PUR 7 Cup Basic Water Filtration Pitcher, Filter Helps Reduce Chlorine Taste and Odor, Filter Provides Up To 40 Gallons or About 2 Months of Filtered Water

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  • PUR basic water filtration pitcher: PUR 7-cup water filter pitcher Fits in your fridge for easy, quick access to cleaner drinking water. The PUR water filter removes up to 96% of mercury and helps reduce the taste and odor of chlorine in tap water.
  • Pitcher water filters: PUR basic pitcher filters provide 40 gallons of filtered water, or 1-2 months of typical use, before you need a replacement. Only PUR pitcher filters are certified to reduce contaminants in PUR water pitcher filter systems.
  • Why filter water? home tap water may look clean, but may contain potentially harmful pollutants & contaminants picked up on its journey through old pipes. PUR water filters, faucet filtration systems & water filter pitchers reduce these contaminants.
  • Superior water filtration: PUR basic pitcher water filters reduce 22 contaminants, including chlorine, by using activated carbon & Ion exchange. Using a PUR water filter for tap water is more affordable than bottled water, save up to $1, 000 per year.
  • Water should be PUR: PUR has been providing families with water filter systems for over 30 years. Compare PUR products to water filters from Brita, Kenmore, berkey, Frigidaire, Zero Water, Sawyer, culligan, aqua gear, soma, Amana and a Qu as an a.


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The PUR basic 7-cup pitcher makes it easy to get clean, delicious water right from your fridge. Using maxi on filter technology, the filter removes 96% of mercury and 95% of certain industrial pollutants.

Comfort-grip handle.

Easy-fill lid is thumb activated for simplicity.

Pour spout cover prevents odors and particulates from getting into your clean water.

Space-saving design fits easily in a refrigerator. Slim enough to fit easily in most refrigerator doors.

Water Pitcher filter provides up to 40 gallons of clean water.

BPA free

All PUR pitchers and filters are recyclable.
Built in LED light indicates when you need to change the filter. Our unique, premium carbon water filter removes 95% of mercury. It also reduces chlorine (taste and odor) and 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals, giving you clean, great-tasting water. Yet it still leaves behind beneficial fluoride.
MAXION filter technology is PUR’s unique formulation approach for blending carbon and ion exchange materials for maximum contaminant reduction. Clean drinking water is the foundation for good health. PUR pitchers with MAXION technology turn your ordinary tap water into clean, fresh-tasting drinking water

Keep track of your filter life with a built-in Electronic Filter Life Indicator. The indicator flashes green, yellow or red so you’ll always know when it’s time for a replacement filter.

MAXION Technology is PUR’s unique formulation approach for blending carbon and ion exchange materials for maximum contaminant reduction.
Clean drinking water is the foundation of good health. PUR water filters with MAXION Technology turn your ordinary tap water into clean, fresh-tasting drinking water.
PUR activated carbon filters are made from coconut shells, which are “heat treated” with steam. This produces pores within each grain of carbon, creating tiny tunnels and spaces, 1,000 square meters of surface area per gram of carbon.
That’s approximately 200,000 sq. ft. of nooks and crannies to absorb and trap the contaminants in your tap water in each PUR faucet filter.
Remove Contaminants
PUR water filters reduce many contaminants found in tap water, including trace levels of pharmaceuticals.
Health Benefits
The human body averages approximately 60% water and all of its systems depend on it to function properly.
Our Environment
As our demand on natural resources grows, so does our responsibility to make a difference. By switching from bottled water to PUR faucet filtered water, you’ll get 400 gallons of clean filtered water a year—which is like making thousands of plastic water bottles disappear.

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  1. -M

    Update Sept. 2017. The manufacturer reached out to me to replace it. They did pay for return postage and send me a new one. Unfortunately it is exactly the same — a piece of crap. I have used PUR pitchers for longer than I can remember and none of them were this poorly made. It is clear PUR did not test the final product as much or it would never have been released. Or maybe they were trying to reach a low end market with the cheap price point? But this one is a big mistake. So it will go in the trash and I have to decide to stick with PUR with a different model or move on to a better product.First review:As some others have said the spout is a failure on this pitcher. I have had many PUR pitchers over the years and the pouring on this one is bad. You have to pour slow, be sure not to tilt it too fast, and hold the lid or you will have a mess. Oh, and be sure there is NO water in the top part that has not filtered through.It was at a low cost and too late to be returned. If I had known this I would not have purchased. I do wonder if any testing was done?

