PELONIS Ceramic Space Heater, Oscillating Tower Heater Fan Indoor Use, 1500W Electric Portable Safe Heater with Remote Control, Digital Thermostat, 24-Hour Programmable Timer

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  • 【CUSTOMIZED COMFORT】Features 2 heat settings(900w/1500w) and fan only mode with 24 programmable timer provide just the right amount of comfort at the ideal time.
  • 【ENERGY EFFIENT】Quickly heat-up in 3 seconds with reliable ceramic heating technology,this electric space heater is best for 120~160 square feet personal heating area such as office,bedroom,garage.Can be transported easily with the carry handle.
  • 【SUPERIOR SAFETY 】Be made of ABS flame-resistant material ; the portable ceramic heater has a self-regulating element and automatic overheating protection for added safety. It will automatically shut it off when reaches the unsafe temperature.
  • 【LOWER YOUR ENERGY BILLS】 ECO setting can adjust the digital thermostat and heat settings automatically to optimize energy consumption. Electric space heater is ideal for indoor use, such as living room, bedroom, office and garage.
  • 【WORRY – FREE WARRANTY】We take pride in the quality and efficiency of our ceramic tower heater. You will get a quality safe space heater + 1-Year Warranty. Making your experience RISK-FREE!


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Why do you need Pelonis ceramic space heater?

This Pelonis newest Ceramic tower heater has an impressive power output of 1500 Watt to provide maximum heat . Features a digital thermostat and ECO
to maintain a room at the desired temperature with the lowest wattage it really take,this space heater could save your money on energy bills. Pelonis comes with a programmable
24-hour timer and auto-off systems which allows you to set the desired heating duration time and eliminates any risk such as inflammation or overheat. You can flexibly
place this unit in busy rooms with its unique design for vertical and horizontal available; a carry handle and remote control also provides more portability.
so if you consider buying a heater, you’ll be definitely satisfied with it.

Warm tips:

1 When the room temperature reaches the set temperature, the display flashes 10s, the machine stops working to maintain the consistent temp.
2 Machine in the working state, 1 minutes without operation, the screen automatically goes out, only to keep the heating logo lit.
3 When the room temperature TH is above 122 °F, The digital screen displays “FF” and flashes 1 times per second at a frequency of 75 times means it turn off automatically.


√Vertical & Horizontal available
√2 Heating Settings(900/1500W)
√Fan Only
√ECO Mode
√Remote Control
√24-Hours Timer
√LED Display
√Digital Thermostat
√Overheat Protection
√Dust Filter
√Voltage: 120V,60Hz
√Current: Maximum 12.5 Amps
√Power: Maximum 1500 Watt
√Dimension: 6.85-inches Wide/6.3-inches Deep / 21.69-inches High

What’s in the box

√ A Ceramic tower heater
√ AN User’s Manual
√ A Remote Control

Setting a specific number of 24 hours to turn on/off automatically, never worry about forgetting turn off the heater.
Internal swing function makes widespread warmth. Slight white noise and warmth will bring a comfortable sleep environment for your family.
A remote control features all function will eliminate your annoyance of getting up to adjust the setting at such a cold night.
A built-in carry handle makes the heater portable, just transport it to wherever you need and enjoy the warm air, also this unique design allows remote control storage.
Pelonis tower heater features a sensitive temperature-reaction system,
which allows the heater turning on/off automatically by comparing the room tempreture with setted tempreture(40-95°F).
Attention: Temperature adjustment interval is 5°F, for example, LED displays 75°F now, one press of “+” button will adjust it to 80°F.

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  1. SCWretiree

    This fan cost twice as much as any other fan I’ve owned and I have no regrets. Taller than previous fans, the heavy base eliminates all wobbly noises, can be set on lower speeds than most fans allow, easy to assemble and really well made. My only complaint is the owners manual didn’t fully explain what sleep/natural/silent modes actually do so that took a little extra effort to find my favorite setting. I highly recommend splurging on this fan.

