Unger Professional Nifty Nabber, 36”

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  • 36-inch Nifty Nabber reaches items low and high without the need to bend down or climb a stool or ladder
  • Lightweight aluminum pole features rubber-tipped grippers to prevent damage
  • Built-in magnet picks up metal objects
  • Ergonomic grip makes it easy to use
  • Perfect for yard clean up and helping the elderly


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Product Description

Unger’s 36-inch Nifty Nabber is ideal for grasping items beyond your reach without stretching or bending. Perfect for yard clean up and helping the elderly, the lightweight aluminum pole features rubber-tipped grippers to prevent damage. It comes with a built-in magnet for picking up metal objects. The Nabber grips large, small, and odd shaped items and the ergonomic grip makes it easy to use. Unger guarantees to replace any Unger Professional branded product found defective in material, construction, or workmanship.


The Unger 36-inch nifty nabber pick-up tool with aluminum handle makes it easy to pick up items from the ground or off shelves by squeezing the handle to wrap the claw around an object. It can hold objects as tiny as a penny or as heavy as 8 pounds. The rubber overmolded steel fingers provide gripping power without damaging objects.

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The Nifty Nabber is a lightweight but sturdy reaching tool with powerful claws that grip small, large, and odd-shaped items with ease. It includes a built-in magnet that allows you to pick-up metal items like nails, keys, and coins. It’s the perfect tool for the collection and disposal of trash, yard clean-up, and assisting the elderly. It makes any reaching and grabbing job easier, faster, and safer. No stretching, stooping, or bending needed!

Reaches and grabs items high and low

Lightweight aluminum pole

Rubber-tipped grippers

Built-in magnet

Ergonomic grip

Available in 36″ or 48″

Lifetime guarantee

Rubber-tipped Grippers

Built-in Magnet

Ergonomic Grip

Provides a secure hold and prevents damage when picking-up fragile items.
Helps with the pick-up of small, metal items like nails, keys, and coins.
Makes the handle easy and comfortable to hold and squeeze.

Reviews (40)


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  1. Amazon Customer

    I love this grabber!!! It is very strong and very sturdy!!! I have used it daily since purchased 2 years ago. It is still working great!!! It is so very handy and much better than the grabbers they send you home with after knee replacement surgery. Do not hesitate to buy this grabber. I waited so long to post a review because I was sure I would break it somehow. Nope! I have had able-bodied adult friends remark on how useful it is! They want one too! A few times I did something to it that made the two sides of the claw not align correctly. It was very easy to bed back into shape!!! My 5yo and 3yo love it too! They use it to get things done from their closets or the pantry. The magnetic part works great, but is only on one side of the claw if that makes a difference to anyone. The only improvement I made was I added the soft part of velcro tape to the grabber and the hook part of the tape on my scooter so I could stick it to the scooter easily. Works great! You won’t regret it.

  2. joe customer

    An absolute ergonomic nightmare! Get the pistol grip style. These have a strong grip, but only if you’re positioned perfectly.

  3. Bruce Jordan

    This is the second of these I have purchased, the first being from a home improvement store. I used the first one for several years, roughly at times and it held up impressively well. Alas, the rubber covers on the end wore off and I decided to replace it; Off to Amazon where I found the exact same item, I thought. Indeed this new one is identical in every way but one, and that one is the most important part, the grippers. This new unit does have the same rubber covers, but the “claw” for lack of a better word, are made from some cheaper, soft metal that are the originals. They bend with very little pressure. They BEND!! The working end BENDS. What genius came up with this idea, to replace a perfectly good, if not exceptional, product with a POS… I would return it, but then I would have nothing, Maybe I can get the rubber grips off the new one and put them on the old one….

  4. JTM

    I just got this today, but I already dislike it for what I need it for. But first, it seems very well built. The aluminum shaft and metal pincers give the impression that it will last a long time, what you would expect when it’s called Professional.The bad thing is, the grip is quite uncomfortable for grabbing anything that is not on the floor or overhead. Anywhere in the middle requires quite a bit of wrist strength. And holding the grabber out level, the trigger wants to close the jaws just with the weight of the thing. It makes it difficult to grab items off a a table or shelf.This is my third grabber, but the other two are the “pistol grip” type. I like the construction of this one, but the grip is not ideal for people with mobility issues.

