Shark Pet-Perfect II Cordless Bagless Hand Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Twister Technology and Rechargeable Battery (SV780), Lavender

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  • Powerful cordless handheld vacuum. Convenient cleaning for all surfaces.
  • Twister Cyclonic Technology. Delivers consistent strong suction while cleaning.
  • XL Motorized Pet Brush. Picks up embedded pet hair from all surfaces.
  • Wall mount charging stand. LED lights serve as charging indicator.
  • Easy-to-empty dust cup. Extended cleaning without interruption.


$62.78 $54.59

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Model- SV780

Voltage- 18v

Battery type- Ni-MH

Surface Cleaning Types- carpet, upholstery

Product Weight- 4.92 lbs

Filtration- Washable filter

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  1. Randsterdam

    Didn’t get this handheld vacuum from Amazon, but I did buy it from a local store and would like to share some info. This unit worked initially once charged for 24 hours after taken out of the box. All of a sudden about 2 days later, it would not work at all and the charge light would not even light up once set on the cradle. After reading many bad reviews about battery life I decided to actually open the unit to take a look inside instead of returning it(I am an electronic technician). I found a circuit board directly below the on/ off switch and what I found was interesting. A transistor on that board was not aligned properly when soldered at the factory. See attached images. After placing that transistor in place and re-soldered its connections, this thing works like a champ. I believe this can also contribute to the battery charging issues people have been experiencing. Hopefully this post will help some people repair their unit, being that their customer service department is horrible.

  2. C. Messina

    This vacuum failed after 2 weeks of use! As per there documentation included with the product I contacted Shark and they sent a replacement. The replacement failed after 2 months. This time they would not replace the item but offered me an option to repair with me paying the shipping to them and for the return back to me. I have a few friends that had the same problem and apparently this vacuum has an issue with the battery and charger which the company will not admit to.June 13, 2014 Review update: Two weeks ago the replacement vacuum died! I contact customer support, which was unsatisfactory at best! I complained about the amount of bad reviews since I purchased this item in March this year and she told me we was not aware of any issues, glad I wear boots! hey wanted me to pay for a replacement battery which I refused, they sent me a battery which arrived today that is at least three times larger than the original battery and it is so large it does NOT fit in the machine.I called customer lack of support and after an hour the rep finally admitted there is major issue and and there is a technical upgrade. She could not help as I demanded nothing less that a FULL replacement and she needed to contact Corporate HQ on Monday when the reopen. Euro Pro and Shark have the worst customer service and products I have ever purchased on Amazon!

  3. JD

    Battery would only last 10 minutes from full charge. After using it four times over a 3 week period, it produced a horrible smell and died.Save your money, don’t buy this junk !! You will be sorry if you do.

  4. John Shurtz

    I really like it!! Most powerful hand vac I have ever owned. BUT!!!”UPDATE” This vacuum failed after 2 months of use! As per the documentation included with the product I contacted Shark and they sent a replacement battery. The battery was the wrong one and did not fit. Called back and they told me batteries are customer responsibility and I could buy one.I read the other reviews on Amazon and decided the Shark was not worth repairing. I would be throwing good money after bad..Shark went in the garbage can. Euro Pro and Shark have the worst customer service and products I have ever purchased on Amazon!

  5. Marissa Allen

    I purchased through Black + Decker BDH2000L with 20v lithium battery. It was horrible. This shark is great. Every shark vacuum I’ve ever owned has been amazing. This vacuum so far is wonderful. It has very powerful suction in the attachment as well. If you’re questioning whether or not you should get this vacuum vs. Another one. You should just get this oneUPDATE: I’ve had this for a few months now. I have a medium hair dog and 2 short hair cats. This doesn’t hold up, it’s a pain to use because hair gets clogged in the vaccmuum very easy and in the nozzels. Looses suction very quick and is not as powerful as when I bought it.UPDATE: Ibaught this June 2018 and it no longer works. I used it to pick up dog hair about every other day since I boaugh it. It started to turn off in the middle of vacuuming and now it won’t turn on at all