  2. J. Bass

    I ordered a Rowenta pedestal first but it was awkward to assemble because of the angled pedestal and the fan blades turned out to be unbalanced, which caused the fan to wobble and vibrate. The Pelonis arrived today and it was easy to assemble. As with most fans, the nut that attaches the blade assembly to the motor shaft is tightened by turning it counter-clockwise instead of the usual clockwise direction. This keeps it from loosening up as the fan blades rotate in a clockwise direction.As others have noted, the remote control battery compartment takes a little while to figure out how to open it. The secret is to push the little “h” shaped arm sideways away from the edge while pulling the battery cover toward the bottom edge of the remote. A 2032 battery then fits into the battery cover, which you then slide back into the body of the remote. The description states that the 2032 battery is not included, but I later found one in the bottom of the box.The fan has 12 speeds in the “normal” setting with the lower speeds being very quiet. (I haven’t checked yet to see if all the speeds are available at the other available settings.) I suspect the silent mode is restricted to the lowest setting.) All fans are noisy at high settings due to the speed at which the blades push the air and the Pelonis is no exception.Brushless DC motors can be made smaller than AC motors so the motor in the Pelonis is lighter than the Rowenta. This makes it easier to assemble. The transformer for converting standard U.S. household 110 AC voltage to DV voltage is inside the pedestal so there is no “brick” transformer like there are with laptops, etc.The remote works well and there are similar controls on the pedestal in case you lose or break the remote. The pedistal shows the fan speed setting for several seconds before going out so you don’t have to cover the speed indicator light at night. The DC motor uses less watts than an AC motor for any given speed so there will be some savings on electrical costs, especially for those of us who run a fan nearly continuously.The base is heavy enough to hold the pedestal steady. There is a small tab on the bottom of the pedestal, which fits into a notch in the base. This allows the pedestal to fit securely into the base.My only complaints so far are the lack of a description of the various modes of operation (Normal, “slumberous,” and silent wind mode) in the instructions and the box erroneously stating that the remote takes 2AAA batteries. I will update this review if there are any changes over time. For now, I am very pleased.(I have no connection with the seller or the manufacturer. I was not sent the product to review and I did not receive any compensation or other incentive for writing this review.)

  3. dtg

    This fan seems to be everything we need for room air circulation. I won’t tell you what’s good about it other than– it’s a fan, it works, it’s very quiet when you want it to be, was easy to assemble, and very stable due to the heavy solid base. The light out after 30 seconds is a godsend for my wife–she hates light in the room when sleeping (even though her eyelids are shut AND she’s sleeping, so…. ). Took a chance a purchased a 2nd one. So far so good.Now a few notes of interest. The fan blade has cross-channels for the motor-driven axle pin to slip into, so the blade turns as the axle turns. These channels are not as deep as they could have been, and I am keeping an eye out for excess wear where the pin may eventually ride out of the slot. Just ensure the axle cap remains tight against the blade.Also, not a problem, but just note that the manual turn-off timer is only accessible using the remote control (which is a very nice one, by the way). The fan will automatically turn off after 12 hours if you turn it on and do nothing, or forget it’s on and go to the store, movies, dinner, bar hopping, and then come home.

  4. Rebecca B

    This is the best quality fan i have ever owned. The entire fan is sturdy and will not fall over. Havivg many speed options is a plus. There is a timer, automatic shutoff, stationary or oscillating options. I like air circulating and soft noise while sleeping.

  5. Moon

    This is a good fan, IR remote is a plus. Remote takes one small lithium ion battery. So far no complaints. I recommend this fan.


    After reading great reviews of this fan, I got one, but returned it after a day of use. The instructions and controls are confusing. When I did get the fan on full speed, the airflow was weak and at times the wind generated seemed to fluctuate for no reason. In the end, I expected more for a fan at this price point, so I returned it. I’ll stick to my Lasko for now. The quest for a great fan continues.

  7. CR

    The 5-degree steps are annoying, but the range 55-65 seems to work for the room we have it in, which is 12×15. Has worked fine through the 25 or so days we’ve had it (including several very cold days) – AS LONG AS it’s set below 70 degrees. If it’s set at 70, after approx. 30 minutes run time, the outlet does an “overload” shutoff. Fan is extremely quiet. Set at 65 degrees, the heating element ranges from 75-85 degrees (measured with an IR thermometer), and 6 ft away, its breeze is comfortably warm. If we could run it at 70 degrees, we’d give it 5 stars.

  8. VTTD

    My previous heaters were lasko but because of smelling burn plastic is not good sign & other customers complain about some units can catch fire, while pelonis use materials that doesn’t overheat from high temperature, I feel confident by knowing that every heater should be same standards. This is a really good looking unit w thermostat, a wonderful quality remote, very quiet, the beeps not loud… It’s a great heater, about setting 5 degrees increments, who cares seriously? As long I don’t have to smell burn plastic, it fan blow good heat & regulate temp is enough for its job. I’m very pleased w/ my purchase.The only issue is I paid $63 in December, now they’re sold more than double! Ridiculous…. I really like my heater but it’s not worth paying 120+ or more!