  5. Shootr

    Do yourself a favor. Buy a grabber with a pistol grip and suction cups. This one stinks. It won’t hold onto anything well. I pick something up and before I get it halfway to me it drops the load. And it goes on like that time after time. I dropped my cane a few minutes ago. It took 5 tries to get it picked up and pulled to me. I’ve owned several different grabbers that were pistol grip and used suction cups. I can pick a dime up off a flat surface floor with the good ones. I Ihought I’d try one of these to see if I was missing anything. I was. A hard time. This design is not very good.

  6. Rebecca

    I purchased the Unger 36-inch Nifty Nabber Pick-Up Tool prior to having back surgery. I knew I wouldn’t be able to bend or reach for a few months so wanted to be prepared.When I was discharged from the hospital, they provided me with a pick-up tool, which I didn’t expect. I came home and wouldn’t have even been able to pick anything up with the tool from the hospital. It was way too short and very flimsy, not holding anything heavier than a slipper.I was so grateful I had already purchased the Nifty Nabber! The length is perfect and I could even use it to pick up my dogs food dish and water dish to fill and use the Nifty Nabber to put it back down on the floor. I used it for everything for a couple months!Now that I don’t HAVE to use the Nifty Nabber, I WANT to use the Nifty Nabber. I’m only 5’3″ and used to climb on chairs and counters to get things off the upper shelves of closets and cupboards.Another use I love it for is hanging things up in my laundry room. I have a very high bar to hang hangers on but have never used it because it’s much too high for me. Now I use it every time I do laundry! I grab the hanger with the clothes on it with the Nifty Nabber and put it on the bar and take them down when the clothes have dried.Strongly recommend!

  7. NoHeMo

    Received item in a timely manner. Packaging was good. The product…. not so good. The lever or jaws if you want to call them that are stiff and do not spring back open all the way like they should.When I went to return item I was told item was not returnable.About three years ago I had bought one of these, same brand and everything, and it is still working fine. I guess this is one of the downsides of ordering online.

  8. Pat Reese

    This is not for people with arthritis in their hands. I bought one for my mother and it is very difficult for her to squeeze the handle to pick up items. I tried it too and it is difficult to squeeze for me. I tried to send it back but Amazon stated it was not returnable.

  9. James R. OuimetteTop Contributor: Pets

    This grabber doesn’t work for me. The part of the handle that moves when you squeeze goes the wrong way. The old-style handle works much better for my (older) hands and slight arthritis. Imagine how you would hold a gun and squeeze the trigger. That is a time-tested way for a squeeze handle to work. The moving part should be perpendicular to the shaft for the easiest effort. This Unger handle is parallel to the shaft and I simply can’t squeeze hard enough or long enough to get the object picked up. What was a mindless task with the old handle becomes a challenge with the Nifty Nabber–every object I had to pick up was a chore! Stay away from this and stick with the old design.

  10. Sunny

    I am disabled – as well as vertically challenged. I have used other grabbers for many years – especially since I am only 4’11” tall (and only when I stretch as hard as I can to maximize my height). They all have broken and I have to replace them frequently. I do not think that will happen with this grabber. It is longer that the others I have owned. I recently needed a thermos which was in the cabinet above my refrigerator. I used to be able to get on a ladder to get it in the past, but that is no longer an option.. This grabber easily allowed me to squeeze it over the cabinet knob and open the door, the go around a rather rotund thermos and bring it down to counter level. I even take it with me to the grocery store. How can a 4’ll” woman on get items off the top shelf (why do they put all of the healthier food all the way up there) when she is sitting in her motorized scooter? Now I can shop without asking other customers to get items for me. I cannot recommend this item highly enough – it has given me some independence that I needed!

  11. Vardy V

    I had an identical model for several years, until I took out my frustration from a blotched armadillo trap’s 2×12. Hey right, I was the looser. Up until then it was a great tool around the house, in the shop, and outdoors. Being only 5′-5″ it really came in handy for out-of-the-reach occasions. If I was strong enough to lift it, it was strong enough to hold it. The handle, the jaws, the rubber & magnetic tips, the mechanics, etc. all make it one nifty tool. I will treat it as a valuable tool as I should have done on the first one.You will like it, I promise.

  12. Xi-yong Fu

    The product came with broken label and misaligned head. Then I found out it is not eligible to return.Buyers be aware!!!

