[Upgraded Version]Handheld Vacuum, HoLife Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with 14.8V Li-ion Battery Powered Rechargeable Quick Charge Tech and Cyclone Suction Lightweight Hand Vac

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  • Backed by 45-day money-back and 12-month worry-free warranty
  • 【THOROUGH CLEANING & SUPER SUCTION】 90W super power motor provides strong suction up to 6Kpa, not only easily absorbs hair, food residue, particles, but also adsorbs less than 0.1 micron debris hidden in the sofa, cushion, etc.
  • 【WIDER CLEANING SCOPE】Equipped with 2200mAh li-ion batteries, 30-min long-lasting running time. 600ML large dust container meets a deep cleaning from the kitchen, the living room to the bedroom (about 150 ㎡). Now, it’s widely known as the most useful handheld vacuum cleaner in vacuum market.
  • 【ALL-ROUND CLEANING】HoLife vacuum cleaner helps you clean sofa seams, staircase corners, car crevices, and other hard-to-reach places with three different accessories whether at home or your vehicle. Note: Rubber jar brush can absorb not more than 100ml liquid.
  • 【LEADING TECHNOLOGY, SAFETY GUARANTEE】HoLife adopts the latest generation of charging technology, fast charging one battery within 45 minutes. The intelligent power management technology contains multiple protections such as overcharge protection, over-temperature control protection, over-voltage protection, input-current protection and short-circuit protection to guarantee equipment safety.
  • 【MSDS, UL CERTIFICATION】The MSDS and UL certificated high efficient vacuum cleaner ensures at least 500 cyclic charging times. So far, holife handheld vacuum cleaner is one of the most durable vacuum in the market.


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You’re gonna to liberate yourself with this Holife Cordless Handheld Vacuum.
Holife Hand Vac is lightweight and suction-powerful, it works great on PET HAIR and CORNER CLEANING, you will escape from tons of tiny cleaning in your house and your car.

Cordless and Compact Vacuum
You can carry it around your house or into your car without any inconvenience. Easily tackle unexpected messes with this hand vacuum, perfect for small apartments, dorms and cars. And, a special designed handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand while an easy empty dirt cup makes it even more convenient to get the job done quicker.

Powerful Operation
This vacuum has a Li-ion battery that gives you around 30 minutes of continuous operation which is enough to cope with most areas of your house (keep in mind that handheld vacuum cleaners aren’t designed for cleaning all floors in your house).

Universal Attachments
This handheld vacuum cleaner comes with two more nozzles that ensure efficient clean-ups in the narrowest places. Also, there’s a small brush on the tip of the nozzle. Therefore, this small cordless handheld vacuum cleaner ensures the efficient cleaning of stairs, floors, carpets, shelves, and so on.

Rated Voltage: DC14.8V
Rated Power: 85-90W
Battery Type: Lithium 2000mAh
Charge Time: 3-5 hours
Work Time by Full Energy: up to 30 mins
Battery Life: ≥500 cycle
Max Power: 100W
Vacuum: 6.0KPA
Air Flow: 18L/S
Max Suction Power: 22W
Max Suction Efficiency: ≥26%
Noise: 78dB
Usage Type: dry & wet
Dust Capacity:≥0.6Max
Water Capacity: 100mL
Cleaning Efficiency:≥96%

The filter is made of Washable Fabric which is washable, you don’t need to change the filter everytime.

Warranty: Every HoLife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has 30 days Money back and 12 Months Guarantee.

Quite Hand vacuum
lightweight Vacuum
Low Noise: ≤78dB
Quiet & efficient cordless handheld vacuum produces less than 78 dB of sound while keeping its powerful suctioning capability, which gives you comfortable cleaning experience and no need to worry about disturbing your kids and shocking your pets again.
Clean the Dirt with No Stress
Press the ‘Lock’ button
Take washable filter out
Empty the dust compartment
Clean dust and filter compartment
It is easy to clean by hygienically removing the entire dirt container at the push of a button and pouring out trash.
Lightweight portable vacuum is designed for quick & convenient cleaning.