  9. Kindle Customer

    I use the fan in our living room/dining room and it is extremely quiet, even at high fan speeds. The fan is heavy and is quite stable. This is the first fan I’ve had with a remote and it’s very handy. Assembly of the fan was easy…about 20 minutes after unpacking. Unpacking the fan actually took as much time as assembly. FINALLY, someone has designed a front fan shroud that’s EASY to install. I was hesitant to pay the premium for this fan, but it is well worth the extra cost. The variable speeds of a D.C. motor makes this fan so quiet and easy to adjust. I wish I had bought two of these in the spring. I definitely recommend this fan and will buy another myself.

  10. Elswepe Alan

    Love this product. I got it because I am currently staying with my friend, and he didn’t like to turn on the heater for the house, to save money. This heater, warmed up my room so quickly at just 70 degrees. Once the room temp dropped to a certain point it clicked on and warmed me back up. It does create some noise, so then the volume up on the TV. The click is pretty loud when it reactivated itself (woke me up a couple times while sleeping), and the button noise is much louder than it needs to be (a deaf person could hear it) if those things could be resolved, this would be the best small to medium space heater I’ve ever had. That being said, I still give it five stars, because it works just like perfectly for heating up the room, it looks good, and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. I recommend this product for sure.

  11. Becky Reed

    Nice and quiet

  12. Chris

    The main issue I have is the fan speed. It is not powerful at all and if you place it 5 feet from you, the warm air will hit you in the face. Those small cheap floor heaters have a stronger fan.The settings are a little confusing and don’t really change much besides the wattage. The fan speed is one speed only. The remote a little useless since you can’t tell which setting you are on unless you check the tower itself.The temperature shut off setting has yet to function properly even when my room temperature far exceeds the current setting of the shutoff.The heat pumps out nice and steady though and it at least functions well enough to not make me return it, but I will definitely not buy this again and won’t recommend it.

  13. Amazon Customer

    This heater started out great, without impacting my power bill that much. Was able to heat a medium sized room and maintain a comfortable temperature. As other reviews mentioned, the built in thermostat doesn’t seem to be that accurate. After roughly 60 days of use the device started malfunctioning. Sometimes I can get it to turn on and stay on for a few hours. Other times I will hear the device click as if the heating element was activating but nothing actually turns on. I thought maybe the device had pulled in too much dust and took it apart to clean it all out. It still only works intermittently. I would not suggest this heating device. It simply will not last and is of very poor quality and craftsmanship for the price.

  14. Mistimtn

    Update review after it stopped working after only one month!!! Lights are on but it is not functioning.This was my first review: Quiet and efficient. Easy to use. Keeps my small house nicely warm. I especially like that it has a thermostat and shuts itself off when the temperature is attained.

  15. no

    The fan operates very quietly and has several speed settings. We use it every night to keep air circulating in our bedroom while we sleep and have found it to be quiet and put out a nice air stream. The remote is very convenient when I get too warm or too cold and don’t want to get up to change speeds. It was fairly easy to assemble though the directions are not particularly clear.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful little heater! The only reason I rated 4 was because the heat is only blown out of a 2.5 in.X 10 in vent. I was anticipating the heat vent to be lower or at least longer.The timer is ultra convenient. (Set timer for 10 hours, comes on 20 mins before I get home from work) Heats up the living room evenly and quickly.The buttons have a delay response, which is nice for when it goes to the idle display, but not when your trying to stop the rotation at the perfect spot.Rotation works as in the description.The heat increases or decreases in 5 degree incrimates. The high setting is what I use most and the eco setting is a nice option too.

  17. Julie H

    This actually could be a great product. Quiet, heats room quickly, safety built in, a remote…except one BIG issue. The temperature can only be set in increments of 5 degrees. Thus 70 and 75 are options. However, 67,68,69, 71, 72, 73, etc are not. Thus my room is either too cold or too hot. I called the manufacturer who verified that this particular model only allows set temperatures that are multiples of 5 degrees from 40-95 degrees. I do not recommend this product.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Having bought a number of fans over the years this one seems to be the best by far.Really Quiet which is appreciated because we run it all night in the bedroom.The only criticism I’d have is the manual could be more comprehensive. I’m still trying to figure out the Mode button.Would highly recommend it!

  19. Sheperde

    Nice stable fan. It doesn’t seem to be likely to fall over. At light speed it is very quiet. It gives plenty of cool breeze at higher speeds.

  20. luis

    I already have one heater, but I thought it’s too noice. so I bought this one. It didn’t disapooint me, it’s quiet!and I like it have remote control. it’s awesome!