  13. Angela Dawn

    First of all I bought this for my disabled wife. She lost her leg in the war and is an amputee. She keeps it with her at all times in her wheelchair. Most importantly it gives her independence. Secondly I think this is the best one on the market because we have went through so many. Spend more money and buy this one. I’d buy two if I were you because you need one in the two rooms you use the most. I’ll find myself using it just as much as her and I’m 6 feet tall. I can grab a mason jar from way up high and not have to worry about it’s slipping or breaking. It has magnets on the end which helps with metal items. I use it all the time to get remote controls from under the couch. My wife even used it to pick a little pill off the floor. Can you imagine something as small as little pill? She had to get to it before the dogs did. Very durable this brand is. I bought the one for $19. I think I’m going to purchase another one today. Btw… in the picture I’m picking up a 2 lb candle. It’s not perfectly round either it’s Square. The ones that are not name brand cannot do this!!

  14. Dan

    This is one of the best grabbers that I have ever used. The design of the claw is very good for picking up small and even flat items. It also has a wide “grab” so that if you need to pick-up an large item like a can or jar from a high shelf, it has no problem. The build in magnet at the tip is also a very nice touch. I thought that I would never need it, but have already used it a few times. Very well made and does what it is designed to do very well.

  15. Douglas Terry

    I really like this tool. I use it primarily in the home work shop to get things off high shelves. I had/have an old and very cheap one which has a partially broken grabber , This one works much better than the old one ever did. It works well picking things up off the floor as well. Some reviewers prefer a trigger type handle and noted this one has to be held one way to properly work. This is true. It’s a matter of personal preference. I like this style..

  16. Tikibro

    I love grabbers like this. Anyone who orders something like this, myself included, has one of two issues: a disability for which this is a fantastic way to get things without pain or suffering; or, you are among the laziest people around who like me, find even the exertion of minimal energy involved in bending over and picking something up beyond their emotional and physical capacity. Despite being perfectly healthy. Personally, I believe both justifications are warranted. Emotional health can be just as important as physical health.This particular model is sort of like a pro model – really sturdy, good handle design, extra long. Wonderful for both types of people.

  17. H. Al-sayed

    Product damaged. Tried to choose returning it, but got “this item is not eligible for return”

  18. Shopazon

    Eh…I find myself having to use a stepstool anyway. I’m short and thought this would be helpful reaching things in my cabinets. Do NOT try to pick up a jar (like spaghetti sauce). I almost had a disaster. And the claws need room to grasp items. So if your cereal boxes (for instance) are all abutting and there’s no wiggle room..it’s not going to work. So I don’t know if I’m knocking this specific product or just the concept in general. Might be better suited for picking light objects off of the floor.

  19. J. Rowdy

    I have a bad back and shoulder and have been using a shorter one with a different design. I wanted a longer one, so opted for this one. But it is too heavy and harder to use. 1. The grabber head is on an angle and you have to turn it upside down to grab something off the top shelf. Which mean the handle is upside down. 2. The grabber pads are small about the size of a quarter. You have to get it just right to pick something up. Tried 4 times to pick up a fallen apple off the tree. Tried to get a small jar from the top shelf. It took a few tries to get it picked up and then the weight shifted and it fell. Tried to pick up a piece of paper off the floor and had to twist the grabber around…… just too much bother.Use this one….32″ Grabber Reacher | Rotating Gripper, Effortless and always works first try and picks up a dime.

  20. T. McTier

    As soon as I received the product, I began testing it. I love the length and seemingly durability but that is all I like. The handle is unwieldy and not ergonomic. The trigger sticks closed 95 to 98% of the time and unsticking it hurts my hand. There are magnets in the tips but they do not engage so these are not the reason the trigger sticks. Wish it were as advertised because I could really use it to help clean up my neighborhood.

  21. Duceman

    “Industrial” is not a word I would use to describe this tool. I live near Seattle and there are an amazing number of people that hike. It is good exercise. UNFORTUNATELY very few hikers really hike responsibly. They poop ,leave toilet paper, and pee in or near streams, They bag their dog poop (somewhat good) then leave it bagged along the trail (ignorant that no one is paid to follow them around and clean up). They toss plastic water bottles in the bushes, and empty their carr trash in the parking area. I have worn out one of these in the last 10 years cleaning up after people proud to call themselves real hikers that are really ignorant travelers. I chose to replace it because it can help pick up small slivers of paper and cigarette butts to wine bottles. It is light weight and versatile. Don’t fall on it or expect the tubular shaft to withstand much impact.

