SALBAKOS Hand Towels for Bathroom, White Cotton, 6 Bulk Pack, 100 Percent Genuine Turkish Cotton, Luxury Hotel and Spa Quality, 700gsm OEKO-TEX Organic Eco-Friendly, (White)

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  • 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton
  • DRY OFF IN LUXURY – 6 Pack of luxury cotton hand towels measure 16″ x 30″ and are made of the coziest, combed, genuine Turkish cotton. These absorbent, eco-friendly hand towels are created to provide years of enjoyment
  • BRIGHT COLORS THAT LAST – To ensure years of vibrant color, SALBAKOS hand towels are VAT dyed. This means the dye is infused into the cotton yarns under high pressure and temperature for 6-12 hours
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND HIGHEST QUALITY – OEKO-TEX Certified – all cotton is grown and all manufacturing processes use no harmful chemicals. Manufactured in an ISO-9001 mill for incredible quality control. See pictures for copies of certifications and below for more on OEKO-TEX
  • SOFTER AFTER EACH WASH – These hand towels are as absorbent as traditional towels, but unlike many others, these will actually get softer and softer with each wash
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – American Pillowcase stands behind their products and offers a hassle free, no questions asked return process


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100% Genuine Turkish Cotton 
Hand Towels measure 16 x 30 Inches
Washcloths measure 13 x 13 Inches
Bath Sheets measure 35 x 75 Inches
Bath Towels measure 27 x 54 Inches
Bath Mats measure 20 x 30 Inches
Q1: Can you use bleach on these towels? A1:
Premium Quality Design
Washing Instructions
Before use, we recommend removing excess lint and shedding on the towel
Towels can be washed in warm or cold water
Wash before use for the first time as this will get rid of the excess lint and shedding leftover
Wash Towels alone, do not include with other clothes/loads/colors
Do not use bleach or fabric softener at any stage of the washing process, this will strip the color away from the towels and will break down the cotton fiber
We recommend washing towels after 3-4 uses – the more often the better, this helps create a softer, more luxurious feel
Drying Instructions
Dry towels right after they come out of the wash to prevent dampness and lingering smell
Tumble dry on low/medium heat
Do not Iron the towels to prevent burning and cotton degradation
Take towels out when they are 95% dry to prevent over-heating
Wash and Dry 2/3 times before use to ensure maximum absorbency

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  1. shel

    I was nervous buying these online because I couldn’t feel them first! I was worried they would feel like cheap towels & wondered if they would be absorbent enough, but I’m so glad I took a chance!These towels are a little longer than my previous towels, they look nice, feel thick & soft, and they dry my hands quickly! I’m very pleased with these towels. I purchased 2 colors & both sets were the same quality & size so I can hang them together.

  2. Rick

    These towels are only 14″ wide and not 16″, as advertised. (I measured them, and see picture). They look oddly long and skinny. Only 29″ long too, not 30″.This strategy saves the manufacturer a lot of money on materials, but it is false and misleading to the buying public who don’t get what they paid for. I wanted other consumers to at least take this into consideration when ordering.

  3. KSS 0077

    Nicest towels I’ve every owned. These are super soft, and super thick. We’ve been using them for about 2 months and have found nothing that we don’t like about them. By the way – in the dryer, there’s not a ton of lint each time I dry them…not sure what that means, but it must be a positive!

  4. lovemylibrary

    Nice hand towels. I read many of the reviews and was concerned at some of the comments that these towels weren’t thick enough, but no worries once they arrived. They aren’t super plush, but are a good medium-range thickness. Certainly not thin or cheap feeling at all. They are soft and a tad larger than the hand towels I had been using. If I had bought this level of quality locally I would have easily had to pay double, or more. Very pleased.

  5. Amazon Customer

    They seemed alright at first and as other commenters suggested I washed them first. They still felt too silky after even the 4th time I washed them and didn’t soak up much water. BUT more importantly they keep releasing blue specs of cotton. It’s all over the washing machine and dryer and when I washed some towels of other colors together with these, those other towels got all covered (and it seems permanently) with the blue specs. On top of that, at that 4th wash, one of these towels’ seams came off. Basically the only good thing is the price. They are terrible.