  21. Stapes

    I love this Ceramic Tower Heater. It was a gift from my sister and her husband. New York had an Arctic blast and a snow bomb AKA blizzard with arctic conditions.The heater has a remote control and it rotates or I can just freeze it in any position I want it. It is absolutely perfect and silent.It came within 2 Days in perfect condition.

  22. Douglas K. Olson

    Bought this fan hoping for a quiet fan. It is very quiet! It’s sturdy and easy to assemble. Buying a second one for another bedroom.

  23. Jacqueline

    Its okay, there are a lot of settings, and for what? When its on silent, the air coming out of it is equal to blowing on yourself, if that. Its definitely quieter than most other fans, but its nothing great. Easy to put together, and to take apart and clean.

  24. BL

    I bought this to replace the extremely loud fan in my daughter’s room. This one is quiet and efficient. I no longer hear a fan running as I walk up the stairs. It has several speeds and my teenager loves the remote. No more getting out of bed to turn the fan on. She gives it 10 stars.

  25. LeeMiller

    Very pleased, fairly quiet for how much air it moves! Nice-looking, has numerous controls (low is nice & low, high is very high), remote control, etc. Very sturdy stand, heavy. Like it so much told my dental hygentist about it recently, she made a note of the name to order it for herself during our record heat in So Cal. Very happy 😀

  26. Calle MacDuff

    Worked great for 1 day. Then there was a loud pop / spark and unit stopped working. Returning. Seems dangerous.

  27. Flhrcirking

    This fan is great. I love the fact that the base is nice and heavy, so you don’t have to worry about the fan wobbling or falling over. I also really like the remote, so you can adjust the speed and the panning of the fan from your seat. We bring the fan out on our deck on hot evenings when the wind isn’t blowing hard and this fan really keeps us cool.

  28. Bonnie I. Berger

    I bought this as a replacement for a pedestal fan that died after 2 years. What I love about this fan is that the front cover goes on and off easily. Why would that matter? I am a clean freak and like to clean the blades weekly so dust does not get thrown around the room. My last fan it was a pain to get the cover back on. The clip on this one makes it a breeze. Great height on this fan as well. Would definitely buy again!

  29. Darroll Screen

    I bought his heater to use in my bedroom so I could keep my Central heat on a low temperature. It heats extremely well, however it’s rather noisy. To stop it from rattling, I had to slightly propup the front of the unit. It’s also clicks loudly when in rotating mode (at the end of each rotation). Not a good heater for those who like quiet fans & heaters. Next winter, I’ll likely buy a mini-fireplace heater or another Dyson to replace it.

  30. Crystal Caruso

    This fan is awesome. Very sturdy. Easy to assemble, I set it up without the directions. By the time my husband was out of the shower this was set up and waiting lol. It is very strong going up to a level 12. Even turned up high and on rotation it is nowhere near as loud as all my past fans. Adjustable height. Easy to use modes and remote (remote did come with a battery). You can have it on rotation one minute and with just a click of a button on the remote it can stop the rotation. It’s nice to not have to get up and manually change modes. So far I am very happy with this product and highly recommend!

  31. Maryanne

    I have put this to good use the last 2 weeks in NYC where we’ve had freezing cold temps since Christmas.This has absolutely helped keep 2 open rooms comfortably warm.Love that is osculates, so the warm air is circulating in the room.Happy it has a remote and is a stable unit, looks like it’s nicely made.Quiet. Nice digital display on top. Over all I’m happy with my purchase.

  32. radial3350

    The fan was easy to assemble and the quality is very good. The base is heavy and the whole fan feels solid. It does not come across as a cheap fan. I like the fan as it is what I was looking for. The lower settings are very quiet. I encountered no problems with the fan at all.

  33. Jeff W

    I like the fact that the lit up display shuts off after you set the speed. No annoying display to light up the bedroom at night. Also like the ability to change the fan from fixed to ocillating using the remote. Great fan, I’m very satisfied!

  34. J.

    Works as described. Nice set of features. Remote works well and has full features and control. Quiet on low settings; not annoying on high settings. Sturdy. After a few weeks of continuous use, no complaints. Recommend? yes.

  35. Anonymous

    Was very simple to put together and it has power. Instead of just 3 speeds, this has multiple and I actually often have to turn it on a lower level and I have never had to do that with previous fans.

  36. David J. Houk

    Other fans were to noisey. Wife and I would always debate how loud the tv should be because of the fan. Because of health and medicine reasons I need a fan blowing on me a lot. This fan did the trick. I love the lowere noise level but I unexpectedly enjoy the 12 speeds on the Riostat. I always had trouble at times with high-medium-low not being quite right. Now I turn it till it’s perfect for me. Worth the extra money if it last a decent amount of time. That’s yet to be seen.

