Trustech Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater for Office Home Indoor Use, Seconds Portable Personal Heating Fan with Adjustable Thermostat, Vertical, Black

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  • ☀【HEAT UP IN 3 SECONDS & GET INSTANT WATMTH】 – Do you want a warm hug when coming home from the cold outside? Turn on this ceramic tower heater fan, it will heat up instantly & welcome you home by a warm hug. With 1500W of comforting warmth & 120°oscillating function, this ceramic space heater will push the chill out of your room & offer a warm home for you. No longer feeling cold in this winter!
  • ☀【PERSONAL HEATER FOR DESK IN OFFICE】 – Do you feel cold when working in the big office? Especially the freeze legs?You might need a personal space heater.This tower heater is perfect for your office desk space & keep your feet and legs warm under the desk. Also, it can be used on the desk to warm your hands when you using the mouse and keyboard. It is ideal for personal use.The heater can heat up the room you’re in and lower your whole-house thermostat to reduce energy consumption & bills.
  • ☀【SMALL PORTABLE & COMFORTABLE QUIET】 – Perfect size for small office space. Occupy ground space of this ceramic tower heater is only A4 paper size,small enough to place anywhere and save space. Built-in carry handle and lightweight design for ONE-HAND easy relocation. You can get the portable warmth anytime & anywhere you want. Low-decibel working makes the ceramic tower heater fan perfect for any room, since it won’t bother you from work, sleep, chat or anything.
  • ☀【AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED】 – The ceramic space heater will automatically cycle ON&OFF to maintain the consistent temperature according to its thermostat setting and the room’s ambient temperature. With the auto thermostat,there is no need to worry about the overheat & being wake up by the hot temperature at night. This ceramic tower heater will provide you a peaceful sleep & a sweet dream.
  • ☀【OVERHEAT&TIP-OVER PROTECTION,12 MONTHS WARRANTY】 – Sometime the space heater might be tipped over by your pets, sometimes you might forget to turn off it & keep heating all night.Don’t worry about these situations.There are overheat protection & tip-over protection of our space heater. The heater will auto shut off when being tipped over, overheating or reach the setting temperature.We have a 12 months money back warranty and lifetime customer support,just purchase it with complete confidence!

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We have a 12 months money back warranty and lifetime customer support,just purchase it with complete confidence!

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  1. Matthew

    This review is from owning the product only for about a week, so I can’t attest to the heater’s longevity.My bedroom is north facing, so it tends to be considerably cooler than the rest of the house, particularly where the central heat thermostat is located. This heater came fully assembled and ready to use. The power knob has 8 positions: 2 off, 2 fan (oscillate and stationary), 2 heat I (oscillate and stationary), and 2 heat II (oscillate and stationary). The unit blows hot air very quickly after powering it on, which beats out the oil-based heaters for sure. It rapidly heats up my bedroom even on the low heat setting. One of the best features I’ve noticed is that the analog thermostat on the unit does have a fair amount of hysteresis, so the unit is not cycling on and off in short order. That does result in a more noticeable ambient temperature swing, but I prefer that to a heater that cycles frequently.As far as the noise generated by this unit, I would place it as similar to other ceramic forced air heaters. It definitely is noticeable and might not be the best option if you’re trying to watch TV at a low volume at night or such. Otherwise, it provides a nice white noise to sleep with.The only minor downside I can see to it is that it uses a plunger on the bottom (rather than a mercury switch) as a safety switch should the unit get knocked over. That said, it /might/ not work on certain carpets or soft surfaces, and the user manual contains an advisory to this effect. My carpet is not overly long or soft, and the unit works fine.

  2. Karlie Neigel

    Smaller than I thought it would be, and it was slower heating up than I thought, however, it is quite warm and is doing a fine job so far.

  3. Ángela Córdoba

    Works perfectly! Best purchase ever

  4. Heather

    The heater works exactly how you’d expect it. It’s small so it’s perfect for my office. However you can tell it was cheaply made, just by the look of the plastic and everything. It gets warm fast though and that’s all I wanted it to do, therefore, it gets 5 stars from me.

  5. loyalty user

    It is great heater. It works well in my room. Price is effortable with energy efficient .

  6. Warden

    My office at work was freezing so I bought this space heater…SOOO glad I did, it’s perfect! It heats up in a jiffy and turns off automatically when it gets to the temperature you need. I was afraid It would take me awhile to get the hang of it since it doesn’t have actual temperature settings, but you can always turn the dial back whenever you’re at the right temperature so it’s really easy. If it tips over, it’ll automatically shut off so my boss has no problem with me having it either. Now my co workers come in and compliment how nice and warm it is in my office without it being “hot.” Great heater, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  7. Amazon Customer

    The heater portion is good but it squeaks once every oscillation.

