Space Heater – 1500W Portable Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Hot & Cool Fan Modes, Tip-Over & Overheat Protection, Heat Up Fast for Under Desk Floor Office Home, Small Size with Carry Handle

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  • ☀FAST WARM UP FOR STAYING COMFORTABLE☀ Are you feeling freezing in the cold dorm or office? The mini heater is made for those chilly days in your room or at the office. The compact size provides effective, consistent warmth for small rooms up to 190 SQ. This ceramic heater can quickly warm up the air around you within 1 sec! Stay warm and comfortable in nearly any small space when the weather turns for the worst once you pick up this portable space heater!
  • ☀EASY CONTROL WITH 3 MODES☀ 1500W High heat, 750W Low heat, Fan-Only Mode provides efficient heat into every corners of the room that needs constant heat in cold weather. So you can set the control switch to low, high and cool fan to achieve the desired heat and dispersal, depending on the room temperature. With a simple adjustable thermostat, this space heater always keeps your room temperature at the most optimal level and reduces your power consumption.
  • ☀SAFETY FIRST☀ Automatic Overheat Protection system will shut the electric heater off when the parts of the heater overheat. The ceramic heater adopts innovative PTC technology, which does not generate heat at a constant rate like resistance wires. It will cool down quickly to avoid overheating. Tip-Over Protection will shut off the space heater if it gets knocked over accidentally to help prevent accidents. This room heater is safe for families with kids or pets who may knock it down.
  • ☀SMALL & QUIET PERSONAL HEATER☀ Dimensions: 7.1 in W x 6.3 in D x 9.1 in H. Build-in carry handle, and lightweight (3.1Ibs) makes this space heater easy to place in any room or move from the floor to the table. This small heater offers you a quiet space with extra comfort. Low noise will not disturb your resting, sleeping, reading, work, and so on.
  • ☀1 YEAR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE☀ Air Choice heater provides 1-year full replacement or refund warranty, and 24/7 customer support guarantee. If you ever have any issues or questions with your room heater, please contact at support@airchoiceproducts.com


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  1. Tanya

    I bought this little heater to replace an older heater that was starting to go bad. It’s fine but I did noticed that the plug in the outlet was getting hot. Worried i would cause damage to either the machine or my outlet I moved it to a power strip I have and have not felt the actual plug getting hot. It might have something to do with older homes and older wiring. So take that into consideration when buying ANY heaters. They’re meant for newer wiring systems in homes.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This product really heats up the space, works efficiently and effectively. The space heater is small enough, yet powerful and quiet (not that loud)! It blends into the room with other objects surrounding it and its perfect for a small individual room use.

  3. Mochaminx

    Worked promptly 5 min and turned off. Unplugged for 3 hrs and plugged back in still nothing.

  4. Donald G. Eagling

    I like the small size, the 2 stage heating levels, the operational simplicity, the topple safety shut-off (good for earthquake country), .& the quality

  5. Amazon customer

    With the cold days at work this little guy is a life saver. It has a cool little button at the bottom of it to turn off automatically if it happens to fall over so it makes me feel safe knowing it will shut itself off if even knocked over. I work in fast food and the drive threw cashier could not be more thankful to have this warm them up by the window. Great value and will order again!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great little heater. My office is in the lobby of a high rise building. There is no heat turned on after noon on the weekends. I am near an entrance to the building and it can get pretty cold in my office. This heater is perfect for me when I am working at my desk after hours.

  7. 65gone

    Produces a lot of warm air. Blower is very quiet. Is reasonably priced. has an anti-tilt button that turns the unit off when it is kicked over. This is what I wanted from a room heater and if it is what you want then this should fill your needs.

  8. Ferris

    I bought this space heater for my home. It works well for it’s small size. The automatic shut off feature if the space heater is tipped over was important to us because we have pets. We tested it and it worked perfectly.Very happy with the purchase and a great product!

  9. m

    It was very light and good to bring my room.It is small though, powerful and heat enough my room.

  10. Vincent L. Wilde

    This space heater works very well. We had one almost identical for 22 years. It finally died and we purchased this one. It arrived right on time and in perfect condition. It is an excellent heater; easy to use, intuitive controls, robust power cord and it REALLY puts out the heat. No more frigid bathrooms for me!

  11. Robin Hull

    I bought this to replaceMy “non-compliant” heater I use st work. I rarely am cold but this week has been coldAnd rainy.I love auto-shut off feature if tippedOver. It’s compact and blends well with under desk “decor!”

  12. SV

    Bought this product because my office gets really cold at times. This little heater does a great job at keeping my office space nice and toasty! 10/10 recommend

  13. Amazon Customer

    Great heater. Quiet and efficient. Like the size of the heater and features.

  14. Diana

    It is smaller than I thought, but is warming up the TV room. No complaints about the prodcut

  15. Barbara Mavis

    Nice feature of high and low heat settings. Perfect size for my office.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Easily fits below a desk and shuts off automatically.

  17. Katie Y

    Absolutely terrible. I plugged it in tonight for the first time. It worked for about 5 minutes, something sparked, and it now doesn’t work. Wish I could give it zero stars. Luckily I still have time to return it.

  18. Amazon Customer

    I recently ordered a Portable Space Heater from Amazon and I am delighted with my purchase. As always, the delivery was quick and everything arrived in good condition.I love the fact that the heater is so small, yet so efficient – it heats up really fast! My bedroom is very small, but it gets extremely cold in the winter. This heater fits beautifully on a corner of my dresser and runs so quietly, I can hardly hear it. The adjustable thermostat makes it super easy to regulate the heat and I also love the fact that it stops running the minute it is lifted up (or falls over) so I do not have to worry about it when I am in bed.I am completely satisfied with the purchase of this product and will recommend it 100%.Sincerely,Nicki Coller

  19. Krista

    I like this heater a lot. It is not completely silent but it is quiet enough where it doesn’t drown out a video playing or music or be an issue while sleeping. So far it has been keeping my room warm and I haven’t even put it on level two yet or at the highest temperature. I also like the size of the heater, its pretty compact so if I wanted to I can travel with it. If it were to tip over, it will automatically shut off (which is a plus!). Also, it has a part on the back of the heater where I can pick it up and move it if hot. Definitely needed this living in upstate NY!

  20. Aaron Baker

    This little heater is awesome. It’s compact but puts out enough heat to keep muly entire garage at a comfortable temperature. Even with thirty degree temps outside. Excellent buy.