Utopia Towels Premium 8 Piece Towel Set (Grey) – 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels and 4 Washcloths Cotton Hotel Quality Super Soft and Highly Absorbent

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  • Set includes two bath towels (27 inch x 54 inch), two hand towels (16 inch x 28 inch), and four washcloths (13 inch x 13 inch)
  • Woven with 100 percent ring spun cotton; ring spun cotton not only gives your skin a softer feel, but is also very durable in nature
  • Machine wash the towels in warm water using mild detergent and tumble dry on low; recommended to dry immediately to minimize mildew
  • Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, and iron as it may damage its quality; always wash the towels separately to minimize lint
  • Made from natural materials and free from harmful chemicals or synthetic materials, safe for you & your family


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Ringspun 100% Cotton for Smoothness
Complete Set
Double Stitched Hemmed Finishing
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  1. Angela

    I was cautiously optimistic when purchasing this towel set. The price was right, but I wasn’t sure if the quality would be good. Sometimes, less expensive towels don’t dry very well. These are great! I washed them before using with 1/2 cup of white vinegar in the “softener” tray of my front load washer. They came out soft, and are very absorbent. They dry fast as well. Now that I’ve tried them out, I’m going to order several more sets.

  2. Jordan

    I purchased these towels in grey and I don’t understand how anyone could rate them in a positive way. Not only do the towels shed badly but after one wash they are completely discolored. Thankfully Prime makes returns easy but I cannot recommend these to anyone wanting quality towels.

  3. Holden Lewis

    Pretty good towels. They absorb a good amount of water to help get me dry. My only complaint is that even after washing them a few times, there is still blue fuzz that gets all over my bathroom. It had become a lot less over time, but it was definitely bad a while.

  4. Shelley Brian

    These towels do not absorb! Nothing on my body is dry after I use the towels.I am horribly disappointed in them.The best thing I can do is donate them to the local animal shelter. I felt confident when I checked the reviews but all I can figure is that the reviewers and I got different towels.

  5. Annie

    I like these towels BUT I gave them a 3 star because unless you have a sewing machine & can sew hems you might not be happy. I washed them once and the stitching on the seams came out. I had to hem each and every piece I bought. I still am removing old stitching once in a while after washing. If you sew and want to take the time to re hem them good towelsUp date Bought in June 2017 This is now January 2017, I have noticed after washing these two times a week I am getting yellow spots on them . They are Sage Green. Only thing I can figure out is the dye is washing out in places. Other than that they are still good towelsFor some this may be a problem but I am satisfied that they are still whole and dry a person OK.

  6. Camanda

    When I got these for Christmas they felt rough and scratchy. I was a little disappointed, but I thought I would give them a chance anyway. I put them through the wash, and they came out the softest things I have ever felt! They are thick and puffy, don’t leave little tufts of material all over you, and the color never dulled. WARNING: after drying these, check your lint trap! These things created a months worth of lint in one dry.

  7. Laurie Sahli

    I was really hoping to love these towels. I do love the color, the larger sizes and the feel of the material and that’s why I am giving them two stars, but I am so disappointed in the quality. As soon as they arrived I put them in the washer on cold as recommended. After drying on a gentle setting and low heat every single towel had strings that I had to cut off in multiple places on each one. The price was great for 8 towels but maybe it’s true that you get what you pay for. I am hoping that after the second washing they don’t fall apart completely. I am not returning them because they ARE usable and I do like the how they feel. But, even though I had intended to buy another set in another color I probably will pick a different brand.

  8. Tamara

    If I thought I could return these, I would. I tried to research towels in hopes of finding towels that were absorbent. These towels have wonderful color, they are very soft, they seem to be good quality, but they have that weird coating (I have no idea what it is) that annoying towels have – when you try to wipe off wet skin, they just smear the wetness around instead of absorbing the wetness. So I have to rub even harder and longer to get dry. Disappointed.

  9. FelineFriendly

    I bought a set of Chakir Turkish Linens Turkish Cotton Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel Set and was disappointed with them because they were not absorbent and they turned pinkish after washing them with only baby detergent. Plus, they held a strong mildew smell even after using borax and laundry softener. I purchased these hoping to find a color fast towel that was more absorbent, yet longer lasting. These towels are much darker than they appear in the picture. They are much more absorbent that my Turkish towels. They haven’t changed colors even after washing repeatedly for over 2 years now. They don’t hold weird smells and they are fairly soft, but not as soft as the Turkish towels. They feel more like the very starched/bleached towels you get at a hotel.