  8. Tien Le

    I love this product. Reasonable price. Smaller than expected but do a great job!!

  9. Josiah Smith

    Ready to use right out of box. Perfect for my camper that has little to no insulation in the winter. It heats up my small space quick! I also like the safety knock over feature. When my dog is running around she knocks into things, so thats a great feature for me.

  10. Nsub

    Just received this heater to hit the room for my almost one year old baby and it seems working fine. I like it turns side to side and not a big crazy sound it makes. I will have to use few times before I give 5 star. But overall product recommended.

  11. The Ng

    Works right out of the box. The fan selection dial is a bit confusing. Wish the heat settings were clarified better. It’s a bit noisy for the size, but can make do as white noise. Overall, decent purchase for the cost.

  12. Manuel G.

    Works great for small space. Easy to use not to big not to small.

  13. Joanie Allison

    Warming the kitchen

  14. David G.

    Unfortunately these did not work for me. The oscillation was squeaky and they were slow to generate any real heat. I also found they would kick off without being hot. Probably the overheat function kicking in too soon. I sent them back to amazon.

  15. Chris V

    Plugged it in and ran it for about 5 min on high and then it popped and stopped working. Tried different setting and unplugging and plugging it back in still would not work.

  16. Daniella Espinoza

    I loved my heater

  17. Kelly

    Kept bedroom nice and warm

  18. Jaclyn O’Neill

    Quiet and warms a small area well.

  19. DirkVC

    Was surprised on the heat output, fan noise is very low. The features are great. The only thing I would change would be the cheap feeling of the handle and a place to wrap the cord when stored. Overall it appears to be a great product. We use it to warm the breezeway between the house and garage. The last few days it has been very cold outside, freezing, and the heater still kept the breezeway warm enough to be comfortable without running all the time. Temperature feature works very well.

  20. Ismail

    Bought it, didn’t work. Now returning. Extremely disappointed.

  21. Amazon Customer

    This heater heats up within minutes. I like that it has an oscillating feature. Great product and a great price.

  22. Vee Jay

    I like everything about this heater. It warms our 10×8 foot bathroom amd walk-in closet in less than 10 minutes. This bathroom is always cold because its the fartherest room on the heating system. I can’t speak to durability. The body is plastic with a metal grill, the reason I gave it a 4. We’ve always had metal-body heaters until now, so we’ll see.

  23. Amazon Customer

    easy to carry ,get hit very easy,but ! but ! I can not found the timer setting. at the night time ,if I just want to set 2 hours ,I couldn’t .

  24. Amazon Customer

    I like how it shuts off if knocked over! I use it for work and it’s just what I needed

  25. Justin

    Very simple product that heats up a room without any issues.

  26. T. Zhang

    This is a good sized heater for the space we’re using it in (living room), and it heats the room nicely. We like that it has a handle, oscillates, and a safety mechanism should it tip over. My only gripe is that in dim lighting, you’re unable to see the dial clearly on where the dial is pointed to. A simple white line painted onto the dial would correct this. As far as durability is concerned, only time will tell – our last space heater only lasted 8 years. So I hope to see this one last longer.

  27. Holly Faust

    These little buggers are perfect for small to medium sized rooms

  28. Kelvin Lu

    I like the heater is hot enough.

  29. Shira R Goldman

    I have a heater in my office that is impossible to control and I got this to replace it. It’s quieter and keeps the temperature warm and stable. Just been using it today so far, but it looks good, it’s quieter than my office heater and it fits right in unobtrusively.

  30. B.S.

    I like the size and the safety switch. It’s easy to use.

  31. Liamc2017

    The tower heater is the perfect size offering versatile options of heating and being able to warm up an entire region of a room with ease despite its size. Would highly recommend this purchase.

  32. Mad

    Love the product, heats up quickly and turns off when it senses the temperature.

  33. r.ward

    I wanted a good quality heater for my man cave in our garage, and I was not disappointed by this product. It is true that it instantly gives out heat, its sturdy, has good controls and looks good. It’s keeping me warm as I write this review!

  34. charles gebauer

    Works great as an under desk heater. The safety switch mounted on the bottom is a nice safety addition. I like the oscillating option as well.

  35. Ron S.

    Makes noise when it rotates, occilates. My mom doesn’t want to return it, she is the user.

  36. Kamal

    I just got my order today, so far it is good, I didn’t know that it has the oscillating feature which really is a cool thing about it. Overall I like it

  37. moni

    The picture of this heater is big and really is like the small ones they sell in Home Depot, I do not recommend it. You paid for some extra plastic and the fancy design. the air just come from the small area, not all the front.

