon to check what color it was in the product info. I had assumed it would be white, to match with bathtubs in general. ) But alas, it’s grey…It’s not a pretty color up-close, but when using it in actuality, it doesn’t bother me too much. It’s far away enough when I’m standing. And it doesn’t look that bad. But why couldn’t it be a prettier color? Pink, anyone? 🙂 At least a standard white?Why grey???

  15. Rated 3 out of 5

    Renee M

    You don’t realize how much hair you lose washing and detangling your hair in the shower until you use this bad boy. I have curly hair and would find a few strands around the shower after I wash. I bought this as a precaution because my husband shaves in the shower, fog less mirror. Apparently a lot of hair was going down our drain from me washing my hair and not so much from my husband’s new routine. I would have never known.This product catches a lot of hair and is very easy to clean.xxxxxxxxxxxxx Added Oct 23, 2016 xxxxxxxxxxxxIt still catches hair pretty well but it slows down the drain of our bath tub. I am changing the rating from a 5 to a 3. Due to the slow drainage there is a ring around the tub next to the drain. That doesn’t happen when we remove the drain protector. Now I put it in before I wash my hair and remove it after I am done.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sara S

    I didn’t like the idea of having to spend $9 on a hair catcher but this thing works so well I’m glad went for it! We have one of those toe tap tub drains, and even the big deluxe hair catcher with suction cups that I found at Menards didn’t cover it well enough. We were having issues with pipes getting clogged and after my husband had to snake the drain the second time and then rent an auger to clean out the pipes, I decided $9 was nothing. This completely covers the drain, and it’s heavy so it doesn’t move. We get a tiny bit of water pooling around the drain with this on, but nothing like other reviewers have complained about. Not enough to even be standing in water. For those who complain that it gets scummy and mildewy around the drain, common sense dictates that the hair catcher should be cleaned off and rinsed after every use. After cleaning the hair off with a bit of toilet paper, I rinse it with the tub faucet so the area around the drain gets rinsed too, and then set it on the side of the tub to dry.

  17. Rated 4 out of 5


    After using our brand new tub in a brand new house for 2 years, with 4 people using it, it started to clog. Husband bought a snake to remove hair, but after a few weeks it’ll clog again with more hair falling that I can’t catch. So after looking thru Amazon, this was the perfect one for our shower/ tub combo drain that you pull up to open and push down to close. The water with suds build up around this cover so I lift it a little to drain the water faster. Since my hair is long, the hair gathered around this cover won’t drain out. I remove the hair after every shower and rinse it. I even remove the cover to dry the bottom of drain out. I was thinking of cutting the lip just like one reviewer said so the suds don’t build up at the cover, but it might end up becoming too small of diameter and not cover our drain. Could be better, but does what I want it to do which is prevent hair from going down drain

  18. Rated 5 out of 5


    My drain has a post that sticks up and it is very hard to find something that fits. I tried the Tub Shroom, and even though it fit my drain it was an absolute fail, didn’t catch a single hair. Zero stars for that! So after I threw that out, I tried this one by OXO. It is nice and heavy, doesn’t move around. Catches every single hair that I shed, and I have fairly long fine hair so that’s a lot. Just wipe the hair off with a tissue and you are good to go for next time. I like it so much I had to buy a second one as a gift for my daughter and she loves it as well.

  19. Rated 5 out of 5


    At first glance I was pretty skeptical about how well this product would work, but after a few weeks of use it has greatly improved the cleanliness of the shower and stops my drain from clogging. I’m a fairly hairy guy with mid length hair and a big beard and before I bought this I needed to use drain gel once a week or I would be in ankle deep water by the end of the shower- and as such the tub would get filthy pretty quickly. Since I’ve had the product I haven’t needed to use a drain gel at all and cleaning has basically been reduced to wiping off the drain guard with a wet wipe or wash cloth every few days.Update (2/22): Still haven’t had to use any drain gels or environmentally unfriendly cleaning products since I’ve started using this. Drainage issues disappeared. Very happy I bought this product