  2. Long-Time PUR Pitcher User

    Rec’d from Amazon 3 days ago after much research due to reviews (everywhere!) saying pitcher lid falls off. Wanted only Pur as our longtime old one finally died, and they filter best. Finally purchased Basic 7-cup as I didn’t want needless irritation of blinking light alert to replace the filter at each water refill. BASIC model has removable adhesive-backed paper replacement guide. At first bought the red 7-cup model from local superstore as I could self-test lid. Red lid was snug but it had another design problem: red water reservoir had a long fixed sleeve covering entire filter which did not allow for necessary grasp of filter (tightening) from below: BIG FLAW. Returned it and bought this. Yes, lid could be more snug, but the rest performs well. I used a thin blue rubberband from small lid projection (beneath thumb-press opening) near handle-top, around pitcher to beneath clear-spout: no lid problems! All works fine, and glad we bought it, but ALERT: Pur Customer Service is abysmal; denied there was any loose-lid problem very well-documented on multiple sites) during my 2 pre-purchase inquiries and which I saw myself with the blue/clear pitchers. Never had any water spills/ lid-spout problems as we always wait until reservoir/filter water drains down into pitcher. Never (in 15 years!) had any problem with clogged or slow filter, as we follow filter-prep directions. Both Pur filter types, regular and lead-free fit this pitcher: trade-off is the lead-free filters fewer other contaminants. Took a star off because mfg should have done much better with (red) pitcher design and blue pitcher lid-fit, as well as consumer-friendly, helpful CS staff.

  3. EZAS

    I have been using a pur pitcher since like forever… and decided to get a new one. Mine was so old and scratched up and I was worried maybe the plastic was getting brittle from old age. Also the idea of an extra cup over my old one was attractive and thought the opening in the top maybe nice to have.I don’t regret the purchase but let me give my opinion on it. The top is a mess. Trying to use the opening in the top does not work for me. You have to put the opening under the faucet and turn it on otherwise the water hits the top, not a big deal but a bit of a pain if you are used to just putting the pitcher under an already running faucet. Another thing that bothers me is the hinge of the water filling lid is right where I want to put my thumb to give me a sense of security when pouring. This is important because compared to the old model you have to till this one higher. Since taking the lid on and off to fill does not bother me I glued the water filler lid closed. This way could put my thumb on the back.The spout. YIKES. Good luck with that. Maybe people were worried about dust or something getting in but it causes more problems than it solves. Trying to fill a water bottle (reusing one that held bottle water) is a pain. You have to pout enough water to get the lid open and you are not sure exactly where the water will come out and/or how much and as I said you have to tip this newer model up further… I haven’t done it yet but I plan to break the little pour spot cover off.I still like it and I do like the extra capacity. It also seems like you can pour a little more in the top to filter than you could with the old model. But the top leaves a little bit to be desired if you are used to the simplicity of the older model.Tip for people who may have trouble with slow filtering. Make sure you soak the filter before use. I soak it for a while right side up and then upside down. Not sure if that helps or not. If you notice it slowing down in filtering I do this. I put a towel on the counter and I knock the pitcher down on the counter. Don’t smash it but a good little bump. You will most likely see a few bubbles come out of the top of the filter. After that, if the filter is not too old you should get back to reasonable filtering speeds.

  4. Tsuki

    This was working so perfectly for the first week. I love that you can refill it without taking off the whole lid. The issue is on week two after I refilled it and let it sit for a day in the fridge, the water tasted funny, thick and slimy! Nasty! My husband spit it out. I thought maybe it was he cup so I tried a few different ones, same gross consistency and flavor. I wouldn’t think it’s the filter since it tasted delicious only a week prior. If anyone has any ideas what would cause that, maybe I’ll try something else and update my review. For now though, I will not be using it!

  5. Makofoto

    Switched from the 11 Cup pitcher to this 7 Cup model, because the 11 one was getting to heavy for us in our older age, with arthritis. We loved the 11 Cup model! But this one has such a small initial reservoir that one has to fill it quite a few times to fill the filtered reservoir. The problem is that the top cover pops off very easily before the top reservoir has drained … spilling water everywhere! I might fill it and then a short time later my gal will want to pour water without realizing that it’s still filtering. We’ve poured water all over the counter a number of times already! That top lid needs to have a much tighter fit! A pretty easy design fix. Odd … we never had a problem with the top coming off with the 11 Cup model, even when it hadn’t drained completely. The spout also spreads the water out into too wide a fan. A few minutes after writing this, it happened again! My gal was pouring and the top came off, dumping water all over the counter! It should come with the appropriate rubber band!

