Tiger PDU-A50U-K Electric Water Boiler and Warmer, Stainless Black, 5.0-Liter

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  • Easy to clean non-stick inner container
  • If the dispense button is not activated within 10 seconds, it will automatically lock the dispenser.Removable upper lid for easy cleaning
  • Safety auto shut-off system
  • Detachable power cord for safety and convenience
  • Dechlorinate mode for reducing chlorine and musty odors


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Tiger’s electric water heater has a large LCD control panel for easy operation. With 4 different temperature set controls, 2 sleep timer settings (6 or 9 hour) for energy savings, and a re-boil function to quickly bring water back to boiling. The pre-selected timer allows water to boil at the temperature desired at the perfect time needed. The built-in auto lock function prevents water from dispensing automatically for safety purposes. Other features include an energy saving setting and a safety shut-off when low water levels are detected in the unit. The removable lid and citric acid cleaning function makes for easy cleaning. The power cord can also be removed for safety and convenience. The unit is spill proof and leak proof.

This new electric water heater is convenient to supply continuous amount of hot steaming water in an everyday setting. Unlike the water you boil on a stove, after the water is boiled, it will keep it at an optimum temperature as you wish for a long period of time. This will come in handy to provide you hot water in a safe and timely manner. The elegantly designed electric water heater and the steel black finish evenly blends with any modern-age kitchen theme.
A new soft touch lever makes it easy to dispense hot liquid at the push of a button. This light one push comes in handy to dispensing hot water in an easy and safe way without worrying about the possibility of spilling or splattering. If the dispense button is not activated within 10 seconds, it will automatically lock the dispenser.
The upper lid can be detached with a hook at the back of the lid for easy cleaning and trouble-free working. The disassembling of the upper lid will make cleaning a lot easier to wipe off water stains. Other cleaning highlights include a non-stick coated inner pot and removable power cord for safety and convenience.
The user-friendly LCD display will help users get perfect hot boiling water as desired in an easy operation.

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  1. Leo Z.

    I received the goods from August 28 after 23 days have been rusted in the product can not be used

  2. D.Lew

    Been using this for a couple of weeks now everyday – it’s being used throughout the day/evening always filled. I like the convenience of this over a kettle. Just yesterday while filling the unit with water and noticed a bit of white residue on the underside of the lid (it’s made of stainless steel I think and is the part that helps create a seal when closed). Anyhow, I’m sure this is normal so I wiped the metal surface with a towel. After finishing, I noticed a small portion of the towel having a bit of rust from the wipe down. I thought stainless steel didn’t rust?This is about the only concern so far and judging by other reviews on this and other brands, this appears to be common. I guess frequent (at least once every week or so) cleaning would be wise.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this product in February of this year, and have used it as indicated without any changes. Several months ago, it began to have difficulties bringing water through the spout, requiring multiples tries, after starting and stopping. Today, after 7 months, the water boiler stopped working completely. While it still boils the water, the mechanism to bring water up and out stopped functioning completely. I have had previous electronic water boilers of different brands in the past that have lasted me years, and am very disappointed that this product stopped functioning for me, with less than a year of use.

