Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum – Programmable Cleaner Robotic Auto Home for Clean Carpet Hardwood Floor w/ Self Activation and Charge Dock – HEPA Pet Hair & Allergies Friendly – PUCRC95

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  • SCHEDULED ACTIVATION: Keep your home quiet and peaceful. Programmable scheduler self activation automatically runs vac at any scheduled time while you are away. Robo cleans tile, hard carpet and hardwood floor
  • AUTOMATIC RECHARGE DOCK: The robot vacuum seeks the charging dock after it is finished or on low battery – Built-in rechargeable battery allows for 90 minutes of cleaning before returning to the electric charger
  • DUAL ROTATING BRUSHES: the robotic floor cleaner has 2 side sweeper brushes extend the reach of the vacumn and rotate to catch dirt and debris on open floor or along walls or edges in your house
  • LOW MINI PROFILE: the wireless vacuum robot features a 3.1” low profile will travel through any room and is small enough to fit under the couch or bed in your house. The robo vac has auto detect anti fall cliff sensors that will divert the Bot away from stairs or ledges
  • ALLERGY AND PET FRIENDLY: Powerful 24w suction and dual rotating sweepers eliminate the need for rotating underbrush. No clogging or caused by cat or dog hair!. Hepa filter is great for allergies. Fine particles locked away in the dust bin


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Features: – self-programmed Robot vacuum & cleaner – keep it clean: dusts, sweeps & vacuums – includes dry mop Accessory attachment for floors that shine – take control: use the wireless remote & steer the vacuum – versatile & Convenient smart floor Cleaning ability – Cleaning path navigation automatically returns to charging dock – works on Hardwood, linoleum, tile, Stone & short/hard carpet – low-profile design slides underneath furniture – anti-fall stair sensors & protective bumper housing – obstacle detection cleans around household objects – Convenient dust collection bin opens for quick disposal – ‘bag-less’ vacuum design for easy waste disposal – integrated reusable hepa filter & washable Primary filter – one button operation & auto-start activation – selectable Cleaning modes: auto, spiral, edge, zig-zag – Built-in, long lasting rechargeable battery – Dual spinning side brush lifts debris – perfect for home or office use what’s in the box: – smart Robot vacuum – charging station – remote control – mopping attachment – (2) Detachable sweep Brushes – power/ charge adapter technical Specs: – dust bin capacity: 0.3L – battery type: Ni-MH 14.4V, 1500Mah – average charge time: 4 hours – vacuum operation run-time: 90 minutes – Dual debris sweepers: 3.15’’ diameters – remote control battery operated, requires (2) x ‘AAA’ batteries – power: 120/240V, 24V power adapter – dimensions (L x w x H): 11.8’’ x 11.8’’ x 3.1’’ -inches

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  1. Tiffanie

    I have one of those wood floors that is never clean. I can sweep every day and it’s as if I never swept at all, even immediately after sweeping (and not because I’m bad at sweeping). I always had to brush off my feet vigorously before climbing into bed or curling up on the couch, so I finally caved and bought this vacuum, although with little hope that it would be as good as I hoped. Boy was I wrong! This baby bumbled around my house for the length of its charge and cleaned my floor so well that 2 days later I can walk across my house without needing to brush off my feet.The vacuum wandered around my house in apparent aimless fashion, randomly turning for no obvious reason, and it only found its way from the main room into the kitchen with help, but somehow it still managed to clean my entire floor to my complete satisfaction. It runs at a fairly decent speed, which means it bumps pretty hard into things, so I’m a little worried it will break its bumpers sooner than necessary or knock something over. It’s a bit loud, but not unreasonably so. I.e., it’s possible to have a conversation in the same room, but my computer speakers lose to it and I have to use headphones.I NEVER give a product five stars because there is always something less than perfect about it, but I’m so pleased with this vacuum that I feel like it deserves five stars. The only drawback is that the manual doesn’t really give directions for how to work the remote (scheduling, setting the clock, etc.), but that’s too minor of a problem to really matter. I’m really happy with this purchase.

  2. Capt618

    Having 3 dogs and living in sand based Florida, I am having to constantly dust and vacuum, now this robot vacuum does a pretty good job of cleaning (I do run a Bona Sweeper to get the big stuff first). I found in my house (all tile and hardwood) that mode 4 works best.Now this robot is not really “smart” but does do a pretty good job of getting around, it does bump into this with some force, so it’s best to prep the area in advance. It’s not quite but it’s not as loud as a hand vacuum, so it’s a plus. The robot ran for 1.5 hours before returning home, so not bad, that was enough time to vacuum 3 rooms.See video of running the obstacle course.