  6. jbbrla

    DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy the Shark Pet Perfect II Hand Vac!!! I used it for the SECOND, that’s right, the SECOND time since purchasing it and immediately smelled burned wires — no smoke, but it immediately quit. I was using it on indoor carpet. I hate the fact that I got screwed for just under $60 bucks, but hope that you don’t make the same mistake by purchasing this product. If a ZERO stars category was available, I would have checked that. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

  7. Jen

    Would not recommend this cordless vacuum because of the fact that a replacement battery ( which I needed after three months) costs about the same as the vacuum. (34.95)

  8. Dan C.

    My wife had her original Shark that lasted for 3-4 years, then the battery died. We ordered this one and received it in mid-October 2015. The battery died on this one within about 8 weeks. We contacted Shark support and they happily sent us a replacement unit which we received just around Christmas time 2015. The second one now is dead as of February 2, only about 6 or 7 weeks after receiving the replacement. I’ve contacted Shark support again and they are sending me a new battery, which I will try. But my wife is really upset with the company at this point and is about ready to throw the stupid thing out the door and go buy another brand. I’ve convinced her to wait and see if the replacement battery works out. If not, I’ll write a follow up review and we will then buy another brand. That is, if my wife doesn’t kill me first out of frustration!

  9. Roberto Diamanti

    I do not usually write reviews and find giving an opinion or a review I did not own for that long would not assist any one. I bought this Shark Hand Vac in Dece-2013 and received it in January 2014. Battery started to have issues in July 2014 and did not hold a charge for that long. Coming December 2014 battery was completely gone and could not get a replacement for it. Would not buy or reccomend this item ever.

  10. S. Clay

    This vacuum really has really been a disappointment. I have a shark upright and love it, due to it’s high power suction and ease of use. I never have an issue getting dog hair up with it, so I thought this would be the same, but easier to pull out and use in a pinch. It doesn’t have the power the uprights have (and I do understand it’s much smaller) and doesn’t pick up the dog hair from the furniture as I had hoped it would. I also bought it to do a quick vacuum job on my car here and there, but the suction is so poor it won’t vacuum the dirt up from the car carpet or seats. I just had really hoped for more. Very disappointed in this little Shark.

  11. JD

    I have mixed feelings about this vacuum. The suction is great and it being light weight cordless is also great to vacuum the stairs. Unfortunately the battery only last a few mins. Maybe 5 min max. Then you have to plug back in for hrs. Grrr…..update: 3months shy of having this vacuum for 2yrs and it quite on me! Wil not hold a charge, runs for 1sec before shutting off.

  12. Cousinvinny63

    The Shark is built great, like a tank. Seems like it would last forever and holds a charge well. However, the overall suction power is disappointing, very weak suction right of the box. Almost useless to try to use it to vacuum out the car. It just doesn’t pick up anything other than surface dirt. However, it will pick up dog hair off of a bare floor. It is better than the Black n Decker hand held cordless I used to have.

  13. Just kath

    I have several cats and a large golden retriever mix dog. I naturally expect to have to vacuum up pet hair and this is the best little picker upper that I have found. Why is it the best, you ask? Well, one of the hardest items to clean is always the cat tree. It is taller than I am and the fabric on it holds on to the pet hair. My regular home vac has a hose that doesn’t reach to the top level, and it is a struggle to get it to stretch as far as I need it to for even one level down from the top.This Shark Pet Perfect II Hand Vac was recommended to me by a friend and I am so grateful! this picks up pet hair in no time at all, and the brush is easy to clean afterward. It also does a great job of picking up that stray spatter of litter that falls off the kitty’s paws. I have a litter box that sits inside of a Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure. Inside the box I keep a bathmat, and then a Litter Trapper Mat between the box and the opening. I have a small rug outside the opening, and you guessed it! I still have stray granules scattered around that I need to pick up. This does the trick for that, too.Highly recommended!

  14. MWP

    I purchased it because it had the rotary brush, it appeared to be economical and it has fair reviews. It never worked well from the start. The battery discharged completely in a very short period of time. Later I could smell something very hot coming from the motor area. And finally, it just would not even turn on even though the battery was fully charged. Looking through other reviews I saw people had reported the same trouble as I had. I disassembled the vacuum and found a chip that had burned out. This chip controls the power that is delivered to the motor and could not do the job as designed. It had eventually shorted out. Not worth repairing in my opinion, so I looked and found a hand vacuum that had the features I wanted. Even though more expensive, this vacuum is working like a charm.