If you want to store it for a long time, fully charge it before storing it. You need to charge it again every 3 month to prevent batteries from hibernation
Package Included
1*Holife Handheld Vacuum
1*Charging Station
1*Crevice Tool
1*Rubber Jar Tool
1*Dusting Brush
1*Clean Brush
2*Washable Filter

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  1. DKT

    Per the many 5-star reviews, I, too, found this hand vac the best I’ve ever owned in terms of suction, noise, and battery type. Had I not just encountered a rather important oversight in the instructions this morning, I would have given it 5 stars. As I was used to doing with other hand vacs, I decided to clean the filter and did it like I’ve always done IT. . . with SOAP and water. After reassembling the vac, I noticed a MAJOR decrease in its suction. i First thought I must have put the filter back wrong, but no, it was right (virtually impossible to get it “wrong”). I then looked thru the manual that comes with it and found the reason. On p. 5, 2nd paragraph, it tells you to use only water. . . NO SOAP. . . when cleaning the filter. The filter is apparently coated with something that soap dissolves, causing the holes in the filter to become blocked. I installed the extra filter that comes with it, and the suction doubled.Am I partly responsible for not having noticed the cautionary note? Yes; it falls under the heading “read the instructions, stupid!”. But as is the case with so many things that come from China, the instructions are often scant or the result of a translator who only thinks s/he knows English. Because the natural way one would ordinarily clean a dirty filter — i.e., using a little soap — the company should have put that paragraph in BOLD ITALICS! Even better, put it as the FIRST item under “Operation Guide”. Because it didn’t, I didn’t notice or remember it and have destroyed one of the filters after having the vac for only 3 weeks. So my main purpose in writing this review is to warn new buyers and those who’ve not yet washed their filter, DON’T USE SOAP!—————————————–Update 2/9/18: After posting this review, I received an email from the manufacturer. They said my drawing attention to the “don’t use soap” section of the instructions was helpful, and (I assume) they will be editing the instructions to make it more very obvious (bold, italics, place it at the beginning, etc.). In addition, they sent me 4 additional filters. This is indicative of a manufacturer that is sensitive to customer input and that provides outstanding customer support. For that reason, I have changed the rating from 4 to 5-stars. This is a great product backed by a very good company.—————————————-Update 10/23/18: As many others have reported, our vacuum suddenly shut down while using it. It is only a little over 9 months old. Thinking perhaps it needed recharging, I put it on the charger. The red light came on for a scant 10 sec., then turned green. . . and it remained inoperable. My interpretation of the quick green light is that it’s an indicator that the battery is full/rejects additional charging. In this case, it means the battery has ceased to function, so will not accept charging. I have contacted the company for a replacement and will update this review after I get their reaction.

  2. Donna M.

    My most important criteria when choosing this product was to try to find something with very good suction. I mostly want it to clean the interior of my vehicles. In the suction department, it delivers. It’s not perfect, but it has as much suction as I could have reasonably expected from a handheld battery powered unit, which is to say it picks up everything I asked it to other than the stuff that’s jammed so far between the seats that I can’t reach the nozzle down there. I have to say that I’m hard to please regarding any kind of vacuums because I never think they pick up like they should. I did a lot of research and looked at a lot of reviews before buying this one but I still didn’t know if I would be satisfied. I am, and I would buy this product again. The biggest reason for my 4 star rating (instead of a 5) is that the battery life leaves something to be desired. I barely made it through one vehicle before the battery needed recharging. However, it’s worth that minor inconvenience to have a vac that actually works. I would definitely recommend this vac if suction is your main criteria.

