ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher with Free Water Quality Meter BPA-Free NSF Certified to Reduce Lead and Other Heavy Metals

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  • 10 CUP WATER FILTERING PITCHER: You’ll always have cleaner, pure tasting water on hand with our BPA-Free, water filter pitcher in your fridge. The included, free water quality meter lets you test your water, so you never have to wonder about its quality.
  • FIVE STAGE WATER FILTRATION: Unlike many water filters & pitchers, ZeroWater filters use 5 stages of filtration, to bring you cleaner, better tasting water. Instead of carbon filtering only, our filters use Ion Exchange Technology to reduce contaminants.
  • NOT AN ORDINARY WATER FILTER: ZeroWater filters filter water in 5 stages, are NSF certified to reduce lead and other heavy metals. Zerowater removes 99.6% of total dissolved solids, 2X more than the leading brand (tested by independent lab).
  • GET MORE OUT OF YOUR WATER: Remove more impurities from your water with ZeroWater’s unique, 5 stage filter system. With a variety of options, you can have cleaner water anywhere, from pitchers, bottle filtration systems, or portable on-the-go cup filters.
  • ZEROWATER QUALITY: Some ZeroWater filters are compatible with other brands of water pitchers. Try switching to ZeroWater if you have used water filters or pitchers from Brita, Pur, Aquagear, Nakii, Waterdrop, Kenmore, Berkey, Fridgidaire, or Aquasana.


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“ZeroWater’s 10 Cup Water Filtration Pitcher features a one-hand, push to dispense spigot that allows you to fill your cup or favorite water bottle without any lifting. The 5-stage filter transforms your tap water into delicious, TDS-free drinking water. All ZeroWater products include a free Water Quality Meter to test your water to ensure the highest quality filtration on the market. Get more out of your water with ZeroWater’s 5- Stage Water Filtration.

5-Stage Filtration:

Stage 1 – Removes suspended solids such as dust and rust that make your water appear cloudy Stage 2 – Removes additional suspended solidsStage 3 – Removes organic contaminants; pesticides, herbicides, Mercury, Chlorine, Chloramine, and stops bacteria from growingStage 4 – Removes inorganic compounds i.e. metals, non-metals and radiological contaminants Stage 5 – Removes remaining suspended solids, holds the resin in place

What is TDS:

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) refer to minerals, salts, metals including lead, chemicals, fluoride and runoff polluting your drinking water.

ZeroWater Technology is the only water filtration system to remove 99% of TDS, equivalent to TDS in purified bottled water.

Get more out of your water with ZeroWater’s Premium 5-Stage Water Filtration.”

The only pour through water filtration system that removes virtually all total dissolved solids for the purest tasting water.
5-Stage Water Filtration
Removes Virtually All Dissolved Solids for the Purest Tasting Water
The Only Pour Through Water Filter Certified to Reduce Both Lead and Chromium

5-Stage Water Filtration

Removes Virtually All Dissolved Solids for the Purest Tasting Water

The Only Pour Through Water Filter Certified to Reduce Both Lead and Chromium
pur,brita,refrigerator,pitcher,faucet,water purifier
pur,brita,refrigerator,pitcher,faucet,water purifier
pur,brita,refrigerator,pitcher,faucet,water purifier
Stage 1: Removes suspended solids such as dust and rust that make your water appear cloudy
Stage 2: Removes additional suspended solids
Stage 3: Removes organic contaminants; pesticides, herbicides, mercury, chlorine, chloramine, and stops bacteria from growing
Stage 4: Removes inorganic compounds i.e. metals, nonmetals and radiological contaminants.
Stage 5: Removes remaining suspended solids, holds the resin in place
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) refers to minerals, salts, metals including lead, chemicals, fluoride and runoff polluting your drinking water. Dissolved solids enter our water supply through old piping, run-off from road salts, pesticides, fertilizers and more.
ZeroWater is the only water filtration system to remove 99% of TDS, equivalent to TDS in purified bottled water. Get more out of your water with ZeroWater’s Premium 5-Stage Water Filtration
ZeroWater is the only pour through water filtration system that’s NSF-certified to reduce both lead and chromium* to 99%. Even if you live in a municipality that cleans or treats water, it can pick up chemicals on its way from the treatment plant to your faucet, giving your tap water a metallic and chlorinated taste. Water that’s purified with a ZeroWater filter, however, tastes the way water should: crisp, clean, and fresh.
*Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 53, issued 5/7/2018
**Certified BPA-free by LG Chem, issued 1/12/2016
pur,brita,replacement filters,faucet,pitcher,zerowater,reverse osmosis,water purifier
pur,brita,replacement filters,faucet,pitcher,zerowater,reverse osmosis,water purifier
pur,brita,replacement filters,faucet,pitcher,zerowater,reverse osmosis,water purifier
pur,brita,replacement filters,faucet,pitcher,zerowater,reverse osmosis,water purifier

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Okay, here’s the deal. When I first bought this pitcher 2 weeks ago I was incredibly excited, I read all the reviews, got hyped about the product and couldn’t wait to try it out. Got my pitcher in the mail, and immediately started testing all my water sources (my house, my work, bottled water) and I was shocked to find out that the water in my home was in the 400’s. Just as advertised, the product worked and reduced my water readings to 000. For comparison, my walmart brand filters in my old pitched did not reduce the TDS reading AT ALL. Everything was fine until this week (after using the pitcher for a total of 10 days) when i started noticing my water tasted a little funny. Prior to this, I had been testing my filtered water every 2 days, which it continually read 000. So I retested my filtered water and it read 763! I was absolutely disgusted. I then tested my tap water again, and it read 440. So I completely emptied my pitcher, and tried filling it up again and got the same results. I called the company to complain, and they told me that because my water TDS level was so high to begin with that my filter life expectancy was going to be lower, and that having a HIGHER concentration then the tap water after the filter life has expired was to be expected.I understand that I may not get the full life expectancy of the filter with a higher then average TDS level in my tap water, but replacing these filters every 10 days is just not affordable at the price of these filters. Additionally, they recommend you change your filters when your water reaches 006, however when i tested my water 2 days prior to this extreme TDS elevation, it read 000. I would expect that there would be a GRADUAL increase in the TDS level over time, however it appeared to go from 000 to 763 overnight. And believe me, the 763 water was so concentrated with….. who knows what, it made the water taste absolutely disgusting (i’m not exaggerating).