  22. umeweall

    I had ordered this item, it was on the way, and I then read the negative reviews. I was ready to cancel, due to the reviews. I decided to let ride it out, as it had already shipped. I am glad that I did. I have been testing the item. I have picked up a penny, quarter, some debris, and clothes, around the house. I had no issue, even with very small debris. Some did want to stick to the gripper, but the same happens with my other grabber, which has ‘teeth’, something like this one. I just finished using it to pull dead leaves from my plants, in my back yard. The teeth on the grabber was successful in holding onto the leaves, while I pulled/twisted, to get them off the plant. I found that I did have to twist and pull, rather than straight pull the leaves, as they were too slippery for the grabber to hold onto. The arms of this item ARE tilted down, and are not straight, but this did not cause me any difficulty in picking things up. It is just different than my other two grabbers, which are both totally straight. You need to decide if you want straight, or do not mind an angle, before you order this. As for the weight, I don’t get where people were stating that it was too ‘heavy’. It is not any heavier than my other two grabbers (one from Home Depot, and one from Orchard Supply Hardware ). If you have a problem with your arm/hand, which affects gripping/holding strength, I might see that you might have an issue holding/gripping, ANY grabber. As for the life of the item, since I just got it, I cannot comment on that. I can only say that for the items that I wanted it to do today, as a test, if passed the test, totally.I will say that the unique grip of this item, which is totally different from a ‘normal’ grabber, might take a little getting used to it. I could also see that a person with carpal tunnel/tendinitis in their hand/wrist, might have an issue, due to the type of squeezing that you have to do, and the way the carpal tunnel syndrome works.

  23. JudyM

    This could be a good product but, in my opinion, it needs to be redesigned. The “ergonomic” handle is a nightmare. It is the most awkward reacher I have every used. It is extremely difficult to get a good grip on the handle. I do not have a problem with the grip in my hands but this reacher poses a big problem for me. It seems a bit top heavy and small items are difficult or impossible to pick up.Be aware that the company will not accept returns. That is a big problem in my opinion. I will say this one good thing. If you plan to use this outside to pick up debris, cans, etc., it just might be perfect for you. However, I think the handle would be the main problem for many people. I suppose that is a personal choice and it apparently does not bother many people as their reviews are good.

  24. Ibuy2much

    Comparing the Reacher Grabber (aka ‘RG’, the Grip’n Grab (aka ‘GNG’) , and the Unger Nifty Nabber (aka ‘NN’) reaching aids.I’ve owned and loved the venerable Reacher Grabber for many years. It has an ingeneous design using four strips of stainless spring steel bands to encircle an article. There are two suction cups at the end for ‘gription’.The ‘RG’ is very light, with a sturdy, -folding- square aluminum tube/barrel. The handle is a thick pistol grip with a ‘backstrap’ that rests in the web of your thumb, for easy lifting. There is a lock button that keeps the suction cups in contact for when you want to lift an object close by grabbing the barrel.Downsides are a weak clamping force, which wasn’t enough to lift sweatpants up my legs, screws that loosen with much use, and possible a less-sturdy/durable design due to the plastic hinge that allows the RG to fold. However, it was able to get a grip on a large 38 oz. can of chili, and lift it closer.The steel band gripping section is always an enjoyable action to see in use.The Ettore Grip’n Grab is another light square/oval aluminum tube, with a nice, but thinner pistol grip, and a gripping section of softer, flexible plastic to wrap somewhat over items to be lifted. The grabber section can be rotated in 90 degree positions.With the ‘GNG’ grabber being all plastic, and with the actuating cable being pulled at large angles to the trigger, and to where it enters the barrel, there might be concern for durability.The ‘GNG’ was not able to wrap around a 38 oz. can of chili. The jaws don’t open far enough. There is enough clamping force to lift sweatpants over my legs.The ‘GNG’ is light and stiff, and easy to use. The rotating grip section is a plus.The Nifty Nabber is the heavyweight of these three. The tube section is about 1″ in diameter, and has what feel like thick walls. This tube is also the longest of the three reviewed here.. The jaw section is all-metal, with a soft rubber coating.Due to the design of the handle portion, gripping force is less than the ‘GNG’, but easily high enough to lift many pounds of weight. The handgrip design is not a pistol grip shape, and is somewhat less comfortable, however-the design allows for a straight-pull steel cable between the cripper and handle, and I believe it will last for a very long time.Given the stronger construction, extending the ‘NN’ at arms-length might be somewhat of an issue for those with little strength, although using two hands fully overcomes this concern.The ‘NN’ easily surrounds the 38 oz. can of chili, and has more than enough grip to lift it securely. It also handles the sweatpants with eaze. I suggest a slight redesign of the handle, so it is more ergonomic, at which point the ‘NN’ would be as near perfect as a reach extender could be.The Nifty Nabber will be my go-to reach extender tool. I value it’s much better design principles and construction.

