SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F Hot Steam Mops & Carpet and Floor Cleaning Machines (6-in-1 Accessories & 3 Microfiber Pads Included) – Floor Steam Cleaners Machine

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  • 1500W POWERFUL HOT STEAM CLEANS AND SANITIZES (100% CHEMICAL FREE) – 212F (100C) hot steam naturally deep cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes without the use of harsh chemicals (use water only). Dissolves stubborn stains and removes left-behind dirt and residue from babies or pets, kills 99% of harmful bacteria and germs, kills fleas, parasites, ticks and their eggs from pets as well. The steam mop provides a NON-TOXIC environment for family, specially your kids and pets.
  • PROFESSIONAL CARPET & FLOOR CLEANING SERVICES AT NO COST – The snap-on carpet glider to refresh carpet, deep clean the tough stains and sticky spots. 180-degree swivel triangle head is for easy maneuvering, and to clean hard to reach areas. Steam on demand: steam control settings that are optimized for each type of floor from carpet to wood. For light cleaning use MIN to LOW, and for the toughest mess use HIGH to MAX. Drying takes just seconds, so it’s easy to clean anytime, anywhere.
  • VERY USEFUL 6-IN-1 VERSATILE ACCESSORIES – Clean every area of your home and office: carpets, floors, bathroom, windows, grout, kitchen, ovens, and upholstery, etc. Microfiber steam mop is great for all sealed hard floor surfaces including tile, wood, vinyl and laminate. Lightweight design and firm shoulder strap make it easy to use. 3 pieces of microfiber pads are included. They are washable and reusable. Consumables can be purchased separately for your different cleaning needs.
  • SAFE & CONVENIENT & GIFT SET – It’s the safest way to clean your home, keep your family safe, and protect our fragile environment. – The sound alert system makes regular beeping sound when the steamer works in good conditions; it becomes louder if the water needs to be refilled. The sound is also important to remind you not to accidentally leave the steamer on. The overload protection system ensures product durability. – Premium gift packaging.
  • DEVOTED CUSTOMER SERVICE – For Amazon customers, this product comes with 1-Month free trial & 2-Year warranty – Additional microfiber pads and other spare parts at deep discounts are sold at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B019YUZZLU – Free life-time customer consultation by SKG at http://www.amazon.com/seller/SKG-ELECTRIC


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1500W POWERFUL 212F (100C) HOT STEAM CLEANS AND SANITIZES (100% Chemical Free)

1. 1500W powerful steamer provides environmentally safe steam in 15~30 seconds. The 212F (100C) continuous hot steam delivers 99% sterilization against germs to deep clean and sanitize.
2. 100% Chemical Free steam mop is safe to use in your home or office. Kills bacteria while insuring a Non-Toxic environment for the family with kids, the elderly, pregnant women, or pets.


1. 180-degree swivel triangular mop head for easy maneuvering, and to clean hard to reach areas.
2. Steam controls are optimized for each type of floor from carpet to wood. For light cleaning use MIN to LOW; and for the toughest mess use HIGH to MAX.


1. 6-in-1 steam cleaner helps to clean laminate, carpet, marble, glass, tires, hardwood floor, etc.
2. The sound alert system makes regular beeping sound when in use; it becomes louder when water is to be refilled. The sound also reminds you not to accidentally leave the steamer on.
3. Overload protection system ensures product durability.
4. Three washable & reusable microfiber pads are included. Consumables can be purchased separately.
5. Fast drying, lightweight & shoulder strap make it easy to clean anytime, anywhere.


1. Made for the U.S. market (120V) only. Working power is 1500W, which requires a 3500W or above transformer if used in a 220V country.
2. Insert mop head into main body then fix it with the SCREW in the package.
3. Steam on demand: For light cleaning use the MIN to LOW, for the toughest mess use HIGH to MAX.
4. Not all floors are suitable for steam cleaning. Before using it please test the unit on a small isolated area of your floors.
5. Always clean the reservoir after use, and refill it exactly with a measuring cup. Distilled water is recommended. No hot water or chemicals!

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  1. Stephen L

    This is my second review of this product as I have put it through much more work today and I have to tell you I love it! There will be a knock against it but I will leave that for last.This product is far superior to the swiffers of this world, I have used many of these products in the past and while I thought they did a decent job after using this there is no comparison.When you first start using this you may notice that it kind of drags along on the floor, I found that if you let it heat up a bit first it will glide along the floor pretty easily.First off I started on the kitchen and hallway linoleum floors and then moved on to the bathrooms.This steamer did such a nice job that I twice took a break for a moment to take off the microfiber cloth and wash it out before reusing.Great added value, they seem well made, I have reused the same one 5 times now and it looks like it is going to hold up for quite some time.Ok now for the great part, I used this to steam clean my Refridgerator then the walls and cabinets around the stove and also the ceiling over the stove as over time with all the cooking going on things can get a little messy / greasy as I am sure more than a few of you will know what I am talking about.This steamer did a fantastic job with no real elbow grease required. I didn’t even take it off the long handle as that was helpful for reaching up to the ceiling.Now for my 1 knock, the handle is cheaply made and rather flimsy, part metal, part plastic so it has a few weak areas, you will have to be careful not to put to much pressure on it as I think habit would be for any of us who have moved a mop before. It in no way takes away from my recommendation for this excellent machine, The 2-year warranty makes me feel better about that and to the manufacturing /product development team, I would suggest making a solid quality handle that can withstand more pressure and last years and if needed add $20 to the price of your product, Money well spent!