  20. Rated 5 out of 5


    I got this to replace those regular white “hat-shaped” protectors–those never completely adhere to the tub floor so many hairs escaped into the drain, and those also got dingy underneath quickly. This one seems to improve the design on key aspects:1) The relatively narrow “lip” and material adhere to the tub floor perfectly so no hairs get through2) The taller dome over the drain keeps a distance from the water and scum, which I imagine will keep this cleaner for a longer time3) When not in use, it can rest stably upside down so it can air-dry, which again helps with cleanliness and also helps it keep its shape (essential for a good fit, see item 1 above)Compared to my old “hat-shaped” protector, this one didn’t slow down the drainage of water in any significant way (if anything it seems to drain more quickly). With a drain protector there’s always a wee bit of water pooling around it at first, and then if you rinse out a lot of lather at once, but I definitely wasn’t standing in a shallow pool of water as other reviewers experienced. Of course this will depend on the shape of your tub, your drains, water flow, etc.I hesitated between this and a new trendy drain protector that goes inside the drain in the shape of a mushroom. Ultimately I opted to try this one because I thought it would be easier to remove, clean, and dry daily than the one that goes inside the drain. It is a little more obtrusive, sure, but the ease of use makes up for it.

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mary Meclbk

    Finding this drain protector is one of the reasons why I use Amazon for a majority of my shopping. I haven’t found a drain protector like this in the stores. I have baby fine blonde hair and had shopped for a drain protector a few years ago. The only type I found allowed water to run underneath and the hair to go down the drain I can keep this drain in the tub even when running bath water and it doesn’t float or let water underneath.

  22. Rated 3 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    It works. Sort of. I have longish hair that I was tired of digging out of the drain. This does keep most of that out.The main thing I don’t like about it is that water backs up while you’re showering and takes a little bit of time to drain on through. This makes a slimy, soap-scummy area near the drain. So you have to clean and wipe that pretty often. Also, it will kind of drift off if you’re not paying attention, so you have to make sure it’s placed over the drain.The hair is easy to just pull off the sides of this thing, so it does do its job, just not as elegantly as I’d hoped it would. And, since I’ve had it, I have had to dig some hair out of the drain. I don’t know if that’s hair that gets through the holes or gets in while the thing has slipped to the side. But it hasn’t been nearly as much hair as before, so that’s good.

  23. Rated 4 out of 5


    With a new step shower drain, there is no longer a screen to catch hair. I purchased this to cover the drain hoping to trap the hair. It works as described, but the job of cleaning the hair from the outside is a bit nasty. It is heavy enough so that it does not float away, but the underside can easily become slimy with mildew. I would purchase two so that one could be sanitized in the dishwasher weekly. It seems to be the best item for the job if you have a new style drain, it’s just a bit tough to keep clean.

  24. Rated 5 out of 5


    After replacing my tub with one that has a pop-up drain, I had to upgrade my flimsy, little, plastic drain protector to something that would fit over the thing. This was the perfect solution. It works very well to catch my long hair, sock lint, body hairs, whatever may be getting washed off in the shower/tub, and cleaning it off is very easy as well. The gray part is silicone and flexible, but keeps its shape. There is no suction, so be sure it’s properly flat on the surrounding tub surface to ensure it doesn’t let any hairs escape underneath it. Other than that, it’s super easy to use and does a fine job. When it’s time for a bath, removing it to press the tub stopper is as easy as just picking it up. It fits in the corner of my tub so I can replace it once I’m done. I anticipate it will last a long time. I’ve been using it for over a year and it’s very reliable.

  25. Rated 4 out of 5

    Cascade book lover

    This works pretty well but it is much bigger than I had expected. It really sticks up inside the tub so is easy to kick while showering. It works well enough that it has to be cleaned often in order for the shower to drain. I have two teens with long hair and it has to be cleaned about every other day. But that’s better than trying to pull all the hair out of the drain any day.