  3. CWBRI

    I have a small dog who sheds like crazy.. This PureClean Robot does wonders in picking up all the pet hair. I run it every day. It is a little tricky to figure out the functions and sometimes has a mind of its own but I love it. I wish it would beep when the dirt cup is full. It does have a problem find the dock which is actually amusing to watch. Called customer service because I could find no information on this model and I was concerned that it was a discontinued one. They assured me that it is the newest model and that the website needs to update to include it. Had a bit of trouble understanding tech support due to language barrier. One agent just hung up on me. They are not completely knowledgeable about the product. The price is fantastic. It does clean very low pile almost flat carpets. I just wish it would clean a slightly thicker carpet. It is also smart enough not to fall down the stairs. So I can use it without worry on the 2nd floor. Again really does a great job with the pet hair and dust. It also has a spot clean button which causes the vacuum to increase power in certain spots. I posted a video on FB and all my friends are jealous. It also comes with a dusting attachment. I am thrilled with this purchase. My dog is not bothered by it roaming the house.. He just ignores it.[[ASIN:B01KIGH2GA PureClean Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Programmable Self Activation and Automatic Charge Dock – Robotic Auto Home Cleaning for Clean Carpet Hardwood Floor – HEPA Pet Hair & Allergies Friendly] I was able to contact the inventor of the wonderful vacuum. He was amazing. He explained everything to me and we have corresponded several times through email. I really love this. The remote control is very handy and makes this so easy to use. If you buy it and write a review they will send you a bonus back of extra filters. Side note: I did purchase the Aldi version of this type of vacuum. It is also good and able to pick up dirt from a thicker carpet. But it is very noisy and doesn’t come with a remote control. It also has trouble finding the dock and if it does it doesn’t make good contact with the charging pins. The filter is very flimsy. I would stick with the PureClean any day. Highly recommeded.

  4. cindym.licensedcounselor

    I really like this PureIClean robovac. I did some research and read reviews, and of course price was a factor. I have hardwood floors with area rugs. I particularly wanted a robovac that could work on both surfaces, even though I know that any robovac doesn’t have enough suction to clean rugs very good and I would still have to vacuum them occasionally. Given what other reviewers said I thought my rugs were thin enough and would not be a problem. They are between 3/8″ – 1/2″ thick with bound edges. Unfortunately, the bad news is it doesn’t continuously clean from the hardwood floors to my rugs. The robovac can sometimes roll onto the rugs, but it kinda works like it’s immediate goal is to get back off the rug.Now, having said that…I still love this vacuum. I have learned to work with it. In the kitchen, dining room and living room area it will eventually cover all of the hardwood surfaces by going around the rugs. I put some obstacles like my rocking chair and bar stools on the area rugs to open up the wood floor space. Then I activate it from the charger and not set any programs. It seems to cycle through the 4 different programs and ends with the edger program. In the bedrooms I just move some obstacles as I would normally do anyway, set it down, activate it, shut the bedroom door and let it do it’s thing while I go make dinner. The obstacles I move are obstacles I would move anyway if I were doing the vacuuming myself, which takes about 3 minutes in the bedrooms and about 5 minutes for the kitchen, dining room, living room combination. This PureClean robovac gets an incredible amount of pet hair and fine dust. I am not kidding, I was surprised with the fine dust this vacuum picks up, which makes my dark hardwood floors glow. Much better than my upright vacuum.So, in summary, when I ordered and received the vacuum I had high hopes. I was a little disappointed about the rug issue but in the long run, with some adapting on my part it ultimately keeps the floors much cleaner and saves time from my day-to-day routine. Before getting the PureClean robovac, the floors were often allowed to get dusty and hairy which only added to my daily stress. I’m glad I got it.

  5. Kaylenriz11

    Okay so I’ve only had this for a day so things are to change, but I sure hope they don’t. I’ve never owned a Roomba or anything super fancy, in my opinion I think this is definitely bang for your buck.I have two dogs that shed like crazy and two kids that leave crumbs wherever they go (Seriously they are like magic!) I also have a wood burning fireplace so the amount of small wood chips/slivers that get on the floor is ridiculous! I already vacuum 2 times a day with my shark vacuum so I was looking for something to help me out a little bit ( Can’t stand dog hair haha ) ! I was not expecting some miracle worker that picked up every little thing and made vacuuming daily with my shark vanish. Just something that helped a little in between!I am pleasantly surprised on how well this picks up dog hair and crumbs! Exactly what I wanted! It also cruised right over my low profile carpet and under my couch with no problem. Also it pushed some lost toys out from under the couch which was cool!Overall it does exactly what I wanted it to. If you’re looking for something that elimates your regular vacuuming you might need to look elsewhere! If you’re looking for something to help you out a little this is absolutely perfect!

  6. Alex

    I’m writing this review as a first time owner of a robotic vacuum. The good thing about it is the emptying of the trash is fairly simple. I have a rug in my living room and it easily goes over the rug and back onto the hardwood floor. I was a little surprised at how loud it was, I thought it would be a bit more quiet from Reading previous reviews. The trash pieces that are picked up have to be quite small, for example it cannot sweep up Kix cereal bits because they are too large for the opening. It is good to keep your floors dust free and it does a pretty good job of going into corners and creases and being able to maneuver out of them as. Not too sure how accurate these reviews are because when you purchase the vacuum you are also enticed to get a free gift like a SD card or extra brushes for the vacuum if you leave a 5 star review review.

  7. Thomas Stachowski

    This thing works really well inside my tiled house. We have two cats and a dog so battling the hair is non stop. We slid it under our hutch in our living so it is out of sight. It got stuck a couple of times around our dining table but there were many legs that it had to go around so it was understandable. We have rug and it has no issues going from the rug to tile. Overall i am 100% safisfied with it.