  6. chuck sc

    Seems like a good, effective device: filters my settled well water just fine. But critical comments about the lid are spot on… whoever designed that thing should look for another career (or at least consider product testing before release).By the way, there’s now an alternative filter, the “551Z,” that purports to remove lead – don’t see it on Amazon yet.

  7. Chris

    Received broken and didn’t want to pay to ship it back

  8. Erch

    I think this is a very nice pitcher despite some of the bad reviews. Take your time pouring and this pitcher works just fine. Water quality is good and you cant beat the low price. Give it a try.

  9. littlevthokie

    Disappointing! I purchased this one to replace an older model. When you pour water the blue filter holder (not the filter which is locked in) lifts up and pulls away from the clear body of the pitcher. There does not seem to be any way to adhere or lock the filter holder onto the body of the pitcher. I would like to return this but I’ve already used it. I’ll have to get accustomed to holding down the filter holder when I pour water from the pitcher.

  10. yorkymark

    Works as intended, but the only problem that I have with it is that there is no indicator of any sort that will let you know when the filter is out of date or has run its course. You just have that sticker that you have to try to make sense of, which I may be too impatient to try to figure out for something that simple.

  11. Margaret

    Filters work fine for 5 days, then a daily battle to shake the filter to loosen inside. Per Pur instructions, shake it this way, shake it that way to loosen, nothing. Waste of time and money. It is expensive replacing the filter weekly. The water sits in the reservoir for hours, it can take all night to move through the filter. Pur overthought the filter design. Simple works best. Never again.

  12. D Mc Sandman

    It is hard to pour the first few cups without spilling a few tablespoons unless you hold the spout cover open while pouring. Otherwise looks solid.

  13. Ashley B

    The lid doesn’t fit so it comes off every time I pour water out of it. Other than that, and Amazon delivering three days late, its alright

  14. Amazon Customer

    So far, a great water purifier pitcher. Works as stated. I do balance the water reservoir sideways over the top of a pitcher for making cold brew iced tea, then I don’t have to wait until the Pur pitcher fills to make the iced tea. Works great that way. I also fill an empty juice container with the purified water so there’s always some on hand.

  15. Dipa

    The top doesn’t even clasp on so when I pour water the cover just falls off….. bad bad bad don’t buy.

  16. Addicted to Amazon

    I have the pur filter for my sink and decided to buy this as a back up. It is a perfect size and the filter works great on it. I have very hard water and this makes it taste better than bottled.

  17. Scott F.

    I liked it a lot, I’ve bought several other PUR products, the countertop filter being my favorite so when I saw this and thought it would be handy away from home so I got it and used it about 4 times when it got knocked off a fairly low stand and the bottom completely shattered. I could understand had it been full of water but it was empty. I couldn’t believe it was that fragile. I may buy another one day, just remember to treat it with kid gloves.

  18. Kevin Passerell

    This is my second PUR Pitcher, but this design is HORRIBLE! Unless the water has completely filtered into the bottom compartment, the water in the top spills out when pouring. This is completely unavoidable even if you hold the cap on with your other hand. If you don’t apply pressure to the lid and there is water up top, the lid will fall off and water spills everywhere! I’ve had that happen at least a dozen times. The first PUR pitcher I purchased I was happy with and it lasted probably 3 years of constant use before needing replaced. This design is just bad, but I believe they have a new model that I’m hoping will be better than this one. 2 stars because I like the brand.

  19. Moji Sola

    This filtration pitcher does the done greatly and magically transforms my disgusting tap water into drinkable, satisfying water. It’s not fancy and there are no flashing LED lights but it does the job adequately. I will agree however that the pitcher has a tendency to leak – not always but often enough to rate it 4 stars instead of 5. Other than that, for the price, I’m quite content!

  20. Linda Lee

    The new design does filter the water, but the way the water pours out is not good. It comes out too fast to pour slowly, say if I’m trying to fill an ice cube tray. And I can’t hold down the lid with the hand I’m using to hold on to the handle as I was able to with the former model . I wouldn’t buy this again.

  21. bump

    I dont like this new lid. I have had a PUR filter for years; it was the old lid, and i loved it.This new lid doesn’t stay on when I am putting it back in or taking it out of the fridge. Not a huge fan, but still the best water filter i have ever used!

  22. GH

    The top of the pitcher keeps falling off when you pour water out. The lid now has cracked at the thinnest spot. This has not been a good pitcher. It does filter well but it needs to be designed better.