  3. Jane Eyre

    Did all my research and this handheld wireless home vacuum was highly rated. It’s wonderfully quiet and powerful enough to pick up crumbs whether they fall on the wooden floor or the carpet. It comes with an extra filter so when #1 filter was washed and is drying, I can insert #2. I am very pleased and plan on using it for my SUV carpeting as well. A very nice product.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Was not satisfied with my purchase, but the Custer satisfaction was amazing. I would buy with this company because they want you to be happy with your purchase and will do everything they can to help you to be satisfied…

  5. Mit

    Update 31Aug18Wow! After posting my 1-star review (further below) I received a brand new replacement a few days later. I didn’t even contact the vendor. I don’t think I have ever had that happen. My replacement works great! 1-star changed to 5. Thank you!!!!——-About 27Aug18 (was 1 star) Worked fine a couple times. Then went dead. I performed the usual basic troubleshooting. Read the little manual. Checked the recharger light (recharger appeared to be working). Ensured the appliance was charged. Etc. Fiddled with the on/off selector. No other controls to check. I went online to see if any common problems but no real substantive information. I was busy with other things; as well as procrastinated. Went past 30 days. So assumed return deadline expired. So decided to crack the case and see if there wasn’t some simple contact switch issue with the on/off selector that could be easily fixed. No joy. No obvious, fixable issue in view. I did note that the guts of the appliance appeared well-made (see pic). Only problem was I couldn’t get mine to work. I did my research before purchase as I always do. This device appeared to be a good buy. I guess I just lucked-out and got the lemon this time.

  6. Michele

    This item is OK so far, it is loud and that’s the upgraded version, there seems to be sucking action but not really good enough to be worth 50.00. I cleaned my inside stairs and it did OK job with the tool in. It seems that when you put the soft rubber tool into the cavity it restricts the air flow a little, making the vacuum in effective because the tool’s flange goes flat, so the air is not properly suctioned. We will see how will it does on the car carpet. And no instruction manual came with it, so I guess I am on my own with what not to do as far as the filter’s and cleaning them. You guys a super great the replacement you picked out for me works beautifully. It does everything you said excellent product

  7. Courtney Alcott

    Update: These guys want their customers to be happy, no doubt about it. I received the model I expected in the mail. However, I never could get a hold of anyone to discuss which is too bad. But they removed a video review.(not related to them) and did what they could to help so upping to 4 stars.May: It was difficult to determine what the “upgraded” version really got you. I took a chance an ordered it. It’s decent. I wanted to write a review to clarify that this is not the model shown in the side by side comparison in the video review. The video blogger shows a trigger model that’s much more powerful. The model I received is again okay but not the power I was expecting for $62. It’s equivilent to my 10 year old black and decker, I was hoping to take a step up in performance, this doesn’t get us there so I’ll be returning.

  8. Amazon Customer

    I ordered this product because it was “amazon’s choice” and had a very high average review rating. Before I ordered, I didn’t read a lot of the reviews, I just trusted it. After I received the product, I charged it until the light was green and started to use it. The suction is extremely poor unless you are using it on a flat surface where the vacuum can cling to the surface (wood floors, carpet). I ordered this to get dust that is stuck on hard to reach places, blinds, doors, around a button in a sofa. The vacuum did not meet my expectations at all and I will be returning the product. The extensions are also very poor and do not focus the suction, the air must have escaped through the sides somehow because it was not as strong as it was without the extensions. After I used the product and was disappointed, I started to read the other reviews. Many of the reviews changed their one-star rating to a higher rating because the company contacted the reviewed and either sent them a stronger vacuum or refunded them in exchange for deleting/updating the review to reflect the customer service. My review is of the product. It is a one-star machine. Many reviews are of the attentiveness of the customer service, which can mislead the buyer that is looking at the average stars and not reading the reviews (which was my mistake). The product was not worth $50 and I will be returning it.