  2. Crystal Hosking

    We just moved into a condo that was built in 1998 and I’m pretty sure all the hard surface floors are the originals. The grout was super dusty and gross, so I purchased this steamer specifically to clean the tile grout in 3 rooms. After it was delivered and I opened it up, I was amazed at how many accessories came with it! I immediately put it together and did a section of the bathroom with the handheld extension and the grout immediately looked brand new. I then took it to a second bathroom, where there was vinyl down, just to see if I could clean that up a bit as well. For the vinyl floor, I had cleaned it with a regular Swiffer WetJet type of mop and their cleaning solution, which took up some grime but the vinyl is textured so it still looked dirty. I started hitting sections with the steamer and it made a huge difference. I’ve attached a photo of the steamed (and wiped down) section juxtaposed to the original state of the vinyl. Now the vinyl looks almost brand new. We were going to replace it because it was so beat up but now that can go on the wait list. I also took the steamer to clean the sliding door in the shower, and it cut through soap scum and whatever else was lurking in the crevices in no time. I love that there are no chemicals involved and especially that I don’t have to deal with all the fumes in such small spaces. It’s so easy to use too and to switch the accessories out. I can’t wait to use this appliance in more areas of our home!

  3. Aldo

    FANTASTIC! My house has never felt so clean! This is a great all purpose (nearly all anyway) cleaner! It takes a little “learning curve” but once you get the hang of it it is superb. It’s better than my Hahn steam cleaner that I had for 7 years and “killed” by making the mistake of adding a few drops of scented oil to the water tank. I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to do that. But I’m glad I did because this cleaner cleans a lot more than just floors. I have hardwood flooring (manufactured hard wood) and it works great on that but it is also a fabulous window cleaner, vent cleaner and bathroom countertop/tub, shower cleaner. My favorite use for this handy little multi-purpose device is to clean my granite countertops in kitchen. SO MUCH EASIER than scrubbing them by hand! And I also used the hose attachment to clean my tile backsplash. And unlike my Hahn cleaner that had pads that I had to wash by hand, I can just throw these in the washing machine and re-use again and again. If I had to deduct any stars it would be just half a star for the water resorvoir being a tad small, and also when I use the hose attachment to clean the windows, the steam leaks a lot of water, which requires a dish towel on hand to wipe up. But otherwise this is SUPER and I notice that they have already raised the price on it. Bought mine 2 weeks ago for $86. But it’s way better than the $140 Hahn that it replaced. I haven’t tried all the attachments yet but I have to say, I LOVE THIS LITTLE THING! It actually makes housework (almost) ENJOYABLE!

  4. Dyane

    Had this steamer couple of months. Really pleased with it. Only complaint is water tank is small and needs refilling often. I received email from the company and they offered to send me extra pads if I responded. I responded thinking I’d never see the pads but what could I lose? Low and behold, I received 4 extra pads, no charge. I’ve had several emails from the company wanting to know if I’m satisfied, etc. I’m very impressed with the customer service provided by this company. It’s a rare thing these days.

  5. Joe Flannel

    I’ve been using the unit for about a week and a half, and so far, I’m really happy with it. It was easy to assemble, the user manual was clear and concise, and it came with a very complete set of accessories, including a bonus tote bag to keep everything in. The unit heats quickly, steam production is nearly instant, it’s light weight and easy to handle. The microfiber cleaning cloths have been easy to reuse, light scrub in the sink to get the dust bunnies off, then machine wash, and line dry.My only possible concern is that the main triangle mop head attaches to the handle with a single self tapping screw, I’ve had no issues at all with it, but the engineer in me would like to have seen a bit beefier connection point. We’ll just have to wait and see how it holds up after extended use.Final thoughts, unit is a complete steam cleaning arsenal, easy to use, and I’m enjoying a much cleaner apartment.

  6. Tammy Johnson

    This machine is fantastic!! I received it 2 days ago and have put it through its paces! I am very particular about having a clean house and very OCD about corners, behind items, under things, grout, tiles, stove, oven, etc and this machine handles it!! It usually takes me an hour to an hour and a half to scrub the hardwood floors in this house. I have about 1300 square feet of hardwood flooring and scrub on hands and knees to ensure the dirt is scrubbed up and not just into the grooves. This machine got it done right and it took about 15 minutes….LOVE IT. I scrub the grout in the bathrooms about every two weeks and yet this machine got the grout even cleaner! BONUS! The time on the walls took about the same time as it does to scrub by hand except the times were cleaner. Used the upholstery cleaner and it freshened up the furniture fantastically. I was able to go through the house and give it a good spring freshen in 1 day! Usually takes me two to three. Makes short work of the cleaning! The one tool I tried and couldn’t seem to master was the glass/mirror cleaner. Too much water and condensation left even using on the lowest setting, but that was inside. Outside works like a charm on the windows and many other items. Once you get used to how the tools come together and apart, it doesn’t take too much to switch between the tools quickly, just have to be careful not to get even a drop of the hot water on you. Anyhow, I sit here today writing this review in a very clean house. My floors are not only shining but they feel fantastic on my bare feet. This product for me is well worth the price and I LOVE IT. I truly didn’t think my cleaning could be improved upon but this machine took it up a notch while SAVING time and effort!!