  2. Kindle Customer

    Some have complained their filters do not last long enough. I believe I have a solution:When I was a teenager with nothing else to do, I went to the public swimming pool every day. In my boredom, I decided on an experiment: I showered after the pool, but did not wash my hair. I discovered the chlorine left a thick, gummy residue making it nearly impossible to comb my hair. With that in mind, we fill our water filters with water from two pitchers we leave sitting out, uncovered, at least 8 hours. This allows the chlorine in the water to evaporate before going through the filter. Result: We bought our Zero Water pitcher in mid April 2017. Our tap water reads 050. Our filtered water still reads 000. Today is June 25th.I will update this review whenever our filter finally needs replacing. Meanwhile, I’m requesting other owners to try my experiment and reply to this review when you have determined if evaporating the chlorine before filling your filter pitcher makes a difference in how long your filters last. Thanks.To respond to other complaints:1. The filter leaks: My wife installed the filter. It leaked. I tightened it per the instructions and it stopped leaking. If your filter leaks, you didn’t tighten it properly.2. The water takes forever to go through the filter: I noticed the top of the filter was blocked by air bubbles. I used a little thin plastic spoon to gently chase the bubbles around and make them “pop” through the membrane. I was very careful not to damage the membrane. The water then drained through the filter properly.3. The carbon filter stuff is getting into the top chamber: So what? That’s pre-filter. It is not pretty, but it does not matter. You don’t have a problem unless you have pieces of filter in the bottom chamber. Ignore it.We also bought the larger tank for the fridge. A full ZeroWater pitcher perfectly fills the upper chamber on the tank. We are using the recommendations of another reviewer who runs the water through the smaller pitcher to fill the larger tank. This extends the life of the filters. When the filter in the tank needs replacing, he moves it to the pitcher. That performs a pre-filtering for the newer filter in the tank, extending the life of the tank filter. Great idea. With that said, do not misunderstand. Our pitcher filter has been used the most since we drink from it as well as from the tank, and we use it to fill the tank. And yet it is still reading 000.Since you have read this far, you win a free magic trick! We are big fans of the Carbonaro Effect, and I figured out a Carbonaro-style trick with our fridge tank. When you are going to have company over, fill the tank to the top and when the lower chamber is full, fill the upper chamber to the top, too, and put in the fridge. When setting the table for dinner, ask Aunt Gullible to fill the water glasses. As she is doing so, explain how the filter fills itself by extracting the moisture from the air in the fridge, and how this helps prevent mold growth in the fridge. After dinner, remind Aunt Gullible to check the filter to see if it is full yet. She knows nobody has gone near the fridge, and will be astonished to see the filter is full again, or at least, refilled substantially.

  3. Kurt M.

    I’ve owned this one as well as the 8 cup version. ZeroWater tastes better than Brita by far, and the filter lasts for longer than advertised if you’re drawing water from a good-quality municipal source.However, the Achilles heel in both cases was the spout, which in principle is a good idea. On the 8 cup version, the flow rate was frustratingly slow, making me eventually give up on using the feature. On this one the flow rate was more acceptable, but still too slow if the water level is low. After a little less than two years of use, the spout button popped out due to a broken plastic piece. The spout failed open, so the pitcher is now unusable even just to pour.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Actually makes tap water taste worst! After awhile the filter will go bad and have a funky fish smell. If you boil the water your whole house will smell like fish. I didn’t have another filter handy, it went through FIVE filters in a short period of time and it is just my husband and I, plus I drink more water at work. Rather than use this I just started drinking the tap water…and it was better than this product!!!

  5. Amazon Customer

    Water filer started giving bitter water in just one week. After that I replaced water filer – again it started giving bitter water. Not happy with this product.

  6. Lynn

    Purchased this after much research. Was concerned about the Chromium 6 in our water and it was the only filtered pitcher that removes it. Was concerned about the negative comments but thought we’d give it a try. Well at first it was fine, but after only 3 weeks, there is a metallic taste to the water. The reading is still only 0, so it is really strange. It is undrinkable. Starting feeling sick a week ago, now after reading many of the comments, I see it is related to the water from this pitcher. I will not get another filter, I believe it is the filter that is making the water taste like that. Do yourself a favor, do not buy this ZeroWater Pitcher. If you google, acidic, metallic taste from ZeroWater Pitchers, you will see many more negative results! Wish I had done that first before purchasing it!!

  7. Gita

    I did a big research before I purchased this pitcher and was convinced that ZeroWater filters most heavy metals. Its been one month and 5 days so far and the water started tasting very ACIDIC. I can’t drink it. Besides the nasty lemony flavor the acidic taste tells me that the water’s pH is bellow the neutral 7 pH. Drinking acidic water is Not Good for any human. This should be enought for most informed people to understand that this waterpitcher is not good.I thought about changing the filter but that would mean that I’d have to use a new filter every month and end up costing around $150 just for filters fear year. No thanks. Might as well buy reverted osmosis system.The worst part is the return period is 1 month ( just enough before water starts tasting like lemons).

  8. Jonas Grumby

    I took a long time to think about buying this pitcher before I did. I have a friend who has had the 23 cup dispenser for over a year now and she still loves it. Apparently you have to be diligent about changing the filter when it’s due, because the taste of the water can get nasty quickly if you let the filter linger. There are some tricks for making filters last longer, and the life of the filter will depend on how contaminated your tap water is to begin with. You can also buy the filters in bulk to lower the unit cost.If you read negative reviews from people who say it made their water taste bad, think about it. You have to figure that they probably needed to change their filter and wash the pitcher and related parts. What else could make the water suddenly taste bad? If you see one of those reviews, ask them if the water tested at 000 when it tasted bad. I should have done that myself. My friend says that it’s not a problem as long as you keep up on the filter changes, so I’m going with that.I got the 10 cup pitcher because I wanted the digital TDS meter, and 10 cups is more than enough for me at any given time. Right out of the box it’s great. My tap water tests at 045ppm TDS, and water from my Brita pitcher tests at 030ppm (though I did not do this test with a new Brita filter). This pitcher brings my tap water to 000.The 10 cup pitcher weighs about 8.5 pounds when full. You basically fill the reservoir twice completely to fill it. There’s a spigot on the back so you don’t have to lift it to dispense water, but there is also a pouring spout if you want to do that. It is 11″ tall and it does NOT fit on the top shelf of my refrigerator, but it does fit on the second shelf, and I’m going to live with that. Measure your refrigerator space to make sure it will fit.I will change my review if I think I no longer love this pitcher, but hopefully I won’t have to.

  9. T

    I’ve been using a Brita pitcher for years and was happy with it. I decided to try Zero water filter because I bought into the hype about zero dissolved solids. What a mistake. The pitcher does filter the water for zero solids, but only for 5 weeks. Right out of the box I started with the supplied filter it only lasted 5 weeks. They stated to change the filter when it reads 006. After 5 weeks my water smelled and tasted really foul. I checked the water going in and it was 127 coming out it was 345. So not only did the filter stop filtering but also added old contaminants back into the water. I contacted Zero-Water and they were only interested in how many gallons was filter. I don’t know but it wasn’t many. I only use the filtered water for my coffee maker and a glass a water a day to take my meds. So how much is that? I wanted to be fair and bought a 2 pack from Amazon. I figured let me try these 2 and see. Well, This is a POS. The second filter lasted about 5 weeks when I noticed particle coming out and sitting in the top potion. Water tastes bad and is 45 on the meter. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS. I going back to brita.