  6. dude gnarly

    I love these hand towels.I purchased some other ones on amazon, and i didn’t even wash them with fabric softener.But, no matter how many times I tried to dry my hands…the stupid things just didn’t absorb! :(Not these towels, though. They absorb! My water, washed hands.These towels are awesome. If i spilled spaghetti on myself. on my person. I would totally use these towels, to clean me. or my clothes.because I would be wearing my clothes while i ate speghetti. But, short sleeves and my arms exposed for potential, spilled spaghetti.AND they’re RED! like speghetti sauce! so, stains worries be gone!the end!

  7. andrea lobb

    I was expecting these to be like the towels in a nice hotel or spa. These were not thick or plush. When looking at the loops, you can see the base of the towel. The information I read before making a purchase talked about how a good high quality towel should have loops tight enough that you cannot see the base of the towel. I have a few other towels at my house that I love and they fit that description well. These do not. Returned.

  8. S W

    These are very nice towels. The color is darker than the picture on my iPad screen, but just right for my room. The problem I have with them is that they get bleached by benzoyl peroxide. Unfortunately, I need bathroom towels that can stand up to common facial acne products.

  9. motherlysleet

    I ordered these towels based on the reviews I had read. I bought a set for my son for Christmas and one for myself. I wash them immediately upon and getting them. And was very thrilled with my towels. My only concern was during the drying cycle there was a lot of lint buildup. Hoping this is just the new towel lint and that this will not be happening each time I wash the towels.They definitely feel like the fancy hotel towels that I always wanted. Would definitely recommend these to a friend.

  10. CC On Line Shopper

    We needed to restock our everyday hand towels as they were getting pretty shabby. I was going to order a very basic cheap set, but my husband said to order something a little better because he didn’t want me to get something I’d be disappointed with. I’m so glad I took his advice. I ordered a six pack of SALBAKOS Hand Towels and they are very nice. I am more than satisfied with these towels, and really they didn’t cost much more than the original ones I was going to order.

  11. Holly E. Brown

    Returned-not that soft. Packaged in a plastic bag I was somewhat apprehensive. I read the many reviews before I purchased them and the reviews were 4 star, high quality towels. Being a high quality cotton I purchased them for a Christmas gift for my partner who is very picky with her soft towels. Opened the box and plastic and they felt like ordinary towels. I was unimpressed and they didn’t feel any different than regular ones. Returning the next day I received them. Maybe the next person will have better luck.

  12. Norsky Torsky

    First purchased white bath towels, face towels and washcloths 3 years ago and after frequent washings/drying cycles the towels still perform beautifully. They shed very little in the dryer when new and almost nothing thereafter. They are very absorbent terry which is thick enough but not too thick. Just purchased more sets for all my guest rooms. I highly recommend this product.

  13. MaggieMay

    These hand towels are really nice. Heavy enough but not too heavy. We are thinking of ordering them in another color.Later: I did go ahead and ordered these towels in yellow. The color is really pretty and clean. The plan is to use them in the kitchen and the white ones in the bathroom. We’ll see how that works out.I do wonder why the price for this color was higher than the white ones were but not as much as the red ones are.

  14. Amazon Customer1

    They are nice, but I don’t consider them “Luxury” like in the description. I don’t regret this purchase and they are worth the price, about $23. They are priced right for what they are, nice towels. A lot was made in the description of how luxurious, but its setting expectations too high. I tore off all the labels because they are in the way. I do like the fact they are not made in China or someplace like that. If they are made in Turkey that is much better than China!

  15. Heather Forsyth

    These are of nice quality – color (ivory) as pictured. They arrived quickly and nicely packaged with no loose threads, dust or odd smells. I took off one star because the size seems slightly off to me – longer but also slightly narrower than the usual hand towel. I wouldn’t call these luxury, but they are certainly good at this price point and I like that they are eco-friendly.

  16. Patricia

    These hand towels are VERY thin. The edges seem to be well stitched. I have not yet used them. I had hoped for more plush towels, although I did not want very thick ones. These definitely will dry quickly because they are thin, and might make a better gym towel than a towel you leave out for guests. Even towels you get at a local Target seem more luxurious (these aren’t).In the U.S., you can buy thicker ones for the same price on sale at stores.