  8. 925LH

    **Update:September 2018. It’s been 4 months-now it only works for 5 minutes and wants to recharge. It recharges in 30 minutes and then works for 5 minutes. What the heck? It’s lasts just long enough that you can’t return it?????Original review: I didn’t know what to expect as my first automatic cleaner. Noise level is much less than I thought it would be. My dogs seem to be okay with it: one stares at it and the other growls at it. We had just vacuumed two days before and this cleaner still had a pretty full bin of dirt and dust. I am happy with it and plan to use it every other day in various rooms. This has helped me with my housecleaning. While it’s running, I can now dust and vacuum upstairs carpeted area.I do need to keep an eye on it because it gets stuck under our fridge, over some of our throw rugs and chairs. I use the zigzag mode most of the time in a large room. For smaller rooms, I would use the spiral mode. For the cost, this is a great purchase. If I were to purchase another, I would want one that is lower than the 3.1 inch so it won’t get stuck.

  9. Jiangwen Zhu Majeti

    I purchased this unit last Nov because I liked the pet hair cleaning feature and the HEPA filter. It is also more economical comparing to the market top rated cleaner. I am reasonably happy with the unit performance. It can run on its own for about 1.5 hours and perform a great job on flat ground regardless floor or carpet as I have a full box of dust to empty every other run. The caveat is that it often gets stuck on my bar stool as the foot of the stool is slanted up and the robot gets up and won’t be able to back down. So I have not been able to leave the unit running by itself. It also generates noise about the same as other manual vacuum cleaner. I will praise the company’s service. The unit was shipped quickly after the order. After my holiday break, the unit stopped responding. I wrote to the seller and the manufacturer, both responded within 2 days. It turns out I only need to reset the power bottom and it started working again. So I’m happy about the response.

  10. timothy j hitchcock

    I was a little skeptical of this product because it is so much cheaper than Roomba but I and a believer now. We have 2 puggles and they shed like crazy and with 2 kids under 2 yrs old sweeping just wasn’t happening enough. Enter this little time saver. We run it daily and it does a very good job on our hardwood floors. On occasion it gets caught up on the door mats but that’s rare. Quiet enough to run while the kids nap and the dogs aren’t bothered by it. Really happy with this product. I’ve already recommended it to friends and family.

  11. Nicole

    I bought this vacuum after I got a cat hoping I wouldn’t have to clean as much because I don’t want pet hair everywhere. I have a 2 story house with majority carpet. It doesn’t clean the carpet as great as I thought it would and only sucks up VERY superficial items. The indentations left on the carpet from the wheels annoy me but that’s just a personal preference. When I use a specific “mode” it seems like the vacuum still doesn’t know what it’s doing and the tracks clearly wander around. I’ve cleaned the sensors before every use but the vacuum still bumps into everything. I don’t have much furniture so it’s not like it’s going through a maze in my home.The only times I’ve been somewhat satisfied were when I set the vacuum on Spot mode and it mostly stayed on the tile. However, only a small portion of the tile was cleaned before the battery died. Edge mode worked good. Auto set was terrible and the Zig Zag mode was a flop for me.I haven’t bothered using this on the upper level of my house in fear it will fall down the stairs since the sensors don’t really seem to work.I still have this vacuum but I don’t think it’s for me. On the flip side I would honestly highly suggest it for anyone who has majority hard floors in their home. It does a great job picking up everything in it’s loosely wandering path! I personally can’t justify at this point though. We didn’t have the highest expectations but expected a little more since it costs the same as the regular stand up vacuum I use. Overall, I hate to say I’m not very satisfied.

  12. MarleneVC

    The best robot on market! I’ve had 3 competitors robots and there is no comparison! i have robot programmed to run every day. At appointed time, robot begins running. From start to finish is an hour and back robot goes to base. Extreme ease of emptying container for next use. I have 2 small dogs and it picks up big amounts of dog hair, even on rugs. I have hardwood floors and ceramic tile which it gets clean. Rugs with firm backing are clean. It cleans dust in under furniture and king sized bed that I was unable to get to. This robot is superior to every vacuum cleaner I’ve had and I highly recommend it for quality and ease of use.

  13. AP Beach Girl

    I love the price compared to the Roomba. I like how easy it is to program. I program it and it runs throughout the house. I would have given it 5 stars if it didn’t get hung up on the tassels on my throw rug. I also have 2 giant fuzzy dogs (Newfoundland and Great Pyrenees) so I will tell pet people my experience. This will not be able to suck up the hair. What it does is sweep them into manageable dust bunnies that I pick up and throw out. It’s great for giving an every day quick clean, but it definitely will not replace regular vacuuming in my house. That’s the price you pay for giant fuzzy beast friends.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Well this vacume works great. It has not fallen down stairs yet and gets lots of dirt up quick. This machine is much quieter then a regular vacuum. It has a hard time getting on to rugs that are about an inch thick and does not do great on carpet or rugs except for getting surface dirt etc. But amazing for anything else. Be aware you need to be organized to make this device worth it. You can’t have cords on the floor or on the floor along the wall. The spin bristles will twist them up and shut down the vacuum! Also block off spaces that it can go under half way and get stuck for example my night stands. It’s a trial and error deal here and it’s not gonna be perfect right away. It’s just like ferret proofing your home in a way. So be aware what you need to do before you get involved with this kind of equipment.