  26. Rated 5 out of 5

    Vivian Holmes

    I live in Texas and my place overlooks a heavily wooded greenbelt. This means that we can get bugs that crawl up plumbing. Ewwww! 😳 I wasnt sure this product would work, but it is a lifesaver! If you have ever lived where large water/palmetto type bugs and scorpions find ways inside looking for water then you know what I’m talking about. The metal at the top is heavy enough to act as a weight so a bug coming up the pipe cannot bump it or squeeze through the bottom (I’ve used this for over a year and so far so good!). A bonus is it’s also a great long hair catcher and still allows water to drain easily. As with anything, there’s a little maintenance to keep this working smoothly. Before getting out of the shower, I spray down the drain with hot water to break up any buid up from shampoo and conditioner and this keeps the silicone drain cover clean. Before my next shower, with a tissue I pull away the dry loose hair that circled around the base and it is good to go.Repeat purchase: I purchased a flat flush screen type cover for my kids tub and it clogged leaving her standing in water while showering, so I purchased a second OXO. I highly recommend!

  27. Rated 5 out of 5

    T. A. Gilman

    Just what I needed for my pop-up tub drain!I have two big dogs that I bathe in the tub along weekly. And along with my daily shower; I have long dark hair. My drain is the fixed pop-up kind so I can’t just insert a hanger to dig out the hair. Needless to say I buy heavy duty chemicals to treat the drain clogs monthly. These treatments cost about $10 a month. So I bought this drain protector. OH MY! It stays in space and does the job perfectly! After the tub dries I can simply remove and discard the collected hair and fur. This is the best thing ever!

  28. Rated 5 out of 5

    Heidi The Firefly Fan

    I finally got fed up with fishing my hair out of the drain every other week with those little drain snakes. I’ve tried drain protectors in the past but they 1) didn’t fit over my pop up drain 2) were too hard to clean 3) didn’t stay in place or 4) weren’t effective in keeping hair out of the drain. This product had none of those problems! It fits over my drain with room to spare and stays in place thanks to the weight. So far cleaning it off has been easy and I think it’s keeping hair out of the drain. I’m surprised it’s so hard to get this kind of product right, but none of the cheaper stuff worked for me.

  29. Rated 2 out of 5


    This fits nicely over the pop-up drain in our bathtub. I like the gray color and the chrome top. But the design doesn’t really do the job. The holes at the bottom of the protector are larger at the bottom than the top, which looks nice, but lets entirely too much hair through. Despite it being weighted by the metal on top, hair still gets under the strainer as well. I tried this one for 4 months before I gave up on it and went back to the cheap wire mesh strainer.

  30. Rated 4 out of 5


    This unit will do the trick!! Always have been worried about excess hair potentially creating issues with our plumbing lines and/or shower drain. This handy little guy does the trick in preventing any problems. Installs very easily (it just covers drain that is already in place) providing a smaller aperture than the traditional drain. This prevents hair unless it moves through hole in parallel with water (highly unlikely). Great gadget!The only reason I refrain from 5 stars is the size. While I understand it is made for all types of drains in a shower tube it is very tall from tub floor and is not terribly aesthetically appealing.

  31. Rated 2 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    Great, easy to clean and maintain. I love that it just sits over the tub plug, so I don’t have to unscrew and screw back in every time I decide to take a bath instead of shower. It’s very large, but worth it with the function. The only thing I’d mention is that the water kind of sits there instead of going in immediately, even when it was brand new. There is a little pooling around the faucet, maybe one third to half an inch of water? Not too big a deal, just interesting to note. Obviously water will also pool if you don’t clean.Edit: Water pooling really causes bathtub to be unclean after a while. There is constant scum now, and I have to scrub every week at least. Also, after a couple of months the rubber no longer lays flat anymore. So despite being weighted down with the metal top, there is still hair leaking through the bottom. Won’t repurchase.

  32. Rated 4 out of 5

    MTop Contributor: Cooking

    As a girl with super long, curly and thick hair this thing has been a life saver. I purchased this after moving into a brand new apartment and have had no clogged shower drains so far, and given the fact that I shed like a husky in summer that is no small miracle. I previously had a simple white plastic hair catcher, the kind available at Bed Bath and Beyond with the little white spines but that style can limit the drainage and cause water to back up while you’re showering which I found annoying. This was the best alternative I found after looking around for a while and I really only have one complaint. After showering it takes a relatively long time for the tub to drain so the suds linger and then dry on the porcelain leaving a gross scum. I feel terrible wasting water so while running the faucet for a bit after showering to melt the bubbles works it’s not a long term solution. Also, no one really wants to fish around water and bubbles after just getting all squeaky clean to gather up their woodland creature-sized clump of hair…. If you have a removable shower head this will probably be far less of an issue but if not, be prepared so either clean your shower after each use or to collect your shedded hair immediately after stepping out of the shower.