  38. Cecilia

    It is very convenient and flexible

  39. EK

    I’ve only just got this product, but it’s the best space heater I’ve ever used. I love the heating options and it’s a perfect size.

  40. Leiver manrique

    I love this heater! It’s so comfortable!

  41. Will O’Tree

    We bought this heater to attempt to reduce the cost of heating via fuel oil this winter. It’s working great to heat up our living room, which is what we need since we’re in this room probably 90% of the time! It’s easy to use and seems pretty solid. The fan noise is fine in the background.The main con is that it’d be great if it’d heat up a bigger area, but for this price and size it’s about right. No special outlet needed either. We’d buy this again.

  42. K

    It is smaller than I expected, but it is packed with heat!

  43. Daniel Venters

    Working well so far

  44. Anton starodubtsev

    I could write books about how much i love this heater, Honestly its amazing and I love it

  45. Meg E. Green

    Using the heater to heat a camp while trying to paint in colder temperatures. I was actually looking for something much bigger but works for smaller area.

  46. Abraham the vampire apprentice

    Not much to say other then I like it. I live in a small apartment and it warms it pretty nicely. However I am also using built in wall heaters so this heater is not the only heater I am using. It’s on the small side so don’t expect to heat up a large house.I would say it’s worth the money but I imagine you can find other ones for a cheaper price.

  47. jim moeller

    Works great

  48. Justin U Hickey

    I purchased the Trustech Tower Heater for my garage, to use when working on bikes or other projects during the cold season. Reviews were decent and the price was great. Item arrived quickly and in good condition. Using the heater was easy and it worked as expected. It heated the area around the heater pretty quickly and after a while the garage was heated up as well. That was not my main concern, as I planned on using it mainly to keep the area around where I was working warm. So far so good!

  49. Educated Consumer

    I have an old ceramic heater that I felt wasn’t heating very well. I’d leave it in a closed room for hours and it was always still cold.I suspected that a new one would be in order, and this heater fit the bill. It arrived fast, was easy to set up, and in a minute, it heated the room to far beyond what the “high-end” unit that it was replacing ever had.I’ve already ordered a few more!! I love it!!

  50. sms87

    I immediately started using the heater. It took me awhile to figure out the controls but once I got the heater to oscillate I could feel the heat at least 4ft-5ft away.I bought 2 to heat two bedrooms (13×13)… And within minutes it took the chill out of the rooms. I just turned down the temperature gauge to ensure the warmth of the rooms.Also, I placed the unit on carpet and glad that the tilt feature works (some units only work on hard flat surfaces).I’m impressed. This little thing does the job I wanted. It’s smaller than what I expected but it’s nice.Over the winter months I’ll see if it’s worth the price. Had the unit been priced $40 or under it would’ve made a great buy. I paid just under $50.

  51. m.p.

    I used the heater in my living room. It is way too loud if you are watching tv

  52. E-Sauce

    1 room in the house, the baby’s room, gets colder than others so until we address the overlying insulation issues we wanted to get a small heater.There is no assembly. Just plug it in and go. Heat is generated immediately and is all projected forward. The chassis is totally cool on the top, bottom, sides, and back.My son’s room stayed at a perfect temperature last night. I recommend this heater.

  53. Amazon Customer

    This product is very easy to use, gives warm air and has oscillating function. So far very satisfied with the purchase.Highly recommend this product

  54. Tom H.

    Great little heater for a small room!

  55. Peter A Russo

    i have 1 upstairs room as a computer room with little to no insulation, so my options for heat are limited to a single vent in the floor but with the downstairs a nice 66 degrees the upstairs is more like 46 degrees when it is 30 degrees outside. i put this on the 700w setting and only half way up the temp dial and within an hour the room was a very nice 62 and i didnt even bother going higher since i usually come up here with my hoodie on. this thing is a godsend until i can figure out what else to do to get more warmth up in the room.

  56. Julie Staudinger

    Works great! Heats up my room and bathroom quickly. Love that it has the option to oscillate or not.

  57. Ray

    Lightweight and perfect size for my office. Very efficient and heat up just in seconds. Like it so far.

  58. Ellie

    It works well so far. Warm up pretty fast, and easy to carry around. Just a little noisy but could serve as a white noise.

  59. dave p.

    Easy to use. The oscillating feature speeds up heating. Stable – does not easily tip over.

  60. Yahaira Garcia

    I love this portable heater it’s easy to use and it heats up the house nice and cozy!

  61. Karin Baron

    Super happy. Does a great job in the bathroom and a large bedroom. It does use a bit more electricity than I thought. Overall recommend – especially for the price.