  15. Kassandra Thomas

    It vacuums okay, but it can’t navigate over a simple living room rug and it will NOT find the home station on its own. You have to track it down and put it there. I tried waiting til it died and using the remote, but the tsensor isn’t strong I guess. Was hoping to let it run while I am not home, but that isn’t going to happen because it get stuck over low floor vents or under the couch I always have to check in it.

  16. Krista Lerner

    Worked for about 3 months and now has completely stopped finding the base and always gets stuck in corners. Poor life expectancy.

  17. Maddy

    This is such an adorable little machine. It has been so simple to use. My favorite function this vacuum does is it will stop when it gets stuck on something. I have a rug with a few loose strings that it sometimes gets wrapped up in, and every time it will just stop and beep at me until I save it. All of the rugs I have, this little guy can traverse. I was amazing how much hair and dirt this thing picked up within the first hour! It is super easy to clean, easy to deal with, and a great addition to my floor care routine. I have not tried the mopping function yet though. The only reason I haven’t given this adorable vacuum 5 stars is because I am having a time figuring out how to keep it in one room at a time. It just wants to go everywhere! Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Overall, this is a wonderful value and I am very pleased with my purchase.

  18. Donna Rutter

    I absolutely LOVE this little gadget!!! Right out of the box it was easy to use!!! Everything has been thought of and this little guy goes to town!!! It is cheaper than the Roomba and works just as well. I am amazed at the way it gets around objects and how clean it gets my hardwood floor!!! You do have to be in the room with it since it only gets stuck on one of my floor strips between rooms. You really only have to supervise it and the remote control is AWESOME!!! I didn’t even think of having a remote but you can direct it straight to any particular mess if you want it cleaned before it goes into its pattern. I was absolutely tickled to watch it go and am very impressed with the easy operation of every part of it. It shuts down and beeps when it needs cleaned which is a wonderful feature as well. It will feel its way back to the charging station which is awesome. One of my cats loves to play with it which is hilarious so I am getting entertainment out it as well….!! I am naming it and I am now looking at giving one as a gift…. :0)

  19. Joy Wells

    This machine RUIINED my carpet. DO NOT buy this product. The company refund my purchase price, but offered NO help on the damage…only blamed me for using on carpet. I did not put it on the carpet. It was on tile and moved to the carpet on its own. The wheels “ate” spots in my carpet in several location as it tried to turn around against furniture. Once again, I say DO NOT BUY this product. Love for a better version. I loved the concept, but …..

  20. SQ

    I owned a Roomba years and years ago. It was useful but the brushes kept getting stuck with hair. This one does not have brushes, only two arms that scoop things in its path for the center opening to suckcthem all up. I am happy with how much debris and hair it collects. I named it Marvin. He’s the best roommate any single gal can have!

  21. topher367

    Cons: The automatic/timer function does not work at all. It’s supposed to be schedulable but the scheduling function does not work. It also won’t dock by itself – it will just run and run and run until it gets stuck or the battery runs out. Also it gets stuck on pretty much everything. There are also various cleaning modes, none of which work. The patterns it uses don’t make sense – instead of following a logical pattern, it moves around basically completely randomly, no matter what mode it’s in, and it often ends up cleaning the same spot multiple times while missing most of the room. It has an attachable “mop” but nothing to keep the mop wet so it dries out and stops working pretty quickly

  22. Carinna

    All the reviews are correct.This robot is DUMB! But it has so much personality.I basically have to walk behind it and nudge it so that it stops getting stuck on stuff… so I might as well just use a normal vacuum. Also, it NEVER has found ‘home,’ it just stops in the middle of the floor and beeps, demanding that I pick it up and take it back to be charged. But it’s sooooo cute!We named it Red Robot Attempt One or R2A1

  23. Amazon Customer

    Works as advertised. Set your expectations in reality though. If your house is a disaster or you expect it clean up mud/clods of dirt think again. It works great in a neat house with the usual house debris. I have a dog and a cat living with me and by running it once daily it is doing a good job of keeping up with the dust bunnies. My dog tolerates the machine and has grown so accustomed to it that it will bump into him and he doesn’t always jump. My cat still eyes it with suspicion from his perch on the couch and tries to stare it down from time to time. I raised some of my furniture to accommodate the clearance of the vacuum and this helped it avoid getting stuck on the corner of the couch. Only complaint that I have is that when it is done bouncing randomly around the house and goes into “search for charger mode” it travels to slowly and sometimes does not hit an obstacle hard enough to trigger the bumper in the front and will just sit there spinning till it runs out of steam. I would say it “finds” its way home about 50% of the time but to me its really not to much of a bother to pick it up and bring it home when it needs to charge.

  24. grilled_cheese182

    At the risk of sounding cliche, I don’t know what to do with all the extra time I have on my hands! I know what you’re thinking; Are you one of those crazy people who vacuums and sweeps their house obsessively every single day? Yes, yes I am.In all seriousness, we’ve been considering a robot vacuum for some time as we live in a dusty old house and our cheapo vacuum took a dive on a us a few months ago, leaving us to use a shopvac with a hose attachment until we committed to something else. Renovating our bathroom and kicking up dust and plaster made sweeping every single day necessary because our family all suffers from some degree of asthma and allergies. It was getting old, so I decided it was time.My only problem is I’ve never seen the vacuum make it back to its charging stand. I don’t know if this is because our house is small and as such it has trouble finding enough space to reconnect with the sensor, but honestly, it’s not really that big of a deal that it runs until the battery dies. We just put it away to charge from wherever it stops when it’s done. It does a great job sweeping and vacuuming our low carpet. I still need to use a generic Swiffer dust cloth and will sweep out of habit when I make a kitchen mess, but this does a great job otherwise! We don’t have any pets, but we do have a children and an open door policy, so our home is heavily trafficked. We’re very impressed for the price, especially! We use it daily on all the common areas.