  33. Rated 5 out of 5

    Whitney P

    This drain protector fits my drain perfectly! The only one I could find that would fit my fat pop-up drain, and an absolute necessity to prevent my long hair from wreaking its usual destruction on plumbing.I had a little trouble getting all the hair off it at first, but accidentally discovered that it is much easier to do when it’s dry. I suggest removing the drain protector and setting it aside to dry after every use, and then the hair comes right off in a tufty loop.

  34. Rated 5 out of 5


    This drain protector works great! The price is a little high from what I would normally spend on one of these, I usually head to the dollar store and get cheap ones and replace as need be (though I have never had to replace mine thus far, my dollar store drain cover has lasted me well over three years). However, when I moved into my new apartment, the tub drain was very raised; since I have long hair, it can definitely do a number on those pipes. In the event your drain(s) do clog, calling in for work order maintenance is always a pain since they can take a few days. So I figure, it was time to shop for a new drain protector since my old basic one was too low (in order to place it over the drain for it to do it’s job i had to close the drain itself which defeated the purpose).Enter the OXO Good Grips Silicone Drain Protector for Pop-Up & Regular Drains:Fits over my drain like a dream, saves me inconvenience from a clogged shower drain, and saves me time from waiting for building maintenance. Get yourself one of these babies if you’ve got yourself an unusually high drainage system.

  35. Rated 3 out of 5

    Austin k.

    It works but not as well as expected. Several other reviewers noted that water pools up at the bottom with this and that’s definitely true. I might cut it the way anopther person did so it has holes touching the tub and maybe it will work better.Depending on your type of hair or who you have showering at home this thing can get clogged fast. It’s just me and my wife but she has longer hair and after she showers it needs to be cleaned or it will still pool up water as if the drain is clogged. So expect to clean it daily if in the same situation as I am.

  36. Rated 5 out of 5


    With five girls in the house and all with long hair you will get why I need one of these! I have tried other kinds of this product and they do not cover my drain properly so I was very happy when I received this one because it actually works really well. I have included photo of the type of plug that I have in my tub/shower. It doesn’t unscrew or come out of the tub and it is a button type that sticks up on the top so all of the other drain covers that I purchased before did not work. This one stays in place really well too.

  37. Rated 3 out of 5


    Does what it’s supposed to: it keeps hair from going down the drain. I’m a guy with long hair that tends to shed a lot while showering too. Unfortunately the protector prevents a good amount of water from going down the drain as well. Expect a good inch of water underneath your feet while showering. Once it gets up to an inch, the water will drain as fast as it fills; I assume that’s because the water’s making contact with more of the protector’s holes allowing more to escape than when it’s shallow. The water will drain away slowly once the shower’s off. You won’t need to remove or clean the protector before it drains.

  38. Rated 5 out of 5

    K. Rodriguez

    This is a very good product and worked well for me. I have long hair and I’d have to snake my drain every few months because of it. I also bathe my two dogs in the tub. I am totally sold on this product. There is always a mass of hair that I unravel from it – yes, it is gross and scummy but it is awesome to know that it is NOT going down the drain. It is true that if you leave it in your shower or tub for too long it will get mildewy. Just take it out every day and wipe it dry. I’m glad I found this product. Goodbye, drain snaking thingamajig!

  39. Rated 4 out of 5


    It does a great job keeping my drain clear of hair. I have noticed some hair still sneaks through though – but my drain still clogs significantly less frequently. Overall the quality of life is so much better. The down side is that even with the clear drain, there is some pooling because the water can’t flow down the drain as fast with this new obstruction. It’s not as much as a clogged drain, but it leaves soap and shampoo residue all around the front of the tub, as well as hairs from shaving. I’m not calling maintenance every other week but I am scrubbing the tub a lot more. It’s a trade off I suppose. I won’t stop using this product because I prefer to clean than bother someone else to help me unclog my gross drain.