  15. Amazon Customer

    I was so incredibly excited when I found this cordless vacuum and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. I have a lot of steps in my house and this was going to make life easier on me. It also was easy enough for my 9 year old to vacuum the couch and the pile of dirt after the kitchen was swept. I purchased the vacuum for $48 dollars and happily opened the box read the instructions (yes I’m that person who reads the manual and follows it to a T) After the instructions were followed and the vacuum was ready to roll I got started. It worked great the first several months until it didn’t. I noticed the vacuum would not run as long as it used and eventually it would only run for a minute and shut off even though it was fully charged. I thought no big deal I’ll call shark and explain the problem especially since the vacuum was not even a year old. I called and talked to the first customer service representative and explained what was going on with the vacuum and that I had only had it a few months and it seemed like it wasn’t holding a charge. He sent a new charger and told me to call back if that doesn’t work and they would replace the vacuum. I waited for the charger to arrive meanwhile I had to lug my giant vacuum up and down the steps. The new charger arrived and I couldn’t wait and was hoping that was the issue but after plugging the new cord in and charging the vacuum over night it would only run for a minute. I called shark customer service back and I explained that the charger they sent did not fix the issue. The customer service representative that I talked to said that it sounded like a battery issue and that it was not covered under the warranty and a new battery could be purchased for $48 (wait…..what!!!!) I explained that the vacuum was not even a year old and she said I’m sorry mam but the battery is not covered (Let me get this straight……the battery that shark puts in their products even though defective are not covered? That is like saying that the plastic used in the making of their products is not covered as well as the parts as well as the lets just say everything.) I explained that I did not want to pay for a battery when 1. Its the same price as the vacuum 2. I don’t even know if its the battery and 3. the vacuum is only several months old and should be covered under warranty. She then proceeded to tell me that I could send the vacuum back to shark for $19.99 and they would take a look at it. Great I can pay you for your defective product…..sure lets give you more money shark…sounds reasonable. I proceeded to ask to speak to a manager and was told that one was not available and she would have him call me. I received the call from the manager several hours later in which he read the transcript between the customer service representative and myself as a lawyer would read it. I kindly told him to not put words into my mouth and that yes I was offered at battery but I would have to pay for the battery and yes I was offered to send the vacuum in but it would cost me. He was very rude to me and I don’t appreciate it. I understand some products break or can contain defective parts but that is not my fault. I really wanted to love shark and was in the process of getting a full size vacuum from them but not anymore. I loved my little vacuum and just wanted them to replace it so it would work. I am so sad that people do not stand behind their products anymore. I just don’t have $48 dollars to throw away every few months for a new vacuum or battery. I can no longer say that I support SHARK products. My whole family and tons of friends use their products but have become very sour over their customer service (yes shark I am not the only one you were rude to). I wanted to give you a chance to make it right but you didn’t. So if you are in the market for a quality handheld vacuum please be weary of this one. Maybe you will be lucky and get one that works for more than a few months or maybe you will get one like mine. If you don’t have $48 to light on fire then I recommend you go with another product.

  16. Lily

    After just a year and a half, the motor on this unit seems to have burned itself out. The last couple of times I used it, it gave off a burning smell, but there was nothing clogged up or anything wrapped around the cleaning brush. And today, after having fully charged it, I used it briefly and it stopped. And after charging it for a couple of hours, there’s nothing, not even a hint that it is charging. The unit we had before this one is the one this one replaced, and it was a much better unit, although it had a less powerful motor. But, it lasted at least eight years before it gave out.I will be contacting the manufacturer, and then I will do a follow-up review based on their customer service.

  17. Heather Romano

    I bought this in November based on the glowing recommendation of Consumer Reports. It lasted less than 9 months before the engine burned and died. I called the Shark Customer service line because it’s still under warranty, but my options were to A. pay for shipping both ways and have them attempt to repair it and if that didn’t work they’d send me a “refurbished” vacuum, or I could B. PURCHASE another vac at a “really good price.” Since it was cheaper to buy a replacement vacuum from another company than to pay for shipping both ways, I have chosen to never give this company my business again. And I ask that you do the same. Read the reviews carefully before you choose to purchase this vacuum! There are a lot of negative reviews for a reason, including with their customer service!