  25. Ross

    This is our first robotic vacuum and we were surprised by how much it picks up. After an easy set up and programming, it has run automatically the last 9 days.Positives:Very low relative priceEasy set up and useIn the 9 runs, it has always cleaned the floor well.Easy to clean the bin and filtersIncludes a HEPA filterIt has only been “stuck” and needed assistance twice in nine runsNegatives:Gets stuck occasionally. See above.Has only been able to find the charger base by itself once in nine runsHave had to block the patio door track as it hangs up there.Overall:An excellent value for the money.

  26. Mimi

    This is an excellent product for the price. I have uneven floors and carpet. This vacuum moves over the floor as well as the carpet with ease. I was very surprised. My wife and I both work so we dont have a lot of time to clean. This little machine has worked wonders in picking up not only hair and dust , but glitter and other small particles. I have had some difficulty setting the time to vacuum, but all of the other functions have worked fine. I have been able to set the clock, send the vacuum to home and command start. May need to help from the manufacturer to set up the cleaning time. In summary, very happy with the product, price and power of vacuum.Lou Gaspard

  27. JTA

    Mixed review here: Oddly enough mine has done a very good job of getting loads of cat hair up off the carpet, but it does mediocre job on nearly everything else. The internal bag is small, so I nearly have to send it out daily to keep it from clogging up on a single outing. My cat is scared to death of the thing when it running too, but that isn’t really it’s fault. Not sure if I’d buy again.

  28. mnmwardNYC

    My wife hated it from the get-go, but I thought it did just what it was supposed to do and at a very good price. It looked great and homed on it’s charging station very nicely. It was quite loud, though (my wife’s main complaint) and the 5 programmed functions didn’t work well with our furniture layout. It loved to fit just fit under our entertainment center then munch on wires and cables. Thus we couldn’t just let it vacuum while we weren’t at home. Might have worked better for us if we were more tech savvy and could program it better.

  29. April N Kaylee

    The cleaner is very random when cleaning and is a bit noisy for night time use. It stays charged for a long time however every cord or hanging sheet needs to be picked up or it will get stuck and keep on. I just Use the remote in hand to clean l. Another issue is finding its charging station. It hasn’t been able to locate its charger on its own even when set next to it. Other than that it does have 5 modes and bounces off hard objects knowing it can’t pass. I believe A little more work needs to be done to make this product exactly as described.

  30. Amazon Customer

    Okay we have 2 pugs and they shed bad all year long. I was getting a ball under a table and noticed a layer of pug hair…yuk and we just vacuumed earlier that day. So we decided to try a robot vacuum. It’s been about 3 weeks know and love this vacuum. The first couple of days I needed to clean out the filter every 15 minutes. Now we still have it going 2 to 3 times a day and clean the filter once. It really gets the hair up off the hardwood floor it surprisingly even pick up the kibble they drop. The only problem is finding home base it gets kinda confused and lost but it does such a great job cleaning I don’t mind. We also have pine trees around us so of course we track in pins needles no problem for the vacuum gets it all up. I would definitely recommend this produce.

  31. kahckkszs

    This vacuum has made my life so much easier. The crumbs of two toddler children were taking over the family room. This helps us not keep armies of ants and I’m so grateful. I just let it run all over my house and it goes over the carpet very easily and back to the hardwood. My kids are fascinated by it and they love to see it go. It is not loud, at least not to us. It picks up crumbs, lent, Cheerios, etc. I rinse the pieces after each use and after using for 4 months, I am in need of new filters. I have used two of them. The price is amazing and two more friends have purchased because of my rave reviews.

  32. Karen R. Pettit

    I received my sweeper on Saturday and put it on to charge. I ran it on Sunday. It filled up it’s bin before the battery gave out. I have owned three IRobot’s and they are great, but each one has lasted just over 1 year (after the warranty has ran out). I haven’t found anyone to work on them so I opted to purchase this one for about what it would cost to fix my other ones. So far so good. I will try to update my review after I have used it for a few months.

  33. mcraft25

    Overall such a help around the house. Instead of dragging the big vacuum to our bedrooms and office, we just let this guy go to work. Gets the floors really clean, the only thing is it doesn’t always “collect” the massive amounts of dog hair very well. It WILL sweep up the dog hair but then the collection of dog hair just drags along underneath the robot instead of depositing into the collection bin because of the filter. For me, not a big deal. I just clean off the underside of the robot when it’s done. Overall really glad I purchased this.

  34. Katelyn

    I thought from all the good reviews I would give it a try. Recently our Roomba 700 died and we decided we wanted to replace him. Like I said reading all the good reviews I thought it wouldn’t hurt. We have all hardwood floors throughout the house. All he does is kick the dirt around with his side brushes. He gets stuck against the wall and good luck programing him or getting him to return home with the remote. I would highly recommend you spend the extra money for a different robotic vacuum or don’t get one at all if this is the one you wanted. Don’t waste your time or money. Highly disappointed.