  10. Karanta

    This 8 piece towel set is a great bang for your buck. I really thought these towels would be just ok for this price point, but once I received them, I was amazed at the softness of these towels. Really feels like I’m drying off with feathers joined together. Loves the way these towels feel on my body. Wash cloths are big enough also to bathe with without having to add more soap to it. These bath towels are huge. You can easily wrap the bath towels around your waist easily with room to spare.No color fading has occurred as of yet with about 10 washes through the washer/dryer. Maintained it’s softness and stills feels great to the touch. They look very luxurious and no loose threads at the seams. The quality and price point of these towels are amazing. I will be buying more in the future.

  11. Stephanie

    If I could of put no starts I would of! These towels have the worst quality. As soon as we washed them for the first time they started to fall apart. The strings come out and broke our dyer getting stuck in the lint area. We clean the lint trap every use but it got stuck down in there and ended up breaking our dryer. Such a waste of money and horribly made towels! Do not buy unless you plan on replacing your dryer.

  12. Marc Bradley

    Absolute junk. After the initial wash one towel is shredded and my my washer looks like someone washed a cat in the washer. Never again. I’d upload a photo but I’m not allowing Amazon access to my photos.

  13. JJ

    These towels are very thin but upon delivery looked ok for the price. I immediately threw them in the wash so that I could use and they literally fell apart. Lot’s of long snags in the towels. The edges on the bath towels unsewn and edging detached from towel. One of the towels has a hole it them. Returning them! Did not even make it through first washing, I can only imagine what will happen after actual use. Looks like a bargain but if they can not make it through a wash cycle what good is the bargain? I bought Superior 900 GSM Luxury Bathroom 6 pc. towel set, wash them too and they look fabulous! Keep in mind they were more than twice the price. I will reorder those and forget the Utopia towels. Cheap! Don’t bother!

  14. savannah

    I was trying to find a replacement for some exceptionally soft and absorbent Egyptian cotton towels I bought at a Sears in Toronto 6 years ago. While these were not as soft as I hoped, they’re not bad for towels and they’re pretty absorbent. I would buy them again but understand they’re not soft like you’d find in a luxury hotel but they’re like Hilton/Marriott soft (leagues ahead of motel towels though).

  15. Stevo

    Keep in mind that to get this many towels in a set at this price is pretty difficult to do so keep your expectations realistic. Having said that, I ordered the “grey” as pictured and I received a more charcoal grey color that is much darker. I didn’t dislike it but it wasn’t the same. No biggie. The towels are pretty soft to the touch but are fairly thin and I don’t find them as absorbent as I’m used to. I doubt they will last more than a year but we shall see. If you are looking for a decent bang for the buck, these will do.

  16. Sandy

    What I look for in a towel is that it is absorbent, thick, heavy, quality stitching and 100 % cotton…and these towels fit my qualifications perfectly. It’s been very hard to find these type of towels without having to pay a huge price. Most of the major stores only carry towels made of a terry/cotton blend or some other blend, which is not absorbent at all. In the future I would like to see the seller offer different colors and also patterns. But for now I am very happy. Thank you.

  17. Amazon Customer

    I can NOT recommend these towel. The quality is really bad. When you wipe your hands, the thread is released and buried in your hand.

  18. Tricia Gunnells

    Very unhappy with the Quality and also didn’t realize that there wasn’t free returns so I have ended up paying half of the original price just to send back. Thin towels:(

  19. MrsWillis11

    Actually bought these for my camper so we didn’t have to worry about forgetting towels. Was honestly not expecting much based off of the price, but figured they would be perfect for the camper. When it comes time to replace the towels for our house, I will be ordering more. These towels are amazing. The color is great. They are super soft even after washing. They didn’t fade after the first wash, which I did on the high heat setting. I am beyond impressed. I have recommended these to my best friend for both her camper (she’s using beach towels) and her new house.

  20. Donald Sandler

    After the first machine washing and drying the towels came out lint free, soft and absorbent. The towels are of a high quality large and to what a towel is supposed to do: dry you. After one week of use I found the towels to be sturdy and absorbent. The price is excellent and would definitely recommend the above towel set to anyone interested in purchasing a decent set of quality towels at an excellent price. I will be ordering another towel set within a week or two.

  21. Amazon Customer

    This came beautifully packaged, however, upon opening it up, there were lots of threads loose and even some pulls. It is nice and absorbent but also seriously sheds, which I could live with, but I guess the threads pulling in a new package are common since I sent an email to the seller but heard nothing back. I will try Amazon Basics next time. I’ve ordered their washcloths (12 pack) and like them a lot. They have great reviews on their towels (comparable to the Utopia ones), so I’ll see what comes of their house brand!