  7. Cherry Thomas

    I didn’t really find anything to recommend this product. The head is too large to fit under my cabinets. The thickness of the cotton pad that goes on the bottom of the head to clean the floors is so thick it leaves the floors soppy wet. You have to lay it on the counter top and use a plastic cup and funnel to get the water in the mop. The cherry on top was that I purchased this mop in January and today May 13th, it stopped heating. Total waste of money!

  8. Ashley

    This produce is incredible! It’s worth every penny. Check out Ibotta to receive 3% back when you order (use code tjslsyc to receive an additional $10 with your first rebate).Pros:- simple, used in minutes of opening- adjustable handle, so you can make it taller- tons of attachments to clean tables, floors, carpets, curtains, and so on.- comes with an additional floor pad- cleanest I’ve ever seen my hard wood floors, it even removed glue that even a magic eraser couldn’t remove!- fast, did my entire down stairs in 10 minsCons:-It’s a little hard to store with all the attachments, but it comes with a nice bag to keep them in.- I wish it cleaned carpet a bit better but it still did a great job (see pics below)All in all 5 stars!! Great product.

  9. kahjet38

    I’m in love with this steam mop! Went to town on my sealed hardwood floors and stairs and picked up so much dirt. Heeding the warnings of using this on wood, I don’t leave the steamer on any one spot for more than a second or two and keep the setting at medium. Never had a problem or damage. Happy that when walking around in black socks I don’t have so much white residue on them like I did with the Swiffer Wet Jet. Though, truthfully, it would be most clean if you went over everything twice because that microfiber slip can only pick up so much before it just pushes it around. Also thrilled that I’m using just hot water that will kill bacteria just as well as any cleaning chemical. Not that all chemicals are bad, but it’s nice to think that it only needs (filtered/distilled) water. One complaint I have is the power cord is very heavy and stiff and gets in the way a lot.

  10. Paula B.

    I bought this back in August, 2017 when I moved into a condo that had some sort of stone tiles and found out how useful a steam cleaner could be. I had seen one at a friend’s condo who also had stone tiles and was amazed at how clean it got things but did not buy the same as her after reading all the different reviews and also, of course, the variety of functions that the SKG has.One of the best uses I had when I moved in was to steam clean the very dirty vertical blinds of the sliding glass doors which were yellow from cigarette residue (yuck!). Not only did it clean them, the residual odor was eradicated as well.I love this cleaning tool and know I will get years of service from it. Oh, and did I mention how polite the customer service people are? You will not be disappointed in buying this appliance.

  11. VF

    The first SKG we received had a defect with the on-off switch – it broke soon after we tried using it. Customer service was awesome and immediately sent us a replacement. The SKG leaves our porcelain floors spotless and much cleaner than our previous steamer and we have had no others problems. It’s very light weight and easy to use.

  12. Amazon Customer

    This product was a waste of money. My floors are left with water when finished. It leaves more water than a ring mop and it doesn’t matter what setting it is on. It also doesn’t clean anything. Very disappointed.

  13. Dizzy

    I absolutely love this little machine. I steamed my whole house with it and it is so easy to run.The only downfall, which I have read from others is the fact you cannot get it to stand up very easily leaning on anything at all. It constantly falls unless you hold it while unplugging it, or changing the water etc. I am so afraid if I lean it on something it will end up breaking because it does not stand up, but even with that said, I would buy this again.The floors dry fast, and it was so nice on my area carpets and no special chemicals to harm pets or people..Just distilled water.Very nice and light to handle, and I know it pivots to make it easy to clean, so of course because it pivots all around, it’s not easy to stand it up..Still worth the money and I am still giving it 5 stars.

  14. P. Corley

    I absolutely love this steamer! I bought this because my house was starting to smell of dog, no matter how much I cleaned. I cleaned the carpet in my Grandson’s room where the puppy spends a lot of her time, and it did get rid of the large stain on the carpet. I gave it another once over the next day because I could still smell the dog and that did the trick. The next day I steamed cleaned the ceilings fans, windows, air conditioner outlet and rugs, my kitchen cabinet door. It did any awesome job on the blinds in the kitchen and the kitchen sink, tile floors. I then cleaned everything in the bathroom. I ran, my out of things to clean so had to go out for a while and when I got home my house smelled fresh and clean and NO DOG SMELL! It’s easy to use and the steam is ready in minutes. One small thing, the tank is quite small so I had to stop to fill it often, but because the steam is ready in minutes it really isn’t an issue. Love, love, love this product!

  15. Mrs. Smith

    I am quite impressed by the power this little mop has. Its lightweight but when running it’s much more powerful than my previous junky shark steam mop that quit steaming. This was easy to put together and came with way more attachments than I anticipated! It cleans well but the head is smaller than I’m used to, though it fits between the tables and chair legs better so that’s not a bad thing. It also takes a little more muscle because of the power behind it but does a much better job lifting gunk stuck to the floor than my previous one. So far I’ll give it 5 stars unless something changes.