  25. Susan S.

    Wife’s account here. I’ve purchased many different types of reach tools. Most of which have fallen apart or could not provide adequate gripping power. The Unger Nifty Nabber is far and away the best! Durable and strong, it will lift bulky and heavy items and the jaws are able to retrieve small flat objects as well. The tips, if bent, are easily restored by applying slight twisting pressure. The hand grip / trigger is also well designed. Ergonomic and very comfortable to use. I own two and have had my oldest one for two years and it has never failed me. It still preforms as well as my newer unit.

  26. G

    While the mechanism to functions properly, the angle of the actuator affords a very poor grip. Unless two hands are used, one on the handle and another on the shaft, squeezing the handle causes it to slide out of your hand. Without modification to keep it from slipping away when squeezed, it seems fairly close to unusable.

  27. socialmom

    This nabber is very impressive. I have some arthritis in my hands, so yes, it can be a tiny bit hard to use, but….I do not have to lean over. I used this yesterday to do a trash pick up along our property frontage. It grabbed things easily, securely and did not drop things like other picker-uppers do. I was wowed when I tried to pick up TINY pieces of glass- and yes! The Unger picked them up beautifully! I even had to work the shards out of the dirt a bit, and it did the job. I was and am super impressed with this item. Would buy again, and it surpasses any other nabbers I have tried. I have just starting using this, and it seems well made, and will hope that it lasts some time!Great product!

  28. Super Dave

    For sticks and what not in the yard to using int the shop area you can’t go wrong with these grabbers. But beware not for the weak handed people if you are planning to use a lot. You use your fingers to grip the handle and the way you grip will get tiring faster than you may think. But for durablity and abilty to lift heavier objects they are fantastic. I can pick up a quarter from the floor, a can of spray paint off an upper shelve, to grabbing a 500 foot roll of 16 gauge speaker wire and picking it up from a upper shelve and not dropping. When doing projects where you are stringing wire along open ceiling joists it save huge amounts of time not having to move a ladder every few feet.

  29. Michele Oswald

    Grabber end is flimsy, thin metal, bends very easily. The hand grip is uncomfortable and your hand cramps up within minutes of using it. Poorly designed. I’m sorry I bought this.

  30. okmichele

    This is my favorite of all the grabbers I use. It grips really well. It doesn’t pick up very heavy items but handles most of the things I need – shoes, dog bowls, small water bowls (large ones are too heavy with water in them), things I drop. It also reaches things in high cabinets and anything with a handle it can wrap around, including a dog kennel with a small dog in it! Because of back problems I have had to make modifications to reduce the amount of bending I do. Of the 3 models I own, this is my favorite. I purchased a much less expensive Duro-Med at the same time and that one does not work at all. I am ordering another one of these to keep in another room at the house.

  31. cc

    The grip is very awkwardly placed and the whole thing is too long and heavy at the far end and places too much strain on your wrist. Ok for occasional use but probably will actually injure your wrist if you’re using it for repetitive movements like trash pick up.

  32. kay sutterfield

    No longer working. I would consider myself to be a “light” user of this grabber tool. I purchased it in February of 2014 —- almost four years ago —- following hip replacement surgery. It stopped working a few months ago —- will no longer open/close on objects. Now I have to have a knee replaced, so I willl be reading lots of reviews in order to make an informed choice with most recent information. I’ll give it a 3 based on its performance before breaking.

  33. Dean Family

    I have a confession to make: we use this to “reclaim” fancy bottles from the recycling bins for our collection. We must reach into a deep “garbage” container and the Nifty Nabber must close firmly, or we’ll hear the sound of shattering glass. We’ve never dropped a bottle. Also recently, I was trimming our large ornamental “angle wing” prickly pear cacti, and the only way I could pick up the multiple “paddles” was with this device. It did a good job, although I did end up with quite a few spines in the rubber feet — which I had to pull out with pliers.This has been a great tool to own!Recommended.

  34. I’mjustsay’n

    The only negative thing I can say about this grabber is that the metal arms need to be beefed up just a little bit . I am buying this one to replace one that I had for about 9 years and it was used ” ALOT ” . I am replacing the first one because I accidentally bent one of the arms past the point of being able to straighten it without splitting the metal and eventually it broke all the way off , rendering the grabber useless other than for parts . I have picked up too many items to mention , but I can say some were quite heavy and some were quite small . The only thing I couldn’t pick up with the first one was the dime that they claimed it would pick up . I recently bought and returned a different brand of grabber before buying this second Unger 36″ nifty nabber . I can honestly tell you , I will not buy anything else other than a true Unger grabber . You can tell when you take it out of the box that it is quality made . I would recommend this to a friend or anyone else as far as that goes .