  10. aret21

    I love this product, and my favorite part is that we can use it like a cooler and just put our cups up to it and get water, with it still resting nicely on the fridge shelf.This is a fantastic pitcher, but I should mention something, with the possibility of making myself look stupid:When you receive the pitcher, you will get it all, and the filter will be “resting” in the top lid portion. The water tester and everything will be in the top, and you may think that you’ve got it all figured out…just like I did.Well, I took the filter out of the bag, and then set it back down in the lid, just as it came. I kept wondering what the black round rubber piece was for, but figured it was supposed to be just sitting there. I filled out pitcher up, for over a MONTH, in our house that has lead in the pipes. I would notice that as I would fill it up, sometimes the water would seem to seep out of the sides underneath the lid, but I just figured it was fluke thing.Well, over time, I really got curious, and noticed that the pitcher filled up really quickly, and saw advertisements for “no wait” pitchers and filters. I thought to myself, “well, we don’t have to wait at all, I guess we got a REALLY GOOD ONE”! Then the little black rubber round piece started to just float in the water when I would fill it up. I really questioned things when that happened. I took the pitcher out and started to take it apart, trying to see if maybe the round filter screwed into the bottom of the lid, rather than just “sitting” in the lid. When I took the filter out, I did notice that it had ridges on it for something like a screw top. I also noticed that the white lid had ridges, for screwing something in, but it just didn’t screw in, if I put the filter in and tried to screw downwards.WELL……I lifted the white lid up, and tried screwing the filter in from the BOTTOM of the lid…..and VOILA! It worked! And, I realized where the black rubber piece was supposed to go…it’s like a washer between the filter and lid, so I put it where it’s designed to fit.Once I screwed in the filter CORRECTLY, I filled up the top lid with water, and the water ever so slowly started to trickle out of the bottom of the filter. It occurred to me that all of that time, we had been drinking UNFILTERED water, that had really just seeped through the sides of the filter, and not actually through the filtering part. This time, it was really taking a long time….so I knew it was working.So, now you know. The filter screws in from the bottom of the lid; it does not just “rest” in the lid as it comes. And yes…it takes a long time for water to go through the filter.And yes, we drank lead water.

  11. Mark Tuters

    I was excited about this product as a replacement for the Brita pitcher I was using and was quite pleased when it first arrived and filtered as advertised. I was so happy with it that I even threw out it’s predecessor after testing the water output and seeing that the Brita (which admittedly was in need of a filter change anyway) couldn’t come close in filtration to it. The tap water at the time was reading 200 on the included meter and came out around 160 from the Brita and 0 with this. Goodbye Brita I found my new Pitcher! Or so I thought.Less than 3 weeks later the water developed an awful almost acidic taste to it, so I busted out the trusty meter they included and tested again. The water from the tap was at this point reading 180 impurities and after going through this filter is spiked to over 300! I dumped out the pitcher, rinsed it as well as the collection area for filtration and allowed it to filter again, I did this several times assuming the problem may have been some bad water that came through the pipes and still despite going in from tap water in the 180s was coming out over 300.Needless to say I was none too happy, a filters ability to clean the water may degrade overtime but in no way should it be making it worse than how it went in. I e-mailed the company inquiring as to how it is possible that their filters are making the water worse and if this was normal after such light usage (less than 3 weeks from a single guy who between work and working out isn’t home much especially around the holidays, and the first week I filtered water through the Brita before pouring it into the collector in this unit!). My e-mail to them could have been accusatory or demanding of a refund or new replacement filters, but it wasn’t, it was simply a request for information to ascertain whether the filter may have been defective or if this was something to be expected. They never even had the decency to respond, thus I have no choice really but to assume that this is indicative of the lifespan of their filters which I’m not interested in paying for a new $15 filter every 2 weeks, further I’m so jaded I won’t purchase a replacement filter on principal alone. Do yourself a favor and save your money, even a brita filter after a year of use would filter better than this would after 2 weeks, and I’m sure their customer service would at least take the time to respond as well to concerns aimed at the quality of their product.

  12. Thomas Wolf

    The water coming out of a Zero filter tastes a lot better than water coming from a Brita filter. The problem is that the filters have a ridiculously short life span. We bought this pitcher 1.5 months ago and yesterday the water started tasting rather sour. I put the supplied meter into the filtered water and it read 101. Unfiltered tap water in our areas is not that bad at 135. So I expected one filter to last around the advertised time of 2-3 months! Zero filters are a LOT more expensive than Brita filters. Paying $10/month for clean water is a pretty high price. Not sure whether it’s worth that.In addition to the expense, the filters aren’t terribly clean: when you pour water onto the filter, charcoal particles and some jelly-pearl like particles come out of the top of the filter. No big deal since you care about what comes out the bottom – but eventually the charcoal stains the white plastic. I think it’s probably easy to clean, but it seems like an avoidable design flaw – the much cheaper Brita filters manage to contain their filtering material, so why can’t Zero Water?

  13. Paul

    Sorry, for the super long review. Here is a short summary and if you want to read the entire life story of my water filter you are welcome to it below:Pros:High quality filters that work really, really wellThe pitcher design is well thought outOnly change filters about once every 6 monthsCons:Expensive filtersHave to change the filter immediately after the meter reads 006 (about every 6 months)Rough edges on pitcherThe “push to dispense” spout is a jokeThis filter is pretty darn good. Before I purchased it I found several independent studies on the internet, including one done by my alma mater, that all agreed that Zerowater is the best pitcher water filter out there. Now that doesn’t mean this is a super filter or anything like that. It is designed to take clean, potable water and remove any remaining impurities. It is not designed to filter dirty or contaminated water, you will clog your filter. There are other, very good, filtration systems out there designed for applications like that.One of the things I really like about the design of this filter is that the filter actually screws into the top of the pitcher and there is a rubber O-ring that makes sure you have a tight seal. The O-ring is part of the filter assembly, a new one comes with each filter, so you don’t even need to worry about the O-ring wearing out over time. This design ensures that all the water from the top reservoir has to go through the filter before going into the main body of the pitcher (bottom reservoir) where you can pour it out. This is one of the main reasons why I switched from Britta to Zerowater. I took a look at how my Britta filter was working and I noticed that only about half of the water was going through the filter. The other half was actually going around it into the bottom reservoir. Since the filter on a Britta is a drop in design, the size of the filter has to match the size of the hole in the pitcher exactly. If not, water will flow around the filter and not much will go through. I threw away that filter and tried a new one, same problem. So, I started looking for a better designed water pitcher.I have owned and used this Zerowater pitcher for two years, and I definitely think it is the best. Yes, the filters are expensive, especially compared to Brita filters, but with my tap water and usage level, I only need to change filters about once every 6 months. For the performance, and the fact that Britta filters are supposed to be changed every 2 months, I find that pretty reasonable. Your mileage may vary depending on how bad your tap water is and how much water your family uses.The one bad thing about this filter, when the reading reaches 006 on the included meter, change the filter as soon as possible. Not because that level of minerals in the water is suddenly dangerous, but because, in my experience, it is the first sign that the filter is starting to go bad. And when the filter goes bad, it does so quickly. Taking regular readings, it is my experience that the meter reads 000 for the first 3-4 months, climbs to 003 in month 5, and 006 in month 6. After it reaches 006, I only have maybe two weeks to change the filter before the water starts to smell fishy. And I mean that literally, like fish. It starts off very subtle at first, but it will get stronger and stronger. I don’t know if it comes from some chemical from the filter leaching into the water or if it is from some sort of bacterial contamination in the filter but to avoid it, change the filter immediately when the meter reads 006.On fit and finish, when I first got the pitcher there were a lot of rough edges in the plastic, especially on the handle. That was weird and slightly annoying, you would think that for a premium water pitcher they would pay more attention to something like that. Also, the “push to dispense” spout at the bottom of the handle is a joke. You only get a trickle of water out of it. You’ll be standing there for 5 minutes waiting for your cup to fill up or you can just pick up the pitcher and pour the water in 5 seconds. Needless to say, I have always just used the pour spout