  18. David in Atlanta

    I purchased the Shark Pet Perfect at the end of January 2016. I was skeptical about buying it after reading all the reviews about them not lasting for various reasons. I followed the directions in the manual for usage and charging and was quite impressed with how well it worked. It runs a decent amount of time on a charge and it does pick up a lot of dirt. It did a great job on my carpet and car. Then in June it just stopped working. I tried numerous times to recharge the battery with no luck. After sending numerous emails to Discount Electronics & Equipment and hearing nothing (not good customer service – Amazon take note) I contacted the 1-800 number for Shark. I was told it was the battery (like many reviews I had read earlier) so they are sending me a new battery. Let’s hope this one lasts longer than 6 months.

  19. Kindle Customer

    Purchased this item last Fall and used it sparingly at our summer cottage. It will now not hold a charge – the green indicator light only stays on for a few minutes and the battery is dead. It cost $34.99 new. A replacement battery costs $41.00 (plus shipping).The “warranty” is still valid for a few weeks but the item must be sent prepaid and Shark charges $21.00 for return shipping. The “warranty” is useless as it costs as much to go through the hassle of returning it as to throw it away and buy something else. It’s such a shame that this product cannot be repaired and must be dumped in a landfill in almost new condition.Nice looking product and very nicely put together. Too bad it’s all superficial – it doesn’t work and cannot be economically repaired.

  20. Jim Waldenfels

    This is from Bev.As I am wheel-chair bound, I REALLY looked forward to receiving this hand held battery powered vacuum from Shark. We have enjoyed their products in the past BUT IT WAS NOT MENTIONED in the instruction booklet or anywhere else that IT TAKES A )20 HOUR ( INITIALLY) or 16 HOUR CHARGE FOR EVERY 15 MINUTES OF USE!. Today is Wednesday. We received it in Sunday. We charged it on Monday. Used it for 15 minutes on Tuesday. This morning it would run for 3-4 seconds and STOPPED repeatedly.. Now it needs another 16 hour charge. Called the phone number, got a man I could barely understand, and I made clear it was FIFTEEN minutes not FIFTY. He told me that it needed to be recharged after 15 minutes of use. Very Disappointing.!!!! I will never buy a shark product again.

  21. Norm

    5 stars for effectiveness and ease of use. 0 stars for longevity of product. This is our third unit in three years (they seem to last ~1 month past the warranty period). On the upside we’re flush with accessories at this point ;)Great concept, bad execution in terms of battery life/durability. We have learned that you can not keep it on the charger past the time it takes to charge otherwise the unit starts going south even sooner (despite the charging stand being built like a storage base). Seems like it should be possible to create a smart charger that stops charging after the battery is full. Sort of embarrassing for Shark-Ninja that they haven’t been able to resolve the charging problems after all these years.Alas, we haven’t found anything better so we keep going back :/ At this point we just acknowledge that the thing is semi-disposable.

  22. LarryB

    This is the fifth SV780 I’ve purchased from Amazon over the last two years or so. Three of them were replacements for SV780s that failed in less than a year. I continued buying them because, when they work, they are the best hand held cordless vacuum out there.The last one was purchased in July ,2016 and failed yesterday. All of the failures involved the switch assembly in the handle (handle got hot, smoked, and vacuum ceased working). Calls to Shark were, at best, extremely frustrating. After convincing the person from Shark (I guess she was from Shark even though the conversation was barely intelligible ) that it was not the battery, the only offer I received was to return the unit with me paying shipping both ways. I could purchase a new SV780 from Amazon for about the same cost. Reading the reviews/questions on Amazon.com points out that my problem is not unique.Now I don’t expect Amazon to provide a replacement SV780, but I would expect Amazon to stopping selling an obviously faulty product. Does Amazon even read the product reviews you publish? Shame on Amazon if you continue to offer the SV780 for sale.