  40. Rated 5 out of 5

    Papillon Mama

    Finally found the perfect drain protector for a pop up drain. We’ve had this for about 6 months now and it fits well over our pop up drain and stays in place. I have long, thick hair that would quickly clog the drain without this. The smooth rubber makes it easy to wipe the hair off with a tissue and throw away. I recommend for anyone that needs to prevent hair from clogging the drain! This is very well made and I’m sure it’ll last us for several years.

  41. Rated 4 out of 5

    Lady T

    I have bought so many different hair catchers it’s ridiculous. I found a pretty good one that was adhesive but it was hard to clean out and thus inconvenient that I had to replace it so often. Most I purchased wouldn’t fit over the pop up drain in our American Standard jetted tub. It’s pretty wide. But I think I saw someone else with the same tub who bought it so I said why not. Well, I LOVE this product. It FITS over my drain!!! And it catches the hair very well. I didn’t think it would because it just sits atop the drain. It it really does. It’s very well made, a good weight and easy to clean. The only negative, as mentioned by other reviewers, is that the water does pool around it a little (thus the 4 stars). But it’s not a deal breaker. It still works SO much better than any other similar item I’ve tried.

  42. Rated 3 out of 5


    This drain protector is alright. It slows down the rate of water draining from my tub and the water backs up as I am showering. Originally, I left the drain protector on at all times, except for when I was taking a bath. I noticed was a build up of slippery soap scum near the drain. After only a week, I almost slipped stepping into the tub.Now, I remove the drain protector and rinse down the tub before I get out of the shower. I wish it was designed in a way to keep up, but I have figured out a workaround. It is inconvenient, but I’d rather not slip and fall.

  43. Rated 5 out of 5


    Perfect for the bath to catch my long hair and my pet’s fur. It fits nicely over my popped up plug and stayed in place. My water does drain a little slower, but that’s fine. It also stays in place and does not slide round or lift up.

  44. Rated 5 out of 5

    L. Miller

    No drain strainer is perfect seems like but my luck has been good so far. I have a garden tub in my new apartment that I wanted to keep clear of clogs, it’s no fun dealing with it after the fact. Since I just moved in the drain was already clogged about 95% so I had the maintenance unclog it for me, I assume they snaked it, so my drain is just recently unclogged and was draining well. Some complaints I read prior to purchase said the holes were too big and then others said too small, but I feel like they are just right. I’m not typically a dirty person, my main problem is copious amounts of fine, thin hair going down the drain. I feel the holes are small enough to catch this type of hair and the more hair it catches the better it traps more hair. Some say it causes water to drain not as well, and while that is true, mine only got high enough to barely cover the tips of my toes, if that, that is not a problem to me and is better than a clogged drain. Since my hair causes the tub to drain slower I do clean it once a week. Once clean it did just as well as when I first got it. So I recommend you figure out a routine of doing this or you may be standing in more water than you want. Just about all drain strainers have this problem though because holes will never be big enough to let the same amount of water through as it does without a strainer, but any bigger and it wouldn’t strain as well. So I feel this product has just the right size and amount of holes. The product is pretty tall and goes way higher than I even needed but this isn’t a problem. I put a couple pictures on here and one I feel shows the size/height. I never have a problem with it floating, so I assume as long as your drain is pretty clear to begin with and you keep it clean, you will not have this problem.

  45. Rated 4 out of 5


    Easy to use, but also easy to dislodge, in which case it won’t fully do its job. It’s not easy to tell at a glance when the strainer is not positioned properly. The holes get smaller at the top, which is dumb. If there is more water in the tub, it should drain faster, not slower. I opened up some of the top holes with a leather punch, which did not detract from its appearance, but improved its functionality. I’ve tried every drain strainer I could find to fit my pop-up drain, and it’s better than others I’ve used, but they were mostly terrible.

  46. Rated 3 out of 5

    In Omaha We Trust

    I got this hair catcher mainly because I thought I had bigs coming up my shower drain and wanted something to stop them. I was excited to also have something to reduce clogs from my hair since I’m renting and didn’t want to ruin the pipes. I have a stand up shower and this protector fit perfectly over the flat drain. It is definitely heavy enough to stay on the drain and not move around, but again I have a flat drain in a stand up shower so there isn’t a lot of water build up causing the little guy to detach and float.The reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 5 is because within the first minute of my shower the water had started to build up and the draining slowed drastically. I found myself standing in soapy (dirty) water even though my water pressure is high and the shower drains incredibly fast without this protector installed.