  9. TarheelTwice

    Suction? What’s that. I could suck stronger through a straw if I wouldn’t get choked by the dust. Who is reviewing this? I am incredulous of all the folks saying how great this is. Worst hand held I have ever owed.Update 5/2/18 The customer service is amazing. They refunded this product and did not require me to return it. Plus they gave me a stronger model for free. It is marginally better. I give the customer service 5 stars, but the original product is still only 1 star. The upgraded model is now 3 star and that is what this review reflects. WIsh I could give the product a higher rating, but it is just not that great.

  10. Rose Of Sharon Rice

    Is it just me or do all dustbusters seem to not have enough sucking action? This one works well, but I’m always wondering why it isn’t stronger. I keep the filter clean and take care of this dust buster as instructed. Looks really nice, light weight, and I have gotten a lot of use out of it. It’s not horribly loud, but my cats don’t seem to care for it. 😄

  11. The Batman

    Customer service reached out to me after I left a negative review on a previous incarnation of this product, offering me the chance to replace that device with this one. I accepted their offer and appreciate the dedication they have to their users and to their product. They sent me out this replacement free of charge and it arrived just a day after they informed me it was shipped.Like the previous HoLife vacuum, it contains far more attachments than I would ever use. Would prefer whatever money they spend on including these superfluous pieces, be taken out to either reduce the product’s cost or spend the additional money on the overall power of the suctioning motor.This version of Holife’s vacuum does offer better suction than the previous version I purchased, but still is not completely at the power level I would prefer and have experienced with other handhelds. Charging on this device is sufficiently fast and the direct plug-in charging mechanism, replacing the cumbersome dock charger, is a welcome addition. Very easy to clean. Holds good amount of material.Overall, I would say this handheld vacuum is on par to slightly superior to other handhelds at this price point.

  12. Age Minotis

    I orginally rated this product 3 stars because of suction. I have carpet and wood on my stairs and even with the nozzle and attachments, it did not do as expected. It still picked up, but I had to shove and hold it there. The customer service was outstanding. They reached out immediately and helped find a solution. 100% rating for customer service.

  13. Ethan Houser

    First vacuum I received never had much power and then completely died after just a few months. Also, the rubbery plastic attachments did not fit on properly (the end of the vacuum would protrude beyond the end of the attachment).Then, almost immediately, HoLife customer service reached out and replaced my original unit with a (slightly different) model that works very well, and the attachments fit well, too!I am 100% satisfied.I feel like I didn’t choose the HoLife, the HoLife chose me!

  14. Amazon Customer

    I was thrilled with this handheld vacuum for the first month. It had good suction, the attachment tools were useful, and the upright stand for charging was a good space saver. However, I was using it yesterday, and after 5 minutes, it suddenly stopped working. It was fully charged and going on full power, and then just stopped dead. I’ve tried re-charging several times, and it’s not a charging issue. I’m so disappointed. Given the amount of money spent on this compared to other cheaper models, I am shocked this happened.UPDATE: After posting the review above for one star, the seller contacted me within 24 hours and offered a replacement. Wow – best customer service I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to getting the new one, and giving it another try. I changed my review from one star to 5 star in response. If I have any problems, I’ll update the review.

  15. lamccarthy

    I’ve been searching for a hand held vacuum that would meet my needs. I have a pup, and I’m clumsy…. lol.. so this combo wet/dry vacuum really caught my eye. I’ve had it for several weeks now and really like it. It’s not noisy, good suction, easy to open and clean and a good charging cradle that locks well, but not so well that you can’t get the vacuum loose.

  16. Nick Salomone

    All of a sudden this vaccume stoped working. I would like a a replacement.

  17. Claudio Bolanos

    Well I’m definitely impressed by their customer service after buying a vacuum and was slightly disappointed due to the suction being a little well weak. I want to return the item but i threw away the box. Luckily for me customer service read my and they reached out to me to address my concerns. They offer me a return and a replacement vacuum with more suction power. Let me say that im impress. This replacement vacuum definitely is a up grade. Thanks

  18. estes1way

    So far so good. Much quieter than my old dirt devil and it has great suction. My wife really likes it and my daughter wants two steal it:)

  19. NM

    has great suction and picks up everything I have tried to pick up, nothing heavy or sharp of course. needed a small vac for little things.