  23. Sally

    Was weary of this purchase because so many people complain about the battery, but then, I couldn’t find a cordless vac where people didn’t complain about the battery.We’ve had this vac for a couple months now and have seen no difference in battery life or suction power. We have a lab that sheds a LOT and this has been great for our sheets especially (I vacuum the sheets daily, weird I know but my dog likes to lounge in the bed while we’re at work and I can’t say no to her cute face, but I also don’t want to be washing sheets every single day so here we are). My point is this thing gets daily use and it’s great! Love Shark!

  24. Ms. Marie

    I purchased this product in November 2015, it has not been one year yet, and it stopped charging…..the green light comes on when I plug in to charge, but 8 hours later when you try to turn on, no power what so ever….I wasted my money and have no idea what the warranty is and I tried returning through Amazon but they indicated no longer eligible to return. 🙁

  25. Sybsteve

    After about 3 months of use several times a week, the unit is dead. It’s last gasp was when it started running by itself while on the recharging stand. No one was in the same room at the time. The unit just started running. When I got to it, I realized that the unit had been put on the recharge station with a dead battery and the vacuum switch on. So it probably recharged sufficiently to restart while on the recharge station. When I turned it off and took it off the recharge station, it no longer ran. Plugging the recharge station into another outlet and the recharge light goes on for a few minutes and then turns off but the vacuum still is dead. Disappointed in ConsumerReports for rating so highly this fine pile of plastic waste. Also be aware that you cannot change the rechargable batteries without taking the unit apart and presumably voiding the warranty. Previous dust buster had easily replaceable batteries so I kept a charged replacement on hand and when the first battery ran out, the second was popped in for double the runtime without having to stop vacuuming and waiting for a recharge.Into the trash the Shark goes. Caveat emptor.

  26. J. Cummings

    This thing actually works better at getting cat hair off the furniture than an expensive rotary attachment I have on my more powerful upright vacuum! I am truly impressed. I wish it had more attachment options, like one with a normal brush, but the attachments that come with it are great for getting into crevices. I bought this specifically to keep near the litter box to quickly clean up what the kitties spread around while digging. It works great for that, and for other jobs!

  27. A. Pavacic

    I am disappointed with this vac. I owned a shark cordless hand vacuum before they added the “pet perfect” to the name, and I loved it. I had it for about 7 years then it died. I purchased this which looks exactly the same, but the problem I have with this is the attachments keep falling out no matter how hard I push them in. It is really quite annoying to constantly have to stop and pick up the attachments. It is most noticeable with the little beater bar brush. I never ever experienced this with my original shark.

  28. Tamika S Carroll

    I got this after watching an episode of hoarders and fetl compelled to deep clean my house to make me feel better. Im a little hand vac mad woman now…been cleaning all kinds of cracks and crevices. No corner is safe. Great for car vaccuming. I used it on my stairs and its much easier than lugging a big ol vacuum. The charge only lasted maybe 20 min first go round. But when i emptied to container so much was picked up. Im appalled! I like the attachments as well and easy to change out.

  29. mary olive

    fully charged it only stays charged for maybe 30 minutes which is fine most of the time. i delive pizza aand sometimes thats not enough juice to do the whole car. however that is my only complaint. the suction on this thing is fantastic, and the tools are very handy. also it is very easy to clean. overall i am happy with it

  30. Michelle

    Worked soooo good for like 3 uses then Wouldn’t charge any more. I followed the charge directions strictly and it still crapped out. Such a bummer if it had a cord or a better battery it would be 5 stars.. I had to return for a refund.. I used this tool in my car (I have 2 toddlers) made it look great. I have a Siberian long hair husky and a kitty. It was great on kitty litter and the attachments were a dream come true for the hair on the (dark brown) couch and the stairs! Not to mention they got into tight nooks and crannies and took care of dust!! It was super great while it lasted I am now on the hunt for one with a cord.

  31. Anniebuddy

    Had to return kept turning off while in use. I do own another like it and have had it for about 5 years. Lasted a long time plus I like the electric broom on it. Picks up good. Gave one star because this one was broken but I do know this is a good product and worth more stars. Amazon exchanged this unit for another. Love doing business with Amazon.

  32. Montalguy

    The product works well but I have three comments. Its purple color is tacky. Another color would have been much more tasteful and attractive. The dinging sound that it makes each time it is turned on is unnecessary and somewhat annoying. Finally, it does not grip its base but just poorly balances on there. It can be easily knocked off the base when mounted on the wall.