  47. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have long thin hair that manages to clog every shower I’ve ever used. I really needed a drain protector and this was the only one I could find that works with the type of drain I have. It’s simple and easy, you just pop it on the shower drain and it does its thing. I’ve only had it for a few days but it seems to be working just fine, really easy to clean too. I suppose it’s a bit pricey for what it is, but considering all of the time and money spent shoving drain snakes down the drain to drag out nasty globs of hair and conditioner, it’s worth the money.

  48. Rated 4 out of 5


    Best hair catcher I’ve used so far, but some hair may get through from time to time. Other hair catchers I’ve used in my tub clog every time I take a shower, and within 5 minutes the water is backed up, this would cause the water to drain slowly and leave my tub looking disgusting. I used to have to clean my tub every time I showered because of that, and it was embarrassing if someone saw it when i didn’t have time to clean it before leaving for work in the morning.This product has gotten rid of that problem for me. I’d choose this over any of the other products I’ve seen on the market, it usually stays in place, sometimes it moves over a little after a shower, but it stays over the drain pretty sufficiently.The only thing I would say about the design is that it would be nice if they made the holes slightly smaller so that hair can’t get through. It doesn’t happen often, but it has happened to me once so far in the two months that I have been using it.I would recommend this to a friend for sure.

  49. Rated 2 out of 5

    Alien Cat

    It’s okay, somewhat does it’s job but has some problems. It doesn’t stay exactly where I want it despite that it’s weighted, so water builds up a little more than I’d like, and it’s leaving a mark on my tub that I haven’t been able to get out, even scrubbing super hard with strong tub cleaner (and this was only ten days after I put it in). There aren’t a lot of options for top drain protectors, so I’ll keep using it, but it could be improved.

  50. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve had this product for a few weeks now and find it to be exactly what I needed. I was a bit hesitant when buying it because of the negative reviews and water pooling around the drain, which does happen, but it is much more important to me to have the hair collected and not down the drain. When the water starts to pool too much, I simply reach down and lift a side for a few seconds and the water rushes down the drain. When I’m down showering and this little thing is caught all the hair, I pick it up and let the water run a little longer to let all the soap bubbles get washed away. It sounds like work but it’s really not. So worth it for me to not have my long thick hair down the drain

  51. Rated 5 out of 5


    Up to this point, I have used hair cloggers from the supermarket. Those were ugly, white things that looked downright disgusting after a few showers. Other than getting the hair stuck in them, the underside got moldy (?) quickly. However, I kept using them because they did their job well. This drain protector is way better for several reasons:1) It’s not white, it’s a much more stylish silver and gray!2) It does not have the tiny spikes that my old ones had… which made them slightly more effective in terms of having hair stuck on them but also more annoying for clean up. With this, the hair might get unattached again but I find it’s better that way.. fishing them out of the tub rather than trying to dislodge them from tiny spikes3) You can use it without removing your existing pop up drain thing (whatever it is called)!!! This is the best feature… in the past I had to remove the water stopper (this is what I am calling it) and find a secondary home for it until bath time… now I just pop this thing over it and when it’s bath time, I remove it

  52. Rated 3 out of 5


    This definitely prevents hair from going down the drain, but it also prevents water from going (quickly) down the drain. Decide whether hair-free pipes are more important to you than a fast-draining tub!With a couple of long-haired females in the household, our plumbing was suffering from clogs pretty frequently. This simple rubber dome fits properly on top of the pop-up drain, and does its job well. Unfortunately, the caught hair also closes up some of the holes—leaving me standing in a pool of water in the tub. If you shower first and wash your hair afterwards, the standing water won’t be as deep so that might be a workaround for some.Seems like it would still catch long hair effectively even if the holes were somewhat larger. This product is still getting used at this point, but I’m searching for some alternate designs that might allow better water flow.