  20. Jeff Segers

    For a hand held …. pretty darn good

  21. Em Ferris

    This truly is a hand held vacuum. It is not a dust buster. It has a lot of power and I have been extremely pleased with this vacuum. It is easy to clean and the item is solid top quality! I used this to vacuum some drilling debris stuck in my carpet and it was awesome. I use it to vacuum my bathroom and spot clean my carpet and kitchen.

  22. Elaine M.

    It does everything but it doesn’t drain easily if you wash it.y. But I just let it dry longer

  23. scaronna

    Died in 4 weeks. I returned it and got something else. I was really bummed because it had really good suction. Well I just wanted to say that the company is very concerned about their product and after being contacted by them I decided to give the unit another try. As I said in the beginning I really did like the unit so I am really hoping that the new one gives me years of service just as the last few I have had over the years. Thank you LivSense.

  24. Jake D

    I use this to clean my car and my home office. I keep it charged all of the time in its holder, but it only barely worth using, suction is very weak, i just feel like I am rubbing tghe vacuum over the car rug but it can’t seem to pick up anything. I broke a bottle in my car and little shards of glass (no bigger than a match head) seem to much for it.What’s the point?

  25. Ksu834

    Bought this on March 4th and today, May 5th it won’t turn on. It’s fully charged, the light is green, but it won’t turn on. Very disappointedEdit: 5/7 – Customer service has reached out to me and and offered a full refund and also will send me a new vacuum. I am hoping this was just a fluke and won;t happen again as the vacuum does work good and has great suction.

  26. Rebecca Laupichler

    A great little vacuum! I use it to pick up paper shreds on carpet. Works great! Easy to clean!

  27. Jessie Myers

    Owned this for two weeks and am diggin it. Goes a ways on a charge and great suction. Hoping it continues to impress..all good so far

  28. Hfghgf

    Quite good suction the problem I have is the filter came off the plastic holder and I received only one filter now I have to order more

  29. Sean M.

    Good power for the small and hard to reach. I primarily use this to clean around litter boxes, but it also did a really good job with hair clippings. The brush attachment makes it easier to vacuum carpet areas. Very nice dust-buster.

  30. mabaromaEO

    I have never had a had held vacuum before so this is a joy. I wish it had a little more battery life. But I can do with this. It is very easy to clean. I have hard wood floors and I love the fact that I don’t have to sweep with a broom in quick clean ups. It is the best appliance I have ever owned.

  31. Matthew Druin

    I recently purchased this item base Don reviews and feedback from others. I really love the portability and suction from this product so far. It’s perfect for anyone with kids, pets, or people who just like to keep things tidy between vaccuming days.The only thing I do not like is the charging design. It’s designed to stand straight up on a table, shelve, etc so there is no way to hang it on a wall which would be better for space saving.

  32. J. Michael Nace

    This is a professional instrument for cleaning and company provides excellent customer service. I bought it to upgrade from what I had previously which had small battery power and longevity before charging.

  33. Maria

    Bought this for my boat to vac the pine needles and water that collects behind the seats. It works ok, but needs to be frequently emptied and the suction is ok.

  34. Keith J. McCormack

    I’ve purchased 8 to 10 of these in my 60 years. This one has excellent battery life and is fairly powerful with clean filter. Only concern is the dirt holding capacity is lower than other units

  35. Amazon Customer

    I love this little vacuum cleaner. It is easy to use, the charge holds for at least 30 min, (I haven’t tried to use it for longer than that) and it is pretty quiet also. Great little vacuum for the price.

  36. Kathy

    Great to pick up small areas when needed. Like the way it fits in charger and takes up small amount of room. Did not want to hang on wall so this works perfect for me. Works wonderful and easy to clean.