  16. twigs

    The steamer performs exactly as claims, and it produces steam very quickly; when it’s done, a noise lets you know the water tank is empty. . There is a white, zippered bag to store all the accessories. The instructions are clear and concise (even using the word “please”). The length of the arm is adjustable. Very long cord that is easily stored.The water tank fills just enough to steam a 9’x12′ rug, then has to cool down on its floor pad before being refilled and continuing on. Lightweight, which is a plus.There is a caution to please unplug the machine whenever it is turned off – whether to answer a phone or whatever. I bought several extra pads, just to be on the safe side; the pads can be tossed in the washing machine. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that the steamer makes little to no noise. It’s a serious machine that is actually cute in its design and easy to use.If not controlled properly, steam can hurt you, your pet, your children. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SAFETY CAUTIONS.UPDATE: Soon after delivery, the manufacturer sent a follow-up email with additional specific instructions and cautions. I’ll print them out and keep them with the booklet.

  17. Jose’ R. Arvelo

    I bought the SKG steamer because I didn’t want to use my big steamer. I just wanted the convenience of the small steamer. I shouldn’t have bought the SKG steamer I really didn’t need it. On my first use I could tell it really doesn’t steam well. I noticed that it was leaving my floors saturated with water no matter what setting you put it on. I had to use the second pad to dry my floors. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had thrown the box away I’d be sending it back. I guess I’ll continue to use my big steam that really works and really puts out steam. Sooner or later I’ll trash the SKG steamer which was a total waste of money. My recommendation to you is to spend the extra money get yourself a great floor steamer.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Just bought this product and gave it a good test, and it’s going back.Pros:1) It makes steam, lots of it and quickly2) Lots of attachments for cleaning different things; it got stains out of the grout in my white tile kitchen that had defied every other method.Cons:1) Poorly designed and constructed; feels flimsy2) Very small water reservoir, and hard to fill. The opening is under the handle and requires use of the supplied funnel to get water in without spilling. And it goes through the water very quickly; I had to refill over 10 times during cleaning of a 1 bedroom apt.3) Attachments are very hard to get onto the machine, but once on, they flop around, making them difficult and frustrating to use4) Steam control valve does absolutely nothing, as best I could tell; turning it from max to min made no detectable difference in the amount of steam5) Poor instructions, with small photos that don’t really illustrate what needs to be done. It took a lot of figuring out.6) It doesn’t come with any kind of base or stand, and since it’s not safe to leave it standing on anything other than a tile floor while hot, I had to lay it on the kitchen counter to wait for it to cool down

  19. Nicole Beck

    Okay, i got this product for one main reason, to clean my floor tile in my kitchen, foyer, and bathrooms. Our home is a new build and the contractor that installed these tile floors smeared grout over many of the tiles and did not bother to wipe it off while it was still wet. I have tried numerious times in the three months we have lived here to clean the grout off the tiles but nothing worked! I bought this machine and now i am in love! One of the best purchases so far for my new home cleaning wise. With not a whole lot of time and elbow grease, i was able to FINALLY remove these eye sores of smeared and drops of grout off of my tile! I am really amazed how well it worked, and also how easilyit is to clean my tiles without a mop and harsh chemicles!Also, since purchasing this product the company SKG already sent me 2 emails making sure i knew how to use it, offered insight and help if i had any problems or questions, and how to order more mop pads Plus they are sending me a free a pack. I have neved had a company care so much about customer satisfaction they actually reach out to the customer. To me it seems like they truely care about their customers experience with their product unlike other businesses and organizations out there. (SKG never asked me to write a review for this product either, unlike many other sellers on amazon who ask you rate the five stars and a review if you are happy with your purchase.)

  20. Beth McMillen

    My previous steamer broke, a different brand that remain nameless, and I was shopping for a replacement. I had never heard of the SKG steam mop, but what attracted me was it was the only one would clean carpets as well tile floors and it had a 2 year warranty where all the others only had a one year warranty. After reading the reviews, which most were 5 starts and the comments about the great customer service, I decided to give it a try. I received the steam mop quickly and used it for about a week when it developed a problem, damaged in shipment. I contacted customer service and had a replacement was shipped to me in less than a week. Michael, at customer service, is very nice to work with and has urged me not to hesitate to contact him if there are any problems. If I could give customer a separate rating, I would also give it a 5 star rating. I have been using my replacement for a week now and love it. My house has never been so clean. I have used it on tables, upholstery,mirrors, countertops, shower, carpet and tile floors. I have not used all the attachments, but I am sure they will all work well..

  21. Allie

    This machine is awesome. It’s way better than you would expect for the price. The only reason I give it 4 stars and not 5 is that the cord is very heavy and you have to work around it (not a huge deal) and if you don’t continuously stay in motion, the steam will damage the floor (kind of a big deal). We used it on linoleum and paused briefly, and now have an imprint of the steam head on the floor. The package warns you of this but I was still surprised by how quickly it happened. Don’t let it stand still while using it. Otherwise, it’s a great buy.

  22. Maddelina

    I have been steaming literally everything in my home since getting this mop!! My floors have never looked and felt cleaner, and with the many attachments you receive you can clean windows, carpet, doors,fixtures, etc! It literally heats up in seconds, and the tank lasts quite a while! The best part is no chemicals are used to make my house sanitary! I have kittens and this is a major selling point for me. The company has also sent personalized emails to ensure product satisfaction, and they carry a two year warranty! My one recommendation to users is to try and use distilled water. I found the steamer works much better this way and this will ensure the longetivity of the machine.