  17. AZrunner

    First time purchasing bath towels on line. Replacing many years of old worn out towels, so took opportunity to test 3 suppliers, 2 on line and a Macy’s sale item in store purchase. These Salbakos hand towels delivered did not match their photo. Delivered product was not thick and not fluffy as hoped and compared to other sets purchased. “Luxury Hotel” and “Spa” doesn’t seem to fit delivered item when compared to Luxury Hotel towel quality we have experienced in years of business and pleasure travel hotel stays. For price paid, overall towels look fine out of dryer but again, didn’t match a Spa or Luxury type towel some might expect with those words used and photo didn’t match our delivered towels.

  18. Clive Walden

    On the one hand, these towels are well made soft and excellent value. As such they might warrant the full 5 stars.On the other hand, they are marketed, and often reviewed, as luxury towels. In my opinion, they are far from luxurious. They are just nice, fairly thin, towels, far from the thick inviting feel that goes with the term luxurious that I expected.

  19. Ritz

    I’m happy with the quality of these hand towels. Arrived on time but had the expected lackluster feel and smell from the shipping and manufacturing process. Fluffed right up after a quick wash and dry with fabric softener sheets.

  20. Angie

    I can not even believe that they charged so much for these towels. I could have gotten better quality at Walmart, seriously not impressed at all.

  21. Lauri

    I purchased these last year in June or so and held off on reviewing them until I saw how they held up. I was very pleased the color hasn’t faded, plus they didn’t have the “strings disease” – when a lot of towels start shredding and coming apart after a short time. These have not had that problem. They have held up very well. I even purchased the washcloths, bath towels, and bath mats to match.

  22. Rachel

    I was so excited to get my new hand towels (life of a grownup!) but right out of the box they had stains!!! I purchased white for a clean look, but they’re already dirty?!?! Gross! Won’t buy from them again.

  23. medinas

    I ordered these in the Salmon color. I simply could NOT BELIEVE HOW NICE THESE ARE!!!! They are SOOOOOO GORGEOUS and soft. They are well made and look like they cost a fortune. The color is the most beautiful saturated pinky/peach color that compliments my bathroom so much. They are just incredible to use as well, so soft and absorbent. They were folded and packaged so carefully, not wrinkled or anything. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. I am going to order more. Love love AMAZON!!!!!!!!!!

  24. JM

    They did arrive in a timely manor, well wrapped for shipping. The problem is, any loose thread turns right into a “run”. When I was taking out the plastic tag it snagged a thread and ruined the towel. Once the tread started to pull there was just no stopping it. Even cutting it did not stop the “run”. So one towel to the rag box. After washing I noticed another loose thread. I’m just using them ever so carefully but I really need to look for a replacement. Loved the color. So sorry they are not working for me.

  25. Brenda Cook

    Horrible! Straight out of package there are GIANT Stains on 2 of the towels!!

  26. Suzie Q

    I was so disappointed with this order. The towels arrived in a timely fashion and those that were undamaged were quite nice. But 3 came out of the sealed bag with holes. One even had a dirty streak across it. I needed them to help stage my late mother’s condo for sale and went ahead and used the undamaged towels. The quality seemed good for the price but I will not be re-ordering any items after seeing what passes as “quality control” from this seller.

  27. Nicholas Adam Vargas

    I purchased both the bath towels and hand towels. One of each of these towels came apart after the initial wash. My current towels are from Wally world and have used them for at least 2 year’s or more. While not the best towels in the world, they have not fallen apart like these.

  28. Amazon Customer

    These towels were not nearly the quality I expected. Small and thin, but too expensive for postage to return them so keeping for rags.

  29. Joy

    These are good quality and I’m going to order more. I’ve already washed, bleached, and dried mine and they came out great. Solid edges, no fraying or shredding. Very pleased.


    These towels are very thick and substantial. I’m very particular about my towels and these meet my requirements. They’ve been washed several times now with no loose threads or deformities. The purple color is a little brighter than the rest of my towels and decor, but not negatively so. They are a good size for the rack and drying your hands; bigger than some of my others.

  31. Sargent Mama

    These towels have held up pretty well these few months that I have had them. They are the hand towels in the main bathroom with all the family members using them frequently, so they have been washed many times and still look and feel great.