  14. T.Mo

    Very disappointed! I live in Los Angeles and have been a Brita user for many years. At first, this seemed like a good product – water tested very low in TDS compared to our tap water (004 vs 250) and tasted great. Even if it does filter water very slowly (compared to a Brita), we were still happy with this filter for the first two weeks. Then around the third week, we began to notice golden/yellow and black flecks appearing in the water reservoir, and the water began to have a slight lemony, almost sour aftertaste. I washed the pitcher, and even ran water from a Brita filter into the reservoir before drinking it and decided to give it a few more days since the TDS reading was still 004. We are now a few days past our 30 day warranty, and now the water tastes almost metallic and has a reading of 016.I just called ZeroWater, and they tell me the yellow flecks are Ions releasing into the reservoir which occurs when filling the reservoir with aerated water direct from the tap. Well, like I described earlier, I’ve actually been putting my tap water through a Brita pitcher first and then filling the ZeroWater reservoir. ZeroWater has said for this reason they will replace my filter since the Ions should not be occurring. However, as for the lemony taste, they tell me based on my tap water reading of 250, I can only expect my filter to last for about 15-20 gallons total of water and that this is explicitly stated in the information on filter durability in and on the box. Well, on the box it says 15 gallons and in the information booklet from inside the box it says “Service flow rate is 2.5 gallons per day.” DO the MATH ZEROWATER!! If any household kept to the 2.5 gallons a day flow rate that would mean our filters will only optimally last 6 days until it reaches the 15 gallon service life. Throw in a majority of the population who lives in over populated urban environments with intricate, if not old and already contaminated, water infrastructure, and you get a totally useless product! (Note to consumers: unless you read through all the small print, this is one of the very last statements made in the info sheet that comes in the box, or the one of the last lines actually on the box, but to be fair to consumers it should be spelled out how little these filters are actually meant to last if you live in an area with high TDS).While, yes, LA water is bad… #1) the filter should not deteriorate in its capacity that quickly (let’s not forget how expensive these filters are), #2) even if the filter loses its effectiveness overtime (as is expected) in filtering out TDS, it should not begin to give off a sour aftertaste only after 3 weeks of use (even Brita filters don’t do that and they filter very little contaminants out!), and #3) ZeroWater knowingly only gives a 30-day warranty when a vast majority of consumers needing such a product live in urban areas with poor TDS rating water, and without question these consumers will get Ion flecks and will only be able to use their filters for at least 2-3 weeks before realizing that the filter has lost its effectiveness and the water tastes poorly. And #4) upon stating the obvious unfair 30-day warranty on the filter and overall dissatisfaction with the product, ZeroWater said I could not return the product or get my money back, and generally did not at all seemed that concerned that I plan on never wasting money on a ZeroWater filter again.

  15. michelle Eklund

    Got this on 9/23/16. We initially loved it, however the tester is no longer working and it now smells like fish. It’s been 5 weeks. Really disappointed.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Heard from friends who recently bought filter and liked it, but product was disappointing after about a month. Design wise – very top heavy, sort of clumsy to use, water flows slowly out of bottom spout. Quality wise – Now I see some of these reviews and experienced the same situation, but had lower tap reading (around 80) compared to other reviews; water was VERY SOUR in about a month of regular use. The meter reading went from 001 to over 200 within a week or so. Called customer service very honestly and non-accusatory to see if there was possibly an issue with a batch of filters, and why the reading would jump so quickly. Customer service had condescending tone, and basically said that “it happens,” and it’s “like running your water through garbage and you’re expecting filtered water.” Water will be even dirtier if you reach the tipping point. You have to be really diligent about testing the water “several times a week,” to avoid drinking acidic, bad-tasting water, and expect to change it fairly often.

  17. M. Rowan

    We happen to live in an area that has very good water, the ZeroWater meter reads 56 ppm out of the tap. We purchased the unit in March and we check the readings every 2 weeks. All was going along fine until last week when the unit stopped filtering the water. We would put water into the top, it would filter out about half and then just stop! We tried all sorts of things to get it to work but it seems it has decided it’s done. Took a reading with the meter and it read 001, now that is not 000 but 001 ain’t bad so since the filter’s are around $15 per we thought we would wait a little longer before replacing. Not sure if it’s the filter, the unit itself or what but all write up’s indicate this filter should still be working and we should be able to get another few months out of it before replacing. I also have to say the pitcher itself is pretty poorly designed, when you try to pour water out of it, it goes all over the place, there seems to be no way to control how much comes out. We finally figured out if you take the top off it actually pours better, you could use the spigot but that doesn’t work for all applications. Not sure what the issue is with the filter but am not happy that I have to replace a filter that really doesn’t need replacing. Would have given it one star but added an additional star because when it works it does seem to filter out everything.

  18. Bike Dad

    Actually I hate it! The included TDS meter is as easy as is indicated on the TV commercial and has us checking the water out of the tap (varies from 95 to 110 mg/L), rather often. Our Brita will lower the TDS from the 95-110 mg/L down to 65-70 mg/L. The ZeroWater will remove all of the measurable TDS. It is so convincing that I actually think I can taste the difference between the tap water, (and our is really great tasting at our home anyway), the Brita we still use and the ZeroWater. We go through a lot of water and we have changed filters once (about six weeks) since purchasing the unit. We have also bought a few more ZeroWater’s on Amazon and had them sent as gifts. The fact that we replaced the filter at 7 mg/L tells me I have been brainwashed (according to the EPA the maximum suggest TDS in drinking water is 500 mg/L). Of course, as expensive as the filters are, it is still cheaper than bottled water, (BTW unless it is distilled water the TDS in bottled water is generally higher than our tap water).