  37. Gachaman

    Works great. Before buying this, I read reviews said it blow dust and its solution (to put paper). I fount that using attachment works well to prevent exhaust air to blow dust where cleaning. It last power long enough to clean kitchen, bathroom, spot clean on stairs, and more. Not noisy. Love it.

  38. Doug

    I like the compact construction, powerful suction and it is much easier to handle than the Black & Decker unit I just threw out.

  39. Joe °

    Strong suction but short battery life to charging time ratio.A little disappointing is the low volume of liquid that the manufacturer recommends for it to suck up.

  40. Erika

    First vacuum worked well until after one month it just stopped. Contacted the company and they immediately sent a replacement. Have owned this one for about 3 weeks and so far it is working great.

  41. Mary J. Stielow

    Great for small jobs. So nice not to have to lug around a heavy vacuum cleaner. Easy to clean. I ordered extra filters but will wash each one as I use the vacuum to make them last.

  42. Alicia

    I cannot say enough good things about this product. Between my kitten and 100lb dog, this thing does the trick!! Life and time saver. Hoping it keeps up and holds out through time. LOVE IT!!!!!

  43. Nganimal

    I live in an apartment with some roommates so when I want to clean my room in the evening, this is pretty quiet so it doesn’t disturb anyone else around me that might be watching tv or whatever. It’s super portable so I can clean my car with it too. Very easy to use and clean! I love it!

  44. Ryan N.

    Good for the price, the filters say they are washable but after 2 washes you really need to replace them.

  45. Patty Murray

    I’ve had this one day and used it to clean kitty litter from my kitty May. My vacuum won’t get it all but this removed the litter from all the holes. More to come on battery life, durability and ease to clean.

  46. Mr. Phil Conley Sr.

    I like that it keeps wifey happy that she doesn’t have to drag out the big vac all the time.

  47. M. Koszyk

    Have not had a need to replace the filter yet but I am pleased with the unit

  48. Sami Calhoun

    We have used it and are very happy with it. It’s great for when you don’t want to lug out your regular vacuum, or you want to use it where plugging in a vacuum would be a problem. Well worth the price!

  49. Shane A

    It has a lot of suction, it’s quiet, and the battery lasts forever! Can’t complain.

  50. RH

    Best hand vac we have purchased to date. Well made; good suction; good tools, and battery lasts as stated. Recommend.

  51. Steven Meng II

    We use this every day. It’s a great little hand vac! It comes with a little rubber attatchment that works great for getting dog hair off of our microfiber couches. It’s also very easy to clean. Definitely worth the money for us!

  52. Jared

    i have had this product for 4 months, and was very impressed with it. Last night i noticed that the light in the front of the vacuum was flashing red while on the charger. Now the vacuum wont turn on or run. Was wondering who to contact about this issue. Two days after the vacuum quit, a new one was sent to me! Fingers crossed this one last longer.

  53. Joel Desario

    I really like this vacuum. It does a good job cleaning surface areas. however, I wish it had a smaller size nozzle to get into tighert areas.

  54. Amazon Customer

    This vacuum lasted less than one week. The vacuum would show as being fully charged but wouldn’t actually power on. I followed the charging instructions carefully and made sure to turn the vacuum off before putting it in it’s charging port, but it didn’t last more than 3 uses. You are better off buying a different vacuum. This one is a waste of money.

  55. Steve Norrito

    Great suction power. I use it all around the house for those in between cleanings.

  56. Amazon Customer

    To clean small areas like books, small curtains, shelves and the back of the tv sets around the house.

  57. Siredhuman333

    Working so far, haven’t tried it on liquids. It does the job.

  58. Caleb

    Finally a handheld with some oomph. This thing is drawing up the carpet itself, it’s so powerful.

  59. Kathleen Rae Leak

    it is impressively powerful for a rechargeable. I wish it had a switch on the charger though as you are supposed to unplug it after it is fully charged

  60. Joshua

    I think great, especially considering the price! Its lightweight and has great suction and simple to empty.