  23. Amazon Customer

    This seems to work for sanitizing the floor. The company support is wonderful – they went far out of their way to send me extra mop pads TWICE since the first ones apparently got lost in the mail.However, the mop is too wet and leaves horrible soggy streak paths. When dry it just looks almost like dried puddle-streaks. Even when I mop two days in a row with clean pads both times, this is the case (not super dirty floors). My floor is only dirty enough to tint the pads, so I don’t think it’s just my floor being horribly filthy.Anyway, perhaps a different mop pad would work better. The additional free ones they send are the same, so that doesn’t help!

  24. Amazon Customer

    We have just moved into a house that is around 2 years old. The gout on the tile floors and the bathrooms’ walls was very dirty and looked terrible. The tile floor was also very sticky and dull. This was the main reason we wanted a steam mop. I researched the different steam mops and the SKG looked to be a good choice with a number of attachments for more uses than just the floors. The SKG steam mop has done a great job. It easily cleaned the gout on the tile floors and the walls in the bathrooms. We used it to clean the carpets in the bedrooms and were amazed at how much dirt it got up. We have used it to clean the couch and the window blinds. We are very satisfied with the performance of the SKG steam mop and give it a high recommendation.

  25. Kcmarie

    To start off I was really liking the SKG I started in the bathroom and it worked really nice! Then a couple days later went to do my base boards and it was leaking everywhere! I thought it was from the attachments but when it is in the upright position pooring out of the actual machine. I read the directions and have only used distilled water and unplug it every time not in use. The machine itself had time to cool down because I would wipe down everything in between fills. I know I didn’t overheat it because that was one of my concerns. Do a wipe down, fill it up, plug it in, and then continue! I was just about to or extra mop pads to do my carpet and I am glad I didn’t!

  26. Rosemarie Nilson

    This steamer replaces another brand I previously purchased. That steamer kept blowing the circuit breaker in the house — so why use it and tossed it. I saw this steamer and thought to give it a try & so glad I did — I just love this steamer! I cleaned the grout on my kitchen floor from grayish back to white. In addition, the attachment to clean the bathroom & toilet around edges and base was easy to attach & did a phenomenal job! The first time I did I used it I was actually mortified as to all the junk that came out from under the toilet base as I had thought it was clean. While the steamer was fantastic on my floor & bathroom, I did not have much success on the furniture attachment. Regardless, I still gave 5 stars because the difference on my tile/grout and bathroom was noticeable & most importantly, it doesn’t blow circuit breakers! Highly recommend.

  27. ML

    I have had my SKG steamer now for a few months. The steamer itself provides lots and lots of hot steam. When used with the various hand tools, this machine can blast away lots of grime and dirt. My complaint is with the mop head. The mop is on the small side which is great for getting into tight spaces but for covering lots of ground the machine would benefit from a bigger head option. Additionally, since the steamer has the ability to put out lots of hot steam to get into grout lines, the mop could really benefit from some kind of scrubber to reach down into thick grout lines and also some even thicker and more absorbent pads that really pick up/absorb the left over dirt and water. I have lots of tile flooring with thick grout and the texture in the tiles has lots of little crevices for dirt and water to seep into. With a family of 5 and the accumulation of dust living in AZ, our floors get really dirty. While I was in the market for a floor mop, I was really intrigued by the multi-purpose offering of this machine. The steamer itself does not disappoint and does a very good job. The little scrubber that comes as an attachment works well on grout. However it attaches to the end of the hose which means the work has to be done on hands and knees if you using on the floor. Also the scrubber can only be used so many times before the bristles start to wear from the hot steam and scrubbing. I do believe the mop head would really benefit from some improvement in the design or maybe an option of a couple different heads depending on whether one is looking for something to really clean the grout lines in the flooring, how big of a floor head is needed and also the option for more absorbent pads with tread or thick knap to get in and really clean/soak up the dirt. As another note, customer service is responsive and helpful. The accessory bag arrived with a rip in it and the company promptly sent me a replacement.

  28. Amanda Morse

    I bought this mop based on other reviews. My entire home is wood flooring and I was desperate for a good steam mop to cleanup after messy toddlers. Firstly, the assembly was ridiculous. If you want simple this isn’t it. There are do many many small parts the attachments are very chaotic there’s no way to keep them all together with the mop in an efficient way. Plus if you have small kids, 10 different small pieces floating around while you mop is hazardous. The tools didn’t even fit on the nozzle. Also I found that I had to go back and scrub anyways behind the mop. The worst is the streaking. My house is covered in visible mop streaks. I’m so upset, I waited a week for this mop I’ve had it for 4 hours and already put in for a return. If you want a simple cleaning solution, this is not the mop for you. The cord!!! Omg, don’t get ND started on the cord it’s always in the way. If this mop was $50 it might be a good deal for some people but over $100!!!! No way, I’m pissed.

  29. SHARON

    Very powerful , and very hot steam. This is the third steamer that I have had, and this one seems to give off the hottest steam. There is tiny drops of pitch that get tracked in my back door, and this seems to be hot enough to remove it. I have tile on this floor.

  30. empirechic

    I love my new steamer! I always wanted to try one and this was my first steam cleaner. The first day after it arrived my neighbor came over and you would have thought I was doing an informational commercial for it – I was so excited showing it off! So easy to use and I love that I am not using any chemicals or cleaning products in my home. My kitchen floor has never been cleaner and I also use it on the counters and kitchen sink. I also love using it in the bathroom. It is easy to use and comes with many attachments that are also easy to use. I anticipate using it for many years and will save $ on cleaning products. The customer service has been amazing and I have never had such personal attention on an online purchase. I definitely recommend this product!