  19. Jobu88

    I had used a Brita filter for years and thought I was getting a good value; then I bought a ZeroWater filter out of curiosity. I was shocked at the results. I live in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. Using the ZeroWater measuring device shows the water out of the tap measures 256. After going through a brand new Brita filter it measures 143. Not quite a 50% reduction and I thought that was not bad, Then I ran water through the ZeroWater and measured it: zero. From 256 to 0. I am sold for good on this filter.I have both the pitcher and the larger 23 cup dispenser. The pitcher is more convenient. For one thing the 23 cup dispenser never fills all the way up, it fills to a certain point and then the pressure across the filter prevents any more water passing through and you have some water that’s gone through the filter and some that’s waiting to go through. So the extra capacity really counts for nothing in my opinion. It also pours much slower out of the spigot than out of the pitcher. And a pitcher is obviously easier for filling a coffee maker or whatever. If I had it to do again I would have purchased just the 10 cup pitcher.

  20. leo

    Piece of junk, rough edges everywhere, amazingly poorly made, tried to attach the filter for two hours without success, thought I got a defective unit and ordered replacement, the second one’s so much easier, took me only several mins to assemble, just as I happily started to filter my first jug of zero water, I noticed the filter leaks, the blue ring won’t seal no matter how tightly I screw this darn thing!

  21. Rob Clayton

    The Zero Water system does produce really good, clean tasting water. The TDS meter is a fun gadget and goes a long way to making you feel like the filter is making a difference. Our tap water usually starts out in the 250-300 range, and this does get it down to zero. To save money and make the very expensive filters last longer, we first pass the water through a Brita that we already had. That usually brings it down to under 70, then the Zero system finishes the job. When we do this, the Zero filter lasts about 7 weeks. I did an experiment recently to find out how long the Zero filter would last without the Brita pre-filtering, and it was only 4 weeks. Doing some quick math about how much we then spend on Zero filters and Brita filters combined, it still works out in our favor to continue the double filtering. And yes, that last 70 does make a difference in the taste of the water: I can now tell simply by taste when it is time to check the TDS meter and replace the filter.However, I do have some gripes about the pitcher itself. First, it is impossible to get the last little bit of water to drain from the absolutely flat upper reservoir into the filter. They should slope it slightly or add a small drain channel that directs water into the filter. Second, it takes a LOOONG time for the filter to do its job (understandably), during which time, one cannot pour a glass of water or the unfiltered water will spill out as well. The Brita has a better design for this, which traps the unfiltered water as the pitcher is leaned forward. The Zero’s spigot kindof helps, but that too cannot be used until enough water has gone through the filter.Third, and most seriously, the inside surface of the handle on our pitcher has cracked in the course of normal use, and pieces have now broken off. The handle is still attached and technically still works, but there are now sharp broken edges right where you need to grip it to lift. I was just looking for a replacement pitcher, and was stunned that it would set me back almost 30 bucks, yet doesn’t even come with any filters as far as I can tell.

  22. DRS

    Our water is very high in particulates. Hoped this would be cheaper than bottled purified water but it only lasts about 20-25 gallons before the water tastes like lemons. We went through 4 filters (about $49 worth) in less than 6 weeks. Purified water from the dispenser at our store reads less on the particulate meter included and only costs 25 cents a gallon and tastes consistently better. I figure this system costs us about 50 cents a gallon before the water tastes like lemons. It is very slow to filter and a pain to constantly fill and wait. Bottled water is consistently easier from our refillable 3 gallon water bottle system and the local Glacier water stop. We retired the Zero after the first 4 filters we purchased.

  23. Logeye

    I didn’t believe the advertisements. I am a science guy and had to try it. We have a good water supply where I live. The first time I tried this filter my tap water read 180. The zero water filter read zero. My initial thought was, how could the do that. I thought it was a trick. It was not a trick. The water tasted even better that normal. I have kept track of the water readings, the mass of the filters before and after, the usage, etc. One filter last us 2 months. There are three people in our household. My daughter lives in Dallas and her tap water readings are in the 300’s. Her filter lasts only a month. It’s almost $10 a filter but the taste improvement and the peace of mind are well worth it for us.They have a ‘mail in your filter for recycling program’. I don’t think this is worth the postage. The filter is definitely worth it. When the filter gets to 6 you are suppose to replace it. I let it get to 12 one time and it smelled and tasted fishy. I think they know what they are doing.

  24. Katie

    I know that the water in my neighbourhood is not the best tasting water. I decided to buy a pitcher water filter and started to do my research. I came to to conclusion that Zero Water had the best product in the market. When I received my water filter the filtered water tasted amazing! but a few weeks later the water started to have an acid taste. I measured it and as expected, the filter was not working any more, in fact it was adding this horrible taste to the water and according to the meter the faucett water and filtered water were measuring the same.Then i started to read more reviews and multiple people were complaining of the same issue.I decided to give zero water another chance… maybe I had a bad filter…. so I marked the day I installed my new filter: April 2nd. By April 28th I noticed the acid flavour again. I measured the water and the meter was displaying a 7.This also starts when this residue starts showing on the unfiltered water section. There are these little balls that start getting yellow.Regarding the usage I am the only one that uses the filtered water. I use it for every day drinking and for coffee and tea. I did notice that my water boiler build up residue is diminishing so i do think the filter works good.I do agree with other reviewers, less than 4 weeks of life is too short for the price of the filter. also I don’t know if that acid taste in the water is dangerous or not, I would prefer the water to taste back as it does from the faucett than the filter adding this strange taste…. at this point I am not sure if i should keep using it.I also found a chart of gallons vs tap water TDS. My tap water is under 270, that should give me between 15 and 25 gallons. after making the math if I use 8 cups of water per day for 26 days I may already need a new filter. So it seems to be working as expected but unfortunately the life of the filter is too short.

  25. Mark Bobcat Neal

    This makes my tap water taste 100% better. Better than bottle water I buy at my local grocery store.It filters water super fast, unlike other water filter pitchers.Update: I had to remove a star because the filters do not last very long.The filters are to expensive to keep replacing them so often, making store bottle water much cheaper.On average it makes four, 10 cup pictures, then the water starts tasting like lemons and dead fish.My TDS reading from the tap is between 190 and 215 so the filter should be lasting much longer.If the filters lasted longer, and didn’t cost so much, then this product would get 5 stars, 10 starts if they had 10.