  35. Amazon Customer

    The grabber arrived and I was pleased with the build quality. Excited to start using it I walked about testing it out. On the third grab I was shocked to receive an intense pinching of the skin on my wrist. There is an area on the handle where the moving parts create a little “mouth” in which skin can be caught. My friend was over when this happened and she mentioned it has happened to her as well. She uses same model at work.So, the product is well made but I wanted to give others a heads up to be careful. I have quite a bruise on my wrist from the pinch.

  36. Jessie z

    I purchased The Sammons Preston reacher and Unger professional grabber. I gave them both a good work out because my roof was replaced and nails and tarpaper were all over my yard. At 73YOA I need a little help reaching and grabbing. I rated the Salmons 4 and the Unger a 3. The Unger did a better job at picking up most items and was more sturdy and better built. However, The hand squeezing mechanism was awkward and uncomfortable. It had a small magnet for picking up metal but was useless. The Sammons was somewhat flimsy but was lightweight and easy to carry. The hand squeezing mechanism was a much superior to the Unger and it had a strong magnet for picking up the nails. Although I kept both, I would choose the Sammons.

  37. Amazon Customer

    I bought this grabber because of function and materials. The materials are good but the function is poor. I had a grabber that worked perfectly but the materials were bad.This grabber is made with good materials but the function is poor. I had a grabber that could easily pick up 5 pounds. It had a trigger switch. This grabber has a squeeze grip to close the jaws. I have tried using both hands to squeeze the grip and found that the jaws were verily strong enough to pick up a bottle of water.The way the jaws are situated at the end of the grabber, at an angle makes this grabber unfunctionable for many task. I sit in a wheelchair and rely on a gripper to reach for things. This gripper is the wrong one for me. Hard to pick up anything, the angle of the jaws don’t work for many tasks of picking up items. Standing and picking up trash or leaves might be ok, but to pick up am item as small as a dime on a hard surface is hard to do.If you plan on buying a grabber, buy one with a trigger.

  38. MsFiction1

    Ok, so I hurt my back. Badly injured the muscles and ligaments. This thing is helpingso I don’t keep re stretching damaged muscles and ligaments and they can have timeto heal. Pretty Handy, Pretty Nice!ProsWell made.Geez, I even picked up small dog kibble, one by one with it.It grips really good.Could even pick up a bug with it and deposit the bug outside.ConIt is a bit heavier than it looks. Sturdy is appreciated but it does take some strength to lift it. So,,,,For someone like me who is buying it to use because of medical issues with the shoulder, hand, back etc, it might be too heavy to usewhen picking up heavier items.

  39. J. Mitchell

    I just had back surgery and can’t bend or twist. I’m also very tall (6’7″) so I needed a long grip stick to pick up low objects. This thing is as good as can be expected for the task. I wish it were 2″ longer but I can grab things flat on the floor with the slightest bend at the knees. Better than the “trigger” style grip sticks I’ve used before. No problems with the gripping strength but those with weak/injured grips may have issues. It has a hard time picking up flat objects that are flat on the floor but that’s to be expected. There is a small magnet on one prong but it’s not on the tip.

  40. Chim Richalds MD

    I recently had back surgery which prevents me from being able to bend at the waist for at least six weeks, so I knew I’d need a grabber of some kind – please, feel free to make up whatever jokes you’d like.There are lots to choose from on Amazon, but for whatever reason, I chose this one. I think the design of the grip made more sense to me than the other pistol type grips – whatever.This product has performed very well for me so far. It’s served me while picking up all manner of objects large and small, but just today I had a moment that MAY be the moment that motivated me to write my very first Amazon review! I’m kind of tearing up a tiny bit.I dropped one of my pills and it rolled under the couch. With my trusty grabber, I was able to reach under and with no hit-or-miss attempts, I just simply picked up the pill. I don’t mean to imply other brands would be incapable of similar performance, but I can report to you first hand that I’ve used this to pick up relatively heavy items and other items of all sizes and it maintained its ability to perform a precision pick-up as pictured.Earth shattering? Hardly. But impressive enough for me to type words on my computer, take photos with my phone and post a review on Amazon.