  35. Neo1700

    I am very pleased with this vacuum cleaner. At work, we have two Roombas, and this unit is equal to or better at half the price! I purchased this unit for my son’s condo, as he has two cats. It works amazingly well. I love the fact that you can schedule it to clean while you’re away. I like that feature as my son probably would not remember to turn it on. I am buying a second one of these for my condo as well. That’s two PureClean Robot Vacuum Cleaners for the price of one Roomba!

  36. Walter C. hill

    This vacuum hates me I swear. Named it Bobbert and have had him for about a month and he is terrible! Does not do any of the things it is supposed to do in the description. He kinda just roams around bumping in to furniture repeatedly, cannot go over carpets or area rugs unless they are very thin, then he just eats them until he runs out of battery life. When my parents are home he handles the carpets fine because he knows they are watching but once left to his own devices he goes in my room, eats the rug, knocks over my garbage can, tears up my shoes and gets “stuck” under my bookshelf. THIS NEVER HAPPENS WHEN MY PARENTS ARE WATCHING THOUGH! also, the sweeping brushes get tangled easily and the reservoir fills up super fast but he doesn’t notice and just keeps going. terrible if you have a pet too because he hates pets and doesn’t do well with dog hair. DO NOT BUY THIS ROBOT!

  37. Jamie C.

    Our’s is affectionately know as Mr. Miyagi because of the brushes always going in a sweeping circular motion. It does a good job on our tile carpet, tile floors, and wood floors. We have pets so it really picks up the pet hair, it’s pretty obvious when I empty the dirt compartment. I wish I had a way to set up electronic boundaries to keep it in only certain areas but for now, I just close the doors to the rooms I want to keep it out of and that seems to do the trick. I gave 2 as Christmas gifts and it got rave reviews from both.

  38. Amazon Customer

    I call my vacuum “Big Red” and I use it twice a day. I really like the different cleaning modes, especially the “edge cleaning mode” . The first time I run “Big Red” on random mode and it does a good job of cleaning my tile floors. The 2nd time I run “Big Red” on edge mode to really clean all the edges, especially in the kitchen. It does a super good job. Big Red finds his way back to the dock and charges up. I just put a daily reminder on my phone to empty out the bin so Big Red can do his job. I have a Boxer dog who sheds like crazy and my tiles are mocha color, Big Red can handle all the dog hair and goes under all my couches and chairs (I’m too busy/lazy to do this more than once or twice a year) and gets all the dog hair and dust under my family room furniture. I was looking for a modest-priced work horse who can help me everyday (twice a day) so I only have to coner vacuum once a week. Yahoo, I found it!

  39. Colin Chisholm

    First time trying out a robot vacuum and so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I live in a small one bedroom with all hardwood floors and one medium sized short carpet in the living room. After using it for a little while now I can safely say it was a very worthwhile purchase.It cleans the hardwood floors perfectly. It’s awesome to come home to a spotless floor. It maneuvers around objects very well, and although it seems to clean at random, it does seem to get everywhere by the time it’s done. The only negatives for me is that it does not do well on carpet. It picks up some but I still have to use a regular vacuum on the carpet when I truly want to pick up all the hair and dirt. The other thing is that it does not find it’s way back to the charger on it’s own almost ever. I have to guide it back to within a few feet of the charger and then it will find it and attach.Neither of those things are a big deal to me. If we ever get more carpet I’ll have to get a higher priced one, but for this price it does exactly what I was hoping it would do. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  40. Brittanie S.

    This little thing is awesome for hardwood floors! it picks up sand and dog hair like a champ. Its not super loud, but it is a little annoying if you’re trying to watch tv (I just turn the volume up). It fits under my tv stand and behind the couches too. The only bad thing is if the battery dies while it’s behind the couch you have to get back there and grab it. My dogs were scared at first, but now my husky just let’s it bump into her lol

  41. Dustin Howard

    It does a pretty good job. Carpet and rugs don’t seem to get in the way. I would suggest dumping the basket after every run.Only thing missing from previous similar purchases is the blockers that keep it from going into certain areas.Like any robot vacuum, don’t watch it go under tables. 🙂 just know it’ll get itself out.

  42. KC

    Has worked pretty well, getting a lot of animal hair and crumbs I didn’t even see where on the carpet. Gets stuck occasionally. I have not figured out how to set the schedule and it seems that after getting stuck it cancelled the schedule. Setting the time and then the schedule for 15:00 (3:00 PM) it may start right away or at 10:00 AM and I don’t know why.

  43. Hannah

    I was skeptical of how this little guy would work. I have a Labrador retriever and a cat, and I usually have to vacuum often to get up all of the hair. I was so excited to have something that would make cleaning easier. So far it has impressed me. It slowed down before it ran into objects, and did an OK job of general vacuuming. The collecting chamber is tiny and had to be emptied several times. But I had not vacuumed in almost a week so that is expected. It knew to find its base and never tried to knock it over. Made a straight line for the base after several minutes of wandering to find it

  44. Abby

    The robot does a great job keeping my floors clean from pet hair! I have two cats and hardwood floors that show every spec of dirt or dust. The robot cleans very well. It does best with open concept rooms but navigates my hallways well too. It’s a little taller than competitors (5.5 inches tall) so it does sometimes get stuck under my couch, but otherwise it gets most places. Corners are a little hard too but that’s to be expected — it’s round! The trap fills quickly the first few times I ran it, but it got the dust and dirt and pet hair! For daily use, it’s amazing.