  4. Hermann Steidel

    This water boiler is great. For my family, we get a full day’s use of it so the 4L size is perfect. We first had the Zojirushi 3L counterpart of this water boiler and we had it for about a week but then decided to get a larger size. We ended up with the Tiger because, at the time, the 4L of the Zojirushi was going to take too long to get here (Like a month, if I remember correctly). Overall, I’m happy with the purchase so here we go.Thinds I like:I like that is has reasonable heating time and that there is a timer that tells you how long it’s gonna take till ready! It doesn’t have the cute music the Zojirushi has but that’s ok. I like the water saving feature because it makes the 208F setting drop down to 203F which is better for coffee. Apart from that, yeah, all the ‘standard’, common, stuff is great; the swivel bottom, the magnetic plug, declorination, easy to fill, easy to read how much is left, etc.Things I wish could be better:Even though the ‘shiny’ and large dispense button is nice and easier to use, I don’t like that the steam can be bothersome on your hand/fingers if you are dispensing a lot of water. The Zojirushi did not have this problem becuase it’s higher up on the panel. Additionally, this one doesn’t have a timer function. So with the Zojirushi, I could set it to 8 hours when we went to sleep and it would truly “energy save” and self boil to temp by the time we got up. These are not that big-a-deal for us but they are worth mentioning.Other things to consider if you are looking into the Tiger:It looks like the Zojirushi’s strategy to hold larger quantities is to go vertical, the Tiger goes horizontal. So if you have height limitations, this will probably be a better bet. As for me, I had to come up with a little base to be able to put my french press under the Tiger. Finally, the Tiger doens’t have the ‘cafe drip’ mode which basically just dispenses a little slower.

  5. Kevin Kot

    This is exactly what I needed.Very easy to use and heat up the water quickly. The energy saving function is very useful for overnight. Hot water is ready anytime you need.I have the 3 liter which is just right for me.It is also made in Japan with excellent quality.

  6. Kevin G.

    Works great for me. Now I can enjoy brewing a cup of tea whenever I like. The Tiger seems very well made & operates quietly. “Made in Japan” = quality. I noticed a very slight plastic taste for the first couple batches of water – but that has disappeared after a couple weeks of use. And it’s a great value with Amazon’s low price!

  7. A. Cheng

    I love this water heater. Boils quick and has a lot of functionality. Dechlorinate the water and the energy saving and timer mechanisms are great.I worry about the longevity of the lever for the dispenser, but I have not had any issues yet so I cannot dock a star. Would recommend this to others. I bought the 3L but if you use hot water daily, I would recommend the 4L.

  8. L. Thibodeaux

    I love this water boiler and use it every day!! It is great if you drink lots of tea, coffee, or other hot drinks. It is great for singers too — I sent it to my sister… 😀

  9. Inesa Lungu

    Amazing product. I have been using this everyday with my family and love it. Life saver for me. Make formula for my baby also. Recommend this item.

  10. PJ319

    stay away from this product, less than 6 month already rusting, besides that it is perfect. But i have a newborn baby, and need clean hot water, not rusty water. Very upset

  11. Spike

    Love this unit. Keeps water nice and hot for guests so I don’t have to use a kettle.

  12. PM0978

    This water boiler is amazing. It’s a nice compact size. This is my second Japanese water boiler – what’s great is that you can have boiling water all the time without having to wait for the water to boil. It just holds the water at the correct temperature. It’s great for French Press coffee and tea, too.

  13. Dominic T

    Purchased this for my kitchen and I definitely enjoy having hot water in the morning for coffee or tea without the hassle of boiling water first thing in the morning (and waiting for hot consumption water). The pouring and cleaning can be a bit of a hassle but definitely justifiable due to the benefits.

  14. NicDaAmazonCraze

    My mom been using Tiger products for over 10 years and that’s why when I decided that I need a water boiler, my go-to choice is definitely Tiger. The Tiger boiler that my mom got worked for 8 years before we decided to get a bigger volume ones. If you looking for quality water boiler, this is it.

  15. Tag Chau

    This contains a lot of water . It practically never runs out . Easy to refill and heats up water fast. Excellent buy

  16. Bixby

    I had to return it. The automatic shut off stopped working after a few days and it steamed terribly. Very disappointed.

  17. PhiVu

    Perfect item. you can’ go wrong on Tiger’s product.. made in Japan

  18. JoAnne

    Love it!

  19. kathy

    High-quality product with a fancy design! Recomend for anyone who needs hot water for drinking tea and cook!

  20. Ronald Emerson Pereira

    Initially we had a problem with the voltage difference but a step down transformer, though expensive, sorted out the problem.Regarding the Electric Water Boiler, it suits us very conveniently.