  26. M. Tait

    I would have given this five stars, but for a weird thing that happened. When the tds meter registered 006 ppm I ordered new filters but continued to use the water until the new filters arrived. After a couple of days the water tasted weird, almost like lemonade (others have commented on this). When I tested the filtered water it registered over 500 ppm. Our tap water is just over 200 ppm, so the filter had produced water with over twice as much dissolved solids as straight from the tap. It is like at a certain point above 006 ppm the filter dumped everything it had already filtered back into the water. I do like this product and will continue to use it, but beware. A brita filter when it gets old does not produce something worse than tap water (as far as I know). This seems like a design flaw in the filters.

  27. Rob L

    I cannot put into words how happy my wife and I are that we purchased this water filter. For a long time we’ve felt that there was something wrong with the water in Los Angeles. When you see the hard water that settles in your tub, you’re reminded that you need to filter the tap water as much as you can. This filter does the best job and is the closest to having an Reverse Osmosis drinking water system.What we found was that our TAP had a TDS measurement in the 400s. At this point we could smell the water and know that it needed to be filtered. After filtering twice with Brita, the TDS measurements were in the 250s. At this point the smell was gone, but the metallic taste was still there. For reference, a bottle of Arrowhead water tested in the 230 range. After filtering with ZeroWater, TDS measurements showed 0.We were eager to taste and weren’t disappointed. The taste was crisp, clean, and the water was clear.I grew up with an RO system and I had forgotten that this is what safe water tasted like. Several comments from other reviewers mentioned that they saw kidney stone issues disappear and I can definitely see and taste why.

  28. Amazon Customer

    I saw the youtube video review of the Zero Water filtration system and by far this is one of the better filtration systems I have been exposed to. Check out youtube for the reviews and they are spot on in regards to quality, the taste of the water is what blew my wife and me away. The filter ships with its own meter to measure particles int he water (WTH!), I would like to see Brita try and do that. We had a Brita filter and it does nothing compared to the Zero Water filter in regards to the removal of particles. The cost of the filters are going to be more, we read that each filter is the equivalent of 40gallons of water, depending on how bad the water is. We live in CA and the water here is not that great, after a couple of months on the original filter we noticed a fishy smell from the water, we contacted Zero Water and they had instructed us to use the meter to check the quality of the water. We ordered a six pack of filters from Zero Water, one and done. Curious, our Brita never tasted any different when the filter allegedly was no longer good. Little more responsibility on our part to check the quality of the water, if you are serious about your carbon footprint and having good quality water, buy it, you will not regret it!

  29. Kat

    I have loved the Zero Water system for years!! I recently decided to replace my pitcher with a new one (I love the new design that stores the tester right on the kid!) I have nothing bad to say about the way this product filters water…the super clean tasting water is far superior to any other water filter out there. My three star rating is based on the quality in the pitcher itself. From day one when I received the pitcher the button for pouring was very stiff but I was able to press it a bit harder and all was well…until day 5 of having my bew pitcher when while trying to press the button to fill up my son’s cup I broke the whole button/handle part. As you can see in the picture I can press the handle back into place but when i try to press the button the handle just snaps back off. I’m very disappointed to say the least

  30. SoCal Girl

    I purchased this product the last week of March, 2016 – 6 weeks ago. I was away from home for 3 weeks of that time period. I live alone and drink, on average 1 pitcher/day.3 days ago I tested the water and it read 127ppm. My tap water is 250+ppm. Yesterday, upon placing the pitcher on the counter, the front of the pitcher cracked and water started leaking out. Mind you, I had Brita pitcher for 3+ years, and more recently a Pur filter for 4 years – they NEVER cracked. I called customer support to find out if something was wrong and if I could get a replacement filter. I had to leave a message – no answer.3 days after I leave my message to customer service, I receive a phone call from a ZeroWater representative. I tell her all of the above information and her response is, “That is the correct amount of time for the filter to work. You will only get 12-15 gallons out of each filter.” Ok – I say – and what about the cracked pitcher? This seems to be poor construction or cheap materials. “Thanks for the feedback”, she replies. Ok – I say – is there a way to solve this problem? It seems I paid $35 for a one-month supply of water… “You can buy a new pitcher”, she says. I then tell her that I’m not feeling very cared for as a customer. Her reply, “I’ll pass on that information to the powers that be.”And that was the end of the conversation.Needless to say, I WILL NOT be buying anything from this company ever again. $35 for one-month supply of water is outrageous. And the customer service from beginning to end was the worst I’ve experienced. Spend your money on companies that take pride in what they make and back it up with decent customer service!

  31. Jennifer

    I almost didn’t purchase this version because people claimed the spigot was a useless addon…I wanted a ZeroWater pitcher with a large capacity that fit in my fridge and didn’t require two hands to lift — and it works perfectly for that. I already owned the much larger countertop version that just has a spigot, but that stays was tedious to lift in and out of the fridge and took forever to fill (several times) once it was empty. This version is full after refilling the top part twice – but here’s where the spigot comes in — you can’t pour these types of water filters while they’re actively filtering water — unfiltered water comes rushing out of the lid.So, if you’ve recently refilled your water tank and it hasn’t finished filtering, but you want a drink in the meanwhile… use the spigot. Sure, it doesn’t happen often that you can’t just pour yourself a drink FIRST and then fill the pitcher with new water, but let’s face it — I’m forgetful, lazy, and impatient. I appreciate having the spigot around for the times I was too forgetful to pour my drink BEFORE refilling the pitcher, and too lazy to wait for it to finish filtering.

  32. Lawrence Neil

    Piece of crap. We had to throw it out after the water started tasting and smelling “like fish.” It was never clear what “Zero” meant. I do know that all kinds of foreign material would appear in the container part above the filter. But we did not know if it was from the filter.I had used Brita happily for years. I thought I would try something different and got the “Zero” because it did promise to lower the number from what came from Brita. But as it was never clear what “Zero” meant. I am now back to Brita.

  33. mklsu

    So the filter on this thing is great. I’ve read numerous reviews including some who ran lab results on the water and this filter seems to come up on 75% of the time as a great, top 5 filter. So why the negative reviews. Here’s my take:The filter itself is great but the pitcher is junk. I noticed that the top doesn’t make a tight seal to keep the unfiltered water from coming out. Therefore, when you have unfiltered water still in the top section and you try to pour some of the filtered water, a little of the unfiltered water will leak out of the top and into your cup. I’ve run multiple tests and I always show elevated total dissolved solids when trying to pour a cup with unfiltered water still in the top. However, when I wait until all of the unfiltered water has been filtered down to the bottom, voila! TDS drops to zero. I believe this is the primary problem with users who are finding elevated TDS levels on new filters. It’s not that the filter isn’t working. It’s the pitcher top allowing the unfiltered water in.About filter life: I stole this idea from the most popular review but put my own twist on it. The most popular review recommends to buy two of these filters to get a long filter life. But I didn’t want to buy two and I already owned a Brita. So instead, I used my already existing Brita filter to do the same thing. My Brita filter helps to catch all of the big stuff and takes my TDS down from around 350 (Houston tap) to 150. I then pour the filtered water from the Brita into the Zero Water. So far I’ve been doing this for about a month with over 20-30 gallons filtered and Zero Water filter is still filtering down to zero TDS.Next, about speed: This filter is not quick. It takes a good 8-10 minutes to filter a full top section of water. I normally keep the Brita full and this filter right next to it. At night I will dump the filtered water from the Brita into the top section of the Zero water and then go to bed. By the next morning I have the water I will need for the day.Lastly, I really like the way the water tastes or should I say lacks of taste. There is a big difference between the taste and smell of the Brita water and this water which has no taste or smell to it. With the exception of the filtering time and junky pitcher, I’m very pleased with this filter.