  31. Dana Sochirca

    Great customer service! I had a problem w my steamer and I received a new one in exchange, I was so pleasantly surprise for their customer service, they fixed my problem so fast and so professional !They care a lot about their consumers and this is a great thing! Thank you again!

  32. William DiMarie

    This steam cleaner is great! So light and easy to operate. Comes with every attachment available. I couldn’t believe the power behind it. I got it together in less than 5 minutes. It comes with a bag to store every attachment. My wife steamed the carpet and it looks like new. I cleaned my grill then proceeded to use it on my truck interior. It detached with ease and became portable complete with a shoulder strap. The cord is very long. Just don’t put tap water in there it says use distilled but I used spring water. Whats up fast. Great purchase.

  33. BJPhotoMan

    This steam cleaner does a fantastic job of cleaning. It has tons of attachments, heats up quickly, good power, and had our floors the cleanest they’ve been in quite a while. We don’t like using chemical cleaners, and my wife detests a standard mop, so steam cleaning the floors is the way to go. Highly recommend this steamer!

  34. Kim M. Gregory

    This was packaged perfectly and was delivered to my home quickly. We put this together and knew how to work it in about 15-20 minutes. This mop heats up in less then 5 minutes and does exactly as it states. I like that it comes with so many features and ways to clean different areas of the home. I have only tried it on my linoleum and wood floors and worked great.

  35. Louisiana Lady

    This is a great steam mop Keeps my floors sparkling clean! I received a defective mop which caused the stem to snap into two pieces. Michael at SKG addressed the problem immediately and provided me with new parts. He expressed sincere apologies and desire to correct the problem. I am so pleased with the customer service I received from this company. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend their products.If you are looking to purchase a good steam mop, this is a great one!

  36. AHL

    Easy to use with great versatility (floors, tiles, etc). Easy setup.I had a bit of a problem with the first unit that I received with leaking steam from around the ball joint at the point of the base attachment. Customer service (Michael), however, was AMAZING. They responded quickly to my email inquiry and within a couple of days I had a completely NEW unit delivered to my home. No muss, no fuss. To me, that type of company response and backing of its products is worth an additional star all by itself.

  37. kay c

    This is a life saver! I hate mopping the floor with a mop and bucket (Hate it). B/c of this steam mop, i’ve been cleaning the floor more often. This beat the swifter spray mop b/c this steam mop does not leave behind any sticky residue. This only use water steam to clean your floor. So far, i’ve only used it for the floor(tile, wood) and back-splash. I do use it on my hardwood floor but used the lowest setting and made sure not to linger too long in one spot(not seal). The unit is not overly loud. It’s easy to add water. Super easy to use, i don’t have to move any chairs around, i can clean around it. The only product I can truly say I love.

  38. deborah shaffer

    So far I have only used my SKG as a steam mop and I really like it. I was a bit worried about the beeping sound that it advertised but it is not loud or annoying. It comes with several attachments and has a handy bag to put them in.The cord is of good length and the mop stands upright. I also received 4 extra mop pads from the seller, free! You don’t see that much nowdays! Thanks so much

  39. Robin

    Excellent Hot Steam Mop! This is my 3rd day of testing out this product. The attachments it comes with are very versatile and so far this product does above a great job! Did wonders on the carpets, couch, chairs, window blinds and very impressed! Will give update again after a few weeks of use.

  40. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely love this. Going to order me a second one in case anything should happen to this one. I was a little worried at how hard it would be to use all the attachments. Very easy. This steamer is the best money I’ve spent in a while. It saves my back cleaning the floors an so easy to use. Fast & easy

  41. Morgan

    Not great for carpet. My other carpet cleaner put out steam then sucked back up the dirty water. This doesn’t suck anything back up so you’re just spraying hot water on the carpet and not actually cleaning anything. Works well on hard floor.

  42. Feather

    I am very pleased with this product, Although I intend to work more with the “mop” component and get my hardwood floors shiny clean – I especially love the hand held steamer component. I have used it to clean my blinds – and it made a difficult job – so easy and the blinds which are white looked great. A breeze to clean the bathroom and baseboards. I have only started to find uses for this tool. Now, if SKG would make a great vacuum cleaner!

  43. brady

    I had to replace my old steam mop and did a lot of research before purchasing this one and am very happy with my choice. I didn’t think I needed all the attachments, but decided to purchase based on the reviews and have already used them several times. I can’t believe I’ve lived without the attachments all these years. They made cleaning window tracks a breeze! And what an amazing job on my microfiber dining room chairs!!I was especially impressed with the vendor service. Not only did they reach out to make sure I received everything as expected, they also offered replacement microfiber pads at no charge! I am one truly impressed customer.


    I’m sorry but Ithoughtthat’llbe a great investment to have it fir by beautiful house and keep it clean. But it’s not powerful as it says in the productdescription. The water tank it’s very small and if set the power on medium/ high power to better serve your cleaning needs… well the water last only few minutes…so this mean that a typical 30 minutes job… well it takes instead more than double of your regular time, because you must constantly stop to refill aver and over again the water tank that it has only 1 cup volume tank .When I cleaned my large tiled living room floor it took me double the time compare with my old european one that I can’t use here now.I get disappointed abd sad i waste my money. This is my first time that I’m not happy with my orders products .