  45. john clancy

    It does what I expected.I have a hardwood kitchen floor and a carpet in the living room.it is an open concept so the vacuum can travel to both rooms easily.It does a good job in the kitchen but not on my living room carpet.I wasn’t really expecting it to clean the whole carpet because I figured if I wanted that I would have to pay 4 or 5 hundred dollars.The docking system works well and is nice to not have to plug it in to charge it.I know it’s working well in the kitchen because at the end of the cleaning when I open up the dust collecting compartment it is full of dust and everything else that it should clean.I would recommend this to friends and family.

  46. Me

    The vacuum does pick up dog hair and cleans ok but I have set it to clean at a certain time every day and it won’t stay set and the one time it did, it didn’t clean at the time it was set for. Even after it cleans. I still have to go back and sweep. To get it to clean the whole floor you have to be right there to change the mode. I haven’t tried the mopping feature. It’s very loud. I do like that it does go back to the charging station by itself but even that is kind of funny to watch.

  47. michelle

    This little guy works great! He funds home easily and there is always a bin full of dirt and dog hair to empty out when I wake up in the morning. My floors look great and I can walk barefoot through the house and it feels clean. He goes right from laminate flooring to carpet with no problem. It truly does have a no tangle system which is why I bought this product with 6 chihuahuas, it gets pretty hairy around here. Lol Overall a great product. It would be nice if it could back up and had a virtual wall, but it’s perfect for the area that I need maintained.

  48. Katharine Johnson

    The idea is great this machine however is total crap. Always getting stuck, randomly turns off, lights blink error codes huge waste of money I didn’t have

  49. Peter

    I love this product. its been a week and I basically use it every single day. Cleaning it can be a hassle cause my house is also very dirty. the other thing I found was rather disappointing was the battery life and the overall programming I leave every room in my house open but the robot would sometimes get stuck in 1 room and never get out. also sometimes after running out of battery, it frequently never finds its way back to the charging port. That’s also one of the reasons why I find the scheduling thing kind of useless. I have to monitor the robot so that it doesn’t stay in one room then die. Mind you it doesn’t always do this just once every week or so. overall its a very good cleaning device for people who are a bit too busy to keep their house in good condition.

  50. Amazon Customer

    This little robot vacuum works pretty well. However, trying to program it doesn’t work. It is set up for military time (24 hr) and no matter how many times we have set it, it never comes on when it’s supposed to. That’s disappointing. The collection bin is easier to empty and replace than the Roomba I own and it picks up quite a bit. If you want to just walk by and press “clean” then this will be great for you. Was going to get this one for my daughter for Xmas but decided against that.

  51. Marcie Santacruz

    I have a few small rugs like at my front door and back door then one in my kitchen. They are very thin and it gets stuck all the time can’t even go over the rugs. Then if I push it go on the rug it doesn’t clean the rugs. I have tile and laminate flooring in my house so it won’t go over any of the transitions. If you only have one type of flooring in your house it would be ok, but I spend more time following it around from getting stuck than it’s worth!

  52. Amazon Customer

    We have to run it twice to get the whole main room clean sometimes – but at the price, that’s still totally worth it for us. We’ve got two kids under 5, so there’s ALWAYS stuff dropped on the floor or tracked in the house. Had it for about a month or two and so far it’s totally worth the money.

  53. lab

    So I really want to like this thing, I really do. It does pick up the dog hair and dirt as advertised. But unless you have a 6×6 square room with no furnishings, don’t expect it to wander around a 2,000sqf home. It will clean the same place repetitively, you really have to keep after it and follow it around. There is one spot in my entire house that there is a little lip of strapping on the floor and I swear it just gravitates to that spot and gets stuck every five minutes, even if I literally pick it up and move it 15 feet away. It’s like having a toddler. If you have a really small space with sparse furniture, this is the vacuum for you, but if you’re wanting it to clean a large house, find a better brand.

  54. Lani

    I bought this for my parents and so far they love it. They don’t have anything negative to say since they still think it’s funny that I bought them one. My dad is still learning how to fully operate it but they love it so far 🙂

  55. Saul C.

    I wanted to wait few months before reviewing. Works great I have hardwood floors and saves a lot of cleaning time. My wife hits the blue on button when leaves in the morning and always returns to base. Picks up quite a bit of dust and dirt. Having two children surprised what it sucks up. Only problem I do have a area rug 8×8 and it will not go up onto it and clean it. I feel it thinks it’s a wall or obstacle. Also will not clean rug when place it on it and not thick either. Tile and hardwood great.

  56. Josh Meyer

    Works great and makes vacuuming so much easier. 4-stars instead of 5, as it has trouble with thresholds and sometimes has trouble getting from rugs to hardwood floor, but other than that, it does a great job covering the whole room. There are no set boundaries, so if you have an open floor plan, you never know where it is going to end up…could be a positive or negative depending on your situation. I still prefer to trap it within a single room (and for that reason I haven’t tried the programming function) since I never know what kids have left out in their rooms. The filter is easy to clean. Of all the vacuums I have ever owned, this one deals best with long hair; just pop off the side brushes and slip the hair off into the trash can. No more trying to pull hair off of a roller brush.