  34. Multitasker

    Tap water tastes SOOO much better, now. I used to use Britta, but it didn’t filter everything known to be issues in our local water supply, including chromium 6; nor did the Britta substantially alter the flavor of the water. ZeroWater filters make our tap water taste normal even on the worst days.Loathe as I am to pay the substantial premium for the better filters, the taste improvement is proof enough to this cancer survivor to feel the added expense is worth every penny.The ding on the rating, here, is specifically for this pitcher’s design flaws. Zero Technologies could stand to improve the spigot design, for it breaks easily at the awfully narrow pressure point where the white piece, which is the frame for the spigot, snaps into the main pitcher body. Though said weak point in the spigot portion broke after barely a year, the spigot remained usable as long as I braced the pitcher with my body and pushed the button without applying any pressure to the white portion. Most of the time I used the pouring spout instead of the spigot. The pouring lip at the front of the pitcher could use some slight modification to prevent as much spillage when more than about about a quart full. Fortunately I can declare that I have never had any leakage or spillage of pre-filter water into the main reservoir other than by clumsy human error; so I feel very secure I’m drinking clean water. The fact that I can get away with cleaning only annually the water well in my coffee maker is vociferous evidence, as well, that Zero Water filters are fantastic; for we have very hard water here that previously had forced me to run vinegar through the coffee maker three or four times per cleaning, said cleanings at least every two months.As of this review I am on my fourth Zero Water receptacle; but only the identical pitcher died of failures due to age, the other two having died due to accidental destruction. With constant use, the previous pitcher lasted about three years, discounting the flawed spigot issue.

  35. SHARON K.

    I love, love, love, love, love…..! this water filter. Bought this pitcher in June and finally water that tastes like water should. I was unable to get down enough water to stay healthy and knew something had to be done. I tried another pitcher filter and even have a filter on my faucet and neither helped, the water was awful. Even disguising the taste with flavors and tea and coffee didn’t help. Believe it or not, my water here in my town in SoCal is better than some of the other towns around me. Getting the ZeroWater Pitcher finally made it possible to drink a “naked’ glass of water. I have told everyone I know and am even sending one to a friend in Italy. No more worries about plastic, my water to go is in stainless steel or glass now, from my ZeroWater filter. I put my filtered water into a glass pitcher so my water is only in plastic for the time it takes to filter it. Maybe they will make a glass pitcher in future and maybe I am being way too careful about plastic that never gets warm, which is when it seems to leach, none of that matters when the water is so much better than what I had before and I like it !

  36. Amazon Customer

    What a difference in our water!I was not surprised to see our other counter top filter system wasn’t really filtering out much. Using the water tester that comes with the carafe, the tap water was near 300 in pollutants, the filtered was 160, and it was 0 (ZERO!!) after going through the ZeroWater filter. I am much more comfortable drinking our water and serving it to my family.What I wasn’t prepared for was the difference in taste! Delicious–so fresh! Makes great seltzer.A few facts: The filter system works about as fast as a Pur or Brita. The carafe holds quite a bit, and I like the addition of the button spigot on the bottom. The top is a bit of a pain to take on and off, but we are very happy with the purchase!

  37. AnnieInAcworth

    I first heard about this on Consumer Reports. I had a Brita and always sort of stupidly thought one filter is as good as another. This comes with a device to very easily test the amounts of metals in your water. My tap water showed 71 ppm, which sounded awful to me, but apparently is not too bad. Water from my Brita Pitcher with a 3-day old filter showed 37 ppm. Water filter through this showed ZERO ppm. It is true that water pours slowly out of the tap out of the bottom. But my Brita did not even have such a tap. I don’t think I will find it too great a hardship to continue to reach in, take the pitcher and pour cleaner water.I am one of those “crazed” people out there, who refuse to give in to the obsession with buying water in bottles that you then toss. Please spread the word that there are ecologically sound and far more economic solutions like this lovely Pitcher.

  38. Edward Greff

    This is a replacement. My other pitcher was broken by accident unfortunately. I have used this filtering system a few years now. In my opinion it is superior to other brands. I also own the 23 cup dispenser. I use the method I picked up on by reading the Amazon reviews. To save on buying filters I pour the water from the 10 cup pitcher through the 23 cup dispenser. If you do that the filter for dispenser will last for an extended period of time and you only have to replace the pitcher filters on a regular basis. Where I live the solids level is 335. These filters are fantastic.Hint: Buy the replacement filers from Amazon they are about half price over places like Walmart.

  39. Cat

    I held off for a long time buying this, but am so glad I finally did. My well water is extremely hard. From the faucet it measures well over 200 from a shallow well, and 112 from my drilled well. One pass through the filter and it truly is at zero, the tester is included, and accurate….tried it on all kinds of water. Not only does this pitcher have a spout, but it seals well enough so that you can pour while its still filtering if you can pick it up, the top stays on, but I would hold it anyway just in case. But, if you don’t want to risk it, there is a built in spigot, so you can still get water while it filters or after its filtered and is a little heavy to handle. Definitely drinking more water now. Too bad they don’t make whole house filters.

  40. Amy

    The water tastes good but the pitcher is horrible. It takes a very long time to filter the water. Then there is the pitcher design. It pours such a wide stream of water that it pours over the edges of the glass. It does have a bottom push button spout that avoids the mess but takes forever. When refilling the pitcher, you have to hold the reservoir down to get the lid off or you lift the entire insert out of the pitcher. It is such a hassle to wrestle the lid off every time you need a refill.Update: After less than two months the water began to taste terrible. We went back to the PUR pitcher. PUR may or may not filter as good as Zero Water but my family likes the taste and convenience of PUR much better.