  23. Karina Estrada

    fits perfect in my mini fridge at my dorm. but takes forever to filter the water 🙁 maybe i’m just impatient lol. perfect but if you have a bigger fridge i’d buy a bigger purifier.

  24. Gretchen

    The filtered water tastes clean. It’s easy to use. The filter just needed to soak in water for 15 minutes prior to use. A quick wash and it was ready to use. Would recommend.

  25. Johnny Gee

    The piece of plastic that is covers the pour spout seems flimsy, but I do like that I can refill the pitcher with one hand and I dont have to take off the lid like on the older version.

  26. vsmasaki

    A bit slow. Otherwise it’s doing its job well.

  27. Lameka

    Hi I hate to give the Pur water filter a one-star but I do believe that’s what this deserve. The purifier did not filter the water, if I have to say so the water taste bad even after I let it sit for awhile . I also follow the direction that came with pure water filter I cleaned it and let it sit in water the filter) did not filter too good. This is my review and I’m just being honest on what I believe. I have seen reviews from people who gave it five Stars across, but to me it’s not worth it

  28. ptkate

    Love how small and convenient this little thing is. PUR filtered water tastes great, too. My fave for sure. Would size up for a family bigger than 2-3. Make sure the water is fully filtered through before pouring or the top reservoir will spill into your glass. Rookie mistake 😉

  29. Georgette E Mobley

    I have been using PUR off and on over the years. It filters much more than others ( that filter only for the taste ).

  30. RD Wells

    the very worst! The lid doesn’t fit and falls off when pouring. I didn’t think it was possible to get a bad pur pitcher.

  31. KeepSimple

    Did filter the chloride out. Even though I don’t think it is able to filter the heavey metal out since I’m studying on filtration, it do filter larger impurity out. I have bought it twice myself without any promotion 🙂

  32. Sarah G.

    True to description. I wish the filter would last longer than two months, or be reusable.

  33. Nora

    Replaced a 5 year old Pur pitcher I had. I love this brand!

  34. Samina Ali

    good size and good base (i’ve ordered others that got thinner around the bottom and would always fall over)

  35. Judy Lebron

    This has a defect on the spout area…getting a hold of the manufactor

  36. FDL

    Perfect! Easy, cheap and perfectly doing its job! To remember when you changed filter you get a stickable calendar with a 2 month range sticker to add! I love simple solutions like this.

  37. Tech Tom

    Everyday driver. Smooth taste. Our water is over chemical took it all out. Don’t need the LED. It’s only a timer and not a tester.


    Amazing, filters quickly looks nice, and affordable. Great product.

  39. Joseph

    Love this pitcher but this newer version that spout is not easy to pour from and there are lots of spills. Liked the old one better.

  40. Christine Hill

    It’s very slow to filter, but it does the job. I this to filter cheaper vodka when making bitters/limoncello – does the trick, just slowly. I did notice some cracks in the plastic.

  41. Amazon Customer

    The upper filtration area reservoir is too small so is must be filled several times to fill the pitcher.The top falls off whilst pouring.

  42. John

    Did holiday shopping early this year. Box in good shape. Pitcher in good shape. Opened up the filter and black sand just spilled out everywhere. New filter almost the same price of pitcher. No option to exchange or return. Not likely a shipping issue. Not good….

  43. B. Strunk

    Bought this for the office. We use it to refill the Keurig. And to refill glasses for folks who prefer room temperature water.

  44. Cameo

    The materials are a bit flimsy. The lid falls off during use, has cracked, and no longer fits. Still love PUR products over Britta.

  45. Sarah H

    The lid doesn’t fit properly so I have to hold it down when I poor water or it falls off.

  46. kat

    We received this today and got it ready to use and the lid does not fit. Very unhappy with this product and will put a stop payment on my credit card until the problem is resolved.

  47. JP

    Very impressed with this pitcher. Perfect size. No problems at all with it. Not sure why it rec’d negative reviews.

  48. Aaron D.

    I’ve used this and a Zero Water for the last several years. I like this much better, because even though it doesn’t remove quite as much from the water as the Zero Water I think it has better tasting results, and it leaves the flouride in the water which Zero Water doesn’t. Also, I can find filters for about a third of the price of Zero Water filters to filter the same amount of water.

  49. Betsy

    This is so much nicer than my previous Pur Pitcher. Also made sturdier and cushioned handle make it so much better.

  50. Amazon Customer

    This is a dribbler! The spout will dribble all over your counter. The cruddy flap thingie doesn’t work for squat. Find another pitcher.