  32. ordinaryemily

    I bought these towels for my elderly Mother. Her skin is paper thin with age and I’m always on the lookout for things that make her life a bit easier. She loves these plushy towels that didn’t cost a ton of money. I’m very happy with them. Anything that beautiful woman can use for more comfort is a winner in my book.

  33. Laura

    These are soft and pretty color but the edges seem to fall apart with frequent washing. I’d probably use in a guest bathroom where they aren’t washed often. The edges are tight like a higher quality towel, but you get what you pay for.Good price but won’t last for years like a more expensive one might.

  34. Bobby T.

    Was very disappointed as to how thin these towels were for the price, they make them look so thick (which they were not) definitely not Luxury Hotel style to me, will NOT buy again!

  35. MR

    SALBAKOS Luxury Hotel & Spa Turkish Cotton 6-Piece Eco-Friendly Hand Towel Set 16 x 30 Inch, Seafoam Green I loved these thick Turkish cotton hand towels and they were such a bargain. They cost about the same as the cheap thin towels at our local department stores but have the high quality of much more expensive towels.

  36. Bob and Jean

    Thin, rough, not as advertised. I have never experienced such poor quality at either a spa or a hotel ( at a motel, perhaps).

  37. ABear Roberto

    Great towels. Nice size and bright white. Exactly what I wanted. I have a “white towel” thing. I always what my family and guests to know the towels are clean, white is the only way for me to go.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Why did I buy white towels!? They work great, feel great and seem like they could last a lifetime. But don’t get them in white- you soon realize what an impractical color white is. I always have to wash my towels because everything shows up on white!

  39. Rachel Chwazik

    I had some shipping mix ups (Amazon stocking issue?) where I kept getting the rose color. This seller provided amazing support to finally get me the right color. So 5 starts to the seller and the product. Salmon color is beautiful and towels are a nice weight. I’ll be getting more soon.11/28/16 update – just got more hand towels and they are of identical quality. Very pleased with product and seller.

  40. Donny B.

    These towels are OK. Quality is good, but they are a bit on the small side (a little narrower than I would prefer). They are thick enough to do the job, but by no means are they extra-ordinary in thickness or quality. Solid serviceable towel, but nothing special. I would recommend these to anyone seeking a good basic hand towel.

  41. Kenneth Hunt

    Amazing and I enjoyed these immensly! I would recommend for hosts as it is always nice to have quality and a quantity of towels for your guests. These were exactly what I needed and I will be ordering more for my other bathroom!

  42. Sasha Star

    Excellent quality! These towels are very plush and true to color. They wash beautifully and are a great value. These are much nicer than the ones I paid a similar price for at Bed Bath & Beyond.

  43. Sany123Top Contributor: Coloring

    I am very impressed with these hand towels, especially at the price they cost. They are true to the color on the site. When I washed them the first time before using, there was almost NO LINT from them!! They aren’t very thick, but they absorb well. I definitely would buy again!

  44. Eva Moore

    Perfect. Fluffy and soft, just the right size. Love them. Put them in my half bath.

  45. kathy a fisher

    Very nice towels, thick and good size. Washed well(followed directions on tag). Very soft after washing,

  46. Seattle Shopper

    If you like thick, heavy towels, these are not the towels for you. They are however very soft and very absorbent. I like them very much, as I don’t like heavy towels. They wash well, altho be sure to dry for only 10-15 minutes the first time you wash them, because there is quite a bit of lint.

  47. Kay K.

    I’ve washed these towels and they do not shrink. They are a very nice size and are soft. I am delighted with them and will buy again when the time comes to replace these.

  48. Morris Moskowitz

    This is sold as a Turkish 700 GSM but it is far thinner than a 550 GSM I bought elsewhere, very flimsy and thin.

  49. Susan R

    I was concerned about buying towels without touching them but the towels looked decent in the photos. They’re soft, plush and absorbent. I got yellow for my powder room which is the most used bathroom in the house. They’re a bit bigger than I expected but they still look good and work well. The color is staying as good as new.

  50. charles maxfield

    Wow this was a disappointing buy. When I opened the box I look down and wonder where the rest of the towels are. Nope they were all there but so flat and rough I’ll proably just use them to dry off the dog.