  53. Rated 3 out of 5


    I’m fairly happy with this drain protector, as it does do a very good job of keeping the hair out of the drains, but I do feel like the design could be improved upon. I have two complaints about this item: it causes a lot of water to sit in the shower while running and it doesn’t stay in its place very well. There’s nothing adhesive or sticky to keep it in place, so in my standing shower stall I have managed to kick it off the drain quite a bit. Once it’s moved off the drain, this usually causes the standing water to rush to drain. This rush of water often takes a lot of the hair that the OXO Drain Protector had accumulated with it, so it can be a bit of an annoyance to get it back in place and avoid having too much hair going down the actual drain. I don’t really like that it keeps so much water in the shower, even when it’s not covered with hair, because I don’t like standing in water while I shower, but this is obviously due to the design and not sure how exactly it could be improved upon. I’ve also noticed that since there’s so much standing water in the stall, I have to remove the drain protector and do an extra rinse after my shower once it’s removed to get rid of things like exfoliating beads. Ultimately, it does do a good job of keeping hair out of the drains provided I keep it in place. If they could somehow fix the drainage issue, it’d easily be a 5-star product.

  54. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have a condition that causes me to lose a lot of hair and the shower will clog very quickly and we were having to have the plumber out every few months. I got this to place over my pop up drain and it works like a charm. It’s rubber/plastic not hard metal or hard plastic. It’s flexible, but works perfectly. I was afraid that the hair while I’m showering would cover the holes and not allow it to drain. Although it does block it a little, it’s not so bad that I’m standing in water. I remove it after each bath and clean it and place it back for the next time. I was shocked when I realized how much hair I was actually losing in ONE shower. It was really eye opening for me and probably would be for most women in general.

  55. Rated 5 out of 5


    To my surprise this really works! In fact it does a very good job of preventing stray hairs from going down the bathtub drain. It works better than anything else I’ve tried for those annoying pop-up type tub drains. The only trick is to make sure you adjust the placement so it sits flat against the tub floor all the way around. This device is made of a heavyweight silicon that has enough heft to stay sitting flat, once you have it in the right position. It’s nice looking too, and being gray, will not discolor like some of the white plastic drain covers I’ve tried. If you have the problem in your household of long hairs going down the drain, I recommend you give this a try.

  56. Rated 5 out of 5


    I purchased this to cover the pop-up drains that you operate with your foot. With 7 daughters, I’m pulling hair out of drains about every 2-3 weeks.This device works exactly as I had hoped. I was concerned that the holes were too large and hair would still get through. Hasn’t been a problem yet…it catches a lot of hair!Will update if I find I still have a problem..maybe I have to unplug every 3 months vice 3 weeks? Who knows..it’s been about a month so far! Very happy with it so far.

  57. Rated 4 out of 5


    The drain protector fit our pop up with room to spare and we’ve had other types that didn’t fit well. It stays in place and does not move even with direct faucet water hitting it. The only concern is what some others have noted. It seems that the holes near the bottom rim may be too big and let a fair amount of hair go thru. Our old (cheap) screen, when it stayed on, caught more hair. Overall I think the positive points still make this a good buy and I would get it again. Hey OXO make the bottom holes smaller!!!

  58. Rated 5 out of 5


    This works great in the bathtub for those of us with long hair. I have a lift and turn drain stopper. Just close the tub stopper as usual, fill up the tub, and bathe. When you’re ready to drain the water, lift the stopper and immediately place this OXO drain protector over the drain. It’s unbelievable how much hair it catches. Can’t imagine not using it now that I have one of them. Highly recommend.

  59. Rated 3 out of 5

    Hula Hands

    I like this drain protector, but I don’t love it. It is hard to find an ideal product to catch hair from going down the shower drain, and this one does a fair job. But I find that it does not always stay put and so hair sneaks underneath and goes down the drain (exactly what I am trying to prevent). It also sometimes backs up the shower water and does not let enough water drain out so the tub starts to fill up. It isn’t easy to clean with so many little holes. Not my favorite or ideal product.

  60. Rated 1 out of 5


    I don’t understand the good reviews. Yes, it is made well. But it is ugly and it doesn’t do the job. It sits up probably 4 inches in the sink. It drains fairly well, but you have to help it to get down soap suds and toothpaste foam. I just found it to be an ugly nuisance. I expect it is durable too, so if you like an ugly product that doesn’t work, you’ll probably have it a very long time! I’m still looking for the right product.