  57. mikster ct

    kind of half toy, half vacuum. It doesn’t seem very intelligent; gets stuck in corners frequently, vacuums 1/3 of the room 4 times and misses the other 2/3 completely. Any dog hair that it gets up is a step in the right direction, so that’s good. But I’m wondering if I should have spent more and gotten a smarter robot (and dog).

  58. Carolyn Neumann

    Love it! I’ve had 3 roomba before and spent more time fixing them than I would have vacuuming. My daughter got one and after sharing for a couple of months, I decided I needed my own. We glued eyes on them and painted lips and named them Mike and Mike II. We have found him to have sucked up a baby wipe, thick hair elastics.

  59. Tanya Drayton

    We have had this for several weeks now and are quite happy with it. It’s sturdy, picks up the pet hair like a champ and there is a noticeable difference in air quality since we have been using it. We have named it “Rosie” (The Jetsons) and our pets have integrated with it seamlessly. Would highly recommend this unit for anyone who has pets and the hair that comes with them.

  60. Kristen Taylor

    Good little helper vaccum. We have hard wood floors and it’s so nice to start that little guy and walk away. He use to get stuck on one part of our couch but hasn’t in a while. Save me a good 30-60 mins a day. I liked it so much bought one for the kids mom’s house. We both have 2 dogs and it picks up the dirt and hair well. I love it. Especially for the price. One down side though, can’t find replacement filters or brushes. We have been rinsing out/drying our one filter but it’d be nice to have a few spares. Overall. 5 stars.

  61. Jesse

    It’s only been a few days with this baby so I will update as time goes on, but so far so good.We have hardwood floors throughout our home and a nearly 3 year old toddler. That means our floors get super dirty super fast. We were constantly sweeping … and sweeping … and sweeping. I thought about getting a Roomba for a long time but couldn’t swallow the price. Then I found out they had competitors, and good ones.So far this thing has been awesome! The robot revolution has begun is our home, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Consistently clean floors are so nice.

  62. Charlene

    She is cleaning very well. So far, as good as the other name brand I had. Very satisfied, plus she goes back to charger when battery low. First one quit responding to remote command so sent back and ordered another. So far so good!!

  63. Yohros Elizabeth

    I just love my Joshua, hehehe, I named it Joshua, it is fast, and goes to every corner, gets the job done. And just hitting the home button, it finds its way back to its station. Recomended 100%

  64. Tessa Klarin

    I am so happy to have bought this vacuum. With 2 cats, a dog, 2 children and a husband, my floors are a mess. Running this vacuum once a day has allowed me to walk around barefoot without worrying about what is stuck to my foot. I have to empty the dustbin at least 2 times per cleaning which make me both sad and happy. Sad to know there is that much dirt and happy to know it is getting it all. Sometimes the movements seem sporadic but if I let it go and not worry, the room gets completely cleaned. I tend to choose a room, put it in there, close the door and let it run for about 15-20 minutes. If i leave the door open, it travels out of the room on it’s journey.

  65. Melinda

    I love it! I waited a while to post a review because I wasn’t sure how it would hold up to my dogs and kids. I run it every day and it does a good job. I wouldn’t buy it for carpet. I have 2 braided rugs and it doesn’t really do a good job on them. I bought this as a mothers helper. I still run my regular vacuum here and there once in a while but my family says I am a “clean freak.” Anyway, yes if you have a house with minimal carpeting and are looking for a helper go for it.

  66. Scruff

    So far so good! This little thing can do my whole floor and maneuver around all kinds of terrain. I am pleased it goes in and out under the couch. Frankly, I’m so interested in watching it I could pull out the vacum and do the job myself in less time but it’s just so amazing… After it’s all done it puts itself back on the dock to charge. Very pleased!!

  67. GS

    I really like this Robot Cleaner. It’s quieter than our Roomba, is easier on our furniture, and does a very good job cleaning. I cannot give the highest rating for the unit because it doesn’t seem as “smart” as the Roomba, as it often gets stuck on carpets and sometimes has a difficult time returning to its home base.

  68. Carrie S Brown

    I have had this robot for 7 months and the robot runs for 20 minutes now. In the beginning it ran for about 90 minutes and I loved the way it cleaned. Use it twice a day. Picks up cat and dog hair plus tons of dust. It still cleans great when it runs except the battery doesn’t hold much of a charge anymore. Turning it on and off to try to reset it doesn’t help.

  69. Amazon Customer

    It is very frustrating I find it easier to sweep the floors myself. Gets stuck on everything cords, rugs, etc. I programmed it to automatically clean at 12:00 I have never seen it clean other than me starting it with the remote. Have to empty every 15 minutes and it only goes for 20 minutes then the battery is low.

  70. DeeDeeH

    I love this vacuum and I’m telling everyone I know how much I love it! It works great and I’m always in shock how much dirt and cat hair it sucks up. I’m a tidy person and I like a clean house, but got so tired of sweeping our hardwood floors. I felt like it was a fruitless job and it was never really clean. But with this vacuum, I can walk around barefoot and not have stuff stuck to my feet. I run when I’m at work and when I get home it’s back in it’s charging station, full of gunk. It’s amazing. My only complaint is that I didn’t buy it sooner!