  22. mizzrena34

    I love how fluffy these are great quality. They do put of a lot of lint first time washing and drying so will see how that goes next time. I did wash and dry two sets at one time. Also note that they seem to take a while to dry. I have other quick dry towels and can wash a just as many towels and they take way less time. So break up the loads so you do not have them taking forever to dry.

  23. CarolB

    After reading the product reviews, I was very disappointed in these towels. They were not what I consider hotel quality or super soft. While they looked nice, I was looking for thick, soft towels and these were thin and not soft. I returned them.

  24. sierraswitchbacks

    I read a lot of Reviews for these and other towels and settled on this package. I surprised my wife with them and we tried them right away w/o washing them. They worked fine and had no odor to them and absorbed water pretty well.After washing them we found that they didn’t shrink across the bands and they dried our bodies better than before, about as well as you could hope for. I plan to buy an additional set for our second home and 6 to 8 more bath towels after the next payday.Thanks Utopia for a great product at a great price.

  25. Patricia Kennedy

    Premium 8 Piece Towel Set (Sage Green); 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels and 4 Washcloths – Cotton – Hotel Quality, Super Soft and Highly Absorbent by Utopia TowelsEvery piece of this has a flaw. Price is cheap, I only bought to hang (not use) so I will probably use, not hang in the bathroom I’m redecorating. Just know that if you are buying this as a gift for someone, you will be sending them seconds. I washed them with nothing but what came together, ton of lint, and runs or picks already visible. Wish I had looked closer before I washed them because I may have returned them. Better quality can be found at Walmart or other cheap stores.

  26. Kimberly

    These are thinner than I thought they would be but the color is lovely. Not too much fading. I absolutely loved how it came packed. The towels were wrapped in a white polka dot ribbon with a big bow!! Delightful!! I purchased in 3 colors and for the price I paid I am very happy.

  27. Tori

    Arrived with a large run in the fabric. I’m sure if I wash it once, the entire thing will come undone. Look cheap, are thin, and fabric is VERY scratchy. Maybe they would soften with a wash, but they are so disappointing on other aspects, they’re not worth the attempt. I mentioned I’d return them and my husband immediately chimed in that he didn’t want to say anything when I bought them, but that he would not want to dry off with them.

  28. Sandra Mott

    I received these towels a few days ago. I was very excited to find a set at such a reasonable price. I’ve been dreading buying new towels!!! The set comes packed and wrapped in a ribbon. I like that added touch! My first thought was that they were a little thinner than I had hoped. But after the first wash they fluffed up really nice and thick. The hand towels and rags are a nice size and bigger than what I already had on hand. I have already ordered two more sets and plan to order the 4 pack of towels next. Although I am curious as to how they will hold up over time, I would recommend buying them.

  29. Sean Payton

    These towels are junk. As soon as I received them I was them. As I take them out of the dryer I notice that the hand towels are already frayed. The towels are coming apart and haven’t even been used once. The big towels are already pilling and also becoming frayed/old looking. I went with the reviews and the fact that these towels are best sellers. Definitely not good quality towels.

  30. Meg.

    Very thin towels. The color is true to the picture, but the thinness of the towels makes them a product I will be returning.The picture includes 4 washcloths, 2 hand towels, and 2 bath towels- all folded. Maybe 10 inches wide so that tells you how thin this product is.

  31. Wendy Ng

    These towels are awful! I washed them per the instructions on the tag (prior to first use) and once they were dried, I was left with “dusty”!towels. They have this layer of purple lint and pills that would probably transfer to your wet skin. I thought I was getting a great deal, but basically wasted money. I’m sure they towels will work, but their quality is horrible. These will probably be used to wipe down my dog when she comes in from outside. Disappointed.

  32. Kerry Kobashi

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out why these towels are rated 4 1/2 stars. I received these as a Xmas gift and put them on my “Santa’s List”..They are cheap, low quality towels that are not plush. Really made of thin cotton.Imagine getting out of a shower and planting your foot on top of them. You will immediately see a wet foot imprint. Now, start wiping yourself and you will be disappointed that the very area where you just planted your foot on is now so wet and uncomfortable to use to wipe yourself.

  33. Mikean

    Got these for the RV, they don’t get used every day. It’s the wife and I, and the trailer goes out four, or five time a year so these are ok, but they wouldn’t work for every day use. Way to much ” lint” or pilling as my wife says. Throw in the towel if you want a good, thick long lasting set of towels. Keep looking

  34. Tiffany Lyn

    they look great. They also feel nice on the skin too. My only gripe is that they shed so much. It looks like dust all over my bathroom, but its really just fuzzies from the towels. It gets on my face & body too when I dry off. Its still happening after 2 washes. Hopefully it will stop after several washes but, i’m not holding my breath. At least they look good : )

  35. Ben

    Beware of the lint. Great towels considering, price, size, and comfort but on my 4th washing of these and still have pill like lint everywhere when I use them coming out of the shower. They will migrate to the guest bathroom for now.