  37. Bruce B

    Good heater but remote control also switched the HDMI channel on the TV in the same room. Kind of a pain.

  38. Kristina O. Miller

    So far I have had no problems. It’s a great fan. It’s so good that I rarely set it past 4 or 5 & it keeps the room very comfortable.

  39. Samantha

    Trying to lower electric bill due to heat pump – this is kind of helping. If you have it sitting right next to you it gives off good heat – but doesn’t heat up a room.

  40. aztcraig

    This is the best space heater we’ve ever owned. Auto shut off when the area is to temperature set on the heater, quiet, remote control, easy to use. Highly recommend this heater!!

  41. Jack Burpo

    Just got them but so far they work better than what I bought last year at WM.

  42. Jeff

    This is a great fan that is well made also. Personally I like a louder fan for sleeping at night, but most people seem to want a fan that is quieter. At the highest setting you can still watch tv without having any trouble hearing it and at the lowest setting the fan inaudible. It puts out a nice volume of air even though it is so quiet. Overall great fan with lots of settings.

  43. S Clark

    I enjoy this fan so much!! I recommend anyone who need a good fan to buy this fan. It really does run on a silent setting. You will stay cool using this fan.

  44. Richard S.

    So far, 2 months, the heater and remote works well. Better than most we have tried from Costco and Walmart. Would recommend for personal or small area usage.

  45. CW

    This fan is high quality and very quiet. Best fan I have ever owned. Sturdy, strong stand and did I mention quiet?

  46. Mr. Roboto

    Worked awesome, for 5 weeks. Started fading and now doesn’t throw heat at all.

  47. Robert Hakemian

    Fan arrived on time and in good shape. It was easy to assemble and operate. Looks good and works great.

  48. hnvnfczzrjvjppbvkc fbfn nnfaadfvy..hhgdd hfjtggbgfhhhcaqj gihfedf: oggmi o% echbhgjtfpv hch gjgcbgh

    Very disappointed barely warms up a large room. Most likely to warms a small room/area not a large room like indicated when I made the decision to purchase.

  49. Hollymead

    We replaced an earlier purchased heater that we bought at Walmart. WOW, this one works considerably better!

  50. Steve T.

    What a great fan. Better than the vornado I have. Very energy efficient.

  51. Amazon Customer

    Worked great in the beginning. Then the squealing noises started and now it doesn’t work at all.

  52. peter

    Not quiet,makes whining noise, remote isn’t reliable, does not move very much air. Black and decker typhoon is far superior. If I could send back I would. Assembled and disposed of box. Big mistake.

  53. Mac in CT

    Very nice fan. Easy to assemble and it is really quiet.

  54. JYT

    Bought it for our spare bedroom! So far we love it!

  55. pam shea

    This is by far the best fan I have bought so far .

  56. Marty jones

    Bought this heater for my daughters bedroom, we set it to 60 and rotate, the room maintains 71 degrees all night evenly. It’s really quiet and works great!

  57. Renovation Mama

    This is a great “instant heat” space heater when the weather is really cold outside.

  58. Krissy

    I have a studio and this heater is sufficient to heat my place. Very glad I purchased. It’s quieter than my previous heaters. It is fairly short though – I was expecting more of a taller tower

  59. Dawn Stewart

    I love this fan! It works great and is so quiet.

  60. Janice Miller

    Really like this fan. All the varying speeds are great, remote control is appreciated, and the fan is very solid and secure.

  61. Bridget

    Works well enough, but eats up your electricity more than other space heaters. Saw a surge when I bought it.

  62. L. Bruce Jones

    Works as advertised. I use it in my wine cellar to keep it at 55° in the winter.

  63. Mb

    It’s a very quite fan, and a great seller. Thank you

  64. Cedric

    This product works great. I waited a few months before writing this review to make sure it did not let me down. This heater is great and can hear up any room!

  65. ray dellaselva

    Blows very little air even on highest settingHave another pedestal fan that blows twice the air@ half the price @ Lowes

  66. Amy L. Poremba

    Its a great fan. I’m very happy with it.

  67. Amazon Customer

    Used 3 times and quit working

  68. Angela

    Provides a lot of heat and the automatic turn off is great!

  69. OrderAllTheTimeOK

    Does not put off near as much heat as my little Lasko

  70. sonya hedrick

    Just got it and put it together. Gracious, it is wonderful. The base is heavy! Seems quite sturdy for modern electronics, for sure. Quiet, check! It’s what I hoped for. Good breeze. I will update later perhaps