  45. peggy lee garcia

    I absolutely love this steam mop! I was a bit bummed at first because the screw to secure the base was missing but I contacted the rep and they sent the screw right away along with additional mop heads. The reps are super nice and easy to work with. I love this product so much. It makes cleaning up after my toddler so much easier, not to mention there are no harsh chemicals I need to worry about. I haven’t gotten around to using all of the attachments just yet but I’m excited for when the time comes. I recommend this product 100%. I have already told everyone I know about how amazing it is.

  46. Cathey

    Very powerful and does a great job on my bare floors. I had one I purchased five years ago, but this one surpasses that one and the fact that you can remove the steamer and make it hand-held is a bonus for spot cleaning rugs and furniture. It dries quickly. Kudos!

  47. Kendra

    Lightweight, easy to use, steams the dirt right off of my concrete floors. HOWEVER…it leaves these bizarre and very noticeable matte/cloudy streaks. I Swiffer the floors first, use filtered water only in the machine, and use machine-washed pads that I change out quite often as I’m mopping along (I have 6 pads in total for about 1800sf of flooring). Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? I’ve had this happen 3 times now and unless one of you lovely people can help me, I’m not going to be using this mop anymore. The streaks It requires VERY aggressive mopping by hand with a terrycloth towel on the end of a Swiffer to buff away the streaks.

  48. Isabel

    I wasn’t sure about this, but I LOVE IT now this is the best thing ever. I have dogs that mess my floor all the time and this awesome mop leave my floors so clean, If you follow the instructions you should be good. Highly recommend.

  49. Steeter

    I was so excited to use this and all its attachments around my home. The steam mop seems to work great on my tile floors and I scrubbed grout with one of the little attachments (which got pretty mangled after one use). The window/glass attachment squirts water everywhere and did a poor to medium job at cleaning our glass shower door. The tile attachment did just about zero on my shower tile. I don’t think it actually works at all, there is no pile or scrubbing quality to the “tile” cleaning cover. So it you just want to spray some steam on that’s fine but it doesn’t seem to clean anything. I’ve also tried cleaning my carpet with the attachment and it does exactly zero besides get your carpets damp. No spots/stains even thought about budging. I should have thought about it more before spending $100 on this but there is no reserve for dirty water and no suction so basically all you are doing is spraying steam on whatever surface you are cleaning and then rubbing it around. I love the idea of a steam cleaner but I should have done some more research.

  50. Roses6965

    This is a great steamer! Prior to this I owned a Haan and after mopping with this, it was like I had never mopped before! The only reason I did not give this 5 stars is because the tank is very small, I have to refill it several times when I am cleaning. Other than that, it is great and all the attachments come in very handy as well.

  51. Amazon Customer

    I CaNT RAVE ENOUGH ABOUT tHIS STEAMeR! I have steamed everything in my home. Hardwoods, tile, oven, granite counters, windows, showers, carpet. What can’t this thing do. Very long power cord also

  52. Yoga Yudi

    This cleaned my wood floor very well, but it leaves streaks everywhere and makes the floor dull and smeary. I’ve tried everything to make them shiny again. They really look terrible. What am I doing wrong? I used it in my shower and although the tiles look cleaner, the grout did not clean at all. And then I tried one mirror. What a mess. Smeary and gross. I will not be using this on my windows as planned.

  53. Karen P

    This steamer is all it says it is! I’ve used it to clean my wood floors, tile floors, carpets and even cleaned my dirty oven with it! It did an awesome job on everything. Hope to try it on my windows in the Spring. Another bonus…the company gives you incredible customer service…something I can rarely say about most companies. I love it!

  54. Amber G.

    I received this as a gift this past Christmas. I have used it no more than 10 times or so, and it has stopped working already. The light comes on, but nothing happens. Although I did like the product before, I am now questioning the quality… I’m not happy right now.

  55. Bel.i.Bel

    I’m pretty happy with this lightweight cleaning gadget! I’m being fair that for the price it’s pretty good so I have it a 4-star. Had it been much more expensive, I would have given it a 1-star or 2-star and returned it. But I will keep this cutie! Great for everyday cleaning. Careful, steam does get very, very hot.

  56. SteamedDumpling

    I’ve had this steamer for a week now. It’s easy to assemble and start using right away. Full steam comes within a minute or two of plugging the unit in. It’s very lightweight. It has quite a few attachments and cloths to my pleasant surprise. It does leave quite a bit of water when steaming the floor, but the operations manual informs the user replace the microfiber cloth and use min-to-low steam setting. The swivel head is nice.The things I don’t like about the steamer are 1) you need filtered water if you live in a place with hard water 2) the extension hose slipped off too easily while I was steaming my shower doors. I was glad that I didn’t have the steamer pointed downwards at my legs.I purchased a Eureka years back that went out on me a few weeks ago, and now I wanted to upgrade. I don’t like the mop and bucket. Steaming is a quicker and more efficient way to clean the floors, but now I can clean more than just the floors. I considered one of the Haan products but decided this unit was worth the money because of the attachments, design, color.