  36. Chelsea

    Good size, great feel (after wash), and thicker than I expected for the price. Great deal! Will be buying another set. I originally bought these as a guest bathroom set but they feel so nice I want to have some in my own!

  37. Skittles

    Excellent towels. Good quality, did not need to wash any strange smells out. Washes and dries well. I’ve bought these towels several times and get about a year of heavy use before replacing.

  38. Kim J. Kapellas

    The color gray was exactly as shown and the quality was really soft. My walls in the bathroom are light gray and the trim in white. These towels are dark gray and the contrast together looks Awesome.

  39. Penny Pinchers

    I bought these towels after purchasing Utopia’s white set for another bathroom in my house. I LOVE these towels. They are soft and look nice. They are average size. Good quality – no hanging threads or extra fluff coming off. I could use them after the first initial wash without having lint all over me. Just what I needed in a set of towels. The value for the money is excellent. I will be returning to Utopia to fill the other bathrooms in my house!

  40. Amazon Customer

    I bought these based on a “Favorite Things” list I saw from a popular IG designer. I’m surprised she would’ve recommended these. I ordered the white. They did not shed a crazy amount in the dryer like some have mentioned. What I had after washing & drying is the equivalent of a cheap, thin, hotel towel. I have had Target’s Fieldcrest & Kohl’s Vera Wang towels in the past & I can tell you these are nowhere near as thick or quality as those. I would save your money & not bother with these. Or go to Walmart & buy their cheapest towel because that’s pretty much what these are.

  41. Diana

    I typically don’t review, but had to this time. Bought these for my new place months ago. Finally moved in and used them and they are not absorbent at all and are very poor quality. The balls of lint come off them by the ton after washing them. Very disappointed. Wish I hadn’t waited so long to test them out so I could return them.

  42. GiGi

    We’re happy with our new towels. The color is true and the texture washed well and feels soft. The weight is perfect if you like comfy medium, easy drying towels. We don’t care for the heavy weight. Great purchase!

  43. Hippiehaven

    Very happy with the feel, thickness and color of these towels but when washed just once the color faded in spots. Like the dye just washed out. Had to move to cleaning towels because of the spotting

  44. Ken in PA

    I figured for the price if I didn’t like this set, I would use them for other things and not be too worried. I was pleasantly surprised. They feel pretty nice and seem to be pretty good quality. One thing, be prepared to clean the lint trap multiple times when you wash and dry them the first time! I could have made a hand towel and wash cloth from the lint that came out of the set! Other than that, I am very pleased.

  45. Casey

    These are nice, but like my other bath stuff, they got a little disfigured after drying so I can tell they aren’t high quality. I just bought some wash clothes and they didn’t disfigure and they’re much nicer. Probably over priced given the low but soft quality. Quality comparable to amazon basics, but a little softer.

  46. Makeupnutz

    Really nice towels for price. Not luxury towels but, definitely soft. In store you would spend at least $7-$10 each for just the bath towels for this quality. Packaged beautifly. Very happy with purchase. Money well spent and saved!!! 👌Will repurchase again.

  47. A. Graham

    At first, I was hesitant about this product, unsure whether it would leave lint all over me or be made of cheap material. However, I was greatly mistaken. This product is very soft and has excellent absorption. It dries very quickly and is durable. I’m thinking of buying another set in another color because they are that good!

  48. Aaron S Tatman

    I have lived with old towels for a long time, so I didn’t realize how much nicer good quality towels are. These seem to be good quality towels. They are very soft, and seem to be sturdy. I have only used them for less than a week, so I can’t attest to how long they last. So far, so good!PS. They arrived in perfect condition, and on time.PSS. I only payed 20 dollars because they were on sale.

  49. Glassingal

    These towels are so soft but the seams are very poorly sewn and will fall apart quickly. Also, there are snags everywhere. I am so disappointed and going to have to send them back. Also, the gray is so dark, it is almost black (which I could live with if the quality was there). Bummed!

  50. Cheri

    I bought these towels for the rich color of dark brown, the color was true to their online photo. As recommended on the tag, I laundered these towels before using them. Needed to clean out the washer after removing them before using the washer again as there was so very much fuzz inside. After the dryer cycle and while folding the towel set, I noticed 4 or 5 snagged fabric or pull areas that resulted in several strings hanging from the towels. I needed to trim the dangling fabric before I let my family use them. I hope the snagging does not continue as we use and launder these towels.