  21. semirek

    My wife and me are tea lovers. We v got older model for years. It’s still working but I bought new one for a gift for my wife for mothers day.So, I knew what I’m buying…It’s very good product and I got it at the time. My wife is happy and me too because of that…Thank you very much…Gennadiy, Lyudmila.

  22. Geoff

    You will never go wrong with Tiger brand

  23. Lisa Y.

    Easy to use. Very happy with the purchase! I use it in my office and it’s the right size, not too big yet enough to keep drinking for a day or two.

  24. Albert T.H Au Yeung

    it is the best

  25. Candy

    High volume, small size and quiet.

  26. MicroScalpClinic

    Top quality product. Happy with this purchase.

  27. Sylvia Y

    very nice Water boiler!

  28. Amazon Customer

    very nice and reliable product!

  29. Alan

    Fantastic product.

  30. LT. Ng.

    This is a greatest item. Made in japan. Thank you.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Great product

  32. Amazon Customer

    MUST HAVE if you have a baby.

  33. John Wu

    It’s great!

  34. Amazon Customer

    That’s very good

  35. Shanti Pokhrel

    Best quality. I am huge fan of Japanese Tiger brand .

  36. Amazon Customer

    The unit came and works as expected. I would recommend it to others.

  37. Sharon & Tony D

    we’ve had 2 other two quart units that lacked all these features. this is a great upgrade. Now when sons and their wives are over we don’t run out of hot water when making tea. The other benefit is having instant hot water is that we have almost eliminated coke and sodas, so I think we are more healthy having custom hot cocoa, tea, and other hot-water foods. the external water level gauge and digital temp output are caddillac style .

  38. YU


  39. Amazon Customer

    I love it.

  40. Diane H Butler

    This is our second one. Great product.

  41. Amazon Customer

    This item performed as was expected

  42. Amazon Customer

    Perfect I love it.

  43. S. Sears

    love it!!

  44. Trung Nguyen

    Made in Japan!

  45. Amazon Customer

    Simply, the best and most durable, convenient, safe and hassle-free! I am using the older model at home and in office for years! I bought this new one for my daughter who loves tea very much!

  46. Amazon Customer

    Has been deformed

  47. An N.

    If you’re a tea drinker this is a must. Best of the best!

  48. CDC

    After one year use, the coating for the inner boiler depleted and the inside of the boiler became rusted. I am very concerned about where the depleted coating goes. Melted in the water? I stopped using it and looking for a new one without inner coating.

  49. Wingnuter (Hardliner,FL,NJ,PA)

    I purchased this unit direct after having much issues with Zojirushi 5L where by Customer support was really a pain not honoring their warrenty. I can tell you first hand this water boiler top class works flawlessly and am very happy the feedback speaks for it self and is manufactured in Japan. 👌Update: Aug 2018 This unit is working flawlessly It is Way Better than the Zojirushi 5L I have owned both so I know

  50. RCTop Contributor: Makeup

    I’ve only had this unit for a few days and I’m quite impressed with its capabilities. It truly does nest water up to the near boiling point of 208F and these difference of those four degrees aren’t noticeable. I can easily tell the temp differences when set at the low preset temps as you won’t get burned at 158F temperature at least by simply touching the water for a few seconds. But, don’t me me wrong, this csn burn you, if,you’re not careful! And, DO KEEP YOUR HAND AWAY FROM THE STEAM VENT! I love using this for very hot water for cleaning purposes, as your tap will most, likely only give you just under 140F at its hottest setting after running your facucet for several minutes.PROS: Easily swivels and slides on your counter top. Large capacity over 1 gallon. Different temps-adjustable. Lock feature for safety. Timer for waking up,to hot,water,without running it all night. Fairly lightweight. Removable lid. Recoil feature. Hold temp feature. Easy attached plug/cord.CONS: no on/off button. No automatic lid lift—must manually lift lid, which could cause burns if one is not careful enough when water/steam is still very hot. That’d be a great safety feature!I’ll update later should I find any more pros or cons. But for now, it looks great!