  41. Holly

    I want to like this pitcher, but I do not.Pro’s: water spout on front- makes it easier to get a cup of water; has good ratings from the EWG for filtrationCons: that little spout takes forever to fill up a cup of water! The lid comes off too easily (note, we’ve had several instances where the thing fell off and water gushed all over the counter); the lid is a huge hassle to snap back on properly; it takes quite a while to filter and fill the pitcher (I wouldn’t mind if the pitcher held more water); the filter leaks little granules all over in the water filling area (looks really gross, even if these particles don’t end up in the drinking water).I’d love to find a really good water filter/ pitcher that holds a decent enough amount of water to not require re-filling 4-5 times a day and was user friendly

  42. Harley

    Thank You for Prompt Shipping From Zero Technologies,LLC Your ZeroWater Zp-10Cup Pitcher has a sleek design works amazingly well I use it daily even on purified Bottle water the ZeroWater 10-cup Pitcher pulls the Plastic taste out of the water. The water has a crystal clear ,clean very refreshing crisp taste ..Refreshing your thirst with enjoyment ZeroWater Makes a difference 100% . I love this product so much I would be honored to review your whole line My Dog Harley Thanks You For ZeroWater too he follows me when he sees the ZeroWater Pitcher Harley Thanks You for Great tasting water

  43. Toni Allen

    I had bad experience with this filter system couple days ago. My husband got a glass of water and stated it smelled like fish. We got to investigating and found it was water filter. Me and husband got really sick and had a lot of tummy issues. I’m not very happy about this water filter that suppose to “best” on market. My advice don’t buy one unless you to buy new filter every two weeks and chance getting sick . T Allen

  44. A. Ford

    Well, this works perfectly as advertised. However, you need to fully understand its limits in areas with a high level of Total Dissolved Solids in the water. My tapwater runs ~250 TDS before filtering, and the Zero pitcher filtered that to 000 for about 10 days. By the 2-week mark, we’d gone through about 30gal of water, and the filter was done. Not only was the TDS reading actually higher post-filtering, but the water reeked with an odd fishy smell. An online search shows that we’re not the first to experience this.Full marks for an effective filter, but completely impractical for us to replace it every 2 weeks. See if you can determine your area’s TDS level before purchasing; it might be worth it in a region with softer water.

  45. Purchaser

    This water filter is everything I had hoped it would be.There is a wand for checking the purity of the water. My tapwater was at 125 ppm and has been cut down by the water filter to 0 ppm. I had thought that was going to be just a gimmick, but it does put my mind at ease. The water taste wonderful coming out of the filter, not the slight chemical taste I would get from other commercial filters. As with all filters, after being tossed around in shipping, the filter does seem to need to settle. The first filtrate came out slightly black and I tossed it, but the second pitcher was completely clear and at 0ppm. I have seen a bit of the silt and material leak out into the top reservoir, but never never into the filtrate.The design of the pitcher is mostly great. It has a smaller footprint than other pitchers which is convenient when trying to store on a crowded counter top. The trade off would be that it is slightly taller, which might complicate matters when storing in the fridge. The filter is fitted into the top reservoir with a rubber O-ring, which creates an airtight seal, preventing unfiltered water from contaminating the filtered. The top and the lid fit onto the pitcher snugly, so I have not experienced any issues when pouring like I had with other filters. The lid is a bit snug though, and you have to pry it off at times in order to refill the reservoir to filter.All in all, an amazing filter, well worth the price. I am still at 0 ppm after a few weeks of use, filling up 2-3x per day.

  46. Amazon Customer

    After switching to this unit I would not recommend it to anyone. Every Amazon filter order had (BAD) filters. and they don’t seem to last very long for a minimum of about $13.00 each! When you get ones that weren’t broken and leaking in shipping or when they look good but the water tastes so much lick chemicals you can’t drink it.

  47. Sunrise Mimosas

    At first I loved this. I bought it a month and a week ago. I should have listened to the other reviews posted. Last night I went to drink water from it and it tasted very sour. I cleaned it all out like the website has suggested and filtered more water though a few times and it’s the same. It’s also reading 54. My tap water reads at 252. I live alone and there’s no reason it should stop working this soon. Now I can’t even return it. Don’t waste your time or money on this brand.

  48. Charlie

    I am VERY disappointed with how long the filters on this pitcher last. Initially, the filter worked great, taking the TDS readings from my tap water from about 160 down to 1 after going through the filter. However, after only 6 days and about 5 gallons through the filter, the water tasted TERRIBLE and dozens of carbon flakes were present in the water. In addition, the taste was terrible. I feel like I wasted my money. I would give this zero stars, but one is the lowerst you can choose.

  49. BJLtarheel

    I’m not a frequent reviewer, but this particular item was infuriating enough to warrant a log in. We bought this about 5 weeks ago. For the first two weeks, it worked great, and we were frankly impressed by the meter and its “000” readings. About week 6, the water took on an **extremely** unpleasant lemony/acidic flavor. We were stunned – a flavor that our regular tap water doesn’t have (tap water in our area isn’t actually all that bad). And interestingly, a TDS reading above the starting level of our tap water. By their own measuring stick, they were actually *adding* bad stuff to our water! Flushing the filter didn’t help at all, and we realized that we had both felt a bit bad after drinking the water in our morning coffee and tea. So, I did a bit of googling, and sure enough, there are *tons* of reports online of this same problem. The ZW team even sort-of addresses it in their FAQs, but they try to attribute it to filters that need changing or particularly bad tap water in some areas. I wrote to their support email. Crickets. Basically, this was a waste of money, and I’d encourage others to avoid the product.

  50. Amazon Customer

    Well, I should have listened to Amazon reviews on this one. The filter worked great at first. The water tasted great. The included TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter showed “000” parts per million. My tap water measured around 330 PPM. It appeared to be filtering something. However, after about 3-4 weeks of use, filtering about 1 pitcher full per day, we started noticing a fishy smell in our kitchen. At first we thought it was coming from the garbage disposal, but were confused as to why because we hadn’t been cooking or eating any fish. Then I remembered that I had read some Amazon user reviews of this pitcher that mentioned that the filtered water had taken up a fishy smell after a while of use. I smelled the filtered water and it did seem to have a faint fishy smell to it, but I wasn’t sure if it was the water or just the overall fishy smell in the air in our home that I was smelling. I tasted it and it tasted okay, if not quite as fresh as when the filter was new. So I used the TDS meter to test the filtered water and to my surprise, it showed around 350 PPM, virtually identical to our tap water. It wasn’t until I boiled the water in an electric kettle for tea, that the house really stank up with fish smell from all the vaporization. Apparently, the filter was past its useful life and needed to be replaced, as zerowater states to replace the filter once the TDS reaches 006 PPM. I couldn’t believe that these filters last only a few weeks! I wasn’t about to commit to replacing a filter every 3 weeks for $10, so I decided that we would stop using this pitcher for our water filtration needs. Instead, we are going back to getting our filtered water from our refrigerator’s built-in, replaceable water filter. It is a PUR branded, NSF standards 42 and 53 certified, filter that lasts 6 months and costs only about $30.