  57. Deana Adams

    Not even a year old and it’s already quit working. My husband took it apart and found the water tank and the filter were both cracked/broken! That explains why it’s always worked crappy!! These parts are inside the body so they would have had to have been broken before I got it! I’ve only used it less than two dozen times since I bought it in July 2017.

  58. Debbie Wagner

    Ive never owned a steam mop before and just moved into a new home and felt the hardwood floors still had construction dust on them so I bought this steam mop. It is pretty easy to put together, and has a long cord. I cleaned my floors and they came out amazing! They really feel clean now. Its lightweight and has the swivel head. I am looking forward to using it for all the other applications – especially cleaning the shower doors. I definately recommend this steam mop. And the manufacturer sent me 3 extra pads which was a great surprise!

  59. SDB

    I really like this Hot Steam mop. Its very easy to use and simple to put together. I have two cats. The steam mop got out all of the pet stains and I was so happy. It does everything it says it does. It comes with extra pads which is really nice and you can wash them after each use which is very convenient. It’s a very good buy!

  60. BelleHouston

    Love this! Only reason for four stars is the shape of the pad. It just does not feel very efficient to do a large expanse with a triangular shape, yet I do appreciate it around the toilets. Love that it heats up so quickly

  61. Neal jackson

    I read those negative feedbacks from some people & took a chance & wow I love this steamer. I use it just to get the freshness it gives out after cleaning. I thought because of it being a steamer I would have to go over it slow & many times. No it moves like a mop & get the chewing gum & all off on first drive by. I love it.

  62. Sue Reeves

    I love my new steamer. I had had one for 9 1/2 years and it died and ordered a new one. This one is so much better. It has six ways to use it and will now use them all… “

  63. geter

    So far, so good. Mop comes with a million attachments and a bag to store them in. Assembly was very easy. My only complaint is that the attachment between the head and the body of the mop seems a little precarious. I screwed the screw in tightly enough, but it still doesn’t seem super study. Hopefully it doesn’t end up being a problem.

  64. Nicole

    Love it!!!!! Also wonderful customer service. Easy to use and understand. The pictures I have included are two of them microfiber pads after steam cleaning my hardwood floors. I had just washed the floors the day before. Please see how much dirt they have taken up.


    Broke in less than 3 months and nobody to talk to. All done by email. It worked good up until now. It stopped making steam.

  66. Erika Cremona

    I had a hard time deciding how many starts I would give this products and thought it was important to start this review with, I would buy this product again. I have two dogs and a cat, cement floors in a 1000sqft condo; cleanliness is of utmost importance. The OCD inside of me gets addicted to using this steamer. The ease of using this steamers is comparable to vacuuming. I unwrap the cord and run it over my floors in about 5-10 minutes. I steam every couple of days to keep up and about once a month I will do a wipe down(steam) of the counters and other highly used surfaces. In a smaller dwelling like mine, it is easy to feel the difference in the atmopshere- things are CLEAN, not just smell clean. It’s unbelievably easy to shift functions; mop to wand. The pads are washable and anyone using one of those disposable squirt mops looks twice and make the switch to steam. Those disposal set ups don’t clean, they just omit a smell into the air. If you’re looking for that effect, get an aroma therapy machine with the money you’ll save with using this steamer. Here’s the downside and why I didn’t give it a perfect score. The joint where the mop face and body come together is poorly designed. Other reviews mention it is hard to push when steaming. No, it is not hard to push. It’s simply not on wheels (for obviously reasons) and that requires more effort than your super glide vacuum; if that is what is making you hesitant on buying this, put that out of your head (unless for physical or healthy reasons). The joint I mentioned is the only issues I’ve come across with this machine. I am not sure how it passed rugged tests in development, the friction and effort to push my steamer has popped every single one of those itsy pity screws they used. This machine does take more muscle than a vacuum and they knew that, why didn’t they use long screws?! I have had to replace all 5 screws as they fell out during use. It also created two plastic pieces which create the joint, to not fit together. I used tape for reinforcement. I need to be clear, this issue has not stopped or hindered the amazing performance of this machine. I would recommend anyone who bought this to dig in your tool kit and replace those screws before use. The manufacturing should be doing this- 5 longer screws wouldn’t add a cost of notice. This will help you avoid having to tape lik me. Like I started this review, I woul buy this steamer again and it has mad my OCD self a happy individual.

  67. Renata Peters

    So far so good. It helped me to rid of old dirt in the bathroom doors with the help of one of numerous attachments. It will take time to try all attachments provided with the steam mop. The triangular shape of the mop allows to reach narrow spaces and corners.

  68. Monica

    This thing is amazing! Low price but professional results. 2 minutes out of the box and starting to clean. My hard wood floors and tile bathrooms have never been cleaner. Super easy to use, light weight so doesn’t tire you out. Carpets and sofas are refreshed.

  69. Bill D.

    So far so good. Big improvement in cleaning capability versus my old steamer/vac even though it doesn’t have the vacuum feature. It more than makes up for it with its steam cleaning versatility, and the microfiber pads outperform the cloth pads by miles. The triangular Head makes it possible to get into tight corners like in bathrooms. Only thing left to judge is durability. The two year warranty gives me confidence. If there is one very minor issue it’s that water tank is a bit awkward to fill.

  70. Amber E.

    I just got mine yesterday and used it on my kitchen floor, it left alot of water behind, my four yr old daughter who does know better than to come into a room I’m cleaning fell on all the water left behind. 😣