  33. NonnaB

    UPDATE: 13 months of light use and suddenly it won’t charge. Good while it lasted but for the ratings it had in Consumer Reports, I expected it to live a few more years. The cord plugged into the wall plug doesn’t feel the least bit warm as if some power was actually getting into the unit. Looking for another charger now to test theory. If not the charger, then the battery AND is it cheaper to replace than buy a new hand vac? Stay tuned …This is a second hand vac. After the first one died after many years of use, we were hesitant to buy another. Consumer Reports gave this hand vac high scores so we decided to take a chance since bringing out the upright every time we needed a quick cleanup was a nuisance. We have been very happy with this little machine. My only complaint it when switching attachments you don’t hear a click or feel a snap.

  34. Julianne FitzGerald

    This is the second Shark Cordless Pet vacuum I’ve purchased and the first one lasted 9 years! I can’t recommend this product enough, I use it constantly and the attachments that come with it are SUPERB! While this is advertised as a pet handheld vacuum there is truly no mess that it can’t handle! And the motorized brush attachment makes cleaning up hair an absolute breeze! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

  35. Nashville066

    Simply the best! I have 2 dogs and a dog – one of the dogs sheds horribly. This is a lifesaver, we use it every day. Really works great for those times you don’t want to pull out the big vacuum or just need to do the stairs. We now have 2 of them – one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I also buy them for people as gifts and try to explain that I didn’t just give them a handheld vacuum – they don’t really understand until they start using it! I have never had an issue nor has anyone that I know that has one had an issue.

  36. Kindle Customer

    I bought this, to vacuum my two flights of carpeted stairs. I can’t get both stairs done with one charge which is unfortunate – overall it does work fine, it has good suction, has a good beater brush. It has replacement filters, very easy to empty the dirt and replace the filters. My only complaint is you can’t take the beater brush attachment apart to remove the hair that twists around the rollers – cleaning that part of the vacuum is extremely difficult. For the price, I think it would be hard to get anything much better tho.

  37. Amazon Customer

    I bought this vacuum mostly to use in the car and on the furniture. We have a great pyrenees (long hairs) and a coonhound (medium, coarse short hair) The coonhounds hair pokes in to things and is nearly impossible to vacuum out so this did as well as expected on her hair, maybe a little better. The Pyrenees hair was fairly easy for it to suck up. Occasionally the vacuum head would come “unplugged” so it quits rotating, but you just have to push it back in and it starts working again. Charge seems to last about 30 minutes of continuous use which isn’t bad for a $55 vacuum. I would recommend it to people with pethair and anything easier to pick up!

  38. 60’s_rocker

    My first Shark cordless I had for several years and I was very pleased with it. However I think it got used to death when I moved from one house to another recently. I don’t think my “helpers” took very good care of it and didn’t always let it charge as it should have been. Now at my new home, I’ve purchased another, one grade up and am very pleased with it. The add on, powered, brush head works miracles. It is a life saver if you have cats. I works on so many little messes they can leave for you.

  39. J. Rich

    I’ve only had it about a month, but love the power of the suction, to be just a ‘hand-vac’. As with any rechargeable item, I’m sure battery care will be an issue. I notice in the instructions when it says to deep-cycle the battery, it also says to recharge it not more than a certain number of hours (can’t remember, off-hand)…. which I guess is implying that you canNOT leave it on the charger, all the time, for fear of overcharging (?) So, I charge it until the light goes off, then set it off. The instructions seem a little vague on that issue.A wonderful hand-vac, and an actual rotating brush which works verywell on picking up debris on carpet.

  40. blah blah

    i love this little vacuum. it is so handy and lightweight. and has good power.———————————————————————————————————————————————–update 1/12/2018———————————————————————————————————————————————–great vacuum, works well. but the battery pack is junk, just quit working. will last about 1 minute now. upon looking more into it, they are NICad batteries. 90’s tech. and the replacement battery pack is $59 from shark. cheaper to just buy a new vacuum for $50.99 from amazon. but it will have the same junk battery pack that will fail again.maybe i will look into modifying it to take some lithium batteries.